Leetch Night January 24th


The defenseman’s No. 2 will be just the fifth retired number in team history, joining Rod Gilbert (7), Eddie Giacomin (1), Mike Richter (35), and Mark Messier (11).

Still no word on when Walt Podubny’s No. 8 is going up, but I’m sure that’s right around the corner as well.

I haven’t seen anything formal from the Rangers, but then, I haven’t been looking. I have since gone from golf coverage to….tennis, where I am covering the women’s quarterfinal at the U.S. Open.

Next up, polo!

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting the Rangers opponent that night will be Atlanta. I’m not sure of the significance, if there is any.

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  1. Maybe it’s vs. Atlanta because of the such intensity there was during playoffs. I would’ve originally thought Boston because it was the last team Leetch was on and he even went to B.C…. but hey, Atlanta works for me.

    Sam, that’s alright. You just need to be back full-term starting training camp.

  2. it’s because it’s the last game before the all star break……. SAM..good to see you posting. I think ORR wants your job;-)

  3. When is Graves night? on

    Walt Poddubny had 2 really good years for the Rangers in the late 80’s. He was one ugly bastard but a decent hockey player.

  4. my guess is it’s the only way to sell tickets for the 2nd game against the Thrashers within a week… in January, no less!

    we all knew it was coming but good for Leetch, one of the most talented dmen of his time

  5. Actually Sam, Leetch will be the 6th retired number in team history. Gretzky’s number 99 was retired league-wide; Leetch’s number 2 will just be the 5th banner hoisted into the Garden rafters.

  6. It’s all P.R. crap, this retiring numbers stuff. How this franchise can shaft Andy Bathgate, Brad Park, Jean Ratelle, Harry Howell, Ching Johnson, and Bill Cook is inexcusable. But of course the under 30 crowd of today doesn’t even know who the hell they were, so it doesn’t matter to the pablum servers in the front office.

  7. Walt was a great player for the Rangers! He scored 78 goals on two seasons for the Rangers and was traded for horrilbe Normand Rochfort. After great trade Espo!

  8. I really hope they do have a Graves night but he retired years ago Leetch just retired this spring…Sather has never been a big Graves fan since his girly grudge he held against him since he left Edmonton in 1991.

    But whatever – he wasn’t the biggest Leetch fan either..hopefully it’s not just his choice

  9. CML, you’re wrong. The Rangers never retired Gretzky, so yes, Leetch’s number will be just the *fifth* retired in TEAM history.

  10. ORR Knocks Grim Gomez Out, Robby Bonfire Starts to Pout & Malik Prances But Hollweg Does the Dances!!! Bow Chicka Wow Wow on


    Yeah, actually i dont want his job. I’d take any other writers job, that has nothing to do with golf. Tennis i can do, any chance to see Sharapova is a damn good thing.

    You can take Grim Gomez job. I fear what that is, or even Robby Bonfire’s job of bitching and moaning and crying about sh*t that doesnt even matter, like jersey retirment.

  11. ORR Knocks Grim Gomez Out, Robby Bonfire Starts to Pout & Malik Prances But Hollweg Does the Dances!!! Bow Chicka Wow Wow on


    To answer your question from the last post. For some reason i cant put any links on this site. When i do, only the comment shows and not the page.

    Even so, dont be a whiny bitch. I didnt post that for you, i posted i for the people who dont visit NYR.com over the summer.


    There having interviews during the month, i cant wait to here what Gomer, and Drury have to say. Gomez has been on MSG NY and did some other interview the NBC or some other network, but Drury has been laying low.

  12. ORR Who do you think you’re calling names? Your mother or father? Go talk to them that way . You talk about Gomez getting on peoples’ nerves, you are mostly talking nonsense. If a NYR fan doesn’t know how to get to their site, they’ll have to figure it out. You even spill over to BB talking like the little kid groupie you are. Do me a favor, don’t address me anymore & skip my posts. Thanks!

  13. Agreed that ORR has been more obnoxious lately than Yenner, who has really come around and shown that he can be a good contributor to this blog despite having ideas that typically do not go over well with most of us.

    good show yenner/grim, we do notice, and we do appreciate it.

  14. I’d like to see Graves #9 go up as well (I don’t think anyone has worn it since he left, someone correct me if I am wrong). But I agree with Bonfire that guys like Ratelle, Cook and Park should be up there as well.

  15. When is Graves night? on

    I believe Pavel Bure also wore #9 with the Rangers. The Rangers should have never let that happen.

  16. Kudos on the Puddubny reference. I used to have a Puddubny jersey when I was a kid. Next to Danny Heatley, possibly the ugliest human to ever live.

  17. If I remember correctly, Bure put a call in to Graves in exile in San Jose to ask his permission to wear 9. And what would we expect Gravy to say, no?

    Anyway, can’t wait to see if Leetch even SPEAKS at his ceremony :-)

  18. ORR Knocks Em Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances but Hollweg Does the Dances on

    Lol Doc


    If no one wants to read my posts then dont do it. Lol cmon no ones forcing you to read my “garbage”. If you really got a problem with it…then skip it, and stop talking to me. Cause the last few times i checked, you were responding to posts that had nothing to do with you, and im responding to your posts that have something to do with me.

    And i have no clue what your talking about, i havent posted on BB.com in a year or 2, i went under the name “Ho-ssa, Pru-cha (like the songs). But i do go there to read Dubi’s posts, especially if Sam’s not in Sam’s Town (another song). Im sorry for calling you a bitch, only if your a girl. But if your a guy, then you are being a whiny bitch. But like i said if your a girl then ill take it back.

    So if you want me to stop talking to you, then dont mention the name Orr in your posts unless its Colton, or i will respond.

  19. ORR Knocks Em Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances but Hollweg Does the Dances on


    How much are the tickets??

  20. ORR Knocks Em Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances but Hollweg Does the Dances on


    Another thing

    Whats wrong with trying to help out NYR fans who dont visit NYR.com

    Im trying to be nice, and like i said before i didnt post that for you. If no one wants to read it then i can care less, i just did it just in case people were interested in a recent interview with Hank.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Graves’ number should never be retired. If you take away ’94, then there really isn’t too much on his resume to make him worthy. That’s like saying you want to retire JD’s number because we almost won the cup on his play, and because everyone really likes him. Because really, that’s what we’re saying for Graves: we won the cup on his play, and everyone really likes him.

    Ratelle, Greschner, Park, etc.: if those guys can’t get retired, Graves’ CERTAINLY shouldn’t.

    And in response to Adam Z. from a couple of threads ago:

    The Anderson playoff numbers are compelling, however, as I said before, he was not even close to the best player on his team I mean, look at how many playoff games the guy played in! It shouldn’t be “oh wow, he has 17 GWG in the POs”, it should be “That’s it?” The same thign I said about him the regular season holds true for the playoffs. It’s not that Anderson was bad, just that he was a little fish in a big pond. Little fish don’t belong in the Hall, no matter how big they might seem compared to the fish in other ponds.

    As for Roenick, like I said, no cups, no hall. His playoff numbers have been fairly solid, but that zero cups kills him.

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sam, don’t worry too much about the Rangers not retiring #8, your boy Malik’s got that covered. Hahah! j/k

  23. ORR Knocks Grim Gomez Out, Robby Bonfire Starts to Pout & Malik Prances But Hollweg Does the Dances!!! Bow Chicka Wow Wow on


    Yeah good point, i guess my reason for wanting Graves number retired is because he was one of my fav rangers, and such a fan fav.

    But your right. I do think Leetch diserves to be up there, in my opinion.

  24. Andy Bathgate is probably a little more deserving than Graves if you want to talk about retiring #9.

  25. Ugliest human being ever? Come on, Don’t you guys remember Nick Fotiou? A great player and a great person but was he ever ugly. Although He has aged gracefully and looks much better now!

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    There aren’t that many hockey players who aren’t gross.

    But the hands down winner is Mike Ricci.

  27. Doodie

    You definition of ‘little fish’ would preclude from the Hall many deserving members- pretty much any otherwise deserving player from any dynasty who played alongside extraordinary players. You’re essentially saying Anderson shouldn’t be in because even though he was quite good, teammates Gretzky, Messier, and Kurri were extraordinary.

    By that logic, Clark Gillies shouldn’t be in the HOF, because Bossy, Trottier, and Potvin were the stars of the Islanders show. Joey Mullin shouldn’t be in either, because even though he put up great numbers for the Pens (in addition to St. Louis and Calgary), Lemieux, Jagr, and Francis were a whole lot better. And forget guys like Yvan Cournoyer and Jacques Lemaire, because Guy LaFleur and Larry Robinson were in the stratosphere for those Habs squads.

    Not trying to be sarcastic here- simply saying there’s got to be better HOF criteria than simply ‘were you the best player on your team.’

  28. On the subject of Graves: teams can use any criteria they want in determining whose number gets retired and for what reasons. It’s obviously not based on statistics alone.

    Considering we went over five decades without a Cup, saying things like ‘well, if you take away ’94…’ shouldn’t really be in the lexicon. It’d be like arguing that the Red Sox shouldn’t one day retire Curt Schilling’s number because ‘well, if you take away 2004, there really isn’t too much on his Red Sox resume.’ That would be a funny argument to make considering those are the two most important years in the history of each franchise.

    Graves put up his best season, and was at his most clutch, during our most significant season ever. He was also an extremely good player for several other seasons and was a model citizen. I’ll take those criteria for retiring a player’s jersey any day.

  29. Hanny

    Gretzky was retired league-wide. Look it up. HE COUNTS! Maybe not banner wise, but he hung up his skates at the Garden and again is retired LEAGUE-WIDE!

  30. To get back onto the subject of tickets: according to the team’s website, individual tickets to the Leetch Night game WILL NOT be made available to the public. This is due (according to the press release) to an increase in demand for season subscriptions.

    From the looks of it, unless you are a season ticketholder or don’t mind paying through the nose for these through a ticket broker/scalper, you won’t be able to be there in person.

  31. I was looking at possible better dates for Leetch night – his birthday is March 3rd, so March 2 would have been good since it is the number 2, but thats a national game, as is Boston on Jan. 20. Too bad we didn’t have a game on 2/22, but if they wanted to do it against Atlanta, why not 1/22?

    Schilling’s number probably won’t be retired for the Sox either. He’s only been playing there a few years.

    Gretzky was not retired by the Rangers team. But I don;t think it was individually retired by Edmonton either, although I do think they have a banner up.

  32. ORR Knocks Grim Gomez Out, Robby Bonfire Starts to Pout & Malik Prances But Hollweg Does the Dances!!! Bow Chicka Wow Wow on

    Ricci could be the ugliest of all time, but Rod Brindamor…Forget about it. The guy looks like his face was high sticked, slashed, punched, elbowed…everything…Ugh gives me chills.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    True, it’s not just the big fish thing, but my point is Anderson’s numbers ALONE do not merit his entry.

    Cournoyer has a Conn Smythe. Not to mention that he and Lemaire both for a few years in the early 70’s WERE the best players on their team, or 2 out of the best 3. LaFleur’ and Robinson’s primes came a little later. By contrast, at no time could Anderson say that he was the best.

    Cournoyer and Lemaire(not Gillies or Mullen, I’ll explain them separately) also didn’t have the burden of expansion. Yes, it existed, but the talent pool hadn’t expanded with the teams yet. There just wasn’t as much competition to get into the Hall when there were less players. Anderson is a big victim of this. I mean, look at all of the players that were on the ballot this year for the fist time. Anderson is behind every single guy that got in on this year’s list, PLUS there are others who were already there that are in front of him as well.

    Mullen gets in for being American and until Leetch, the best American born player ever.

    Gillies… I wouldn’t mind not seeing him in the hall. I don’t think he’s earned it either.

  34. Whatever — the only number the Rangers should have retired is #11. For Kelly Kisio. THE Captain.

  35. Ching Johnson was one of the dominant D-men of his day, along with Eddie Shore of Boston. Both are Hall Of Famers. They played before anyone’s time who is around today, but I find the history of all sports really interesting. Also worth Rangers retired number serious consideration are Gump Worsley and the tremendously talented Ron Greschner.

  36. Ratelle, of course, was a Ranger from the early 60’s until THE TRADE in 1975. Enough time and accomplishment here to warrant the recognition of a retired number, here, I believe.

    I truly admired his smooth-as-silk skating and passing style, and was deeply touched that he loved the Rangers so much he contemplated retirement for a full week before reporting to Boston which is not, of itself, a claim on a retired number here, but his devotion to our favorite franchise was quite deep.

    One time I saw him at Nedick’s, outside the old Garden, and wouldn’t you know, he was wearing a New York Rangers jacket, so proud was he to be identified with the organization. And he came from the Montreal area, originally. We were blessed to have his services.

  37. Adam Graves deserves his number hung but what about Andy Bathgate! In those terrible years that Ranger fans went through he was our idol.

  38. Well said Robby. Were it not for Ratelle’s broken ankle, 1972 would have turned out a whole lot differently.

  39. ORR Knocks Reinprecht Out, Grim Gomez Starts to Pout & Malik Prances But Hollweg Does the Dances!!! Bow Chicka Wow Wow!!! on


    Uggggghhhh…..I try not to think about that creature of the night…But hell friggin yeah he’s one of the top 3 ugliest in the league.

  40. I’m not sure if reprehensible is the right word, but something along those lines is appropriate for the fact that single tickets wont be on sale for this. I’m not going to blow a week’s salary on this, sorry MSG…

  41. I will always wonder why not Esposito with a broken ankle in 1972, instead of Ratelle?

    Also, Ratty just missed 500 career goals (491) for three reasons: 1. The relatively late promotion from the minors – he kept getting shipped back and forth between the Rangers and the AHL Baltimore Clippers for about two wasted years of NHL production; 2. Spinal fusion surgery; and 3. The injury on March 1, 1972, when he had 46 goals and was well on the way to 50 goals and would have made the 500- career plateau with room to spare.

    It’s about time the Rangers thanked Jean Ratelle on a par with what he did for all of us.

  42. Roby the present NYR ownership seem to have no real interest in pre 1994 for the rafters. What do expect from a clueless owner?

  43. Mike i completely agree,
    Its ridiculous they wont sell tickets for this game! It doesnt make ANY sense to me why they can sell tickets for the rest of the season but not this game? They should really stop selling so many freaken tickets to corporations who really dont care and to people like us who are die hard fans. I am devestated i will not be able to attend this unless some miracle happens.

  44. Great post Robby – Rangers and B’s were by far the best teams in thee NHL in 71-72. Rangers were a deep three line team that year and Ratelle not Gilbert was the team’s best player. His injury killed us. Also, Eddie G was not great in the finals. Rangers should retire his jersey.
    Also, I nominate Steve Vickers and Kjell Samuelson for NYR all ugly team.

  45. Comrade Doodie

    Thank you for the retired number nomination. In accepting this on behalf of Doug Lidster, some guy named Sather, Gilles Marotte and all the other #6’s in ranger history I kotion this guy Marotte or goofy looking Dale Rolfe as ugliest NHL player ever.

    All hail Leetch!!! My crazy drinking buddy one weekend in Tampa. A good place to drink by the way.

    Also Mark Pavelich was no Brad Pittski either

  46. Any reference to Gilles Marotte makes me cringe because, indirectly, a case may be made that he cost the Rangers one or two Stanley Cups. Marotte was a fine D who was the bait for Chicago in the trade which saw them send both Phil Esposito AND Ken Hodge to Boston. And we know what that trade meant to Boston’s, and the Rangers’ subsequent fortunes. It vaulted Boston to the top of the NHL pecking order for Stanley Cups in 1970 and 1972.

    Also, Marotte, on his own, was the outstanding player on the ice for Chicago in their semi-final series comeback victory over the Rangers in 1968. The Rangers led that series two games to none when Marotte “caught fire” and took over the series, playing like a man possessed. He was the difference. So that damn Espo-Hodge-Stanfield for Gilles Marotte and G Jack Norris trade really killed the Rangers two ways.

    Interestingly, in early 1964 the Rangers may have had a shot at acquiring Esposito and/or Hodge, when Muzz Patrick shipped highly-productive PP specialist, LW Camille Henry
    to Chicago, but settled for big winger Doug Robinson, who never really made the grade, in return. At the time the consensus was that Esposito was over-rated and picking up all kinds of “garbage points” as the center on Bobby Hull’s line. I know I bought into that theory and “hindsight is perfect.” Boston, I would say, really lucked out, they could not have known the two aces in the hole they were getting in Esposito and Hodge, as those two really came into their own in Beantown.

  47. Hey did you guys get the press release email from the Rangers? They snuck this in on the last line:

    “Due to high season subscription renewals for the upcoming season, there will be no individual tickets available for this game.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not believe every seat in the Garden is a season seat… so where are the other tickets for this game going?

  48. Is Sergei Nemchinov going to be put to work in a Siberian gulag? How did Russia get crushed so bad?

  49. I remember when Pavel Bure got the #9 and I was pissed…I was suspicious of Sather for allowing that, but I was equally irritated with Bure for choosing the number…the number 9 became popular with Gordie Howe and at least Graves played with grit, Bure was a cherry picker, not at all 9ish qualities…I’m not saying it’s 100% Graves’ number should be retired, I thought it would’ve been cool if it was one of those unspoken ranger traditions that nobody takes the 9 because of what Graves meant to the Rangers and the community….but nobody has had it since…

  50. Broadway Roe, here is your answer from Johnny D from his blog concerning your question where the other non-season ticket holder seats are going for Leetch night.


    Also, per Dellapina’s article in today’s paper only about 350 tickets for each game will be available to the public next week. I am sure glad I have had my season tickets since 2000.

  51. My wife is the best!!! She got me Ranger Season tickets in March of 2006. We lucked out big time.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    I bought tickets from a season ticket holder for the Rangers/Devs in November for like 50 bucks a pop in the 400s. I think its a good price, considering that I’m not likely to find tickets once the season starts, right?

    And Spiderpig, sorry for that picture. Admit it though, it was funny.

  53. ORR Knocks Grim Gomez Out, Robby Bonfire Starts to Pout & Malik Prances But Hollweg Does the Dances!!! Bow Chicka Wow Wow on

    Someone here said NYR prospects are playing a little game today….

    Does anyone know where to find out any info on that game??

  54. Thanks for the laughs guys…about the uglies. IMO Brashear is the UGLIEST thing I have ever seen on ice!!


  55. I have tickets in the 400’s and I love my seats. It’s a great view. I will probably sell a few games this year. It’s tough to make all 41.

  56. ORR Knocks Em Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances but Hollweg Does the Dances on


    Its on NYR.com

    Dubi scored a goal…And its tied

  57. ORR Knocks Em Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances but Hollweg Does the Dances on


    Staal and Korpikoski scored….its 3 – 2 NYR in the 3nd

  58. ORR Knocks Em Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances but Hollweg Does the Dances on

    2nd…that is….But its now 3 – 3 after 2

    These games really dont matter…but its fun to know how they are doing….hopefully theres some clips

  59. ORR Knocks Em Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances but Hollweg Does the Dances on

    Alright…Good for the kids.

    I cant wait till Pre Season

    Also Camp for the big boys. I cant wait to read about Drury and Gomez playing with Jags…to see who has more chemistry with him.

    Eh…Im being patient…but that can only hold up for so long

  60. Yeah, I actually had seasons from 1999-2004, then gave them up for the first post-lockout season, but snuck back in in March 2006. I apparently got one of the last few pairs at the time, but I upgraded before last season even started and despite having lost all my “seniority” got the best seats I’ve ever had in the 300s. Im pleased to say the least.

  61. ORR Knocks Em Out, Jagr Starts to Pout & Prucha Gets the Chances but Hollweg Does the Dances on

    Whats going on with the Cujo rumors…Is he going to SJS for sure…or no.

    If he’s not asking for to much, then NYR should get him. It would be nice for Hank to actually have Vet leadership in his backup, Weekes sucks compared to Cujo. Cujo isnt no Vezina winner, but still he’s a guy id feel comfy, backing up Hank.

  62. ORR Knocks Reinprecht Out, Grim Gomez Starts to Pout..I Dont Know What Thats About!! on


    Lol, can you imagine the women he’s dated over the years….They have to be the most desperate girls in the world. Cause lets face it…the guy has nothing going for him, at all. I feel bad for, but then again ive hated him over the years, especially after he pulled our good friend Kaspars hair. That really pissed me the f off.

  63. Doodie – it was funny, but didn’t look particularly real; I’m pretty sure it was actually a bodybuilder’s body with Brind’Amour’s head.

    Who were our prospects playing? Is this the Traverse City tourney yet?

  64. what is so funny about Brind’Amour? That really is him, it does not look like a body builder, body builders have way more muscle.

    I wonder why Anisimov didn’t play, maybe his knee is sore. I am glad Korpikoski did something, but it is really pathetic that the game was so close, Tampa doesn’t even have any good prospects, this should have been an easy blowout.

  65. When is Graves night? on

    Graves number will be retired by the Rangers, guaranteed. He was the heart and soul of the team for 10 years. He was a leader on and off the ice and probably the best teammate anyone could ask for. Without Graves on the team they don’t win a Stanley Cup.

  66. Rangers prospects tied with Atlanta after 1st. Ranger goal by Jordan Owens.

    NYR.com says “Jordan Owens, who signed with the AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack for the coming season and will attend the team’s main training camp, got the Rangers’ lone goal with only 1:28 remaining in the first. Owens scored off a pass from Artem Anisimov, who made a nifty play to set up the goal.

    Skating into the zone, the Russian center deked an Atlanta defenseman to create open ice and open the passing lane to Owens, who sent the puck past Thrashers netminder Dan Turple.”

  67. The bad part is with Corey Potter….

    “Earlier in the period, Arron Alphonso, a free agent trying out for the Thrashers, scored the game’s first goal at the 11:00 mark when his shot through a scramble in front of the net deflected off Rangers defenseman Corey Potter and past goaltender Antoine Lafleur.”

  68. 2nd period tied 2-2

    “Alex Bourret, who played for the Atlanta’s team at this tournament a year ago, burned his former teammates for the tying goal at 15:09 of the third period, scoring off an assist from Ryan Hillier to make it 2-2.”

    Still on NYR.com

  69. Graves was better than Andy Bathgate and meant more to the Rangers about the same as Joe Pepitone was better and meant more to the Yankees than Lou Gehrig.

  70. ORR Knocks Reinprecht Out, Grim Gomez Starts to Pout..I Dont Know What Thats About!! on

    Nice win for the kids…It would be nice if they went undefeated. Also its really good to hear Anisimov having a good game, and making some nifty moves.

  71. The bad part is that I hope Potter doesn’t turn into Racoon and score goals against his goalie. He needs to be more concerned with his body positioning and where the puck is at all times. He just needs to grow and learn some more, but it will only be a problem if he doesn’t learn.

    That’s my point.


    How do you think I feel having that big ugly neandertal pull on the do?

    I tell him “hey I work really hard on my hair. Why you have to do that to my hair?”

    I swear, big oof apologized. He did! said sorry about hair Kaspar I’m jealous thats all”

    For this I forgive him. Slam stick into crotch the next time we were on ice together. Make him sound like little ukranian girl gymnast.

  73. Anisimov looks very good.I hope this guy makes the the team this year cause we gonna have a very good player in him.

  74. ORR Knocks Reinprecht Out, Grim Gomez Starts to Pout..I Dont Know What Thats About!! on


    Lol…You should do that, but you might have to jump him after a game…cause it looks like you might not make the team. Unless they send Brash in the AHL then you can “Low Stick” him.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    “He was the heart and soul of the team for 10 years”

    Funny, here I was thinking it was Messier.

    They wouldn’t have won the cup without Stephane Matteau either… should we retire his jersey too??

    Bottom line: with the incredibly high standard the Rangers have to get the jersey retired (as evidenced by the half dozen candidates that would have certainly been retired by other teams, but not by the Rangers), Graves just doesn’t qualify. Truth be told, he shouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to wear #9 in the first place.

    The next Ranger to get his number retired after Leetch, in my opinion, should be Lundqvist, provided that the Rangers are smart enough to keep him in Blue for the next 12 years or so.

  76. Doodie the reason people want Graves # retired is because of the kind of player he was both on & off the ice. He represents the kind of hockey player NYR fans want more of. He’s a rare breed.

  77. imagination, I understand the sentiment, and agree that he is the kind of player we want more of. But the thing is, there were others before him, who were both that AND had remarkable careers, and they have not had their numbers retired. That signifies, to me, that to be retired by the Rangers requires something BEYOND. It is a high standard that in the 70+ year history of the franchise, only 5 players have achieved, and until recently, it was only 2. I like that they don’t have a ton of jerseys hanging from the rafters; it makes a jersey retirement that much more special.

  78. Reading about Ratelle, it seems his number should be retired, but I don’t want us to turn into the Canadiens or Yankees, except for all of the championships part, which is probably why they have so many retired numbers in the first place.

  79. Doodie if you notice, the recent #’s retired are all from the 94 team, that’s are big part of the Graves requests. And those 4 guys are best friends. Usually for a # to be retired, it should be a guy going into the HOF. It doesn’t seem like the NYR are going to do #9.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    I did notice, but the other 3 guys all had storied careers (Richter less so, but he holds a bunch of Rangers records) while Graves’ only mark in any history book was beaten by Jagr two seasons ago.

    Furthermore, the other 3 guys all had defining playoff events that year, while I can’t think of one for Graves. Messier’s guarantee, Richter stopping Bure, and Leetch took home the Conn Smythe.

  81. “Doodie if you notice, the recent #’s retired are all from the 94 team, that’s are big part of the Graves requests. And those 4 guys are best friends. Usually for a # to be retired, it should be a guy going into the HOF. It doesn’t seem like the NYR are going to do #9.”

    you think Richter will get to HOF?

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