Cullen sent back to Carolina


In an obvious concession to their precarious salary cap situation, the Rangers traded Matt Cullen to Carolina for defenseman Andrew Hutchinson, center Joe Barnes and a third round pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

Hutchinson has played in just 95 NHL games, and only 41 last year.

Seeing how this trade seems to be more about freeing some cap space, I’ll tell you up front I’m skeptical, and only in small part because Cullen was one of the most pleasant guys to get to know last year. More important, I thought he was better than his numbers showed, and was poised to have a much-improved 2007-08 having had a year to settle in New York.

Cullen was arguably the team’s fastest skater, and one of their hardest-working, but now with both he and Jed Ortmeyer gone, the Rangers will be without their two best penalty killers from last season (although Sean Avery had joined their ranks toward the end).

I like the idea of giving a Brandon Dubinsky or Artem Anisimov a chance next year, but similar to the Dominic Moore trade at this time last year, you wonder if the team really thought through what they’d be missing.

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  1. ugh….cullen would’ve been wonderful centering the 3rd line. Rangers still have enough to sign avery. They didn’t need to trade Cullen. Forget Marcel Hossa. He’s awful. Hopefully this move leads to another move, b/c trading cullen was idiotic.

  2. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Why Hutchinson….I thought they were looking at that other D man in CAR

  3. hockeymanrangers on

    Sammy woke up and smelled the hockey stench. I think it is a OK move we needed to make some room, sign Avery and another GOOD D-man and lets play Hockey.

  4. BlueClue – don’t forgot we also got that unspeakably awful Brad Isbister guy from Carolina midseason last year for Petruzalek.

  5. If they intend to keep Hutchinson on the NHL roster, that would render the Strudwick signing pretty useless, so the closest Hutch to MSG will be the highway.

  6. Sam – Please tell me this is a precursor to another deal.

    I hate this trade we are a step further from the Cup today. Hutchison is a potential offensive defenseman who still hasn’t reached his potential at 27 years old. We didn’t need to clear space yet because we had room to still sign Avery and who cares about Hossa.

  7. BlueClue-His justification for dumping Cullen is not that we got “The Great Hutchinson” in return, its the fact that our cap situation was troublesome

  8. Jeff- We did not really have room. This move is necessary because we need flexibility in season so we can call up and send down as many prospects as we can with out a breach

  9. I’m gonna miss Cullen. He played with a lot of grit and heart. I’m just hoping this means the beginnings of better moves to come.

  10. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    A little strange that we would trade away a roster center when we are organizationally weak at the position for a defenseman who we are probably going to lose off of waivers. Go Dubinsky. Also a little worried that 2 of our best penalty killers from last year are playing somewhere else.

  11. This was nothing more than a salary dump so don’t get caught up with what the rangers got back in return. Unfortunately this is what happens when you over pay for players in a salary cap system.

  12. Go NYR

    I know it was obviously a move to clear cap space.
    But if that’s all it was, it would have been better to dump him strictly for future draft pics…say a 1st rounder and a 4th rounder-

    I hope you’re right-

  13. Mike (AKA Avery Blasts Brodeur) on

    don’t like the trade at all. Cullen was good for the team, good speed, great PKer

    Hope Dubinksy can step up

  14. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    I still think it was to soon to dump Cullen….Sure he had a semi bad season….But this season was looking good with that 3rd line….

    No friggin way should Betts be on the 3rd line….He needs to stick with Orr and Mr.Useless Hollweg…And what ever 4th liner….

    The only good thing to come outta this is now you can have Hoss with Jags

    Hossa – Gomez – Jagr
    Shanahan – Drury – Avery / Straka
    Callahan – Straka / Avery – Prucha
    Hollweg – Betts – Orr / or who ever would take Hollywood or Orr’s spot

    Now we have use for Hoss

  15. Yeah, this seems unfortunate, roster-wise, if positive salary-cap wise. That kid Barnes has a history of injury, including a broken neck and a concussion, I believe. And a 27 year-old prospect?

    if this is pure cap dump, is there anything else coming?

    PK’s taken a serious hit this off-season.

  16. Poll Question:? (& A little Rant)

    On June 30th, we had 2 centers one REALLY GOOD with awesome chemistry with our C, Lead Goal Scorer, & Face of the Team. The other a little over paid but not all that bad at all.

    On July 17th we have 2 centers both of which are better than Cullen but in the same category as Nylander, taking into account “clutch� & the Dev’s restrictive system.

    It only cost about 5-6M more for this upgrade. Was it worth it?

    My vote is no, mainly because that money could have done so much more in other places. Avery, Hossa, Souray (or preferably Markov), & on & on.

  17. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    We still got some damn good PK’ers

    Avery – Straka ( Were phenominal in the playoffs on the PK )
    Drury – Shanny ( Shanny was a great pk’er last season , and drury is great on faceoffs..and he can generate some shorties)
    Gomez ( can kill penalties)
    Betts (obviously one of the only things he’s good at….no offense to him
    Callahan ( i think killed penalties down in Hartford )

    Either way we have options down there

  18. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    If its a pure salary dump, then we should be dumping a defenseman, since 7 were under contract before the deal plus Staal seems to be pushing for time. Seems like Hutchinson was targeted, since he didn’t even out salary for Carolina by coming to NY, and we are already deep at the position.

  19. I liked Ortmeyer & Cullen to me they were what the Rangers are & always will be about. Hard work, the team first, gritty play, PKing, etc… These are two heart & soul guys that give everything they have & you have to admire that. I wish we kept them both for that attitude that makes guys like Ryan Smith all that more attrictive (granted he is more gifted than them.)

  20. There are certainly positives and negatives to this trade.


    1) Chemistry. The Rangers have lost Rachunek, Nylander, Ortmeyer and now Cullen… 4 players who played on and were important members of the team that took Buffalo to a game 6 in last seaons playoffs. Now all four lines are going to be affected on the ice, and what will this translate to on the ice?

    2) Losing Cullen – a proven playoff and Stanley Cup performer who will not be able to help the Rangers in that dept.

    3) Another player which will have to be taught the Ranger system, leading to more chemistry issues.


    1) Makes room for Avery and Hossa’s contracts, although I do not neccesarily want either of those two players over Cullen.

    2) Makes room for a kid to make the team.

    3) This makes room for Montoya to be the backup, from a salary cap stand point.

    Conceivably, this team could have a rookie on defense in Staal, a rookie in goal in Montoya and a rookie at thrird line center or winger in either Dawes, Dubinsky or Anisemov.

    If moving Cullen allows for more youth to play then I might be able to swallow this trade, but knowing Sather and his propensity to use older players, I don’t see it happening.

  21. “This was nothing more than a salary dump so don’t get caught up with what the rangers got back in return. Unfortunately this is what happens when you over pay for players in a salary cap system.”

    yep, I bet in few years we’ll be begging Devils and Sabres to take their crap back.

  22. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Chris F.:
    I would prefer to keep Shanny off of the PK and limit his minutes for most of the season so the tank is a little more full for the playoffs.

  23. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Forget Souray……He would have never fit into our system…he woulda barely had any PP goals probably….

    I still think NYR should dump Malik or Mara….and put Staal and who ever is out there…..Markov and Sutton are still there….but if not then just bring up Pock or Hutchinson

  24. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    What are you drunk…You’d rather have Cullen over Avery…Avery was our Superman last season…..He saved us from Doomsday (aka not making the playoffs)

    I had to pop in a sup analogy

  25. GGG I swear to God I can’t stand some of the things you say.

    “yep, I bet in few years we’ll be begging Devils and Sabres to take their crap back.”

    Drury is one of the most key, quality, hard working, all around, clutch, give it your all centers the game. I don’t like your opinions, but I won’t trash you as a person I will merely say Drury is what NYR hockey is all about. His passion along in MSG with our fans. He is going to become better than he has ever been.

  26. Maybe they just got Hutchinson because of the fact that a few good D prospects are in the system, so they need somebody to fill a spot in Hartford. But he will have to pass through waivers first, right?

  27. Perhaps FORSBERG will sign a 1 yr, incendtive-laden deal to pair with Jagr and slide the other two centers down or move drury to wing with Jagr and Peter.

  28. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Im not worried about Gomez….im more worried about Drury…

    I hate the whole Holik thing….Just cause he’s a devil doesnt mean the same damn thing would happen…get over it…

    Gomez wants to be a 1st line center…and instead of playing with Elias he’s now playing with Jagr….thats an upgrade and he knows hes gonna have to bring it this season….

    Drury on the other hand….im hoping that he doesnt miss BUF to much….

    And damnit why couldnt NYR trade cullen out west….i dont wanna see him 4 times a year….im glad we wont vs NSH…i cant bare to see Ortmeyer against us

    It brings tears to my eyes

  29. now Pock and Malik for Lundqvist and Ott

    Kasparaitis, Mara, Dawes, and Betts for Jovanovski and Lisin

    then maybe sign Peca for 1 season

    and the Cup should be ours

  30. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    This cullen trade is bringing some weird comments…

    We have no use for Forsberg….At all….to much money for a guy who will spend the next 2 months traveling around the world in 80 days looking for a pair of skates

  31. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    Stars wont give up Joel and Ott…..Lol for Pock and Malik….thats a ridiculous offer….

  32. Signing Peca to a one-year deal on the cheap is a risk worth taking. If he stays healthy, he replaces a lot of what you had with Cullen- speed, scrappy play, PK ability, playoff experience. If he gets hurt, Dubinsky, Immonen, et al are ready to step up and take his place. I don’t really see a downside to either circumstance.

  33. “Maybe they just got Hutchinson because of the fact that a few good D prospects are in the system, so they need somebody to fill a spot in Hartford. But he will have to pass through waivers first, right?”

    they probably got him either as a Pock subsitute or because Carolina wanted to dump him.

  34. “Triple-G

    I was waiting for your J. Lundqvist comment-

    What took you so long?”

    we should be asking what is taking Sather so long to make the trade with Dallas.

  35. Blueclue –

    A first and fourth for Matt Cullen?

    Can you pass whatever you are smoking this way?

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Sather is done for the offseason. He is long overdue for his summer-long tee time.

    At most expect some farm shuffing and resigning contracts. No other roster player will be touched.

    And if he brings in a new 3rd line center, my vote is for Vasicek, so long as he can be signed for under 1.2M. But I’m really hoping he just stands pat and waits for camp.

  37. C.J.

    Carolina made it abundantly clear that they were in a position of need at center and theyt already know that Cullen is a PERFECT fit for their system.

    We should have had the leverage here. Now, I will NOT pass the stuff I’m smoking…i’m almost out :)

  38. “Stars wont give up Joel and Ott…..Lol for Pock and Malik….thats a ridiculous offer….”

    ok then one of them, then sign Peca. With Peca, Lundqvist, Jovanovsky as well as Avery, Callahan, Hollweg, etc. this will be a very mean physical team

  39. BC –

    We are the ones with our balls in the figurative salary cap vice. We had NO leverage at all. I think we got a decent return for an overpaid third line center, but I just wish we didn’t deal him. I think it presents line issues that will loom large come hockey time.

  40. “And if he brings in a new 3rd line center, my vote is for Vasicek”

    pass me what you are smoking. No more half assed enigmas please, we already got Hossa.

  41. Doodie – some of us said the same thing after Henrik was signed. Now look what happened. When I see a defenseman traded away, that’s when I’ll know the offseason moves are done, besides re-signing Avery and possibly Hossa, of course

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Trades mut be awfully fun and easy to make in NHL ’07. Because that’s the only place your ridiculous trade suggestions would ever go through.

  43. C.J.

    Agreed with the cap issue, but why couldn’t we just have dumped on overpaid D-MAN like Mara, or Malik?

    Atleast with Cullen, we knew that he was a reliable and safe 3rd line Center.

  44. Ridiculous trade of a guy who could help NYR win the Cup, and for nothing in return. I know dealing Cullen is a salary cap necessity, but it still smells. We got garbage in return for a good NHL player with a number of years left.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Spiderpig, I didn’t think he was done for a second after signing Hank. I was expecting a slary dump trade. This is the dump trade. Now theres nothing left but Avery, Hossa, loading up the farm teams so they can have competitive camps, and golf.

    The most I expect is a Cullen replacement, but he won’ spend more than 1.2-1.5M n him, depending on what he an do with Avery and Hossa.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    BC, I’m with you. I would’ve liked to have seen Mara sent out of town instead of Cullen. I don’t mention Malik because I think we all know and knew he wasn’t going anywhere.

  47. I don’t know why some of you keep assuming we will get Jovanovski. Isn’t he making 6 million a year?? How do you expect to get him???

  48. Doodie Machetto on



    lol, what makes you think they will sign Nedved?

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I was looking through a list of available free agents and saw his name. he has a knack for endnig up on the team, he is Czech, and he would be REALLY cheap. Seems like the sort of boneheaded move Sather would be prone to.

  51. BC –

    I agree that I would have prefered to move Malik, however we have to remember the Jagr factor. If having Marek around makes Jags happy, he stays. We already parted ways with Jag’s best buddy once this offseason, we shouldn’t do it again. Besides, the return on Malik would have been NIL. Atleast we picked up a decent prospect and a pick in this trade. We couldn’t have hoped to do any better.

  52. Doodie – Besides the fact you’re contradicting yourself, I didn’t think you were one of the people who thought he was done. I wasn’t sure, but there were some people who said our roster was set.

  53. Orr

    Yes Avery was certainly a spark plug for the last year. Came over from a team where he was basically unwanted because of his attitude. He came to NYC and had a mission, to prove everyone wrong, and he did, to some extent. I am by no means an Avery hater, I like his game a lot. But I’m also a realist and can tell you that Matt Cullen has much more to offer a team than Avery does. True Cullen is not going to drop the gloves, but he can kill penalties, can shoot the puck, can score in the shootout and produces in the playoffs and can skate like the wind. Are there elements to Avery’s game I like, sure there are, but not in place of Cullen’s.

    I’m sorry, this was a terrible move by Sather and all the good he did thus far this summer has just gone out the window. All it takes is one hit to Drury or Gomez now and who do the Rangers have left down the middle?

    Sather just blew his summer with this move, bad news.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    SP I’m not contradicting myself. He’s done making any roster trades. There are some other things to take care of, but he is done dealing roster players.

  55. Dr. O: I completely agree. I didn’t suggest that — I think it was someone commenting on my post that the PK took a big hit. Hopefully the newbies (not the guys we just traded for, the others) can step it up…

  56. I think Sather is done for this offseason. Dubinsky is almost at the point where he can be the 3rd or 4th line center. Good luck to him.

  57. Vogs, don’t be so despondent. All it takes, on ANY team, is for a top-two center to go down and all hell breaks loose. 29 other teams besides the Rangers would be in a real bind if that happened. Luckily, both Drury and Gomez are extremely reliable. And Cullen wasn’t very good in the second-line role last season, to boot.

  58. Doodie – OK, that was unclear to me from what you wrote. I thought you meant there would be no more moves done involving the NHL roster (trades or signings).

    BlueClue – btw, :) for above ^^^

  59. “But I’m also a realist and can tell you that Matt Cullen has much more to offer a team than Avery does.”

    Yes, and that team is Carolina. Cullen was a straight up *bust* in NY, while Sean Avery took less than a quarter season to be a hero here. I did like Cullen, but at what cost? Not worth risking the obvious team catalyst that is Sean Avery, who was clearly born to play in NYC.

    Cullen was one excuse after another. Just had a kid, waaaaaaaaaaah. Just moved to the city with wifey w waaaaaaaaaah. Funny thing is, Matt Cullen was banging the sister of a girl I work with toward the end of the year and during the playoffs (truth), and likely many more women on the side. Hey, *good for him*, but he slould have been making better passes and putting more pucks away if he wants to be a dog like that. Don’t complain about tough adjustments to life in NYC when youre dippin’ around town anyway….just put the puck away. So long Cully.

  60. I don’t like this deal at all. I think Cullen was more valuable to this team than some of you might think. I don’t mind trading Cullen IF Dubi or Anisimov are ready. I doubt Anisimov is, he probably needs a year at Hartford.

    Personally, I would have waited until the season began to see if Dubinsky is ready for 3rd line duty on a permanent basis.

    I’m sure Robby will be happy, the Rangers are one step closer to starting his “3” rookies this year. Looks like Staal and Dubi are real possibilities.

  61. Adam:

    The point is I was happy with the current situation. I was able to digest the signings of Drury and Gomez, or should I say the spending on these guys knowing full well we had Cullen in the 3rd spot. Now that is not the case.

    Now not only is the chemistry on the team screwed but we lose another center in order to fit onto the roster two wingers, a position in which we are strong.

    I dunno… I liked Cully, I liked watching his skate and I’m unhappy I won’t be able to watch him make my team better.

    I will be pleased only if Cullen’s spot goes to Dawes, Dubinsky or another yoot.

    I will not be pleased to see Peca here, I don’t like him. I ant young kids to fill in the rest of the spots.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    I think this trade punched Staal’s ticket to Hartford actually. Not that he deserves to go there, but because now Sather won’t dump Mara, leaving us with 7 defensemen WITHOUT Staal. Seeing as how both Struds and Pock would have to clear waivers for Hartford duty, it’s not even like they can start there and be called up mid season in case of an emergency (ie, injury). If he wants to carry seven, I can see either Pock or Struds being #7. But I can’t see him carrying 8.

  63. Cullen had alot of talent but could not finish. He had countless chances on breakaways and
    in the slot that he could not cash in on. He did not impress me with his ability to distribute the puck. He did next to nothing in ten playoff games last season. I think we will improve by replacing him with a hungry kid that can equal his points. Next year Cherry will be our 3third line center.

  64. goalbyPrucha on

    Malik is like a chronic disease that can’t be cured. We’re doomed to have him here until God only knows when. :(

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    Cherry? You mean Cherepanov? Aside from the fact that he’s playing in Russia next year, he’s a winger, not a center.

    Swing and a miss.

  66. I looked over all teams rosters and Lightning, Blackhawks, Senators and Stars would probably be the likely teams interested in a defenseman.

    Chicago likely won’t do it. Lightning will likely sign Cullimore. So Ottawa and Dallas are possibilities to dump Malik and Mara. Phoenix might also be interested in Malik having allowed 284 goals last season and Malik already has good chemistry with Jovanovsky and might also have good chemistry with Michalek, plus they need to add salary for the cap minimum. Phoenix could also be interested in having Mara back who put up huge numbers there.

    They desperately want to unload Boynton in Phoenix

    so Betts, Mara and Malik for Boynton and Hanzal

    Hutchinson, Pock and Dawes for Lundqvist

  67. why are people putting hossa on the first line? he’s not a first liner at all, never has been, never will be. and to whomever said that our depth at center is the same as it was before the trade deadline, i ask you, are you crazy? and putting them into the same cat. as nylander is outlandish using the “clutch” statement. both of those players have won cups, gomez multiple while nylander just this past year won his first playoff series in his career. why worried about drury? he is not nor ever has been an 100 pt guy and he wont be here. he will put up 70-80 points on the 2nd line while being a huge voice in the locker room and out on the ice, he is a leader and has won at every level. letting go of cullen makes sense because of $$$. he simply makes too much of it to be a 3rd line center who would be a 40 point player this year. we signed him to 2nd line money to be a 2nd line player and he never delivered in the year he had. he wanted to be moved and his wish was granted. losing ortmeyer will cause more problems than losing cullen in my eyes.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Whether Nylander hears the boo birds is debatable, but likely. Ortie will ger a hero’s welcome in a few years (the next time he’s in town). What will Cullen get?

  69. GOGG – I think Ottawa has less cap space than us before the Cullen trade, so none of our defensemen will be going there. Forget about J. Lundqvist; the Stars probably want to keep him.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Jason, he was a first liner for a few weeks until he blew out his knee. Personally, I’m interested in seeing him given another chance, even if it’s just for a different look within a game. Meaning he gives Straka a shift off (like after a penalty kill) and lets Hossa take his spot, just to keep the other team guessing.

  71. doodie, the only reason he was played on the 1st line was because the team was under-performing… taking nylander away from jagr, they have to keep straka on his line. you cant take 2 players away from a player (any player on the team) and expect them to either be happy or perform as well in one off-season. trading cullen tho i would think ensure’s hossa will be back for next year

  72. Doodie: I see your concern about Staal’s ticket to Hartford being punched. But I disagree. If he earns it in camp, I think he’ll be a starting d-man opening night. I don’t think Slats is too concerned about putting Pock or Strudwick on waivers.

    Again, not the trade I was hoping for. I would have rather see Cullen stay and see Malik go.

    GOGG: Dallas is not unloading Lundqvist. They didn’t just re-sign him only to trade him to us for our leftover crap.

  73. “What will Cullen get?”

    probably depends on how he plays

    hat trick = boos

    making henke look good = cheers

    I don’t see how you could really care too much for the guy one way or another. Likeable guy that skated hard but couldn’t really finish. I don’t think we razzed Kovalev too bad did we?

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    jason,I agree it ensures Hossa returns for the season.

    Yes, the team was underperforming, but for a long period during the season, either Straka or Nylander was removed from Jagr and replaced by Hossa, and after his injury by Isbister. It’s not like they had never played together before. Jagr even said he liked having them on his line.

    And I’m not suggesting the change be made full-time. Just on a part-time basis, especially if Straka or Jags struggles at all.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    NJ Mark, fair enough, but this is Sather we’re talking about; I’m not holding my breath, regardless of how well Staal does in camp.

    Sam, my last post got me wondering: any word on Straka’s shoulder?

  76. doodie, i understand what youre saying, but i really dont see jagr playing any part of the season with 2 different line-mates than he has had for the better part of the last 2 years. plus, i think gomez centering a line of straka and jagr could be downright scary, there is alot of speed and skill there. gomez will flourish playing on an unrestricted offensive line as that and will put up stupid point totals

  77. I agree completely Sam. I think that this trade is saying that the team couldn’t dump Malik and needed salary cap space. I hate making trades where you are so obviously are on the short end of the talent ledger.

  78. Dr. Ogrodnick July 17th, 2007 at 1:10 pm
    Chris F.:
    I would prefer to keep Shanny off of the PK and limit his minutes for most of the season so the tank is a little more full for the playoffs.>>

    an excellent prescription doctor. Too bad Renney does not seem bright enough to follow it.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    Seamus, I think he’ll follow it this year. I think shanny will be an if necessary PKer, not a regular. If necessary as in if they have a bad game and take a lot of penalties. I think even Shanny knows he’s ogtta start cutting his minutes down a bit.

  80. Soothing Aloe Lotion on

    What up guys…first post to this site and I have to say that I liked what I’ve read thus far, well, for the most part that is!

    I hate to regurgitate some of the things that’s been said, but this Cullen trade was AWFUL!!! 1) center is our deepest position right now and you just gutted it by trading away one of our fastest and dependable PK’er 2) You get garbage in return, and 3) (and I could be wrong about this), but they could have sent Kasper back down to the minors and cleared about $2.9 million in cap space…

    This just doesn’t make any sense and as Adam Z. said, if we get an injury at the center position, we are in serious trouble!!!

    Everytime Sather does something good, he does something stupid to remind me that he is one of the worst GMs in the game today.

  81. Jagr, with Gomez, cannot be double teamed. If he is, Gomez scores in bunches. If these two play together, I predict 80 goals and 200 assists between them.

    This is going to be Gomez’ finest year in the NHL. Out from the restrictive system, he is still defensibly responisble, but now can show, on the big stage, his speed, puck handling, scoring, and passing prowess—a pure talent playing along side Jagr…

    watch out.

  82. Where is all this love for Cullen coming from??? I’m sorry, but he underachieved big time, and he did not show up every night. On the rare night when he did show up, he threw his body all over the place, but usually to no avail: what is he, 180 lbs. soaking wet? I was never a big fan, and I’m just not that upset by this move. I much rather have the cap room and the spot for a youngerster to come up, and be in the same dressing room as Jagr/Shanny/Drury. I know Avery was huge last year, but I think sometimes people forget how big an impact the kids had on the team when they were up. Every good team needs a mix of that and the vets.

  83. >>

    To me, this would make the most sense. I would rather Malik gone than Mara, of course, but at the 3rd line, Cullen may have shined. Is this Dubinsky’s shot? I just hope that the d-man signing has NOTHING to do with Staal playing in NYC this Oct.

  84. NY fans are really intelligent.

    Nylander gets boo’d for greed, and turning down TWO offers (thank you!!)
    Ortmeyer gets standing ovation for his effort
    Cullen gets warm reception for 1 year effort.

    Ny fans know what they are doing……..

  85. seamus, i cant see malik or mara staying… one has to be moved and i think it will be malik… everyone seems to forget that it wasnt when avery came to town that we went on a tear but it was when mara arrived that things turned around. we need a big, stay at home d-man that will punish the opposing players and malik is simply not that guy. more upside to mara.

  86. Cullen was a bad trade in my book.I would have ditched Malik if possible (as many have said) and work the D-men in the system esp Staal. Look at what Girardi did last season? He knew the system and came to play when he got to MSG.

  87. The only good thing about this deal is that we now have an extra $2.8 million to play with for each of the next 2 summers. That money can now go to either re-signing Lundqvist, Avery, or even Rozy to longer term deals.

  88. Actually, Adam Z. made the point that every team is hurt badly with an injury to a top-2 center, not just the Rangers, and Cullen under-performed when put in that role a season ago. Bottom line: there’s no way to know whether this deal turns out to be good or bad until the pock drops on the season. Cullen may have a return to 2005-2006 form that could really make us regret the deal; Dubinsky could have a breakout season and really mess well with some kids on the third line. Impossible to tell in July how this deal should be remembered.

  89. “Impossible to tell in July how this deal should be remembered.”

    I agree. If Dubinsky can step in and do what Cullen does (if not better), than of course I am all for it. But is he ready at only 21 years old? I don’t know.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    “If these two play together, I predict 80 goals and 200 assists between them.”

    Dude, I like Gomez, and I like Jagr. And I want them to do great and have an amazing season. But that’s just crazy. You realize that if you combined Jagr’s and Thornton’s numbers from a couple of years ago, they still would’ve fallen pretty short of that? Ditto for Crosby and Jumbo Joe this season.

  91. I think one person mentioned it but this could very well signal that that Monty will be playing backup to Henrik. With Kasper going down this should mean they have room on big team for Monty’s cap hit. They will probably play him a fair amount (for a backup) in hopes that he performs well. Once Henrik gets the long term deal they will trade him and depending on how well he performed they could get something VERY good in return.

    I can almost guarantee we shopped Malik hard (thats why this deal didnt get done sooner) but there were no takers. That or Jagr could have said he wants Malik to stay and how vocal he was earlier definitely would have made Sather reconsider.

    I see this being last of offseason moves (except for Avery/Hossa of course). We will go to camp see how things work and depending on begining of season we will make a move with Montoya. Dubinsky plays well on 3rd line (thats who I see being there) and we look at defensemen. If we feel that is a weakness we will look for a forward. Lets just hope Montoya, Dubinsky and 5th/6th D play well because if not we will see prospects moved at the trade deadline…again.

    I loved Cullen’s speed and grit but I like this trade because we do have a little potential and we will get atleast one or two young guns up and playing, lets just hope it doesnt backfire.

  92. i like Hossa on the first line for simply the reason that the offensive firepower is more evenly distributed between the lines. having gomez and jagr on the same line as hossa could translate to hossa being the man left unmarked and able to put home some easy points. ALSO Hossa is big and is helpful in creating space for his linemates much in the same way isbister was able to do so when he played on the first line. further, this means straka can move down to another line. thus, all the eggs arent in the first or second basket, but rather across 3. if this scenario happens, i cannot see hossa not shinning with gomez and jagr and if by mid season hasnt, then trade him. simple.

  93. our cup chances took a huge hit today. Sather pretty much undid any good he did ealier this month. Carolina realized the value of Cullen as 3rd center when they went from the penthouse to the outhouse. Carolina just undid their mistake last summer. We’ll pay and pay big time at the trade deadline for a 3rd center (and the guy will not be as good as Cullen). The cost for such center will be a number 1; number 2 and another good young player. Now Sather will do his search for pp qb (Poti – Ozo type) to continue his mistakes. Or a player like Jovo and his huge salary.

    Two weeks ago I thought we were a viable Stanley Cup contender. I no longer think that today.

  94. Here’s hopeing Sathing is done for now and Dubinsky or Anisimov get a legitimate shot at making the team as 3rd line center. Please no Peca, Nedved, or any other 30 something-over-the-hill-wannabes.

  95. Remember LI Joe that finding a 3rd line center is a lot easier than finding a 2nd line center. Sather will be able to find someone relatively cheap if he has to. Avery can play center if need be.

  96. I’m hoping Seamus meant 200 points instead of 200 assists. That’s like two Gretzkys to have 280 points between two players.

    NJ Mark – that extra $2.8 million cleared for next season will be used to pay any of Shanahan’s bonus that is leftover if they sign another player. Otherwise, it matches up perfectly for this season, so maybe that was Sather’s thinking all along. Sign Shanahan to his deal plus incentives equal to Cullen’s contract then trade Cullen so we can put Shanahan’s bonuses in the cap this year instead of next, giving him more room to hand out long-term contracts.

  97. Hutchinson is a career AHL player with no long term obligation and a salary of .5 million. I think it was clearly a salary dump and Hutch (as his friends call him() will be a regular in Hartford.

  98. we didn’t need to find a 3rd center. we had one who I had a lot of confidence in. now we’re a donut (hole in the middle). watch what we have to give up at the trade deadline for a viable 3rd center. moving Straka or Avery to center should only happen if we get injuries. Sather *****

  99. Hossa and Pock to Atlanta for 2nd rounder?

    What makes people think Drury will be an 80 point player? In his prime playing with the likes of Forsberg and Iginla he never even got 70 points.

    “GOGG: Dallas is not unloading Lundqvist. They didn’t just re-sign him only to trade him to us for our leftover crap.”

    Morrow, Lehtinen, Modano, Ribeiro, Halpern, Barnes, Winchester, Fedoruk, Ott, Miettinen, Hagman, Eriksson, Jokinen, Barch. That is 14 forwards not counting Lundqvist. They are likely to trade someone.

  100. Spiderpig July 17th, 2007 at 3:42 pm
    I’m hoping Seamus meant 200 points instead of 200 assists. That’s like two Gretzkys to have 280 points between two players.

    correct. typing too fast!

    my point, though, is that I think Gomez not only benefits from the Jagr Effect, but also from being lifted from the defensive system in Jersey. He has a huge year if he stays healthy.

  101. I think that Cullen will do well in Carolina. They wanted him (the carolina papers said so) and I think he probably did ask to be traded (although denied, of course).

    Here is another issue:

    he was under contract for the next 3 years at some good money. I think we will be glad NOT to have him, 3 years from now, especially as we may have younger players stepping in behind Gomez and Drury.

    -and YES, I meant 200 points between them! sorry!!!!

    Is this out of range?

    Jagr 45 goals 55 assists
    Gomez 35 goals 65 assists

    not at all………

  102. General Question:

    I am not very knowledgable about CAP rules, etc, so……

    if we had no takers for Malik, can we waive him? can we demote him to Hartford?

    What counts against the CAP?
    Do we have any more responsibility towards Kasperitis’ salary??

  103. Peca in his prime would be intriguing as a replacement. A physical and defensive 3rd line center is a missing ingredient on this team. But his numbers the last couple of years suggest a decline. I would also love to see Dubinski get a shot but if the idea is to go for the cup now..

  104. the only way to get a contract off the cap is to send them to the minors like we did with Kasparaitis last season. Kaspar still has 2 years left on his contract. He will no doubt be sent down this season but I don’t see Malik being sent down also.
    There are also long term injury scenarios that can get a contract off the books but since none of the aforementioned are injured (and i’m not about to pull a Tonya Harding on either of them) that does us no good.

  105. seamus… we have to pay kasper no matter what tho once he is waived, his salary no longer counts against the cap,

  106. -Dubinsky–the only thing I am concerned about is his difficulty scoring in AHL. But he was a rookie there.

    -Cullen did NOT have any chemistry with any player, Prucha and Callahan suffered greatly playing with him. He takes a lot of bad penalties. He did not do much in the playoffs. He grinds, but is not physical enough. He is fast, but does not excel in any part of the game. He is overpaid, and will be overpaid for 3 more seasons. He lacks hockey sense in the offensive zone.

    -Malik will likely be traded after Jagr seems happy playing with new teammates.

    -Peca if healthy would be a lot more effective and cheaper than Cullen

  107. Yes he does seem to be in decline- though the numbers showed 3 pretty good years for the Isles.

  108. By Scott Burnside

    Matt Cullen was heading out for an offseason workout with some buddies in Minnesota on Tuesday morning. For some reason, he took his New York Rangers red, white and blue gear out of his hockey bag and replaced it with some old Carolina Hurricanes stuff.

    Fate? Kismet? Yahtzee?

    Whatever the motivation, before Cullen got out the door, Rangers coach Tom Renney called to tell the slick center he had been traded back to the Carolina Hurricanes, a team with whom he won a Stanley Cup back in 2006.

    After earning $3.1 million in 2006-07, he is scheduled to receive $2.8 million in each of the next three seasons for an annual cap hit of $2.88 million.

    The Hurricanes gave up 27-year-old defenseman Andrew Hutchinson, who has one year left on his contract at $500,000, and 21-year-old Joe Barnes, a 6-foot-3, 212-pound center in the second year of his entry-level contract.

    “I’m really excited,” Cullen told Tuesday morning. “It was one of those situations where I didn’t want to leave anyways.”

    Not long after hoisting the Cup last offseason, Cullen signed a four-year, $11.5 million deal with the Rangers as an unrestricted free agent. The Hurricanes didn’t believe they could afford to spend the money even though Cullen had been a key member of their championship run with 25 regular-season goals and 18 postseason points in 2005-06.

    In the end, the move didn’t pan out the way anyone had hoped or planned. Cullen had 16 goals for the Rangers, but never really got into an offensive groove. The Hurricanes, meanwhile, missed the playoffs after winning the Cup.

    “Matt Cullen was the player that made the biggest void in our lineup and we weren’t able to replace him,” Carolina GM Jim Rutherford told

    The easiest way to replace Cullen, he said, was to simply reacquire him.

    From the Rangers’ perspective, the acquisition of high-profile and expensive free-agent centers Chris Drury and Scott Gomez gave them very little room to maneuver under the $50.3 million cap. And while they gave up important depth down the middle, moving Cullen made sense economically.

    As for the Hurricanes, it’s like the band’s getting back together.

    With Cullen’s return and the signing of former Chicago Blackhawk Jeff Hamilton, the Hurricanes have upped their speed quotient, one of the hallmarks of their Cup-winning team. Cory Stillman, who played in only 43 games last season while recovering from shoulder surgery, will be healthy from the get-go, and Erik Cole, who suffered two broken vertebrae during the 2005-06 season, will be stronger.

    “The exciting thing is that, on paper, we probably look better than we did two years ago,” Cullen said.

    At any rate, Cullen won’t have any dilemmas about picking colors when he’s working out now

  109. rob, it wouldnt, he wouldnt be on the 23 man roster… why do you think there has been so much talk that we get an extra 3 mil in cap space after he is waived and sent to hartford?

  110. Come ON now…. to make the claim that Matt Cullen makes or breaks this teams cup/playoff chances is absurd. The more I think about it, the better I think this is. I just hope a kid (Dubi?) gets the chance to fill that role and he is really *given a chance* to get comfortable there instead of 2 games and shipped back.

    As has been stated, we probably won’t know if this is actually a blessing in disguise (as were the injuries that afforded calls to Callahan and Girardi) until Oct/Nov.

    But seriously~ Cullen never made good in NY, and we really worked with him, and let him have it his way for the most part. Still, he was so iffy even centering the 3rd line that it seemed only a matter of time until they forced him onto a wing anyway and gave someone else the center role there. I seriously find it comical that people are basing our cup chances as lost due to this trade. If you recall during the playoffs, as great and smooth as that line “looked” skating around, actual production was almost zero…everyone was waiting for something big to finally happen there and it never did.

    Cullen =
    Pros: fast/pretty skater, sweet playoff beard, good media guy, decent PK, “worked hard” (so do washing machines)

    Cons: NEVER passed in the O-Zone, ALWAYS shot high/over the net, couldn’t finish, didn’t work (and allegedly didn’t want to) on the PP point which was supposed to be his “specialty” coming from NC…..

    look I agree it’s questionable right now, but shit this is not our make/break guy, look at how even Canes didn’t give up squat for him.

  111. rob, nevermind, i get what youre saying… what i meant was that if he is waived he will get sent down like almost every team does except for the flyers of last year… kasper is in his final year on his contract tho

  112. Seamus O Riley — demote or waive Malik? You’re kidding right? Do posters actually start believe their self-perpetuated nonesene? Malik, though his +/- is way overrated, is still a top four D-man on any team in the league.

    Peca — if he comes cheap — would be a good sign. We’re obviously aiming for the Cup now, so it strikes me as unlikely that Renney will all of a sudden allow a rookie to have major minutes as the third-line center — unless, that rookie really breaks out. Does anyone believe that Dubinsky as a rookie will be more valuable than Cullen? I know we’re all in love with young players, it’s exciting to think about and all that, but let’s be honest. Dubinksy couldn’t even score consistently in the minors. I hope he has a great camp and proves me wrong, but can the Rangers head into the season with that kinda doubt?

  113. Kevin

    I don’t think Cullen really underachieved here. Like Holik, he was misused (and overpaid). Look at his career numbers…the Rangers had to know what they were getting. His best year was his one year with Carolina, when he had 25g and 49pts. This year he had 41pts. Not that far off, and actually his 3rd most productive year in the NHL. But GoGG was right, he didn’t have chemistry with this team. The fact that he put up decent numbers despite that lack of chemistry boggles the mind, but then again he was on the ice with Shanahan half the time.

    That said, I’m not sure how I feel about this trade. Sure, the thought of Dubinsky getting a chance makes me happy, but we don’t really know how he’ll do on a regular basis. Now there’s some uncertainty with the forwards that wasn’t really there before.

  114. Jason, when you said waived I was thinking released and my bad on his contract situation. he’s a goner after this year.

  115. my prediction:

    Jagr 35 goals, 58 assists
    Drury 30 goals, 32 assists
    Gomez 20 goals, 50 assists
    Prucha 33 goals, 25 assists
    Callahan 23 goals, 18 assists
    Shanahan 25 goals, 30 assists
    Avery 15 goals, 28 assists
    Straka 18 goals, 35 assists
    Hossa 17 goals, 15 assists(if on top line)
    Hollweg around 5 points
    Betts around 10 points
    Moore around 15 points

    Tyutin 6 goals, 20 assists
    Girardi 5 goals, 25 assists
    Malik 0 goals, 17 assists
    Mara 8 goals, 28 assists
    Staal 4 goals, 20 assists
    Rozsival 9 goals, 28 assists

  116. Doodie,

    I was perusing the CBA and came across the answer to your contractual question where you proposed renegotiating a contract before it expires….

    11.10 No Renegotiation. In no event shall a Club and a Player negotiate a change in
    any terms of a Player SPC for the then-current season or for any remaining season of an
    SPC. This provision shall not prohibit a Player and Club from negotiating an extension
    to an existing SPC in accordance with the terms of Section 50.5(f) hereof or from
    negotiating a new or reformed SPC or Offer Sheet in the limited context and time-frame
    expressly set forth in Section 11.6(a)(vi) above.

  117. I don’t have a problem with this as long as Sather re-signs Avery and gives Dubinsky a chance at center. I never really liked Cullen for some reason even though he was a pretty hard worker. But he never passed the puck, and took too many stupid obstruction penalties.

  118. either way it shakes with kaspar, his nhl career is most likely over once he is waived and sent to hartford. the rangers will not recall him no matter what since if claimed on re-entry we would be responsible for half his cap # and i dont see anyone really signing a 35 year old player who at that point would have played less than a dozen or less NHL games in 2 years… let’s just hope he doesn’t retire on us and shaft us with his cap hit this year, would that even happen with his minimal service in the nhl last year?

  119. GGoG… is that for a full year or??? if stats look like that at the end of the year, no way we contend for a cup more or less have home ice for the first round

  120. Salted – Carolina wanted Cullen back. What do they know they only won the cup with him – and missed the playoffs without him. They knew our cap was cruched so don’t go by what they gave up. The last name of our 3rd center does not have to be Cullen to win the cup (it could be Smith or Jones for all I care). Our cup chances are greatly diminished (this yr) if our 3rd center has Straka, Avery or Dubinsky on his back. Could help 2 yrs down the road if its the latter but for this yr no way. They will have to address this huge hole and seriously overpay at the deadline. There were much better options (read Mara or Malik or Hossa) to go.

  121. “Carolina *wanted* Cullen back.”

    operative word in bold… yes there may have been other option on guys to drop (and they are still options) but does anyone really *want* them at their “value”?

  122. People act like Carolina was so dominant that season as well. They had a tough time winning that cup and in my mind the 2005-06 season really is an anomally. They had just changed the rules and teams were just getting used to new playstyle.

    Did this year’s playoffs really seem similar to those in 06? I didnt think so, we saw how the Rangers defended Buffalo. That is what NHL is moving towards, no one did that in 06. Cullen fit better in 05-06 because of his speed. When league shifted backwards I think it hurt Cullen (and Hurricanes team as a whole).

    To say that Matt Cullen is why Carolina was not good this year is crazy. I liked him but he is a replacable player, just a matter if we have guys that will step up and replace him. He was safe but at that salary was it worth it? I could have gone either way but there is more upside to Dubinsky.

    Lets just hope we put in young players and Sather doesnt take any of GOGG’s suggestions. Please learn how NHL trades work. You can have my season tickets if J Lundqvist gets traded anywhere this offseason.

  123. In my opinion, almost any deal to get rid of Cullen’s contract is a successful one. The Rangers never used Cullen like Carolina did, and he didn’t find chemistry with any of the numerous wingers he played with (how do you not put up pts playing with a 600 goal scorer in Shanahan????). The only guy he played well with was for a 3 game or so span with Immonen, where Immonen was centering Cullen. He didn’t fit in the lines, and although he is a talented 3rd line center, he didn’t show it on this team. Bottom line is he underperformed last year, and after seeing Dubinsky’s play with the Rangers when he got a chance, I think there’s at least a decent shot that he can fill Cullen’s shoes as the third line center. He definitly hustled and looked quick, and his play actually reminded me a lot of Cullen’s, except much more physical and stronger on the puck. So I’m all for letting Dubinsky center the third line this season.

    Also with so many defenseman that seem NHL ready, I would be surprised if the Rangers DIDN’t trade either Mara or Malik. Mara is more likely since he’s only been here one year and Renney loves Malik (as much as his mistakes are awful to watch, truth is he doesn’t make them all that often… he finished with an awesome plus minus). The only downside is that losing Mara means losing a guy who shoots well from the point. Maybe there is another trade coming to get a qb for the powerplay?

    Also, I don’t understand why everyone bashes Hossa. Is he as good as his older brother? God no. But he has a pretty good shot, good hands, is young, forechecks and uses his big body to shield the puck better than anyone on the team (other than Jags), annnnd has shown that when put with top 2 line talent, he will finish consistently. On top of that, he gets paid less then a mil a year. Also make note that the “anyone can score when playing with Jagr argument” simply isn’t true (See: Brad Isbister). He should be almost as important a signing as Avery.

    Now that we have added considerable talent / depth with both UFAs and young guys coming up this year, we can probably run a 3-4 line system similar to what Buffalo did last year, with our fourth line still having some skill guys (like Hossa, Prucha, etc.) on the wings with Betts centering. This way Hossa, at the very least will be a solid checking forward, and if he can get playing time with some skill guys (not named Hollweg, ORR, et. al), he will contribute as well. And if by a long shot Straka underperforms on Jagr’s wing, Hossa may get another shot to fill that hole and would produce even more.

    Based on that, and assuming no further trades are made and that Avery and Hossa are signed, this is what I think the lines will be:

    Straka – Gomez – Jagr
    Shanahan – Drury – Avery
    Hossa / Prucha – Dubinsky – Callahan
    Prucha / Hossa – Betts – Orr / young f that has a good camp

  124. Go NYR
    July 17th, 2007 at 3:24 pm
    BlueClue-Did it ever occur to you they werent willing to trade anymore picks?

    Yes it did. But since they needed a proven Center, we should have milked ’em for whatever we could have gotten.
    I have trouble believing that’s all we could get from them.

    No one mandated we needed to get rid of Cullen in the first place.
    I am also sure that other teams besides the Canes would have had some interest.

    We dumped the cap space of a more than able player and got JACK in return-

  125. And that guarantee came before supposedly signing Peca, now I know I wont be sending my tickets away :D

  126. “GGoG… is that for a full year or??? if stats look like that at the end of the year, no way we contend for a cup more or less have home ice for the first round”

    yeah, it comes out to about 260 goals which is better than our last season.

    “We dumped the cap space of a more than able player and got JACK in return-”

    3rd rounder is a nice return, and Barnes is a decent prospect that can be used in a trade for Lundqvist or any trade or he might develop here.

  127. My biggest concern is this: how is Dubinsky on face-offs? That is where we will miss Cullen the most. Granted, I know Drury will take the important defensive zone draws, but how is Dubinsky? The website says he is “effective.” That doesn’t help much.

  128. Orr Kicks… wrote

    “Drury on the other hand….im hoping that he doesnt miss BUF to much….” Have you been there? What is there to miss but the wings?? Brierre (SP) signed somewhere..Philly??

    Trumbull, CT native loves the NYRs and the big stage since the LLWS he is clutch…game 5, 7 seconds left. Sorry to bring that up it did hurt to write it. It has been Drury’s dream to play at MSG…What makes you think he will miss Buffalo.

    Your comments for the most part are good but this one leaves me scratching my head.

  129. “My biggest concern is this: how is Dubinsky on face-offs? That is where we will miss Cullen the most. Granted, I know Drury will take the important defensive zone draws, but how is Dubinsky? The website says he is “effective.â€? That doesn’t help much.”

    Cullen’s spot might go to Avery who is also good at center. Dubinsky has a reputation as a very good faceoff man.

    Could Hutchinson be Weller’s replacement as the Wolfpack captain ?

  130. Cullen is the biggest puck hog alive, which is why Shanahan ASKED NOT TO PLAY WITH HIM. He isn’t a finisher, he has a good shot, but hits the goalie right in the mid-section 90% of the time. His speed and PK ability will be missed, but I’m more than confident Dubinsky can fill Cullen’s role quite nicely.

  131. Cullen wanted out, people:

    “New York just didn’t seem to be a great fit,” Cullen told the Canadian Press. “It’s a great organization and they were very good to me, but as far as the hockey went, it was a really tough adjustment for me. … I’m excited about going back to Carolina.”

    I don’t care how good somebody is. If you don’t want to be here, don’t want to be a Ranger or bleed Ranger blue, then don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Good riddance. I didn’t like the deal at first but after hearing his quotes, and also recognizing that dumping Malik and Mara, while desirable to many of us, leaves us relying on Pock and Strudwick to play top six minutes if Staal needs more time.

  132. His quotes were quite different afther the Daily News speculated he wanted out.

    Last week, he was ALL about loving NY and definitely wanting to be a Ranger.

  133. adam from the hills on

    i dunno why everybody is cryin bout this cullen trade, did any of you watch the games last year? he took games off, hes soft, has a great shot that never hits the net, not great on face offs either, and the year he had in carolina was a career year, he was a product of that cup winnin team, sure he has speed but this 3rd line center spot has gotta go to a youngster, i know dubinsky only played 6 games last year and sparingly in each of them but every time he had the puck it just had the look of a pro, the same way callahan did in his early call ups, they just never gave doobie the chance he needs, hes still really young but he has the tools and the build to be a great center in this league, our cup chances have not taken a hit, if anything theyve improved dramatically, cullen came here for the pay day end of story, hell have the same crappy numbers on the canes this year, bank on that

  134. “leaves us relying on Pock and Strudwick to play top six minutes if Staal needs more time.”

    We also got Liffiton and Baranka as well as Kasparaitis(who supposedly is in great shape) and there are always UFAs like Markov and Vaananen.

  135. Elliot Klapper on

    Any truth to this Peca thing, or is it just the usual rumor that the idiots who post on this site feel the need to make up? Anyone seen this somewhere legitimate?

  136. Peter – don’t go by quotes. I guy always says things differently on the way out then on the way in. Except Ryan Smyth but he played his whole career in Edm and grew up there as well.

  137. Adam – actually this increases the likelihood that real good young assets (players or draft picks) will be traded at the deadline for the “missing center”. So maybe Dubinsky gets some playing time for some of the season but his role will be greatly diminshed come crunch time. And that’s assuming that they don’t bring in Peca at start of season for low bucks.

  138. adam from the hills on

    just think bout it this way, look at cullens stats through out his career, hes just about reached his ceiling, he wont be much better than he was last year, one of our young guys have way higher of a ceiling and worse comes to worse we have straka center a line and get one of younger wingers like dawes to kick some ass up in the show

  139. adam from the hills on

    cmon you are not giving doobie credit! ive been watchin hockey for 15 years, prolly not as long as some of you guys but i also played so i have a keen eye for talent, when i watched callahan i knew hed be nasty, back in the day i remember watching ziggy palfy in a minor league game and i thought to myself he was gonna be sick and he was before injuries got him, anyway, after watchin doobie even though the sample size wasnt huge he still has the goods, he loves to hit and be aggresive on the forecheck, perfect 3rd line center, if really young players on other teams can come up outta nowhere and have sick years why cant he? and hes from alaska just like gomez, figured thats gotta be good for something

  140. 3G’s – coming from you that’s a compliment. I think it’s a tie on who knows the least re hockey on the board between you and Bonfire. I’m just “crying” since my cup hopes for my Rangers took a big time hit today. But they’re still better than if you were running the team.

  141. Cullen took 217 shots and only scored 7.4 percent, even Orr was better in %. I will miss his speed, but everything else is good riddance. Now Prucha and Callahan will get someone who can pass.

  142. adam – remember it’s not just about reg season stats. it’s not just goals and assists but defensive, pk etc. and playoff performance (look at Cullen’s stats in playoffs with carolina). That’s why to me Gomez is better than the Hossa on Atl.

    I doubt that the Rangers will start the season with Duby as 3rd center. Heck if he’s playing I’ll root for him. If he plays it will help his long term development. But I want the cup this yr – so we’ll see. I just don’t think we added a lot (relative to the salaries) by adding the 2 and losing Nylander and Cullen.

  143. According to Hockey’s Future, Barnes was Carolina’s 11th best prospect, 4th best forward, although the scout’s analysis aren’t too promising…

  144. “According to Hockey’s Future, Barnes was Carolina’s 11th best prospect, 4th best forward, although the scout’s analysis aren’t too promising…”

    their system is ranked dead last (which is surprising that we are taking their prospect instead of trading them ours)in terms of prospects, so with us he would be around 35th best prospect.

  145. Another angle to this Cullen trade: Could Sather possibly be wooing Immonen back to the Rangers? He hasn’t signed overseas yet, so the offer to him is still out there. If he now sees the open spot, maybe he will come back. I really don’t think Dubinsky is ready from what I saw last year. He’s only 20 anyway. And others have said Anisimov needs a year in the AHL. So, will we see Immonen on the Rangers again? It’s a better option than Straka, who can’t even take faceoffs.

    LI Joe – at least Bonfire seems to be gone now after cursing me out, so there’s only one of them left.

    Pierre – 11th best prospect is not very good, so the bad analysis is expected. Hartford only had 12 forwards before this deal (not inclduing Dawes), so that will help them.

  146. We’ll miss Cullen, but he wanted out, plain and simple. Has anyone seen the quotes since the deal was done? He clearly was dissatisfied. His loss leaves a void, and it’s easy to crucify Sather, but he wasn’t happy here. His hand was forced to a degree. I think Sather will look for another option, and if Peca is the guy, on a one-year deal, I can live with it.

  147. adam from the hills — What a keen eye for talent you have!Ryan Callahan was only one of the top goal scorers in the minors before he was called up. The Rangers should hire you as a scout. After that comment, I’m having trouble deciphering your post. Is it in English?

    There is no way that the Rangers hand over the third-line center job to a rookie to start the season. And they shouldn’t. The Hartford guys should earn it the same way Prucha did and Cally did and Girardi did when they got their shots. No crying about ice time, either. You make your own luck. Dawes and Immo didn’t make the best of their shot. The Rangers have a nice mix of young players. They’ll be injuries and if they’re good enough they’ll make it. NHL players find a way to get to the show.

  148. adam from the hills on

    LI JOE i know the deal, gotta have a well rounded game, but doobies game is supposedly well rounded and his offensive game will just improve, im sure he aint as good as cullen is defensively right now but i see where youre comin from, but in terms of the PK we have guys who can replace cullen and please dont look at one good playoff year, does anybody remember matteau? haha we can get past this, hes a 3rd line center guys! relax! its funny that im sayin this but i actually trust slats and renney, they obviously have a plan, they know many things we dont, and if they think one of our younger guys is ready for the primetime im gonna believe them

  149. actually I am not sure about Peca, it could be risky if he puts up similar numbers as he did with Oilers–only 23 points in 71 games averaging over 16 minutes. But if he scores at last season’s pace that would be 35 points over the full season which is pretty good for 3rd liner.

  150. adam from the hills on

    more like F-CHUMPS, just because a guy is leading his minor league team in scoring doesnt mean hes gonna be anything special, remember brad smyth few years back led the wolfpack in scoring, where the F is he now huh? way off the radar, you saw when callahan came up he had a nose for the net and was gritty as hell, and whats up with this hate comin from one alleged rangers fan to another? if you cant read my post youre a moron, cant we all just get along?

  151. Let’s take a moment to celebrate Dale Purinton leaving the organization. What a useless clown…never improved, and perfected buffoonery.

  152. No, I can’t get along with people who think they’re smarter than everyone else posting here.

  153. adam from the hills on

    oh cmon can you blame me, there are a bunch of dumbasses on this thing who think they know soo much about hockey and they know jack squat, oh lets trade so and so for joel lundquist and so and so like come the hell on already, its crazy talk i tell ya!

  154. No argument from me on that last post. I’m just cantankerous.

    And I also can’t believe everyone here thinks that Dubinsky — who in my humble opinion is an NHLer in the long run — will just be handed the third-line position on a Stanley Cup contender.

  155. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    A few people in this blog are saying….that maybe Drury might not play that great….or Gomez…might not….Im hoping they both play phenominal…i have more of a feeling Gomer will because he’s getting an upgrade in linemates and he has what he wanted..which is being a first line center….

    Drury…..even though he is a big NYR fan…im hoping he can still be able to play with that same style…It doesnt matter that he was a big NYR fan….Jessiman is a big NYR fan and he still has bust written on his forehead until proven otherwise…..Im just saying….hopefully he wont….but i wouldnt rule out the possibility of him not playing to the best of his abilities….Last season that was Hall….Ward…Cullen…hopefully this season we dont get those same results….But he has good linemates this year…

  156. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on


    Straka said in an interview that he wont have the surgery on his shoulder because the healing time would take to long and he’d miss the start of the season…


    Dont listen to the Peca bullsh*t until its proven on this blog or at Tsn…As far as im concerned its just another loser NYR fan who has nothing fun to do so he starts rumors….Now if we had one of those ignore buttons…we’d take care of that problem…

  157. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i am puzzled as to why there seems to be so much disapointment at the cullen trade.most people here and on other sites have been clamoring for a year now about playing the kids (including me).this move allows that to happen.either dubinsky or tom pyatt will hopefully be given the chance in camp to win the 3rd line center far as cullen,he is nothing more than a career 3rd liner who had a career year on his walk year.he has only scored 20 goals once.last year he scored 16 goals of wich 2or3 were empty net goals.he is easily far as his speed,one needs to look at rico fata.great wheels lousy hockey sense.i also read some of his comments today regarding the looks like he did not really like it in ny and that he clearley came because sather overpaid for him.all i can say is that i wish him well except when he plays against us.he will not be missed

  158. BTW this is why I am against signing UFA’s, from Cullen’s response it is obvious he wanted to play in Carolina all along and just came here for the money. If Drury wanted to be a Ranger that bad, he would have gladly signed for 5.5 million (which is still too much for him)

    I hear Carolina is looking for point producing defenseman, how about Mara for Babchuk?

  159. czechthemout – you should rephrase that to “I won’t miss him” rather than “he will not be missed”. I want the cup – thought they were going for it – but the cap bit them since they did not anticipate some of the salaries like what Henrik signed for, Avery will get etc. There were other choices like getting rid of Malik or Mara even by waiving them. Even if Duby starts the season as 3rd center, unless he’s playing phenominally well they will overpay at the deadline and give up their 1st, 2nd, + good prospect for the “missing center” position that just opened up today.

  160. Trades:

    I wouldn’t even look at the players the Rangers received in return for Cullen, to me, and no disrespect to them, they’re much better players than me and would beat my ass on the ice, but as far as the NHL goes, I doubt either of them will see the NHL, except for a few games with this 27yr old offensive dman they got.

    This was a “salary dump” people. Plain and simple. And that is the reason why the Rangers got “nothing” in return. What they got back was room under the cap, which has plenty of value in today’s professional leagues, whether it be the NBA or NHL.

    After reading some of these quotes from Cullen, I have calmed down a bit. I am a believer in signing guys and giving them a chance (years) to mesh with the team, maybe that’s showing my naivety, but I am not happy with signing guys to to UFA deals and then trading them after one season, I figure the team that signs the UFA should know in advance that the player will fit into their team and system.

    Either way Cullen is gone which should send a message to Dawes, Dubinsky, Byers, Jessiman and Montoya that there is a spot on this team for them. That assuming that Sather is done signing players and waiting till camp.

  161. “I want the cup – thought they were going for it”

    you seriously are an idiot, how is someone else playing instead of Rico Cullen going to hurt our 4% chance of winning the Cup?

  162. 3rd rounder is a valuable asset. Too early to tell if Barnes is a bust, he just turned 21. losing Cullen is addition by subtraction both in term of salary cap and the play on the ice.

  163. czechthemout!!!!! July 17th, 2007 at 6:48 pm
    i am puzzled as to why there seems to be so much disapointment at the cullen trade.most people here and on other sites have been clamoring for a year now about playing the kids (including me).this move allows that to happen.either dubinsky or tom pyatt will hopefully be given the chance in camp to win the 3rd line center far as cullen,he is nothing more than a career 3rd liner who had a career year on his walk year.he has only scored 20 goals once.last year he scored 16 goals of wich 2or3 were empty net goals.he is easily far as his speed,one needs to look at rico fata.great wheels lousy hockey sense.i also read some of his comments today regarding the looks like he did not really like it in ny and that he clearley came because sather overpaid for him.all i can say is that i wish him well except when he plays against us.he will not be missed

    a good and logical post. Thanks for the reminder. I think about his speed, and kinda forget about his production, and career year. excellent post.

  164. czechthemout!!!!! on

    li joe-

    no i will stay with”he won’t be missed”because he is not ireplacable.he is fast,but so is rico fata.he is good on the pk,but drury and gomez are great on the pk and are a threat to score as well.i know you wan’t the cup this year,
    i do as well,but do you think that not having cullen is the difference between winning and not winning the cup?cmon joe.don’t you think that they are better with gomez,drury,dubinsky/pyatt,betts than nylander,cnter by committee,cullen,betts?don’t worry joe,they will be fact,they will be better and will also have three lines that can score!

  165. dont belive the peca siging from abc he always spews bs on this blog…he said the same for lundqvist “Lundqvist singed details ahead” when in reality he didnt get signed for about 5 more days to a week so its bs dont believe it

  166. Yenner – you clearly know (or should know) I have not much respect for you and what you bring to the table here. Your name calling just adds to the fact that I think this blog (and the world for that matter) would be a far better place without you.

    don’t just look at a players stats to see if you think he’s a good player or not. Clearly Carolina missed him (a lot) last year. With him they would surely have made the playoffs. I saw a lot of that in the time he was here especially 2 way play.

    As for those thinking he’s burning his bridges. If someone tells you they don’t want you anymore, how would you feel. Plus he’s going back to a place where he had success and with players he had success with.

  167. “Clearly Carolina missed him (a lot) last year.”

    they missed him, so what? That doesn’t mean he will help us get the Cup. 4 points in 10 playoff games was pretty sad.

    Watch videos of all his 17 goals on he is a louse player and most of his goals are of the lucky variety. See professional help if you think this guy is instrumental to us winning the Cup.

  168. Something funny, Cullen was great on the PK last year, but four of his 16 goals came against a crappy Boston team where the Rangers were already winning. He had at least two empty netters, so that leaves 10 goals.

    Dom Moore was a decent player, but why did Pitt and Minn both pass him? Let’s find out how good one of the kids (Pyatt/Dubinsky/DuPont/Anisimov) can be.

  169. Are the Rangers going to sign Peca or Jovo. This is possilbe if Mara is moved and can still sign Avery and Hossa too,

  170. ORR Kicks Ivanusmotpuspos' A$$ on

    I dont mind Jovo or Peca as long as they stay healthy….But id prefer to dump Malik….obviously..

  171. Sather has shot himself in the foot again. He now needs a 3rd line center & I don’t want to hear the names of guys already here, I already know them. His problem is on D & the cap, not on centers. But now it is along with the D & probably the cap. This is not a good move until he gets that spot filled correctly, not necessarily cheaply. He’s paying the price for not getting Nylander back, & the poop is rolling downhill for overpaying by trying to keep up with the team in filthadelphia. He has had a center problem since he signed Holik to be a top center, instead of playing him where he belonged, on the 3rd line. He’s now done the GM cha cha add 2 centers, lose 2 centers, great move except he’s basically back in the same spot.

  172. “Sather has shot himself in the foot again”

    Sather shot me in the foot when he signed Cullen, now my foot is healed, too bad my head is shot off with Drury and Gomez signings, man they will come back to bite us on the ass if they turn out to be nothing more than 50-60 point small soft players.

  173. imagination – The GM cha cha was a positive in this case. We replaced a first line center and third line center with first and second line centers, arguably two first line centers. I don’t see how we’re in the same place exactly. Please explain.

  174. So Cullen scored 4 goals against Boston and that means they don’t count? By that logic, Callahan’s 4 goals don’t count, because 2 were against Boston, one was against the worst team in the league (Philly), and the other was against a non-playoff team, Toronto. Oh, and the playoff goals don’t count because they came in a 7-0 rout of a team we swept. Please.

  175. Dubinsky would be a nice big strong, playmaking center that Prucha never had yet. If they click, Prucha will be 35-40+ goal guy.

    actually if you think about it 43 points in 71 games for a 20 yearold rookie in AHL wasn’t bad at all. It is very rare for young rookies to put up better numbers in AHL, usually many struggle even more.

  176. Is Anisimov a center? If so, he and Dubinsky can fight it out for the 3rd line center spot. Even though we lost a hard-worker in Cullen, we could get that back with one of those rookies.

    Now let’s trade Malik and Montoya and get a real d-man, not this Hutchinson waste

  177. 3rd rounder could be a high one because I think Carolina might be even worse than last season, their defense looks very old and provide very little offense.

  178. Peca – He won’t be signed…not unless ANOTHER center is moved.

    Honestly, I’m suprised by the Cullen move, but somewhat ambivilent. As someone mentioned, this means four changes(in: Drury, Gomez, Hutch; out: Nylander, Rachunek, Cullen, Ortmeyer) from last year’s roster. That’s pretty much the same number as last year(in: Shanny, Rachunek, Ward, Cullen, Hall; out: Rucchin, Rucinsky, Sykora, Moore, Poti). As it stands now, at least one of those spots goes to a rook.

    Right now, what I envision is a fight for two available roster positions among about eight players. First, I’m sure Avery will start off as 3rd line center, meaning the open spot is fourth-line wing. Vying for this would be Dawes and Dubinsky; of course, Hollweg and Orr.

    The second open space would be third defense pairing. That’ll go between Pock, Hutch, Staal and Strudwick, with the runner up being kept as a seventh defender.

    In goal, Valliquette will get the nod. He’s more consistent than Montoya and it wouldn’t make a goddam difference if he sits all except 10 games. Montoya will be kept on reserve in the event Lundqvist goes down.

    Really wish Immonen would come to camp to vy for that center’s position. It would be nice to know we got something for banishing Leetch.

    I’ll end this post with my obligatory needling of the board Anus: Out of all those players, you think the Stars will trade:

    A. two of their youngest forwards
    B. for two aging blueliners
    C. when they have too many defensemen to begin with.
    D. and after they signed Lundqvist to a 2-year contract.

    As for Carolina making ANOTHER trade with the Rangers…I don’t recall ever seeing two teams making back to back trades with days of each other.

  179. WTF?! A quality player, proven talent for nothing, nadda, zippo?!?!

    Cullen was key on the depth chart. Free up space by getting rid of useless parts (Malik, Kasparitis, Malik (hello is this thing on?)

    Blah. I’ve got this sinking feeling that this off-season will be one to remember for all the wrong reasons. All that superstar money tied up in 2 good players, but not superstar players, for LONG contracts.

  180. Who knows? Maybe Nylander will change his mind and sign a deal with the Blueshirts now.

  181. God, why do you have such a hardon for Joel Lundqvist? I am just curious. You mention the guy in every other post. He just signed with Dallas the other day. HE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!! You talk about the guy like he is on the team. Why don’t you move to Dallas and watch him play. And while you are at it, join a Stars message board. And then you can pick a guy from the Rangers to have a hardon for and wish he was on the Stars.

  182. Spiderpig they have signed 2 centers who are probably both 2nd line centers & they lost a 2nd & 3rd line center, that to me is not strenghtening the center postion. They just went from 4 centers to 3 that minus one to me. The NYR organization is weak at center, they just made themselves weaker…. Duck here comes the kid cheerleaders…. the kids have not torn up the AHL to merit a promotion.

  183. czechthemout!!!!! on


    kid cheerleader here!!lets see now,ryan getzlaf nver tore up the ahl,he seems pretty good to me.the same can be said of cory perry,patriece bergeron,travis zajac,dion pfaneuf,dan blackburn(he was great before the injury at 18!)and many others.dubinsky had a great camp last year and could have easily made the team if not for the scrub brigade that stunk up the first half of the season,including cullen.cullen did not turn his season around until sean avery was put on his line!matt cullen is a decent hard working but vastly overpaid checking center who took too many lazy hooking penalties.he will be easily replaced by either dubinsky/pyatt.

  184. czechthemout!!!!! on

    oh and by the way gomez scored 84 pts in 2005-2006,better than any season by nylander and he is only 27! he also will play with jagr this year,i bet he gets between 90-100pts this year.dubinsky will score 15-20gls,and get about 25-35asts.if he gets the higher of my predictions,he would have scored more pts than matt cullen ever did.

  185. I don’t see how they went from four centers to three when they lost two and gained two. Straka was playing center at the end of the season, soeven by your logic, they did get stronger: “they have signed 2 centers who are probably both 2nd line centers & they lost a 2nd & 3rd line center”

  186. News to all: Martin Gelinas is free and while i don’t want him, I can totally see Sather signing him for one year come August/September if they don’t want to go with Dubinsky or one of the other young guys.

    Angel-you make a great point, I guess my only defense (LOL) is that Cullen was paid to produce and has peaked out and Callahan was learning the ropes last year with little expectations and he did just fine for himself and showed a lot of potential.

  187. Does anybody have any thoughts on Immonen filling the third line center, or do you think he is definitely going to Finland or wherever in Europe?

  188. Doodie Machetto on

    Cheers to NY Rich for coming up with that CBA info. I knew that such a sneaky and clever cap trick would be forbidden!

    Cheers to the Orr who formerly Kicked Yin Yang for the info re: Straka. You don’t happen to know where I could read more about him declining the surgery.

    BTW, I’m really pissed that he did. He REALLY needs it.

  189. I think Immonen would be a good fit, and he’s only 25. Although you lose a lot of speed by replacing Cullen with Immonen…

  190. “oh and by the way gomez scored 84 pts in 2005-2006,better than any season by nylander and he is only 27! he also will play with jagr this year,i bet he gets between 90-100pts this year.”

    if he does center aging Jagr and lousy Hossa or aging Straka he won’t get more points than when centering Gionta, Langenbrunner and Elias at their prime.

  191. czechthemout!!!!! on

    the immonen train has left the station.renney does not like him wich means he has no shot now or ever.

  192. If they try kids: Anisimov/Dubinsky/Immonen/Pyatt and none of them pan out as 3rd line center, they can still put something good together…

    Hossa – Gomez – Jagr
    Straka – Drury – Shanahan
    Prucha – Avery – Callahan
    Hollweg – Betts – Orr/Dawes et al

  193. czechthemout!!!!! on


    jagr can still bring it at 35.elias played with hepititus-c
    wich rendered him half as effective if he were completely healthy.i will give you gionta though.and your right,hossa sucks,always will.straka can still play though.and by the way,gionta missed alot of games last year wich contributed to his diminished stats.langenbrunner is not a big scorer.

  194. avery as a center? i don’t know wouldn’t he be much more useful as a winger where there is less defensive responsibility and his “game” of speed and being a pest can actually be highlighted? just a thought

  195. Elias played 38 games that season and put up 45 points, then had 16 points in 9 playoff games. That looks effective to me. Langenbrunner is more productive than Hossa.

    Point is, if (and it is a very big if) Gomez centers Jagr, he will not get anything near 100 points. Nylander centered Jagr, and they really clicked together, and Nylander is more skilled than Gomez and I think a better passer and he only managed around 80 points. The best you can hope for is that Gomez matches Nylander’s production.

  196. czechthemout!!!!! on

    avery is a winger and should only be used as a winger.on a side note,avery had more goals,assts,and pts than matt cullen.avery is as important a forward on this team as currently constituted as jagr when you measure chemistry and gritt and versatility.i firmly believe that the rangers WOULD NOT HAVE MADE THE PLAYOFFS WITH OUT SEAN AVERY.he should be duly rewarded with a long term contract.unlike cullen,he wants to be here and as far as us fans go i think i speak for most when i say the feeling is mutual.

  197. Avery played center for us last season and he did very well and I think he played Center for most of his life.

    Avery’s goalscoring ability is about as bad as Cullen’s, but he gets more garbage goals by going to the net and he is a much better playmaker.

  198. Spiderpig Straka is not in reality a center. …czech Dudinsky didn’t so much when he was called up… Nylander was really a 2nd line center, as is Gomez & Drury. So Cullen & Holik were 3rd line centers put on 1st & 2nd lines. Putting square pegs in round holes leaves unfilled space, also known as not on the line they belong on. But all I’m hearing is Cullen wasn’t a 2nd line center. Who put him there? Why is everyone playing CYA for Sather? I call it as I see it, a salary dump because he screwed up with Nylander & overdid it with Gomez & Drury. The correct move was to dump salary from the D not a center. All he needed from last season was to add a center & a D man, look at what he’s done. He better be right along with his ‘ we we’re so close’ coach. Not getting to the 3rd round next season is grounds for dismissal.

  199. “I call it as I see it, a salary dump because he screwed up with Nylander & overdid it with Gomez & Drury. The correct move was to dump salary from the D not a center.”

    he definitely overdid it with Gomez and Drury, but Nylander looks like was looking for 3-4 year deal and if that was the sticking point, it is prebably good that Sather walked away. Most teams look like they are stocked with defensemen and there are still good ones available on the market, so it won’t be easy unloading them, looks like they will be here at least till the deadline. But then again Strudwick signing is very odd and now Hutchinson, when we already got Pock and Staal as well as Liffiton and Baranka.

  200. GGG He could have given Nylander the $19mil or less ( probably would have taken $18 to stay here ) that he signed for over 4 years & front loaded it & bought him out or traded him after the 2nd or 3rd year. But Sather doesn’t like to overpay for guys he already had only new ones;-)

  201. Yeah, Immonen does have those “footspeed” issues. But I get the feeling Sather likes him more than Renney, since Renney obviously doesn’t like him, but he was on the roster at times last season.

    Joe – in this situation I wasn’t referring to the cap. They paid too much, but wouldn’t have got either guy at $5 million per year because they would have signed elsewhere. Also, theat gives more of a chance to be smarter in the offseason, looking for undiscovered talent in the system rather than over-the-hill talent in the UFA market.

  202. I wish they would just name Strudwick as a coach at this point, since he’s probably not going to get any playing time unless one or two defensemen go away. He’s wasting possibly valuable cap space.

  203. make Strudwick Wolfpack GM he can sit and do nothing there.
    or maybe create a mascot and make Strudwick do that, and on the road games he can write his blog.

    Another interesting option at center is Jason Allison. can you imagine him centering Prucha and Callahan? Neither can I.

  204. Most of you are referring to Gomez and Drury as second line centers. Based on those criterias, how many first line centers are actually in the league right now? Lecavalier, Spezza, Thornton, Crosby, Richards, Briere, Jokinen, Datsyuk, Stall, Marleau, Sedin… (Sakic and Sundin have 1 or 2 more years left at the most, and not necessarily good ones).
    I’d take Gomez and Drury before at least a couple of those guys so in my books it’s not a stretch to say they’re both in the top 10 or 15 centers in the league and we only need one of them to be a #1 center.
    So, if you ask me, we’ve probably got the 4th best 1-2 punch after San Jose, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh, and all of those guys are getting big bucks or are gonna get em(Malkin in a couple years).
    That being said, we should take a deep breathe and be thankful for what we have cause those two guys build a great core along with our young guys for the next 5 years and beyond, and hence, no more multiple years playoff droughts!

  205. Pierre either that get further next season in the playoffs or they are not a ‘work in progress’.

  206. Yea GOD strudwick’s 500,000 dollar contract is eating up a load of cap space, please.

  207. Lecavalier, Spezza, Thornton, Crosby, Richards, Briere, Jokinen, Datsyuk, Staal, Marleau, Sedin, Sakic, Nylander, Sundin, McDonald, Savard, Malkin, Brind’Amnour, Stastny, Langkow, Kopitar, Getzlaf, Forsberg, Sillinger are all better. And then there are about 15 more centers who are about the same, but none of them is getting even close to 7 mil.

  208. Mara is likely to get moved next and thats about it I would say. Then a defense man will get signed.

  209. “Yea GOD strudwick’s 500,000 dollar contract is eating up a load of cap space, please.”

    what was the rush, it is not like anyone was actually going to sign that useless blogger.

  210. “Mara is likely to get moved next and thats about it I would say. Then a defense man will get signed.”

    if Mara is traded it is to make room for Staal. If both Mara and Malik get traded then they might sign someone.

  211. This guy calling himself “The Hockey Humorist� claims to be the first person in the world to have reported the Cullen to Canes trade rumor – on July 9. He’s CHALLENGED anyone to prove him wrong. Arrogant Jerk!

    Also, I have to admit he does have hilarious posts on the Rangers/Russian Connection and Rangers illicit circumvention of the Salary Cap. Also on Souray.

    Worth checking out – if nothing more than to prove him wrong.

  212. From XM Radio Interview today with Matt Cullen.

    Cullen said he never felt comfortable in the Rangers system. He likes Laviolett’s free wheeling system better. He also said he is more suited to the Canes style of play than the Rangers. He added that the Rangers were first class.

    There is your answer people.

  213. Sather turned a UFA into:

    3rd rd pick, 21 yr old center prospect & a defenseman and shed a couple mil off the cap.

    Something for nothing. We should be glad we got the 3rd in a suppodely deep draft.

  214. Good thing they’re not allowed to pay any of the remaining contract under the new CBA, because that probably would have happened with this deal, but it’s not like Cablevision couldn’t afford it. :(

  215. Whoa there God’s God, you named some good young centers in your list but don’t tell me SILLINGER is better than Drury or Gomez…Nice try to sneek him in there though

  216. Larry Brooks was actually rational about this is a risk


    CULLEN FOR HELP: The Rangers traded Matt Cullen to Carolina yesterday for…

    July 18, 2007 — The Rangers cleared cap space they might never need by digging a hole at center they’re likely to have a difficult time filling. The Blueshirts traded Matt Cullen and his $2.875 million per year contract to Carolina yesterday for a pair of definite maybes and a 2008 third-round draft pick.
    The trade, in which the Rangers obtained 27-year-old depth defenseman Andrew Hutchinson and 21-year-old pivot Joe Barnes (whose 2006-07 AHL Albany season ended with a December concussion), creates a question mark out of what appeared to be an exclamation point of a position following the free agent signings of centers Scott Gomez and Chris Drury.
    Moving Cullen does create an opportunity for rookies Artem Anisimov and Brandon Dubinsky – if not Barnes, the 64th overall selection of the 2005 Entry Draft – but Tom Renney’s track record at coach suggests that he’s far more likely than not to give third-line time to Blair Betts rather than a freshman.
    This stands to create a ripple effect on projected offense-minded third-line wingers Petr Prucha and Ryan Callahan, who had developed late season chemistry with Cullen. This holds true as well for young offensively-inclined candidates on the wing such as Nigel Dawes and Alex Bourret.
    Betts, best in a fourth-line checking role, had four assists last season in 69 games. This also creates the situation in which the team will be scrambling frantically should Gomez and/or Drury go down for any substantial period of time. Cullen had 16 goals and 25 assists in his first and only year as a Ranger after leaving Carolina to sign a four-year, $11.5M free agent contract.
    If, as expected, Marc Staal earns a top-six spot on the blue line out of training camp, then the Blueshirts would probably choose between Hutchinson ($475,000) and Thomas Pock ($667,500) as their seventh defenseman, with Jason Strudwick ($500,000) ensconced as the final man on the roster.
    Neither Pock nor Hutchison would be expected to clear waive

  217. John M it was a combo salary dump & he’s probably the guy who was asking to be traded. So far it’s a bad move on Sather’s part. He has until April, May,or June to prove he’s right. If the NYR don’t get past the 2nd round, then they’ve regressed . It’s in Sather & Renney’s hands.

  218. “This stands to create a ripple effect on projected offense-minded third-line wingers Petr Prucha and Ryan Callahan, who had developed late season chemistry with Cullen.”

    there was no chemistry at all, Cullen never passed to them. He acted like a selfish asshole, instead of a vet playing with 2 young guys.

  219. there was no chemistry at all, Cullen never passed to them. He acted like a selfish asshole, instead of a vet playing with 2 young guys.

    I’m actually going to have to agree with you there. They moved well through the N-zone but once they got in Cullen *never* dished off the puck (truthfully he never passed on any line, really. It seemed he was always selfishly trying to get out of his season long slump by trying to get a top shelf goal that rarely came.

    I still believe Cullen was an illusionist type of player. He moved really smooth but I think he was a little too slippery for himself, and too slippery for $3M. Good riddance, this will be a blessing. Matt was clearly unhappy here….and I’m surprised we were even able to dump his contract.

  220. Salted Carolina was happy to take him back for the role he belongs in a 3rd line center & point man on the PP, & they have the cap space to pay him. If the NYR did , he might still be here. I doubt Sather will truthfully comment, but he’s the one that signed him as a UFA & threw the $3mil at him expecting him to be a 2nd line center, & Renney rarely used him on the point on the PP.

  221. Can’t understand the love for Cullen at 3m. Dubinsky and Anisimov hopefully will be given a chance. If not there will be plenty of help avaialble through free agency or trade. Straka and Avery are also credible solutions.

    By the way whenever I see people (including me) posting suggested lines they always include Callahan. I really liked him when last year but I’m not sure he’s such a lock- he will have to earn the spot in camp and then be consisitent.

    And can people please stop talking about the Cup? How many examples do we need that the game is played on the ice? Yes this team on paper suggests it will be competitive but that’s just the first step- long way to go before talking Cup.

  222. Matteau – and after yesterday that road got a bit longer

    3g’s = showed your fishstick colors with Sillinger. come clean re your allegiance you’ll feel better.

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