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I already spoke to Rick Carpiniello over at the Training Center, where players are being put through a series of physicals and interviews. I always wondered what would happen if they put the media through the same process, since most of us are either A) out of shape; or B) mentally unbalanced; or C) both. I suppose we’re held to a different standard.

Anyway, according to Carp (which incidentally, is the “name of his blog”:, the only player to speak to the media so far is Darius Kasparaitis. As we’ve already reported, Kasparaitis is back in impressive shape and hopeful about a return to the NHL. That, of course, is standard issue for this time of year. Everyone is hopeful. If a guy walks into the first day of training camp and sounds like anything less than a first-ballot Hall of Famer, he might as well book his own hotel room in Hartford.

Anyway, Carpie’s plan is to pass along more later. In the meantime, you can occupy yourself with “my Rangers training camp preview”:

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  1. I actually wouldn’t mind have Kaspar backing us up on the blue line, though I think he knows the cap situation is out of his control. My guess- his plan is to impress the staff so much that they consider using him as trade bait, but for what I’m not sure. I seriously doubt the Rangers could move that much in cap space to accommodate him, and as we know, Malik isn’t going anywhere.

    Thanks for the update, Sam. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day!

    Oh, and to anyone trying to decide whether to buy NHL 2K8 or NHL ’08- do not buy NHL 2K8! I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in a game, it’s really that bad. NHL ’08, on the other hand, might just be the best sports game I’ve ever played, and is a shoe-in at least for a nomination for sports game of the year. It’s really that good.

  2. Anyone else envision a “first day of school” scene at this thing? Everyone shows up with their new sneakers and haircuts, talk about the summer, Seniors like Shanny and Jagr showing up cool as hell knowing they’re all set, Freshmen like Staal showing and knowing they already “somebody” cause their older brother blah blah blah….cliques….oddballs, etc. And then everything changes after a few days….it’s just hockey again.

  3. Let me back up Jeff L. on NHL 08 and 2K8. NHL 08 is by far superior. And for those who love the teams young guys you can even play as the Hartford Wolfpack with a full roster of guys who were there last yr. Unfortunately there is no Staal, Sauer, Sanguinetti or Pyatt because they were all in Juniors but you do have Lauri Korp, Montoya, Jessiman, Baranka, Potter, Dawes, Callahan, Dubinsky, Girardi ect.


    I for one can’t wait. I’m not sure when I’ve been more excited for a season to begin. I WILL be getting the NHL Center Ice package (being a FL resident now) for the first time in 7 years.

    I don’t want to call it optimism… we as Ranger fans know how dangerous that word is… but I’m genuinely excited. That’s something we as Rangers fans haven’t been able to say very much over the past decade.

    That being said… I also have my concerns. Namely:

    – Defense. I’ve said it before and will probably do so again. The boys on the blueline did a pretty darn good job last season… but for us to be a true contender I truely believe we need to be better in our own end.

    – Chemsistry. The additions and subtractions “should” be a net gain. But you never know how a team will translate from paper to the ice.

    – Salry Cap. I for one think that Sather and co. have done a fantastic job (the Leetch deal aside) since the salary cap appeared on the horizon. From the firesale in ’04 to the drafting and free agent signings recently. Now we see if it all comes together (youth and free-agrents… and other deals yet to come… I assume there will be more before the spring arrives).

    Could be a really FUN year.

    Let’s go Rangers!!!

  5. great preview! i hope kaspar makes the team. he is one of my favorites. i hope some of the young guys can crack the lineup too. they tore it up in traverse city! tom renney is looking very optimistic in this latest interview, check it out.

    renney interview.

  6. NHL 08 IS really sweet. I am getting my ass kicked every game but that always happens when I first get it. I like the addition of practice mode. Seeing a 5 on 3 practice with everyone wearing practice jerseys is awesome, and it actually helps.

  7. Bonfire: this is exactly why I kick myself for chimming in on your statements. Let’s back track. You said: “Tyutin needs to improve his all-around game, which was mediocre last season as he and Rachunek vied back and forth for the dubious distinction of being the Rangers weak defensive link – before Strudwick was brought in.”

    I disagreed. Wholeheartedly, might I add. If anything, Tyutin was one of the top three Ranger blueliners that laced up last season, definitely top four. The only guy I’d put ahead of him, in fact, would be Roszival. Gush all you want about Girardi, but he showed many times his lack of experience in the NHL, especially during the POs.

    Tyutin, on the other hand, had a decent season despite getting saddled with incredibly streaky guys(Mara, Rachuneck etc.) and has been perpetually shoe-horned into a “defensive defenseman” roll, of which he is above average, but by no means dominant. The KID should have a chance to prove his prowress. I’ve heard several places that he’ll have that chance this year. BB was speculating that he’d have a breakout year, not that I take full stock in anything those guys say.

    You saying he’s a marginal player is a laugh. Almost as much as your ‘players older than 25 are over the hill’ proverb.

  8. Without Girardi I really doubt they would have made the playoffs. Girardi was our best defenseman–makes very few mistakes, takes very few penalties and is great defensively.

    Rozsival is solid, but once again he spends most of his time playing on top line against other team’s checking lines. Malik is garbage I don’t see even a gram of enthusiasm in his play–no desire, no competitiveness, nothing but a big soft slow zombie. Mara is ok. Ward and Rachunek were about as good as Mara. Pock was somewhere between Malik and Rachunek.

  9. I’m gonna purchase individual tickets on Sat. Anybody know if I got a better shot at the tix I want by trying online, or by phone? I’m assuming online, but I’ve never bought tickets by phone so I’m not completely sure. Thanks for the help!

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I can’t wait until they make a hockey game for Wii, and hopefully they’ll have the stick movement-type motions. that would seriously be ridiculous.

  11. GB – I would suggest online. phone circuits always get busy signal. Also the less tix per game the better your chances. anything more than 2 per game is real tough and 1 is much better than 2 – can always try 1 twice and can usually still sit near each other as most games still have no shows.

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