Dawes with Drury and Shanahan to start


I told you the lines I had before were likely to be altered. More updates as the game goes on…

Update, 3:08, first period: Fireworks early. After Islanders defensemman Andy Sutton levels Ryan Callahan in the opening shift, Colton Orr challenges Sutton when he comes out of the box. Seconds later, Jason Strudwick challenges Kip Brennan. Then Ryan Hollweg has a minor scrap with…you guessed it, Chris Simon.

Update, 5:52 first period: It’s official: The new jerseys are awful. As reader Mark described them to me, they look like an unbuttoned onesie.

Update, 11:44 first period: Some guy just proposed to his girlfriend on the Jumbotron. And here’s the kicker: The girl said yes! Dude, it’s bad enough that you proposed to your girlfriend at Nassau Coliseum, but can’t you wait until the regular season?

Update, first intermission: We’re a long way from Game 5 in Buffalo. Let’s just say the hockey thus far is a few notches below sloppy. Of course, I’m not sure I could concentrate after seeing that guy’s marriage proposal, either.

Update, 3:36 second period: Another Hollweg-Simon run-in, this time with Orr jumping in. The Islanders get a power play out of the deal. The result is the first goal of the game, with Ruslan Fedotenko backhanding a rebound past Al Montoya.

Update, 4:20 second period: Raise your hand if you had Marcel Hossa, Thomas Pock and Brandon Dubinsky on your list of Rangers most likely to fight tonight. I’m pretty sure that leaves Bruce the Masseuse as the only guy left on the Rangers who has not had a scrap tonight. And remember, it’s still early.

Update, 6:13 second period: Keep your eye on this Drury guy. He’s pretty good. On a 5-on-3, he beats fellow BU alum Rick DiPietro high glove side to tie the game at 1-1.

Update, 12:11 second period:Things have officially reached Utter Bizarro proportions, and I’m not even sure where to start. But the rub of it is Al Montoya is out and the Miika Wiikman Era is offically upon us. And the Rangers lead 2-1 on a go-ahead goal by….Ryan Hollweg?

Update, second intermission: A runaway Rangers win is now a one-goal game. This is important only because I already sent in my story and I said the Rangers won. Welcome to the preseason. Meanwhile, you’d love to blame Miika Wiikman, but there wasn’t much he could do. By the way, how many times will I need to look at the name Miika Wiikman and not be convinced I’m misspelling it?

Update, 4:00 third period: There have been roughly seven seconds of this game played at even strength. The funny part about it is Sean Avery is sitting directly behind me in the press box so I’m privy to his running commentary on the officiating. Needless to say, very little of it is printable in a family blog.

Update, 9:00 third period: Stop the presses. Josef Vasicek ties it up at 4-4. I’m going to go ahead and say the Rangers backup goaltender this year will NOT be Miika Wiikman.

Update, end of regulation: It’s becoming clear that if the Rangers want to keep Marc Staal and Brandon Dubinsky up this year, they have to be able to live with each making the occasional goof. Both are tremendous players that I think should be on the NHL roster. But both are capable of coughing the puck up at inopportune times. This in contrast to a seasoned veteran like Marek Malik….OK, bad example.

Meanwhile, this interminable game goes on. We’re headed to overtime. Please. Someone. Make it stop.

Update, 3:02 OT: Game over. Islanders win on a game-winner by Mike Comrie.

Update, postgame: The final word from the Rangers? No big deal. Not Al Montoya’s fight with Rick DiPietro. Not even Ryan Hollweg’s three separate run-ins with Chris Simon.

“Basically it came down to I really didn’t have a choice,� Montoya said of his bizarre second period fight. “You have to stick up for your teammates. I definitely wanted to be in net and showcase my talent, but obviously he was trying to get something going. I felt like my teammates would have done the same for me.�

Meanwhile, a strange scene in the hallway after the game, with the Islanders all venturing over to the Rangers side, for no other reason than they were ignoring the curtain separating the two teams. At one point Comrie walked by with girlfriend Hillary Duff, who is roughly 3 feet tall.

That’s it for me. Until tomorrow.

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  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh my god, this really is like it’s being done out of a basement, Wayne’s World style.

    PS, I forgot how bad Malik was.

  3. Peroid over 0-0 Montoya had a good peroid robbing Andy Sutton coming out of the penalty box. To end the peroid Nigel Dawes made a nice move to get into the zone got a shot on Dp and Drury shot the rebound wide.

  4. Drury just missed an open net with seconds left in the first. Nasty game. Even little guys like dawes are hitting anything that moves.

  5. I wonder what their parents/friends will think when they tell them they got engaged at an Icelanders preseason game.

  6. I don’t think the new jerseys look bad at all. It could be worse. Much, much, worse. The only weird thing is that Montoya’s blue shoulder stripe looks twice as thick as the rest of the team, but other than that, they look fine. Don’t nitpick.

  7. Come on Sam, are you still stober ???:) Can´t still believe you are telling the truth with that marriage proposal at the mausoleum..Is that Rocky Horror picture show or what ???:)

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    I think if she shot him down, he should’ve slit his wrists. It would’ve been the clichee jumbotron proposal, but at an Islanders game, that wasn’t even regular season, and to be shot down?! It doesn’t get much worse.

    In fact, if I was the girl I would’ve said no after that lame display.

    Sam, you must’ve seen Nylander’s display during intermission, what did you think?

  9. The game is not on MSG. Pre game show was on and now I get to watch boxing. What happened to Cablevision and MSG? Schedule says game should be on. I am endless hold.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    The Islanders are gonna have to start making line changes from the penalty box at this rate.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh shit, DP just fucked montoya up! Sorry for the language, but goddamn, what a beat down! We are being beaten up and down the ice

  12. Okay, so Montoya didn’t do too good. But at least he skated down, even if he didn’t want to. Fun stuff. Hopefully no one gets hurt.

  13. pretty funny, I would like to have a melee with all guys on the ice, bringing some energy in this raucous building….
    Isn´t it what preseason stands for ?:)


  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Montoya had the right idea to get the equipment off of his arm, but he was eating shots fron DP the whole time. Then they went down and DP just pounded his face in.

    On a different note, I’m REALLY happy Wiikman gets to play.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s gonna be a bloody series this season. As a fan of entertainment, I hope all of the games are like this. However, I feel like with this behavior, we increase the Islanders’ chance of victory.

  17. Nobody is talking about the Islanders Ice girls…!!!!
    Are they as offensive as usual to opposing goaltenders ????

  18. If memory serves — and it may not — Dubliwhatever played well against the Rangers last year. Pain in the ass.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Dubilwiecz carried them into the playoffs last season. If I were him I would demand a trade. With DP’s 15 year contract, he’s never going to start.

  20. I would really like to see the Ice girls out there celebrating the goal, it is just a shame….

    You guys have another drink for me…????

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    The rout is on.

    Sometimes, Dawes looks OK. Othertimes, I feel like he looks about the same as Sam does when he plays with Kamensky.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Hutch and Staal are making him play better. The fear of ending up in Hartford or eating the press box food or (gasp) spending time with Sam is driving him to play better.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, Wiikman definitely looks shakey. I was wondering why Renney didn’t want to play him. Now I know. It’s not even that he let the goals in. He just doesn’t look composed. Very jumpy. It’s ok though, it’s just preseason.

  24. i really believe that Marc Staal should be the 6th defensmen on this team.

    Rosie – Malik (hes terrible)
    Tyutin – Girardi
    Mara – Staal

  25. The only time Wiiky looked comfortable was when he was out stopping the puck on the Ranger’s powerplay.

  26. Sam can’t post, as he has to wait in line behind everyone kicked out of the game or in the penalty box to check their email.

    Staal has looked good tonight.
    Can’t tell much about Pock and Hutch, considering they’ve spent most of the game in the box.

  27. Staal looks great. He better be one of the starters.

    Dawes looked good at times and at times made bad passes.

    Shanahan is useless at this point.

    Pock overpowered Hilbert in a fight

    Dubinsky showed some guts fighting a huge guy like Sutton, unlike Huge Pussyman.

    Hutchinson must be waived after this.

    Are Korpikoski and Byers playing?

    Hossa is an offensive impotent, but would likely work well with Straka and Jagr, otherwise trade him.

  28. Speaking Tikkanese on

    Sam – at what point during this game do the coaches tell everybody to chill the heck out? Not that I don’t love watching the parade to the penalty box, but this is starting to get embarassing for both teams. I mean, they’ve got to be approaching some kind of record for penalty minutes… we’re well over 100 PIM already, counting the majors & misconducts.

  29. Staal looks fantastic…he’s in our top pair by next year easily. Best defenseman on the ice for us tonight by a mile, doesn’t make nearly the mistakes that Rozie does.

  30. Speaking Tikkanese on

    The Isles’ NHL.tv broadcast needs a little work. The audio track is from a guy talking about his difficult fight to overcome cancer. The video track? A bunch of Fishsticks fans doing the chicken dance.


  31. Doodie & section344

    You can click forward to tomorrow’s schedule, and the NY/Detroit game is not on the list. I guess some of the teams aren’t participating for the preseason.

  32. How did Hugh not show guts fighting Downie, who is a tough guy (just search Youtube! He even fought his own teammate in Junior!) Hugh didn’t win, but he was trying for his team.

  33. Ugh, Wiikman doesn’t look good. And I still don’t think Valli is a legit NHL backup. And Monty’s too expensive.


  34. I’m wondering if Hutch could have done any less on that play, other than skating in the other direction.

  35. “I’m wondering if Hutch could have done any less on that play, other than skating in the other direction.”

    maybe that would have done more as Staal could have intercepted Vasicek

  36. Gotta say…
    Staal definitely looks better than Hutch any day.
    Looks like he’s getting better the more he plays

  37. “Ugh, Wiikman doesn’t look good. And I still don’t think Valli is a legit NHL backup. And Monty’s too expensive.


    solution is dump some expensive vet like Shanahan or Mara or Malik.

  38. solution is dump some expensive vet like Shanahan or Mara or Malik.

    Hoof you are a moron.
    Its PRE SEASON!!!

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    By the way, our PK has been excellent tonight. Despite having given up 2 goals, they are 19-21! thats over 90%!

  40. Speaking Tikkanese on

    Yeah, figured as much, Doodie. Just really unfortunate combo of things to have going on at the same time.

  41. If that’s anything more than pre-season nonsense, it’s a real bummer. Shanny being stupid. Malik and Rosi stinking. Too familiar. But, then again, a bit early for executions…

  42. czechthemout!!!!! on

    it’s funny that hutch wears bozo’s number,he plays defense just like him.what a piece of garbadge he is!wilkman sucks!
    malik was awful,staal by far was the best dman on the ice for us tonight.drury is great.callahan will be a star.dubinsky looked ok.still by far the best third line option for the rangers.i thought it was a disgrace that renney did not put out callahan and dubinsky in overtime.it looked like he was again playing for the shootout.

  43. Byers was invisible the second half of the game. Dawes had his moments but sometimes looked a little out of place. Pock had good moments, but also had a few bad turnovers. Anisimov was invisible. Montoya looked ok in goal, but got beat down by DP. Korpikoski was dressed?

  44. Hoof – keep bashing on shanahan…meanwhile…the guy helped get the team into the playoffs last year when Jagr was playing hurt and not at 100%….

    I dunno if u caught the rangers 07-08 preview on MSG…but shanny told the world that he told the Rangers to go out and make the team as good as they can then sign him…the guy was willing to play for as little as possible to fit him in…

    Ur gunna make fun of a guy for not being a leader and not hitting…meanwhile because of him you got a guy who shud be getting more than 3.5 mill a year….a guy who when healthy can still get 70-80 points this year…for 2.5 this year. and ur gunna talk about him…who do u want to play on the 2nd line? Shanny is a steal and a great player…why dont u bash on guys like malik who makes 2.5 mill a year and scores more goals for the other teams then he does for us….

    This guy makes fun of shanahan….ha

  45. hoof and mouth disease on

    derf his name is DECEASED, as in brain dead. I have nothing to do with that mental midget.

  46. Derf: Shanahan actually got a raise. 2.5 is his base, but he gets 2 million for playing ten games. That’s it. Ten games. Then he gets another 800k if we make the playoffs. Thats a 5.3 mil contract. Thats just short of a 1/3 raise.

  47. yea but im talking CAP charges…who cares about bonuses…he cudda pulled an A-Rod or Briere and went wherever gave him the most money..he played for as little as he needed to so the Rangers cud get the best chance at the cup…

    watch the preview show

  48. Derf, those numbers will count against the cap. The thing is we get to choose whether they count against this year’s cap or next’s. So eventually, we are going to be on the hook for his whole salary.

  49. Derf you are probably in love with every star player.

    1. He didn’t really help us in our playoff push last season

    2. he is 40 years old, he needs to retire

    3. he got a raise instead of a paycut

    4. I don’t care what he said on camera.

    5. He is a steal? are you nuts? I don’t really want him even for free and he can take Jagr with him. Anything over 2 million for Shanahan at this point is an overpayment. Messier without the cap only cost us 3 million, why are we bending over backwards for Shanahan who all of a sudden wants to be a Ranger. It is just so corny and unbelievable.

  50. Doodie – thanks for the info i didnt realize that

    Hoof – im not at all in love with every star… im laughing that you’re pickin on ur assistant captain meanwhile u were proably one of the millions cheering for him wen he was carrying the team the first half of the season…and ur also one of the millions who should praise jagr for turning this team around in 2006

    yea lets give shanny and jagr away for free

    why the hell are u on this blog?

  51. Messier played until he was much older than 40 and was a waste the last few years. At least there is some argument that Shanahan can contribute offensively. Besides, it’s not how old you are, it’s how well you play. He could be 60 but if he scores 50 goals a season I would want him on my team.

    I would’ve preferred not to resign him, but if we could’ve picked him up for 1.5m I wouldn’t have been too upset. It’s his contract that really gets me angry.

  52. It is amazing how so many of the Rangers fans know so little about hockey and are so misinformed and so easily buy all the PR propaganda BS. And then they come here and argue and disrespect and insult those fans that actually see the big picture.

  53. doodie – year ur right…but i think theres more room we can make by dumping the big salaries…(cough malik)

    Hoof – i know nothing about hockey? dont start with me. I wanna know what ur “big picture” is…saying to get rid of Shanny and Jagr…meanwhile take jagr away from our team in 2006 and who’s giving us a winning record? Rucchin? Sykora? Ruchinsky? Give me a break.

    Yea lets take Jeter and Rivera off the yankees…

    Go get season tickets for the wolfpack if u dont want any “stars”

    And ur also prob. one of the guys who cheered like we all did when we signed drury and gomez…but if one of the two gets off to a slow start ull be the first to say “trade them” …


  54. “and ur also one of the millions who should praise jagr for turning this team around in 2006”

    wrong, I don’t praise Jagr or Renney, we will never win a Cup with them.

    Selanne had 94 points, yet he is thinking of retiring. Shanahan got a big concussion and is older and he is back and getting a raise, even though his point total dropped 19 points. And his 7 points in 10 playoff games was underwhelming for a guy who is supposed to lead us to the Cup.

  55. sam, i’d rather have young guns who play hard and occasionally have growing pains than slow, old vets who have just as many turnovers if not more

  56. “And ur also prob. one of the guys who cheered like we all did when we signed drury and gomez”

    wrong again. Although Drury so far looks good, Gomez is nothing more than a fast guy who is a good passer.

    And what is the point of a winning record when you will be destroyed in the playoffs?

    05/06 teams didn’t take us seriously and many teams struggled to adjust to new rules–those 2 things were the reason why we made the playoffs as well as Lundqvist who was the best goalie we had since mid 90’s or maybe even ever.

    06/07 we wouldn’t make the playoffs until the emergence of Girardi and Avery and strong play of Lundqvist.

  57. “Gomez is nothing more than a fast guy who is a good passer.”

    Not that I agree with you, but that combination of talents is so easy to find? Even if that was all there was to him, I’d still be happy to have him on my team.

  58. selanne is considering retiring because the last team to win back-to-back cups was almost 10 years ago….and he knows the ducks arent winning it again…. he also still has an active contract that cant be negotiated. Hes deciding between ending his career with a cup or ending it with an anaheim 2nd round knockout…

    i never said shanny and jagr were the only reasons we went to the playoffs…ur right – guys like avery, cally, and girardi helped us more than people realize…and im the biggest fan of those guys

    what im saying is – look at the “real” big picture – renny developed a chemistry with this team that cant be matched…and he wants that cup

    Jagr played at 75% last year with a hurt shoulder and still had 98 points…hes now playing with 2 of the 4 biggest free agents out there…and he has a team of winners behind him

    Im saying – (non-point wise) – every guy on that team will tell u that u cant win a cup without ur veteran guys like shanny and jagr

    the same way the ducks will tell u they cudnt win without THEIR veterans like selanne and rob neds (who is a checking line center and puts up 50-60 pts a year…on a good year) along with their young guns like getzlaf…

    this team wont win a cup without guys like shanny and jagr

  59. Derf, you are clueless, Selanne is a UFA, he can sign anywhere.

    “this team wont win a cup without guys like shanny and jagr”

    it won’t win it with them either.

    If I was going for the Cup instead of the likes of Malik, Shanahan, Gomez, etc. I would sprinkle the team with vets who are not over the hill yet and who are hungry to win it all because they haven’t won it yet.

  60. no derf isnt orr….derf is a guy who wants to see the guys win a cup but hates wen people say stupid stuff like “dump our leaders” … and accuse me of knowing nothing about hockey meanwhile he has no idea how much i know about my game

  61. im clueless…go ask selanne if he’ll play for half a million dollars so he can fit under the ducks cap….

  62. “im clueless…go ask selanne if he’ll play for half a million dollars so he can fit under the ducks cap….”

    he can sign somewhere else and Ducks got 8 million in cap space, 1.5 if Niedermayer returns.

  63. arite im wrong about the cap space…(happy?)

    put urself in the win column…

    dont be a dam hypocrite and cheer for shanny and jagr every time they score…

    how the hell are u a fan man….against ur 2 captains…and ur coach

  64. arite enough talk about the ducks…no room for a charlie conway or gordon bombay on this blog…lol

    Meanwhile – Staal looked amazing 2nite…i see no reason why he cant make this team…in fact play on the top pair with Rozy

  65. Vermonster Soccer Coach on

    Sam, your Malik insights and satire get better with each season. Looking forward to reading everyday. See you soon.


  66. “how the hell are u a fan man….against ur 2 captains…and ur coach”

    I am one of the biggest fans of the teams, but also the biggest critic.

    BTW, the only message Shanahan sent with those punches is for other teams to now play hard and dirty against the likes of Drury because Shanahan or some other fool will just take a bad penalty trying to retaliate, even in OT.

  67. Strudwick would be perfect guy to be a Wolfpack captain, I am sure he doesn’t really care where he plays as long as he gets his $500K. And if we have a ton of injuries he can be called up, and likely nobody will ever claim him off waivers even at half price. Pock or the likes of Baranka or Liffiton or Potter can be 7th defenseman.

  68. I wanna see Henrik fight DP in the regular season cause I think Henrik would kill him. I cant wait till Avery gets to play the Islanders cause they are going to pay. The Islanders are unbelieveable with all the instegation today in a preseason game but I respect every player on the Rangers that stood up for their teammates but the Islanders are dead.

  69. ” Renney blames Sutton more for his early elbow on Callahan, and the refs for not setting the tone by handing him a major/misconduct. Renney was unhappy that the craziness got in the way of his ability to evaluate the young players — he says they’ll be right back out tomorrow night, getting another chance to show their stuff. More tomorrow…”

    Wow, what prevented this Hyena from playing prospects on the PK and PP? Why did he not test them in all situations given the opportunity. He uses any excuse not to properly develop and test young players.

    BTW, Anisimov needs to work on his faceoffs, won only 1 out of 12.

  70. ORR...Fighter for Life...Or Enforcer for a Day? / Fist in Face Deceased on

    Wow crazy night. I dont care that we lost its only pre season, but Wow.


    Im pretty sure your the closest thing to Bizarro Hoof.

    Its nice to see Monty so willing to fight another goaltender, and also nice to see Dubi willing to fight a guy like Sutton.

    I cant wait till Friday, gotta dress Avery and Lessard for that one, lets just hurt them.

  71. hoof and mouth disease on

    “I am one of the biggest fans of the teams, but also the biggest critic” …. teams? …. just not happy unless they are complaining….enjoy your miserable whinning….crybaby…

  72. “they look like an unbuttoned onesie.”

    Spoken like a true veteran of baby growing. Great line, and perfect decription. The good news is the replicas you buy in the store don’t have the stupis dress shirt tail. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just make the bottoms of the ones with stripes straight. Also, the white versions are actually muche better than the blues – for some reason the side panels on the blue ones are cut such that the R starts at the neck, whereas on the white ones it starts on the shoulder and looks much more normal.

  73. Did we actually win any of the fights last night?
    So far i’ve heard, Simon decked Orr, Sutton decked Dubinsky, Dippy beat Monty and Struds lost another – i’ve seen footage from tsn and on youtube and it looks like we got our asses kicked.

    On another note, with Kaspar gone, this could actually open the door for Montoya to earn the back-up job.

  74. Why is no one crying foul on that low-life Chris Simon?
    He is serving a regular season suspension for on eof the most vile acts in the last decade of the NHL, he never apologized or spoke with Hollweg and has the audacity to start trouble with the very same guy in the preseason?

    His ass should be chucked permanently for this. I know that will never happen though.

    All I can hope for is that he gets the pulp knocked out of him by Orr or Fritz one day soon-

  75. Colton the Brbarian beat the crap out of Sutton before he fell over in the games first fight.

    Gee, I wonder why there is a disclosure under the “Leave a reply” button? Couln’t be for anything posted on this board, could it? Nah!


    PALM BEACH POST: Brian Biggane reports there’s a roster spot at forward still available with the Florida Panthers. While GM Jacques Martin will continue to evaluate prospects he’s also got his scouts keeping tabs on players on other clubs who might be available via waivers. Martin also didn’t rule out the possibility of a trade.

    Spector’s Note: There’ll be quite a few players passing through waivers in the coming days so it’s understandable why Martin will keep an eye on the waiver wire. ”

    Maybe they want Dawes or Shanahan?

  77. Orr- I wouldn’t call Monty exactly “so willing” to fight. It was more like he was torn between wanting to showcase his ability and having to stick up for his teammates.

  78. Someone here ridiculed my notion that Hossa will score more points than Shanahan, this season. Still think so?

  79. Derf

    I guess Selanne has a good psychic that tells him the future.

    Sam, there is no way Simon should have played in that game last night. What a disgrace.

  80. Sam Weinman another paid Dolan employee.









  81. RAG C…
    when people don’t have the intelligence to understand the use of the “Caps Lock” key on their keyboards we generally tend to ignore your inane blustering.

    Come April your goons will be playing golf while we challenge the Sens for the Eastern conference title…

  82. Once again, Garth “Snow Job” shows his true skills when his ice girls play against us in the preseason. With the way last night was played I can not wait for Friday Night. My opinion is maybe Renney should sign Dan Cloutier to a one year deal (remember about 10 years ago at the masoleum vs. Tommy Salo).

  83. ORR...Fighter for Life...Or Enforcer for a Day? / Fist in Face Deceased on


    No MSG doesnt play NYR away pre season games. Only the home games, the next televised NYR game is this friday against NYI at 7:00 pm. Go on NHL.com and look for the center ice and register to watch the NYR vs DET game online, its free, and they dont ask for credit BS.


    I havent seen the Orr vs Sutton fight yet, but i heard he bitches Andy, and i havent seen the Strudsy fight. But i wouldnt say Orr lost his fight to Simon, he landed 3 or 4 shots to simons face then Simon through more of a forearm that didnt really land but it got Colts off balance. Dubi and Sutton was a brief one, Dubi couldnt land a punch cause the guy was to big but no punches were landed on any side. DP unfortunetly did beat Monty up, but he threw most of his punches while Monty was on the ice. Hollweg threw a few shots at Simon, after Simon boarded him, Orr got taken down right away before he can get to Simon for a re match, and Strudsy was throwing punches at a fish that wouldnt drop his gloves and then DP grabbed Struds which led to Monty coming down the ice, and Pock man handled Hilbert in a wrestling match.

    Hope that helps. Hopefully we have the same match on friday, but then again i dont wanna see any of our guys get hurt, especially if Sutton is gonna throw elbows around.

  84. After reading about last night’s game, I sure am glad the NHL is changing the schedule for the 2008-09 season. That way, we’ll have two fewer games against the Islanders, and more rivalry games against Columbus and St. Louis. That’s a good change.

  85. No No! Please don’t delete that absolute of a post! Its about time we got some REAL trolls around here…

    I love how they get excited about beating “Rangers Lite” in OT with close to their full squad. Game was over until we put in our 4th backup goalie. It’s too bad I’m gonna be tearing up the Nokia Theater friday night, I would love to watch this game.

  86. Adam Z.- I disagree. I’d rather play each team once. The way it is now I’ll see the Rangers here in Colorado once every 3 years. Cosby and the Pens- once in three years. Too many games against the Isles, Devs and Flyers. I think you’ll e disappointed if you think all the Rangers-Isles games will look like last night. I also doubt Friday night will be as fight filled.

  87. ORR...Fighter for Life...Or Enforcer for a Day? / Fist in Face Deceased on

    I like the squedule that has us versing the Atlantic division 6 times each team, and 1 game against each West team or 2, something like that.

    But then again this means were all gonna have to see Orty alot sooner then we have to. I dont think we’d verse the preds in another 2 or 3 years since we versed them twice last 2 years.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Next year we play the Preds. I don’t feel like checking to see if it will be home or away. Every third year A you don’t play a team, every third year B you play them away, and every third year C you play them at home.

  89. Colorado

    I see your point, but I just don’t agree. I don’t think there’s such a thing as ‘too many games against the Isles, Devs, and Flyers.’ You don’t need a fight-filled game to know the players and fans get much more amped up for intra-divisional games than inter-conference games.

    And as for the ‘I’ll see them only once every three years’ point…well, that’s only if you get in the building on that particular night. I don’t live in NY either (I’m in DC, so the Rangers will be down here twice a year under either schedule format). But thanks to Center Ice, the Internet, and blogs like this one, fans can be more involved with, and stayed connected to, their teams more than ever before.

    If the goal is more excitement and broad-based support of hockey over the long term, I just think several extra rivalry games per season is more important/effective than Sidney Crosby being in town for one game a year.

  90. RAG C

    How ignorant can you be? Let’s see…. I know that Islander fans are probably already planning a parade after destroying our 5th string goalie, but who is running your team? Pee Wee Herman. Here are a few reasons the Isles will be looking up at others in the division:

    1)The Isles got the reject players nobody else wanted. GUERIN (who was named capt for some reason??), Comrie (2nd line Center at best).

    2)Where’s Ryan Smyth? I believe he went to a team that he thought WOULD have a shot. It only cost the Islanders 3 1st Round picks for the few months that Smyth did nothing. Great work. This should solidify the Islanders mediocre status for years to come.

    3)The Nassau Mausoleum. Nuff Said!!

    4)DP. I even get the feeling that he thinks he’s too good for this team. 15 year contract? Good luck trading him once he has worn out his welcome in Long Island.

    5)Mike Milbury

    6)Chris Simon – Goon. Good for nothing. Lucky he’s not in jail, let alone playing.

    And always remember that the NY Rangers are the ORIGINALS here not the Long Island Islanders (very clever name. LOL)

    Please remember this link so that you can post something again in April. You won’t have much else to do.

    Do they televise Islanders golf tournaments!!!??????

  91. ORR...Fighter for Life...Or Enforcer for a Day? / Fist in Face Deceased on

    Definent pwnage right there….

    Does anyone know where i can see the Orrr vs Sutton fight??….its not on youtube.

  92. waste of money……=rangers….you guys are screwed…drury is good but seriously your reporters and fans all suck…and um how many of the fans have season tickets…not many…its all corporations.

    whose on defense?…thats right u didnt have enough money for that

    hollweg is a dirty player….can he come up from behind on anyone else…..maybe he should stick to sleeping with orr…you all suck…

    and your back up goalie blames a puck hit him in the face…..just another ranger making excuses

    good luck rag fans

  93. Billy – THAT’S IT BABY!

    btw – do you remember that funny Icelanders “fishman” logo? That was crap… hehehe – whole league was laughing at it.

    …and I heard King was fighting as well… with Ice-Girls… :)

  94. ORR...Fighter for Life...Or Enforcer for a Day? / Fist in Face Deceased on

    Lol….Why are so many Isles fans coming in…

    Rag, MJ, Robby Bonfire, Bizarro hoof…Ugh


    Lol Monty blaming the puck….Just like Simon blaming a concussion for going Conan on Hollywood…

    Get laid….or die trying.

    Orr will knock out Simon…and what ever puss enforcers you got in your lineup. None will matter once they encounter Hellboys right hand of doom.

  95. oh billy u so smart

    1- smyth…we didnt sign him OK but since you know nothing abt hockey and only follow the rangers…this years draft was not deep and the player u got is gonna be in russia. the other two players were first rounders but werent panning out
    in AHL

    2-he may have 15 year contract but he plays like a one year contract

    3- lundquist got his ass kicked by the flyers..oh we wont talk about that b/c it was preseason

    4- mike milbury is gone…pay attention to hockey tool box

    5- Simon…tought gritty player…the dirtbag is hollweg..but u must be blinded….

    6- reject players no one wanted….um guerin, sutton ,and comrie got alot of offers…but you wouldnt know b/c u dont know hockey

    Honestly i know some of you rags like hockey and know alot but seriously know more about what is going on …

    billy,hollweg is bending over for you .
    one we beat you guys last year in the series …..um you still lost in playoffs.

    buying players doesnt work..drury and gomez are good players but you need to have a team…tool box

    we actually like our barn…….and most of you rags dont have seasons tickets..y ? u can t afford it and , merrill lynch owns most of them..you all talk a big game but when it doesnt work out you shut up and hide…

    you know we are going to hurt your team this year and you guys will probaly complain…we know…

    we ll see what happens when the season start

    rags fans suck

  96. orr…yea

    enough said….did you all get beat up last nite except one…i came across this randomly and figured toolbox rag fans should learn about hockey

    oh by the way Where are your seats???? i never really see to many ranger fans with seasons

  97. Can’t wait for Friday – Avery will probably take a full mid-season run at that puke DiP and that would be just fine by me (and usually I frown on such things). Look what he did to weeksie and he probably didn’t have anything against him.

    Get used to the 70’s hockey folks, the isles played that style last year, and with a lesser lineup this year, will do it more so. The devels with that sutter puke coaching will be trying to out goon the fishstix to stay out of the cellar of the Atlantic.

  98. “and um how many of the fans have season tickets…not many…its all corporations.”

    Hey MJ
    I have Rangers Season tickets and I am not a corporation. I believe that the Garden is sold out for the entire year. How does the coliseum do? I bet I could get a seat next to Guerin if I called the Nassau ticket office. I hear they have 1 operator this year and he only has to work part time.

    And seriously, don’t Islander fans have somewhere to go instead of trying to make really dumb comments here. Ranger fans stick with their team. Get your facts straight and while your at it, get your own blog.

    “whose on defense?…”

    The Rangers were 9th overall in team defense last year and the Islanders are still trying to live in the 80’s. It’s sad. We will most likely have Marc Staal this year. I bet if the Islanders had him they would trade him at the deadline for someone else who doesn’t want to play on the Isle.

    Hey STF, I hear since there are copyright infringements on the Gortons Fisherman the Isles will go with the Jolly Green Giant for next year or maybe they can keep the Jersey’s they have now, that look like my 6 year old niece colored, but couldn’t stay in the lines.

    Who came up with these Jersey’s? Islander Fans? Just in case you can’t see the numbers on the sleeve and the giant one on the back let’s copy Buffalo and put them on front. Cool……

    Lastly, I will admit it must have taken some real savvy for Garth Snow to lure the free agents to the Islanders, I can just hear his pitch now…

    ” Come to the Island,why not nobody else wants you”

    Check it out!!! Gotta Love the Song… It will be the Islander theme for years to come


    GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  99. Um… why is this islander fan talking about lack of season ticket holders? We sell out our games…

    Sees the world through orange-colored glasses, I see.

    No one delete this guys posts, I love it. Keepin’ it interesting.

  100. Pathetic Islander fans……You guys are the undisputed laughing stock of NHL Hockey.

    No marquee player wants to play in your rec center piece if sh*t building where the few fans that still go all have mullets and reek of Jim Beam-

    Poll after poll shows your barn is the worst venue in all of hockey.
    All the wealthy LI’ers are Rangers fans because they actually have a clue and have some class-

    Your coach, Chief Lowlife and your clueless WANG of an owner say it all.

  101. MJ

    Lucky you! You’re a fan of a team with PLENTY of SPARE season ticket packages available. I wonder why there are so many left.

    The New York Islanders are lucky there are teams like CBJ PHX to take the focus on the complete mockery of an organization they are. BillyNJ has done a beautiful job illustrating many of these reasons already…. but seriously…be happy the commisioner is a monkey. Any straight minded person with the slightest background in hockey and respect for the game would have contracted this league long ago and you are out of your effing mind if you think that NYI wouldn’t (won’t?) be one on the teams to get nix’d in an effort to save the league. The whole oraginzation is a joke, and there is no need to keep NYI around when they only have 6,000 fans. DP hates the Rangers because he knows he’s fucked himself by signing with New York’s “little brother” team instead of *Broadway*. When it comes down to it, your girlfriend would rather get DP’d by Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg than DP himself because they play on a REAL hockey team in the Big City, not some washed up organization that masquerades around as an NHL team.

    Mad funny…Isles fans…ohh the beloved ISLANDERS! Fuggin joke…seriously, just when NYR fans were almost starting to get worried that NYI was on it’s way to getting respectable again they go and blow their future for at least another 5 years…..it’s a beautiful thing really. See ya soon, jahmoke.

    I love it. Please get your friends to come here. The only thing better than trolls is trolls who come out of pure jealousy.

    *Soup’s on baby, soup’s on!*

  102. seriously…the fisherman jersey hurt real bad…we dont care about that ….let me guess “potvin sucks” we love that you say that still…. shows how good he was…

    Notice how thats all you could bring up….

    have fun..getting beat for another 9 games and losing…

    i will come back to this forum soon

    it was fun..

    good luck on the season

  103. ORR...Fighter for Life...Or Enforcer for a Day? / Fist in Face Deceased on


    Cheif Lowlife.

    He has such a woody for Simon, his former drinking but buddy. He defends him every tie he does something wrong, at least Tom Renney has class and doesnt comment on that Hollwweg Simon incident, and he defended Simon again, saying he’s a good guy and it wasnt his fault and it was more the non call on Sutton. Renney is a nice guy but he’s fooling himself. Simon had alot to do with it, it seemed more like Simon couldnt let go of the past instead of Hollweg, after he hit him it was Simon going after him, and Orr had to step in and throw some shots at that pig face of his.

    Bottom line….NYR = All Class…NYI = No class


    DP looks like a friggin Aids patient. He needs to quit going down on Deb Kaufman, it can take a toll on a goaltenders career.

  104. MJ,

    You must be the smartest guy in Long Island…(I hope not)

    1) Smyth – You didn’t want him, then the Isles and their fans are dumber than I thought. Let’s get Guerin (36) and Comrie (completely unproven). That should work. See you in the finals.

    2)DP – You better hope his next concussion isn’t more serious. 15 years @ almost 5$mil a year is pretty steep. He will wear out his welcome on Long Island long before 15 years is up. Mark my words!!!!

    3) Lundqvist 2 time Vezina finalist in his first 2 years in the league, along with a Gold Medal. How many for DP?

    4)Mike Milbury laid the weak foundation on which this team is built. Think about it. Garth Snow didn’t start over from scratch, he had limited resources to work with. (I will give him a little credit.

    5)Simon should be in Jail.

    6)If you dangle money in front of players they jump. I didn’t see the Isles sign anyone of significance. And since you know about offers, who was going after them besides the Isles? Comrie only signed for 1 year, he’ll be gone next year. Sutton was a no show in the playoffs and I couldn’t be happier that he is an Islander.

    I don’t need to defend my hockey knowledge to someone who thinks the Isles have a great team. Do you want to bring up the Isles cups in the 80’s? We can talk about the past all you want. If you knew anything about hockey you would realize that the Isles are most likely going to struggle this year. I’m not the one who is on an Islander Blog. Get a life and get your “vast” hockey knowledge together. I hear the Nassau ticket girl is being promoted to asst GM.


  105. Dynasty??? Where? 1980.

    Living in the past like a true Islander Fan. My great grandkids may have a better chance of seeing another Islander Dynasty.

  106. Interesting. Out of 18,400 seats in MSG, 18,150 were completely sold out as season’s tickets this year. The waiting list is 15,0000 people long. Yeah, corporations buy many of the most expensive seats. ( I wonder why it is that they don’t think it’s appropriate to be sending their executives, employees, and clients that they want to KEEP to Islander games) But I’d say 75% of those seats are bought by the kind of fans you’ll never see on Long Island.

    There are lots of things you could pick on about the Rangers, but that’s just not one of them.

  107. The fact is that MJ is like a lot of Isles fans. They have nothing to look forward to this year and they need to vent. They have no facts.

    Does anyone else in here have seasons?

  108. Tony,

    Simon is allowed to play during pre-season. The last 8 games of his suspension starts when the season starts.

  109. Sam – anything we can do about all these Islander fans. We’ve had Sybil for over 1 yr, then the guy who wanted us swept but claimed to be a Ranger fan, then the other one with the 16 yr old fettish. None of these had the stones to admit to being an Islander fan. Now we have the new bunch of clowns led by MJ and Ranger Contraction.

    The Islander fans ruined the newsday blog – please don’t let them do the same to this one.

  110. ORR.. – thanks for the fight details – i was checking hockeyfights.com but that one didn’t have a video clip at the time.

    I can’t be bothered to discuss the Isles, they are irrelevant – I can’t see them being anywhere near good enough to challenge for the division.

    I want to know what everyone thinks he chances of Dubinsky, Dawes, Ansimov, Staal and Montoya cracking the roster are after the last few games.

  111. Islander fans have a distinctively BROOKLYN accent, since the entire (majority) populace of that borough fled to Long Island, years, ago, “when the neighborhood went bad,” same excuse Dodgers used for fleeing to LA.

  112. Simon is such a scumbag. I dont remember him being like this when he was with us. But over the last two seasons he has proved to be a classless piece of s*#t.

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