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The Rangers just sent Tom Pyatt to Hartfordand Bobby Sanguinetti back to his junior team in Brampton.

Neither of these moves are a surprise, although some may wonder about the timing. In other words, why weren’t they just part of the first batch of cuts if they weren’t going to play in an exhibition game?

Simple. Given both players’ potential, it was obvious that Tom Renney wanted them to be part of the team-building activities in West Point, and to skate in a few more practices with the big club as well. Both had good camps, and will likely hang around longer next year. But both still need at least another year of grooming.

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  1. Another forward line will probably be added for Saturday. I would like to see Pöck and/or Struds play forward there.

    Here’s my solution to the defensive glut. First, send Hutchinson to Hartford; I don’t expect him to be claimed off waivers even though his salary is cheap. Second, try to trade the worst performing D-man (out of Mara, Pöck, Kaspar. maybe Malik if possible) that Sather can get value for; sounds hard, I know, but Sather can get it done! I’d like to see a pick in next year’s draft, hopefully 2nd round, in return. If that traded guy is not Kaspar, put Kaspar into the lineup. If he turns out badly through several games, “Kaspar” him again (make him a ghost – off to Hartford), and bring in Staal, who should be ready.

    IS it time for me to get a trademark on Orrweg? I notice many using it now. even though I spelled it wrong with two G’s first

  2. Spiderpig: “Orrweg” is ridiculously funny.

    Management must have a lot of trust in Anisimov and Dubinsky to have them centering the top two lines tomorrow night. Even though it’s a pre-season game and the Debbies’ roster will have a lot of AHL players, I still think it’s pretty significant that the Rangers’ top two centers will be under 23 years old and one has never played professional hockey in North America. They really are giving them a lot of responsibility.

    As an aside, can you guys believe that this time last year one of our lines was Ward – Betts – Hossa ?!?!!

  3. Oh and also, I think Dawes and Hossa will be rotating on the top line to start the year. But I think that Dawes will eventually win the job. From what I’ve read, he’s a skill player – it makes sense he’d fit in with Gomer and Jagr.

  4. ORR Punch Survivor....Barely!!! on


    I dont know, i like the double G in Orrwegg. Thats how i use it, it makes it more original.

    Anyway, that 4th line on Saturday better be Lessard – Hollweg – Orr. You never know what those orange a holes are gonna pull.

    And someone on the last post said they will play all 6 NYR pre season games on MSG. From what i know its only the 3 home games and the other away games wont be shown, unfortunetly.

  5. Seems like instead of carrying a fourth line against the flyers, they are taking an extra defensive unit. If they added a fourth line, that would be too many players.

    Am I right? Seems odd to carry 3 lines and 4 defensive pairings.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    With those cuts, doesn’t it make those speculated lines possibly wrong? I’m not putting any stock in them until game night.

    Spiderpig, you’re crazy to think that you can get a 2nd rounder for those guys. All of those guys together aren’t worth a 2nd rounder, especially Pock and Kaspar.

    And lawnboy, Dubinsky played for the big club last season, even though it was only for a few games.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Each one of those teams is now one player shorter.

    Also, 3 lines used to be the way it was done, with some players just being PP or PK specialists and seeing small amounts of icetime during regular strength just to stay warm and give the other 3 lines a breather.

  8. Doodie: I know that Dubinsky played a few games for the Rangers last year. I still think that the fact that he is our No. 1 center in a pre-season game despite his age and his lack of experience speaks volumes about management’s confidence in him. When I said one of our top two centers for tomorrow’s game hasn’t played professional hockey in North America, I was referring to Anisimov.

  9. I don’t think Dawes lasts on the 1st line with Gomez and Jagr.

    Gomez is small, Jagr doesn’t hit and that line would be more effective due to Hossa’s size and puck possession skills down low.
    Dawes would be better seved as a second line player and on the power play, but I have this gut feeling that it will be back to Hartford for him this year to start and will be the 1st injury call-up-

  10. lawnboyvt – Thanks. And I was thinking that too about that line when they played early Fan Faves. Plus, I believe that was our *third* line. It’s amazing how far the Rangers went last year.

    Doodie – He said that *one* center hadn’t playerd. Obviously Dubinsky was also in AHL in North America.

  11. BlueClue: Respectfully, I disagree with you. Your words imply that Hossa is needed because Jagr and Gomez don’t hit and Hossa does hit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hossa hit anyone before. As far as puck possession goes, when you’ve got Gomez and Jagr on the same line – two players who want the puck and don’t like not having the puck – your 3rd winger is not going to possess the puck much. Hossa doesn’t need to create space. Jagr and especially Gomez’s speed will create space and that’s why you want a skilled player like Dawes with them to bury the puck, especially considering the fact that Gomez doesn’t shoot much. Dawes just needs to park himself in the slot and wait for a pass, which from what I’ve read, is exactly how he has scored in scrimmages.

    But that’s just my two cents, what do I know.

  12. I doubt that Renney will be alternating Dawes and Hossa on the first line once the season starts, unless the one who won the spot falters. He probably wants to create chemistry across the entier line, not just between Gomez and Jagr. That will be easier with a permanent linemate.
    I agree with BlueClue that Dawes is better served as a second line player. In the long run, he could become a Prucha-type player, with perhaps a better scoring touch but less agressivity, hence, why he’s well-suited for the second line, not the first or third.

  13. lawnboyvt

    I definitely hear the logic of what you are saying, but as I was typing my comment, I kind of knew that I left my suggestion open to being misinterpreted.
    First I mention how Jagr doesn’t hit and then I immediately suggest using Hossa.
    To clarify, the fact that we have no hitter or tough guy on that line to intimidate the opposition warrants someone like Hossa (as long as he’s on his game) with a huge body who can secure the puck down low and along the boards.

    Hossa can also draw many penalties due to the defenders trying to strip Hossa knowing Jagr and Gomez are looming in-front.

    Last season, Hossa and Jagr worked well together. Gomez is an upgrade over Straka and possibly Nylander at Center.
    Why switch things up?

  14. BlueClue: I understand what you are saying, but I still respectfully disagree with you.

    Simply put, I don’t think Hossa intimidates anyone. If you are equating intimidation with sheer size then I think Jagr takes the cake on that one. If you are equating intimidation with toughness then Hossa certainly can’t be your answer, considering he can only bring it half the time, if that. If you are equating intimidation with skill, Hossa is by far the least skilled player on that line.

    As far as penalties go, Hossa will draw the least among those three. Again, Jagr and Gomez will have the puck the most. Gomez is ridiculously fast and Jagr’s acceleration is unbelievable.

    Why change? Dawes has superior talent. I’ll admit – I’ve never seen Dawes play. But everything I’ve read about him is that he’s ultra talented. For example, Hockey’s Future, though definitely a flawed website, described Dawes as being a “prolific goal scorer.” When have you ever heard anyone even imply Hossa was anything close to that?

    We don’t know Dawes’s limitations but we certainly do know Hossa’s – he is a big guy who for one reason or another cannot consistently bring his A game.

  15. But it seemed Hossa’s only good streak came with the top line, so he might have to be used there. Although we haven’t seen Dawes in that first LW spot, the same might be said for him, since it will be 1st or 4th for this year. I think he could be effective on 1st through 3rd while I’m not sure about Hossa. I’m intrigued by Dawes playing on the first line, but can’t say I endorse it yet, just waiting to see/hear more.

  16. Who can tell me Hossa’s stats in the final 20 games of the season excluding the games he was injured? How about during the playoffs?

    OK. Now who can tell me Dawes’s stats?

    Guys give me a break. Hossa has shown that when he is healthy and playing with some decent players he can put the puck in the net, fight in the corners to possess the puck, and draw penalties. His eye-hand coordination on tip-ins is spectacular. He has a wicked shot when he gets some room. And, when a guy like Colin White is on the ice matched up against Jagr, there has to be another big body to contend with Hossa. Dawes just does not compare. Does Dawes kill penalties like Hossa does? Does Dawes have any Olympic hockey experience? So everyone else is wrong on Hossa and the guys on this blog are right?

    To think Dawes is going to walk in from Hartford and put 25 goals on the board out of the frickin blue is a pipe dream. I think he has potential. I just don’t see this rookie getting vaulted onto the #1 line when Hossa was the 3d most dangerous goal scorer last year down the stretch behind Jags and Nyls. Sorry.

    The first line will be Gomez-Jags-Hossa on opening night.

    And by the way, you guys talking about Hossa intimidating and hitting people….I don’t want my first line guys out there hitting people and intimidating them. I want them lighting the lamp. Hossa has proven he can do that. Dawes has not.

  17. adam from the hills on

    heres my 2 cents, havent seen dawes play with the first line yet but i did see hossa play with jagr and nylander last year and from what i saw is a guy (hossa) who does the dirty work so a guy like jagr doesnt have to do it himself, would you rather jagr have to dig the puck outta the corners when its dumped in, i say hell no, let hossa do it, whos gonna do the dirty work with dawes on the line?

    and one more thing, i dunno about you guys but i am so amped from hearing about huge specimen finally lookin like the power forward we drafted, he is a monster of a man and i dont think he has much of a ceiling, skys the limit with that kid, see if i was coach of the rangers -im not =( – id definitely try and put hugh with the top line of gomez and jagr, if he could play that linear game on that line oh man thatd be something special, ya gotta put the big lug on a line where he can succeed, ok thats enough outta me but cmon guys devils tomorrow night, the seasons almost here i can taste it!!!

  18. adam from the hills on

    i dunno how many of you guys play video games, but you gotta play the new NHL 08 for xbox 360, its insane how good it is, ive never been one for the 2K series but id like to hear what you guys think, and if you ever wanna lose just gimme a shout =D

  19. lawnboyvt

    I’m all for giving Dawes a legitimate shot to prove himself; and if your logic prevails, then all the better…

    But we can’t assume he’ll be more effective than Hossa is/was solely because it is proven that Hossa plays pretty damn well with Jagr.
    They communicate well, speak the same language and play the same style of hockey-

  20. With all due respect to Newman, I tend to be more in the pro-Dawes camp. What Hossa showed last year was the same thing he showed his entire career – for short spurts of time, he is a very capable offensive player, but for other, longer stretches, he’s somewhat invisible. Do the 10 games in which he racked up 13 points make me wonder if he’s finally ready to take the next step and become an elite wing on that line? Yes. but the other 50 games suggest that he may ultimately be best suited to providing some offense to the third or fourth line while also killing penalties.

    If they start Dawes on the Gomez/Jagr line, I’m betting he puts up some sick numbers. If the rangers have a Calder candidate on the team, its not Mark Staal.

  21. Rob

    When Hossa was born, it was one big country called Czechoslovakia.
    In 1993, the country split and was divided in two to become the The Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Hossa, from what is now called Slovkia speaks Czech as do Jagr, Straka, Prucha, Rozsival and Malik (and Baranka) and they share the same culture.

  22. Newman et al: First, I’d just like to say that its nice to get some good discussion going on this blog again, so let’s keep it going. Second, I’ll try to respond the best I can from this small blackberry that I’m on. I second pghas’s statements about Hossa’s streak. It was great but I don’t think he sustains that over an entire season.

    As for Newman’s comments, why can’t Dawes score 25 goals? You forget that two years ago a 170 lbs string bean scored 30 out of no where. And do you know why? Because he was given a legitimate shot to play. Dawes deserves the same.

    Some people are so quick to drink the kool aid without thinking what’s in it. People get things wrong and make mistakes. So with respect to comments like “People on this blog are right and everyone else is wrong…” more often than not, management probably gets things right, but on this one maybe they aren’t. After all, the Rangers have won only 1 cup since 1940 and its probably because they haven’t put the right players on the ice. Here’s to hoping that changes! Good night!

  23. ORR Punch Survivor....Barely!!! on

    Oh man

    Brad Isbister scored the game winner with 3 seconds left in the Pre season game against EDM.

    And from what i heard, Nylander didnt look that great in his Cap debut, and taking 2 back to back hooking penalties late in the 3rd in a one goal game, making it mighty hard for them to come back. its only pre season but eh. He was pointless.

    Lets kick some Devil ass, hopefully Lessard and Rupp go at it. Or Jessiman and Rupp, i can see that happening.

    13 days till Season starts i think, yipeee

  24. hoof and mouth disease on

    “After all, the Rangers have won only 1 cup since 1940 and its probably because they haven’t put the right players on the ice. Here’s to hoping that changes!..”

  25. I’m very interested to see what happens on Saturday – I’m sure that there will be many suiters to replace Fedoryk on the Philly side and I’m sure this will be an old fashioned pre-season beat down. Would love to see Ben Eager get hammered.

  26. Dawes will outscore Hossa by at least 20 points on the top line ceteris paribus. But Hossa adds some better defensive play, puck possession and physical play as well as better in the corners. But either way they will likely both prove that they aren’t really worth keeping.

  27. ORR Punch Survivor....Barely!!! on

    Fedoruk got into a fight in the COL vs DAL game. He’s training for Round 2 against Orr. Bring it on biatch.

    Old habits die hard, he is an Orr Punch Survivor…Barely. That will have to change.

    And please Orr, destroy Eager.

  28. Hollorr is better than Orrweg, but in any case they are very different players, one is a pure fighter, the other one is a pure hitter who might have some scoring ability which we likely will never see.

  29. Hoof and mouth: The handles on this website crack me up.

    What don’t you understand about my comment? Maybe my years are confusing, so let me put it this way: The Rangers have won only one cup since 1941. That’s one cup in about 65 years. And its because managenent has put the wrong players on the ice. For one reason or another, the players didn’t gel or couldn’t gel, the late 1990s being a perfect example. So with respect to Newman’s comments that “People on this blog are right and everyone else is wrong” I don’t think that that is entirely far-fetched on this Dawes issue.

    But hey if Hossa stays in the first-line position, I hope he scores 25 goals.

  30. Question.

    I understand Hossa is a physical presence and has the occasional (and somewhat random) ability score (when playing with Jaromir Jagr). Despite the fact Hossa rarely uses his body, he has one, which can be a deteriant to the other team. Ok, got it.

    I understand Dawes has a lot of potential, probably more than Marcel Hossa, but he has little NHL expirence. He was sent down last year for a reason. Plus he’s on the smaller end.

    My question is what about Callahan or (god forbid) Petr Prucha? Two young guys who bust their butts every game, who have been proven at an NHL level (i.e. everything Hossa and Dawes is not). I understand they will be on the third line, regardless of my thoughts, I have accepted this. However I still don’t get why they are not viable contenders to play along side Jagr and Gomez, yet two players who haven’t proved anything to me are.

  31. The Hyena Laugh (I altered a song The Clarion Call by Falconer)

    All our visions of sweet tomorrow
    is cracking and fading away.
    Hopes of glory are drowned in sorrow
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    Lead your star players into your lust of pride
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    Or cast the yoke of envy aside
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    Do you hear the Hyena laugh,
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    Who will play and who will sit,
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    Who is right and who is wrong,
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    What are the big contracts and no trade clauses for
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    All the trumpets will sound once more
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    The draft harvests our team
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    Yes crap what is this, our team will be.

    Do you hear the Hyena laugh,
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    Which side will finally prevail,
    while the other side will fail.

    How many pretenders can we endure?
    The organization is bleeding, so not many more.
    Who may better the Stanley Cup sway?
    Questions, questions,
    you’ll see at the end of the day.

  32. Hossa is far more dominant on the puck than Dawes. Last season the Hossa/Jagr combination pretty much held onto the puck whenever they were on the ice. Beyond that, Hossa chases the puck into corners and ends up with it more often than most other Rangers. This really helps Jagr, as it means Jagr doesn’t need to go into the corners to fight.

    Dawes will likely be a better finisher, but you lose so much of what Hossa brings.

    I still think the best solution is alternating the two, depending on the team we’re playing.

    Also, to those that are huge Dawes fans and Hossa detractors, have you ever stopped to compare their AHL stats?
    144 GP, 54 G, 50 A, 104 P
    146 GP, 62 G, 65 G, 127 P

    There’s a difference, undeniably. But at a professional level the difference isn’t as pronounced as people think.

  33. …”Both still need at least another year of grooming.”

    Why is it young players who are NHL-ready always need more minor league experience, but old, washed-up guys need to be here two years beyond their usefullness?

  34. Talking about the Rangers winning one Cup since 1940 “because management put the wrong players on the ice” – I give the team a pass for not winning the Cup during the 20 year period prior to 1963, because the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs got a rule passed that all teams had territorial draft priviledges, within 50 miles of their city limits.

    In effect, this meant the Canadiens could draft Jean Beliveau, and Boom Boom Geoffrion, et al, right out of their back yard with no one else having a shot at them, while the Rangers and Bruins and Black Hawks could draft all the top prospects out of Newark, Back Bay and Gary, Indiana, respectively, they could find.

    This is why these three franchises struggled mightily, for so long. With Chicago coming close to going under in 1954, Montreal donated their top prospect, Ed Litzenberger, to Chicago, that year, so that that troubled franchise would have one young, talented player. The deck was stacked against American teams for a long time, and we have to cut them slack for that reason. Detroit did better, because it is located across the river from Windsor, Ontario, and the Red Wings could draft from there.

    Islander fans chanting “1940” were lucky they had no franchise in the 40’s and 50’s – it would have been 1973 all over again for them, for a couple decades.

  35. First off: Nigel Dawes will not be playing with Jagr and Gomez. Dawes will probably be switching off with Orr depending on the opponent. If Hossa can repeat his performance before his injury than he will be there, if not put a proven scorer on that line aka Peter Prucha. He’s tough, gritty and knows how to score. Put him with Jagr and Gomez and hes a 30 goal scorer again.

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