Pre-season schedule announced


Below is the release from the Rangers.

Sorry, guys, no Puerto Rico trip this year, but here’s the good news: You get to go to Detroit!

New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced the Rangers 2007 pre-season schedule today, featuring three games at Madison Square Garden and a total of six games in nine days.

The Rangers exhibition schedule consists of three back-to-back sets, including games at Madison Square Garden on Friday, September 21 vs. New Jersey and Saturday, September 22 vs. Philadelphia, which will kick off the 2007 pre-season. The Rangers will then head to Long Island to face the cross-town rival New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum on Monday, September 24 in the first of back-to-back games. In the second game of the back-to-back set, the Blueshirts will take on the Red Wings in Detroit on Tuesday, September 25. On Friday, September 28, the Rangers return to The Garden to host the Islanders in their final home pre-season game before wrapping up the pre-season schedule at Philadelphia versus the Flyers on Saturday, September 29 in the second of back-to-back games.

The 2007 New York Rangers will take the ice for the first day of training camp on Friday, September 14. All players will go through physical testing at the Madison Square Garden Training Facility on Thursday, September 13.

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  1. Sam, I’m confident your last post should have been titled “Raise your hand if you’re [not] sure!”

  2. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Good games…

    Now DET fans will get to see Shanny back there before he retires…if he does….

  3. Jagr may not be as unhappy as was speculated/reported (which is good obviously)

    A public appearance by Jaromir Jagr at an exhibition beach volleyball tournament prompted an interview with the Ranger captain by the Czech newspaper Pravo (online at which covered Jagr’s workout schedule and his feelings about the Rangers’ summer roster moves. “The truth is,� Jagr said about the signings of Chris Drury and Scott Gomez, “GM Glen Sather brought Christmas in the middle of the summer. The Rangers had to sign a centerman, so they had to embellish their offers a little, otherwise they would have no one. They hoped for one and they got both Gomez and Drury.�

    Having had a couple of weeks to digest the departure of his friend Michael Nylander in favor of the two younger centers, Jagr had a different answer to the inevitable Nylander question than the one we’ve heard from him before. “From the long run perspective, it was the right decision because the additions are six, seven years younger than Nylander,� Jagr said. “The future of the organization will be built around them. Sometimes, one has to deal with things quickly. No one is irreplaceable. I don’t have time to cry about not having my centerman and I would only hurt myself [by doing so].�

  4. Tim – I think you should credit Blueshirt Bulletin for the translation, since that’s where you got your quotes.

  5. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    JagrGal is right…..You should credit….I hate when people steal quotes and pretend they came up with it….Not that im saying you did that…..anyway says NYR are going after some D man….i forgot his name…he was on PIT or something…

  6. I have a question !

    Is there anyone who knows when general tickets go on sale for the regular season ?

    I am from overseas but I maybe looking to fly into NY in October when they have that stretch with six or seven home games…You guys would advice me to order tickets in advance even for a single person like me ????

  7. That means that assuming they play at 7:00 PM EST on Friday, the 29th, we have precisely

    64.00 Days

    11.00 Hours

    47.00 Minutes

    41.00 Seconds

  8. Sam did also ask NYR fans to donate to his choice, Hillary? Or is she his new left wing;-)

  9. 6 pre-season games is not enough to evaluate so many young players, it should be 8 games to give young players as much icetime as possible to display their ability.

  10. g of g g let them play among themselves, the kids are going back down anyhow unless they move roster guys. Get your season tickets to the Pack early, so you can actually talk about them from seeing them. Report back when you feel the need.

  11. Salted
    “Kaspar = almost dead to me”

    Good one.

    ““Sure, there’s Avery and Hollweg, but they’re both “littleâ€? guys.â€?

    so is Kasparaitis”

    True. I didn’t look up his stats. I always thought Kaspar was bigger than that. [insert joke about Kaspar’s weight here] Still, we probably do need a physical defenseman. Strudwick isn’t going to be a regular (we hope). I don’t know how physical Staal will be in the NHL, assuming he makes the team. We don’t have a real banger on D.

  12. “We don’t have a real banger on D”

    we don’t really have to have one, as long as all 6/7 defensemen are physical.

    “g of g g let them play among themselves, the kids are going back down anyhow unless they move roster guys. ”

    I want to see them play against NHL players.

  13. Orr – It’s Josef Melichar, but any time Eklund reports the Rangers are looking to add a defenseman at this point, you know he is full of crap.

  14. ORR

    The rumored D-MAN the Rangers are looking in to is Josef Melichar….although I would take it with a large grain of salt; it was an Eklund Hockeybuzz rumor-

    Either way, I looked up his stats. Offensively, he did close to nothing and his +/- was about dead Even.

    Not the answer-

  15. gg in preseason they’ll be playing against a mixture. When Glen gogg Sather decides that’s when you’ll see them play against NHL players. And then he has to get Renney put them in the lineup. They are the bosses, you are only gogg.Go to Hartford.

  16. “Orr – It’s Josef Melichar, but any time Eklund reports the Rangers are looking to add a defenseman at this point, you know he is full of crap.”

    or he is making fun of Rangers for signing Strudwick and getting Hutchinson.

  17. One reason you cant believe Eklund about Rangers moves is he happens to be a Flyers fan and I am suspicous he works for the Flyers in some way

  18. Another reason you can’t believe him is because he is right less than 5% of the time-
    If you noticed, he also usually lists 3-5 teams for each player…How accurate could he be?

    But it IS entertainment if that’s what you’re looking for.

  19. Cosmo – yes I would advise getting tix in advance. check the rangers website there are links to tickets and you should be able to email to find out when tix go on sale.
    can also get tix on ebay or stub hub with ebay being cheaper. I don’t suggest getting ticket from scalper outside – could rip you off with phony tix or try to steal money. plus scalping is not legal outside the garden.

    If no luck I could look up phone number for Garden. I think tickets will be very tough through the box office this year.

  20. Thanks, LI Joe….

    I am probably looking for the period between October 26-November 3, with games against Leafs, Flyers, Caps and Devils…Probably order for three exc. Caps and enjoy that at Espn Zoon of Times Square :)

    Have a very low airfare from Europe and a very moderate prize of accomodaton for the usaly high priced Manhattan, which is promising a fun week in the big Apple….:):)

  21. # of presason Games:
    Rangers 6
    Tampa 5
    Captials 7
    Flyers 8
    Devial Not listed (athought our frist game is against them)

    What is happening?

  22. Would we be better off starting Dubinsky at center this year or starting Avery there and bringing up a winger? I would like to give Dubinsky a shot and leave Avery on the wing.

  23. This is not a random rumor post just something I thought I’d put up. I think something is up with Hossa. Not sure what mainly because I don’t spec any language that isn’t on this continent. Reason I say this is that there are a couple of bloggs in google’s blog checker, that are lighting up with his name in them. If I knew more or how to read whatever language it is, I would tell you

  24. He was involved in some altercation a while back where he and another NHL player saved some guy from being stabbed to death.

  25. The other player was Branko Radivojevic. I think credit again goes to Blueshirt Bulletin.

  26. I had no idea as I said I just saw a bunch of stuff in another language on the google blogger, with Hossa’s name in it a bunch.

  27. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Maybe theres neo nazi’s in NY and h’s afraid to come back……Kidding

    He should sign with ATL if he leaves us….He can play with his bro

  28. I see him being on our opening night roster. I like the guy as I have said before. Put him on a line with Jagr and Gomez to add size and that physical presence in the corners and in front. Give him a fair shot from the beginning of the season, and if ten games in it doesn’t seem to be working, then try something else.

  29. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on blog has a question on who would be the best in ATL division…something like that…Its..


    Yuck…PIT…i dont think they’ll be best…Although im not looking foward to seeing Sykora…Lol he listens to Tupac….I find that to be amusing…

  30. PIT

    We have a lot of chemistry to create will cost some points early one.

    Broduer=Devils Good

    Phi has the same issue we do with chemistry but not as much talent.

    NYI they are just in trouble

  31. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    I say

    NYR (Obviously)
    NYI (Ha)

    but then again you never know….I hope Broduer and Lou Lama what ever…are watching NYI and NJD 15 to remember…Cause ive seen 9 Week goals given up by that pathetic excuse of a goaltender…Forget about Rachunek..

  32. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    For anyone who wants to read the Hossa thing..Here it is….Thanks to

    Marcel Hossa played the role of hero back in his native Slovakia, helping save a man’s life after fellow NHLer Branko Radivojevic and a friend fought off the gang who attacked the man. Our friend DaTel sends in this translation of a report on the incident from [warning: do not open the link if the sight of blood disturbs you — there is a very graphic photo of the bloody knife used in the attack at the top of the story]:

    “Hockey stars Marcel Hossa along with Branko Radivojevic probably saved the life of a 39 year old man who was attacked in Trencin on Saturday by a group of young neo-nazis. There were about 20 skinheads in the square around midnight. Half of them attacked a local citizen, cut the man’s throat, and stabbed him in the back. Officials have no idea about what caused the incident. After the initial attack, the man fell to the ground. The aggressors started kicking him and jumping on him.

    “At that very moment, Radivojevic and a friend of his came to the rescue. They fought the attackers and forced the skinheads to run away in no time. The entire incident took about 20 seconds. Afterwards, both guys along with Marcel Hossa took the wounded man to the hospital. Doctors found shards of the knife he was stabbed with close to his spinal chord. The attacked man is now out of danger. Radivojevic declined to comment on the matter. ‘Until the investigation’s over, I will not comment,’ said the Minnesota Wild forward.”

  33. TSN reports that Nedved is going to play in the Czech Republic this year. They also had an article the other day about Lindros possibly hanging up his skates. Hard to believe that only 4 years ago, they were our top 2 centers.

  34. Thats all I got to hear. Hossa makes my team any time.
    god! at least the third line.
    Thanks Orr, never heard that story before

  35. Does Eklund’s site ever get anything right?

    Anyway, is it possible that the Rangers could have two Alaskan natives on the team next year, Gomez and Dubinsky. I bet Elias Sports Bureau would know if that has ever happened before on any team. Not really important stuff, just quirky sports info.

  36. Speaking of which, with Ortmeyer gone, Kasparitis is our last player link to the 2003-2004, pre-lockout squad.

  37. Why send Hossa to Atlanta, when we can have his brother next year as a free agent? He’d be a nice replacement for Shanny.

    I say:


    The top 2 are up for debate, but I give us the advantage because of goalies. Philly is kidding themselves this year. And never count NJ out because of Brodeur. Fishsticks are done.

  38. It would be kinda nice to see the 2 Hossas playing on the same line together.

    If anyone should have chemnistry…..

  39. It will be mighty difficult to sign marian hossa to a deal considering the two very costly signings we just made. And we need to build from within. I think Hossa is one of the best players in the league and if we could get him at the right price, then definitely, but let’s focus on this season before we start talking about next.

  40. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    Here is the Straka interview you wanted….

    When we last heard from Martin Straka right at the end of the season, he said, “I’m going to take a couple of weeks off and then start doing the bike, work in the gym, play tennis a little bit, and just get ready [for next season],” despite having finished the season with a serious shoulder or biceps injury. True to his word, Straka is now back in the gym in the Czech Republic. He spoke to recently [thanks to DaTeL for the excellent translation]. “The older you get, the more difficult it is to get started,” said Straka. “I had a vacation with my family on Florida. And when you do nothing, you get this feeling after couple of days that you’re swelling. So in fact, I was looking forward to moving my body again. Once I get started, it will be alright.” He refused to discuss his injury, but he did talk about why he opted to forego surgery. “I wouldn’t be able to play for a really long time,” he explained. “And there’s no time for that. I will try it this way and we’ll see how things work in the season.”

    Straka described how he came to re-sign with the Rangers during the past season. “It has never happened to me before,” he said of the extension offer. “I didn’t see it coming at all. My agent called to inform me that the Rangers were offering a contract for next year. I told him that it must be some kind of joke and that he should let it go. But he called again two weeks later that management was serious. That they wanted me to re-sign immediately and stay for another year. I had to ask the family,” he went on, laughing. “I waited for some time for an appropriate opportunity and then I told the family that we could stay in New York for another year.”

    Like Jagr and Shanahan, Straka felt the team could have gone farther last season and is poised to take another step forward next season. “We wanted to get further and I think we were capable of doing so,” he said of the playoffs. “Game 5 decided [the Buffalo series]. We were so close [7.7 seconds] to winning it [on his late goal]. We would’ve had home-ice advantage in Game 6. However, they turned it around. I had a good feeling last year [2005-06] already, and this year’s team was even stronger. Maybe there are just two defensemen and one forward missing. If we can get them, there’s a chance. And the Stanley Cup is still a huge motivation for me.” Asked if he is in a position to influence whom the team might pursue to fill those last two or three roster spots, Straka said, “Definitely not at the level that Jarda Jagr has. But we are able to sit and talk things through, who needs what on the ice, what could be changed, what kind of player would fit right in the locker room.”

    He was happy with the way his season went and echoed Jagr’s and Shanahan’s sentiments about being able to compete at a high level. “Should I feel that I can’t keep up, that the young guys are surpassing me, I’d think differently [about continuing],” he said. “But I was able to stay on the first and second line and had great linemates. It’s harder every year, though. The youngsters work hard and they take more important spots on the team.” He still enjoys playing hockey but realizes that his days in the NHL are nearing their end. “Hockey is still fun for me, but sometimes you think, What’s coming next?” he said. “There’s no way to stop time.” He hopes to go into management when his playing days are over. “I would like to be director of player personnel,” he said. “Put a team together, sign players, follow and scout young talented players. I think that’s the thing I know how to do.”

    Thanks to for that…..

  41. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Yeah….Its to soon to think about next season….08 – 09 that is….

    But while were on the topic….Isnt Lecavier..St. Louis..and Heatley all FA’s??

  42. “Speaking of which, with Ortmeyer gone, Kasparitis is our last player link to the 2003-2004, pre-lockout squad.”

    Tyutin and Pock too.

    “Why send Hossa to Atlanta, when we can have his brother next year as a free agent? He’d be a nice replacement for Shanny”

    that would be a mistake, especially in the playoffs. spots have to be made for prospects.

  43. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Unfortunetly i have to agree with Triple G over here….

    Marcel th 8 goal scorer made Marian the 50 goal scorer look like a rookie 6 goal scorer….except he only had about 1 assist…Cant wait for the rematch next season..

  44. actually Predators need to add over 3 mil in salary to get to the cap minimum, they also need a scorer to replace Kariya, they could use another defenseman, and they don’t have an enforcer.

    so maybe Dawes, Orr, and Kasparaitis for 2nd or 1st round pick. Kasparaitis played well with DeVries who they signed. And Dawes is similar to Kariya.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr: Cheers for the story, good stuff.

    Straka should’ve gotten the surgery and put himself on the long term injury list. Then he could come in fresh halfway through the season. Hossa could have filled his spot in the meantime, and if that didn’t work out, Prucha would have jumped at the chance.

    Time will tell if he’s made the right decision. He really did have an excellent season last year. Remember his last second OT winner? That was my favorite moment of last season.

    It’s interesting to note that he thought the team needed two defensemen and one center. We got the center (whoever isn’t acting as Nylander’s replacement), and possibly the one defenseman (depending on Staal’s performance), but still no other D.

    I heard Nashville is looking to make trades to take on salary because they are below the cap floor. Maybe we can dump off Mara or Malik there for a 3rd line center or a cheaper defensemen (my mouth waters when I think of Shea Weber, slated to make 475k next season).

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    gogg, those three players you listed aren’t even worth a 4th rounder. You’ve gotta stop thinking transactions as they would work for EA Sports, and start thinking of reality.

  47. I agree, it’s too early to talk about next year. However, I really do believe the Rangers need to target one of the big name free agent wingers next year (Heatley or Hossa mostly) for 2 reasons:

    1. I doubt Shanny plays beyond next year, and Jagr and Straka don’t have much more time left.

    2. I think our forward prospects (putting Cherepanov aside) are mostly 2nd and 3rd line guys. Which is fine, because that means we have the youth in place to build lots of depth. But every team needs that go-to goal scorer. I wouldn’t mind Hossa or Heatley taking over for Jagr when the time is right. Both are still in their late 20s too, which means they have plenty of excellent hockey left in them.

    GOGG: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Marian Hossa’s performance in the playoffs (or lack of performance) doesn’t scare me one bit. Sakic, Yzerman, Modano, and even Shanahan all were “chokers” and did not win the Cup until they were past the age of 30.

    Of course, this is talk for next summer. Just was making a joke before to the comment of sending Marcel away to be with his brother.

  48. Remember his last second OT winner? That was my favorite moment of last season.


    amazing effort there, I was so proud of him, great show.

    straka has always reminded me of part mickey mouse part white shark for some reason…got those wide dark eyes that just look like theyd be great for spotting prey in dark waters….. definitely some sort of gentle yet potentially menacing creature. hope hes ready to go this year… sure we could have plugged him back in fresh mid season but also consider the effect that could have on any possible chemistry that could be established by then. double edge sword.

  49. “It’s interesting to note that he thought the team needed two defensemen and one center. We got the center (whoever isn’t acting as Nylander’s replacement), and possibly the one defenseman (depending on Staal’s performance), but still no other D”

    these veterans hate rookies, they only want veterans that they heard of.

    I think we have too many defensemen in AHL as well–Busto, Pikkarainen, Potter, Sauer, Liffiton, Degon, Baranka, Taylor, and possibly Kasparaitis and Reese

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    While I would love Heatley, I don’t think we will be able to afford that big name winger next year, cap wise.

    I’d rather wait a couple of years and get either Zetterberg or Gionta. I’d take Gaborik or Havalt provided that either of them could actually play a full season without serious injury.

    Of course, the other option is offer sheets. The remaining Staal brothers, and Malkin will be RFAs in two years. In Eric Staal’s or Malkin’s case, you could slide Drury to the wing to have either of those two play center.

    haha, that’s so far away, why am I even thinking about it?

  51. “gogg, those three players you listed aren’t even worth a 4th rounder. You’ve gotta stop thinking transactions as they would work for EA Sports, and start thinking of reality.”

    maybe not worth more than a 3rd rounder, but they would love to get their hands on the likes of Dawes especially after losing Kariya. Dawes would be their best and most NHL ready LW prospect.

  52. NYRich82

    They’re not talking about our Hossa. Atlanta’s Hossa definitely choked in the playoffs.

  53. Hey, does anyone know if they are selling Drury’s jersey yet? or Gomez? Any help woud be appreciated, thanks.
    Anyone hearing anything on Avery?

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    GOGG, my point is, Dawes is worth more to US than a 4th rounder, so why trade him for that?

  55. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    I dont know if is selling them yet….But on ebay you can find someone to customize an NYR jersey…just tell him the Name..Number..and Jersey…

    Hope that helps…

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    Speaking of jerseys, raise your hand if you’re happy that there will be no third jersey next season

    ::raises hand::

  57. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    LOL….Dawes to replace Kariya…Thats nice…I dont know what your obsession with him is but that is ridiculous….If anything they already have someone that can replace him….Its Radulov…As long as he doesnt throw dirty hits…

  58. Thank you all!

    Avery should have been one of the top priorities since His heart turned us around.

  59. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    What does everyone think…of trading to get Raycroft from TOR….I can see him backing Hank up….

    There looking to unload him…and Kubina…so maybe feed them Hutchinson and someone….i dont know

    Thats my opinion

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, league-wide: no third jerseys next season. After that, who knows. But for the first season of the new jerseys, there will be no third jerseys.

    Kubina is too much money. I’d rather have Montoya as backup anyway.

  61. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    I was going over Mike Peca’s stats from 05 – 06….im not impressed at all….In 71 games he had 9 goals and 11 assists i think….Thats not good at all…I think NYR should leave things as they are and let Dubinsky or Pyatt battle for Center….and if Ansimov plays center then let him battle too..

  62. toronto got like 10 defensemen. And why would they be looking to dump Raycroft?

    Dawes would have more value to Predators, we got a ton of prospects and we got way too many small players.

  63. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    TOR said there shopping Ratcroft….thats why they traded for Toskala and signed Clemmensen….They wanna dump his contract..

  64. Good, I am sick of that third jersey. I also heard they are back to white jerseys at home. I prefer the blue at home, thus the Broadway Blueshirts…although they don’t play on Broadway either!!

    Orr: definitely. Let Dubinsky, Pyatt, or Anisimov fight it out. And no Avery or Straka at center either!!

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    GOGG, they’ve been looking to dump Raycroft ever since they picked up Toskala. They signed Clemmenson, and CuJo has said he wants to go back there. Raycroft’s cap number is 2 mil, and Toskala ‘s is 4. It makes no sense to keep that much around, especially when he played as lousy as he did last season.

    As for D, yeah, they have 10, all the more reason to get rid of one.

  66. To be fair I think the rangers third jersey is one of the better ones out there, the design is relatively classy compared to a lot of the absloute pure shit around the rest of the league. not to mention some teams have like 6 diff versions of awful jerseys…

    DETROIT still has the coolest jersey IMO, hands down.

    this season cant start soon enough.

  67. Initial word was they were back to whites at home but about a month or so ago the nhl said darks will remain to be worn at home, sorry for no link as I’m on my BB, its there somewhere

  68. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Are they going with those Edge jerseys this year…..They were worn in the All Star Game…Shanny said he didnt like them and they were uncomfortable…..Hope it doesnt affect his game if they wear them…

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr: yes. I don’t remember shanny saying anything bad about it, I thought the reaction was generally that it didn’t make a difference.

  70. I have a feeling players are going to be altering the hell out of those things to get them “feeling right”…

  71. Maloney signed Craig Weller. I always thought he should be playing in NHL since I saw him play in 2004. he would be an excellent 4th liner, hits, fight, scores, and can play defense.

  72. Doodie Machetto on


    get real dude, the guy sucked.

  73. Doodie-You have a link about 3rd jerseys? I thought the owners voted against the home whites and removal of third jerseys

  74. Don’t you love how we have 50+ prospects in our system, and every single one of them are untouchable? Please, give me a break. When you are crying over the loss of a POTENTIAL 4th liner, there’s something wrong there.

    Salted: I agree. I don’t like the new jerseys. Goalies especially are going to hate them. I give it one season until the players tell Buttman to stick his jerseys up his…

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    Go NYR, I don’t have the link because I read it a while ago (ESPN UniWatch). I don’t think it’s the owners who decided against it, I just don’t think that the designs are ready yet.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    I actually like the new jerseys (not to be confused with New Jersey). I especially like them on goaltenders because it makes them smaller. In a game of inches, everything counts.

  77. “When you are crying over the loss of a POTENTIAL 4th liner, there’s something wrong there.”

    I am actually happy for every prospect that escapes this dumbass organization and will get a chance to make another NHL team.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    “you are an idiot”

    says the guy that annointed Petruzalek as the next Gretzky when he was traded for Isbister: a trade that helped us make the playoffs BTW. There is no denying that we were winning games when Isbister was filling in for Hoss on the top line, and letting Straka play 2nd line.

    Meanwhile, on (something I think is full of crap but you have referred to in the past), Petruzalek is 17th on Carolina’s prospect list, and Carolina is the lowest ranked team for prospects. Yup, I see him tearing up the NHL next season.

    I bet you were upset when they got rid of Lundmark.

  79. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    Since you love half the prospects that leave this “dumbass organazation”…why dont you follow them….You’ll like Coyotes im guessing…

  80. “says the guy that annointed Petruzalek as the next Gretzky”

    that is news to me

    “a trade that helped us make the playoffs BTW”

    so you are an even bigger idiot, nice

    “I bet you were upset when they got rid of Lundmark”

    I couldn’t stand Lundmark, any more bullshit assumptions? What a mook.

  81. NJ Mark – definitely no on Hossa (Atl). he never comes to play in the playoffs (not just this yr). plus salary cap will be very tough on Rangers. Henrik will get huge increase and (I think) Jagr’s contract hits 100% next yr. hence no room at the inn re high priced free agents even if Shanny retires. We’ll also lose good players like Rozy and Tyutin (as well as not so good like Mara and Malik) because of the cap after this yr and that’s without signing any big contracts. Welcome to the realities of the cap and 2 $ 7 million men.

  82. ORR kicks why don’t you follow boxing or some martial arts instead of hockey. You will see kicks, punches and many other cool things, you might even learn the meaning of yin and yang.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    LI Joe, I agree re: Hossa, but I don’t think we’ll lose any of those guys. Straka and Shanny likely won’t be back. Also they might not exercise Jagr’s option and just resign him to a different deal that is a little cheaper and adds a year beyond 08-09.

  84. GOGG: If you’re so happy when any prospect “leaves this dumbass organization,” then why don’t you leave too and post somewhere else. Don’t you get it jerkoff, no one takes you seriously and we all know you’re not even a Ranger fan. Stop wasting Sam’s time, and everyone else’s time on here who posts.

    With that, I’d like to start a pact between us fellow Rangers fans who post real comments on here: ignore IvanaMotJerkoff for now on. Don’t respond to his posts, it will only make him post more and waste more of our time. Heck, don’t even read them. If you come on here to read posts, just skip over his or any other silly alias he might create. He keeps posting because he sees we get angry and keep fighting back. If we ignore him, he’ll go away. Pests always do if you ignore them.

  85. NJ Mark…. most pests. The good ones Tikkanen, Avery, etc… just keep going. Which is why you need them on your team.


  86. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    I know half the stuff at is BS…

    But eklund is saying that a “source” said that ESPN wants Hockey back…

    Any truth there…..that would be pretty cool….also it says they would also be with NBC and Verses….the more the merrier i guess

  87. Orr: I hope you’re right. Despite Gary Thorne being an awful announcer and getting everyone’s names wrong (Manny MalHORtra was my personal favorite), ESPN’s coverage was way better. And I miss NHL2Night as well.

  88. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    This would make this season so much better then it looks like it might be….I hope its true

  89. Wednsday Night Hockey Night or whatever they called it was awesome. Two sometimes 3 games, seeing East Coast then Late game, sometime a late late game. Mmmmm so good.

    BTW Im in as well

  90. I agree, there was nothing better than watching an East Coast game and then a West Coast game and then falling asleep watching NHL 2Nite

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    didn’t the NHL extend its agreement with VS already?

    another hockeybuzz rumor bites the dust…

  92. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Yotes just signed David Aebischer to a one year deal….i guess Cujo or Tellqvist is gone…

    NNYR should go after Tellqvist…Him and Hank know each other…or at least played in Torrino

  93. Im sure if NHL wanted to ESPN would give them coverage on ESPN2. They have nonsense on their half the time anyways

  94. czechthemout!!!!! on

    the espn rumor is REAL.i can’t be more specific.i can however state that espn people believe that the game is on the upswing again,especially with the rangers on the rise again.there is also speculation that the blackhawks,flyers,kings,ducks sharks and other large mkts coming around and with the explosion of hockey in places like texas and the junior leagues in california,this may be the calm before the storm for the nhl.just rember guys that in this past draft,3-4 of the top 50 players were from the state of california.

  95. This would be overall great for the game. It would expose it more andmany fans without versus could now get the games. Hopefully its true

  96. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Cullens the man…Im not looking foward to seeing him in the games against CAR….I guarentee he’ll make us regret Sathers decision…I have a bad feeling…

    But then again theres nothing we can do…He is a better fit for them…

    I was reading…Avery has a arbitration hearing July 30th…Hopefully we lock him and Hoss up soon…Then i can stop going on every rumor site as i have been since July 1st…

    Also does anyone have any idea how much dough Hoss is asking for

  97. So I’m watching ESPN News last night trying to get some baseball scores, and I see the box for NHL comes up and it reads: “Al Arbour accepts invite from Ted Nolan to coach Islanders on November 3rd vs. Pittsburgh Penguins.”

    I guess they are desperate to sell tickets anyway they can. That’s just absurd. Maybe Renney can send an invite to the now unemployed John Muckler to coach for us one night. Or better yet, send an invite to Mike Keenan and have him coach us for the night when we play his own team, Calgary.

  98. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Lol…I seen that to…Pretty pathetic…Imagine they lose the game…I hope they got dominated…

    Anyway…NYI fans are saying Ted Nolan is a hero for doing that…I hate Ted…I cant wait to see the fish get cooked this season…

  99. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Actually that size is XXL…But he has a Mens L and Mens XL

    Damn good jerseys…I bought an Ortmeyer from him…but its pretty much useless now..

  100. NJ Mark, he is coaching one more game for #1500 at the age of 73. I heard that last night while watching Channel 4 news. Sad he will end his career with a loss just like thier season will be.

    Count me in. I believe I am number 8 on the FU GGG.

    GGG you must be one of those guys who talks out his ass. Sits at home on a Friday night and spanks his monkey and plays EA NHL 2007. You and your comments say it all.

  101. I actually like the CCM jerseys. They are no different than the Reebok ones (the old Reebok jerseys, not what the players will be wearing this year).

  102. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Acually i have a new idea….Instead of Ignoring GOGG…Lets just ignore all the new users…

    Even if some might be cool….You never know…

    He knows were ignoring him…so he’ll probably use a normal name and pretend for a while…

    But thats just me….From this day foward i shall remember all the normal NYR fans…and reject the ones like GOGG and Bonfire…etc…

  103. is anyone else worried that Steven Valiquette is our backup goalie? I have zero confidence in him. Lundqvist can’t play 70 games again this season and with Valiquette as the backup I don’t like our chances in any game that he plays.

  104. Honestly, I’m not too worried about our backup situation. I think with the added cap room, there is a chance Montoya is the backup this season. And if he isn’t, I actually do trust Valiquette. Henrik will play 65 games, give or take a few. So lets says Valiquette is needed for 15-17 games for argument’s sake. The key is playing him against the proper opponents. Don’t play him against the Ottawas, Buffalos, and NJs of the league. Let him play against teams that have no offense and/or are not good teams, like Florida, Boston, Montreal, and even one or two against Philly and the Fishsticks. And more importantly, play Valiquette on the road, since Henrik feeds off of the Garden crowd.

    But I do think Montoya is the backup goalie this year.

  105. NYRich82: I don’t think they’d make a bad pair, but I prefer Gomez and Jagr. Jagr needs a center who is a great passer and can feed him the puck. That would be Gomez. Besides, Drury plays a true North American style. I prefer him with Shanny.

  106. Colorado Mark on

    BTW- Someone mentioned Marvin Degon- He signed with Montreal a while back, and actually was on an AHL contract with the Rangers.

  107. Rob L.,

    I am. I was very underwhelmed with Val during the obviously few chances he got last year. I’m not convinced they’ll have Montoya up to ride the pine. And I think Tellqvist will not want to back Lundy up any more than he already has.

    Maybe Cujo?

  108. If Darius is truly the man he used to be (playing wise, but with old-age maturity), I think it would be fair to give him a chance to still be on the team.

  109. “Anyone else think Jagr and Drury would make a better pair than Gomez?”

    ~Absolutley not~

    Gomez was *born* to replace Nyls and feed Jagr. And when Jagr is getting double penetration by the likes of Hill and Witt, Gomez gets the opportunity alone to makes teh dirty on (any given netminder). The “double penetration” coverage wont last long, and it’s going to afford both Gomez and Jarda Jagr a lot of opportunities to make a mess in the opposing net.

    Drury was meant to play with (and learn from) the likes of Brendan Shanahan. North/South game, I expect those two to bang in a lot of back door passes on the fly.
    Drury does make me nervous though. I certainly don’t think he’s worth more than $5M/per…. hopefully he proves me wrong, but I don’t think the guy is as good of a “leader” that he gets the rep for.

  110. Re: Defense

    Other than Staal, Girardi, Pock and Tyutin, this team has no other defenseman under contract for the 08-09 season.

    Now I thought Liffiton was ready last season and should have been given the chance to make the squad this season, but with Hutchinson and Strudwick signed I don’t see how that happens, unless there are a rash of injuries.

    The good news, if you’re a proponent of seeing our draft picks get a chance, is that Mara, Malik, Rozival, Hutchinson and Strudwick will all be UFA’s after this coming season leaving plenty of room for Sanguetti, Sauer or Liffiton to make the team, with the former two will be in their rookie seasons, leaving the chance of them making the team remote, but at least gives them a chance because of the cap space limitations the Rangers currently have.

    Maybe the Rangers will sign one big UFA defenseman after this season for $4 million or so, plus the new contract Lundqvist will require, will leave less money to sign UFA’s.

    So I think the chance of us seeing Ranger draftees on the blueline in the future looks like a distinct possibility.

  111. Is it possible this Hutchinson thing is actually what it appears to be? A cap-cutting maneuver that will result in his being put on waivers and never touching ice at MSG. Why is everyone convinced he’s being given a serious look? Just because we’re paranoid that Slats makes mistakes or hates youth? Guy’s a 27 year-old prospect with minimal upside.

    Oh, Darius, were you only 24 again. You’d be just what we needed.

  112. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    IF NYR does sign Mike Peca…What do you think of

    Prucha – Peca – Callahan

    Sounds Interesting

  113. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Yashin went back to Russia…..Good for him….I hate the guy….

    And Oilers just signed Pitkinan….

    Eklund has a “Major rumor”…..wonder what it might be….

    My keys are under my bed ( E3 )

  114. “Prucha – Peca – Callahan”

    I don’t think there’s too much debate that Prucha and Cally are a pretty safe bet for the 3rd line wings as of opening night…the only question is who’s in the middle….

    I don’t want Peca on the squad. These guys (P&C) need another young guy in there looking to make good feeds, not a guy who’s trying to be the smooth hero (Cullen) or a guy who’s a few waves away from completely washing up (Pecker). I don’t know much about him, but I fully support Dubinsky’s getting a real serious a shot in there in an attempt to establish some chemistry with those two guys. I just don’t see that happening though.

  115. vogs – I don’t think it’s good news that Rozy is a free agent after this yr. Would love for him to stay. Also Tyutin is restricted. Depending on what else we do (incl I think JJ is 100% vs our cap next yr + The King will be big $) we might have trouble even signing Tyutin with our cap problems. I hope we keep him too.

  116. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    If Dubi does make it into the lineup;….hopefully Betts stays in his home on 4th line….And Dubi moves with Cally and Pru….Now thats a sweet sounding line….or Pyatt or Ansimov…

    Like i said a million times….Immonen got his shot….I dont mind Dawes being Winger on the 4th line…..But hopefully They dont bring up Imo on the 3rd or 4th center….Give someone else a shot….Someone the three i named…..

  117. Agreed up and down ORR, Dawes had his shot along with Immo…neither shined in the ways that someone like Ryan Callahan clearly does. Those guys (Dawes or Immo) on 4th is even questionable for me until other kids have gotten a real look with the big club. Ya gotta try these kids now and see who the surprises are.

    Dawes & Immonen = nearly dead to me

  118. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Eklund better be wrong….He says Danny Markov to the Isles…I never believe his BS..but still…..That would piss me off if they get him…

  119. Orr – that would actually be good news. remember we want the Isles to be bad but not 1st or 2nd pick in the draft bad. About 8 from the bottom would be just perfect. Don’t want them getting that future superstar in a stacked draft.

  120. Yahoo is reporting that the blackhawks are looking for a veteran defenseman & they have a lot of centers some younger lookin 3rd liners to boot. Might be interesting to see if they want Malik (or if not Mara, but that would cost more than just a 3rd line center).

  121. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    LI JOE

    True….I wasnt thinking straight…..I dont want them to get Jared Staal…Or someone better…

  122. Here’s my perspective on the Cullen trade, as well as our 3rd line situation for this season:

    First off, I think it’s safe to say Prucha and Callahan will be given every chance to skate on the 3rd line next year, and I confident they will be there on opening night. It’s obvious that center is the question. I honestly don’t think Sather unloaded Cullen because it was a “cap move.” Without Kaspar’s contract, we had enough room for both Avery and Hossa’s contracts. I think this move was made for a few reasons:

    1. It’s obvious Cullen never fully felt comfortable here, judging by his comments.

    2. Sather did say a few years back (when we had our firesale) that he was going to build this team from within. Well, this is his chance.

    3. They must know that Dubinsky is ready for the next step, and wasn’t given the chance last year simply because there really wasn’t much room for him on the roster, or enough time to establish chemistry with his linemates.

    4. Any of Dubinsky (most likely), Anisimov, or Pyatt would provide the club with an injection of youth, and most importantly, size. Dubi is 6’1″, 225 and much tougher than Cullen. And Anisimov is 6’3″.

    No to Peca. His best days are behind him. And too often injured for my liking.

  123. a casual observer on

    Dubinsky would be a great fit for the 3rd line with prucha and callahan. I hope he got a little stronger in the off season. The only flaw I saw was his balance.

  124. Is Eklund really this stupid?

    He says

    The Habs also have interest in Avery, but more than a few other teams including Ottawa, Colorado, and the NY Islanders will be quick to pounce if Avery can’t be kept due to cap restrictions”

    Cap restrictions? Is he serious? We just clear 3 million dollars to sign Avery. Maybe all hockey people have trouble with Mathematics?

  125. I don’t know about anyone else, but Eklund seems to be a joke. I have read his page many times and his rumors always seem to reference an existing article. I’m starting to wonder if he has any real insider info at all.

    As for Avery, I believe that he will be signed before arbitration and Hossa will have his hearing. Sather has obviously stockpiled defensemen for something… Who knows what, but I am starting to get the feeling that Peca will come to NY for a cap friendly price. If it’s Peca, I can live with that. He is a good leader and although he is prone to injury, he could really be a great playmaker for Prucha and Callahan.

  126. LOL




    Avery would tear his friggin hair out in *Montreal* from hearing “oui oui” every two seconds. I don’t think he could ever play in any Canadian city where the French language is prevalent! Holy jeez, NOW I know why you guys read Eklund, the guy is f@cking comic gold!

  127. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    GO NYR

    Yeah when i read that i had no idea what he was talking about…


    I agree….His balance wasnt that great…But thats something that he can fix easily..

  128. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Another thing is…Avery CANT play with people he hates…

    You’ll never see him on a team with Doan…Mcdonald..Penner..Perry.. or both Lapierieres ( Col & Mon )

    You gotta love that about him….hes the man

  129. Eklund IS a joke…But he never said that Avery wants to go there.
    All he said was that “the Habs have interest in Avery”


  130. Avery will be a Ranger for the next few years. I am pretty certain of that. I think he will sign before arbitration as well. Hossa I am not sure, but I do think Hossa will be here next year also.

  131. Straka/Hossa Gomez Jagr
    Prucha/Avery Drury Shannahan
    Avery/Prucha Dubinsky Callahan
    Hossa/Orr Betts Hollweg/Dawes

    I could also see Prucha being a good fit with Gomez, but I doubt Prucha will see any first line playing time.

  132. How about:

    Hossa Gomez Jagr
    Avery Drury Shannahan
    Prucha Straka Callahan
    Dubinsky Betts Orr/Hollweg

  133. Salted- How can you say Dawes is dead? he only played a handful of games with BEYOND limited ice time.. you gotta give that guy another go-round.. i agree, he wasn’t impressive, but he has impressed in the AHL– i would give him another chance with the club, now that hopefully the nhl ‘jitters’ are out.

  134. I’d give Dawes another shot also. I like the kid. I think he can still prove himself this year.

  135. “Eklund IS a joke…But he never said that Avery wants to go there.
    All he said was that “the Habs have interest in Avery�


    That isn’t the point. The point is it sounds like he makes up these far fetched rumors just so it looks like he has some deep inside info. No wonder he keeps his face blacked out.

    With that I would like to give you all my first set of hockey rumors,

    1) Peca may end up with the Blues, Sabres, Senators, or Canes, or possible somewhere else.(e3)

    2) The New York Rangers will be looking for a third line center before the season starts…… (more details to follow)(e3)

    3) The Predators may end up moving, or they may not (e3)

    Don’t hold me to any of these as they are all rumors.

    Man this is a boring day in hockey!!!! The season can’t start soon enough.

  136. “Avery will be a Ranger for the next few years. I am pretty certain of that.”

    No question, he has some of the most powerful intangiables of a hockey player I’ve seen in a long time. Guy is just unreal at what he does.

    I think he’s also maturing a lot. A lot of these hockey players can get away with not “growing up” for a long time, but eventually, it does happen. This is a great environment for Sean to really come into his own as a player and a person and I think we’ll get to enjoy him here for a while.

    It kills me to hear him interviewed though. I read these quotes and in my head I hear them from this agitated, vicious little guy, and then you hear him talk and he’s laid back, talks real slow, doesn’t seem easily riled up.

    Seems to me like he’s got/getting his Alpha personality finely tuned. Hollywood starlettes don’t just latch onto 3rd line NHL guys. This guy’s good.

  137. Billy

    The point of my posting was just that he (Ek) was misquoted on this blog.

    I agree that the majority of his info is pure trash.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know about Avery. Don’t get me rong, I love the guy and want him on the team… just not on the 2nd line. The guy isn’t that gifted offensively. I’d rather get him on the third line and slide up Prucha to either the first or 2nd line.

  139. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Dawes has impressive numbers in the AHL….so did Callahan….Dawes played more games then Cally…

    Dawes only had 1 goal….

    Cally had 4 or 5 plus 2 goals in the playoffs…if you wanna count that….

    AHL stats mean nothing in the NHL

    Dawes and Immonen got there shot…Its time to give someone else a shot

    These would be my final lines of the year…

    Straka – Gomez – Jagr
    Callahan – Drury – Shanahan
    Prucha – Dubinsky – Avery
    Hossa – Betts – Orr / Dawes / Hollweg

    Tyutin – Kasparitus ( if he is in great shape )
    Giardi – Staal
    Rozsival – Malik / Mara


  140. Doodie Machetto on

    To those marelling at Dawes’ AHL numbers: success doesn’t always translate. Look at Krogger.

  141. Blue

    I gotcha, I just needed to vent about Eklund one more time.

    Days like this make the summer really long…..

  142. RE: Avery

    While I agree that he should be a 3rd liner, I dont see that in the cards, at least not to start the season. He showed that he “can play” with Shanny on 2nd line, and I believe thats where he’ll start.

    To be honest I’d like to see Callahan up there with Drury/Shanny absorbing the experience like a sponge, but I would also agree with Doodie and imagine Prucha would be better at capitalizing on all the juicy rebounds those North/South guys are going to be throwing on the net.

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    Tomorrow makes 2 months until the preseason.

    I don’t think I’ll make it.

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    “and imagine Prucha would be better at capitalizing on all the juicy rebounds those North/South guys are going to be throwing on the net.”

    Callahan too. Those guys are pure garbage goal scorers.

  145. Tyutin – Kasparitus ( if he is in great shape )
    *Giardi – Staal*
    Rozsival – Malik / Mara

    One of the top reasons I think we need a Top (Vet?) D-Man is that someones got to show Staal the NHL ropes.

    I don’t think you should ever lump two r00kies together like that, no matter how good.

    Girardi is money but I also have this sinking feeling that he’ll be exposed for some weakness this season. He’s too good to be true.

    Come to think of it…has anyone her ever actually *seen* him do a “hockey stop”?

  146. Well, if Girardi stinks up the place and Staal starts in the minors, then we can exchange them since Girardi won’t have to pass through waivers (I’m pretty sure).

  147. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Im looking foward to seeing Girardi and Callahan in all 82 games….Staal to


    Girardi might be to good to be true….But imagine if he plays as good as he did this season…That would be phenominal…all the teams that passed him in the draft would cry…

    But you are right…..Staal should be paired with a Vet….But who..??

    And the more i think about it….Im really hoping Kaspar gets into even better shape then he is now…So he can make the team…and impress the staff at camp…

    Sweet Caroline is nothing without Kaspar….

    Staal – Kasparitus

    That would be a nice pair as well….Kaspar can show him the ropes…Get him to do some sweet hip checks like he taught Tyuts..

  148. Doodie- Callahan gets some garbage goals but is mor well-rounded than Prucha IMO. He has a great shot and you never have to worry about him passing when he should have shot. To call him a pure garbage goal scorer is kind of off.

  149. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Im anxious to see Cally in the shootout…he looks like he has some nice moves

  150. Go NYR – Yeah, I was trying to analyze that statement by Doodie, too. I took it to mean that they are good at scoring garbage goals, not that it’s the only thing they do, because it clearly is just not true. They don’t just wait in front of the net for open shots a la Isbister, who couldn’t even score on those.

  151. czechthemout!!!!! on

    there is no such thing as a garbage goal.garbage goals are those that are given up not scored just ask the ducks.cally
    is a second line winger who will be a 30 goal scorer through out his career.

    avery is above any one else the reason we made the playoffs this is bothering me that a total waste like strudwick is being paid the difference between what the rangers are offering and what avery wants for a long term contract.

    avery is also a fine point producer.he just had his best year with 48pts and is only 27!his ceiling has still not been reached.he has the ability to score 20+goals and as much as 35 to 45 assits.he can easily play for long streches on the second line,but he should play the third line this year or maybe even float between the second and third as needed.

    the nhl should be the default option with staal unless he proves other wise.HE IS THE REAL DEAL.COULD BE THE NEXT PRONGER who struggled quite badly his first two seasons in the league.

  152. czechthemout!!!!! on

    ther is a rumour on spector that the hawks are looking for a veteran defenseman.could malik be that defenseman?i certainly hope so.

  153. It is a shame that Eklund doesn’t have a major tumor instead…

    And as far as the ignoring thing, I’ve been doing that for weeks now. =D

  154. And as far as the whole Dawes/Cally thing, in all honesty, I was never really impressed by Dawes, he didn’t move much. Cally on the other hand, I will be thoroughly upset if he isn’t on the team this year.

  155. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    You shoulda said something….We coulda started this weeks ago….

  156. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Says that NYR is looking to get Peca….like we’ve all been saying….But CAR pitched an offer for him…

    That would be kinda weird….I always though Cullen and Peca were similar….

    I want Peca but then again i dont…..My brain is all over the place right now….

    This has to be the most boring day of the off season…..

  157. lol What should I have said? And what are we starting…? hah

    Oh, and LOVE isn’t supposed to be crossed out, guess you can’t use – on either side of a word.

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    Lauren, you can use – on either side of a word, but there cant be spaces next to the dashes.

  159. Doodie Machetto on

    Spiderpig got my interpretation right, although, watching Callahan in a few games at the AHL level, garbage goals were the majority I saw him score. Same thing at the NHL level.

    There ain’t nothing wrong with it though, they all count as one.

  160. Lauren – shouldn’t wish a tumor on someone. I would not wish that on anyone except a terrorist.

    Salted – very funny re Avery in Mtl.

  161. Joe – I was joking. It just seems like Eklund is a tumor on the hockey world. I wouldn’t actually want someone to have a tumor.

    Go NYR – I don’t know, I’m worried about it because towards the end of the season/playoffs, Callahan didn’t receive much time on the ice. He deserves more than he got.

  162. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Cally is on the team…No question about it…..If he’s not….then Sather is a moron….But he has been cleaning up his act…his last few moves were good….except Cullen…I miss him…

    Actually wait…No….Letting Ortmeyer go was dumb…Re signing both Orr and Hollweg…instead of just Orr….

    I dont know….My heads still spinning like a top

  163. Doodie – quite the opposite there have to be spaces next to the dashes if they are right next to words -you will get something like this-.

    czech – Don’t kid yourself; Avery is not that big of a scorer. He had some great games last season, but went for some stretches with nothing or only a couple assists. 40-something points is decent, especially from his agitator role, and more especially if it is 20 goals and 20 assists.

  164. Alight alright, Let’s clear some stuff up:

    -Garbage goals = a thing of beauty

    -Callahan: From what I’ve seen of Callahan so far, I would have to say he is the more well rounded player than Prucha. He has good hands, good passer’s eye, a scorers touch (picks up juicy trash AND finds the juicy hole on his own), and he RUNS PEOPLE. The kid is pretty complete. I see no reason he cannot evolve into a Shanahan type player, especially after playing a season with him.

    -Prucha: Obviously not to take anything away from him. He got a bum deal last season for a few reasons, mostly that but he needs to be on the PP and his mins were cut with Shanny on the squadron. I think he’s going to have a killer year when plugged into the appropriate places. Glad we signed this kid, I was worried that he was not being taken seriously.

    Avery: Set a record in ’07 for most unsuccessful breakaways in a playoff year with 17(ok I’m kidding).
    But no he’s not a “scorer”, he an agitator and a team motivator who will can put a few *big* points up. He IS pretty “clutch”. You can’t really put your finger on what it is he does, but it clearly works. I don’t think he lasts long on #2 with Drury either. Talk about clashing personalities. Drury is tight tushy boyscout. Avery…isn’t.

    Tumors = it’s okay to wish a *benign* tumor on Eklund that hack just to scare him away from his keyboard for a few weeks.

  165. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Callahan only had 1 garbage goal out of the 4 or 5 goals he had….Including the 2 in the playoffs….

    1. vs BOS – Garbage
    2. vs BOS – Breakaway (Backhand)
    3. vs TOR – Wrist Shot (Flukey but Beauty)
    4. vs PHI – One Timer or Rebound (But not Garbage at all)

    1. vs ATL – 2 on 1 Wrist Shot (With Shanny…and he didnt feel the need to give the puck to Shanny cause he’s a Vet…I like that
    2. vs ATL – Deflection (from the point)

    Although i can see him getting a few garbage goals…But i think he will be more of a sniper….

    God…….i cant wait till the season starts

  166. It just hit me that it was Maloney who signed Weller. I wonder who will be the captain in Hartford now. How about Kaspar is he goes back there and can play well? Otherwise, I have no idea.

    I can’t believe that this is what it has come to…

  167. The only bad thing about Avery is his shooting percentage..oh and he also almost singlehandedly lost us the Buffalo series with his idiotic comments and backed it up with horrible play.

  168. Actually Avery’s shooting is even worse than I expected, not only is it 7.2%, but he is also one of team’s leaders in shots that miss the net. Someone needs to tell him to stop shooting or work on his accuracy.

  169. “It just hit me that it was Maloney who signed Weller. I wonder who will be the captain in Hartford now. How about Kaspar is he goes back there and can play well? Otherwise, I have no idea.”

    I hope Strudwick, make him stay there till he retires, and if we need to call him up for whatever crazy reason, then I am sure nobody would take the likes of him off waivers.

  170. Just watching a fwe minutes of the Islanders 15 to Remember (12/19/06 @ Rangers), I can comprehend why we lost so many games and had long losing streaks in December and January. Granted, a couple of these players were in because of injuries, but this lineup included the two Wards, Hall, Immonen, Kaspar, Hollweg, Orr, Rachunek, Pöck, and Weekes, and we only lost 4-3. Look at that lineup and you can see how much we have improved during the offseason so far. I’m still under the misguided impression that Immonen might be returning to take that 3rd line role. He hasn’t really been given much of an NHL chance yet, but scored six points in 14 games last year, including two power play assists. I don’t think anybody else is ready yet and don’t really look forward to signing an injury-prone, second-tier FA center (Peca).

  171. Does anyone know when they will unveil the new jersey? I really want to see what ours looks like. Sam?

  172. Eklund is solidifying himself as retarded or even worse. He says The Oilers may be after 1 of 5 players. 5 on his list is Jaromir Jagr.

    “#5 Jaromir Jagr. There has been talk of the Oilers and Jagr all summer and it just won’t go away. HArd to imagine, but if you speak to many people they will tell you that Jagr is “quietly available” and that he is not thrilled that Nylander was not brought back.”

  173. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    For the love of God….Jagr doesnt even give a sh*t anymore…yeah he was disapoined to some extent….But his comments recently says it all….Gomez and Drury are younger and better….Nylander may be good but will he have Chemistry with OV….Tough to say.

    Anyway for all of you who are “IN”

    This is the time to start ignoring….Wink Wink

  174. I think Girardi showed he was the kind of steady talent who won’t suddenly be revealed as a fluke. Not like some kid who scores 6 goals in 5 games and then sucks. We’re talking about a smart-playing defensemen who played really well for more than a streak.

  175. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Im not worried about Girardi….If anything worry about Malik…and possibly Staal

  176. says the following:

    Jaromir Jagr. There has been talk of the Oilers and Jagr all summer and it just won’t go away. Hard to imagine, but if you speak to many people they will tell you that Jagr is “quietly available” and that he is not thrilled that Nylander was not brought back.

    Now I don’t trust anything this man says, but I figure on a slow news day so far it would be fun to discuss.

  177. Hey all. I am a little behind, so let me try to catch up a bit.

    Orr: Of course I’m “in.”

    Doodie: I agree with you about Avery. I like him better on the 3rd line. Shoot, he said it himself that he’s more of a grinder. And he did show some chemistry last year with Callahan.


    Sounds good to me. And to me, the 2nd and 3rd lines look better. 2nd line gets more offense (Prucha), 3rd line gets more grit (Avery).

    Re: Rumors. I don’t go for any of those websites (Eklund, Hockeybuzz, etc.). They are all run by guys who just like to make stuff up so they get hits on their websites.

  178. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    If Prucha can pick up his speed….then i would want

    Prucha – Gomez – Straka

    But if he has the same speed of the last two seasons…then leave straka up there

    But i think Callahan should play with Shanahan and Drury….That line might work really well together…

  179. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Prucha – Gomez – Jagr

    I meant…..I just ate Taco Bell….Its getting to me….

  180. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Actually….What do you all think about this Line Combo….

    Prucha – Gomez – Jagr
    Shanahan – Drury – Callahan
    Avery – Straka – Ansimov or Straka – Avery – Ansimov
    Orr / Hollweg – Betts – Hossa

    That sounds magical……

  181. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Did anyone know….Barnaby retired….

    Barnaby was the man back when he was with NY…..Eh waddya gonna do

  182. Wow I saw that too Hollweg44, Eklund is a moron. He wishes Jagr would go this way JJ can’t terrorize His talentless Flyer defense. That guy needs a life. Yea JJ would leave When He is the buggest part of the puzzle. What an a$$!

  183. Peca to NYR rumours getting stronger and stronger now. Supposedly he can sign for a low number with bonus incentives like Shanny.

  184. I think I’d rather try out some of the kids than waste money and a spot on Peca. Too injury prone. Killing penalties is a plus for him but that’s really all. Hopefully we are focusing on signing Avery and Hossa before anything else. Shedding Malik’s salary would be great, especially if Kaspar is back to NHL form.

  185. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    I dont know…..I kinda want Peca….but then again i want Ansimov..Pyatt..or Dubinsky…but can they be part of a potential high scoring line….

    If Pru and Cally are on the same line….you know these two can score 30 a piece….So you gotta think Sather knows this…and might want a Vet there….Peca is a good replacement for Cullen….but still….

    Err….I dont know what to think….

    But then again Souray was “close to signing with NYR” and nothing happened…so i wouldnt take this to serious..

  186. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    I dont know…..I kinda want Peca….but then again i want Ansimov..Pyatt..or Dubinsky…but can they be part of a potential high scoring line….

    If Pru and Cally are on the same line….you know these two can score 30 a piece….So you gotta think Sather knows this…and might want a Vet there….Peca is a good replacement for Cullen….but still….

    Err….I dont know what to think….

    But then again Souray was “close to signing with NYR” and nothing happened…so i wouldnt take this to serious..

  187. Peca can sign for bonuses because he missed so many days last season; I think it has to be over 100.

    Avery is the man now instead of Barnaby. It’s too bad he had to retire because of concussions and vision problems, but there were probably too many big punches to his little head.

    Orr – don’t like your line combos. Even though Shanny was a LW the rest of his career, he played RW for some reason last season except when he was playing with Jagr, so I assume he’ll be there again, forcing Callahan to the third line, hopefully with Prucha, and I’m still hoping for Immonen.

  188. there is just under $1mil left of bonus money For Peca. It’s 7.5% of the 50.3 but Shanahan gets 2.8 of it.

  189. I’ve noticed that most people who suggest line combinations put Hossa down on the fourth line. The way the lines are shaping up, I also figure that Hossa will either be a 1st or 4th line player, which we’ve become accustomed to, but this would be bizzare for any other team.

    Before getting injured, Hossa had a streak where he scored 8 goals in 11 games, after scoring only 2 goals in the first 50 games, the majority of these 50 having been spent doing 4th line duties. He was so-so in the playoffs but who knows how healthy he was.

    In my opinion, he has the potential to be a first line player in the right situation. If he’s on the first line, I believe he will play like a first-liner. If he’s on the fourth, he’ll be a productive fourth line guy. Aren’t we better off maximizing his potential? He’s only 25 years old, why aren’t we more excited about his late-season breakthrough?

    If I recall correctly, he manufactured most of his goals himself and created good scoring opportunities for his linemates during that span. He had 8g and 5 assists if you stretch that streak to 13 games.

    That being said, I imagine that Hossa will start the season on the first line because I think he deserves another shot and Renney will give it to him. This might slide Straka to 3rd line center and Renney might roll the first three lines heavily and equally. Straka would be a good veteran linemate for Prucha and-or Callahan.

    I believe that, if given the chance, Hossa will prove that his production when given major minutes last season was no fluke. But, if he flops, I believe that it is at this time that a young centerman(Dubinsky,Anisimov,Immo) would be recalled to center the 3rd line.

    Then again, Sather could sign Peca or another veteran next week :)

  190. czechthemout!!!!! on

    signing peca would undo all the good moves sather has made this off season.peca was finished three years ago.dubinsky,
    pyatt,anisimov should be given the chance to play center on the third line.

  191. Hossa should get a shot to play as an offensive forward. But it’s tight…and that’s a good thing.

  192. Hossa had 13 points in 13 games, which means he had only 5 points in 51 games.

  193. It is truly “SICK” how much versatility AVERY & STRAKA both provide this Hockey Club. Each player has the ability to play CENTER & WING at a high level… STRAKA is one of the most solid and under-rated players I can ever remember wearing a Rangers Jersey, he does countless things well… and AVERY my Goodness… He is the definition of JAM!!! He plays with more Guts, Energy & Tenacity than 99%of all players that have ever played in the NHL. Wow, what problems we have, these two forwards fit so nicely with multiple players on different lines, Amazing! I understand it is only July, but this organization is stronger now top to bottom than I can ever remember. CHEERS to a Magical & Memorable Season Ahead !!! LETS-GO-RANGERS !!!!

  194. 13 points in 13 games: playing on the first line…
    5 points in 51 games: playing on the fourth line…
    Hence, isn’t he a better fit for the first line?

  195. Pierre hard to argue with those #s. But that was last season, what Renney will do is unknown but he knows those #s too.Hopefully he gets it figured out early this season.

  196. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Like i said countless times….

    Id like to see Hoss with Jags and Gomer….But not if it means Cally or Pru have to be demoted to 4th line bs……Unless we start the season without signing Peca or any centerman…then this is how it can look…

    Hossa – Gomez – Jagr
    Shanahan – Drury – Callahan
    Prucha – Avery – Straka
    Orr – Betts – Dawes / Ansimov / Hollweg

    That would be nice…..I do think Hoss should get a chance to play with Jags….and Gomer….But the question is… Hoss a 1st line player….or does he just have semi good chemistry with Jags…..

    Like i said so many times….its still to soon to give up on this kid….But in my opinion…he has one more season to prove himself…an actuall goal scorer…

  197. Transformaaaaa’s more that meets the eye. Transformaaaaaa’s robots in disguise.

    Buffalo scoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooores

  198. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Why do people still bring up Forsberg….the guy is useless….He destroyed NSH last year….they gave away some promising youth…like Upshall…..And then instead of getting even better then they were without him….NSH went downhill with him….

    I hope he retires……call it a career already….No one can make your magical skates you ask for

  199. I hope the ranger staff plays JESSIMAN this year. Time to play him and see if he’s as big of a bust as people say.

    Chris Druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuury who else who else
    Scot Gowmezzzzzzz
    Its a PP goal

  200. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    That comment above wasnt me…..Probably that loser who shall not be named….

    If you dont believe me…My name has 4 periods in it

    ORR Kicks Yin Yang….( Again )

    The losers Version

    ORR Kicks Yin Yang…( Again ) ( he has 3 periods )

  201. a casual observer on

    Will Hossa recieve a 1 way or 2 way contract via arbitration? If it is 1 way we will have to play him or trade him I think. 2 way would give us the flexability to send him to Hartford when he doesn’t score for three weeks :)

  202. I’m hoping that they don’t resign Hossa at all. But if they do, they had better get him off the first line quickly if he doesn’t light it up in the first week. It’s too important of a slot to have a perennial 10 goal scorer hogging time on the top line.

    My lineup:

    (Hossa or Dawes)/Betts/(Orr or Hollweg)

    I think that 2nd line (above) could give the first line a good battle for top scoring line. Avery on the 3rd line gives it a lot of grit (Dubi likes to throw the body too).

    I was hoping they’d ship out Malik but it looks like he’s going to be here for another season… so here’s my Dman lineup:


    reserves: Hutchinson, Strudwick

  203. casual observer – we can’t send a guy like Hossa down and try to bring him up. if he’s claimed we get hit with 1/2 his salary against our cap. can’t afford a dead hit to our cap even for 1/2 mill.

  204. bklynblue:”Is Messier GM yet?”

    Not yet, or at least I hope Messier NEVER becomes GM. Sorry guys but I have to say it, Messier was more of an Oiler than he ever was a Ranger. Don’t get me wrong, he was an amazing player but he obviously cares for the Oilers a lot more. I just think if Messier takes the job as GM of NYR, he’s just doing it to get just some job and not for the possible benefit of the team. (Even though most GM’s become a GM just to get some job, but I hope you get my point). Mabye it makes no difference, but I just don’t think he’d be good as a GM.

    I’d LOVE to have Gravy as GM. Or maybe Richter, he’ll need a new job after he graduates from Yale (he’s currently the assistant coach of Yale’s hockey team).

    What days do you guys & girls think that Leetch night will possibly be on?? …maybe vs. boston?

  205. “Sorry guys but I have to say it, Messier was more of an Oiler than he ever was a Ranger” – We have a whole week ahead of us but I think this is already the front runner for dumb statement of the week (especially since GGOG and Robby seem to have left).

    Pssst…you dont hire a GM because he was a good player for your team, you hire someone who has proven that they know what they are doing, someone with experience.

  206. HOSSA – He’d be a great addition on first or third line, but would be a waste on fourth. He plays a solid game, but moving him with a pair of grinders seems to give him more oportunities to disapear.

    Hossa’s main game is clearing space with his big frame and holding the puck. I think with a couple of guys like Jagr and Gomez, he’s be a 30-goal scorer easily. But my other thought it that he’d sure look nice on the wing of Avery, with Callahan (or Prucha) on third. He’d bring size and strength to a line that would otherwise be lacking a bit of it. The Jagr line is alreasy broken up, so I for see Straka moving down to second-line wing with Drury and Shanahan.

    And I highly doubt not signing Hossa is an option. The organization seems to be pretty high on him, and rightly so, given his explosive display at the end of last season. Marcel has always been considered a solid player with all the goods. Just no one has found a way to tap that potential. Renney did last year, so we’ll see what happens.

    Regretably, I believe the open roster spot will ultimately fall down to fourth-line winger with Betts and Hollweg(Orr). That pretty much means Dawes will be in the same spot he was last year.

    DUBINSKY – Barring a massive showing in September, he’ll be first line center…in Hartford. Him centering third line would mean Hossa or Callahan on fourth and Dawes in Hartford. So basically, he’d need to show his game is better than all of those players(more specifically, his goal production) to win that spot. The other centers, Ansismov, Pyatt, Dupont and all, they’ll also start the season in Connecticut. No doubt in my mind, unless of course, there’s an injury up front.

  207. Messier has experience as a GM.

    He’s fired coaches before and traded away players. Need me to name names?

    Sather is on a hot streak this summer….if he gets rid of Malikenstein and Hossa, and gives our kids a chance to make the team, he wins me over.

    It must mean an awful lot to Glen to win me over.

  208. I’m not saying it can’t change, but isn’t Gomez pretty much locked in as Jagr’s new center? Oh, geez, here come the “chemistry” lectures.

    Update, please. Does Marcel Hossa want to stick around?

  209. Chris if Jagr plays better with Drury than Gomez , that’s chemistry. Maybe you’d like to lecture how there is no such thing as “chemistry”.

  210. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone think it might be time to update the “Potvin sucks” chant? The Isles just brought back Simon for another year. “Simon sucks?” anyone agree?

    My only concern is that Simon is a nobody and probably won’t be around next year, while Potvin is a legendary Islander and Hall of Famer.

    Also, Potvin’s thing kept us from winning the cup. By contrast, we won the game that Simon hit Hollweg, on the PP that we got as a result of the attack no less.

    But still, Potvin sucks seems to be losing its luster.

  211. Doods – Something tells me that the rest of the thousands of fans aren’t going to agree with you so quickly. Things like that die hard.

  212. longtimerangerfan on

    July 23rd, 2007 at 12:34 pm
    Doods – Something tells me that the rest of the thousands of fans aren’t going to agree with you so quickly. Things like that die hard.

    Most fans probably don’t even know why the chant…it was a clean hit on Nillson but, unfortunately, ended his career with the Blueshirts. I think it’s getting old, imo.

  213. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Ill tell you one thing….If Hollywood doesnt challenge that piece of garbage to a fight….the first shift of the 1st period….then he shouldnt even be on the team…He needs to grow a pair…even if he gets his ass kicked like always…He needs revenge….Actually id prefer Orr knocking that JO out….

    I know its to soon to do this but….here’s a little game we can play before a new update….

    NYR vs FLA

    What’s the final score….and who scores for the Rangers…

    Dont take this serious….its just for fun

    I say………..4 – 1………Goals by – Jagr…Rozsival…Straka…Drury

  214. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on

    Ill tell you one thing….If Hollywood doesnt challenge that piece of garbage to a fight….the first shift of the 1st period….then he shouldnt even be on the team…He needs to grow a pair…even if he gets his ass kicked like always…He needs revenge….Actually id prefer Orr knocking that JO out….

    I know its to soon to do this but…here’s a little game we can play before a new update….

    NYR vs FLA

    What’s the final score….and who scores for the Rangers…

    Dont take this serious.its just for fun

    I say………..4 – 1……..Goals by – Jagr..Rozsival..Straka…Drury

  215. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Im sure most NYR fans were happy Simon wacked Hollweg….It pretty much saved our season…with that PP goal by Pru….

    Hollweg took one for the team

  216. I’ll be there Opening Night, so I hope the Rangers win, and I think they will.

    3-2 Rangers, goals by Shanny, Callahan, and Drury

  217. Doodie Machetto on

    I know that Simon sucks wouldn’t work that well, but most younger fans don’t even know who Potvin is/was and why we chant it.

    Other fans I’ve sat near during the season just seem angry with the chant. They would say that people should sop chanting it because it was over and didn’t mean anything anymore.

  218. Doodie – I am one of those people at a point because for the couple of games I went to last year, it was done at least ten times at each one. The problem is at least three guys doing the whistling, so sometimes only that area does it, but it can still be heard. It should be done once a period at most, when things are getting boring. A couple times last year, it was being done while a goal was almost scored.

  219. imagination — no, i wasn’t going to argue that. what i was asking is if i am correct in understanding that the intent was for gomez to be jagr’s linemate. that he was being given first crack. i expected a lot of “they will both be given a shot — we have to see what kind of chemistry exists…” blah blah blah. i’m sure that’s true. forget it. moving on.

  220. Doodie Machetto on

    Spiderpig: Maybe if MSG embraced the chant and played the song over the organ once a period, you would get your wish.

    Prediction: Rangers 5 – Florida 2

    Goals by Hossa, Betts, and Malik (hat trick).

    Jagr, Straka, Shanahan, Drury, and Gomez all see less than 15 mintues of icetime, while Hollweg plays 24:39 and has 4 assists.

  221. For opening night, I’m going to say 3-2, as well. Goals coming from Shanahan, Straka, and Girardi, with his first. Panthers goals from Zednik and Jokinen. Additionally, I’m seeing the Rangers 1-7 on the power play.

    Here’s to a good start!

  222. Doodie – Haha, love the post! Even if MSG likes the chant, they wouldn’t endorse the use of the word “sucks” because it is offensive to some, even though not a curse word.

  223. Doodie Machetto on

    I know, but they haven’t played that song in the Garden since the 80’s. Hence all of the whistling.

  224. Lets remember the Panthers have Vokoun now, but who cares about that.

    Rangers 3 Panthers

    Rangers goals 1 Goals- Straka, Jagr, Shanny
    Assists- Gomez 2, Straka 1, Jagr 1, Drury 1

    Panthers goal- Jokinen

  225. All I know is that the Panthers will have one goal not sure who it is, but the assist will be a beautiful centering pass from Malik

  226. ORR Kicks Yin Yang....( Again ) on


    Lol…i was thinking the same thing….


    I hope Malik gets that Hat Trick for us and not the Panthers..

    Vokoun is dangerous though….remember he shut us out last year….but the year before that we destroyed him with 7 goals…

  227. Doodie Machetto on

    Are you kidding? I’ve got Malik pegged for 35 goals and 75 assists with a plus/minus of +178.

    You heard it hear first.

  228. 2-1 Panthers, our lone goal by Rozy on the PP. Henrik struggles early but regains form and plays great after a quick early goal. Second panthers goal comes against a 4th line that doesnt seem right without Ortmeyer.

  229. “But still, Potvin sucks seems to be losing its luster.”

    F@cking lamest thing ever. It’s embarrassing to be part of a fanbase that celebrates in such a way, so often.

    1. It was ages ago. Agreed that at least a ‘Simon Sucks’ update would be a welcome change.

    2. MAYBE do it when we’re actually playing the Isles….but screaming “potvin sucks” while playing the atlanta thrashers….it’s just dumb, and it makes you look dumb as a fanbase.

    3.Sadly, it is there to stay. It’s a garden tradition that makes people feel like they’re part of something, and ‘in the know’ and it will stay like that for a very long time….

    All that energy could/SHOULD be put forth into more meaningful crowd participation such as counting down the final seconds of the period, Penalty Kill, etc… stuff that could actually help the team.

  230. I have a theory about buying jerseys with players names on them. (This is only for dads).

    Don’t do it. The minute you do, something will happen to that player which will make you, as a dad, not pleased.

    Put YOUR name on it. Let your son be proud of his own name. As soon as you put a million dollar athlete on the back of his jersey the athlete will:

    1. Be busted for kiddie porn, drugs, or beating his wife
    2. be traded
    3. be photographed with Eddie Murphy’s prostitute
    4. come out of the closet. You liked him more when he was in, and the issue was sports, not sex.
    5. join an embarassing club of some form: dog fighting, Brokeback Mountain fan club, Marijuana rights club, some wildly stupid political thing, ….just something to embarass you.

    Of course, we all know that there are exceptions. Wayne Gretz stood head and shoulders above others.

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