A few more random post-game musings


Now that I have some real food in my stomach, a few more thoughts:

(It’s worth noting that in a gesture of goodwill, I brought a bag of apples to the rink today from our family apple-picking trip on Sunday and offered them to my media brethren. Only Steve Zipay and Lynn Zinser accepted. Are the others worried I poisoned them? Are my apples not good enough for them? Is it me? All questions to explore later…)

  • Even before he scored the game-winner, I thought Hugh Jessiman was impressive. Now the caveats: he played with Drury and Straka, which certainly helped. And a year ago Jessiman scored two goals in this very game, and never sniffed the NHL. But again, Jessiman was good, and if he develops the edge he’s been cultivating, he could at least make a case for himself.
  • The best defenseman on the ice was Fedor Tyutin. This might not be breaking news since three of the Rangers’ veteran defensemen didn’t even play. But Tyutin was also more assertive with the puck than I’ve seen him.
  • In the “It’s only a scrimmage” category: Al Montoya outplayed Stephen Valiquette. And both faced the more potent Blue team.
  • I mentioned this earlier, but if I had to pick between Artem Anisimov or Brandon Dubinsky right now, I’d give it to Dubisnky. Anisimov is big and obviously skilled. But he appears timid in traffic areas. Dubinsky, meanwhile, looks stronger on the puck than ever before.
  • Glen Sather was part of the winning group in yesterday’s golf outing. Either they all let the boss win or Sather spends too much time playing golf.
  • For your listening pleasure, here’s Tom Renney talking about today’s scrimmage and other noteworthy topics: [audio:http://lohud.com/audio/rangers/renney0918.mp3]

    More later..

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    1. Tyutin is indeed the best Ranger D. right now, it’s an objective reality and I’m amazed that there are people who still put him in the category of questionable players which are going to compete for a spot on a team.

    2. ORR Knocks Them Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances But Hollweg Does the Dances on

      Its either Dawes or Dubinsky getting that shot. Im kinda hoping for Dawes to get the shot on the first line to be honest. Dawes for the most part is ready. We mine as well give Dubi and Artie a year in Hartford for some seasoning, and then one of them can take the spot if Shanny retires….So i’d see our fowards like this over the next 2 seasons.

      07 – 08
      Dawes / Hossa – Gomez – Jagr
      Avery – Drury – Shanahan
      Straka – Callahan – Prucha
      Hossa / Dawes – Betts – Orr / Hollweg

      08 – 09
      Hossa / Dawes – Gomez – Jagr
      Avery – Drury – Straka
      Callahan – Dubinsky / Anisimov – Prucha
      Dawes / Hossa – Betts – Orrwegg / Jessiman?

      Of coarse that would mean if there are no signings during that summer.

      My only problem is, were complaining about Hossa, who is someone who has only played a decent offensive game along side Jagr. But isnt Dawes the same, we need kids that can PLAY, not kids that have to play with 600 goal scorers, or just damn good players to score. Dawes is probably more offensive, but that remains to be seen. At first i was against Dawes playing, and wanted the shot to go to Dubi, Artie, Bourret. But they might need 1 more year, and Dawes needs to play at least 40 games to show what he can do, and if he cant do much, then you gotta dump him. In my opinion.

    3. I haven’t heard anyone say that Tyutin is questionable on this team. I think I have heard some people say that he could be traded in the future, but right now, he’s one of the locks on Defense. It’s Pock, Hutchinson, Strudwick and Kaspar (along with rookie D-men) who are fighting for spots. And Strudwick is a lock as the 23rd man on the team

    4. I think you hit the nail on the head with this one about Tyutin “since three of the Rangers’ veteran defensemen didn’t even play”. Maybe Fedor was the best because he wasn’t worried about carrying some aging vet on his back.

      Sather being a good golfer, lmao. good one evan, of course he plays a ton of golf. i’ll never forget his role at the draft table a couple years back. man he did a number on that ice cream cone while Maloney was running the show.

      re: jessiman, i’ll believe it when i see it, this guy has proven he can’t be consistent in the A, let alone making it to the big show.

    5. Doodie Machetto on

      “Either they all let the boss win or Sather spends too much time playing golf.”

      They let him win. On a side note, he spends too much time playing golf. The two are unrelated, but both true.

    6. Doodie Machetto on

      Any votes for cuts? I’d say that Fritz, Graham, Moore, Taylor, Wiikman, Byers, Smith, Barnes, Dupont, Pyatt, Lessard, and Potter are the 12 to go.

      This assumes that Bourret isn’t cut because he’s injured. If they cut him because of his injury, I’d say that either Korpikoski or Pyatt (simpy because he’s a center) would stay.

    7. Bonfire: Still think Tyutin is “marginal?” I know, I know…it’s just pre-season.

      Matt – It’s a good point you make. It would be nice to see Fedor on a line with a solid defensive defenseman, instead of saddled with liabilities…

      On West Point: Boo. Double friggin’ boo. I was really hoping they’d come back up north where I could get a gander at the preseason festivities.

    8. Here are my predicted cuts:
      F: Owens, Lessard, Graham, Barnes, Dupont, (maybe Moore/Pyatt or Byers
      D: Taylor, Barthel, Potter (and maybe Baranka)
      G: Zaba, Holt (maybe Wiikmon)

    9. I forgot about Smith. (Doodie- at least 2 goalies will be cut for sure, and there’s no way they aren’t going to have Fritz beat the tar out of someone in a few games!)

    10. ORR Knocks Right Wing Fascist Out, Robby Bonfire Starts to Pout & Malik Prances But Hollweg Does the Dances!!! Bow Chicka Wow Wow on

      Lol Cam Janssen will be out of the Devils lineup for a while with a “dislocated shoulder” after he got his ass kicked 2 times in a row by Jesse Boulerice of the Habs. He tried to avenge his loss, but Bouler pulled his jersey over his head and pounded away, then Cam fell awkwardly on his shoulder and left the game, that was 2 of the 5 or 6 fights in that game.

      Damn i guess Orr wont be able to fight him this friday, hopefully he kicks Rupp, or Ashams ass, and opefully Fritz plays that game as well.

    11. Why is it that so many other teams seem to have started playing games and the NYR don’t until Thursday?

    12. Yeah, I mentioned that before – for some reason the Rangers and Sabres are the last teams to start their slate of preseason games, and likely their camps as well.

      Anybody looking forward to the outdoor game this year in Buffalo? I’ll be watching if I can be at a TV on New Year’s Day, which will depend on what time of the day it is played. Screw the Rose Bowl! I was hoping they would do that at Yankee Stadium as had been rumored. Next season would be perfect because they won’t have to worry about restoring the grass and dirt or anything afterwards because the Yankees would have already played their last game. It’s a lot tougher guessing the temp in NY, though; would have to be in mid to late January. I just hope it doesn’t snow on Buffalo – they said it doesn’t too often on Jan 1.

      What about Staal?!

    13. czechthemout!!!!! on

      baranka will never play in the nhl for the rangers.he makes way to many mistakes.tyutin is the second best dman on the team behind rozy,i expect him to really step up and become the top dman on the team this year.staal needs to play!he started slowly last year as well when he got sent down.he should start in hartford unless he shines in the pre season games,and be ready to go by december.i saw big hugh really stepped up his game in the latter part of last year.he will get here soon.i think if he plays in the exhibition games and does well,he will be one of the first callups in case of injury.i saw AA play in the can/rus series.he is a can’t miss prospect in my opinion.his one issue is that he needs to add a physical element to his game,especialy some one his size.he probably should start in hartford as well and work on that part of his game.he’s another one who may be ready to play here by mid season.dubinsky i saw play last year in hartford.he also looked good in his breif stint here,and should have been allowed to stay with the big club.i am looking forward to seeing him play over the weekend and i hope he gets a chance to play with some skill players to really show what he can do.callahan in my opinion,is a legitimate 30g scorer as a wing.i hope that they don’t pull a dumb move like the giants did with kiwi and play him where he does not belong!he is a lock!sauer is a kid i have never seen play.i only saw a 2minute clip from traverse city.but he looked real good in that clip,and according to every blogger that’s been in camp and traverse city,he’s been the best defensemen thus far.i am hoping that he will be given big minutes during the pre season to show if he really belongs because he plays big!that’s something we don’t have from any of our dmen from last year.
      lifiton is anpther dman who really stepped up last year in hartford.he is another TOUGH banger who skates well,protects his teammates and is big.i hope he is given some big minutes in the pre season.what bothered me about renney’s comments to sam is that he just will not compliment any of the kids.he slamed dawes yesterday saying “that he could also play with jagr and gomez” and today he said hugh played well, but look who he played with”
      even sauer he said”was good and has been good through out but he has not done anything spectacular”.i find it offensive that he can’t even bring himself to give a real compliment to any of his kids especially the ones who by all accounts deserve them.just incredible!

    14. Yes, until he steps up his all-around game, Tyutin is Oleo Marginal. This is his make-or-break season. Frankly, about five young D’s waiting in the wings are better, right now.

      Glad you are excited over pre-season scrimmage results. Rank right up there with game seven, Stanley Cup finals for you, as a telling indicator, it seems. Bless your optimistic little heart. Starting a Tyutin Fan Club, are we?

    15. czechthemout!!!!! on

      robbie bonfire-i don’t have a fan club for any player.i just call it like i see it.from where did you infer that scrimmiage results mean anything to me other than what other people like sam and dubi over at bb who are there have to say.most of my comments were prefaced with the fact that “i saw them play last year”.my observations are based soley on what i saw and nothing else.exactly who are the five dman that you are talking about.and your pitifull attempt to be funny using sarcasm is just special!

    16. czech – just know that Tyutin is way too old for any team Bonfire allegedly roots for. He wants a 16 or 17 yr old in his place. so with that in mind consider the source.

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