Hutchinson on waivers


The more astute of you noticed that Andrew Hutchinson was not on the press release from the Rangers. That’s because the Rangers don’t announce re-assignments when a player is on waivers, which Hutchinson is right now. When and if he clears tomorrow, he’ll officially be assigned to Hartford.

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  1. You know how I feel about this? I feel like – “who cares”? Did he REALLY have a shot? I hope not.

  2. ORR Wont Miss Hutch...But He Will Knockout Bizarro Yenner American!! on

    Hopefully some moronic team picks him up.

    Cant wait…4 days until the first Regular season game!!!

  3. I think the Russian Kid is going to be a great player for them. I think he will be the first call-up if someone goes down. Dawes sucks they should trade him.

  4. Dawes is a goal scorer. He knows how to find the net, and is not afraid to score on rebounds. Either he gets another chance or trade him. Hartford is a waste of time for him and will probably set him back. Same for Pock, play him or trade him. Sather is not inclined to go for the Cup with Dubinsky & Staal. He’s going to make some deals ASAP.

  5. Wolf Pack lost 3-1. LOTS OF FIGHTS; not enough room in the penatly boxes. Wolf Pack won all of the fights. Mitch Fritz truly is the next Sean Avery. Kozak, Bordeleau, Pyatt were also really good. Kaspar did not play. Someone who we will all hate on the Sound Tigers/Islanders franchise is Pascal Morency. Morecny had a BIG mouth but can’t ever back it up.

  6. i wouldn’t give up on Dawes yet, he’s only gonna be 23 late in the season. It took Martin St. Louis till he was 27 to start turning it on. The Rangers really are set at goalie and D right now (yes i know they can use another banger but they have those assets in the minors). Hold onto Dawes until next year and see how he progresses, if he’s getting shipped, package him for something great, not a trade deadline ripoff.

  7. He was horrible, Please tell me he was just having a bad camp, because he is nothing but a minor league player. So many people were able to just blow right by him and have a good scoring attempt.

    Dawes will be fine, he just has to find his groove on the NHL Ready. His size hurts him a little, but I could see him being a 2nd or a 3rd line player easily.

  8. Sam “..After nearly two weeks of assessing prospects and carrying a bloated roster for both practices and games,…” My question is why? Renney & Sather know there are only a few spots open and only a few players they were really considering. Yesterday was the first day of camp in too many ways. The goal was to get Drury & Gomez to develop chemistry & to figure out lines. Renney needs to go back to before preseason game lines. Starting with Straka, Callihan, & Prucha who was scoring everyday. Separating facts from hype is becoming a chore. The first reports were Jagr & Gomez clicked, now it’s Jagr & Drury to try. It’s time for Sather to figure out his roster & who he wants to try & trade. And what spots he’s looking to fill. I would think it’s still a D man & a center with NHL experience. Dubinsky should be competing with Callihan, Straka, & Avery for the 3rd line center job. That really hasn’t happened so far. Handing a spot to Dubinsky is not the wisest of moves. Staal would be better served to go to Hartford. Mara, Pock & Dawes are trade bait. That’s why I think he should keep Pock & Dawes up. If he can move Mara’s salary, his cap situation would have some breathing room. After 10 games he can decide if he wants to bring Dubinsky & Staal up. What Renney wants isn’t necessarily what Sather will do. That’s why I don’t get Zipay, & Dellapina declaring Dubinsky & Staal to make the roster. I assume those are opinions rather than Sather’s declarations. It seems like the guys above Renney have a self & Sather imposed gag rule. It’s time to try & corner Sather.GOOD LUCK!

  9. Fritz is the next Avery?

    He’s annoying, sure. But does he have any other comparison? He’s significantly bigger. He’s significantly less skilled. He’s a significantly better fighter.

  10. I was just thinking, and I am not sure if they even tried this in the pre season or in camp, but why not give the line of Prucha Gomez Jagr a shot. I think the speedy winger in Prucha would be a great fit with Gomez. Maybe a line of
    Prucha Gomez Avery would be a good line as well. Gomez does not HAVE to skate with Jagr and Drury does not HAVE to skate with Shannahan. Renney didn’t try enough combos in camp or the pre season.

    Hossa Drury Jagr
    Prucha Gomez Avery
    Callahan Straka Shannahan
    Hollweg Betts Orr/Dawes

    Nothing wrong with skating shannahan on the third line and giving him a lot of powerplay time.

  11. Dawes is pointless on the 4ht line, if he isn’t on the top 3 lines he won’t b here.

    There isn’t enough scoring on your second line of Prucha-Gomez-Avery which is why Shanahan has to be on it. I would love to see the Prucha-Straka-Callahan line together, the only problem is that line would get owned physically.

  12. still though…I think Dawes has missed his opportunity. I’d personally rather put him in down for a while again while we see if Dubinsky can play NHL.

    It also irks me that this guy “has to play with great players to play well” WTF is that about? whatever happened to *earning* the opportunity to play with good players by separating yourself from the rest. Sure, I understand what it means and how/why it works, but still…Dawes has shown nothing, even with 1st line minutes with Jagr and Gomez.

  13. Plus with Dawes, Jagr and Gomez already said they thought they needed another defensive presence on that line instead of Dawes.

    I also think Dawes’s ship has sailed for the time being, maybe a call-up later in the season. But for now I think its safe to say Dawes should be going back to Hartford.

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