More excuses you don’t want to hear


Among the reasons I’m looking forward to the start of hockey season is that I can stop providing you reasons why I’ll be out of touch.

Until then, though, here’s another: The PGA Championship is next week in lovely Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I “will be there”: sweating until I’m down to my 9th grade playing weight of 150 pounds.

Naturally if something major arises I’ll try to check in. Otherwise I ask that you continue the debate and try to keep it civil in my absence. Assuming I don’t melt completely, I’ll be back before long.

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  1. Hockeybasednyc on

    Have fun, maybe i’ll see you being interviewed on GOLF Channel again like when you were in Oakmont.

  2. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Without Updates on this blog….Its depressing for me…as a ranger fan….

    Im not a big fan of any other blog….

    Now that NYR is officially done with the players they had to re sign or dump….Now the boooooring part of the off season begins….unless NYR makes a trade which i doubt…

    Here’s something funny though…Eklund says…

    TOR would trade Raycroft and someone else for Cammalleri…and then they would re sign Peca and SIGN CUJO…

    They wouldnt sign Clemmensen..Trade for Toskala…still have Raycroft until dumped…and try and get Cujo…

    Man oh man…This guy keeps surprising me with his BS…

  3. Eklund is a joke. He was reporting something to the effect that the Rangers were considering walking away from Avery and there were other teams interested. He is like a fortune teller. He states the obvious, but in such a vague way so as to be partly right. I wonder who his “sources” are. I bet they are people like Sam. and any other blog he subscribes to.

    Anyway, ORR, you are right, this is the most boring part of the year, but have faith, 41 days to camp. It will be here before you know it.

    I can’t wait to pick up my season tickets. I am still waiting for them to call me about my upgrades.

    Summer can be very long…..

  4. Clemmensen can easily be sent to be a backup in the minors, ECHL if nothing else. I think they termed him a depth goaltender when they signed him. Cujo could then backup and provide insurance for Toskala, considering Toskala has never been a full-time starter. This rumor actually makes sense, besides maybe the Cammalleri part. They have been looking to get Cujo again.

  5. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Both Belfour and Cujo would retire before backing up Toskala…

    Especially Belfour….You dont wanna piss him off….

  6. I live on oklahoma are going to be sweating your ass off. It’s the humidity that kills you….enjoy

  7. I pack my bags 13 times in last two years because Comrade Ecklund have me going to play somewhere else. Finally I stop paying attention to what he say about me. I still read about other players though because he still seem to know what he talks about.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Tomorrow is will be a day of the week that ends in y (DM 5).

    NHL wants to stop playingthe game on ice and switch to a roller hcokey league (DM 10).

  9. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    Sometimes…reading your posts…Really makes me believe your Kaspar…It just seems like something he wuold do…

  10. You kidding?
    First two times I believe in Ecklund I not just pack, I cancel weekly belly-dancer and sell cat too!!

  11. BlueClue

    You know, 3 month steady diet; carrot, bean sprout, granola and boiled chicken get me to shape good but….

    WHEN I make team ( beat out that dorky big bird Staal )there will be pies man, and my favorite; WHITE CASTLES in Flushing Queens province.

    One night only, promise to Ranger’s ruling politburo

  12. There is a really interesting article on rating the top 20 individual Athletic Performances of all time. Gretzky and Gordie Howe both made the list. If anyone is interested.

    I think if you narrow it down to Just Hockey, then the top 3 individual achievements would be

    1) Gretzky’s 61 NHL records including most points 2857 points

    2) Doug Jarvis played in 964 straight games from Oct 8, 1975 – Oct 10, 1987 (almost impossible to do in today’s game)

    3) Gordie Howe played 26 seasons in the NHL. (league record)

    These are just a few, I know there are more.

    Any thoughts?


  13. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    I thought you love to chomp on your wifes Swedish Meatballs….

    Did she cut you out of that after the divorce….

  14. Gretzky had a 51 game point scoring streak in which he totaled. 61g-92a-153pts during streak , 1983-84.

    Not too shabby.

  15. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    Ducks made it clear that they want him back if he wont retire….Enough already….The teams done…not much to worry about till the home opener

  16. tdchi con’t from the last tread. Burke has a budget of $42mil, if Neidemeyer comes back he’ll be over 48 w/o Selanne. Burke signed Bertruzzi for $4mil instead of signing Penner. He painted himself into a corner & now wants blast Lowe for being dumb. There’s more to this act, like maybe Lowe getting even for Pronger & the Cup. Lowe is desparate. Nylander left egg on his face. Edmonton is the new version of the Yogi Berra joke, nobody wants to go there anymore.

  17. czechthemout!!!!! on

    jess over at bb is saying that the rangers are probobly
    going to send mara and dawes to the black hawks for patrick lalime and a fourth or fifth rounder.this trade is to clear cap space and bring in a veteran nhl goalie as a backup for
    the king.he says that trade will not happen until september.

    i don’t like the fact that they are giving up prospects in salary dumps.dawes is expendable in my opinion so it’s not so much that he is going,it is the concept of trading prospects in order to dump vet salary.i am hoping that they
    can add another third rounder at least in the next draft wich is going to be very deep.some scouting services are predicting it to be stronger and deeper than in 2003.

  18. Also Lalime costs the same as Montoya, and is probably not better. So this trade makes no sense for us.

  19. Evil Montoya’s salary would be $1.8 in the NHL, Lalime’s is about 1/2 of that.

  20. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Patrick Lalime looked good last season…As a backup…The game against NYR he made some damn good saves…

    But then again…i really dont like us giving up Mara and Dawes…even though it would be salary dumping….

    And a 4th or 5th rounder…is Lalime and a 4th or 5th really worth Mara and Dawes…

    Either way…I wouldnt mind Lalime backing up Hank…He definently doesnt suck…This would be fair…Then Staal takes Racky’s spot…and Finally Pock would get his spot on D…we gottta play this kid or trade him…

  21. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Maybe Sather wants to wait till September cause he’s still trying to trade for Jovo…Possibly…

  22. czechthemout!!!!! on

    orr-any trade for jovo would be crazy.he still has many years at six million to go and is going on 32.he is very injury prone and is not the player he was 4or five years ago. his contract could turn out to be an albatross around our neck that we would not be able to get rid of.

  23. czechthemout

    Thank you! Video get me pumped I tell you! Slam first neighbor I see this morning into hallway wall. Being gentlemen down deep, of course, I help her up right away.


    I get only 25 dollars for first cat. Second one I autograph( by shaving the word Kaspar onto right body side)skyrocket the price to 200 dollars american

  24. Quote of the day, from 4 years ago, if you don’t know who said it then you’re not paying attention:

    “I just don’t know what to think. I play in Colorado, they tell me they like me, and I get traded. I play in Calgary, and at the end of the season the GM tells me he likes me, and I get traded. I just hope my fiancee doesn’t tell me she likes me.”

  25. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    I never heard that quote…but it has to be Drury…My guess…

    Lol good quote though

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    That video sucked. The first name after Jagr’s was Hossa, AND he spelled Lundqvist wrong.

    Worst of all, Kaspar wasn’t in it!

  27. “Worst of all, Kaspar wasn’t in it!”

    Comrade Doodie,

    You are right, now that you mention. Now I have to go hit neighbor against wall again. Then I go to beach..have a great day.

  28. czechthemout – that’s the realities of the cap. the Devils traded a number 1 pick to get a team to take a high $ player off their hands. That’s why we can’t add other high $ less effective players like Jovo. It would be like a snake that eats something too big for itself and then can’t move.

    the other answer is sending a guy down to Hartford and keeping him there. cost real $ but not cap $. the next cba will close that loophole if the Edmonton’s of the world get their way.

  29. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    Dont go dancing at night clubs like you did in 05 – 06….If you want a shot at making the team…you gotta take care of your groin….

    That Vid was kinda boring….Lol i hate when people spell Lundqvist wrong….

  30. How can Montoya’s salary be 1.8? Isn’t the rookie max 850K? It makes no sense, it has to be a mistake or performance bonuses.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    performance bonuses, just like Ovechkin’s and Crosby’s were paying them something like 2.8 even though the bases salary was the same

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Kaspar, do you hope to make the Rangers, or would you rather continue your vacation, I mean, career in Hartford?

  33. so then Montoya is unlikely to get those bonuses playing only 20 games, so his salary will be under a million

  34. “Kaspar, do you hope to make the Rangers, or would you rather continue your vacation, I mean, career in Hartford?’

    Comrade Doodie ( I love to write that)

    You been to Hartford? Better question; you like to bowl? If answer to question is yes then go live in Hartford man. Me? to bowl is like waiting for Lord to call me home. You know Kaspar. He need active place like big apple. I see crazy man sing songs about Lord on street corner, magazine with lady’s being naked right there next to tic-tacs.

    Yes. “NEED” to make this new York ranger team this year.(with funny looking Gomez) Or at least get traded to L.A. Kings.

    They still in League??????

  35. Eklund now says Auld to NYR, Montoya to Phoenix. (e3) Could someone please explain the “e” numbers to me? Is it, the higher the number the more likely it will actually happen?

  36. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    MIKE D

    I sware to god…I was about to type that same exact thing…Damn…it was funny too..

    Yeah…I can imagine Eklund is reading this blog…Cause today of all days he’s picking on the rangers…Were trading with now the Yotes..Auld is coming to NY…Did Auld do horrible last year??

    He’s probably mad that were all making fun of him…

    I wish…NYR trades Montoya for Kopitar….That would a a friggin dream…to get Kopitar

    But from what i heard Avery has had problems with him and some of the youth there..

  37. e1 through e4 – Eklund made it up

    e5 – It has already happened and been reported elsewhere

  38. DanTheRangerFan on

    EkLUND is a F***ing joke…hes a hockey tabloid….No information,no connections just bullshit should be his moto. but then again we should already know this right???

  39. John M….”Forsberg scored two goals and had three assists in a charity game in Helsinki; Dater wonders where he’ll be playing this fall:”….

  40. Comrade Doodie Machetto on


    What about Washington? They have Ovechkin and Semin. Or Pittsburgh, with Malkin and Gonchar?

  41. Comrade Doodie Machetto on

    The score’s mid summer report on all teams. Here’s what it has to say about NY:

    “Needs: Sign or replace Michael Nylander, bring in a power-play quarterback and bring in more playoff experience. Re-signing Brendan Shanahan was a must.

    So far: GM Glen Sather signed a pair of top centers in Scott Gomez and Chris Drury. Not only does that more than replace Nylander, but the two of them have 211 playoff games under their belts between them. They re-signed Shanahan, too.

    Still left to do: The backup job will go to Stephen Valiquette, as New York is pressed up against the cap. No moves are forthcoming other than a likely buyout (or banishment to the minors) of Darius Kasparaitis. ”

    Sorry Kaspar.

  42. “No moves are forthcoming other than a likely buyout (or banishment to the minors) of Darius Kasparaitis. â€?

    I go to beach one day, I come back my good friend Doodie has been brainwashed by same propaganda machine responsible for Salem witch trials, for red-scares, for John Lennon being blacklisted and for cancellation of Alf.

  43. Kaspar, you should do some stand-up. Cancellation of Alf? where did you come up with that? LOL.

  44. Best line ever from this blog:
    “Slam first neighbor I see this morning into hallway wall. Being gentlemen down deep, of course, I help her up right away.”

    And the funny thing is, I feel like all this stuff could actually happen.

  45. Actually, according to NHL Numbers, Montoya’s bonus is a rookie bonus, so it gets averaged out over the length of the contract for cap purposes.

  46. imagination: I don’t think Burke or anyone for that matter could foresee Lowe’s offer sheet(unless that’s why he signed Bertuzzi). Lowe badly overpaid for Penner, but I wouldn’t categorize him as a dud this summer. Remember: Pittkanen AND Souray join the Oil blue line, which instantly makes this team tough. Not to mention, they’ve got O’Mara and Nilsson from the Isles, Schremp comming up from juniors next year and an already formidable forward ranks including Hemsky and Stoll. They’ll have a decent club next season. I doubt any of this had to do with Pronger…

    …As for Eklund, why do we bother reposting his rubbish?

    On Jess, I’m suprised that he gave wind to such a rumor. That sounds utterly ridiculous. First, Lalime isn’t worth a bag of beat-up pucks, much less Dawes OR Mara. Second, I think people devalue Mara and I’m not exactly sure why. He’s a former first-rounder, still in his 20s who had a bummer of a season last year. He’s a top-four pairing on just about any team in the league who’s bound to score up to 40 pts. with a cannon from the blue line. I would think if that deal had any strand rooted in reality that the Hawks would at least need to part with a first rounder or legitimate prospect.

    And Auld?!? Jeeze…Again, I don’t see Slats making any moves before camp…here’s an outside-the-box thought for the backup goalie situation: Miika Wiikman. The kid’s stats look pretty good for the Finnish Elite League.

  47. how could Montoya’s bonuses count when he has not yet met the condition? And likely will not, playing as a backup.

  48. Oh my lord that Kaspar site is hilarious. That pencil drawing with his hair flowing back = priceless.

    Heres a little gem from her guestbook section where you fill in a little info of yourself and leave a comment:

    *Favorite Hockey Player:* many (russian)
    *Favorite Penguin Player:* hate all

    Dying over “hate all”

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    I found this in the archived guestbook:

    Hi Aunty Michelle How are you ? Please send me email. Because uncle David doesn’t love us anymore. love Tessa”


  50. Prucha needs to start shooting more, his shooting percentage is very high, but he averages less than 2 shots per game. Avery has to do the opposite as he shoots too much and hish accuracy is poor.

  51. Evil — Prucha played the 4th line for more than half the season – and still had 20+ goals.

    Everyone talks about Prucha in the sense that “he had a slow start and a so-so season last year”

    Prucha never got the ice time he deserved last year. Put him on line 2 with Shanny and either Drury or Gomez and watch him score 30+ goals.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    Derf, the problem is that Prucha is the worst forward defensively on the entire team, and I’m even including Jagr.

  53. tdchi Burke signed bertruzzi for 2 years @ $4mil per because he had him in Vancouver and left himself strapped on Penner who will seem cheap in a year or two. He decided Betruzzi was more important than Penner, and he has 2 more guys next year with his boss limiting his payroll to 42mil while losing 30 mil. He should stop crying, Lowe handed him the Cup with Pronger.Lowe is doing what he thinks he has to do, put other teams in cap trouble. But he’s far from innocent in the crying dept. Let the 2 of them fight it out in the skybox.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    speaking of lowe and crying, any word yet on what is gonna happen with EDM and DC because of Nylander?

  55. czechthemout!!!!! on

    just saw last weeks ranger fan favs.two points,first avery is not only an agitator but is a vital piece of what might be a stanley cup puzzle.and second,to all those people clamoring for a vet like peca to play third line center,watch dubinsky in this game.he is clearly ready to play as the third center and will be a major contributor this year!just wait and gice him about 5to 10 games with a full games shifts and enjoy the kids abrasive,and skilled game play.

  56. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Prucha didnt have that great of a season cause he had NO chemistry with Cullen…but good chemistry with Shanahan…In Pre season and the first part of the Reg season…He was setting up Shanny alot…either way….i think he should get a shot with Drury and Shanny…

    But theres no need to argue about it…i have a feeling we’ll see jagr with Drury or Jagr with Gomer….the staff always switched things up….i wouldnt be surprised if we see…

    Shanny – Gomez – Jagr….You never know what they’ll do…

  57. Derf, what does that have to do with what I said? I said he needs to shoot more no matter what.

    Prucha’s only problem is that he is not great at puck control, he often loses it or gets stripped. Defensively he is much better than Jagr.

  58. czechthemout!!!!! on

    dodie-i watched the second period of that game and he took a regular shift.the point isn’t how many times he hit the ice,it’s what he did when he was on the ice.based on his play,he should have been on the ice more not his not his fault that he played for a coach who saw fit to play garbadge like krog,ahall,jward,and all the rest of the scrubs because he does not trust kids who prove that they deserve trust.

  59. Prucha didn’t have good chemistry with Shanahan either, in fact thanks to Shanahan, Prucha’s role was diminished. Thankfully with Cullen gone Prucha will finally play with some center that can pass.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, I don’t think you understood me. The guy falls a lot; he has bad balance and is easy to push off of the puck. Now, he may have gotten stronger in the offseason, but in the few games he was up here, that’s what I noticed as why he wasn’t ready just then.

  61. Doodie: Prucha ways 175 pounds soaking wet. And if the team is listing him at a buck-seventy-five, then he’s probably more like 165…That’s always been his main problem. He has an immense ammount of talent, it’s just getting him on a line with players that can create space for him. Cullen, who isn’t little at 6’0 and 200 lbs., obviously wasn’t that player.

  62. Looks like Petr Prucha has visited Kaspars fansite guestbook too…

    *Name:* Petr Prucha

    *Height:* 5’11
    *Weight:* 175 lbs
    *DOB:* 9.12.1982
    *Shoots:* Right
    *Favorite TV Show:* Double Dare
    *Favorite Band:* Techno
    *Favorite Food:* Corn
    *Favorite Planet:* Sun
    *Idols:* Wayne Gretzky, Danny Glover, Neo from Martix, & Pet Detective (not the goalie)
    *Ambitions:* Make the hockey forever until I am too much years then might gonna coaching after

    Hi Darius. Fun. I like your web pages! Cool.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    tdchi: I like Prucha, why are you directing that to me? Offensively, I think the kid is very, very good. I was just pointing out that he is a lousy player on the other side of the puck.

  64. Sorry I been away so long. Staring at myself on Darius Shrine website.

    Comrades Doodie and Salted

    Prediction; Avery does not complete season in NY. Greatest instigation-agitator ever (yours truly) makes team, keeps crease clear. Avery obsolete, goes to San Jose to give them some b…errr ,you know,guts and we get one of their 11 UFA/RFA’s

    On Prucha;
    This kid a crazy-nut man. Will take whatever money politburo
    offer him just so he can hang with Jaromir.I sit between them once in 2006 and he whisper “hey, switch seats with me the coach want to speak wit you” I switch and ask Renney what he wants? Renney say “Why don’t you sit next to Jagr? see if you can catch some offense in one of his sweat drops”
    Prucha just giggle and slide closer to his idol.

  65. That Kaspar site, not that he doesn’t deserved to be loved, is creepy. Imagine being asked to draw a sketch of Kaspar for your wife. Odd…at best.

  66. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Devils signed Aaron Asham….

    Isles keeping going down down down….Asham was a problem for NYR all year..

    Now hopefully Orr and Asham fight…Ive wanted that for so long…

    Asham and Janssen seemed like boyfriends eevrytime after they fought…always kissing and making up and tapping there asses…

  67. Kaspar, did you get a chance to see the Fan Faves show last night? That was a great goal you made off the pass from Jags.

  68. JagrGal

    No sorry to say, I was in middle of extra long workout during television show.

    I remember goal clearly. I was racing over to thank Jaromir for clever pass but I could not get around Prucha kid dancing around him like groupie.

  69. NYR signs Goalies…

    Ken Dryden


    Pelle Lindburgh


    Hell, I’d expect to see Eklund himself in net before they sign either of those guys…

    Doodie – not directing, just making a point. In college, I was pretty easy to move off the puck at a buck-fitty-five. Now, with help of several million gallons of beer and ten years of weight, it ain’t so easy to move me when I’m comming down the ice…

  70. I just got back from Toronto, I don’t know if you all covered this already but WHEN ARE TICKETS GOING ON SALE??? Or even the pre-sale for American Express gold card holders? Does anybody know when Leetch night is or have any idea when it is?


  71. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Doodie Machetto -get over his is much improved and will only get better.i would rather have dubinsky do the occasional belly flop than watch peca do nothing on the ice,take dumb lazy cheap penalties and than get injured.

  72. Dood: Ahh…my apologies..I saw the post above, assumed it was Prucha you were talking about. doubt, my H.S. jersey fits snug these days…and that’s without shoulder pads. But aside from a nice beer gut, I’m not exactly pushing maximum density. It’s difficult to play three days a week and get too fat(hence why I play…) Alas, I still long for the homely days of 175 and how far away that seems at today’s 2 bills.

  73. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Doodie, shut up already about Dubinsky’s balance, the kid will be great…

  74. ORR stop crying and stamping your feet. Mix another gallon of kool-aid, and relax with the shut up baby stuff.

  75. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    Easy boy….That wasnt me….Probably that loser with no life pretending to be like me…You know who he is…

    Its kind of flattering…I always knew i was such a cool guy

  76. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Although this whiner is right about one thing….Dubi will be great

  77. Ran into a high ranking Ranger official last night and he shed some light on some of the more controversial aspects of this offseason:

    1) Lundqvist’s deal was done long before arbitration came into the picture. Part of the agreement was that the Rangers would use their arbitration chip now, so that it would never happen again (Teams are only allowed to take a player to arbitration once).

    2) Larry Brooks was full of crap on the Avery story. He never spoke to an official and never got his hands on the arbitration brief. The only person he talked to was Avery and Avery was scolded behind closed doors at the hearing for talking to the press. The brief never called Avery a detriment. There were some criticism, but never to that extent.

    3) Nylander, indeed, rejected the same offer he got from the Caps.

    4) There WILL be a Leech night this year, probably in Feb.

    5) Michael Peca will not be a Ranger. It’ll be between Ansimov and Dubinsky. Right now Ansimov is impressing.

    6) Hossa was about to go to arbitration, but the night before settled. He was concerned that the arbitor would rule in favor of the Rangers after the whole Avery thing. A lot of the criticisms of Hossa were very reliable.

  78. Alex B

    This hi-ranking party official have something to say about current defensemen? Or just goalies,forwards, retired defensemen and sportswriters?

    Just wondering

  79. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    Kapar…With Staal and rumors about Jovo…and all the D men in our system…You got to much competition…

  80. Darius Kashperovsky on

    Alex B, points 1, 2, 3, and 5 make no sense to me or are lies. Points 4 and 6 are no brainers.

  81. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    I dont think its possible…Im just saying…Between the d we have and the upcoming youth and the d man rumors….

    It will be hard for kaspar to make the team

  82. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    the last post again wasn’t me, wtf is going on? I am so popular, I love it.

  83. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    the last post was not me BTW, but the previous post was really me

  84. Darius, I don’t know how I could further clarify it. Lundqvist had an agreement at the end of the season, but part of that agreement was that the Rangers had to use their arbitration chip, which they did. In return Lundqvist would provide some Cap relief by signing a one year deal and then a long term on Jan.1. It didn’t go to arbitration, but it doesn’t have to for a team to use it up. They just have to file the paperwork.

    Larry Brooks ONLY spoke with Avery and not any Ranger official when commenting on the arbitration hearings. Anyone that reads this blog knows that Larry B. is full of shit a lot and this is just another instance.

    There were rumors about Peca coming to the Rangers. That’s not going to happen

    As for D-men, there are about 8 defensemen that he mentioned have a shot at making this team. From a personnel aspect he expects Staal to be one of them, but be prepared for a battle when camp opens. He also mentioned that Hutchinson has as good a shot as any.

  85. Darius Kashperovsky on

    Staal is more ready than Anisimov, yet the Rangers signed Strudwick after seeing Staal in the development camp.

    Anisimov was not THAT impressive in the development camp that they think he will make the team. And let’s face it, it was only a development camp. Anisimov likely will benefit more from a season in AHL.

  86. This could be one of the longest feeling offseasons ever. It already feels longer than the entire lockout ever felt to me.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    So, apparently I’m gay. I hope my girlfriend doesn’t find out.

    See you when camp opens or when Sam actually bans an IP address.

  88. Jeez..Yennerpork

    You are a disease infested parasite.
    Get a job, life, girl, guy, or anything to get you the heck outta here.
    Nobody here likes you or your homophobic immature comments.
    Just get lost…Please

  89. I am Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate! A pirate I was meant to be, trim the sails and roam the sea!

    Even if a woodchuck could chuck wood and even if a woodchuck would chuck wood, should a woodchuck chuck wood?

    A woodchuck should chuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood, as long as a woodchuck would chuck wood!

  90. last guy not real Kaspar
    Now I sign off until site gets filter or Mike Keenan type to restore order

  91. czechthemout!!!!! on

    marek malik is the most undereated dman in the nhl!he should be among the finalists for the norris trophy every year.his +/- is tops among all dman the last two years.his 2,900,000 contract is a bargain!he even contributes the odd goal.we here at BB should all salute him for his consistantly strong game.anyone who thinks otherwise does not know anything about hockey

  92. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    What are your smoking? This is not BB, Malik is making 2.5 milion and he sucks. Who cares if he is underrated or overrated the sooner he goes the bettah.

  93. ORR Kicks Yin Yang.,,.(Again) on

    Go commit suicide fake Orr….

    Lol Bud Bundy…Thats the best thing ive heard all day…Good one Kaspar

  94. I don’t understand why Marek Malik became a hockey player instead of a basketball star. In fact, I don’t understand why any non-scoring, non-physical defensemen decided to be hockey players.

  95. This has been providing me with entertainment at work all day. God do I love it when people who take things far to seriously run into someone who knows how to push said person’s buttons. And the best part is you brought it upon yourself.

  96. Sam
    Do you think that Tiger will play at Westchester in a couple of weeks? Will we get a good field?

  97. Sam you mostly have the babies & kids of the family, and it’s dysfunctional. Somebody has to monitor you blog and delete the garbage for starters.

  98. Imagination I agree 100%

    This the real Kaspar. Well, you know, The “Realer” one anyway.

    Kiddie Kaspars read Ranger blog evry day. They love the Doodie’s and the real Orr’s and Czechthemout and Phgas, imagination,salted, JagrGal, blueclue but not these foulmouth, racist hooligans.


  99. Wow-

    This site has hit a new low. And of course all courtesy of the lowest of the low…Prince Yenner Von Anus-
    You are easily THE SINGLE most pathetically sad person I have ever encountered on a blog.

    And for the record, those posts above were NOT Sam actually.
    Sam knows how to spell, has his name underlined (which no one else can) and doesn’t link his name to the New York Post, Yenner you genius.

    Go pleasure yourself elsewhere, just not here anymore-

  100. DanTheRangerFan on

    wow go away for a few weeks and everything hit the fan huh…I just find it so funny that one individual has so much time to sit at the computer all day and act like such a baby.

  101. Beowulf: Has this thing, this troll, killed any children?
    King Hrothgar: No.
    Beowulf: Women?
    [Hrothgar shakes his head]
    Beowulf: Old men?
    King Hrothgar: What are you saying? That he fights with a clean heart? He kills the strongest first. He shows us he can kill the strongest. Who cares if he spares the children? They’ll die anyway without fathers.
    Beowulf: My wits still war with how this all began.
    King Hrothgar: Hate for the mead hall. I can only guess. The night we finished it the foul creep came.
    Beowulf: So, nothing was done to the troll itself?
    King Hrothgar: Oh, Beowulf, it’s a fucking troll! Maybe someone looked at it the wrong way.

  102. Actually, BlueClue, his most recent real posts haven’t been underlined, but that’s clearly not the right link attached to his name. I think next time Sam shouldn’t tell us when he’s leaving because that’s when the blog goes to crap in a bucket.

    I’m sad that Comrade Kaspar doesn’t like me. :(

  103. Salty, why should I go to the game with you? Especially when I prefer to watch the games at home. Yes, I have been twice, didn’t like it much. On TV it is much more fun, plus I don’t have to pay or waste time traveling.

  104. Of course I forget to mention the Spiderpig… I would clear the crease for you my Comrade! for 1.9 million even

  105. ORR Kicks Yin Yang.,,.(Again) on

    How many Saltys are there…are they all the same…Theres about 4 or 5 i seen….

    Anyway…Salty..If you bring him to a game…bring a dagger

  106. Spiderpig

    I realized the underlining thing myself post facto. Thanks-

    …and if you noticed, when the consummate moron imitated me, the link was to the new york post, of course.

    Guy has admittedly been to two Rangers games in his life, prefers to watch game at home and thinks he knows hockey…hah!

  107. Ah good Kaspar, I am sure you would take less pay to clear the crease in the NHL this season. Too bad it’s probably not allowed, at least not to clear cap space. At least the spiderpig would have enough traction to be on the ice, not like a slippery normal pig.

    I was just looking at the 2005 draft results, and found an interesting fact: the Thrashers took Bourret with the pick they got from us at #16, and now he is on the Rangers. Just a coincidence I suppose. Of course, we were up at #12 picking M-Staal.

  108. “I was just looking at the 2005 draft results, and found an interesting fact: the Thrashers took Bourret with the pick they got from us at #16, and now he is on the Rangers. Just a coincidence I suppose. Of course, we were up at #12 picking M-Staal”

    wow you are a sharp one, aren’t you?

  109. ORR

    Just 1 Salt flavored poster who changes ‘editions’ frequently

    My handles used to be incredibly raunchy, if anyone remembers that. The original handle was *Salted Meat* when I decided I had to ‘comment’ to ask Sam if he could find out some of the titles of the crazy Euro-Techno NYR listens to while working out. I’ve stuck around since because Sam actually responded and I knew right away this was a unique place where we have the *very* close link to the team. Sam is a good guy and this blog is a special source of info for something close to all our hearts. I think most of us realize that and that keeps us here, not to mention there are a lot of good guys and gals that post here that are fun to share the whole experience with.


    Why should you come with me to a game? First off, please erase the idea from your mind that I *need* you to come, by any means. Trust me I have chiller people to take and better things to do than entertain you. However, I was just trying to make a gesture to you in hopes that you might lighten the hell up around here, since you are not going to leave us alone. *Reality Check: It’s the dead of August and you are trolling a small Rangers message board of about 12 current posters in the offseason.* Maybe someone just needs to buy you a brew and be your friend for 60 mins, if not the whole night, from time to time. Y’know slap five when Shanny puts the puck away past Martang, share a GASP when Henke stones Malkin on a breakaway, and all that stuff being a real fan is all about. Unity.

    For the first time in a LONG time this team has the potential to be REALLY good. Everyones trying to enjoy it and get excited for camp/preseason/season . You should too.

    The offer stands. And please lighten up.

  110. I don’t consume any alcoholic beverages, that stuff is for the losers. I am not the one who needs to lighten up, 12 and a half other posters need to. And how about you lighten up and listen to some other music than Phish. And I am by far not the only troll here, but everybody likes to make me a scapegoat for every Wereweinman and others.

    I guess I am not a real fan then, since I don’t want to sit next to bunch of drunk stupid fans who whistle “Potvin Sucks” and stand up to national anthem and cheer Messier like mindless sheep.

  111. ORR Kicks Yin Yang.,,.(Again) on

    I have to agee with Yenner just a little bit…

    Im a huge Ranger fan…And i like to go to games every now and then…but i like watching the TV version…mostly cause Sam and JD / now Joe…

    I really dont like Ranger fans to be honest…only the ones like most of the people here who believe in the team and are proud of the season they had and the comeback and yada yada know the drill…

    Anyway…unfrotunetly NYR fans are alot like Yenner…which makes me hate most like isles and devs fans…


    You need to lighten up…Your the one who pretends to be someone…even when no one is attacking you…

    I mean…jesus…This blog is great…im in here before every game…and even when the off season is a borefest with no NYR news…i come here to chat with some cool NYR fans…and this is what we all have to get…non stop whining from ungrateful losers like yourself and Robby Bonfire…

    Enough already… is alright…but its to dark there…i like the light colors im staying here no matter what…

  112. kaspar's friend on

    wow. with all the name calling and bull crap it sounds as though this site really went down hill. is this or is this not a site where Ranger fans can just talk about Ranger crap and not everyday normal crap??

    Kaspar Rocks!!! fool

  113. Hi,

    Alright im filling in for Sam. But just for the record the Sam above is not really him, as reader Blue Clue pointed out earlier.

    We here at Rangers Report want to maintain a friendly outlook to this blog. As Sam Said on his most recent update, Lets keep it Civil, and not turn this into Civil War.

    For any Ranger fans who are expecting anything from the team, there is absolutely no news from the team. So your gonna have to sit tight cause i have a feeling it will be a while before we here anything on the team.

    But i will fill in for Sam if need be, and he’s still wrapped up in his work. So all i ask is that you try and keep things fiendly around here. At least give Sam that, while he’s sweating his brains out in Oklahoma. Please stop for his sake, he doesnt want to return to this.


  114. I hate blacks, lol, ha, me the mighty pirate will kill black jack, hes been such a nack, has a shlong like a tic tac, oh thats wack.

    He be he shall forget your hal

    were are me i am you he be need to fall

  115. What i like about Vhinnie Pooh
    He keeps me warm at night
    Never wanna let you go, know you make me feel alright


    What i like about you
    What i like about you

  116. Yenner

    You must have had one sick messed up childhood.
    I truly feel bad for you.
    But this is not a forum for adolescents who were
    battered and abused by their daddies.

    I can however see why your parents treated you the way they did.
    You are an annoying freak and should be a frontrunner for the annual Darwin Awards.

    Look it up, you eneducated tool.

  117. Yenner, if people who drink a brew AT the actual game are losers, then what dies that make people who hide behind perpetually changing handles on a quaint little message board, trying to get a rouse out of the *real fans*?

    You’re not a fan, you’re a nuisance, and you are very likely so much of a social outcast in your real life that you’ve gotten to the point where you reject social interaction with *normal* people altogether… tahts why you don’t like going to the games. You are afraid of people, and you get rejected everywhere you go, even in cyberspace.

    It’s one thing if you don’t drink
    It’s another thing if you think people who do drink are losers
    It’s a completely different thing altogether for someone like you to call anyone else in this world a loser.

    The guy outside my building, Benny, who spends his day begging for change, so that he can save up enough for a nugget of yellow crack, is less of a loser than you Yenner. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. The guy is at least living a life of some sort, trying to be happy if not for just 20 mins at a time. He’s not a miserable twat to other people, he doesn’t harass anyone on Rangers forums, and he’s *wise* enough to not ever call anyone else a loser. Sure, he would probably steal a $20 out of my pocket in a second if he had the chance, but he’s still a more respectable guy than you on pretty much every level imaginable. He also probably has a better grasp on what the Rangers should do with the PP, C3, or hockey in general than you ever will. Even Benny can tell you that: Just cause you have a thing for “bad boys” and think a guy would look cute on the Rangers bench does not mean he’s a good fit on the squad, that’s just not how it works hun.

    I would also bet Benny probably would get chosen before you in a pickup hockey game any day of the week, even with his mangled leg. Stick around, you’re fooling no one. The *real fans* here are tight enough by now to know who’s who regardless of handles. *But you can keep trying to fool everyone kid, you are a prime example that the leopard can’t change his spots.*

  118. Salty, save your spiel for someone who cares. Only a loser would write some long rambling about real fans and other nonsense. You just wasted so much time writing that nonhumorous nonsense and yet you dare call me a loser?

  119. Oooh Yenny, It was time verrrry well spent, away from my stack of documents and files. And I actually made *points* that I’m sure people actually *agree* with. Quite honestly, you’re not so bad to have around now that we’ve learned how to make you the joke.

    PS I went out and told Benny about you a little while ago when I ran out to my car to get my binder of a million Phish CDs, he said “Bring *Lenner* on!” But I had to tell him you don’t dare leave your house, not even for Ranger games. ;)

  120. Salty you sound as dry as a sandpaper without even a hint of humour in you. And the only points you made is that you are an idiot.

    And all those attending sports, all those that drink alcoholic drinks, all those that stand up for national anthem, all those that believe in god, all those that smoke, and all those that do drugs are all losers

  121. Yenner, what makes a “winner” in your opinion? Cool trenchcoat? Sweet computer with a blue light-up casing?

    Also, What’s your opinion on the iPhone?

    and Kaspar, did you get yours yet? (iPhone)

  122. “Your a loser”
    “No your a loser”
    “I know you are but what am I?”

    Stop making yourselves look like idiots and relax people, calling others losers on the internet is just plain silly. Imitating others is down right dumb. I dont mind people who have different opinions than myself so Yenner I am find with you voicing your thoughts even though they are outside the box but why make racist remarks or imitate people?

    I have no sympathy for alot of you though because you brought this upon yourselves. I feel bad for the people who took no part in boycotts that caused other members to lash out. There are very few people here who dont have blood on their hands.

  123. “And all those attending sports, all those that drink alcoholic drinks, all those that stand up for national anthem, all those that believe in god, all those that smoke, and all those that do drugs are all losers”

    Do you mind explaining your reasoning for some of those things? The two that I find curious are attending sports and standing for the national anthem, I it is rare to hear arguments for why those things are bad or “loser like”. The others are more common but I would love to hear your reasoning.

  124. “I am find with you voicing your thoughts even though they are outside the box but why make racist remarks or imitate people?”

    because it wasn’t me

    “Also, What’s your opinion on the iPhone?”

    kills bees and gives you cancer

  125. Fred “Stop making yourselves look like idiots and relax people, calling others losers on the internet is just plain silly.”
    you deal with it. So far you’re not doing too good.

  126. If you think about it sports are nothing more than a mindless addiction, nothing more than a waste of time and money(if you buy tickets). I curse the day I got addicted to hockey and Rangers.

    Nationalism is only appropriate in very rare occasions, not be shoved down people’s throats every time 2 teams play, those that swollow it down like the good mindless sheep that they are are losers. Also it pisses me off how much time it takes for all those assholes with their anthems before the game begins.

  127. “Yenner, what makes a “winnerâ€? in your opinion? Cool trenchcoat? Sweet computer with a blue light-up casing?”

    nobody is a winner, we are all losers, some more so, some less.

  128. ORR Kicks Yin Yang.,,.(Again) on


    Im surprised i actually read the whole post and didnt skip through….but if there was anything that explained a day in the life of Yenner…Then that was perfect


    do yourself a favor and shut up….either your another loser created by Yenner to pretend he has friends…or your just a pathetic loser with no life…like yenner…

    If you have nothing to do with Yenner…then mind your buisness….For your info…none of us attempted a boycott…this asshole lashed out way before then….

  129. “si3 find another country to live in. Try Iran.”

    So you want all the free thinkers leave for Iran, so everybody left in the USA would be a mindless brainwashed sheep?

    “Do you read any Palahniuk?”

    no, does he write similar themes as what I am saying?

  130. ORR Kicks Yin Yang.,,.(Again) on

    Looks like Yenner has leaked into

    Hopefully he stays…I feel bad for those guys though…


  131. Chuck Palahniuk wrote Fight Club, among several other *great* novels some of which are in production for film (which I’m not happy about). I would reccommend some of his stuff but you sound depressed/fragile enough right now that I honestly don’t think it would be a good idea for you to read that stuff at the moment. It’s powerfully depressing stuff and can really strip humanity down to filth if you read too deeply into it and make you feel like shit.

    I still wonder who you hold in high regard. What constitutes a lesser-loser to you? Amount of money? Sex? Fame? Power? Skill on ice? Records? Record sales? Who are your idols Yenner? What would you strive to be if you could start at 3 years old knowing everything you know now? Don’t say you don’t have any, you know that’s not true.

  132. Well Orr I think if you take a second to read what I write you might realize I am certainly not Yenner. (Giving Yenner benefit of doubt here) when someone posted as Sam they had some clear signs, link to NY Post and writing style. If you look back before people pointed that out you might see I exhibit none of those.

    So I guess that means I “just a pathetic loser with no life…like yenner…” Oh well, similar to Salted I like to come on this blog to take a break from booking trades at work. You can think of me however you like BUT you only continue to prove my points about not accepting the opinions of others.

    I like to make posts in spurts rather than being part of the mob that posts the same things over and over. BUT I was here when this whole ignore Yenner thing began, and while he certainly wasnt being polite or positive he also didnt deserve exile. As I said this isnt a black and white thing, many are in the wrong.

    So, call me a loser and say I am “not doing too good” but you read back for yourself. No one has been imitated or insulted (except by ORR) since I posted. You might disagree with how he feels about the National anthem, personally I accept and try to grasp the opinions of others whether or not I agree with them. A blog where everyone says the same exact thing is not very interesting.

  133. ORR Kicks Yin Yang.,,.(Again) on


    I never said you WERE yenner…All i said is “your either someone created by him” or your just crazy for defending him…

    none the less….Youve been here for a while…But not long enough to se all of what this morons done…

    Start with pretending to be Me..Salted..Blue Clue..all the down the list…even when none of us did anything to piss him off…And then pretending to me Sam and Josh and acting gay…literally…and then the whole racist remarks by him…

    Are you drunk….how is that entertaining…jesus what are you on

  134. “Looks like Yenner has leaked into”

    couldn’t be me again, they blocked my IP. They really don’t like anyone who knows more about prospects than they do. Jessshmuck used to gush about Guenin and I said that he likely won’t be signed by Rangers, looks like I was right.

    “I still wonder who you hold in high regard. What constitutes a lesser-loser to you? Amount of money? Sex? Fame? Power? Skill on ice? Records? Record sales?”

    whatever makes you happy.

    “Who are your idols Yenner?”

    very few. I used to think very highly of George R. R. Martin, but I feel like he sold out somewhat with all the card games, comic book, role playing games, collector’s editions, etc. I am really not into any idol worshipping.

  135. ORR Kicks Yin Yang.,,.(Again) on

    I got nothing personal against Hollweg….He needs to start doing his job…which is hitting…Orr does his job…his jobs fighting…just incase you forgot…and he does a damn good job of it…and he had a wopping 2 goals and 1 assist

  136. Sam / Josh they block IP addresses or delete posts @ BB for good reasons & even explain why. If you don’t , the results will be what you are getting.

  137. “So you want all the free thinkers leave for Iran, so everybody left in the USA would be a mindless brainwashed sheep?”

    you obviously don’t deserve to be free, and if what you do is called thinking, the definition has changed drastically. I have a salute for you since you don’t believe in the flag of the USA. You can have whatever hockey opinion you want, but when you talk your political nonsense, take it on a hop!

  138. kaspar's friend on



  139. “whatever makes you happy”

    these things all make people happy:

    Your argument is lacking congruency.

    What makes someone less of a loser in your opinion? Teemu Selanne is bending models over the Stanley Cup all summer long, on what grounds do you consider him a loser? Further, would you think it was true if he turned around from tagging said model-bent-over-Cup and called you a loser, or do you consider youself just as much of a loser as him?

  140. Drugs, Alcohol and ciggs are for losers like most here. Woops i mean all here,

    Hey josh come to my place later ok, the wife and kids wont be home

  141. ORR Kicks Yin Yang.,,.(Again) on

    Im telling you…this is like a bad Scooby Doo episode…We need the gang to solve this friggin mystery so we can go back to the hockey chat…i dont know who’s who anymore.

  142. “What makes someone less of a loser in your opinion? Teemu Selanne is bending models over the Stanley Cup all summer long, on what grounds do you consider him a loser?”

    90% of models are scary, skinny and semi-ugly.

  143. LOOK jerk , this is a hockey blog on the NYR. The rest is out of bounds. Find a different blog for your other subjects. Talk hockey or keep quiet. Don’t try to veil your rubbish by saying a blurb about hockey. GET IT? …..THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. SI3 3 days ago, but you continue with your need for attention by playing kids games. You’ve become a nuisance and a distraction. That’s why you been banned on other sites. You need help. And by the way I can get alot nastier. … Now what would you like to talk about on the subject of hockey?

  145. “Now what would you like to talk about on the subject of hockey?”

    for starters, lets discuss how to get Joel Lundqvist here and get that stiff Betts out of here

  146. What’s so great about Joel? He might be a distraction for Henrik. I’m not a big Betts fan but he’s done a decent job as the 4th line center & a good job on the PK. He’ll be lucky to make it thru this season and will probably lose his job by 2008. That’s if they stop pegging kids as 2nd line centers or nothing. Immonen might have been better than Betts & Cullen if he was handed the job like they were.. Now with 2 new centers it’s ok to say a 3rd or 4th line center for a kid.

  147. Anisimov and Dubinsky look more like 2nd and 3rd line centers, respectively. Anisimov still could turn out to be a bust or bolt back to Russia. Drury has played wing most of his career, so there is room for Joel, at least for now.

  148. your assuming Dallas wants to trade him , and for a fair price. They just resigned him and seem to have high hopes for him. If he’s anything like his brother, would you trade him?

  149. The 2 kids have to start lower & work their way up, unless there is an injury or they storm past Drury or Gomez. But that’s not likely in the next year or 2. They need seasoning & real NHL experience, including the playoffs.

  150. BTW, I hope Dan Girardi was not a fluke last season, because I thought he was one of the best defensemen in NHL, I couldn’t believe the way he played, can’t wait to see him for entire season. I have never been so impressed by a young defenseman.

  151. They do have high hopes for Hossa. He actually played better than his brother in the playoffs, but his brother is a better player. The NYR Hossa needs more confidence and a better work ethic. His brother might be available too. Hossa will more than likely be back on Jagr’s line and it will be up to him to stay there. He has the talent & ability.

  152. Go to the NYR’s site and read about Busto. He might be even better. Girardi should be fine, but the sophmore jinx can be real.

  153. “Go to the NYR’s site and read about Busto.”

    problem is there aren’t enough spots. I don’t know why they re-signed Pock and Strudwick when we got Staal, Baranka, Liffiton and Potter on top of Busto.

    I hope Baranka and Liffiton finally make the team. They are much better than Malik, Pock, Hutchinson or Strudwick.

    I haven’t seen Potter yet, but if you search youtbe you will se a sweet hit he put on Hensick.

    I don’t have much faith in Hossa. Then again it could be as Cullen said that Renney’s system is a 2 line team with the other 2 lines playing over conservatively. In any case Renney is a crappy coach, can’t wait till he is gone.

  154. Renney has gotten good results even though his methods can be questioned. The D needs improving, but the TEAM D has worked in the meantime.

  155. Good results were despite Renney, not because of Renney.

    To improve the D is easy, just dump Pock, Malik and Mara. Send Strudwick and Hutchinson to Hartford and play Staal, Baranka and Liffiton.

  156. That is a long run solution. People all hate Malik but to say that any of those younger guys are better than him is just plain wrong. Staal is the best of the bunch and he is a 3rd pair defensemen (right now). Malik is a 2nd pair defensemen on most teams in the league. He has experience and is not as bad as people make him otu to be.

    Throwing in 3 first year defensemen isnt going to do anything but bad. Staal should make this team, give the other two more time.

  157. They are not going with inexperienced kids, they want to go further than this year. But like Girardi, openings will come.

  158. I disagree, think of beginning of last season, did you think Girardi was better than Malik? What about now? All you need to do is give them a chance. All those players are at least faster and more physical than Malik. Liffiton is nasty and can fight, he is an excellent choice for 7th defenseman. Baranka really impressed me last pre-season. Remember that shortie he scored? And reports of him from juniors were very impressive, not just from coaches, but from teammates and his numbers would be much better if he didn’t play for defensive maniac coach Kevin Constantine. Staal right now looks like a beast from the videos I saw of him in development camp.

    And remember with the Rangers top pairing defensemen face the least amount of work because they usually go against other teams’ defensive lines and have puck possession most of the time.

  159. blue that wasn’t necessary, but somewhat funny. so talk hockey without getting personal.

  160. who would you let drive your car 120mph, a nascar driver r a 22 year old who the fastest his driven is 80mph? Sather & Renney are professional hockey people, it’s their career, not just a game. They are making educated decisions, but nobody is 100% correct 100% of the time.

  161. “who would you let drive your car 120mph?”


    Baranka is a better defenseman already than Malik. Malik still makes rookie mistakes and is more inconsistant than a rookie.

  162. have you seen Baranka play? He wasn’t even the 1st choice last season. They picked Girardi. There are reasons for that.

  163. Didn’t you see Baranka play in pre-season last year? He looked great, fast, physical, calm in the defensive zone. Baranka was better than Girardi in pre-season. He does get injured a lot, that is the only thing I can think of that has held him back. Girardi was healthy at the time, plus he is a year older.

  164. Baranka’s problem seems to be his progress has been blighted by injury. I remember reading that Renney had said he looked good but needed to stay injury free to prove he can handle a full season at NHL level.
    I would love to see Malik moved (and possibly Mara too) but i don’t think they will trade them, especially as this will probably be Shanny’s last season and Jagr has this year plus his option year, the idea must be to keep a veteran presence on the backline rather than take too many risks in one go.

    I think management is looking to 08/09 to bring in players like Staal, Baranka, Liffiton, Sauer, Bourret, Byers etc…they will need to splash out on a couple of free agent wingers to fill the slots left by Shanny, Jagr and Straka so it makes sense to use the younger players lower salaries to balance it out.

  165. UKR that looks like the plan, go for it next season and ‘kids’ n 08. With the Peca possibility, a D man and a backup goalie are not far fetched. I think this could be Sather’s last year, just a hunch. Schoenfeld will know which kids are or will be NHL ready.

  166. Peca falls under a cap escape clause. So there’s almost $1mil available to go against the following season’s cap.

  167. From what i was reading a few weeks ago (when free agency started) Peca was looking in the $1-1.5m range. If we sign him for 1 year (IMO) it is the management saying they don’t think Dubi or Ansimov are ready for full-time 3rd line duty in the NHL yet.
    I figure Peca wants a shot at the Stanley pie and the Rangers look like real contenders (at least at forward and in nets) hence his interest and modest salary expectations.

    I don’t oppose us signing Peca, but if Dubi or Ansimov look good at training camp will they be given a legitimate chance or will they have to wait for an in-season injury call-up?

  168. Renney always finds excuses for not playing good young prospects and instead going with the proven vets like Hall, Isbister, and Krog.

    “I think management is looking to 08/09 to bring in players like Staal, Baranka, Liffiton, Sauer, Bourret, Byers etc…they will need to splash out on a couple of free agent wingers to fill the slots left by Shanny, Jagr and Straka so it makes sense to use the younger players lower salaries to balance it out.”

    I doubt there will be enough cap space, and Jagr will still be here that year, and Straka maybe too to keep the idiot happy.

  169. Interesting also that Meehan is Lundqvist’s agent, so he has some relationship already with Sather.

    When he says there’s a 50-50 chance of Pecker being a Ranger, i’d tend to think it will happen.

    SI3, I agree…. there will be no room or reason for Betts if Peca is signed.

  170. Peca said “That would be a great fit. Is it going to happen? I’m not 100% sure. We’ll see what happens.” so that’s up from 50-50.

  171. I have been following your blog for three days now and I should say I am starting to like your post. Now how do I subscribe to your blog?

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