Rangers sign Artem Anisimov


This is hardly a surprise since the deal was all but official a few weeks ago, but in finally locking in the 19-year-old center, the Rangers now have an early candidate to take Matt Cullen’s place as third-line center.

From what I saw of Anisimov in the late June prospect camp, he is a promising versatile player who already has NHL size. And as much as I didn’t like the Cullen deal, it may be more palatable if this is who gets to take his place.

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  1. Anyone taking odds that Peca ends up being third line Center? I believe the early line is:

    2:1 Peca
    5:1 Avery
    10:1 Dubinsky
    15:1 Anisimov

  2. What’s going on with Jarkko Immonen?Is he going back to Europe or is he waiting for the Rangers to deal him to a better situation?He has not signed with a team in Europe and it’s August 2.Plus the season in Europe starts earlier than the NHL

  3. A positive step to the future. Give him a shot with the big team to see what he can do early on. I’m guessing he’ll spend the biggest chunk of the year in Hartford (better than playing 8 mins a game in the NHL).

  4. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Forget Peca…I was watching the NYI vs NYR game 2 days ago…Give Dubinsky or Ansimov the shot…Even Pyatt if he is damn good at camp…

    Its good to know we have options down at center god forbid Gomer..Drury..or Betts goes down with an injury…

    NYR fans are still complaining were signing to many vets and not enough youth…

    Thats BS…But hopefully if anything we can possibly get Jovo if hes healthy…

    But i can not wait to see who gets 3rd line center…

  5. I find it hard to believe that Sather dumped Cullen with the forsight of moving this kid into the third line center spot. A 19 year old kid centering Prucha and Callahan, I don’t think so.

  6. Jovo?

    Look at the Rangers salary cap situation and attempt to explain how Jovo fits into the Rangers salary structure/cap going forward.That’s a $6.5 million cap hit for the next four seasons.Look at the Rangers current salary commitments
    and how many players are up for free agency next summer.Don’t forget the Shanahan bonuses could roll over to the 08-09 cap

  7. ORR – God forbid Betts goes down with injury? I never thought I’d hear those words. Even with his penalty killing, he’s not a big piece.

  8. Sather dumped Cullen for salary cap purposes.Even without the Cullen contract,the Rangers have little breathing room.Can you imagine their cap situation with Cullen on the roster?

  9. They’re not done making moves, IMHO… either $3M Mara or $2.5M Malik is gone before opening night to correct the cap situation.

  10. Colorado Mark on

    I say Straka will be the third line center, especially if Hossa is on the 1st and Avery onthe 2nd. I doubt Anisimov or Dubinsky will start the year with the big club. I don’t know if Anisimov and Cheraponov are “buddies”. I’m sure they would be friendly since they share a common language, but Russia’s a pretty big place. I think they met for the first time at the Prospect camp, and definitely showed some chemistry.

  11. Anisimov is only 19, he would have to be absolutely amazing to get the spot on the team this season, pretty much o% chance of it happening, especially with Dubinsky and Pyatt being ahead in the queue.

  12. Colorado if Straka is healthy, that’s probably his new position. He makes more than Cullen did, but so far he’s the leading candidate unless Renney takes Hossa off Jagr’s line.

  13. ORR congratulations you have officially gained the title of our “Resident Retarded Remark Maker”

    It seems as if you tried to push away GGOG to have a clean path and since then have been going posting only stupid comments, congrats Skip the work paid off.

  14. Why not have a kid line? It worked for Edmonton back in the day and it makes complete sense with the way the salary cap system is set up. The problem is Renney has to be able to allocate playing time to the kids and not bench them in the third period, which he has a tendency to do.

    Not sure if anyone responded to the Immonen comment yet, but he’s done with the Rangers pretty much. Was talking about going back home. He won’t be in the mix. We’ve discussed here before, so we don’t need to bring it all up again…

  15. I say who ever has the best camp should get the third line center spot. It is not too far fetched to think a kid could be a contributer out of the shoot. Look at Parise, that kid is the real deal, and why do we know this? Because he was given a fair shot.

    I will stand by wanting Hossa on that first line to start the season though. He deserves to be given a fair shot. I was watching some games that I had saved from last year and he looked great before he got hurt.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    “I doubt Anisimov or Dubinsky will start the year with the big club. I don’t know if Anisimov and Cheraponov are “buddiesâ€?. I’m sure they would be friendly since they share a common language, but Russia’s a pretty big place. ”

    Hey Kaspar, what do you think about that?

  17. Robby Bonfire on

    RICK: Don’t ever take up bookmaking /laying odds as a profession – you will get hammered. In posting your odds on who the Rangers 3rd line center will be, you took merely 65 points out of a round book of 100 points representing fair value odds.

    Books quote anywhere from a round book total of 104.54 for football (laying 11 to win 10), to upwards of a round book of 120+ on horse racing. You probably don’t even know what I am talking about. This is why quoting odds is not your forte.

  18. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    Go F youarself….Im guessing your GOGG since your so quick to defend him


    Obviously they cant afford Jovo…Unless they dump Maara and Malik as rumored…either way im happy with the team…and all i care about on D is Staal making the team..


    Even though we have Pock for 2 more years…I wouldnt be surprised if he wants to get traded…He should be part of the lineup…Id like Pock..Staal..Tyutin..and Girardi…Rozsival..But looks like Mara or Malik will take that spot from him unfortunetly


    Whoa there…dont twist my comments…Im just being nice…Im just saying if we lose centers we have centers in Hartford that can come up…Promising centers


    Like Nick said…We had to dump Cullens contract cause we needed to re sign Hossa and Avery…Would you rather have Cullen and lose Gomez or Drury…or both Avery and Hossa…I miss Cullen but I like the idea of a kid line…Ansimov..Dubinky..Pyatt…sounds good

  19. Robby Bonfire on

    RICK: A plausible line, with a round book of 100, adjusting your numbers for your inherent discrepancy, would give a line as follows:

    Peca 1-1 50%

    Avery 3-1 25%

    Dubinsky 6-1 14%

    Anisimov 8-1 11%

    For a round book total of 100. NOW you’re cooking with petrol. (No wonder so many people lose their shirt gambling- they don’t know a rigged odds wagering proposition when they see one.) This is how the Oregon Lotto a few years back was able to pay off 7.00 for each one dollar bet on one of their football Lotto parlays which should have paid $128 for each dollar wagered and won. We feed the criminals at the top in this dumb-ass society from our own ignorance and stupidity.

  20. Bonfire, I can’t belive you have returned to post nonsense again. What you’re saying is probably true, but I’m pretty sure you are the only one who cares about it. He was only posting the likelyhood of who was gonna be the player to fill that postion. I suppose you don’t like the page in ESPN Magazine where they have “odds” because they don’t come in around 100. Why are you here instead of preparing for the Hambletonian, anyway?

    Orr, yeah, I know, but nobody should get worked up about Betts possibly getting injured. Also, we have people on the team that would play center for Gomez or Drury before anyone would come up from the HWP. The call-up would likely be a wing if one of those two gets hurt.

  21. CULLEN didn’t want to play here. Why would anyone want him in a Rangers sweater if CULLEN didn’t want to play on this type of team??? Thats why he is gone. The Rangers don’t have a legitimate 3d line center now. Do you really think Sather would have let Cullen go if he didn’t want out after signing the two other centers and letting Nylander leave? I don’t think so. Cullen did not want to be here. Blair Betts is going to get a shot at 3d line center as much as I disagree with it. But it makes sense when you look at last years use of Betts. A rookie will get spot time on the 4th line. The Rangers will not get to the Final 4 without 4 strong lines and scoring from the point. If they can swing a trade, it might improve the 4th line or the offensive part of the defense. What do they have to trade? Defensemen and possibly a goalie. the problem is , as everyone knows, the Rangers have to trade from the pro roster for cap removal so they can add salary from a new player. So if the Rangers cannot move a salary player in a trade, nothing will happen.

  22. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    What i dont get about Blair Betts is…he looks like he has potential…he has a few nice goals this season….Look at the defensmen split during the ducks game….beautiful….but then it seems like he’s just there for faceoffs and pk’ing…

    Its really a shame he was extended….Hopefully he shoots more this season…Cause it looks like he has a pretty decent shot…

    But once again…an…Orr – Betts Hollweg line…idk…

    But then again every team needs there energy line….

  23. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    JOHN M

    Its not that Cullen didnt wanna be a Ranger….He just didnt fit here…and wasnt used the right way…But he knew it was good for his game to learn something new…

    In the end…I think Cullen will come back to haunt us during those games against the Canes

  24. John M where are Hossa, Straka, & Avery going to play? If Hossa is back with Jagr, Avery with Shanahan, Straka drops from psuedo 2nd line center to pseudo 3rd. That’s if he’s able to play. Otherwise Hossa is back on the 4th line. If they go out & get Peca, one of the few who would fit in the cap situation right now, it’s even more of a lineup jumble….Cullen probably was the guy asking to be traded. He seemed happy to get out of Renney’s system & back to Carolina’s. He’ll probably put up better #s with them just by being on the point on the PP.

  25. Betts already got a shot as a 3rd line center 2 seasons ago and as a 2nd line center last season and he stinks as either. I think he even stinks as a 4th line center.

  26. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    How many more years is left on Betts contract…..Does anyone think NYR would extend him again???

  27. 2 more seasons of toture watching Betts

    I think Pock is much better than Hutchinson, he is younger, more physical, better defensively and about the same offensively. But either way Baranka is a notch better then both.

  28. I agree with Evil Genius, Betts has NEVER looked good when you move him off the 4th line…each time Renney tried to force him into the 3rd line center spot (and even the 2nd line center spot last year, which still gives me and Shanny nightmares) the team has been worse-off…if Betts is anything but our 4th line center next year we have problems…not only will you not get the offensive production you need out of a 3rd line center (yes I already know what else Betts brings to the table, that’s why he’s an adequate 4th liner), but also Blair “4 assists all season” Betts WILL stunt the growth of Prucha and/or Callahan if he plays on a line with them…

    people are saying play Straka at the 3rd line center spot, but Straka has shown to be nowhere near as effective when he’s played center in the 2 years he’s been here…he CAN play there, but playing a natural winger like Straka (or Avery) out of position shouldn’t be considered a permanent solution…

    I’m not against seeing what Anisimov can do in training camp, but I think the 3rd line center spot should now be Dubinsky’s position to lose…

    Dubinsky held his own on the 2nd line when he was called up last year, and playing on the 3rd line this year would allow him an easier transition into the lineup…he should be given every chance to earn that spot in training camp…as of right now, there isn’t any center inside the organization (Blair Betts: NO!) or outside the organization (old and slow, offensively-challenged Mike Peca, setting up Callahan and Prucha: NO!) that is a better option than giving Dubinsky a shot

  29. pyatt is not ahead of ani…ani played in the rsl with men. true he played most of the season in the defensive role, but finally when he got more of a offensive role, he produced

    and really, from everything i have heard about the prospect camp, he is one of the top performers

  30. and dubinsky’s position to lose? you don’t give a 20 year old a position based upon a cup of coffee last year

    really, i expect avery to be the 3rd line center…maybe something like this

    straka – gomez – jagr
    prucha – drury – shanny
    dawes – avery – callahan
    hossa – betts – hollwegg
    ex – orr

    and don’t be surprised to see them carry 2 d instead of 2 o since pock and strudwick can play winger…..

  31. Dubinsky is 21. Pyatt is a year older than Anisimov and is a proven scorer on junior level. Anisimov never even played 70 game season or on smaller rink.

  32. czechthemout!!!!! on

    great news about anisimov! i to say that i am very impressed with the quality of the depth in our system.credit has to go to sather and maloney.i am saddened though that we will lose one or even two of these guys because they are all first or second line quality centers and will not be able to play here.

    dubinsky is the one who will be given the chance and hopefully the room to be the 3rd line center.pyatt has to pay his dues in hartford and anisimov is in a new country and needs to get acclimated to the usa.starting in n.y. is a
    very dificult transition to make.

  33. 1st line quality? 2nd line is tops. And Drury can play wing if needed.

    Anisimov, Dubinsky and Pyatt are pretty much all we have in terms of centermen prospects, the rest are very long shots. Dupot will likely be a winger or center 4th line.

  34. Dawes is not making this team. They need someone else for the PK. i think Peca is coming.

  35. Drury, Avery, Straka, Betts, Hossa kill penalties. Callahan, Prucha, Hollweg can probably too.

  36. I agree with Evil Genius on this one. I’d be really surprised if Anisimov, Dubinsky and Pyatt all end up being top two centers. If they do, than thank the Lord, what a great problem to have. And we’re probably talking 5 years down the line here but even if they end up all being top 2 centers, there’s no reason why we can’t have them playing 1-2-3 or putting one on the wing.

    Look at San Jose, Thornton and Marleau are arguably both #1 centers, and you don’t see them trading one of them away just cause Marleau’s too good to be a number 2, similar situation.

    I think it’s too early to judge Dupont’s potential, he seems to overachieve every year, who knows, he could end up being the best of the bunch or an absolute flop.

  37. Evil genius – Hollweg on pk. I don’t think so. I’ve never seen a player with a lower hockey IQ it would be like playing 3 on 5.

  38. Hollweg’s hockey IQ is ok, no worse than Hossa’s. I remember him playing a little bit on the PK and he was fine.

  39. Ducks might be looking to unload Sather’s boy Marchant and a 1st rounder to replace Penner, plus they need a defenseman. Malik is Burke’s boy, he really liked him in Vancouver and was praising him at the draft a year or two ago.

    Maybe Malik, Jessiman, and Betts for Marchant and 1st rounder. Malik gives them a defensive defenseman to pair up with Schneider or Pronger; Betts replaces Marchant, and Jessiman possibly replaces Penner.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Evil Genius must be our old friend, because only he could come up with such a RIDICULOUS trade.

    NEVER would any team give up a 1st rounder for those three dregs.

    The next trade I’m expecting him to propose will involve Joel Lundqvist in some capacity.

  41. Guys,

    I’d be shocked to see any more deals until after preseason. Why would they bother? The positions they need to fill -third line center, fourth line wing, third defensive paring -are not exactly difficult to fill with the players on hand.

    Anisimov – I highly doubt he’ll be anywhere but Hartford with Dubinsky at the start of next season. I’ll bet either Straka or Avery takes on third line center. Second, unless Dawes tanks in preseason, he’ll get the fourth-line wing position, with Hollywood and Orr platooning as resident goon(expect more games of Hollweg-Betts-Dawes, which is a good line and one that could provide some needed offense on fourth).

    As for defense, I foresee Hutch getting waved or traded, unless he badly outplays Pock. Staal starts in Hartford, unless he outplays Pock and Hutch. Kasparitis gets traded or waved unless he outplays Mara. Staying no matter what: Malik, Rozsy, Tyutin, Girardi. I’d like see Strudwick in Hartford as a callup roll player, just because no team seemed too eager to sign him, but I also understand he’s a “locker room booster” of sorts and is also as big as Orr, so he’ll probably be defenseman number seven and a thug when the lines need to be tough.

    Nick – Immonen is gone. He ain’t comming back.

    Jovonoski and Peca will NEVER be Rangers. Mark my words.

    Evil Genius – Marchant on this team? They’d need to give us two first rounders to take that dreck. Anahiem would do that in a heart beat, the Rangers would NEVER do that deal…

    Girardi-Pock(Staal, Strudwick)

    If Hossa tanks, he moves to fourth, Straka to first and Prucha to second. Stanley Cup championship, here we come…

  42. TDCHI – i like those line combos. Look at what hossa did when he was on the Jagr line…putting him on the 4th line is guaranteed “first half” hossa scoring about 2 goals in 40 games. Hossa belongs on a scoring line. No matter what happens – betts, hollweg, orr, dawes etc… will cycle line 4. The first 3 lines are all summed up with 1 word – options.

    Callahan or Avery could center line 3…i say give prucha the ice time he deserves and let him have a 30+ goal season with shanny and drury…we know what prucha can do.

    So leave line 3 as Avery, Callahan, and Hossa. Put Prucha with Shanny and Drury…and let Jaggs, Strakks, and Gomez take line 1.

    Lots of people said Hollweg’s spot in the lineup isnt written in stone which would leave plenty of room for younger guys to play on the Betts line.

  43. “I’d be shocked to see any more deals until after preseason. Why would they bother?”

    How many reasons do you want? Cap room alone should be enough, like $5mil worth. Sather is not done. He’ll be fishing while he’s fishing. Don’t stand in water when you get “shocked” like Avery.

  44. I just looked up all the points Hossa scored last season and it is a very grim picture.

    he at one time went 21 games without a point, also started the season going 16 games without a point.

    at least 2 of his assists came on empty net goals. He doesn’t have as much of a chemistry with Jagr as most of his points were scored with the likes of Krog, Straka, Shanahan, Cullen.

    Only 2 of his points came while playing with Betts which again points to Betts as a very lousy and offensively impotent center.

  45. Derf, Dawes on the 4th line would be even more useless than Hossa, at least Hossa was playing physical.

    Nobody’s name is written in stone till they are buried.

    Callahan cannot center a line because he is a goal scoring winger.

  46. “Evil Genius – Marchant on this team? They’d need to give us two first rounders to take that dreck. Anahiem would do that in a heart beat, the Rangers would NEVER do that deal”

    Rangers would because this draft will be deep and 1st rounder is very valuable. And Marchant is Sather’s boy, he is more productive than Betts as a 4th liner and is signed for 2 more seasons and we finally dump Malik to make room for Staal and dump Betts who couldn’t pass. Marchant would provide more leadership and scoring as a 4th line center, he doesn’t block as many shots as Betts, but he is much more physical and better on faceoffs. Jessiman is not a big loss (pun intended) and clears up a spot in Hartford.

  47. Evil… Marchant makes as much as Malik, so they would save Betts’ 600. I can’t figure out if Jessimen is ever going to be in the NHL. But getting 1st round picks in next year’s draft are valuable. Not many GMs besides K so Lowe will be willing to give up those picks. But the NYR need to dump more than Betts’ salary. If Jessimen takes some fighting lessons, he’d be a good replacement for Hollweg or Orr , but his NHL salary is probably alot higher. That 4th line needs an upgrade, but the cap is in the way. That’s where a new ‘kid’ line could make sense. Hartford has a few candidates for that. Except Sather & Renney lean towards NHL experienced guys, especially for next season.

  48. This is not really a salary dump for Rangers. It is a way to get rid of some players that don’t really fit the future plans and add a 1st rounder. Jessiman’s 1 million salary makes him too expensive to play, with Ducks he can have a clean slate and they would try to mold him into Penner. Marchant makes as much as Malik, but Malik is younger and way more valuable and Marchant is signed for 2 seasons so they are looking to shed those 2 expensive years. While Rangers also get rid of a defenseman hated by fans, who we also don’t need with the addition of Staal who is definitely ready. And we get rid of Betts who besides PK does almost nothing. And getting rid of Jessiman opens up a spot on the Wolfpack for Joe Barnes who is 2 years younger.

  49. Apparently, Peca is only looking for about half of what he made last season (2.5 mil)… At least that was according to the Toronto Star last week…

    If the Rangers could land Peca for 1.5 mil (or less) it seems like a no-brainer to me… He’s a vet that can still be a serious asset to this club. He can PK with the best of them, wins important faceoffs and can even throw some big hits, despite his average frame.

    Jagr’s isn’t getting any younger, and if the Rangers want to win now (and it seems they DO, by throwing a lot of money at both Drury and Gomez) they may need a vet to be the regular 3rd line Center… I think they’d be wise to grab Peca… Should he get injured, they can always use Dubinsky or maybe even this Asiminov kid to replace him…

    They can always shift the lines and move Straka or maybe even Avery to the 3rd line Center role, but I think Peca would be a very logical choice, if and it’s a big IF — IF the price is right!

  50. Igor about $1 mil of Peca’s salary can be deferred to next year’s cap, so basically .5 or less would be the cost this against this year. He’s worth the gamble.I’m sure Sather is on it & just might do it.

  51. Jeeze, I’m suprise the kid fanatics aren’t rolling over the thought of Peca…I highly doubt he comes here, first, because I mentioned before, there are already three solid candidates for that spot(Avery, Dubinsky Anisimov), plus two more outside bets(no pun intended if you consider Straka and Betts). Again, I expect Avery will be on third.

    imagination: all GMs “fish”…that’s part of what it is to be a GM; look for the best deal that is out there. But in this case, Sather has rounded up a solid core of players and has enough easily-jetisoned contract under his belt. Guys like Pock, Hutchinson and Kasparaitis would be snapped up on the waiver wire, especially the first two. Mara could be dealt in a Cullen-esque move…So what I’m saying is Sather is not in an untennable situation like Anahiem was with Penner. He’ll wait to see what happens in camp, then move from there…

  52. tdchi Burke put himself in that spot & K so Lowe helped him out. Sather has similarly put himself in cap trouble & has to figure his best way out.

  53. Dubinsky held his own on the 2nd line when he was called up last year, and playing on the 3rd line this year would allow him an easier transition into the lineup…he should be given every chance to earn that spot in training camp…as of right now, there isn’t any center inside the organization (Blair Betts: NO!) or outside the organization (old and slow, offensively-challenged Mike Peca, setting up Callahan and Prucha: NO!) that is a better option than giving Dubinsky a shotXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    I agree with Rich 100 %

    Will Renney allow it?? I am doubtful. Renney is not comfortable with rookies playing 10 to 15 minutes a game. I hope I’m wrong.

  54. Comrade Doodie

    The two Russian kids are rangers future for sure. Hopefully they come to big apple together and support each other like Zubov-Kovalev, like the Russian 5, like Anna and Sergie and Anna and bure, and Anna and Julio and who knows? Maybe one day Anna and Kaspar…..

  55. LOL Kaspar, your chances to be with Anna are looking very good compared to your chances to play in NHL

  56. Great, Malik means “king” in Arabic. Sather should trade him to arabia for a few camels.

  57. watch Malik spit when at the bench, put a camel instead there and nobody will notice any difference.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Evil Genius, here’s why your trade is ridiculous:

    Jessiman and Betts does NOT equal a first rounder!! Not even close! A fourth rounder, IF the Rangers were lucky. Jessiman is a well documented bust.No one would give up aythign decent for him unless the Rangers can show he has the goods, in which case, we shouldn’t get rid of him.

    NEVER would happen. NEVER.

  59. who said that Jessiman and Betts are equal to 1st rounder? Doodie, you really are ridiculous. Malik(or Mara), despite all the hate, is a valuable asset just like Rivet. Marchant has a negative trade value, he is pricey, but replaces Betts.

  60. Evil/Doodie – Doesn’t ammount to a hill of beans. That deal will never be done on either side. Malik is staying with the Rangers. Period. If there’s a guy to go, it will be Mara. But I doubt that anyway. Betts also seems pretty high on the list of Slats’ guys to keep. He’s also the SOLE remaining player from the liquidation of 03-04. And if there’s one thing the Ducks don’t need right now is more Defense and a fourth-line center.

    imagination – I don’t see how Lowe “helped” Burke out. He basically stole a player for a highly inflated salary he wouldn’t get anywhere else in the league. Penner might be worth $2 million, but $4.5 over 5 years?!? No way. Hell, the guy only had one good season. I also don’t see these cap jam Slats is in. As I mentioned before, he’s got at least three players he could jetison without blinking. I’m not saying your wrong, just that I don’t see what you’re talking about.

  61. Betts is not even close to be the only player left from liquidation, in fact he didn’t even play that season for us due to injury. Tyutin, Pock, Jagr, Kasparaitis, Valiquette are the remaining links.

    Rangers are quick to get down on players like Betts, just look at Ortmeyer, Jason Ward, Moore, Hall, etc.

    Lowe is an idiot, not only is he stuck overpaying Penner for 5 seasons, but he gave up 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks. And Penner might turn out to be nothing more than a 40 point guy.

    Ducks have only 6 defensemen if Niedermeyer retires. If they trade Marchant who would be his replacement? Betts is a good cheap option for them.

  62. Evil – what I meant was he’s the last fellow aquired in the trading bonanza. I do stand corrected however: I excluded Valiquette…Helminen just signed in Finland.

  63. After reading these threads, I love the indulgence of setting up possible lines no matter what the context of the post. Someone above actually had Dawes on the 3rd line!!! Given our depth, possibly one of the worst choices…but that guy loved it!

    Man, the Rangers fans are diverse and I am not sure why some of they are attracted to certain players although there’s very little legitimate reason to keep them around.

    Cullen was a nice guy and he will most certainly kick our ass when we play Carolina, but it was the right decision to get him off the roster. Nylander too, although I liked him a lot, and he will be a Ranger-killer when we play Washington too. Nylander-Semin-Ovechkin against you? Sick!

    So we bought ourselves Gomez (for a questionable amt of $$$, but that’s up for debate) and Drury (a fantastic add if we let him grow with us and help our younger kids). So if you’re Renney and there’s still training camp in front of you, you’ll depend on that for the decision of the roster at first.

    Ultimately, Tommy Boy will tinker with the lines as the season goes along…I suspect Dawes will see the NHL again, but it would be silly to give him more than 10 games unless people really get hurt.

    But I must indulge in the fantasy line creation thingie…



    BTW: I can’t believe Mara costs $3 mil a year: http://www.outsidethegarden.com/salaries.asp


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