Schoenfeld assumes vacant Assistant GM post; Gernander takes over as Hartford head coach


A lot to go over, but I’m technically on vacation. The release is below. Note that a separate release has Ken Gernander taking over Schoenfeld’s job as Hartford head coach.

I’ll be back with more later….

New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has promoted Jim Schoenfeld to Assistant General Manager, Player Personnel & General Manager, Hartford Wolf Pack; Cameron Hope to Assistant General Manager, Hockey Administration; Gordie Clark to Director, Player Personnel; Jim Hammett to Head Amateur Scout and John Rosasco to Vice President, Public Relations and Player Recruitment.

Schoenfeld, 54, previously served four seasons as General Manager of the Hartford Wolf Pack and will now additionally assume duties as the Assistant General Manager, Player Personnel while relinquishing coaching duties. In his expanded role, he will assist Sather on all player transactions and contract negotiations. He will also be involved with the club’s professional and amateur scouting operations, continuing to oversee hockey-related matters for the Hartford Wolf Pack.

“Jim has done a great job developing our young talent and prospects,” stated Sather. “Our organizational philosophy is to build within, and Jim’s keen eye for talent at every level has proven successful in building our organization.”

Prior to joining the Hartford operation, Schoenfeld served as an assistant coach with the Rangers for the 2002-03 campaign. He joined the Rangers after serving as a lead analyst for ESPN’s National Hockey Night from 1999 through 2002. A veteran of 10 seasons in the National Hockey League as a head coach, he has compiled a 256-246-78 record (.509 winning percentage) with the Buffalo Sabres, New Jersey Devils, Washington Capitals and the Phoenix Coyotes.

A veteran of 13 seasons in the National Hockey League, Schoenfeld appeared in 719 games with the Sabres, Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins from 1972-73 through 1984-85. A former captain of the Sabres, he registered 51 goals and 204 assists for 255 points, along with 1,132 penalty minutes in his career. Originally selected by the Buffalo Sabres in the first round, 5th overall, in the 1972 NHL Entry Draft, he is a member of the Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame and the Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame.

Hope enters his fourth season with the Rangers and will be responsible for all aspects of hockey administration, including matters related to player and staff contracts. He will continue to oversee the team’s interaction with the National Hockey League regarding contract and Collective Bargaining Agreement issues, assist in negotiation of player contracts, represent the organization in player arbitration hearings, coordinate team research projects, and work with management on issues related to the hockey club’s salary structure.

Clark enters his sixth season with the Rangers, most recently serving as the Head Amateur Scout, after beginning with New York as a professional scout. In his expanded role, Clark will oversee all facets of both the team’s professional and amateur scouting operations. Before joining the Rangers, Clark spent the previous six seasons with the New York Islanders, most recently as Assistant General Manager and Director of Player Personnel. With the Islanders, he was responsible for overseeing the NHL Draft process, selecting current NHLer’s Eric Brewer, Taylor Pyatt, Tim Connolly, Roberto Luongo, Raffi Torres and Rick DiPietro, among others. Prior to his stay on Long Island, he spent four seasons with the scouting department for the Boston Bruins, serving as director of scouting in his final two seasons. Clark also served as an assistant coach in Boston from 1989 to 1992 before joining the team’s scouting department. As a player, he was drafted by the Bruins in 1972 and played professional hockey for nine years in the American Hockey League (AHL). He also played college hockey at the University of New Hampshire, becoming the first two-time All-American in school history.

Hammett, a Kelowna, BC native, comes to the team from Hockey Canada, where he served as Head Scout of Men’s National Teams. He was responsible for all of the men’s player evaluations for under 20 years of age players, the selections for Canada’s future National Junior Team Development, and selection camps for Canada’s National under-18 programs. The under-20 team won a gold medal this past season in Sweden. Hammett also served for eight years, from 1998-2006, as a scout with the Colorado Avalanche, including the role of Chief Scout from 2001-2006.

Rosasco is a 19-year veteran of the Rangers Public Relations department, currently serving as the vice president of public relations, where he oversees all aspects of the public relations department. In his expanded role, Rosasco will also be responsible for management of the player recruitment process, including involvement in researching prospective free agents, as well as the development and implementation of all aspects of the team’s communications and marketing to free agents during the recruitment process. Over his tenure with the Rangers, which began in 1987, Rosasco has served a number of roles in the public relations department, including as a statistician, public relations manager, assistant director of public relations, and director of public relations, before being promoted to vice president of public relations in 1998.

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  1. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Well now that thats over with…..Can we take care of Avery already….


    What do you think of trying to trade for Ilya Bryzgalov…from the ducks….he probably wants to be a starter…but thats one guy who can back Hank up….Take off the preasure that he might have this season…..but who knows….as long as Malik is involved in that then ill be happy..

  2. You guys think filling all the Front Office voids means we all but done with FA & trades & the like, minus our 2 UFAs?

  3. Those were probably the best decisions they could make, but I don’t know who else was available outside the origanization.

    The problem with trading for Bryzgalov, or others of his ilk, is that we would be trading for him as a backup whereas Anaheim would be trading him as a starter, since he has shown he can do it.

    On another goalie note, I hope the arbitrator for the Emery case doesn’t think he should get quite as much as Lundqvist. Emery has had a good GAA, even better in the playoffs last season, but hasn’t been nominated for a Vezina. Then again, neither has DP, who is getting paid even more. Reading a TSN article, it’s hard to believe Miller (BUF) is getting only $2.6 million, but I think that is an older deal, so it’s not really comparable for the Sens.

  4. Believe it or not you can not have everyone on your hockey team. To get players like Bryzgalov you have to give things up. Our trash is not treasure to other teams, it is trash to them too. As a hockey organization you need to decide where you want your weaker spots to be.

    Everyone would love to have an allstar team, I am sorry kids, cant happen. This is especially true with the salary cap. I am honestly surprised I havent seen some of the people on here proposing Malik and Mara for J Thorton because the SJS has weak defense and we think he would be a good addition, fill that missing whole at center.

    Personally I would not want to give up several top defensemen (even if we have 9 D on roster) for a BACKUP goalie. Added to that he has a cap hit of 1.8 mil. Look at what other backups to top goalies are making…most are making

  5. Doesn’t anybody fear like I do that that the things Ranger fans are saying are eerily familar to “those years”?…People are getting rabid again calling for all sorts of big names…let’s just stick with what we have and not fall back into bad habits

  6. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Imagine Jagr and Thronton working together…..that would be magical….

    Anyway….I am happy with the team right now….except Malik of coarse…..

    Does anyone know if Simon still has any games left on his suspension???

  7. Angel24 – The TSN article mentioned Emery’s agent comparing him to Lundqvist, so I brought it up because it was even somewhat related. Why can’t we talk about other things than line combos and trade rumors in the boring summer? I’d rather do it here than with some pompous know-it-alls on general hockey boards. Since that’s all you had to say, why bother wasting a post?

    Alex – Totally agree. It was time to stop after those two big FA signings. If Cullen asked to be traded, that’s alright because we can fill from within, and it’s better to not have a disgruntled player. Hopefully, we stick to our own players without signing somebody else to fill that roster spot.

    Orr – I think Simon has 19 games left on his suspension (two regular season games after the incident + four playoff games). It’s definitely still a substantial amount. I wonder if he’ll miss a game vs. NYR?

  8. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Eh i hoped it was 19 games….but ESPN just said 5 games……

    I really hope Orr knocks his ass out 10 X worse then he did Fedoruk….

    Cant wait.

  9. Simom has 5 games left to serve on his suspension. He was suspended 25 games – the last 15 of the regular season, and the Isles lost to the Sabres in 5 games. He will miss the first game they play head to head.

  10. For some reason I thought that smack was later in the season. I should have remembered thinking that it could get all the way down if they somehow made the second round. What I may be thinking is that he had already served 19 games, or I guess 20 as it’s being reported.

  11. ” *I am honestly surprised I havent seen some of the people on here proposing Malik and Mara for J Thorton* because the SJS has weak defense and we think he would be a good addition, fill that missing whole at center.”

    LOL….so true

    What were they saying last week? Malik, Mara and Dawes for Jovonovski? LOLLERSKATES

    Step awaaaaaay from the XBOX kiddies

  12. Woooo! MSG is showing the April 1st, 2007 game against the Leafs. Oh, how I miss hockey, and can’t wait for the new season to begin.

  13. Lauren- A different game is on later. It will be a full game. I think it is on at 8

  14. DAMN! Watching this game, Sean Avery belongs on NYR, he was born to play here.

    Thanks Go NYR! I’m probably going to end up watching that one too, lol.

  15. Game 3 vs Atlanta tonight at 8 on MSG. That will bring back some good memories.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m VERY unhappy with this. Schoenfeld was doing an excellent job in Hartford. This is just the beginning of the fallout from Maloney leaving us.

    Not only will Schoenfeld not be able to show the kids how to play, but Ken Gernander is his replacement. Hey AHLers, let Ken “27 NHL games(including playoffs)” Gernander show you how to be successful in the NHL!

    We’re screwed.

  17. hockeymanrangers on

    Ok Sather is saying he likes to bring players up from Hartford. I haven’t seen that many players come up through ranks for the Ranger’s. How many names can any one give me???

  18. czechthemout!!!!! on

    schoeny is the gm in waiting.i think the good news about him is that he seems to be someone who is not afraid to play the kids who deserve to play.

  19. Valiquette, Callahan, Dubinsky, Girardi, Immonen, Isbister, Lampman, Liffiton, Ortmeyer (even though he’s gone now, he’s still on this list), Pock…

  20. Watching Game 3, I can’t wait for October. Need to get Hossa signed. Plays a strong game and gets the puck to the net.

  21. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    At first i didnt give a sh*t….but now i want him re signed…..but he HAS to play on the top line……Here it is ladies and gents….my final line combo

    Hossa – Gomez – Jagr
    Shanahan – Drury – Straka
    Callahan – Dubinsky – Prucha
    Orr – Betts – Dawes / Hollweg

    D can be what ever… long as Rozsival, Tyutin, Girardi, Staal, and Pock are there….



    I agree with you….I think NYR shoulda picked anyone else for the job…he’s been great with the youth….hopefully this other guy will be good

  22. I wouldn’t really count Isbister; they traded for him at the beginning of last season.

    Others – Dawes, D. Moore (I think), Fata?, Pöck

    I can’t remember too many others too far back.

  23. Gernander should be a good pick. He was the captain in Hartford for a few years, then moved to be an assistant coach last season, from what I can remember. Him getting to the majors for only a few skates should help, in telling the kids that they don’t know when their opportunities will come and they better take them.

    Hopefully for that fourth line, they start someone like Moore or Jessiman, possibly even move Pöck back to wing. Dawes would be useless there and be sent back down. Might as well let him play first line in the AHL instead.

  24. Spiderpig

    I never said you couldn’t talk about things other than the Rangers. I simply asked why it was important to you that Emery gets less than Lundqvist. If you had said something like, “I think Emery will be awarded less than Lundqvist” rather than “I HOPE the arbitrator for the Emery case doesn’t think he should get quite as much as Lundqvist,” (my emphasis) I wouldn’t have asked. I was curious, not criticizing, and there was no need to jump down my throat.

  25. Schoenfeld is a no-nonsense, smart guy. If he’s being groomed to replace Sather and his being AGM is the route, then it’s a good thing, I think.

  26. He definitely should get less than Lundqvist. Sure, he “led” his team to the SCF, but I think Lundqvist is a far superior goalie, and more important to his team.

  27. I think if the Ducks would have drafted Huge Pussyman he likely would be a good NHL player by now, scoring 30-45 points.

  28. Looking at we are in for an interesting August.
    If you remove Shanahan’s performance bonus – we are at $46.5m, but then you have to add Girardi and Callahan (presuming they make the team) which puts us at $47.65 ish.
    With Hossa and Avery still to add, possibly about another $3m combined. We are in serious need of shedding one or more of Kaspar ($2.99m cap hit), Malik ($2.5m) or Mara ($3m) all of which are UFA in 08/09.
    The Lightning,Capitals or BlackHawks are the only ones who seem to be short in the defensive dept – the other teams have plenty of bodies or money tied up on D. I can’t imagine we’ll get much back in return.

  29. EB – I guess we all forgot about it already, ha. I thought it was a good move, but I just ignored the Messier angle I guess.

  30. I’m sure this is a dumb a question, even as I write it, but

    Is Simon allowed to play pre-season games while he still has 5 games left on his suspension?

    I think he should not be allowed to touch ice at all. Not even lemon snow cones!

  31. I would think most of you would be excited to have the Head Coach of Hartford now in the front office. Wouldn’t he help the ‘youth movement’?

  32. That’s a pretty good number for Emery at $3.167 million, probably lower than what he wanted, but he wouldn’t have been given three years by an arbitrator. Thanks for the news, Tim.

  33. Nothing like giving Gernander a shot to see what he can do, what a supportive group we have here.

    Was watching the Rangers/THrashers Game 3 last night, because I was getting ill from watching the Dems pander to their constituents, and it basically reinforced how much I like Malik.

    Big, strong, can handle the puck and doesn’t panic in his own end…. I’m looking forward to another season with Marik on the blueline with Rozy.

    One more month to go before training camp!

  34. I don’t hate Malik but you can not say that the guy doesn’t ever panic in his own end. He does, and when he does it usually costs us. He plays the puck in front of our own net and passes up the middle way too often. He needs to really not do that. My 2 year old daughter knows not to do that. Other than that I have no problem with him.

  35. My issues with Malik are:
    1. for a guy with his size he doesn’t use his body enough, he uses his long reach to poke check but not to push away or block on-rushing attackers or clear the net
    2. the cross-ice passes are 80% of the time finding a Ranger (usually Jagr) but the other times it is picked off and gives the opposition a clear scoring chance
    3. he is not quick enough and without Roszival he is constantly exposed

  36. I agree on all counts,

    Malik is slow.
    He makes risky passes.
    And he doesn’t use his size to his advantage.

    He isn’t worth what we are paying him, but I still think he has value. More of a top 6 kind of guy then a top 2 if you ask me.

  37. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Woops…..I thought i put him in there…..any way these would be my REAL lines

    Hossa – Gomez – Jagr
    Shanahan – Drury – Callahan
    Avery – Straka – Prucha
    Hollweg / Orr – Betts – Ansimov

  38. While I like Hossa, I think the team is much better served with having straka on the first line as a wing and with Brandon Dubinsky as the 3rd line center. I have seen Dubinsky play 5 games and I believe he is the real deal. He will be an EXCELLENT player and add another hungry young player to the mix.

  39. I disagree, I think if Hossa can play like he did at the end of last year that he is better for the first line. He adds size and puck possession. If it doesn’t work then send Straka back there.

  40. Straka-Gomez-jagr

    Keeping Straka with Jagr might go a long way to keeping Jagr happy given they let his centerman go to the Caps via free agency.

  41. Jagr happens to like Hossa. I say give the guy an honest shot, if it doesn’t work then scrap it. It is better to have this as an option than to not.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m with Nasty 1. Give Hoss a shot to start the season, and if he impresses, leave him there. Straka’s got a bum arm, but I think he would be a great teacher for Prucha and Callahan.

  43. It’s better to have Hossa making contributions on the first line and Straka making contributions on the third than to have straka making contributions on the first line and Hossa doing nothing on the fourth. Do you get my point? And I only mean this if Hossa can contribute on the first line, but he deserves a shot.

  44. And Hossa on the fourth line pretty much means that no rookies get a shot on the wing.

  45. But at the same time Straka at center pretty much means that Dubinsky doesn’t get a shot at center. I guess we have to wait until camp to see who impresses.

  46. I must say though, that I love having to worry about things like this. It means we have options and in years past we really didn’t have options. It is a good thing folks, a real good thing.

  47. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    “It’s better to have Hossa making contributions on the first line and Straka making contributions on the third than to have straka making contributions on the first line and Hossa doing nothing on the fourth. Do you get my point? And I only mean this if Hossa can contribute on the first line, but he deserves a shot.”

    NASTY 1

    I couldnt have said it better my self….

    After that ame last night….we gotta give the kid his shot at first line….

    And enough of the whole Jagr being happy BS….He wants whats best for the team…and Drury and Gomez for Nylander is best….

    Jagr doesnt give a flying F**k wh his linemates are…as long as they can have chemistry with him….I mean cmon….the guy wanted Jason Ward as his linemate cause they did good in practice….

  48. Just to go off topic here for a hot second, lets all take some time to reflect upon Lindsay Lohan’s stupidity ;-)
    Ok… back to Malik’s woes, Avery/Hossa’s upcoming arbitration hearings and Eklund’s rumours of Jagr going to the Oilers.

  49. you cannot argue that Malik did not play poorly against Atlanta. I’ve watched them again. that does NOT make up for his poor play the next round, nor his poor play the entire season.

    He and Hossa played well against Atlanta, but that was basically it. WHen Malik was bad, he was godawful bad.

    Hossa gets 8 goals in 11 games but only 5 in the other 70. He showed up for Atlanta, but phoned it in against Buffalo. To me,, he is another talent that never blossomed.

    Malik is one of the worst defensemen I have ever seen, so I had to smile when I turned on MSG this afternoon and saw him score that goal. He was really in that play….the big lug……….

    I’d love to see him wearing a NJ devils sweater. Brodeur would wing a puck at the back of his huge cranium. Imagine the size of his pilla? he must cry himself to sleep every night on his huge pilla. it is a virtual sputnik. look at it!

  50. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Cullen should have got one more season to prove he can do better….but he didnt get it…

    Hossa is on his 3rd season….and he wants a raise…

    So he knows this season…He HAS to do good…im talking 25 goals at least…he needs to show he can be a part of this team…

    I wish the season started already

  51. Richtersgirl on

    UKRanger: If you look at Maliks stats you would see that his stats are BETTER than roszivals and rozys are worse when Malik is NOT on the ice. I have to find that link again but it showed that Maliks teammates are NOT the reason his +/- is so good. His stats are actually even better when rozy and jagr are not on the ice. Gimmie a break here, Malik makes some poor passes sometimes but Jagr doesnt give 100% barely ever and lets peopel skate by him if he doesnt care that day. Point being, Malik makes some errors but he makes some awesome plays that lead to Ranger goals that people overlook and it is not b/c of his linemates.

  52. Pulled these stats off of HF boards, dated 7/19 from “Faceless Man”,

    Mara… Total ice time in series 125:30 – goal against him every 21 minutes on ice.
    Malik… Total ice time in series 138 – goal against him every 46 minutes on ice.
    Tyutin… Total ice time in series 120 – goal against him every 13.3 minutes on ice.
    Rozsival… Total ice time in series 150 – goal against him every 75 minutes on ice.
    Girardi… Total ice time in series 122:40 – goal against him every 15.3 minutes on ice.
    Rachunek… Total ice time in series 110 – goal against him every 22 minutes on ice.

  53. a casual observer on

    Malik makes some good outlet passes usually, but he is getting slower and slower and slowwwwer while the NHL is getting faster and faster.

  54. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    I dont care about Malik’s + / –

    The fact is….He hasnt been doing anything for us…Besides costing us games with his moronic risky passes….Nylander used to do the same thing…now he’s gone…Malik can be replaced…

    For the love of pete…Hank has so much class….time and time again he always says…”its a part of the game…these things happen”…

    If that was Broduer or DP or who ever…they’d probably act like Jo’s over the whole thing…

    I feel like Malik’s time is up…I never boo’d him…Infact i cant stand when NYR fans boo a makes no friggin sense…But he hasnt done anything that can make you say “he’s worth keeping”

    Staal can replace Rachunek…for now…And Pock can replace Malik…

    And i know this is old news….and i always mention this…but

    In the Czech vs Finland game…i think it was…

    When Rutuu hit Jags…Malik just stood there and didnt defend his teamate…And tiny little Straka attacked Rutuu like a poodle on drugs…Maybe to some that doesnt mean much to you….but it means a whole hell of alot to me…

    I dont hate Malik…I hate Malik’s game…

    Christ….were trying to build a winning team here…with as little flaws as possible…


  55. all of your problems will be over when the contracts for Malik, Mara, Rozival, Hutchinson and Strudwick expire after this season.

    I would rather see Mara traded before Malik in order to make room for Pock, Liffiton or Staal.

    Now, if we give Montoya 10-15 games before the deadline to prove he’s NHL ready and we deal Malik, Montoya and another player to pick up a top two defenseman (I guess it would also depend on how good Montoya proves to be) I would look into that scenario.

    This would leave us with Staal, Pock, Tyutin, Girardi, Liffiton and the defenseman we got in the deal as our defense for next season, while deciding on whether to re-sign Rozival. That significantly guts the age of our defense.

  56. Rosizval is very underated in my opinion. He handles the puck well and is very good in the corners. I believe he is only around 28 years old. He should be signed to a long term deal ASAP. If they offered him something now they could probably save money and cap space in the long run.

  57. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    I agree….Rozi has alot more potential…he has a wicked shot…his 3 goals in the playoffs were beaut’s…

    Why is everyone so quick to get rid of Mara….give him a season with NYR…and maybe he’ll find his game…

    NYR let Avery play his game…and he played it damn good..

    Maybe Mara will be the same…and have more offense…

    But then again we let Malik and Ward play there great games…and they kick pucks in our net…

  58. “Malik… Total ice time in series 138 – goal against him every 46 minutes on ice.”

    that is because he plays with the top line most of the time, and most of the time they have the puck possession and most of the times the other team has a defensive checking line playing against them.

    Tyutin and Girardi played with terrible second line who were disgusting defensively and faced other teams’ scoring lines.

    Malik also had fewer hits than any of those defensemen you mentioned and he is without a question slower than any of them. Malik also had more giveaways than most others.

  59. My take on Malik: He is a steady defenseman who can pass the puck well. He is not very physical. That is one reason I think no one like him. He plays very soft for a dude 6ft 5 in. Malik can go for a 15 minutes and be great, doing everything right, with his long reach and decent to good positioning. Then BAM… out of nowhere he coughs up the puck in the neutral zone or makes a pass from behind his own net to the middle of the defensive zone that often gets picked off and sometimes costs us goals or even games. It is unfortunate that he can play so solid but then make a boneheaded play. He looks like a solid rookie player, making solid plays and then making a horrendous play that an inexperienced D-man would make. A 10 year plus veteran making rookie mistakes on average 1-2 times a game is NOT what you want to see. That is why no one likes the guy. Its not inexperience but stupidity or carelessness

  60. I believe that you need to have an enforcer like Orr, Boogaard, Larocque, but Jansssen is a punching bag.

  61. czechthemout!!!!! on

    just wanted to quickly comment on the state of pro sports in the sport gets so much free publicity,and good press it’s almost’s players cheat knowingly.they rip off their employers with gaudy stats manufactured chemicaly.they set a terrible example for kids,that it’s ok to cheat.another sport,wich i happen to love has scum like mike vick and the plethora of cincy bengals,adam pacman jones,and so many others in it who are a disgrace as human beings and role models.yet another sport has at least one maybe more according to him refs and players fixing games,just shamefull.there is one sport out there whose athletes are selfless ,down to earth,generous with their time and are great role modeles for kids.yet this sport gets derided by idiots like fat mike and the d–k head,espn,mike lupica,etc,etc,every time a fight breaks out or any miniscule incident occurs wich pales in comparison to the shit we see every day from athletes of the other three sports.i would just like to tip my hat to the great athletes of the nhl,ahl,echl,and all junior leagues nd college hockey is my honor to be able to say that you are the greatest athletes in the world and i am proud to be a hockey fan

  62. Yeah, Francesa said he’s just waiting for something to happen in the NHL. Like he said, it went from controversial (MLB-Bonds) to disgusting (NFL-Vick) to the worst thing for any sport (NBA-Donaghy). At least hockey can’t have any fights over the summer that anybody will get upset about. It’s time for the NHL to get some good press out of this, but I can’t really see a way to capitalize unless they showcase the good work they do, like the NFL and MLB, United Way and Boys & Girls Club respectively, have commercials for. Especially show how some enforcers take time out to do charity work or help out kids, like Orr teaching at the youth camp.

  63. I’m always amazed that people like Pock as much as they do, I couldn’t give a sh*t if he makes the team or not…he’s like 25 or 26 and hasn’t shown more than a borderline nhl talent level…never has there been a game where you say, “Hmmm, this kid can play”…Hossa, who I disliked for the longest time, around January or so, maybe a little later, finally warranted that thought…but Pock, if he makes the time, to me I’d be thinking Sanguinetti would be more interesting to see (I’m thinking Staal makes the team ,Sanguinetti goes to the minors)

  64. irritation July 24th, 2007 at 5:07 pm
    “Malik… Total ice time in series 138 – goal against him every 46 minutes on ice.�
    that is because he plays with the top line most of the time, and most of the time they have the puck possession and most of the times the other team has a defensive checking line playing against them.
    Tyutin and Girardi played with terrible second line who were disgusting defensively and faced other teams’ scoring lines.
    Malik also had fewer hits than any of those defensemen you mentioned and he is without a question slower than any of them. Malik also had more giveaways than most others.>>

    Irritation, you will find that logic means nothing with the under 16 crowd that clamours for a dumb, slow, dimwitted, lazy penalty taker, who feeds the puck in front of Lundqvst defenseman such as Malik. They look at his +/- and don’t even take into consideration how many goals are scored while he sat in the box….or how he wore down Lundqvst, or, as you say…

    how the first line held onto the puck for so long………….

    it was still, however, a good post.

  65. 70 PIMs in 69 games for a non physical defenseman is way too much

    Pock had 16 in 44 games
    Tyutin who throws big hits 44 in 66 games
    Rozsival 52 in 80 games
    Girardi 8 in 34 games
    Rachunek 38 in 66 games

  66. “Assets: Possesses work ethic that is second to none. Has sound two-way and penalty-killing ability. Can play in any situation.

    Flaws: Will never contend for any scoring records. His lack of bulk is also a concern, especially when he’s trying to shut down big power forwards.

    Career potential: Two-way winger. ”

    does this look about right about Korpikoski?

  67. Hey Seamus – I am a Rangers fan, I support my team and its players, one of them happens to be Marik Malik. Spare me the “under 16 crowd”, as if you had a monopoly on who should and should not be supported.

    In some of your worlds the Rangers would have no players that coughed up the puck once in a while, every dman would register 8 hits per game and each forward would score 30 goals.

    Malik is Malik, if you should be mad at anyone it’s Glen Sather for signing him.

    It’s like someone buying a Chevy Caprice and then saying “I hate this car because it handles like crap, eats too much gas and can’t fit into any parking spots”. Well, shouldn’t you be mad at yourself for not being aware of the pros and cons of the car prior to purchasing it?

    Or are average NHL players not allowed on the Rangers roster?


    After watching that Ranger highlight, I sure did see Malik plenty of times helping us score goals. I also saw Nylander, Cullen and Ortmeyer getting big goals.

    But nobody was more clutch down the stretch than Henrik and Jagr.

  68. czechthemout:

    I really enjoyed your post about athletes in other sports.

    The NHL has had its share of bad moments: Theo FLuery, Kevin Stevens, Scott Stevens (limo), Rick Tochett (gambling ring), Bob Probert, Ed Belfour (DUI)… but you’re absolutely correct. The drugs, murders, shootings, gang related violence, brawls and now this recent dog fighting with Vick is enough to make you sick, and yet all that happens is it gets reported, the NBA, NFL and MLB will come out with their statements, yet but in the end what does it all lead to?

    Myself, I don’t watch basketball, although I used to religiously. I loved the basketball of the 80’s and early 90’s, but it’s absolute nonsense now. I won’t even mention football, gee, what a great sport, at least one person gets carted off the field every game with a broken neck, but TV will cut to commercial. Baseball has become a game of homerun derby with espn and MLB propping up Bonds, Arod, Puljus you name it, meanwhile they’re all on some drug enabling them to play longer and hit homers, because MLB thinks the average joe is too stupid to pretend to want any sort of strategy in the game, like it used to be.

    Professional athletes used to stand for something. the word “professional” used to mean something. I too thank God I am a hockey fan, by far the greatest sport on earth.

  69. czechthemout-I agree with what you said about pro sports in the US. I’ll never understand why people support these criminals and thats what most of them are. Hockey is the only sport i watch. As far as i’m concerned its the only sport.I know all the guys in the NHL are not angels but the bad guys are few and far between. In the other sports the good guys are few and far between.

  70. for those with only recent memories, Rick Tocchet didn’t help hockey. And don’t ‘bet’ on what the whole story is.

  71. vogs “Spare me the “under 16 crowdâ€?, as if you had a monopoly on who should and should not be supported.”
    ….are you talking mentally? ;-)

  72. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    NYR fans seem to forget how clutch Jagr was in the final games…He was critisized for wanting to get to 30 goals….

    Funny…isnt that good?? Kinda like motivation…

    Jags is the man…This guy needs to raise that cup before he retires…


    Nicely said…It pisses me off..Everyone thinks hockey players are bad role models cause of the fighting…

    Its the height of comedy…to see MLB..NFL..NBA..they are “great role models”…but out of the sport…some rob..some fight..some carry guns..some use drugs..some beat chicks…but NHL players get into a fight..and they get labeled badly…and no one see’s how they are off the friggin ice…how they are with charity’s…and off ice behavior…very rarely will someone screw up…

    Thats why its that moron Colon Cambells job to disipline correctly…when a moron like Simon disgraces the g*d damn sport…or someone like Brashear..Tootoo..Rutuu or someone else throws dirty hits and sucker punches…

    It pisses me the fugg off

  73. Alex
    July 24th, 2007 at 9:10 pm
    I’m always amazed that people like Pock as much as they do, I couldn’t give a sh*t if he makes the team or not…he’s like 25 or 26 and hasn’t shown more than a borderline nhl talent level…never has there been a game where you say, “Hmmm, this kid can play�

    What about that game in Boston when he tied it with less than two minutes left, and the Rangers went on to win in OT or SO? That’s what really started showing it for me. Then he had three assists in that Atlanta series, but was taken out for the next one. I think he’s shown he can do it.

  74. Above, ORR advocated putting Hossa on the first line with Gomez and Jagr. I think I like that idea, but more for what it would do for the third line of: Avery – Straka – Prucha

    Prucha really needs an enforcer inorder to maximize his production. Avery can serve that roll, while at the same time he has the skill to mesh w/ straka and prucha to score goals, a la Adam Graves. Prucha has great skill, but at 175 lbs soaking wet gets pushed around way too easy. It may not be a bad idea.

  75. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    I completely agree…Prucha has been getting shoved around to much…the only one to stand up for him is Shanny…we would let the team win by goating shanny into a fight to take him outta the game for 5 mins…Avery can do that job..

    Also that line can be a fast line…that i think would do damn good…but we have to have Cally on the second line with Shanny and Dru

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    Something caught my eye about Gordie Clark:

    “With the Islanders, he was responsible for overseeing the NHL Draft process, selecting current NHLer’s Eric Brewer, Taylor Pyatt, Tim Connolly, Roberto Luongo, Raffi Torres and Rick DiPietro,”

    That means in 2000 he chose DP (after they already had Luongo) over Heatley and Gaborik, then chose Torres at #5 over Hartnell, Orpik, Frolov, and Boyes, to name a few. That draft paved the way for Luongo to be traded, BTW, in one of the worst trades in recent history. (Luongo and Jokinen for Parrish and Kvasha)

    Plucking Pyatt and Connolly in that lousy 99 draft is pretty good though, so I don’t know.

  77. Prucha really needs to play with a center who is going to set him up. The ideal player for the job would be Gomez but if he is with Jagr that’s not likely going to happen this year. I like Cally as a player, but I do not think he should be getting more ice time than Prucha, who has scored despite being screwed by the coaches. If Prucha had an entire season with a good center (ie not Cullen)and got a regual power play shift, I think you would see him put up 30+ goals very easily. Straka could be that guy, but I would rather have Prucha on the top two lines.

  78. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Maybe Sather realizes that is really is gonna make a bigger push for Peca…eh idk


    Drury and Gomez are on the cover of Hockey News…Pretty cool…Hank was on the cover last year…I gotta pick that up Asap

  79. I said this yesterday but I will say it again today:

    It’s better to have Hossa making contributions on the first line and Straka making contributions on the third than to have straka making contributions on the first line and Hossa doing nothing on the fourth. Do you get my point? And I only mean this if Hossa can contribute on the first line, but he deserves a shot.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, you’re changing your name back and forth so much that you should eventually change it to some weird symbol.

  81. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Orr kicks Yin Yang once (Janssen)…Orr kicks yin yang…again (fedoruk)

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m a little worried that we’re so loaded up with goal scorers now that we don’t have anyone to set them up.

    A quick examination of the goal scorers:

    Hossa (possibly)

    A quick examination of the set up men:

    Jagr (because he does both)
    Straka (does both, but at lower numbers than Jagr)
    Avery (sort of)

    If you put Straka-Gomez-Jagr on a line, the only guy left that is remotely a set up man is Avery. That’s just going to not give the lines good chemistry.

    Meanwhile, if you put Hoss on the top line, Straka on the third, and Avery on the 2nd (as much as it pains me to do that since I don’t think he is that gifted offensively), Then you’ll have a playmaker on every line, instead of only on the top two.

  83. Doodie i think your underestimating Drury’s contribution – his presence on the 2nd line should create space for Shanahan. I don’t believe you need out-and-out set-up men as long as the lines gel then they should create chances for each other. In my opinion its all about knowing what your team-mates are going to do and reacting to it. Some players have the skill to thread a pass through the eye of a needle and make things happen, others are better at reacting and adapting to developing plays. I think we’ll see a lot of driving to the net from Drury and his wingers picking up rebounds or drop-passes.
    I’m not worried at all about our forward lines, there is plenty of talent(young and old) and options – our log-jam in defence bothers me more. Does the acquisition of Hutchinson make Mara prime trade bait? Will we see Staal this year? Whats happening with Kaspar?

  84. This lull in the hockey (Ranger) related news is soooooo boring. Can’t wait until all of the speculation is over and they drop the puck for real.

  85. Im starting to get sick of waiting for October. I wish they could drop the puck tonight. Its making me sick.

  86. “then chose Torres at #5 over Hartnell, Orpik, Frolov, and Boyes, to name a few”

    I would take Torres over Hartnell or Boyes and probably Orpik. Hartnell is overrated, Boyes just had 1 good season, Orpik is nothing special.

  87. Doodie-Im thinking maybe we should stick Straka on the 2nd line with Shanny and Drury. Your lines would look like this:


    I dont worry much about Avery as a center with Prucha and Callahan. Prucha is responsible on defense and Callahan is also somewhat dependable in our zone. Plus Callahan and Avery on one line is pretty nasty. They are both “in your face” type players

  88. Here are my lines,

    WFC=Wait For Camp


  89. Looking at Straka’s goals last season he looked great as Jagr’s left wing.

    Hossa also looked good there.

    so I wouldn’t be surprised if the top 2 lines are


  90. There are a few people’s posts on here that I enjoy reading, but there are definitely a lot of people who post some really pointless and meaningless s**t. I am sorry to say. I am not hating here, but come on.

  91. “Really, Prucha responsible on defense? News to me”

    that depends if you listened to the PR originated from Renney then he is horrible defensively. But if you actually watched him play he is pretty good defensively, sure he made some bad mistakes but who hasn’t?

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR, Straka’s 51 goals (22, 29) in the past 2 seasons beg to differ. That’s a two season total that’s higher than any two of Drury’s, with the exception of his last two years in Buffalo.

    Go NYR, I’ve thought about that, but I don’t like Avery at center. I would consider swapping Prucha and Avery as LWs on the 2nd and third lines though.

    NYRich, I think it would be news to Prucha too!

  93. “NYR, Straka’s 51 goals (22, 29) in the past 2 seasons beg to differ. That’s a two season total that’s higher than any two of Drury’s, with the exception of his last two years in Buffalo.”

    huh? Point is Straka is more of a playmaker than a scorer, always has been and always will be.

  94. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Wow…if you thought Eklund was a moron….now he really is…

    This guy has Jeremy Roenick….Choosing between 3 teams…The guy announced his retirement weeks ago….

    Jesus H Christ

  95. I think one thing is clear from “all the posts”, whether they equate to sh*t or have any meaning is a matter of opinion, either way, we are desperate for hockey.

    Thankfully my 1st game of this years summer league starts tomorrow!

  96. Actually, Roenicks annoucnement was never official. He text messaged someone in the media a very vague comment, something about “My retirement is still news”, but he never officially made a statement and according to his agent he is not retired.

  97. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Eh…none the less….mine as well retire…

    I heard he missed 3 games with hemroids….somethibng like that

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    I think he wants to break 500 goals. its his best chance of getting into the Hall without a ring.

  99. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    I hate when players do that…In my opinion its pretty classless…unless your still damn good….

    Yzerman coulda EASILY got his 700th goal….and he was still had that wicked shot…but he retired cause it was the right time…even though he coulda possibly went on…

    Thats why Jagr cant friggin retire….He still has more then 2 season left…he has like 4…maybe….3 tops…If Jagr retires…ill shed a few tears….ive been watching him since he was a Pen…and i sat through depressing boring Caps games just to watch Jags…then he got traded here…

    Eh….its a boring day….Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents

  100. Well, Eklund has none of his Top 35 free agents in rumors with the Rangers, so at least he has some sense. That is probably a good thing that we are done in that department.

  101. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Is NYR going for Peca or not….some sites say they are and some say there not…Anyone know the truth

  102. For those who dont know, The guy using “NYR” is Ivana / Pork / Yenner / what ever else. Just thought id give ya’ll a heads up.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers have signed Peca to a 25 year, 125 million dollar contract (DM5)

  104. He’s so stupid and preddictable. If he makes fun of Colton Orr, or critisizes any ranger, then you know its him.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    He didn’t criticize before I responded to him. Then I saw the Renney bashing comment and I realized.

  106. My list of statements that should have never been posted:

    “So I wouldn’t be surprised if the top 2 lines are


    -The only way this happens is if Jagr decides he despises both Gomez and Drury, they did not sign two centers for that kind of money just to have Straka the man who cant win a faceoff stay at center.

    “NYR, Straka’s 51 goals (22, 29) in the past 2 seasons beg to differ. That’s a two season total that’s higher than any two of Drury’s, with the exception of his last two years in Buffalo.”

    -So what your saying is that you want to throw out that whole “Apples to apples” idea and stick to manipulating things to your liking. Hell I bet you that I could tell you that Straka was a better scorer than Gretzky if you want to compare things that way.

    His last 3 seasons in the league he had only one more goal than Straka’s last 2 seasons…OMG should we be calling Straka “The Great One” instead?

    “If Jagr retires…ill shed a few tears”

    -This one is opinion but personally I am not a huge fan of whiny players who need to be pampered so that they try on atleast one side of the ice. You shed a tear for guys like Messier, Graves and Leetch retiring.

    He is a great scorer in the league right now who has let his personality overshadow his talent since early in his career. You have no sense of hockey history if you admire Jagr for more than that.

  107. Oh and stop driving away people with extreme opinions they provide entertainment…

  108. The Staal brothers arrest will be spun by the media to be worse than Vick’s dog killings, Bond’s steroids, & the NBA crooked refs all together.

  109. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    First off…I can give a flying F**k…what you think…and personally…i hate to be an asshole…but take your opinions and shove em up your ass..You like Gretzky and Messier…I like Jagr and Shanahan…BTW…i try to drive away people who act like morons on this blog…Who are only here to express idiotic opinions just to piss people off…and act like complete jerk o**s…Im pretty sure half the people here would love a clean blog without the likes of NYI fans pretending to be NYR fans…who hope Hank gets injured and NYR misses the playoffs…like that brainless twirp who said “i hope NYR gets swept by the thrashers…they dont diserve to be in the playoffs”..

    Anyway…with that…

    How about our boy Marc Staal….Staying outta trouble…When i seen that…i was certain it was Marc and Eric…i didnt think Jordan…lol…Kinda funny…


    Lol i wouldnt be surprised…the way NHL gets treated…I can see Mike and the Mad Dog loser…Saying..”they were drunk and punching citizens..and challenging them to fights…this is why you have to take fighting outta hockey”

    god i hate those two

  110. Laich was awarded 725K from arbitration, that means Hossa will not get over 800K

    I assume Marc Staal was also among the 14 people.

  111. I’m with you Orr. I suspect that there are a number of Islander and Devil fans (possibly all ten of them) who post here because there are no blogs to discuss NYI/NJD issues e.g., who might be available at #1 in next year’s draft or how do you get that bathroom smell out of the club restaurant at the Naussau Colleseum.

  112. Honestly, youre absurd if you you think there are any NYI/NJD fans seriously posting here regularly. Maybe a dimwit hereand there, but there are no moles posting here everyday of the offseason, studying Wolfpack stats trying to get a rise out of opposing fans. If I am wrong and someone has actually gone through all that trouble here, I would hope they do not hesitate to commit a messy suicide in the near future, preferably before early October. I could also paypal this person(s) a few dollars for any materials they might need to do the job: bullets, razors, or piano wire, etc. if they asked me nicely for the favor. That would be one of the most pathetic things I could imagine. Maybe during a playoff series, it could be funny to harass opposing fans under a guise. Even Sully was hilarious jus hanging out. But I *strongly* doubt anyone here, *posting in the dead of July and waiting for scraplings of info/updates* isn’t a true blue fan somewhere deep down…even if they post things that drive the rest of us crazy.

    Certain people do have extreme and sometimes deviant ideas of how the team should work, it’s only fair. I think as long as we don’t go at eachothers throats

  113. People that constantly accuse others of being Islanders or Devils fans are either extremely paranoid or are trolls. And out of 29 teams why only they suspect Islanders or Devils fans.

  114. (sorry-continued)

    I think as long as we don’t go at eachothers throats everyone should be entitled to their opinion free from heavy bashing. Despite the seemingly mindless things certain people say here (myself included), I think a lot of thought goes into what gets posted here. Whether or not you happen to agree with everyone is your own problem. Again, the best thing about this blog is there are no moderators to edit what goes on, and that allows somewhat of a “locker room” feel which I think a lot of us can and do enjoy. The minute we start losing control of ourselves is when the freedom here gets put into jeopardy and it puts pressure on Sam/Josh to govern the comment section.

  115. Oddly enough, those “Chris F.” postings above aren’t me. Seems like our old friend is expanding his repetoire…

  116. Orr

    I like Jagr and Shanahan also.
    I like the fact that Marc stayed out of trouble. I believe he wasn’t involved at all or he would have been mentioned.

    Fighting on the ice between two willing men seems like a birthday party to me in comparison to the cruel disgusting dog fights Vick enjoys. And then, of course the losing dogs have a miserable violent death. Vick is just another high paid thug. Professional sports is taking a beating for some really ugly things, yet hockey gets a bad name for fighting. Whether you approve of fighting or not it does not compare to the ugly stuff I have heard regarding the other major sports (both past and present). That’s not to say that some hockey players have not been boneheads in the past. But in general, I like that the NHL has not had such disgusting scandals.


  117. Rangers better sign Avery before arbitration, because he will get way too much there over 3 mil is very likely. And he would become a UFA next summer. That would make it not such a great trade after all 2nd, 3rd, and 5th round pick equivalent for a 1.4 seasons of Avery who also cost us against Buffalo in the playoffs with his big mouth.

  118. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....(Again) on


    Im not sure what you mean….i was joking around…i love the hockey fights…but love the game even better…but i was just saying that morons like mike and the mad dog would say hockey players might be a little hostile…and you know how those a holes are always bashing the sport…

  119. Blueshirt Bulletin says…

    July 25, 2007
    Marc Not Among Arrested Staal Brothers [Updated]

    What makes one of four brothers decide to become a steady stay at home defenseman instead of a brash forward like his siblings? Maybe it’s the same mindset that kept Ranger prospect Marc Staal from being arrested along with his brothers Eric and Jordan in Minnesota after Eric’s bachelor party got out of hand last weekend (little brother Jarred was probably deemed too young to attend — Jordan himself was underage for the drunken party, that being one of the charges laid against him). Whether Marc attended the party is unknown, but he was not among the fourteen family members and friends who were arrested for harrassing motorists at the side of the highway at 4:00 AM Saturday morning — the Cook County sherriff’s office just read me the names of five Staal family members from the list of those detained, and Marc was not one of them (nor was Jarred). See news reports in the Raleigh News-Observer and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

    According the a press release from the Cook County Sherriff’s office, the party at the Lusten Resort was warned prior to 1:00 AM about loud screaming and loud music after numerous complaints were lodged. At 3:00 AM, after repeated warnings, representatives of three law enforcement agencies helped resort staff shut down the Staal party and remove all participants from the property. At 4:00 AM, the group was arrested at the side of the road for disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process. Some members of the group fled into the woods and were therefore not detained with the others — we have no way of knowing at this time whether Marc was among this group, or if he was even at the party at all. Jordan was among four detainees released after booking — the other ten, including Eric, were held overnight.

  120. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Lethal fart:
    You should have stayed silent and deadly. There is no way Avery gets over 3 million, he’ll be lucky to get over 2.

  121. Cullen is making 2.8
    Fedotenko 2.9
    Comrie 3.375
    Pisani 2.5
    Hartnell 4.2
    Parrish 2.65

    So you can bet he gets close to 3 because he supposedly got us to the playoffs and has more intangibles than all the players I listed above. He kills penalties, he is fast, he plays PP, he can play any forward position, he gets into fights, he is one of the top agitators, he produced big numbers, he takes a beating standing in the crease.

  122. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    That wasnt me…but who ever it was…just read my mind….thanks to that person

  123. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    That wasnt me…but who ever it was..just read my mind….thanks to that person

  124. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Lethal, all of those players received their slaries through unrestricted free agency. Therefore, according to the collective bargaining agreement, those salaries are inadmissable as evidence is an arbitration hearing.

  125. I guess the ignoring thing isn’t working any more because the guy continues to switch names with every post. I’m begging you Sam to find some way to ban him, or else I’m really not gonna enjoy it here, with him impersonating other people, and I would probably have to leave.

    I’m surprised Marc wasn’t there with his brothers, especially since he is older than Jordan. Maybe they just don’t like him for being a defenseman, or he wasn’t one of the people being rowdy. I guess Marc would be too young to legally drink, too.

  126. Also Sam, please find a way to ban ORR Kicks Yin Yang….( Again ) he just rambles on without making any sense

    Pisani and Hartnell were signed before they became UFAs

  127. ORR

    My second paragraph was just a general statement not directed at anyone. But we can agree that the fights are the main cause for detractors of the sport of hockey to write vile commentaries; and it also gives the anti-hockey fools a chance to get on their soapbox and preach utter nonsense to those not acquainted with the great sport of hockey. And, yes, Michaela and the insane puppy are utter fools.

  128. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Sorry about that…..


    Like I said….every time theres a new name here….just ignore him / her / it

    Anyway….I was flipping through the telly….theres a stunt awards….i guess an award show for the best stunt actors….jeez…they’ll give anyone an award show…..I wouldnt be surprised if Comedy Central roasts Crosby

  129. Ivana you do a better job on yourself whenever you post. Your genius shines thru, no matter how you try to hide. For all I care you can post here by yourself and get your other names to agree with you,

  130. Ivana why not attack me instead of using the name to act like the baby you are.

  131. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I’m a big jerk & savotage is my hero. I hate everything especially me & savotage.

  132. jeez I need to work on my jokes. “Ivana you can bring your mommy” that was very lame.

  133. Doodie Machetto on


    see you guys when Avery and Hossa are done with their deals. until then, I can’t take EA Sports legend Vinny Pooh.

    Can we all remember that he seriously called Renney a pedophile and compared him to Hitler?

    Not to mention his odd crush on Joel Lundvist. And his obsession with playing kids. Maybe it’s not Renney that’s the pedophile after all…

    Later children.

  134. Renney is a lowlife piece of shit, but I never called him a pedophile or compaired him to Hitler. It is all Doodie’s lack of reading ability or imagination. What else can be expected from doodie? But who knows what Hyena’s sexual preferences might be? Bottom line is Renney is shit, and all his supporters like Doodie schmuck are shit.

  135. I warned this will happen if you assholes disrespect another poster. Instead of talking hockey you choose to talk about posters you don’t like, begging Sam to ban someone and then conspire to ignore. You really need to look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you are the trolls. All I did was talk about hockey.

  136. “Some members of the group fled into the woods and were therefore not detained with the others — we have no way of knowing at this time whether Marc was among this group, or if he was even at the party at all. Jordan was among four detainees released after booking — the other ten, including Eric, were held overnight.”

    So it seems like Marc ran away leaving his brothers

  137. Damn, what a shit show. I’m with Doodie, to much child’s play around here at this point of the summer. Yennerwhatever I tried to defend your honor and you continue to act like a satchel of baby dicks, way to step up to the plate and be a man about everything. Find a summer job or something dude, leave the comp and stop taking it personally when people disagree with your far fetched suggestions. Seriously, you’re blowing up a cool place. You’ve been banned from other sites already, do you really want to get blacklisted from another? You are well on your way, *believe me*.

    And go ahead and copy my name or whatever you need to do, I change my handle and my links/vids even more than you do, shem.

    See the rest of you guys when some news drops.

  138. “You’ve been banned from other sites already, do you really want to get blacklisted from another? You are well on your way, believe me.”

    doesn’t matter really when most people that post here are assholes or mental midgets

  139. This is the type of entertainment I was talking about!

    I feel like people are going to break into tears over this…”Son of Sam” please, pretty please wont you impersonate me next!

  140. Yeah, taking someone’s name is damn childish and extremely uncreative. Grow up junior.

  141. Son of Sam should go back to his normal blog that he usually posts on, IHAVEASMALLPEEPEEANDNOFRIENDS.COM. It must be the reason he comes here and takes out all of his loser aggression on people who want to talk hockey.

  142. This is what happens when there is no hockey for a long time. People go crazy. I’m afraid to even imagine what kind of exchanges we would witness here if there was another lockout (G-d forbid).

  143. Thanks Guys!

    7 lbs 13 oz…Eliza Juliet
    Mom and Baby are doing well…Can’t wait to
    take her to MSG this year in the Infant Rangers
    Stretchie Jersey I got her.

  144. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Congrats Blue…Your like the 12th person that i just heard of…having a baby…

    It must be baby makin season…

    Those jerseys look pretty cool….Ill probably pick up a Drury one of those..

    And please people…Remember…ignore this guy…and ignore anyone else who comes in here..cause it can just be him..

    Isnt there a way we can all email Sam and get a petition going to kick this asshole out??

  145. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    This is a quote from Mike Peca….From Slam Sports or what ever its called…

    “I think’s there been some interest (from the Rangers),” said Peca, an 11-year NHL veteran. “That would be a great fit. Is it going to happen? I’m not 100 per cent sure. We’ll see what happens.”

    That basically means if it came between NYR..CAR..and even TOR…which he wanted to go back to….like all Vets….NYR is there choice….

    I kinda want Peca now…he seems really optimistic….saying he’ll help any team he goes to…and his leg is 110 % better……or maybe he’s just desperate…

    Who knows

  146. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Preds signed Gelinas……..

    And HockeyBuzz.. still has Jovo to NYR trade rumors…then the moron says…If NYR gets Peca…then that means they wont get Avery….Get outta town.

  147. Baby-making season was 9 months ago!

    After reading a lot of the posts here, it seems that this is turning into something akin to the Rangers blog at Newsday.

    A bunch of….stupid fighting?

    Can’t wait for the next newspost -_-

  148. Sam, Josh,

    Any legit comment by Blueshirts management, on or off the record, on the Peca situation?

  149. ThisYearsModel on


    I saw the “awaiting moderation” notation on my last post, so I looked back. I should not have. This place has deteriorated significantly. Too bad, because you deserve better.

  150. does anyone know if they are having that nhl center ice online again next year like they did at the end of last season?

  151. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on says Jarko Immonen and David Liffiton are Free Agents…..Any truth to that????

  152. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Center Ice is free….for the first few games of the season…and again in the middle of the season….and then the final few games of the season are free as well…..

    They usually do it every year…

  153. Thanks again everybody for all the wishes!

    As you can see, the frequency of my posts is diminishing; due in large part to having my hands full with a 2 year old and an infant.

    It MAY be time for a nanny, and Doodie, a nice Montecristo Torpedo would be good right now-

  154. Robby Bonfire on

    Immonen was listed on the Rangers active roster at the club web site -yesterday – today he is not listed. So something is happening with him.

  155. Robby Bonfire on

    Immonen is listed on the Hartford roster, at the Wolf Pack web site. However, Lampman, Isbister, and Ortmeyer are also listed, so it is out of date.

  156. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Eh i can care less about Immonen……

    Quick question…….

    Say we re sign Avery and sign Peca…..would we have the room for Hossa???

  157. Immonen and Liffiton are RFAs, unless they changed to UFAs because they didn’t accept the offer in time, but I don’t think that time has come yet.

  158. Actually, I’m not even sure if they can become UFAs. I’m not all caught up on the CBA. But I think I remember reading that if they can, it’s in August.

  159. Orr- Im fairly sure we have just enough. I dont know where Eklund gets this nonsense from but it really sounds like he makes stuff up. Im very close to being absolutely positive he makes things up and his “sources” dont exist

  160. One thing no one has thought about concerning Peca is will he get along with Jagr. Hasn’t he had problems with teamates before. They don’t need a repeat of Aaron Ward.

  161. I’ll go on record as saying: Fuck Peca. Washup.

    total chemistry killer right there, i can just imagine that washup bringing one too many egos into a locker room already brimming with *legitimate & active* stars.

    Show me Dubinsky.

  162. Nah, they’re still looking to upgrade the D. They won’t sign Peca – we only wish we still had Cullen because during the playoffs he seemed to mesh well with Prucha and Callahan. Other than that he was an overrated, failed experiment at second line center. I’ll bet they try to move Mara and then do trade some youth/prospects for Jovocop. Then next year they’ll let Malik, Kaspar and perhaps even Rozival walk (depending on how Girardi, Tyutin, Staal, Pock, Baranka and Sanguinetti progress). Going forward the team’s core would then be Henrik, Jovo/Staal/Girardi/Tyutin, Drury/Gomez/Avery/Callahan/Prucha/Dubinsky for the next 4-5 years or so….

  163. A lot of what will happen on Defense this season will be shaped around the Kasparaitis situation.

    I’m sure that management at this point knows the likelihood of him being a regular this year or not. It just hasn’t been disclosed. Him having a good training camp would seal the deal and there goes our cap space.

    I don’t see Mara going anywhere and unfortunately, Marc Staal has a good chance of being in Hartford to start the season.
    Jovanovski will just not happen here and I think Peca is a long shot.

    The only question in my mind is the back-up Goaltender. I have this feeling that Valiquette will bot be the man and Sather will pick up a second string on the cheap.

  164. Colorado Mark on

    Immonen was tendered a qualifying offer, so he is not a free agent. He signed to play in Europe but the Rangers still have his rights (Read: tradebait). Liffiton is a RFA, but NHLCap or something like that has him (and anisimov) signed, which means the Rangers ahve probably signed them both but haven’t announced the transactions yet. I assume that they will wait until after they announce Avery and Hossa’s arbitration results/signings/decisions and then have the young player signings.

  165. Its what the GMs all agreed on, so I don’t see why we chastize them for playing by the rules. Clarke would throw his own grandmother down the stairs if it meant a cup, but Lowe and Clark have every right to sign offer sheets. I guess nobody wants to blame the players either, Vanek or Penner for showing no loyalty.

  166. Sam is beginning to become like that guy who walks out the door saying he is going to pick up some milk and is never heard from again.

  167. I would only chastise Lowe because he is overpaying and overxtending for a player who has only played one full season of NHL. The only problem is, this is the only way he can get a decent RFA. A different course I would suggest is using those possible compensation picks to trade for a good player or wait until after some arbitration players aren’t signed. He could use just the 1st and a 3rd to trade for someone of Penner’s quality, while keeping his second and probably paying less.

  168. Spiderpig I agree, but I think he also trying to make a statement & save face. Make it clear that if no one plays nice with him then he will not play nice with anyone. Which shows determination on his part, that way fans, players, & staff alike realize that EDM is still a hockey town & the Oilers will be a team to be feared.

  169. “I guess nobody wants to blame the players either, Vanek or Penner for showing no loyalty.”

    Can you blame ’em?

    “Sam is beginning to become like that guy who walks out the door saying he is going to pick up some milk and is never heard from again.”

    Can you blame ’em?

  170. Sam’s got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack. He went out for a ride and he never went back.

    Except we’re the wife and kids in Baltimore.

  171. your boy Malik on

    Sam’s on vacation….he says so in his last entry. He’ll only be on if there’s something to report I think.

  172. I do not understand this outrage about what Lowe did. Let’s say he indeed grossly overpaid Penner (personally, I completely agree with this statement). But then it means that in the years to come Oilers will be punished for this decision in a very “natural” way (being stocked with overpaid player, salary cap issues, team chemistry, etc.) and there is no need to be crying about new NHL repeting “old” NHL mistakes.

  173. To add, i’m sure that if the tables were turned and the Rangers did squat and signed no quality UFA’s, very few would complain if Sather resorted to these methods with RFA’s.

    The only issue I would have is that Penner is not THAT great and with the large offer sheet combined with the sacrifice of 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft picks; it wouldn’t be worth it.

    The ends would need to justify the means and Lowe might be plaing dirty and “ethical”, but not smart.

  174. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Lowe is much smarter than you all give him credit for. I think he wants Anaheim to match, but then next year he will make a pitch for Getzlaf.

  175. Hossa – Gomez – Jagr
    Straka – Drury – Shanny
    Prucha – Avery – Callahan
    Anisimov – Betts – Orr[Hollweg]

    Malik – Rozsival
    Tyutin – Girardi
    Mara – Staal[Pock]

  176. Blue clue – congrats on the big news. Hopefully all is well with the whole family and the oldest one is not too jealous.

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