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The Rangers practiced in their new tighter-fitting jerseys for first time today, and the reactions ranged from strongly in favor to strongly against to largely indifferent.

“I love it,” Chris Drury said. “I wish they did it 10 years ago. A guy my size there’s usually so much excess jersey, this fits much better. Now you ask a guy whose 6-foot-4, he might feel differently. But I love it.”

Enter Colton Orr.

“It’s just different,” the forward said. “It’s just takes some getting used to. I don’t think they should have made it as tight, that’s the one thing.”

Indeed, one of the concerns among players who have been known to engage in the occasional scrap is they now have nothing to grab onto — especially if the jersey rips.

Enter Jaromir Jagr.

“I practice all summer to be a good fighter and now they have this new jersey,” the Captain said with a smile. “Actually, it’s good for me because I’m like Muhammad Ali. I don’t hold. I dance.”

Both Brendan Shanahan and Sean Avery stole a look in the mirror as they walked onto the ice, and didn’t love what they saw.

“If people had heard I didn’t wear shoulder pads beforehand, now they know I don’t,” Shanahan said.

Said Avery: “Man, I look tiny.”

Good news for the Rangers is their most important player offered a thumbs up.

“I like it. It’s easier to move,” Henrik Lundqvist said. “Especially in practice, it’s not as wet.”

Some other notes:

  • Al Montoya and Stephen Valiquette will split goaltending duties tonight, with Montoya playing the first half and Valiquette the second.
  • Tom Renney was asked directly if he kept Scott Gomez out of the lineup tonight to keep him away from the Devils. The coach admitted it was part of the reason. “I figured eight was enough,” he said. “Wasn’t that a TV show?
  • Marcel Hossa will have more than a spot on the first line on his mind tomorrow. The Rangers received word that the President of Slovakia will be in attendance tomorrow against the Flyers. “I guess he likes hockey,” Hossa said with a shrug.
  • Fedor Tyutin, originally scheduled to play, is out tonight with the flu. Marc Staal will take his place. The forward lines are the same.

    More in a bit….

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    2. modified to fit hockey

      The Hyena Laugh

      All our visions of sweet tomorrow
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      Hopes of glory are drowned in sorrow
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      Questions, questions,
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    3. Sam that comment by Jags is great, that actually made me laugh. Sounds like he’s in a great frame of mind, and is healthy. Awesome, can’t wait till tonight. Gonna be a longg day at work.

      Oh, and Elk, you’re trying too hard to be funny.

    4. Oh yeah, thanks for the update on the jerseys, personally I think they look terrible. What was wrong with the old ones?

    5. I just got some should-have-been-spam-filtered email from hockeybuzz saying the Rangers were gonna sign Esche. Now I know Eklund’s full of it, but can anyone else comment on this? Sam?

      My apologies for letting Eklund bait me, but still…

    6. I read something about Esche being interested on a couple sites this summer. Eklund probably took it from them (e5).

    7. Nothing was wrong with the old jerseys. The meddling, egomaniacal Commissioner has to put his stamp on everything that went before him.

      As he has already changed the way the game is played, opting for amateur rules, and the face of the league via the ongoing addtion of even MORE small market teams, it was inevitable that he would get around to monkeying with the uniforms. The NHL is now his little fashion show. Reebok couldn’t design a kids soccer team uniform without screwing it up. That’s why Buttman likes Reebok – about 15 teams will look like crud this year and beyond. It never ends with this puke.

    8. I think Reebok should go back to those great “pump” sneekers they used to make.
      Shanny does where shoulderpads, definitely kiddin.
      Avery, looks tiny LOL

    9. Only goalies really needed tighter jerseys, on players I don’t really see the point, except for the bottom part which was too straight which is ugly.

      I wish rangers change the boring design. I propose to copy the Blues design from a few years ago, but without the yellow–use white instead of yellow.

    10. Does anyone have any idea which line Straka is going to end up on? It’s tough to break up the chemistry Straka and Jagr had last year, but it’s also tough to see Hossa’s (or Dawes’) potential go untapped down on the 4th line…

      If Straka gets bumped, would he go to the third line? Or would he bump Avery off the second line?

    11. Yenner are you F’ing kidding me about those Blues uni’s with the f’ing *differnt sized numbers?* I have despised those from their inception, thats about as gaudy as possible IMO…. Those jerseys were, IMO the start of the “ugly 3rd jersey” movement….. F@CK those things.

      At the very least, a uniform should be just that, *uniform*. No slanty gheigh numbers and letters on the back. WTF are you thinking psycho hose beast?

    12. “Bruce Berlet has a report from the first day of camp in the Courant, which includes the news that Bourret originally injured his shoulder lifting weights over the summer (which we showed you on video a few weeks ago).”

      The idiot who designed the dangerous weightlifting program that injured Blackburn and Bourret needs to be fired. When I saw a video of Bourret lifting those weights I was cringing at what he was doing, those were some very dangerous excercising especially siting up and down on 1 leg while holding lots of weight.

    13. “At the very least, a uniform should be just that, uniform. No slanty gheigh numbers and letters on the back. WTF are you thinking psycho hose beast?”

      I wasn’t even looking, at numbers and letters, I was talking about the overall design.

    14. Sam, is Staal definitely taking Tyutin’s place tonight??

      That’s awesome if he is. I was kinda pissed when I saw tonight’s roster cuz I’m going to the game tonight (and not tomorrow) and I wanted to see Staal, Gomez and Drury play, so if that’s the case at least I’ll still get to see Staal play.

    15. Those Blues jerseys are hideous.

      And if you aren’t a fan of the Rangers jersey how are you a fan of the team? I really can’t even begin to understand that. The jersey predates you by decades.

    16. Those Blues uni’s look like they were designed by Salvador Dali.

      I could think up/design a nice clean logo change that would essentially be the Rangers “badge” sans “Rangers” lettering, the dimensions of the red, white, and blue sections in the body would be cleaned up and evened out a touch, and possibly a freshened “NYR” across the top where it now says “New York”. I can picture it now, and it would be clean and classy…but WHY bother?

      I personally don’t even think the liberty uni’s are that bad. I think it’s great logo, much better than most other shit that has been churned out. The only thing I dont like is the “silver” threading, and the un-even “upgraded” rangers badge on the shoulder that has the “N” bigger than the rest of the lettering. Kinda gheigh.

    17. ORR Punch Survivor....Barely!!! on

      Cmon already, i wanna watch Hockey. Im losing my mind.


      Is Esche a Ranger yet?

    18. Rangers tonight!!! YES!!! New jerseys are not that bad, we’ll see tonight anyways. Let’s go Rangers!

    19. Shanny wears shoulder pads, but they’re about as protective as a piece of cardboard taped to his shoulders. We saw them when he fought Brashear.

    20. Ahhh just got hit with a dilemma:

      GO to the Yanks game tonight


      WATCH 1st Rangers “game” of 07-08?


      I’m gonna go to the game with my buddies I think…but only because of how things are shaping up in the AL East…and the Rangers aren’t putting many of the real deal guys out tonight….

      think preseason games go on Rangers Rewind?

    21. Damn, I have tickets for Saturday’s game and was looking foward to seeing Staal play along with Jagr, and Drury. Maybe Stall can play again tomorrow! Both back to back pre-season games should be fun!

      Drop the puck!


    22. Some comments about various jerseys and logos:

      Canucks should go back to their mid 90’s jerseys, they look nicer and more unique and a very good logo unlike the ugly orca whale.

      Coyotes had extremely cool and unique jerseys, now they look like crap.

      I am probably the only one who thought those Islanders jerseys from 1997 looked absolutely great

      Penguins’ previous logo is so much better than the current one.

      Sabres uniforms look great, but I think the ones from few years ago were even better

      those Bruins 3rd jerseys were awesome why did they dump them?


      TSN.CA is reporting that former Rangers first round pick and goaltender, Dan Cloutier, is being placed on waivers to be sent to Manchester, their AHL team.

      I know he is recovering from some injuries and some tough last few seasons, but I would love for the Rangers to pick him up as a solid back-up to Lundqvist. If Monty needs more time in the AHL thats OK, but I feel more confident with Cloutier as a backup for us through out the season. Now I am not sure of his salary, but that may be an issue for any team that is thinking of picking him up.

      I always liked Cloutier when he was on the Rangers and on other teams. How can you not like a goalie who as a young Ranger beat the crap out of Tommy Salo in an NYI-NYR game at Nassau and then challenged the entire Islanders bench to a fight! Reason enough to bring him back to back-up the King. I know this is a pipedream, but go for it Glen, what do you have to lose but salary?


    24. Ok its the start of the second period and these jerseys are pathetic. It looks like they forgot to tuck there shirts in.
      Or they are wearing a apron on the front and back. What a disaster!!

    25. I got blacked out on DTV after the first period. They say MSGNetwork did it, but that has never happened before for preseason hockey on MSG. Really ridiculous.

    26. Yeah, Jim. I’ve been blanked since 8 p.m. DirecTV said they’ve been getting a bunch of calls…they claim it’s an MSG problem.

    27. A few observations:

      1. Dubinsky is ready. Should undoubtedly make the team and probably be third line center. Is musch quicker to the puck, but still very strong on the puck. Made two absolutely beautiful passes where he took his time with the puck and passed it directly across the crease for slam dunks by Straka and Callahan.

      2. Anisimov looks strong as well, great in both ends and has a good puck sense. Made a great move to split the defense and burst in alone but couldn’t finish. Definitely will be a player here and a good one, but I just think Dubinsky is better. So Anisimov will likely be #1 center in Hartford.

      3. Staal looked good especially defensively and could make the team, Sauer also looked solid but needs at least a year in the AHL.

      4. Jessiman was actually fairly impressive. Certainly has a lot more skill with the puck than Hollweg or Orr, a decent shot, and did a real nice job of forechecking down low and using his size to both get and maintain possession of the puck. I actually think he’ll wind up in NY at some point if not this year, then next.

      5. Smith will be lucky to make the Pack. Byers is OK.

      6. Kasparaitus is done. he’ll be sent to Hartford and even if they need a call-up it will never be him. He was among the worst defensemen out there tonight. The post-lockout NHL is not for him. no other team will trade for him. He’s off the books.

      7. Hutchinson was eh, allright. I would keep Staal up here way over him. nothing real special about him.

      8. Valiquette should not be this team’s backup goalie. He made a few great stops, but was out of position in terrible ways a few times and also should have stopped at least one of the two he let in. montoya had a few escapades but he’ll grow out of those – IMO looked much better positionally and has better fundamental skills and quickness. he should be Hank’s backup and get 17-20 games this year.

      9. Girardi, Callahan, Avery all looked terrific as well.

      10. The team above just beat the Devils opening night roster sans Brodeur and Rachunek. Our roster was missing Jagr, Gomez, Drury, Prucha, Malik, Rozival, and Lundqvist. The Rangers looked like a cohesive unit. Such an encouragement over the past. We have a real future for once. i know they want the Cup this year. Whatever. We’ll be solid for years.

    28. czechthemout!!!!! on

      I wasn’t blacked out.My impression of the game is as follws.

      montoya-was very good,needs to stop over handling the puck,thought he was better than valliquette.

      staal-was very steady,needs to play in the nhl.he is ready to play,will only get better with more time like his brothers before him.

      sauer-same as staal.good defensman,better than i expected.

      hutchinson-not impressed at all.was bad defensively,better offensivly.pock looked much better to me last year.

      kasper-too bad,but he’s done.too slow,makes too many mistakes.

      strudwick-slow,is nothing more than a number nine dman on this team.

      girardi-was his steady solid self,looked like he added a physical element with some solid hits.


      mark smith-was a little better than i thought,should do well in hartford as veteran presence,has no buisness anywhere near this team.

      hollywood-he is what he is.and will never be anything ellse.

      betts-very good pk,good on faceoffs and blocks shots just like last year.

      byers-impressed with his strengh behind the goal.needs to work on his skating a little more although he is much bettter than orr.will ultimatley replace him.

      hugh specimen-did some good things,but also needs to work on his skating,still probably one year away.

      straka-good as usual,looked almost in midseason form.played well with his linemates.hustles his ass of even in preseason.

      callahan-what else can you say,plays both ends of the ice,blocks shots,takes the body,good passer,and scores.great total package just like last year!future star in my opinion.will score 30 goals and 30 assts for ten years.

      dubinsky-ladies and gentleman,your third line center,brandon dubinsky.looks much faster and stronger on his skates than last year.looked like a future second line player.may one day be the total package.won 75% of his faceoffs and back checked real well.

      avery-in mid season form as well.

      shanny-unfortunatly,looked old and slow.hopefully it is nothing more than him trying to get his feet under him.i hope he can go for at least one more year.

      artem anisimov-looked real good at times and very impressive.will be a top line center one day.needs to get more muscle mass.needs to develop a physical elemnt to his game.

      I was impressed by the fact that the devils had many more of their regulars than we did and we dominated the game at times.that is a testament to the young talent on the team.sather and his staff deserve some kudos for that.

    29. Of all the people that Avery hhurts, why does it have to be Weekes? I have a soft spot for him and hopes he does well against the Penguins and whatever other teams are near us this season.

    30. Wow, good analytical posts to fill me in as someone who didn’t see the game. Did you guys take notes or just remember all this at the end?

      OK, so the Kaspar experiment should be over by the next round of cuts. Oh well, at least they gave him a shot. Maybe one more preseason game for him to see if it is a trend.

    31. czechthemout!!!!! on

      spiderpig-I was so amped for this game because of last year and the offseason that everying stuck in my mind.By the,what did you think of my spelling?

    32. my opinions:

      the ugly was the Strudwick PR conspiracy–he got microphoned and basically was bossing the kids around pointing out their mistakes while trying to make himself seem better than what he is. In reality he sucked, and his talking confused Montoya and made him misplay the puck behind the net which almost led to a goal.

      Shanahan looks like a bad signing at this point.

      Straka was invisibile except for 1 or 2 shifts.

      Kasparaitis looks bad, small and weak, but did throw couple of decent hits

      Hutchinson is nothing really special, but wasn’t terrible

      Valiquette is unrealiable and was beaten twice upstairs.

      Avery I have a feeling we’ll be happy to see him go by the end of the season.

      Lessard seems like a decent physical player, but nothing special. Hollweg is better, Hollweg looked pretty good on the PK.

      Anisimov looks great, but would benefit a lot more from a year in AHL. He kind of looks like a grittier but less skilled Nedved.

      Dubinsky was great and should be in NHL

      Staal was good, but Sauer is even better. Sauer looks like an excellent all around defenseman.

      Smith was ok, but nothing special

      Betts only good at the PK

      Callahan and Girardi were great as always.

      Montoya was very good and is much better than Valiquette

      Jessiman and Byers were a nice surprise both big, fast and physical and are pretty good with the puck and along the boards I think they are ready or very very close to ready.

      And then there are Baranka, Liffiton, Korpikoski, and unfortunately not given a chance are Moore, Pyatt, Barnes and Bourret.

    33. Hyena shouldn’t even be here – first of all. Guys like him are NOT Rangers fans. He reminds me some a**hole self-called Malik laser bla bla bla.

      About game – good start. I liked Anisimov and Dubinsky. Shanny played really ugly game. Same thing – Vali and Kaspar.

    34. The only concern I leave tonight with is the physical and mental condition of Shanahan. He looked terrible out there. He was’t even skating very well, let alone looking like even a remote scoring threat. I really hope tonight wasn’t a glimpse of what we have to look forward to from him.

    35. Dubinsky sure made a case for himself to be on the team tonight. Anisimov needs time in Hartford to get stronger on the puck.

    36. hoof and mouth disease on

      give me a hint why guys are posting here the same stuff they post on bb? once is enough. So many are pushing for Dubinsky and Staal, no thought about odd men out. If Renney moves Prucha to the 4th line to fit any new kid in, then the new kid shouldn’t be here.

    37. ORR Punch Survivor....Barely!!! on

      Im not worried about Shanny, it was a pre season game, some people dont wanna push it. Just take a look at all the other vets that getting hurt in pre season.

      Either way, this is why i want Esche, Cujo or what ever. Monty and Vally both played like garbage when handling the puck. Dont they friggin realize that they have a shot at backing up Hank, why the hell would they make stupid moves like go behind the net battling that midget Gionta for the puck, it was pathetic.

      As far as Kaspar goes, i wasnt impressed at all. I was waiting the a hip check or any hit for that matter. At this point he seems gone.

      Staal + Sauer + Dubi x Artie = Sweetness

      Lets go NYR

    38. There’s no doubt Dubinsky should be playing this year for the rangers. I also agree Shanahan looked old but that shouldn’t be a surprise because he looked this way last year also. The rangers have a lot of good young talent for the future.

    39. I thought that the new uniforms were awful. The rangers was too vertical and the sleeves were way too tight. Some of the players looked goofy. I do not like them… but thats just my opinion.

    40. Just wait for the regular season to really see Shanny play. He’ll turn it up cause he will see all the young talent around him.
      As for tonight’s game against Philly on MSG I am interested in seeing Wiikman play in goal. He was solid in the prospect games and should be good.
      Also, I predict at least 3 fights tonight. Hopefully one won’t be Shanny.

    41. Look at previous Sam’s posts for tonights lineups.

      Hyena – yes, you do remind me some other “controversial” people on this blog, you do :)

      I’m afraid that Anisimov will be send to Hartford. IMO he’s ready now.

    42. Those of you who were blacked out on DTV, 621, do you live outside the tri-state area? I live in Northern VA and got blacked out after 1 period, and was asleep at 10:30pm, so not sure it came back on at 11pm for the rewind.

      I remember this happening last year during preseason a couple times, so I’m not too worried, but not happy.

      Jessiman looked good, he should be on the squad. Rangers have some nice youth. I really like Anisemov, the kid can skate and handle the puck.

    43. Hey Sam! Can you post that picture they showed during one of the intermissions yesterday of Dubinsky as a kid with Jagr. How crazy is that as a kid you get a picture taken with Jaromir Jagr and now you get to play on the same team with him.

    44. Kaspir:

      Same old Kaspir last night. Slow to the puck and out of position all the time. He doesn’t get the puck and then move with it, all he knows how to do is hit, which is why he was usable in the old NHL when there was no room on the ice.

      I like to think he looked different last night than at other times last year, but he didn’t and will most likely be the last cut.

      Sauer, Staal, Toots, Girardi,Pock, Struds, Malik and Rozy would be my defense.

      I would deal Hossa, Kaspir (if anyone will take him) and Mara to make cap rooom for Montoya as backup.

      But no way Staal goes to Hartford, the kid is ready.

    45. We need to watch for teams with injuries on defense so we can unload our unneeded defensemen.

      Also Betts pretty much does nothing beyond PK, which many players can do, and a slightly worse PK% isn’t going to hurt the team–last season Flyers had a very good PK but were the worst team in NHL. Orr does nothing except fighting he needs to be dumped in favor of Byers or Jessiman.

      And of course if Dawes and Hossa don’t produce enough on the top line they should be dumped. Hollweg should be kept as an extra forward at least.

    46. I was blacked out after the 1st as well, thank god a local bar had complete coverage just 2 miles away. Can we get a consensus of where those who were blacked out live? I’m in Eastern PA(but a central jersey native). The blackouts really piss me off. Thank god for the center ice package, when MSG is blacked out, I get the visitors broadcast – usually. Going tonight, so won’t bother me to be blacked out.

    47. ORR Punch Survivor....Barely!!! on


      Shanny isnt playing tonight. I still dont understand why the staff didnt play Drury last night.

      Also Shanny always said in the past that a centerman is really important to him, and chemistry plays an important role.

      Thats why he scored 29 goals with Cullen as his centerman, and 40 goals the year before with Draper and Yzerman as his centerman and Datsyuk on the PP.

      Like i said you shouldnt worry about Shanny, most NHL fans i talked to were bitching and moaning about a few players from there team. Its only pre season. If you push to hard then maybe you’ll end up like Malkin during last years pre season. Just go down the injury list, massive players just keep getting injured, like Timmonen, he’ll be out tonight with a groin injury, then the Devils have Langenbrunner, White, Weekes, Janssen. Im just hoping Callahan is alright, and nobody gets hurt during these games. Except maybe Malik

    48. Valiquette looked very out of position and let in 2 soft goals (in my opinion), last night. Forget Esche, he is very inconistent. The Rangers should sign Cujo to be the backup; he’ll come cheaper, be more consistent, and god for bid, has a lot of playoff experience if it should ever come to that.

    49. Orr – i was at the game and didn’t watch my tape yet. What happened with Callahan did he get hurt?

      Czech – you asked my opinion a while back re some of the youth. I try not to get too pumped up as I think the organization generally makes everyone out to be great when they draft them. I bought into the Lundmark hype and remember the exhibition season he scored goals like crazy. But quickly learned he was weak and could easily be moved off the puck. Plus he had no appetite for the defensive part of the game. So having said that I do think Montoya is our 2nd best goalie (but we can’t afford him due to cap). I like Sauer’s future – he blasted someone and shows strengh and promise. The Russian is going to have culture language issues (saw him in pregame and no one seemed to interact with him). Kaspar can do a world of good down in Hartford helping him. Callahan looked really good as did Dubinsky (but he played a role different than he will if he makes the team since he will not get all that pp time). But he looked really good on the pp. I think only one of Dawes and Dubinsky will make the team. Don’t want to see good players like Prucha moved to 4th line. Since the Rangers came to my side for 2 periods it was harder to focus on Staal so hopefully I’ll see my tape and get a better idea. re some other players – Avery was the most wanted man by the Devils for what happened to Weekes. He is going to really get beaten up this season so he might miss some games but do love what he brings to the team. Always like Straka and hope he stays next yr as well. Re tonight and Dawes vs Hossa – another consideration is how they help defensively as I look at total package- including pk and everything. Like to see guys makes smart plays. Chipping out of d zone and making the other team go 200 ft to beat you. And no neutral zone turnovers. That’s why I appreciate even a guy like Betts as the 4th center (but certainly not the 3rd center).

      Re the unis – they look like an apron on the bottom with all the white. They should have left things as is. In that regard and re overexpansion I agree with Bonfire.

    50. “Sad news about Shanny, I hope he can make it through the year and get 15-20.”

      Yes, it’s sad news – if the club keeps him, given his age, vastly diminished physical soundness, falling offf the cliff production, and salary. “Retiring” him would really jump-start this roster with some young, added production, and free-up a lot of cap room, as you suggest. It has passed Shanahan by, but I doubt the Rangers figure they have a shot at the Cup this year, without him. Well, they surely don’t have much shot at the Cup with him.

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