Schedule out. As expected, the Rangers will play at least 82 games.


*UPDATE, 3:55 p.m.: So much for the hunch. Nothing about a Leetch Night in the release about the schedule, although it’s likely one is still in the works.*

*UPDATE, 3:10 p.m.: Actually, more like a hunch. I’m guessing the Rangers haven’t released anything about their new schedule because they’re also going to announce a retirement night for Brian Leetch. What do I get if I’m right?*

Hot off the press — although there really is no such thing in cyberspace — I give you “the Rangers schedule for 2007-08”:

Among the highlights:

  • As already reported, the team will open at home again for the second consecutive year, this time against Florida on Oct. 4. Following the lead of Brendan Shanahan, both Scott Gomez and Chris Drury are expected to score two goals apiece.
  • The first game against Michael Nylander and the Caps is Oct. 12 at home.
  • The Rangers, and Gomez specifically, play their first game in the Devils’ new home at the Prudential Center in Newark on Nov. 14.
  • Their games against Western Conference opponents will be on the road against the Northwest Division and at home against the Pacific Division. More on this below…
  • The Rangers will face the Maple Leafs in the Hall of Fame Game Nov. 10 in Toronto two days before Mark Messier’s induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • In a complete reversal from last year, when they played all four Buffalo games in the first part of the season, they don’t play the Sabres until Jan. 16.
  • God love the schedule makers: their last three games are at the Islanders, home against the Islanders, and at the Devils.
  • On a personal note, the Rangers begin the New Year in Western Canada, playing the Flames Jan. 2, the Canucks Jan. 3, and the Oilers Jan. 5. I probably wouldn’t have made this trip anyway, but now it works out perfectly. God willing, our second child should be arriving right around face-off time in Vancouver.

    And no, I’m not naming him or her after Roberto Luongo if the Rangers lose….

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    1. Looking good :)

      Question – how do I print the page after I click the “PRINT” link (brings up a printable page but I don’t see a “print” tab on there or something like that). I’m using firefox by the way.

    2. Koa,
      if your talking about printing out the schedule. Click on file, than print preview. I also use firefox. After choosing print preview look on the top of the print preview page and you than can select by clicking on the arrow to the right where it shows “1 of 3 and it will change to 2 of three which is the page the schedule is on and the print tab is on the top right side.

    3. Doodie Machetto on

      Tue Jan 22, 2008 Thrashers Rangers 0 – 0 7:00 PM ET
      7:00 PM
      Thu Jan 24, 2008 Thrashers Rangers 0 – 0 7:00 PM ET
      7:00 PM

      is that right? they play two times, two days apart, both at the garden?

      PS, Sam, did you mention DVR-ing TV shows in the last post because DVR was added to the collegiate dictionary today?

    4. Also worth mentioning is the last 10 games of the season! Yes 10 straight! Are against the Atlantic Division. As if last spring wasn’t crazy enough

    5. Congratulatios Sam! Maybe you could pass that trip off on Josh and call it his holiday vacation, hehe. The HOF game is a game that counts towards the standings, right, unlike the exhibition games in the MLB and NFL? Does Toronto always play because of the HOF’s location? I would have liked to see two teams who have players going in playing the game, like the Devils and Blues, if they even play each other this season. Anyway, does this mean Messier is going in as a Ranger, or can they do more than one team in hockey?

    6. Hey Sam –

      When I saw the gap in the Rangers schedule with no games scheduled from Feb 10 – 16 I assumed the All Star game was in there. But upon checking I don’t see the All Star game listed anywhere.

    7. I’m finding Shanahan at 4.5m hard to justify. Especially if it means no Souray.

    8. I wonder what night they will be retiring Brian Leetch’s number. It has to be this year. I’m sure that they will schedule it around Mark Messier’s induction to the HOF so he can be there as well.

      Looking forward to the season. I can’t wait to pick up my tickets!!!!!!

    9. On a side note, those seven Monday games are pretty much a guarantee to be on Versus exclusively. Five of them, including the fourth to last game, are at home, so there’s a little break for people who don’t get Versus if they want to attend the game instead.

    10. I’m going to do all I can to plan a road trip to catch that Leafs/ Rags Hall of Fame game.

    11. This is pretty interesting:

      ATLANTA (April 15, 2006) — The National Hockey League has selected the Atlanta Thrashers and the City of Atlanta as hosts of the 2008 NHL All-Star Celebration at Philips Arena. The 2008 Celebration, which features the SuperSkills competition and YoungStars game on Tuesday, Jan. 15 and the 56th All-Star Game on Wednesday, Jan. 16, will mark the first time Atlanta has hosted NHL All-Star activities. The Thrashers were scheduled to host the 2005 NHL All-Star Celebration, but the event was canceled due to a work-stoppage.

      On that same Wednesday Jan. 16th the Rangers are scheduled to host the Sabres and MSG.

    12. This answers my own question. From”

      “The Atlanta Thrashers and Philips Arena will host the events of All-Star Weekend Jan. 26-27. NHL All-Star Saturday, including the NHL YoungStars Game and the Dodge/NHL SuperSkills will be followed on Sunday, Jan. 27, by the 56th NHL All-Star Game.”

      And the Rangers are indeed off that weekend. Smart move for the NHL putting back on the weekend and that is indeed the bye week before the Super Bowl. One of the worst sports weekends around. A good move by the NHL finally to show case the All Star game then. Now hopefully its on NBC in HD.

    13. Cuch, it seems like the Rangers just don’t play for those five days during the week at that time. Checking all the schedules, it looks like the All-Star Game is thankfully back on a weekend, on Sunday, January 27, 2008 since there are no games from Friday through Monday that weekend. That would make sense, so the Skills Competition can be on Saturday, even though past All-Star Games have been on Saturday I believe. Just maybe it will get better ratings!

    14. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      I’m going to add an aside to Matteaus’s comment. I think Shanny’s worth $3-$4million …. on a cup contending team.

      …but if you have a weak defense (Malik, Roszival, Mara, Tyutin, Strudwick) then you can’t be considered a cup contender!! Add to that, teams’s with Souray-like and McCabe-like slapshots usually ring up powerplay goals. We don’t have the benefit of a hard shot from the point either, that is unless you consider the Mara-esque laser-guided floaters.

      I can only hope Tyutin and Girardi fill more holes than 2nd/3rd year players normally have to.

    15. I guess that answers the question as to why the Thrashers play twice in a row at MSG, but why wouldn’t they play in two different locations on the road leading up to the All-Star Game instead of the same location twice in a row?

    16. Doodie Machetto on

      Guess their plans have changed.

      Brandon: You enter the Hockey Hall of Fame unaffilliated with any team.

    17. I am stunned about the schedule….So few afternoon games in the first couple of months especially in October and November…

      I NEED MY SLEEP…..

      For someone from overseas it is a disaster it is….

      Sam, shame on you not beeing able to affect those kind of stuff…

      But nobody is caring about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    18. Sam,
      Congrats on the impending arrival of a new Weinman. May it be healthy and a Ranger fan.
      I guess Josh gets to make that trip… to freezing Western Canada at the begining of January. Have fun ;-)
      I see also that the current champs, Anaheim, come into MSG on Feb. 7. Looking forward to picking up my tickets.

    19. AngelusMortis on

      Looks like our home-and-homes this year are against the B’s, Isles twice, and Pens. Those are always fun. Hopefully I can get Center Ice this year so I don’t always have to rely on the ESPN online radio and Versus all season.

    20. Doodie Machetto on

      I’m interested in seeing the Sharks and Kings as well. Same for the Stars because it will be the last chance I get to see Mike Modano, and plus I’ll get to see Sergei Zubov(also possibly for the last time). Phoenix will be a good game to watch too because of what a romp it will be. Man, I’m so pissed we only get to see the Pacific once every 3 years.

    21. AngelusMortis on

      no more posse – They decided to keep the schedule setup the same for this year, because this is the third year of the three year rotation they have set up. The owners are going to re-visit the issue this season and possibly change the format of the schedule. I agree though, it should go back to where all teams play each other at least once a year…

    22. Induce, induce, induce. Pop him out before the 1st and get the tax credit for the whole year. Congrats to you and L. Good luck remembering all you’ve forgotten from C.

    23. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Wow…..The final 10 games of the season are against division rivals….A mixture of Flyers…Pens…Devs…and Isles….If we do good in those last 10 games that can easily be a division title…depending on how we do in the season….

      I like this squedule….I dont know about all of you….but i like early games….i go to sleep late….then wake up 5 minutes before rangers game night….Its better then having to wait all day for the game….But thats my opinion….

      Anyway….Im looking foward to playing Caps…Isles..Devs..Sabs..Flyers..Kings..and a few others…

      Lol we’ll get to see Isbister to…thats gonna be fun

    24. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Yuck…..All Star game in ATL….Booooring…..MSG should bring the all star game back….I dont see why not..

    25. Yeah, I don’t know how Shanny went from $4M a year to $5.3M
      Is that like an extra $1.3M just for taking the risk?
      And how come Sather didn’t take Lundqvist to arbitration? He was expected to get closer to $3M. Don’t get me wrong, I value him at more, but this is a business. My guess is that Lundqvist demanded more by threatening not to sign long-term if he didn’t get above $4M.

    26. The risk I’m referring to is sustaining a season ending injury before reaching his 10th game.

    27. AngelusMortis on

      You’d actually want one of, if not THE, most important player on the team to go to arbitration and create bad blood between him and Sather? I know it’s a business, but there’s also the chemistry element in there.

    28. Orr you are great…I like to sleep but how do you manage to wake up five minutes before rangers game night ????:):):)

      That is very tough especially for the KOALAS !!!! :):)

      But anyway most of the important stuff for the Rangers is decided now, it is time for a longer holiday….

      See you guys maybe sometime in October….



    29. I doubt very much that Lundqvist “demanded” anything. It’s pretty clear to me that Lundqvist, nor the Rangers ever intended to go to arbitration and that this was all just to protect the team from receiving offer sheets while negotiating his new deal.

      Going to arbitration would have accomplished absolutely nothing…you’d be risking losing Henrik forever in 2 years just to save $2 million on his contract. What sense would that possibly make when he is clearly the future of this franchise for the next 5 – 10 years?

    30. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


      Its a gift….I always wake up 5 to 10 mins before the gamenight…

      God didnt hand be super powers….but he gave me this…I use it well

    31. Ok, that makes more sense to me now. I guess what gave me the original thought was the fact that we elected for arbitration, not him. And since typically players call for it, I didn’t view it in such a negative light. But if meant no offer sheets, then it definitely was the right move.

    32. And I’m not trying to save Dolan $2M, just wanted extra cap space for an extra defensemen. I figured we’d make it up to Lundqvist next year.

    33. This is kinda off topic, but I just moved to Baltimore but I got the sports package on Dirctv which includes MSG. Is MSG gonna pull a YES Network and black out the channel come game time or will I be able to see the MSG games? Any info would be great so I can plan finances if I have to but Center Ice

    34. AngelusMortis on

      A whole 8 fans will be there 4 times a year to see the Rangers visit their old pals Rachunek and Weekes. Of course, 7 of those people are cotton candy and beer guys.

    35. Dr. Ogrodnick on

      No, 8 fans will be there the first time, but their cars will be stolen and they won’t come back.

    36. Jimmy,

      You will have to buy Center Ice to see the Ragers in their non-Versus games in your area. Trust me on this one…Same thing with the YES Network, you would need to buy MLB Extra Innings.

    37. Jimmy

      Good to see some Ranger fans out in Baltimore.
      I actually moved out here 2 years ago from NYC.

      I have Comcast with the Center Ice Package and I got every Rangers game last year.
      The annoying thing sometimes is that you have to deal with annoying announcers from the other team half the time.

      My best recommendation is to get the Center Ice package. First off, when the Rangers and Knicks both play on the same night, MSG is all screwed up. Second, make sure you get Versus as between 5-10 Rangers games will probably be broadcast on their network.

      Shoot me an email at if you ever wanna talk some hockey or head out to DC Verizon Center and catch the Rangers there when they are in town.
      We could cheer on our ol’ buddy Nylander-

    38. Schedule looks interesting. I’m glad the Kings come in so I can see Kopitar and any time there’s a game on my b-day I’m happy.

    39. Leetch night will either be on March 9 against Boston, just watch.

      I was originally going to say January 20, but the problem with that is that it’s Conference finals weekend with the NFL so I doubt the Rangers would schedule such a game on that day, then again, you never know.

    40. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Leetch better have his night this season…..The anticipation is killing me

    41. Fruity Cupcake on

      Congrats on your growing family, Sam! How about “Ranger” if it’s a masculine child and “Vancousia” for a girl? (When my niece was three, she got it in her head that Messier had moved to Vancousia!!!)

    42. “On a personal note, the Rangers begin the New Year in Western Canada, playing the Flames Jan. 2, the Canucks Jan. 3, and the Oilers Jan. 5. I probably wouldn’t have made this trip anyway, but now it works out perfectly. God willing, our second child should be arriving right around face-off time in Vancouver.

      And no, I’m not naming him or her after Roberto Luongo if the Rangers lose….”

      Hey Sam- Best of luck with that man. Hope all is well.

    43. KingHenrik35 on

      Congrats on the newest addition Sam, best of luck to you. As for the schedule, the Rangers had better put a large distance between them and the rest of the Atlantic by the time April rolls around. LETS GO RANGERS!

    44. i assume this is 95%+ a ‘Yes’, but I just wanted to make sure. Is this ‘Brian Leetch Night’ also going to be where they retire his number, rather than just honor him and acknowledge his retirement?

    45. Jimmy:

      I live in Northern VA. I have Direct TV.

      The deal in the past few seasons has been as follows:

      – All Ranger home games (except those on NBC) you get to either watch it on 621 or the Direct TV Center Ice channels, either way you get the MSG feed with Sam and Joe or sometimes MIke Crispino on Sunday evening because Sam has his FOX NFL game.

      – Games on NBC you get through the Direct TV feed, or NBC 4, depends on who is playing. Sometimes Philly, Carolina and Pittsburgh get this market, maybe it’s different in Baltimore, but you get the games.

      – All MOnday night games on VS you get the VS crew on 608.

      – Away games you tune into the Direct TV channels and you get the away announcers. It makes you appreciate just how good Sam can call a hockey game.

      Hope this helps


      This team has all the potential and pieces in place to be something very special. The motivation, creating that team concept and preparing them to overcome failure and keep going lies directly with Jagr but the buck stops with Renney.

      Renney has done a good job these past two seasons. And with only losing four players from last years team (Nylander, Ortmeyer, Weekes and Ruchunek), it should be easy for new guys like Gomez and Drury to fit in. However, with a full season of Avery, two new “stars” in the lockeroom and whatever they bring with them, plus a whole new list of expectations, can or is Renney the guy to do this?

      I mean honestly, although Larry Brooks said the Rangers would win the Cup last year, who really thought that was a possibility? With Jagr playing hurt half the season and Henrik still feeling pains from his migraines and shin splints? Was winning the Cup a real possibility? So was Renney really expected to get it done? They got on a roll late in the season and had a great run at it, but only to come up short.

      This year, there are no excuses for Renney (knock on wood for injuries). Henrik is healthy, Jagr is healthy, Drury and Gomez are here with Avery, Shanny and Cullen in the fold with a season under their belt in NYC. They have a rookie in Staal on defense, to youngsters ready to make their mark on the league (Tyutin and Girardi), plus this unknown youngster Callahan who can put the puck in the net adding muscle and checking with Betts, Hollwegg and Orr.

      Everything is in place for Renney this year. If he struggles and can’t get it done, if he’s over his head, will Sather make a move?

    46. Sam:

      May the baby be born at a good and auspicious hour. And may you and yours be blessed with an abundance of material and spiritual blessing. Kids put it all in perspective (and they make us a little crazy!).

      P.S. thanks for the link to my blog. Greatly appreciated.

    47. You really do have to love the schedule makers. The last 10 games of the season are against Penguins, Devils, Islanders and the Flyers. What is up with that? This stretch could make or break the Rangers. They better be playing their best hockey during the final eighth of the season

    48. Jimmy- Plain and simple. If you are out of the NY metropolitan area, the Ranger games will be blacked out if you donthave center ice

    49. does anyone know if they are gonna have the nhl center ice online again like they started at the end of last season?

    50. Go NYR – I read an article about the schedule on that said there are two strecthes during the season during each team will play each of its division opponents at least twice, so it’s gonna be some great times coming down the home stretch. The other time is during the first 2/3 of November.

    51. Posse – the schedule will probably change after this year. They set it up as a three year cycle, with the Western conference divisions each visiting once and each having us visit once while we don’t play them the third year.

      So they want to finish the cycle and also see what happened with the Penguins moving.

    52. I’m not a fan of the new schedule. Too much emphasis on teams in the division. I mean, it’s fine ,but 8 is too much. I want to see the Sharks/Kings/Stars/etc. come to MSG at least once a year.

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