Avery award: $1,900,000 for 2007-08


UPDATE, 1:10 p.m.: Moments after I posted that last part, the Rangers made it official by signing Avery. “We are pleased to have Sean under contract and are looking forward to him returning with the same passion and enthusiasm he brought to our team last year,” stated Glen Sather. “He is a terrific competitor, who we expect to play a significant role in a successful season.”

UPDATE, 1:07 p.m.: The Rangers say they intend to accept the award. Avery will remain a Ranger.

This is only what the arbitrator awarded. The Rangers still have 48 hours to accept. If they decline, Avery goes on the open market as an unrestricted free agent.

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  1. it took that long to figure this out? I said this is what it should be 1 week ago, That is pretty funny. It was a common sense decision

  2. Let’s hope this satisfies Slats and that everything that has happened hasn’t soured things for Avery.

  3. So, if we accept, what would we have in terms of team salary for 2007-2008? Does anyone have exact figure?

  4. Yes, I know he filed for $2.3, but come’on, $1.9M for an agitator, Avery is the victor.

  5. Anthony (the other one) on

    Go NYR, this wasn’t that simple. NYR wanted $1.3MM, Avery wanted about $1MM more. Arbitrator came down right around in the middle of those figures… don’t they usually err more towards the side of the team?

    Anyway, I think it’s’ more than fair given Avery’s contributions, and I hope Slats just gets this done, and we haven’t damaged the relationship to the point where Avery really does become a detriment to the team. Unless I was missing something huge at the end of last year, he seemed to have great chemistry up and down the roster, seemed to be contented and enjoy himself.

    I understand not letting him extort the club based on the warm and fuzzies that were thrown his way, but dang… no reason to word your claims so strongly that you create a rift with someone that’s a crucial part of the roster…

  6. How did Avery win? Its a draw. The rulling is split down the middle. The roughly averaged the two sides offers. If anything, the Rangers won

  7. Anthony- It really was that simple. If 2 sides cant agree, typically, they will split it down the middle. Based on comparable players, this was a very easy desicion, as that is a salary that a player similar to Avery would make. It was not that complex

  8. I wonder if Sather will be grinning when Avery tells him to F off next year and signs with another team. Typical Sather. Overpays for FA’s, screws a important player already on the team over.

  9. this is what I would like to see:

    the Rangers accept this amount, and add in two more years, with modest raises for a 3 year deal. Mend that which Sather has broken.

    Avery is no star, but an important piece to a larger puzzle. I think he is a good contributor, who, if he does grow up, can actually score 20 goals and draw plenty of power play minutes.

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    This hearing took 5 hours, and they end up splitting the difference. Sean has learned the meaning of the words “negotiation and arbitration.” Hopefully he will be happy with the big raise he just received and move on.

  11. Why would they not accept, that is very cheap for a player like Avery.

    Why can’t Malik or Mara be traded for a pick and Baranka get a spot?

  12. The Rangers should take this. Sather should avoid more unpleasantness they should accept it right away. Why wait 48 hours and make Avery more PO’d? Let’s hope Sather does the right thing.

  13. Sather’s got no problem paying Tripod Malik (or Rachunek last year)large coin but won’t pony up for Avery and Cullen. Avery and Cullen both should be Rangers this year and they would have been if Slats didn’t overpay for the likes of a Malik. We embrace Avery almost instantly as a Ranger, he becomes somewhat of a cult hero….Sather sees this and for whatever reason doesn’t like it. My guess is that he’ll spit right in our faces and will decline to pay Avery. Sather will then toss out some half baked excuse that the salary cap forced his hand and he had to walk away from the contract. Makes you think Maloney in unison with Renney was really making most of the good player personnel moves over the past couple of years while Slats was busy golfing in Bamff. Sather seems to take some perverse pleaure in denying Ranger fans what they want. Must be the Megalomania kicking in again.

  14. Yeah John, while were at it, forget baranka, let’s being back jay wells and pay him peanuts!!! I love that idea! You guys think its so simple to bring a rookie in and be a steady d-man. And the whole Mara thing, wasn’t it after we aquired him that we started to play well, not to mention better than the month of Feb when Avery came in?

  15. Mara is ok, but not that good defensively. And offensively he will never produce much in this system. And he is not physical enough for his great size.

    If not Baranka, then there are other prospects like Liffiton and Sauer.

  16. Don’t mind being proven completely wrong as long as Slats did the right thing….which he did. I’m with another writer above..try and sign Avery for an additional 2 years and while your at it retract the ‘detriment’ arbitration comments made. You need Avery in the right frame of mind for him to play with reckless abandon and be an effective pugilist.

  17. ThisYearsModel on

    Good deal and good decision. It is all business. Slats got just what he wanted out of this. Avery got an $800K raise. Winners all around, and no cap problems for the Rangers…….even if they would decide to keep Kaspar up. I would not be surprised if Sather moves Mara and Kaspar to the Coyotes (who are beneath the minimim number) and brings back Jovanovski. I hope he doesn’t, but he might.

  18. Avery is going to be a UFA next season so no matter how he feels about Sather it is in his best interest to play the best he can and get a nice contract in the UFA markrt.

  19. “We are pleased to have Sean under contract and are looking forward to him returning with the same passion and enthusiasm he brought to our team last year,� stated Glen Sather. “He is a terrific competitor, who we expect to play a significant role in a successful season.�

    “Same passion and enthusiasm, terrific competitor” = “DETRIMENT”…HA!

    Surprise, surprise…The 180 degree turnaround in Sather’s attitude about Avery-

  20. Good point Toolbox but I want this guy to be a Ranger for more than a year and change. I would prefer that they lock him up in a longer term deal and not risk losing him next year to UFA. We may never have had a player like this…an agitator who could actually play the game. Maybe Domi but Smith shipped him to the Leafs before he could be that kind of player for us.

  21. Toolbox is right, this will get the best possible Avery for next season although it could cost us any years after that. I am not too worried, I never saw him staying past the 08-09 season.

    I think Sather is going to go after another D-Man now, I just hope its not Jovo his contract is too big.

  22. so who will be the backup goalie? Montoya’s salary is only 349K more than Valliquette’s or am I wrong?

  23. There are also talks the Rangers could go for Redden who makes about 1M less than Jovo and is younger. Maybe that will happen well see……..

  24. from NYR…”We are pleased to have Sean under contract and are looking forward to him returning with the same passion and enthusiasm he brought to our team last year,” stated Sather. “He is a terrific competitor, who we expect to play a significant role in a successful season.”

  25. “We may never have had a player like this…an agitator who could actually play the game.”

    I’ll take Esa Tikkanen and Pat Verbeek for $1000, Alex :)

  26. Glen Sather, Today: “We are pleased to have Sean under contract and are looking forward to him returning with the same passion and enthusiasm he brought to our team last year. He is a terrific competitor, who we expect to play a significant role in a successful season.” …………………
    Glen Sather, a few days ago: “… A detriment to the team. Avery is not a mature player. He plays, at times, like an individual rather than a member of a team. This is sometimes referred to as an inability to see the ice, and in Avery’s case this seems to fit with his overall approach to the game.”

  27. Now I have two concerns about Rangers:

    1. Backup golie.
    Losing Henrik for say 3 months may be a nightmare and whatever great ofence we may have will not be able to compensate it without having more or less reliable backup.

    2. Toughness. I do not believe Rangers have enough of it. We are goung to have great talant spread among 3 lines and Orr himself will not be able to handle all the enemies. Ideally, this can be solved, at least partially, by trading for a tough defensman, but not the marginal one, he should have enough skills to perform on regular shifts.

  28. Hanny he saved $700,000 with those words, & Avery can improve from them. Come January they can sign a long term deal.

  29. Is it too much to expect any rookie dmen(staal/sauer) to provide the real grit? Seems as though both are old school tough dmen. Im sure both will play for the team this year because of injuries and what not.

  30. “Good point Toolbox but I want this guy to be a Ranger for more than a year and change. I would prefer that they lock him up in a longer term deal and not risk losing him next year to UFA. We may never have had a player like this…an agitator who could actually play the game. Maybe Domi but Smith shipped him to the Leafs before he could be that kind of player for us.”

    I have said this before but why in the world would you want to tie yourself to someone with so much potential downside. He has yet to prove he can be a good addition for the long run, he has only played approx 30 games here that in no way means he is going to remain a positive.

    I will bring into evidence TO who helped take the Eagles (fuck the eagles) to the Super Bowl his first season, the next year was as big of a disruption as a player can be. In hockey contracts are not as flexible as football, we would be locked to this guy if he starts screwing up.

    Someone already broke down your never had a player like this before argument.

    Glad to have him resigned though and we can worry about getting back on his good side later (a long playoff run/SC would probably do), I think he was just making a show for the press anyways.

  31. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Thats rumor was BS and is made up…dont believe it for a second…

    I wouldnt mind NYR getting Jovo….If he can stay healthy and be physical…we can use that kind of d man….Also it would be good for Staal to play with hiim….He can show him the ropes….

    But thank friggin god were done….No one else to worry about…we re isgned any body who diserved to be re signed….


    How does it both you….Prucha has only been in the league for 2 seasons….Avery was here longer…

  32. Prucha is a 2nd liner, 30 goals in his first year(has Avery scored 30 yet in a season), bad 1st half but good 2nd half last year. Keeps his mouth shut, plays where and when he is told and plays his hardest every shift

  33. Can we please give a rest to all the “What if Henrik gets hurt?” garbage? Pardon me if I’m mistaken, but you don’t use a top-ten draft pick on a goalie if you think he can’t be a stud in the NHL, and you certainly don’t do it if he won’t be able to contribute to the big club in his third year as a pro if necessary. If it comes down to Montoya having to play, I really don’t have a problem with it. He’s played well in Hartford, it’s his third season in the pros, and if Henrik hadn’t turned out to be the star he is, we probably would have seen Al play in the Garden before now.

    Yes, Henrik is great, but don’t let his excellence blind you to the fact that there is a first-round draft pick in the system who has two solid years in the AHL under his belt and a World Junior Championship gold medal.

  34. Balej is better than Hossa, even stronger on the puck along the boards. Rangers gave up on him because he had 1 average season in AHL during the lockout.

  35. a casual observer on

    I’m sure Sather will sign Avery. Remember Avery decided to go to arbitration. Business is business. The way alot of you guys talk leads me to believe you have never negotiated anything before. Avery’s agent talks him up and the Rangers talk him down. That’s the way it goes. Their is nothing personal there. I am sure Avery leaked the “Sather arbitration comments” to Larry Brooks for some type of leverage. He knows it’s business. At 1.9 million, everybody wins. We keep our cap flexible and Avery get’s a nice raise. Everyone will kiss and make up now. You’ll see!

  36. Rangers gave up on Balej because he could not put his game together in the offensive zone, and he was horrible in the defensive zone.

    No real mystery there.

  37. Everyone keeps talking about our missing toughness & grit (which I agree with you all.) Thats why Ortmeyer will be missed some.
    However, the fact that we haven’t addressed that & that Sather could, hell did, flip with his comments on Avery means he knows business is business.
    That being said combined with the fact that we have enough under the cap to pay any another 3M & still have a little breathing room (by some counts it depends where you look & at what….) I really think Kaspi is getting a real look at. He fills the need, prevents us from needing to trade away anything right now. Plus leaves us UFAs (Mara, Malik, etc…) which teams would be more interested in come trade deadline because then they get first cracks at them, plus they would be able to help those teams with late playoff runs.

  38. Why would we trade away our d-men at the trade deadline if everyone is talking Cup run?

    If Kasper doesn’t work out, and some team picks him up, won’t we be on hook for 1/2?

    Also, wouldn’t we want to leave that $3M open for our own trade deadline soon-to-be-UFA trades?

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Rich, they didn’t pick him up last year, now he’s a year older and rustier. I’m not concerned.

  40. NYRich

    1) Only teams that are gonna make run are in the buyers market.

    2) What would we need (baring injuries) at the deadline.

    3) If we were to move Malik or Mara we get that 3M back.

  41. What does it mean “If Kaspar doesn’t work out” ???

    I tell you, I work out two maybe three times a day.. ok one time a day, but I work out richy rich, I work out baby.
    Doing curls as I write dis now

  42. flippedturtle on

    I am glad to see Sean signed and I think Glen Sather made the right move by not signing him to a long deal. Let’s see how well Sean plays this season we can always ink him to a long term deal, what if he plays like he did in Buffalo last year then you would see us all bitching about how GS signed him to a long term deal.

    As far as toughness goes I think this team has a good deal of toughness we have a legit heavyweight in Orr, Ryan H is good for taking some punches and you know that if you need him to Shanny will fight anyone. I guess we could use a punishing d man but that is to be seen

  43. Enough talking I just want the season to start,I’m waiting for the Jets too.
    Remember there is always a trade or signing that KNOW BODY sees coming
    thats the only thing that the Rangers are gonna do next.

  44. The salary cap is 50.3. You can go over by 10% So how much are the Rangers over by and how many and who do they need to trade or send to minors before October 1st?

  45. Robby Isles Hater on


    It doesnt work like that unfortunetly….and Prucha didnt have the sophmore season we all expected…even though he did good down the stretch

    can care less who gets paid what…As long as there happy an playing good.

  46. Robby Bonfire on

    Baranka, Liffiton, Sanguinetti, Sauer – I would be thrilled if one of them makes the team coming out of camp in addition to Staal making the team. Mara can take a hike, and Malik too.

  47. Good luck to Jozef Balej on his comeback; the dude got one of his lungs punctured by a stick in an AHL game two years ago. I wish hime the best, he was fun to watch.

  48. Colorado Mark on

    Robby- I’d like that, too, (especially Liffiton) but here is our depth on D: Rozy, Malik, Tyutin, Girardi, Mara, Pock, Hutchinson, Strudwick. Add in Kasparitis and Staal and you have 10 guys. We’d need to trade a few bodies there.

  49. czechthemout!!!!! on

    all is right with the hockey world.they should have signed
    avery to a 3 year 6.5 million deal.they will regret it.he will go on to score in my opinion,23-26g and 40-50 assits.at the upper end of my numbers,hopefully,that would make him a 3-4million per year player.and he will get it.we
    should now stay away from any flirtation with “mike washed up”peca.we have to give dubi,pyatt a chance.i believe because of the versatility of our lineup,we can use someone like straka at center on the third line if both dubi or pyatt show that they need more time in hartford.

    i don’t think that these guys will disapoint us with their readiness.as far as backup goalie is concerned,we could have signed david abischer for 600k,but we instead are paying strudwick for nothing and relying on a 30 year old never will be goalie,to back up a possible stanley cup run.

  50. Avery is on the team. Slats was never gonna let him go. Avery should keep his trap shut when it comes to the NY Post. Avery is not gonna get any sympathy from me when he is complaining about making a million and a half or 2 and half million bucks to go play hockey. Hey Sean Avery.. Shut up in the newspapers in NY and you have a chance to be a star here. But if you can’t leave the attitude on the ice and you insist in bringing it to the guys who could care less what happens to you as long as they sell a newspaper, you are in for a short run on Broadway.

    In my opinion of course.

  51. John M …Avery has alot to learn. There was no need to rile everybody up. All he’s done is verify his rep. Hopefully he smartens up and figures out Sather will give him a long term deal after January, if he plays the way they want him to.

  52. Now that avery is signed what could we get for him in a trade? not that I want to but its something to think about.

  53. NYRich82 – we’re only on the hook for Kaspar if another team picks him up when we try to bring him up from Hartford. If we send him down and a team grabs him costs us nothing. If we send him down he’ll stay there we can’t afford the dead money hit to our cap.

  54. czechthemout – We have 23 guys on roster during the season so Strudwick costs us nothing that another guy would’t cost us. Not saying he’s better than the young guys but there is no hit to the cap other than the small difference between his salary and the league minimum.

  55. Now that everyone is signed and the team is set, what are the lines? I say:

    Jagr Gomez Hossa
    Straka Drury Shanny
    Avery Dubinsky Prucha
    Callahan Betts Hollweg

    Rosival Malik
    Tyutin Mara
    Pock Staal

    And even with these lines there is a lot of depth like Cheraponov, Dawes, Girardi, Strudwick. There could be a lot of fighting for spots come camp. All I know is Renney is going to have a blast making lines for next season. The team is stacked and ready. What do you guys think the lines will be?

  56. JagrGal-

    nhlnumbers.com is inflated. Shanahan is listed as a $5.3M cap hit, when $2.8M of that won’t apply until the following season.

    The Rangers are tight on space, but they don’t look like they’re over it.

  57. I don’t agree with those lines, I think something realistically to star the season would look like;


    Two wild and crazy guys

    I think Betts will start at 3rd line to let Anisimov and Dubinsky settle and I have a feeling that Hutchinson will be rammed down our throats until December when he has like 1 g, 2 A and the Rangers waive him. Callahan is not playing 4th line; he’s too talented and as long as he has a good training camp he’ll get some PK and PP time.

    A LOT could change if they decide to sign Peca/Linden or some other veteran to center the 3rd line.

  58. If we remove Shanahan’s 2.8m in bonuses and add in Callahan’s & Girardi’s salaries(575k and 550k) – i make that $50.305m.
    This is with 9 defensemen on the roster and only 12 forwards – i think Dubinsky would count $620k against the cap, Dawes is $450k, Staal is $827k – i’m not sure about any others but i don’t imagine any of the other youngsters (apart from Montoya) are going to top Staals cap number.

    Either way we are going to have to lose 2 defensemen off the roster either to trades or demotion to the minors (Kaspar book your bus to Hartford now) – lets hope Malik is left without a chair when the music stops.

  59. Sam maybe you can get in touch with Avery & see if he has anything good to say. And Zipay is reporting more rumors. What are you hearing?

  60. Hahaha, Zipay wrote about Mike Allison. Is the 46-year-old ex-Ranger coming out of retirement? He can join Ron Duguay in the ECHL. :)P

    Nut seriously, I don’t see them getting Jason Allison..too old, slow, and injury prone.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Allison would be a disaster. Kaspar can beat him at all three of those things at the same time.

    Not to mention that he didnt play last year. Who wants that garbage on their team? That question was answered last year: nobody.

  62. how about keeping kaspar around and keep staal in hartford until kaspar’s stock rises around trade deadline and is traded for picks…then staal can come up to fill his space ready to go…that way the future is secure with more high draft picks

  63. “but you don’t use a top-ten draft pick on a goalie if you think he can’t be a stud in the NHL, ”

    He was picked in the 7th round…

  64. so lets say for example Drury is injured for entire season then what happens with the Cap? Does his salary still count against the cap?

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    EG, if you put Drury on long term injured reserve, it does not count against the cap.

  66. I wonder if Sean is going to pull this whiney bullsh!t all season… I sure hope not. His on ice talent already draws enough attention.

  67. Hey!
    If Comrade Drury should happen to suffer unfortunate training camp injury (lets us say for instance A cross-check during skating drills)
    This might open up some of your precious cap room.
    perhaps for a particular ex-red army player, not naming names, but it would be interesting.
    Got to go, phone is bleeping- could be Mariah

  68. Kaspar, we should keep you around and pay you the $3 million just to keep posting like this. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m in stitches.

  69. Hey Sam, I think we’ve got a new blogger to join in every few days if Kasparaitus doesn’t make the cut. Whaddaya say – gonna hire him?

  70. How come Avery was a RFA at age 27? I thought if you’re 27 you are automatically an UFA?

    And to Richie, who wants to keep Staal in the AHL and play Kaspar “until the trade deadline” so we can trade him and get high picks… you expect a team to give us a 1st and 2nd round pick for him?

    Where do you get your drugs from, Columbia?

  71. I don’t think anybody mentioned this yet but I just saw on the TV channel The Score(Canada) that the Rangers signed Artem Anisimov to an entry level contract.

  72. Ha, ignore that, Sam is way ahead of me, my computer couldn’t refresh the page correctly for some reason…

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