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The Hartford roster is expanding by the day, with the Rangers sending six more players to their AHL affiliate this morning.

The most prominent among them? Defenseman Andrew Hutchinson, who was acquired in the Matt Cullen deal with Carolina, and who now has to clear waivers before heading to Hartford.

The other five: Lauri Korpikoski, Michael Sauer, Miika Wiikman, Mark Smith, and Dane Byers.

On defense, this leaves the competition for the final spot presumably between Marc Staal and Thomas Pock. On merit alone, it’s not an issue: Staal is clearly ready to make the jump to the NHL. But the only complicating factor is the fact that Pock, too, has to clear waivers.

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  1. Staal is the future on

    Woohoo. Bye bye Hutch, don’t let the door hit you….. I would love to see Staal stay up with the big boys.

  2. hopefully Hutchinson will get picked up..

    Staal should start with the big club..Pock is eminitely replaceable…

  3. “Nice

    Looks like Staal will be with the big boys to start-
    Smart move, we need his presence, size, and defense first attitude on this team-”

    not if Strudwick makes the team.

    I don’t get why they cut Byers.

    So Smith is gone, he is not going to Hartford right?

    Hutchinson should be kept as far away from Wolfpack as possible.

  4. Very glad to see Hutch sent to Hartford. Guys like Pock and Staal who have been with the organization deserve the opportunity to be up in NY ahead of Hutchinson.

    Sam, How many players does this leave the Rangers with now?

  5. Unless I am forgetting someone it looks like this leaves the following players left up fighting for the final few spots on the team:

    Offense: Dawes, Dubinsky, Anisimov

    Defense: Staal, Pock, Strudwick

    Goal: Montoya, Valiquette

  6. Sorry, as I’m sure at some point someone answered this question, but what does Kaspar’s waiver survival mean to the Rangers cap-wise? Does that create room for Montoya?

  7. ORR...Fighter for Life...Or Enforcer for a Day? / Fist in Face Deceased on

    This is good, Hutch isnt going anywhere in this club…hopefully someone is dumb enough to pick him up.

    To bad Sauer was sent down, i wanted to see him play in Fridays game.

  8. Also, I’m sure we’re better off keeping Staal than Pock, but Pock seems like a classic case of a guy the Rangers discard only to have him flourish somewhere else…

  9. “On defense, this leaves the competition for the final spot presumably between Marc Staal and Thomas Pock.”

    This better mean the #6 spot and that Strudwick is getting sent down.

    I swear, if they keep Jason freaking Strudwick over Pock I will flip a shit. Pock is at least talented and showed his commitment to the team when he signed his new contract.

  10. Sam, can you talk to Marc Staal and give us his number status? I want to order his jersey, however if he is going to change it to 14 (what he wore in OHL) once Shanny leaves I guess ill just wait a year :(

  11. who cares if pock has to clear waivers? a medicore at best #7 dman vs a future #1 dman that has been our best dman in camp, yeah thats a real tough one.

  12. mark smith was on a tryout so unless he was signed before being sent down, that would mean he was released from his tryout not sent down.

  13. Lessard is there for one reason only: Friday night retribution. He’s not even on an NHL contract.

    Next will be Montoya, Anisimov and Lessard (after Friday’s game).

    That will put us at 24. the last cut will be between Dubisnky, Dawes and Staal, depending on whether we keep 8 D-men and 1 extra forward or the opposite. Or they could cut two of these and got with 22.

  14. Not sure how I feel about this Staal/Pock/Strudwick issue. The reality is that Strudwick is probably the least skilled of those 3 but he is the toughest and the guy you want watching your back. Staal is just talented. Sadly, I think Pock is the odd-man out. “Imagination” I usually concur with your posts but Dubinsky and Staal are closer to making the team than not, IMHO.

  15. I wouldn’t count Mark Smith out just yet. He isn’t going to get picked up by an NHL team or he would have already signed. He’ll go to Hartford and try to earn an AHL contract and hope to get picked up when teams realize they aren’t as strong as they think. I’m sure the Brass figured he’d be a good vet down there since they lost Weller, Purinton and Isbister. The oldest guy on the pack will be Lessard and then Fritz (26). I doubt Hutchinson makes it to Hartford.

  16. Pock is a potential PP QB and can flourish with the right partner (a Jeff Beukeboom type). That said, there’s no spot for him here with Rozsival, Mara and Tyutin all above him on the PP depth chart right now.

    Should they trade Mara, then Pock should stay, but you can’t keep him just to keep him, and not play him. Nobody wins in that situation.

    Strudwick will be little more than a coach on this team. I don’t expect him to earn a roster spot.

    I’d also rather see Staal get quality minutes in Hartford to start the year and come up later (like Girardi last year). With Malik and Rozsival and Tyutin and Girardi the first 2 sets, that leaves Staal to be paired with Mara, and that could stunt Staal’s growth. That pairing would be exposed because Mara is poor on D and Staal is a rookie. The damage to his confidence could be irreparable.

    That being said, he’d be the perfect partner for Rozsival should they manage to get rid of Malik.

  17. Staal will make the big team and one or both of Pock, Strudwick, will be kept in Hartford in case of injuries.

    Injuries happen to D-MEN all the time and we need the insurance.

    BTW, what the heck happened to Baranka?
    Is he considered a bust already>?

  18. I hope Pock isn’t the odd man out. I thought he looked excellent (except for one turnover) in the Islanders game. He lugged the puck with confidence and was very creative. He reminded me of Dan Boyle of the Lightning. With Mara, Malik, Strudwick all going (Rozy will be resigned), our D will have some openings. Next year (my really rough prediction):

    Roszival – Staal
    Tyutin – Girardi
    UFA D-Man – Pock

    I’m sure Liffiton and Baranka will not be resigned by the Rangers.

  19. Peter- GMTA (I was pleased to see your post after I just showed my projected D- Corps. Also, Roszy will be replaced by Sanguinetti by 2009-2010 season.

  20. Well this is a win-win for me. I like Pock and I like Staal whoever wins the final spot would be ok with me. I would love to see Staal get some time at Hartford but he seems more ready then he did last year.

    I would have loved to see some more of Korpikoski, especially on the top line and see what he could really do. I look forward to seeing what he can do next year.

  21. Blue Clue- That’s the problem with Pock and Strudwick. They would both have to clear waivers to get sent down AND to be called up. If we have a need for emergency D, the organization would be risking a lot to lose either of those guys, especially if other teams know we are hurting for D. I have a feeling we will start with 8 D. If not Staal will certainly be sent down for the very reason you stated- D get hurt and we need depth. You can’t hide vets like Strudwick and Pock in the AHL anymore. The Rangers were the ones who instigated the rule for our treatment of PJ Stock. We sent him up and down like an elevator and the NHLPA took issue, as it was blocking players from getting a chance elsewhere.

  22. actually I think without Strudwick and a backup goalie and with Shanahan’s bonuses, with Staal, Callahan, and Dawes we are at almost exactly at 50 million. But since Shanahan’s bonuses don’t have to count this season, we can easily fit Montoya in the budget.

  23. Holy shit

    Dean McAmmond is dead. On it says he died of heart complications. Wow, i wonder what will happen to Steve Downie, and i wonder what Buttman will do about all this. This is the last thing the NHL needed, especially in a pre season game.

  24. ORR...Fighter for Life...Or Enforcer for a Day? / Fist in Face Deceased on


    He’s joking, i dont see it either.

    Baranka is a bust. Bizarro hoof loves him, but he sucks. He has no place on this team and never will. NYR will dump him asap. The guy was taking out his trash and he slipped and hurt himself. This guy is so fragile.

    As for Pock and Staal, it is a win win. But i’d rather have Staal on this team now.

    Rozsival – Girardi
    Staal – Tyutin
    Malik – Mara


    Rozsival – Staal
    Girardi – Tyutin
    Mara – Malik

  25. ORR...Fighter for Life...Or Enforcer for a Day? / Fist in Face Deceased on

    Maybe Robby confused the Hawks owner and McAmmond. I dont know.

    Robby its called reading, you should try it sometime.

  26. “If we have a need for emergency D, the organization would be risking a lot to lose either of those guys, especially if other teams know we are hurting for D.”

    are you nuts? No other team would touch Strudwick even for free.

    “Baranka is a bust.”

    again, based on what? If you got nothing then shut up.

  27. Much as I am often putt off by Robby’s rhetoric, this time he’s done a good service. He knows it’s not true, and he knew we’d all check TSN to see the story that wasn’t there. His point, I think, is this: what if that story was actually on there? What if McAmmond had actually died? Is that what it would finally take for the NHL to be serious about the violent hits, the sticks to the head, and so forth? Or, because MaAmmond will probably be ok, do the suits in Toronto just breathe a sigh of relief and forget about it? Scary to think about, it might take someone to die before something is legitimately done. Otherwise, we’ll still see the likes of Chris Simon being allowed to wreak havoc during preseason games which he should be banned for life.

  28. “Mara – Malik”

    They will get smoked every game and Hyena won’t even realize why and will just return to Malik-Rozsival where they get smoked much less because they most of the time play against defensive lines.

  29. deceased you piece of garbage . Don’t accuse me of what you been guilty of. I’ve never used another blogger’s name. YOU HAVE!

  30. Hoof Ass- I don’t think that anyone would claim Strudwick (but Pock probably would get claimed). My point being that you can’t call players up and down without a waiver delay period, meaning the “emergency” call up isn’t quite as quick as it would be necessary to “park” an experienced player in Hartford.

    I didn’t make the Baranka statement, so I won’t respond to that.

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  32. Now you want to talk about good Americans. Where were you born? And when & where do you want to meet me face to face BIG MOUTH!

  33. rangerinorlando on

    Living in orlando does keep me from staying up to date on Ranger news. Unlike in recent years this camp is different. We see the present Rangers, along with the Future Rangers. This year you will see more of the present, but the question is how or when should the Rangers start working their future rangers into the lineup? I hope pock is not lost if given the chance to play he would improve as a defenseman. Last year i think he made the mistake not playing in Hartford. I read the posts here and everyone is wants to choose between Pock and Staal. We all know what Strudwig is about. I see him as a fill in player, one who sticks up for his teamates and that is the only reason i would want him on the team. I think the Rangers should move Malik and Rozival. Although they have stabilized the defense 2 years ago, last year they were both very eratic and slow. I rather start making changes on the defense now instead of next year. Look at Girardi? He came up last year and played real well. I rather see the defense set up as this if they trade either/or both Malik and Rosival.

    Tyutin- Girardi
    Mara- Rosival
    Strudwig as the 7 defenseman
    Tuytin- Girardi
    Staal- Pock
    Mara- ????
    I would always keep Strudwig as our 7-Dman. In the last senario I would search the waiver wire for a Dman to play along Mara or someone from Hartford. Now as I stated living in Florida I am not as much up to date as everyone here I hope these are not out landish proposals just what I thought would work..

  34. Hi – the REAL Robby Bonfire in Port Leyden, NY, here. I did NOT post the above, under my byline, but I suppose I should be flattered by the reference. No one hates me here more than ORR, who refuses to grow up. Immaturity is his middle name, And remember, he hates me so much he even puts my name in his byline, frequently. Have a nice evening.

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