Rangers lock up Hossa


UPDATE, 6 p.m. Hossa signed a one-year deal for $780,000, a raise of $180,000 from last season. There is still nothing new on the Sean Avery ruling.

For all the potential animosity between the Rangers and Sean Avery, they avoided similar acrimony with Marcel Hossa by agreeing to terms with the forward before his own arbitration hearing.

I don’t have terms yet, but should shortly….

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  1. Avery was just using the media to get support for himself….it makes him look good to the fans…the truth is, if it wasn’t for the Rangers picking him up last spring, he wouldn’t be getting much attention from the kings/ any other team

  2. man, this is strange; many of us thought hossa was finished in NY. (at least, we were hoping to see him and Malikenstein on the same bus to the meadowlands)

    so, we bury Avery, but spare Hossa

  3. Im glad we kept Hossa he will develop pretty well…..hopefully as good as his brother.

  4. well, check this quote out by larry brooks what the rangers management also had to say about avery.
    “Avery is not a mature player. He plays, at times, like an individual rather than a member of a team. This is sometimes referred to as an inability to see the ice, and in Avery’s case this seems to fit with his overall approach to the game.”

  5. It appears that the rangers management tried to work out a deal with Avery at some point and it appears avery pissed off ranger management just like he pisses opposing players off when playing hockey.

  6. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Whats going on

    Most NYR fans…..are now turning against Avery…I think thats BS

    Avery has every right to be pissed…He did alot for us….most was done by good D and Goaltending

    But ifyou watched the NYI NYR game last night….Avery drew the penalty beautifully….the one where Mara scored on the PP to tie the game…and then Hollweg draws another for Pru to win the game…

    Thats what he does…and he diserves better treatment….

    Avery is the friggin man….and shouldnt get this BS from Sather

    If he doesnt get locked up….then once again…..Were another step back…

    Sather is making me scratch my damn head…..First great moves like bringing Mara and Avery here….then getting Bourett….then re signing both Hollweg and Orr instead of just 1 of them….then Dumping Ortmeyer when he has alot more to offer then Hollweg….then getting rid of Cullen instead of Malik ….when Malik is replaceable..and we dont know for sure if Dubi or anyone can re place Cullen….

    Is Hollweg gonna be our very next season……Hell g*d damn no….Re sign Avery right damn now

    Enough of this baby crap…..Just get it the hell done already….


    Im happy Hossa is back…..But now he knows this has to be a break out year for him…

  7. Orr – Avery is a fun player to watch, but if Hollweg was given more ice time he could be the same agitator. They both take bad penalties, like the interference on Avery in the NYI game, even if they should not be penalties, it’s hard not to call something the whole game if you are a ref. But the thing that really makes me love Avery is that he can actually score. I don’t think many people are turning on him, but just pointing out that he shouldn’t feel so upset and shocked, since he was the one who chose arbitration.
    They won’t trade Malik because he is loved by too many people within the organization.

  8. Rumors that Mara will get traded before Malik but if they go for Jovo both of them will be gone because they have 1 year left anway and Jovo has 3 remaining and is only 31 I think.

  9. Rumor is they might trade Mara before Malik but if they go after Jovo they will have to trade both to make room. They each have 1 year left anyway and wouldn’t get resigned. Jovo has 3 years left is only 31 I think.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    They’re in arbitration with Avery now, so it’s not like they were gonna sign a contract today. Meanwhile, Hossa avoided his arbitration by signing a deal.

  11. Everyone, take off the Ranger/Sather blinders.

    Slats is pulling a bush-league move in order to save some bucks. Avery was amazing for us, and cleaned up his act. This is how he’s rewarded? Something like this could push him back into his immature play seen in LA, etc.

    Stop sucking Sather’s —-. Bottom line… this could have been avoided if our cap was managed better.

  12. I really hate to see fan favorites like Avery and Prucha get screwed in favor of new shiny toys like Gomez and Drury.

  13. a casual observer on

    I’m glad they didn’t piss Hossa off. Who would have replaced his 17 points next year?

  14. Craig July 31st, 2007 at 2:59 pm
    Im glad we kept Hossa he will develop pretty well…..hopefully as good as his brother.

    yeah, we want to bring our youth along very slowly and let them develop.

  15. Hossa’s not a priority, he’s just easier to sign. I’m assuming he’s pulling in about $800,000 over two years, maybe less. He obviously wants to stay in NY, because Renney has given him the best shot of his career to both round his game and show his stuff. On NY’s side, Hossa is a “little lost-potentially high game” investment, seeing as though everyone along the way has said this kid has what it takes(the skills that is) to be a very sucessful two-way scoring forward.

    Hossa is a no-brainer because he’s cheap. There isn’t a team in the league that wouldn’t sign him for under a million, especially given his late season play. Avery, OTOH, is a bit more tricky at upwards of $3.5 million. He HAS shown to be divisive, in the sense that he bought his walking papers from the Kings for what ammounts to a fourth-liner, a guy who will probably never play in the NHL and a prospect that’s still two years away from ever hitting the NHL, if he ever does.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Avery and hope he stays with the team. I just think he’s a tougher sign at the price. The question with both of these players(as with the team on a whole) is can they build on last year’s momentum. In the case of Hossa, it’s a much easier gamble to take, maybe less returns, but easier none the less…

  16. Colorado Mark on

    I am sure this signing is something that was worked out already and the trigger was pulled after the decision on Avery was learned. I’m sure Slats already knows the decision and knew how much he could afford. 1 year at 850 is a fair deal, I think.

  17. “The guy was very valuable. They could have gotten him for $ 2 mm without all the bs�

    It is statements like this that make me cry. How the hell do you know that? You are throwing out random numbers based on what you want to think is possible.

    Look at numbers: Sather says 1.6, Avery 2.6, Split down the middle is 2.1mm. Sather being a professional knows that is about average for arbitration. Do you not think he offered Avery in that range to prevent arbitration? I would bet their contract negotiations were actually along lines of Sather saying 2mm while Avery wanted 2.2mm. We can not know what Avery asked for sure but many have indicated that he also wanted a longer term contract.

    Would you want to tie up a guy with that many question marks to a 3-4yr contract? If he screws up next year we would be paying him good money and he would be virtually untradeable. Management probably decided they would rather do arbitration then have that big of a risk, only time will tell but for now I think they are right.

  18. John M …Prucha got $1.6 per for 2 years , Avery was probably offered something similar & turned it down. He wanted arbitration & he’s the guy leaking to the press. His job is to be an agitator, but not with his boss. He’d be better off with Shanahan as his agent.

  19. Prucha got only 1.6 million because Renney screwed him most of the season probably so they could sign him for less. If Prucha wasn’t screwed he would get around 50-65 points and demand 2.5

  20. I saw this on Blueshirt Bulletin and it makes a lot of sense.

    “There are approximately 175 NHL players making that much or more, an average of six per team. That covers your three best forwards, your two best defensemen, your goalie, and one other player. Fewer than fifty of those players got their contracts as Group 2 RFAs, like Avery. Five were defensemen, five were goalies (including Henrik Lundqvist), and the rest were almost all high scoring forwards with names like Crosby, Gaborik, Lecavalier, and the like (a small handful are successful longtime two-way forwards).

    The Rangers already have eight players making more than that — second most in the league along with several other teams behind Philadelphia’s nine. The salary cap is a zero-sum game — the more one player gets, the less another gets. Petr Prucha chose to negotiate, said the money was not important, and he got a good deal. Lundqvist chose to negotiate, took a one-year deal to help keep the Rangers under the cap, and still got a very good deal with the promise of more to come. Brendan Shanahan, Avery’s mentor, will make every penny of his incentive-laden contract, but there is a little risk there, and he chose to take it to help the Rangers manage their cap situation, without ever fielding any competing offers as a free agent. The guys who played it Sather’s way all made out handsomely.

    Avery has the opportunity to earn better pay than most players of his kind, better than all players with his checkered past. He chose to turn that down in a long-term deal. He chose to take the Rangers to arbitration and ask for far more than he knows they can pay him and far more than players in his situation command, threatening to play out the year and walk away. He forced them to go into the hearing and make a case for paying him less than he thinks he deserves. And on top of all that, no matter what the outcome, considering how well the Rangers are positioned going into this coming season, he has the opportunity to prove himself and reap the rewards a year from now. Don’t weep for Sean Avery because of a couple of incendiary articles that take reasonable statements out of context and blow them out of all proportion. He’s like a cat — he’ll land on his feet.”

    Any thoughts?

  21. Sorry forgot to add that Avery was asking for somewhere in the $2.6 million range.

  22. I think it’s avery’s personality that has them in arbitration. I’d be willing to bet slats offered avery around 1.8 for 1 year and a promise of extention after the 1st. Avery runs his mouth but this time I think he did this to himself. Let him play the year and if he asks for to much ufa than let him go fly a kite.

  23. I think hossa, stronger and more confident this year 9more ice time), will have a very productive year. 20 goals, 30 assist.

  24. I have been saying this for a while now. I think Hossa will get a fair shot on the first line with Jagr and Gomez. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, but he showed the potential last year when he was healthy that he was a force on the first line, hell, even isbister looked ok on the first line to add size, and pretty much that was it. Hossa has some great tools and I think he will show us all something this year.

  25. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    I do have a feeling Hossa will do much better this year….Hopefully this isnt his last year….on the team

    Its hard to give up on him…knowing theres so much talent there somewhere…….

    Hossa – Gomez – Jagr will be nice

  26. it is really funny that Avery’s comments had an effect on Hossa to sign immediately. So Avery’s crying to Uncle Larry saved some cap space.

  27. czechthemout!!!!! on

    WOW,i read this blog from work today and unfortunatley could not respond because i am not allowed.first of all,it
    amazing to read some of the comments from some of you guys.
    there is talk about what avery did in other places that he played as a basis or reason for what sather submitted in his breif.WHO CARES what he did in L.A.,we sure did not because we traded a very good prospect and a third round pick for him.if he was so bad we would not have given up so much for him would we?unless sather is a fool and overpaid
    for a so called trouble maker.i also don,t give two shits about what he did in DET as a twenty year old kid! all i can do as a fan is judge him for what he’s done here with the rangers and what i’ve seen is a guy who busts his ass every game,sticks up for his team,makes other teams players
    take dumb penalties,oh and by the way also score on what amounted to a pace of 58 pts extrapilated over an 82 game season! i was not a big fan of the trade that brought him here but what i have seen is a kid who is developing into the next darcy tucker,wich is a great luxury to have.some of you guys are thrilled with the fact that hossa did some loyal or noble by signing a contract,big deal what were his choices?does anyone really feel that he would have won his case?what would be his argument? he scored six goals in fifteen games playing with jagr? what toubles me about some fans is the lack of loyalty to a player that was instrumental in helping us make the playoffs and getting us to the second round.i read that people are blaming him for the buf series loss as oppsed to blaming a bumb like malik who was just awfull in that series and responsible for several goals against not to mention that brilliant pass to drury in game two.avery gets thrown under the bus by some fair wether fans because he could not do his thing due to his playing hurt.all i know is that as of this eveming,if we keep hossa and walk away from avery we are alot softer,and less gritty and likely to have no scoring on the third line.not to mention we the fact that we will retard the development of callahan and prucha because they will probobly sign a washed up mike peca in a futile attempt to replace what avery already brings.i hope they don,t walk away from what ever the ruling turns out to be!

  28. If Shanahan plays 10 games in 2007-08,he receives an extra $2 million in bonuses

    He also has playoff bonuses for another $800,000

    Those bonuses can be applied to the 08-09 cap if the Rangers don’t have room this season.A team can go over the cap by 7.5% percent and apply that money towards 08-09.$3.7725 million.That only applies to bonuses.Not in salary

    Sather submitted $1.3 million and Morris submitted $2.6 million.$1.95 million

  29. I’m hearing some bad rumors about this Avery thing right now. Don’t want everyone going nuts here, but it ain’t good.

  30. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    Well said

    Its so funny that some of the asshole NYR fans are completely turning against him…It pathetic…If Sather called him what ever it was he called him…Im curious to know what AVery would think about that…

    Sather should get punched by Colton Orr….We already lost Ortmeyer…Who brought alot of heart to this team….We better not lose Avery….cause ill tell you this much….I will be more pissed then ever….

  31. pghas I wouldn’t be surprised because Avery is proving Sather right, he’s not using his brain to be a top player earning BIG $…. He should stop talking & start listening. He seems to find that difficult. He still has plenty to learn .

  32. czechthemout!!!!! on

    imagination -avery is a passionate guy.he responded like anyone is passionate about his team and the orginization he want’s to play for long term,and feels dejected about what was said about him.avery has more passion in him than almost anyone else on the team.if we step away from him than we would cut off our nose to spite our face.oh and sather is the same idiot who chased away paul coffey.

    pghas-do yourself a favor and stop taking eklund seriously

  33. czech what they said was basically true, how they said it was maybe not the best way to get thru his thick skull. But Avery seems to be pretty defensive and thin skinned. He should ‘shut up & listen’, and learn to take it like he gives it. It’s in his best interests.

  34. If Avery though anything would be said other than what was said by the Rangers…well…come on…thats not to bright…I am sorry, I want Avery to be a Rangers for a long time, but when was the last time you herd of the team saying good things about a player in arbitration? Its the teams job to make the arbitrator give less, and the player/agents jobs to make the arbitrator give more. If Avery though Sather wasnt going to go and dig for something negative to say he was misled by his agent or thought he doesnt have any faults…but I dont think he will not play hard, in fact I am hopeing he will use it as motivation to show up Sather and the rest of the NHL.

  35. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Hollweg is more garbage then Hossa…I guarentee the day Hossa walks away from this Team…he will be 10 times better…

    Hopefully that happens before then…While he’s here

  36. Czech,
    I also agree with most of what you said. What Avery brings to the ice is rare, at least of late, and we absolutely need him in the lineup to do anything worthwhile. But Avery has f*d up here by airing dirty laundry and negotiating in public with an old school, ego maniac GM. Does he deserve more than a $200k raise? I think so, and he may have gotten more had he been quieter about all this. I think he’s worth $2mil..short term.
    I hope he doesn’t get an award that Slats will walk away from…
    He wasn’t forced to choose arbitration, and for damn sure shouldn’t have gone to the papers with it…even if it did bring Sam back from vacay ;)

  37. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    LOWTIDE 10

    What do you mean “airing dirty laundry”….Since he’s been on NYR he only did it 1 time during the playoffs…and 1 time in the offseason…

    And the thing Avery said before the Sabre vs Ranger series….Was blown way out of per portion…

    And calling broduer and Dipietro a “whiner” doesnt count

    This is nuts…its the 3rd time im saying it today…and ill keep saying it cause i dont believe it…Why are some NYR fans turning on Avery…

    Every NYR blog has a few losers who are bashing him for this…

    Fire Sather…there i said it…I was pissed that he let Ortmeyer go…but that was cause he’s such a cool guy…and a fan fav…But give Avery what ever the hell he wants…And get rid of Malik or Mara’s…Jesus

    He better get re signed…and extended at some point this season

  38. I call up Sather, I say ” be nice to Comrade Avery. Why you callink him not nice things in your brief”
    Then Sather say “who is this speakink?”
    I say “it’s me boss! Kaspar from hartford”
    He tell me, “you are very lucky not to go to arbitration this year dumkoff. Take your 3 million, play with kids and don’t piss me off”
    I say, “just kidding this not Kaspar, this that guy Malakov. goodbye”

  39. I still can’t believe Shanahan got a $1.3 million raise when he said he would play for less. The cap hit doesn’t bother me too much because it can be applied to next season, but after having a concussion, you would think he would just receive the same amount, after a good season besides the injury.

  40. Oh, and does this make Hossa a UFA or RFA next season? I would think still RFA. Someone please clarify because NHL Numbers doesn’t have it up yet.

  41. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on

    Someone is saying that NYR is looking to trade Montoya and Malik or mara…for Frolov…any truth to that???????

  42. yeah, I think they should have just signed Shanahan to 3.5 million. Or give him bonuses that are hard to get, like getting to Stanley Cup Finals or scoring 40 goals.

  43. not that i want this to happen but, is there any chance that after arbitration avery does not end up on the team? can he get offers from other teams if that were what he wanted to do? how “safe” is he to be on the roster this season?

  44. “how “safeâ€? is he to be on the roster this season?”

    Avery is guaranteed to be here next season, if the Rangers agree to pay the arbitrator’s award.

    If not, Avery immediately becomes an unrestricted free agent.

  45. Paul, Avery is NYR property unless they decide not to agree to the arbitrator’s decision – then he becomes a UFA.

    I think they’ll only walk away if it goes over $2m and that would be unusual – the midpoint would be $1.95m and i doubt the arbitrator will stray far from that.

    As for Avery crying to Uncle Larry about what Slats was saying about him – not great but i’m sure it will be forgotten when training camp starts.

    If he does end up elsewhere then its up to Hollweg to take up the reins of pest and Dubinsky, Dawes, Callahan or Prucha to grab the available spot.

  46. Sather has to do what’s best for the team . Even if the 2 babies have to talk , cry, kiss, hug & make up, then sign on the dotted line. NEXT!

  47. “But Avery has f*d up here by airing dirty laundry and negotiating in public with an old school, ego maniac GM.”

    The more this plays out, the more I agree with this. Sather has been at this for a LONG time, I wouldn’t screw around with him on something like this. I’ll write it up to Avery being poorly advised by his agent, although I’m not sure I really believe it either.

    ORR you are starting to grate on me, man. Do you believe every shred of a rumor you hear? Further, do you think anyone here KNOWS if theres any *truth* to whatever weird info you bring here? You didn’t even reference where you heard that Frolov thing. Anyway I’ll say yeah, there is some truth to that….take that for what it’s worth.

    and *KASPAR those lines are HILAROUS.*

    “It’s kaspar from hartford!”

  48. I really dont understand why it takes this long to come up with a ruling for Avery. It doesnt take much to figure out that the Rangers are asking for 1.3 and Avery is asking for 2.6. Therefore anyone with common sense would say it is quite abvious it falls somewhere in the middle. If the Arbitrator has any common sense whatsoever, the award would have been done by now.

  49. I agree the ruling should come no later than 3 IMO. Hopefully they retain Avery and get rid of Malik and Mara for Jovo and then send Kasper to the minors. They can’t let Avery go especially becuase he would try and sign with a division rival which they will not let happen.

  50. It’s not that simple. The arbitrator mostly has to take into account what similar players are being paid. Also, the decision is probably in by now, since it’s been 48 hours. The Rangers just have 48 hours to accept at this point.

  51. Bottom line here…

    Avery IS important.

    Hossa IS a good insurance policy.

    Sather has done some weird stuff this offseason (i.e. paying more for Hank and Shanny… though both are well deserving of it and grabbing two of the best centers in the league while shipping two (I mention this because of the chemistry aspect)

    I guess you have to chalk up the hardball being played with Avery as being a product of everything else Sather has done under the cap system. Slats is either brilliant or moronic. Time is the only thing that’ll tell right?

    Slats has to sign Avery at some point though doesn’t he? I mean figure out the cap space later. Even if Malik has to have a wolf on his sweater for a while.

  52. The arbitrator has 48 hours from the end of the hearing to make his decision. According to reports the Avery session was a long one. After all that the Rangers have another 48 hours to make their decision. So we could be talking about this for another couple of days. Hopefully the Hossa settlement coming in under 800k gives a little breathing room in case Avery gets $2m or close to it.

    Now if Slats can trade Malik, Mara and Kaspar (or waive him) and acquire a top-four defenseman we’re laughing all the way to the Stanley Cup Final. I’d love to see Staal too, but if we can’t get rid of at least 2 of the above i think Marc will be in a Hartford jersey to start the season.

  53. If the Ranger trade Malik and Mara for Jovo their defense IMO would look like this:


    Reserve- Strudwick and Hutchinson

    Minors- Kasper to free up 3M in cap space

  54. “Minors- Kasper to free up 3M in cap space”

    Comrade Craig,
    Today I not afraid.
    I call Glen Sather, put in my worth 2 cents on directions for team.
    It’s Ok! Hartford really hopping town. Every day like Grozny on a Friday.

  55. why couldn’t they just say that Avery’s production was a fluke and that he has a bad reputation around NHL and is known as a locker room cancer, but instead they chose to insult Avery, who now can’t wait to become a UFA and get the hell out of here.

    BTW, it seems that Weiss is available. Dawes, Betts, and Jessiman for Weiss? then Weiss will be the 3rd center and Dubinsky the 4th.

  56. Why are we still obsessed with Jovo. That trade was torn apart 10 days ago. The Jovo thing was never close and never will be

  57. John M- Im pretty sure what yousaid is insulting Avery too. They could have said: “Avery has been known to take bad penalties at times, Other players with comparable statistics and farless unnecessary penalty minutes got this amount of money, this is why Avery deserves less money, his guts and his bad penalties even out at the end of the year.”

    But not Glen Sather. He can never make anything easy.

  58. John M – and Fla will do that deal because why

    Riche – if Malik or Kaspar or anyone else making decent $ is sent down the Rangers can’t afford to bring him back. He would be claimed and we’re hit with half his salary as dead cap money

  59. Florida would do that trade because they like Dawes’ and Jessiman’s potential and think they can contribute in NHL and because they could use a defensive center who is good on faceoffs.

  60. I think Doodie accused John M of being Ivanusmot, and I tend to agree with him. You can tell with those Dawes trade offers. What happened to ignoring?

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