Second intermission: Blue 2, White 1


Just to prove that this is not exactly the Stanley Cup finals, I’m still unclear who scored the second goal for Blue. I originally thought it was Nigel Dawes, someone else said it was Artem Anisimov, and now Rangers assistant Mike Pelino said it was Marcel Hossa.

Bear in mind we’re all situated at one end of the ice, and that goal was at the opposite end. I’d say I’ll check the scoresheet later, but there is none. Ditto for a replay.

The other goal we saw clearly, a give-and-go between Chris Drury and Martin Straka that Straka eventually buried.

Drury almost scored again a few minutes later when he rang a slapshot off the crossbar.

Meanwhile, a clarification is indeed in order regarding Alex Bourret. He’s out with a shoulder injury, putting my conspiracy theories to rest.

For now…

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  1. Good to hear that Bourret is out with an injury instead of benched, however, bad to hear that he is injured.

    I like how they split up the lines like crazy to see if players can play outside of their comfort zones.

  2. I think both he and Hutch are scratched. It’ll be interesting to see if they survive tomorrow’s cut.

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