Quiet day


As I mentioned yesterday, the Rangers only had two short practices today before heading to Old Oaks Country Club for their annual golf tournament.

Tomorrow is a far more important day since the team will have its annual Blue and White game, with the roster expected to be trimmed down afterward.

The team isn’t saying how many players will be cut tomorrow, but my guess is it will be around a dozen or so. Although Tom Renney said he wanted to have fewer players in camp than last year — when they essentially fielded two different teams for exhibition games — the team does have an odd pre-season schedule this year, with the six games coming in three back-to-back waves.

Since I’m assuming the coach doesn’t want to wear down too many players by having them play on consecutive nights, chances are he’ll err on the side of keeping more prospects around than less.

This is at least how I would run the team. Of course if I ran the team, I’d also put Jagr at defense and Malik in net. Hey, it’d at least be worth a laugh.

Meanwhile, in a related note, I’m working on a story for tomorrow about the experience of prospects in training camp, and specifically the importance of them making an impression in these first couple of days. The best example is Ryan Callahan, who last year had a miserable camp and was sent down to Hartford before the start of the pre-season. You wonder if there’s another example like that this year.

More later…

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  1. Sam, do you get to know the rosters for the blue and white game ahead of time? If so, let us know. OTherwise, I await your recap tomorrow.

  2. I am more than pumped up for the new season because I will return to the NHL for the first time since 2003. It was very difficult to manage to get the tickets but I got it on saturday night or afternoon your time guys…:):)

    My schedule will be

    Game 1
    Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens
    On HNIC at 7pm et on November 3rd at Centre du Bell de Montreal…

    Game 2
    Toronto Maple Leafs at Ottawa Senators
    at 7.30 pm on November 6th at Scotiabank Place

    and of course
    Game 3
    NEW YORK RANGERS at Toronto Maple Leafs
    on HNIC at 7pm et at Air Canada Centre

    so let the Games begin :):)
    Matthias of Eidengesäß/Germany

  3. Sam, those are your qoutes in the poll

    My vote goes to Weinman, on the strength of his blog. I’ve never even read his print column. More and more I’m finding blogs and stuff like that to be much better than the stuff in the morning papers

    Weinman, by far. Love the guy, love his writing.

    While I like that Sam updates his blog more than the others, he’s the least knowledgable of all of them. He’s good for entertainment, good for getting news and facts quickly, but offers little in terms of insight. He tends to pander to his fans a bit, which diminishes his credibility a bit — in my book anyway.

    I went with Sam. His Blog is the best. Lots of consistant updates and he’s just calling him like he sees them. A fresh perspective.

    Dellapina is such a great Rangers guy, I mean, the guy lives and dies with the team. I don’t mean in the way a fan does… but he is just so close with the team and has so many contacts…. but Sam’s writing is unbelievable. I’m a journalism major, I read his stuff every day and am absolutely blown away by how well he writes.

    It’s very close between those two, and both have their positives and negatives, but Sam gets my vote, just because of how incredibly he writes.


    As a sportswriter myself, I have to go with Weinman as well. His writing is so different and fresh and upbeat, it stands out from the rest. To those that say he’s not knowledgeable, you have to understand he’s only been writing Rangers for a few seasons… not decades like some of the other guys. I like Sam’s perspective of “I’m a fan too, this is so cool!” attitude of covering the team. You can really feel the excitement he has.

    So as one writer to another, I vote Sam.

    Well that means Sam is simply the best of course…:):)

  4. Hanny —

    Thanks for the link. Just saw it, and find it comical to say the least. I appreciate the kind words, but the truth is — and this may sound like a pure BS — but I really do feel like every one on the the Rangers beat offers something different and valuable.

    John, Larry, and Zip have been doing this longer than me, admittedly have more connections, and have a much better sense for putting everything in its proper context.

    Lynn Zinser also has more experience than me, and is in my eyes the most elegant writer out of all of us (not to be excluded is Dubi at Blueshirt Bulletin, who is more dilligent and comprehensive than anyone). It’s a testament to everyone else that I wake up every morning eager, and anxious, to see what they’ve all written.

    I will admit, however, that no one comes close to me when it comes to stories of late night scrimmages against Valeri Kamensky.

    See, everyone has their strengths.


  5. Voted for you as well Sam, as one should never underestimate the value of stories about late night scrimmages against Valeri Kamensky.

  6. Sam, any idea who the best golfer on the Rangers is? A few years ago I think Mike Dunham was the guy to beat. Just curious..

  7. Enough of the stroking….

    What is the story with the D?

    The jerseys don’t mean crap. Who plays with Gomez and who plays with Drury in pre-season is just a little drivel to keep people reading.

    The reality is that this team’s chances this year sit squarely on this: Who of the group (Rosy, Toots, Girardi, Mara, Malik, Kasper, Pock, Strudwick, Staal, Hutchinson, etc) will make the team? Is Kasper trade bait? Who is going to work the PP on the point? What do the pairings look like?

    This is the crux of the “how far will the Rangers go this year?” debate….in my view.

    Drop the puck already!

  8. ORR Knocks Them Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances But Hollweg Does the Dances on

    Langenbruner might have a boo boo groin. Yay that makes me happy. Lol and Luongo, Linden, and Salo with minor injuries, and Schneider out 4 weeks wih a broken bone in his foot, lol whats going on here, why’s everyone getting hurt so easily.

  9. Hey Sam, great coverage of camp so far.

    Do you think you could give us any insight coverage of how Artem Anisimov is doing and how the battle for the third line spot is looking so far? I think many Rangers fans (myself especially) are interested in this.

    Thanks for the blogs!

  10. No disrespect to Sam, who is doing an excellent job, but nobody comes up with more original information than Larry Brooks. Sometimes Larry lets his columnist hat take over his straight news stories, but Larry’s comprehensive knowledge of the NHL, it’s people and history and his ability to scoop the whole world (nobody covered the CBA issues like him), makes him the best.

  11. Nick, I would be shocked if they take either “A” from Shanahan or Straka unless one of them asks the coaching staff to give it to Drury. Look for Drury to become Captain post Jagr in about the 2009-2010 season.

  12. PaulF- Brooks is a oldtime reporter, you gotta love that. Also, especially if go back a handful of years he had some crazy rumors, and I know many can’t stand him because of it; though I have always found that strange.

    I mean I don’t want Eklund stuff, but having something to read is always better then not having something to read.

  13. Nick B- Who would you take the “A” away from? Shanny or Straka? I think Drury would probably decline the offer as a testament to his leadership ability. It’s one thing for a guy to take the place of an Alternate captain who has left the team (Shanny replaces Rucchin) or a guy who has let the team down (Straka over Kaspar), but quite another to take it away from two guys who are excellent team role models with top notch players with years of experience, unquestionable character, dynamic skill and unparalleled work ethic.

  14. There’s a “with” in that paragraph that snuck in there between competing thoughts! Sorry!

  15. Does anyone think it funny that between Drury, Gomez and Shanahan, Jagr is, at best, the fourth-most qualified on the team to be captain?

    I’d go for a C on Shanny, As on Straka and Avery, and let Drury take the C when Shanny retires.

  16. Sam- Looking forward to the pice about this yeas Callahana’s!

    I think following Prucha’s first camp was pretty interesting too. I saw him allot in Europe before he came over and had really high hopes on him. Only a few month before he had beaten out Martin Havlat for a spot on the Czech WCH team.

    Prucha on all accounts had a terrible first week or so in TC. Didn’t show anything in the intrasquad games. But then really picked it up in the real games.

    I think its very dangerous to read into too much how some players do in practise situations like these. So many guys at the NHL level live on their hockeysense, their feel for the game and positioning. There just isn’t much room for flashy stuff — unless your name is Jagr… In a relativitly unorganized TC scrimmage none of thoose abilitys (hockey sense and forth) will stand out.

    One guy I think might stand out more the real games is Lauri Korpikoski for example. He haven’t been able to add that last touch to his offensive game in the AHL, but he have been able to get involved a ton at all levels I’ve seen him so far.

  17. ORR Knocks Them Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances But Hollweg Does the Dances on

    Does anyone know if there gonna play the Devils or Islanders pre season game tonght??? I dont see it on the guide.

  18. Check ESPN.COM and the NHL Schedules link site.

    The Devils are playing Philly tonight in Trenton and the Isles are playing Atlanta in North Bay, ONTARIO.

    They had some good crowds at a few preseason games last night:

    PHX vs ANH – 16,888
    FLA vs CAL – 19,289
    CAR vs WAS – 18,680

    I would think that is a good sign for the NHL in general. Most people don’t even care about Pre-Season.

    I bet the Garden will be packed Friday night.

  19. On Jagr being captain.

    I think Jagr’s outlook on the game, maybe it does having something to do with having Shanahan there with him, as well as Jagr’s ability to perform in NYC, has made him a much better overall player.

    I think Jagr still had his moments where he pouted and looked like the baby of old, but I saw that disappear as the season went on. I saw him change his game late in February. His post game interviews, his comments about team and his acceptance of Renney and the Rangers team defense game has elevated his total game.

    I think Jagr is also a player that has many years left in him.

    And I don’t think Drury or Gomez are in any way anywhere near the player Jagr is or ever will be.

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