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Pulled in a handful of directions today, I skipped the trip up to West Point, which is regrettable for a number of reasons, but one being that it’s absolutely gorgeous up there. I have a soft spot for West Point seeing how it was always the biggest rink we used to play in as kids, even if we always played to a crowd of about six people at 7 in the morning.

Anyway, “thanks to Zip”: for passing along the lines for the first two preseason games. Note that Jagr and Gomez will be together again on Saturday. The two have been so inseparable through camp so far, you wonder if they’re also watching the same TV shows and eating the same cereal.

Friday against Debbies:



Goal: Valiquette, Montoya

Saturday against Philly



Goal: Lundqvist, Wiikman

More later…

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  1. It’s great to see that Jags and Gomez are getting along. But now Jags has a new BFF, won’t S. Avery get mad jealous? j/k ;)

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    combining two posts from the last thread:

    I guess Renney isn’t making any cuts until at least after the first exhibition game.

    Some comments on those line combinations and d pairings:

    1) Byers-Smith-Jessiman: I want to call this the AHL line (All Hartford Line), as none of them are making the team.

    2) Roszival-Staal: Just like I had suggested!

    3) Malik-Sanguinetti: Between Sanguinetti being eager to jump in the attack and Malik being, well, Malik, this combo should get torched for a couple of goals.

    Interesting competitions to watch for in game 1:

    1) Valiquette and Montoya
    2) Anisimov and Dubinsky
    3) Struds, Kaspar, and Hutch

    Interesting competitions to watch for in game 2:

    1) Dawes and Hoss (I wouldn’t be surprised to see them switch lines midgame, something else I had suggested)
    2) Gomez and Drury
    3) Pock, Baranka, and Liffiton

  3. all 6 games are on msg, no idlander or devisl preseason games unless they play us, rangers get all theirs telivised no matter wat

  4. I think only our home games get televised. That’s how it was last year and there are no listings currently on TWC for the road games on Monday and Tuesday

  5. Dressing the big boys for Friday… Byers, Jessiman, Lessard, Hollywood, Shanny, Struds… no Gomez

    I am looking forward to whether Jessiman has made any improvments. Last years games he looked slow and behind the play. I hope he pans out, sometimes it takes big guys a while to find their game, which could be the case with Sauer and Staal, as both are big as well and will fill out.

    Honestly, in about 4 seasons, Sauer, if he stays healthy, Sanguetti, Staal, Toots and Girardi with Liffiton or a UFA or a smaller quicker dman and the Rangers have a real nice core all in place.

    I really hope Sather calls it quits within the next couple years nd gives the team over to someone like Renney who is willing to keep the team young and not deal our prospects.

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