First session in the books


The first minor revelation of training camp: In an hour-long practice featuring the Red and White units, the Rangers are testing Ryan Callahan at center between Martin Straka and Petr Prucha.

Maybe you shouldn’t read too much into it. As director of player personnel Gordie Clark — a UNH alum no less! — said, one of the functions of training camp is to rule things out, meaning this experiment might not last more than a day.

But Callahan does have experience as a center in juniors, and given his impressive NHL tenure so far, he could conceivably be a safer choice than Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov. Of course, both of those players have looked sharp so far as well.

Or at least sharp in a bunch of drills. The two teams are set to scrimmage shortly, so let’s see how that pans out.

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  1. I still can’t see Straka playing anywhere else except opposite Jagrs wing.

    I’d like to see Straka on the top line with Jagr and see Bourret or Dawes crack one of the top 3 lines. With Straka playing on the 3rd line that takes away a spot for a young guy.
    a 3rd line of Prucha Callahan Dawes/Bourret would be great.

  2. I don’t like Callahan at center because I see him as more of a sniper on the wing like Shanny and Prucha. But of course like Sam said this is only a practice and the Rangers trying out a bunch of different things.

    I would be really surprised if Straka, Gomez and Jagr didn’t end up together on the top line and Shanny, Drury and either Avery, Prucha or Callahan on the second line as the RW.

  3. Love to see Prucha play with drury and Shanny, it would be an easy 30- 35 goal season for Prucha. Just imagine the skill level on that line. or on a power play so many options for that line..

    I think Avery should be a third line player, Prucha has some much potential on the second line.

  4. Sam, any info on Mark Smith’s invitation to camp? He wasn’t on any rosters that I saw going into it. Were there any other tryout invitees?

  5. Typical Renney, playing someone totally out of position. Callahan was always a winger, he is not a playmaker and he is not great defensively, why is he a center? I rather see Prucha as center.

  6. “Callihan played center in juniors.”

    I don’t think so, and on top of that he was always a goalscorer, not a playmaker, he always had more goals than assists, except for his first season when he had 14 goals and 17 assists.

  7. “RWF if you don’t think so, then you should check the facts not your thoughts.”

    show me the facts. The fact is he was mostly a RW and he is not a great playmaker. Fact is Renney is an idiot.

  8. The fact is he was mostly a RW and he is not a great playmaker. Fact is Renney is an idiot.


    thats like…your opinion, man. its the first day of camp…trial and error….get over it brahski

  9. I am just sick and tired of Renney trying to drive a square peg into a triangle hole all the time. He does it always, whether it is preseason, regular season or playoffs. He is and always will be an idiot.

  10. Hah, you would rather see Prucha as center? Callahan is bigger and averaged about an assist every two/three games in the AHL and OHL as a RW…..better that Prucha for sure. Plus he will not have to be the greatest play-maker lined up with Straka who can do his share of setting up. I think this will be a great high-energy, high speed, fore-checking line that if they show some chemistry could be a very formidable scoring third line.

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