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Yesterday marked my last day covering the U.S. Open, and along with “seeing Roger Federer waltz to Grand Slam win No. 12”:, the highlight may have been a shot on the giant screen of Henrik Lundqvist sitting in the stands as well.

It’s pathetic in a way. Through every match there was a constrant stream of A-list celebrities on the video board, from Michael Douglas, to Jake Gyllenhaal to Robin Williams. And yet outside of walking past Catherine Zeta-Jones at one point (she stopped me to say she loved the blog. OK, not really) I was most intrigued by the sight of a goalie I’ll be seeing plenty of in the days and weeks to come.

I even did a quick loop of the Stadium in an effort to find the King, but had no such luck. No matter. Camp officially opens Thursday but my plan is to be there before that, and yes, you can expect us to ramp up our efforts here.

It’s been a long off-season, and you all should be commended for your patience (well, most of you at least). As training camp gets started, I’ll try to outline a little more of what you can expect here, including some new features that will be part of the blog experience as the season gets started

Until then…

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  1. Sam, can’t wait for your updates from camp. I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated a season more than this one. 3 weeks to go!

  2. Man, I’m burnt out from 2 + months of Rangers hype. I feel like we should be 20 games in already.

    Can we fast forward to October now?

  3. Sam – How can you go from covering the fastest and most exciting game in the world to one of the most boring and stuffy “sports” ever invented? 180 degrees, night and day. Let’s Go Rangers!

  4. hockeymanrangers on

    Ok I am at the point where I am not getting that excited yet. If I do these last 25 days will drag on and on. So I am going to keep myself somewhat occupied with some football. Yea I know it’s not hockey but 25 more days with out something to keep me occupied, I’ll go nuts. I will however check in here to see how camp is coming along and to see what the lines are going to shape up to be.

    Salty Seed no reason for the F word here. please.

  5. Sam,

    Can’t wait till you start updating us regularly, man i’m going through some serious withdrawal. Keep us posted on Kasper, lotta rumors that he’s in tremendous shape and plans on staying up, which means there will be a big cap issue or perhaps malik goes. this team needs a hitter on d, not saying kasper is the solution but it is a serious need.


  6. What was the reaction to Henke on the big screen?

    I was there the night Henin beat Serena Williams and they showed Mike Modano on the big screen and it was pretty much nothing.

  7. Cliff – you must Tivo PGA matches and replay them on fast forward. I never found them as exciting as you described.


    Looking forward to some good hockey this season.

  8. Sam, I think “waltz” is a bit strong. Djokovic may be the first real challenger to come around.

    That being said, who cares.

    Is it October yet?

    Let’s Go Rangers.

  9. RE: the F word

    1) It was not a vugarity pointed at anyone or anything, it was a joyful expression of passion and excitement

    2) This blog is a virtual locker room and I will treat it a such until I asked to do otherwise by Sam

    Lighten up, please. Saying ‘fuck yeah’ is nothing compared to some of the personal attacks that go on around here….please get a hint. Do you work for the FCC or something..?

  10. hockeymanrangers on

    Salty Seed
    OK Ok I understand how you are using the word. And thank you for your polite explanation, but I just don’t think it is necessay. But hey it’s all good we are just Rangers brothers here.

  11. Salty Seed, I understand your point that it wasn’t directed at anyone, which you’re right, is much worse.

    But me being a slave to hit totals on this site, the last thing I want is anyone to not come here because they may be offended. And while you might know the difference between just being excited, there’s always the chance someone can misinterpret.

    In other words, I’d urge everyone to avoid swearing if they could.

  12. Man, time is seriously dragging. Hanny, I feel the same way- I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for the start of a season. There’s a buzz around this team, I can feel it. And not just because of the FA acquisitions made on 1 July, but because this team is ready to win. We’ve got a solid base of veterans mixed with a bunch of young guys just ready to break out. I say watch out for Prucha this year. Can’t wait till opening night.

    Sam, I’ll be in the Legends Section on opening night, that anywhere near where you’ll be sitting?

  13. Patrick Hoffman on

    At the Traverse City Prospects Tournament, the New York Rangers find themselves with a 2-0 record, thanks to wins over the Atlanta Thrashers (5-3) and Tampa Bay Lightning (6-4).

    Brandon Dubinsky has had a strong showing in the tournament thus far with four points (2 goals, 2 assists), which is good for second place in tournament scoring.

    Artem Anisimov, fresh from the SuperSeries, scored two goals this afternoon while Alex Bourret, who the Rangers got from Atlanta, had three points with one goal and two assists.

    The Blueshirts finish out their round robin part of the tournament this evening against the Detroit Red Wings.

  14. Let’s just get to camp!!!! I pick up my season tickets this Wednesday, and I was thinking of not even using the pre-season tickets, but the way these prospects are playing, it might be fun to see them fight for a job. Hopefully AA will be as advertised. He looks good and the Rangers need to have hungry players if this year is going to end up the way it has been hyped.

    On another note: Someone just offered me $600 for my Leetch night tickets. This just goes to show what kinds of Hockey fans we have in NY. We are all Die Hard and Leetch was the perfect example of a Blue collar player.

    Oct 4th cannot come soon enough.

    PS. Watch your keyboard Salty…….LOL

  15. Hey Sammy,

    Great to see you’re ready to go. Looking forward to another year of insider news.

    Best wishes,


  16. ORR Knocks Reinprecht Out, Grim Gomez Starts to Pout..I Dont Know What Thats About!! on

    Lol wow

    Is that the real Sam Weinman posting on this blog.

    Its been like 2 months or something, there was so many different Sams it was hard to keep up with who was real and who was not.


    Sharapova is hot.

  17. So glad we didn’t get Peca now. Anisimov is the answer. He dominated that tournament yesterday.

    If any of you guys didn’t get a chance to get into a fantasy football league this year, I am playing on this site Its pretty cool because each week is like a new season and its only 25 bucks for a chance to win $5000 which is the first place prize. This week they only got 187 players or so and 250 get paid so actually you couldnt lose. HAHAHA.

  18. Cliff – I knew what you meant. It was an opportunity for a bad joke I couldn’t pass up…the last sport Sam covered before the US Open was golf.

  19. I hope Cliff was saying hockey to golf because tennis can get pretty exciting, more so than golf, definitely.

    I’m still trying to get my slingbox to work so I can watch games at college.

  20. In ESPN’s analysis of the Eastern Conference, they pose this question about the NYR:

    “• Is this no-name defense strong enough to win a Stanley Cup?”

    It’s a darn fine question and one management seems to be ignoring in a dangerous way…

    I hope Girardi’s as good as he seemed and that Tyutin can take it up a level. But, still, it makes me very nervous. Am I the only one?

  21. It doesnt matter how many names you have on defense. Its how well we play solid team defense. I might remind you that we were 7.7 seconds from a commanding 3-2 lead GOING to MSG for game 6 with the exact same defense. Add in a possibly dominant youngin in Marc Staal and our defense could easily be tops in the East and up there in the NHL. Im not worried about our defense a bit. Plus our best defensemen is Henrik. There are 2 things that could stop this team from going far. 1)Injury to main players. 2)lack of chemistry (shouldnt be too big a problem)

  22. Am I the only one?

    No….what we should be nervous about is the Rangers having a “solid *enough*” start that this issue goes further over looked….. best case scenario is we fumble out of the gate and we drop a couple of Malik’s, pick up a vet of some sort and have Staal practically live with the guy.

  23. Don’t know if anyone else knows, but The Rangers prospects just beat the Detroit Prospects. Staal scored on an end to end rush at the end of the first. The Rangers will play Columbus in the championship at Traverse City.

    The future looks bright!

    If anyone has a link to the Staal rush please post it.

  24. ORR Knocks Reinprecht Out, Grim Gomez Starts to Pout..I Dont Know What Thats About!! on


    Ahhh i dont know….Im not to worried about him, he looked great last year, and should be just as good..He made literally one mistake all season long, including the playoffs, it resulted in a goal for ATL. But thats all i can remember…Like i said he’s not someone to worry about.

  25. Anybody watched the videos of Staal, Sanguinetti and Korpikoski in action at

    Staal looks like an absolute monster.

    Korpikoski looks kinda like a faster, quicker Hossa, he looks like he can play in NHL, probably will be a good feisty 2-way 3rd or 4th line winger.

    Sanguinetti looks pretty good too.

  26. NYR prospects beat Detroit 3-2 to go into the final of the Traverse City prospect tournament against Columbus.
    Reading the recap it sounds like Staal, Sauer, Dubinsky and Ansimov all played well. Wiikman picked up the win but only had to make 14 saves – sounds like those Rangers defense prospects are doing a good job of shutting down the opposition.
    Looking at the vids on Dubinsky and Ansimov look a little different, Dubinsky looks more direct and likes to hit and go to the net, Ansimov seems to play more on the periphery and make good passes. Good video on Staal and Bobby S – listening to Renney and Pearn, Staal will be in a Rangers jersey this year – maybe not at the start of the season but certainly by the end. He looks bigger too.
    Good to hear Bourret’s English is pretty good now and some good interviews and footage also on there.

    Roll on camp..!!

  27. Got to agree with GO NYR. The defense could be loaded with big names but if the forwards aren’t back checking and helping out it doesn’t mean a thing. It was a tale of two seasons last year. The first half the entire team was not responsible in their own end which led to a lot of blown 3rd period leads. But down the stretch there was a committment to team defense with everyone coming back in their own end and playing as a 5 man unit. I can remember Jagr even racing back late in the 3rd period against St. Louis after the Rangers had tied things up and breaking up a 2 on 1. That is the type of D that wins championships. The only adjustment I think would help is if the team is able to add a a big physical guy who will punish people in front of our net. It doesn’t have to be a big name player, just someone who as size and will clear out the crease.

  28. “I hope Girardi’s as good as he seemed and that Tyutin can take it up a level. But, still, it makes me very nervous. Am I the only one?”

    As long as we have Marek Malik, it’s all good.

  29. Rangers need to play Staal all season, so he has a chance to win Calder trophy.

    I think Dupont hasn’t scored a point yet.

    Owens could be a decent prospect, but unlikely he gets a chance here and he is not very big.

  30. The New York Rangers will be playing for their first trophy of the season tonight when they take on the Columbus Blue Jackets in the final of the Traverse City Prospects Tournament in Traverse City, Mich.

    The Rangers slipped by the Detroit Red Wings last night with a 3-2 victory to advance to the title game. The team got goals from defensemen Marc Staal and Michael Sauer while forward Jordan Owens also had a goal.

    It was a game that also featured strong performances once again from Brandon Dubinsky (assist) and Artem Anisimov (assist), both of whom are vying for spots on this year’s roster.

  31. CLiff, Dunham is the Islanders’ coach. Which is still pretty silly. Imagine this situation:

    “Hey Rick, don’t go down so early, make the shooter make the first move.”

    “Hey Mike, you were my backup because I’m better than you. Shut up.”

    Also, a funny comment from Spector’s Trade Rumors on this:


    TSN.CA: reports NY Islanders goaltender Mike Dunham has retired and is accepting the position of goaltender coach with the team. He played for ten seasons.

    Spector’s Note: So Garth Snow last summer gets hired as the Isles GM and now Dunham becomes their goalie coach. Given the recent trend of the Isles of hiring their backups into other jobs, perhaps Wade Dubielewicz could become assistant coach next year?”

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