Final: White 3, Blue 2 (Updated, 1:45)


Contrary to my earlier post, it was Hugh Jessiman and not fellow Connecticut native Chris Drury who scored the game-winner. We talked to Hugh just now, and the great revelation was he spent the summer working with a boxing coach to improve his fighting on the ice, as well as his core strength.

Meanwhile, Tom Renney said he plans to cut a dozen players later today, although none of them sound like they’ll be major surprises. He mentioned that Jessiman and Lauri Korpikoski will play in some exhibition games, and my assumption is most of the top prospects will as well.

All 39 remaining players will make the trip to West Point, where they’ll have team-building experiences and have lunch with cadets on Thursday.

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  1. Sounds about right for Chris Drury. Notice how there has been very few quotes from him through out camp so far. The guy does all his talking when it matters. He is going to be huge in NY. All business, all out, all the time. And always clutch.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    What’s funny is that when it was 2-1, I was thinking to myself: “FINALLY! Drury is going to lose in NY!” Figures he scores the GWG. I’m still not totally sold on him (because of his contract), but I’m definitely excited.

  3. if he’s doing this now, i can’t wait to see what happens when it not only counts, but really counts… this guy knows how to win

  4. Nice to see Drury picked up where he left off. Our 2nd line is going to be key this year and he’s going to lead the charge.

  5. Are people really giving Drury clutch points for scoring in a preseason scrimmage? Let’s not get carried away…

  6. This is CMFD we are talking about here, he gets clutch points for pooping.

    Seriously though, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw he scored a late game winner. Even though it is just the preseason, you have to admit its fitting :)

  7. ORR Knocks Them Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances But Hollweg Does the Dances on

    Is it Friday yet….

    Ah damnit

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    at least it wasn’t Drury. Even I’m starting to get sick of the “clutchness”, and I was one of the first commenters on it.

    I hope Jessiman surprises me.

  9. Sam i think you might have been wrong on the first goal for team blue! Drury lost the puck after a boncy pass from Giradri. Pock than couldn’t pick up Avery how scored!

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