Rangers to West Point


The Rangers are not planning an extended trip away from Westchester before the season, but they are headed to West Point after practice Wednesday for team-building exercises, followed by a practice at the West Point rink Thursday.

No truth to the rumor Wednesday will be highlighted by Jaromir Jagr telling ghost stories around a campfire.

The team did a similar stint at the military academy two years ago before opting for Lake George last year.

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  1. ORR Knocks Them Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances But Hollweg Does the Dances on

    Sweet. Jagr can probably tell some mean Ghost stories.

    Hopefully they have clips of it on the Season Prieview this friday.


    BILLY thanks for the info, but are they gonna air them on TV cause i dont see them on FSN or MSG, or Verses even.

    Dev and Fish fans must be pissed that NYR pre season games are being aired but not NJD or NYI.

    And i wish they were playing NYR at DET, That will be the last time most likely that Shanny goes back to Detroit, he’ll definitely get a big cheer from the crowd.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    I think he was being sarcastic.

    I’ve got a ghost story:

    There was this ghost that used to play for the Rangers and he hit hard and mean. Then he got hurt, had surgery, and didn’t take his rehab seriously, and drank a lot and got demoted to Hartford. Then he had a nervous breakdown. Then he got serious, trained like a bastard, and came into camp in great shape. Unfortunately, his skills greatly diminished, he failed to impress. Coupled with his large salary, there is pretty much no way that he’ll end up in New York this season. So he’s headed to hartford, and if he’s lucky, a trade later in the season. That is the tale of Kaspar, the unfriendly ghost.

    Maybe Kaspar can give us the autobiographical version.

  3. I knew the comment about Jagr telling ghost stories around the camp fire was a joke. I just wondered if he likes that kind of stuff. The comment came from somewhere. No big deal
    one way or the other.

  4. it seems the Sharks are willing to take a chance on Ozolinsh, maybe we can persuade them to take Malik, Mara or Kaspar for draft picks – or throw in something more tasty and try and get Ryane Clowe?

    I know Tom Renney is saying “we’ll see how it plays out in camp and exhibition games” but you know that in the background Slats and Schony are calling around to see what they can get to move one of our high-priced defencemen.
    Also i doubt Kaspar will pass through waivers this time, i’m sure someone will take a chance on him – if SJ are willing to chance it with Ozo, then someone will snap up Kaspar.

  5. Sorry, Hoof in Mouth, but reportedly, in Greek, if you believe George Bernard Shaw , Barbara== Loveliness

    A less sarcastic cast might help your accuracy.

  6. Doodie Machetto, that’s a good ghost storie for parents who are ranger fans to tell there kids for a bed time story. Thank God hockey season is starting up because my baseball season is about to turn in to a nightmare, hockey can’t start fast enough for me.

  7. I heard Jagr’s best horror story is titled “The New York Rangers 1997-2004. Its downright frightening…

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    UKRanger, they invited Ozo to camp. It’s not like they’ve signed him to a contract. And I’m sure that’s mostly a personal courtesy by Doug Wilson to Ozo, who was his teammate in San Jose (92-93). If they sign him to a contract, expect it to be for one year, and cheap. Otherwise, I expect Ozo to head to Europe or retire.

    Kaspar’s situation is different because of his salary. Even if we pick up half of the tab (assuming he’s picked up off of waivers), 1.5 million is a pretty steep price tag for a lousy defenseman who can’t even make our lousy defensive corps.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Harvey, the New York Rangers from 1941-1993 is a much scarier story, even if it does have its calming parts.

  10. “You have too much class for this bunch of apes, Barbara.”

    haha, wasn’t Barb H the one who waited outside the garden after the game to taunt and heckle the refs after a game last season? If thats not you I apologize….and if it is you……….it’s still pretty funny. I saw the pics on Hockeybird (RIP)…. someone was ANGRY! (and rightfully so)

  11. Doodie Machetto,

    I think you are incorrect. The team only pays half of players salary if the player’s been picked up from waiver on his way back to the NHL after a stint in the minors. If he gets picked up on the way to the minors, team that takes him is responsible for his salary in its entirety.

  12. Does Kaspar have to clear waivers to be sent to Hartford? That wouldn’t be good if the Isles picked him back up.

  13. Anyone know if this practice is open to the public? I live like 30-45 mins away from West Point. If anyone knows, that would be a great help

  14. yes Kaspar would have to clear waivers but the claiming team would have to pay his whole salary and count it vs the cap. so we would not have to pay. the only problem would be if he injures one of our guys via his head hunting and knee hunting ways. I’d rather he go to a western conf team or Hartford.

  15. No,Salty Seed that was not me outside the garden taunting the refs after a game last season. I live in Kentucky i’ve never been to NY. It sounds pretty funny though. Whoever she was she sounds like a nut!

  16. The Rangers have fans all over. Hockey is the only sport i follow,and no i don’t have any horses.Besides Jagr is my favorite player.

  17. LI Joe – I started watching hockey at the start of the 96-97 season. I had been watching those strongest man competitions on espn2 and got to leaving it on that channel a lot. The first game that i ever saw was the Rangers it was Wayne Gretzsky,s first game as a Ranger. About a week later i saw a Penguins game and saw Jagr and that was it i was hooked! Eleven years later and i’m still watching.

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