It’s official: Shanahan back for one more year


No surprise here, but the Rangers at least got it done.

The team was creative in signing Shanahan to a $2.5 million base, with bonuses that could push him over his 2006-07 salary of $4 million.

Say what you want about Shanahan’s productivity waning at the end of last year. He contributes in a dozen different ways you can’t measure, and you never know how he’ll benefit from having an entire offseason to recover from his concussion.

More later..

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  1. I’m assuming that right now all that counts against the cap is the 2.5 base and any bonuses get added as he reaches them. Sather has got to be working the phones hard to try and trade either Mara or Malik to free up some cap space.

  2. Shanny is my all time favorite player, and I am SO happy to have him back!

    I just really hope that we get Lundy and Avery signed soon!!!!!!!

  3. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Yeah Shanny is how i got into hockey……So im damn happy to see him here….or even if he wasnt on the team…Im happy he’s still around….He’s the man….Total class act…

    Cant wait till this year…

  4. I’m gonna see Avery at a signing on Saturday. I will be sure to tell him to sign already.

  5. The deal falls under one of the few loopholes in the NHL’s hard salary cap — the one that makes exceptions for one-year deals for players over 35. The CBA allows the bonus portions of such deals (and entry-level contracts) to cause teams to exceed the cap’s upper limit ($50.3 million for this season) by 7.5 percent ($3.775 million this season.) Should Shanahan reach enough of the bonus threshholds to push the Rangers over the $50.3-million cap, they would go into next season with a team cap lowered by the difference. In other words, if the Rangers wind up at $51 million for cap purposes at the end of this season because of Shanahan’s bonuses, they would have $700,000 less to spend on payroll than the rest of the league next season. However, should Shanahan not hit cap-busting bonuses or if the Rangers cut payroll before the end of the season (through trades or demotions to the minors), there would be no residual effect next season.

  6. Awesome. One less name to worry about…

    I feel confident the team will lock up Avery soon in likely a 2-year deal. Hossa, I can live with or without. That leaves Lundqvist…I’d really like them to just sign him long-term already, but I think it’s looking less and less likely that that will happen before they go to arbitration. I just hope Sather doesn’t screw this up and end up letting Hank walk next year…

  7. Hey Bryan,

    If you’re gonna quote someone else verbatim, you should consider crediting them. John DP of the Daily News broke this story.

  8. Well I thought it best not to post a link or anything from a competing papers blog ! Unless Sam has no problem with that I will gladly do so.

    Incidentally, a monkey can do the math on that. Lets not think JD had some sort of magical science going there.

  9. Yes!! 2 big names left, and they are guaranteed to be here next year!!

    Wow, when you have Straka-Gomez-Jagr, and Shanahan-Drury-Prucha as your top 2 lines, that’s 5 guys who could score 25+ goals (excluding Gomez probably), and 2 excellent centers down the middle.


  10. Incidentally Bryan,

    Plagiarism would have gotten you thrown out of college, if you had actually gone to college.

  11. Either henrik will get a long term deal before arbitration or at Jam 1st will get an extension…..Avery will sign and hossa probably done now

  12. Jose-

    Wow, thanks for that inciteful information. If this blog had anything to do with college (and yes , I have 3 degrees from U of FL, thank you) then I would be concerned but since I would rather copy and paste information that is not copyrighted in any way, shape, or form then upset our host I’ll continue on the same path until otherwise advised that another option exists.

    So go back to being the blog monitor and both someone else.

  13. Gomez scored 33 g and 51 a in 05-06 so I’m pretty sure he can duplicate that while playing with Jagr and Straka/Hossa and logging plenty of PP time on what could be the best PP in the league. After all, Nylander managed 26 last year and he isn’t exactly trigger happy himself…

  14. Pierre,

    I think it’s hard to say Gomez can duplicate 33G and 51A considering he’s never come close to scoring that many goals any other year. I’ll be happy with 20 and 60 out of Gomez.

    I have not been this excited for a hockey since the lockout ended in 1995 and the anticipation of the banner raising was present. Hopefully, we’ll all have that feeling next summer!!


  15. Wow Bryan, 3 degrees? Are you sure you don’t mean 3rd degree, as in burn?

    UF? Let’s see….

    BA in Basket Weaving
    MA in Reptile Wrestling
    PhD in Plagiarism, Cum Laude

    While you’re waiting for Sam to tell you it’s OK to post another authors writing, I hope you’re not waiting for the Surgeon General to tell you sunbathing in bad for your skin.

  16. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Lol plagiarizing is pretty pathetic….Cant say i havent done it in school….But still pathetic

  17. Robby Bonfire on

    Celebrate like New Year’s, for now, all you like. This is going to prove to be a step backward for this organization, long before the upcoming season is over. Hanging on to relics and fossils from the past is not for forward-looking, WINNING organizations.

    Again, Hossa will be extremely more productive than Shanahan this season, wherever he plays. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID knee-jerk Sather, does it again!

  18. Leisure Suit Larry on

    “This just in: Nigel Dawes is crying.”

    so are Callahan and Prucha

  19. I’m not so quick to write Prucha’s name in the 2nd line just yet. The Shanny/Drury/Prucha line might be a hot line, but after watching Callahan and Avery play, I wouldn’t count either of those two on that line.

    I think Prucha makes a great third line player. BUT. Prucha should also be on the top PP unit. That’s where he earns his money.

    My 2nd line would be Shanny/Drury/Callahan
    3rd Avery/Cullen/Prucha

  20. people who get on other people’s cases for spelling/grammar/MLA stantards on boards must have no lives, this is a blog, not a term paper who the hell cares…maybe people are too lazy to care about that stuff and just want to talk hockey DAMN…

  21. Yes, the 26 year old with no leadership qualities, no Stanley Cups, and 16/18 points respectively in the last two season with the Rangers is going to be more productive than the older guy Shanny who had 81/62 points respectively the last two seasons. Shanny’s contract is for a year for crissakes. Then again maybe you were thinking about Marian Hossa, Robby.

  22. will be unfortunate if Prucha is stuck playing with Cullen again as he can neither score nor set people up. i think prucha would be best with Gomez. avery does not have the hands to be a 2nd line player,

  23. Love having Shanny back in the fold… another team-first (evident by his leadership, Brashears fight and lower salary), all heart, locker room and bench leader to bring this group together.

    It will be Renney’s job ultimately to bring it all together, but having Shanny, Holleweg, Struds, Avery and Orr in the lineup on a regular basis makes us tougher as well.

  24. Robby Bonfire on

    First of all, Lauren, stepping up at crunch time when you do the bulk of your scoring is REAL leadership, and preferable to being an imposter, ostensibly possessing “leadership” qualities, who disappears into the ether, at crunch time. I maintain the stats, do you? (Rhetorical question.)

    And your jumping all over Hossa for being 26 is laughable – what, being a 38-39 year-old “elder statesman” on your last leg and careening toward the careeer brick wall is preferable to being young and healthy, and on the UPSIDE of your career?

    Sather is bad enough, thank God you are not in the front office peppering him with your intellectual fudge sundaes.

  25. richie,

    This was hardly as case of misspelling or anything grammatical. I know when I got my 5 degrees from THE University of Miami they taught us to look at the bottom of the page for © Copyright 2007 All rights reserved


    Now then, what good is assembling the best Ranger team (on paper) in a long time if you have no quality veteran to backup Lundqvist? We’ll always be one puck away from disaster.

  26. Wonder now if Souray held out for a deal that fell through. Now I am curious to see if he signs in the tri state area or out west like rumored in the beginning of the FA frenzy.

  27. AngelusMortis on

    Here’s an interesting, totally unrelated tidbit.

    Top ten selling jerseys at last season

    1. Sidney Crosby (Penguins)
    2. Ryan Miller (Sabres)
    3. Maxim Afinogenov (Sabres)
    4. Daniel Briere (Sabres)
    5. Alexander Ovechkin (Capitals)
    6. Peter Forsberg (Flyers/Predators)
    7. Teemu Selanne (Ducks)
    8. Jaromir Jagr (Rangers)**
    9. Chris Drury (Sabres)
    10. Henrik Lundqvist (Rangers)**

    #8 and #10, not bad.

    Oh, and cheers for Shanahan being resigned.

  28. Probably could have had higher than #8,and #10 if the Sabres fans did not jump on the band wagon in the playoffs last year.

  29. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Did anyone find out any news on the Ranger who “asked to be traded”……

    My guess is Malik…possibly…But what if its someone else…someone we need….

  30. TULRangerFan on

    The top 10 jerseys is a near worthless statistic since I bet most Ranger fans buy their jerseys through local sports stores and

    Unless, of course, that statistic counts all jerseys sold anywhere and not just through

  31. dawes is not crying b/c he’ll be up on the team before long as hossa is going bye bye to accomodate avery/lundy signing. It’ll be interesting what this team does re: the defense. there are 7 currently under contract plus staal who many expect to make the team…do you trade malik + hossa for a better dman (who?), and have struds/pock as scratches to incorporate staal? or let marc marinate in the ahl and go with what you have?

  32. Russian newspaper is saying that Rangers has signed Anisimov for 3 years (850,000 per year) and he will report to the training camp this summer.
    So, it looks like after so many years of big problems in the center we are going to have a real competition in this area (unless Cullen is going to be traded, which I do not believe).

  33. Robby Bonfire on

    The Shanahan re-signing makes it harder for every rookie hopeful to make the team, as Sather “goes for the Cup,” in 2008, with the usual commitment to mediocre “experienced” players, over younger players with demonstrably superior ability. This probably consigns Staal to Hartford for the entire season, and wastes Sanguinetti for another year in the OHL.

    Ironic how “Going for the Cup” weakens the present team, and derails the team’s immediate progess. The Strudwick / Pock/ Mara / Kasparaitis crowd will remain above Staal on the depth chart, regardless of any Staal demonstrated brilliance in camp. Way to go, dolt GM #1.

    See, the Shanahan re-signing has (negative) implications far beyond the superficial, short-term “benefit” it contains.

  34. glad to see Sather sign Shanahan, and stck it to the skeptics and critics, along with the kid pushers.

  35. Glad to see Shanny back. I’d hate to field a weaker team by losing him because of cap issues. We should be pretty strong this year.

  36. Doubt that Anisimov will force his way onto the team, but you never know. My bet is that he starts in Hartford

  37. Robby – no way Kaspar is playing on the RAngers so right off the back you have a weak arguement. Strudwick will be 7th dman so they would never do that do Staal. Doubtful they would play Pock over Staal either. If Staal is in the minors it will be because they want him to develop. I fully expect him to make the team. One thing that could hurt his cause would be if the RAngers do what many on the blogs want and sign Souray. Unless they move 2 dmen to accomodate him. You have a 1 track mind.

  38. LI Joe don’t bet on that. Kaspar will be given a chance in camp. Then a decision will be made on him.

  39. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    If NYR wins the cup this year…..Would you give a shit…Answer the quiestion and dont give me a boring annoying speech….

    Yes or No

  40. jose,

    i know that particular argument wasn’t about grammar. i was merely expressing my opinion how these are boards and if people don’t post a link oh well, go find the info yourself don’t get on their case for it. maybe they forgot or maybe didn’t care because they know this is a blog. either way, read at your own risk if there is no citing is my point, no need to start stuff with people as you saw what happened. this is a place where fans should amicably communicate about hockey. and congrats about your five degrees from your university, like we all really need to know your academic background(i don’t need to boast my academic accomplishments in a hockey forum). lets keep this hockey and less personal ok?

  41. Anybody else think Robby is a pain in the butt who doesn’t know his a$$ from his elbow? SERIOUSLY, HOW CAN YOU BE UPSET ABOUT SHANNY COMING BACK? DID YOU WATCH ANY GAMES LAST YEAR?

    The guy simply knows how to score goals, is a great PKer, and brings leadership to this team that no one else can. And most importantly, he will do ANYTHING it takes to win. Do you remember the night the Rangers clinched the playoffs? They beat Montreal 3-1. What I especially remember was Montreal having a powerplay with your boy Souray on the blueline. Shanahan was out for almost the entire PK, and sacrificed his body numerous times to block shots and clear the puck out to preserve the win. With about 10 seconds left, he dove and practically punched the puck out of the zone. That’s leadership. That’s heart.

    Whatever you are smoking, please share it with the rest of us because you do not know what you are talking about. I love how everyone on this website is so optimistic about the season and can’t wait, and you come on here everyday with your negative attitude knocking everything this team does. Go to a Fishsticks page and do that man. Your whining would fit right in with their fanbase.

  42. I forgot to mention: the powerplay was in the last 2 minutes of the game, courtesy of a Malik penalty I believe.


  43. “The Shanahan re-signing makes it harder for every rookie hopeful to make the team…This probably consigns Staal to Hartford for the entire season, and wastes Sanguinetti for another year in the OHL.”

    Dude, grab your hair and give it a tug. I think your head might be stuck somewhere’s near your posterior. Along this line, I must also drop a quick quip about your insinuation that Tyutin, of all people, is one of these “aging vets” your always going on about, and one that’s stifling Sanguinetti.

    Shanny has nothing to do with spots on the defense. He has to do with veteran leadership that can pound in 30 goals per season. Couple that with Drury, Jags, Straka and Prucha, you have an offensive force. That’s what slats is thinking with Shanny. And at $2.5 million, he’s absolutly right in this thinking.

    As per Sanguinetti, why do you think he’s ready for the NHL? He’s only skated five-some-odd games at the AHL level. I’d rather him make his mistakes down there and bring his “A” game to NY than make them in NY and end up the second-comming of Lundmalhotrablackburendl.

  44. Robby Bonfire on

    Ah – good question, as regards development. In fact, development of young players is ACCELERATED at the highest level, and RETARDED below that. This is a concept beyond the awareness of so many.

    What a WASTE to give a young player, ready to get his feet wet and move up to the level of STARDOM in short order, unnecessary “training wheels” time. This retardation of a young star player’s progress is my primary reason for opposing the Shanahan re-signing, more than any postives or negatives which I or anyone else can attach to that signing. Good point to bring up, thank you.

  45. Robby Bonfire on

    There will be a “cheerleaders” competition in the gym at 2:30 pm, tomorrow. Girls be sure and bring your pom poms, your batons, and a yellow ribbon for your hair. Pony tails and frilly skirts, and a Kevin Weekes or a Darius Kasparaitis jersey are the dress requirement.

    Refreshments will be served immediately following the “equality of outcome” competition. Those not selected for this year’s squad will be honored at half-time of the first home game for your commendable intangible qualities and selfless school spirit.

  46. Robby- I really dont see why you have such a big problem with the resigning of Shanahan. Shanahan was great for the Rangers last year. He was a great sniper, he came up huge in shootout after shootout with big goals, and he was a great penalty killer. He played great 2 way hockey for us and was a key contributer all year. He even took on Donald Brashear. He brings grit to the game, that outside of Sean Avery, the Rangers do not really have much of. I could see you having a problem with it if it were a deal for 2 or more years. But seeing as this is a low risk contract, there is no reason to be angry, as Shanahan brings a lot to the table at a relatively inexpensive price. I also dont think that signing Shanny sets a precedent on where Marc Staal sits on the defensive depth chart.

  47. tdchi – Sanguinetti will be in juniors unless he makes the Rangers (no ahl this year for him). Shanny costs between $ 4.5 mm and $ 5.3 mm (probably spread over 2 yrs). still like the signing but more costly than at 1st look.

    looks to be a losing proposition to reason with RB. but good try though.

  48. I have to agree with Jose. Henrik is great, but we do need a solid, legit back-up. Who’s that? Montoya? Vali?

  49. If Robby had ever stepped in a locker room at any level a day in his life he would understand what Shanny’s signing means.

  50. Chris F.- Did you happen to watch the replay of the game against the Blues from last year? Valiquette was great in that game. I know its a small sample size but Id say we should give him a shot. Just not at any games I attend

  51. Robby Bonfire on

    Now who’s bats? Shanahan was a TRUE NJ Devil, until he jumped for more money to St. Louis. AND he was a TRUE Det Red Wing, until he jumped for more money – or look, Martha, to New York! What a shame he didn’t jump from being a TRUE NY Ranger to Montreal or Pottstown.

  52. Robby Bonfire on

    He came here for more MONEY, Shanahan groupies, and you froth all over him! If he had wanted to be a NY Ranger, early on, he would have jumped across the river from Jersey in the salad years of his career. But you see, St. Louis offered him more M-O-N-E-Y, than did the Rangers, at that time.

    Got it? Nope, but I am not giving up on you children of Nirvana.

  53. Any updates at all on Henrik and if they’ve set a date yet for his hearing? I’m getting really worried if they don’t reach a deal soon and the fact that we haven’t heard anything since last Friday…

  54. Can someone confirm but I thought Shanahan was awarded to St. Louis as compensation for the Devils signing of Stevens?

    Also, most of his movement to other teams were trades.

    Keenan traded him to the WHALERS for Chris Pronger. Hartford then moved him to Detroit for Keith Primeau and Paul Coffey.

    Also, I believe a deal was in place for Shanny to come to New York for Kovalev.

    I never got a sense that Shanny was a money hungry athlete

  55. Robby Bonfire on

    Well, my information source that Shanahan signed in St. Louis and New York for FA money, is Go to PLAYERS, and click on Brendan Shanahan for confirmation, if you need it. Or maybe they are wrong, but they are the most responsible source around that I know of.

  56. Bonfire – I read recently that Shanahan was part of the compensation package for Stevens because the Devils did not have the required draft picks.

    Also, we froth at him because of how much good he did for the team last year. We have so much youth already; honestly, I say screw the rest of them for this year. This is a big contending team in a big market and playing too many prospects is not a good business decision unless you are sure they will succeed. Next season, you will probably get your wish, unless Sather is really dumb; I don’t know about the FAs available next offseason, but the two big ones, Iginla and Thornton, are gone, and since we need to save money, Bourret, Dawes, Staal will probably all be given a good spot next season. Anisimov also if he will play a wing, and Cherepanov if he comes over. Honestly, I know Sather is still dumb, but the cap is forcing his hand. As long as he doesn’t make signings next year like the Isles did this year we’re in good shape. Jus hibernate for a year and then you’ll be happy.

    With so many prospects probably starting with us next season, I would like to see Staal and Moore be given a shot this year so we don’t bring up five or six at once to start next season.

    vogs – good post from the last entry even though it got screwed up; love what you had to say

    Bryan – sorry to bring up semi- old news, but you really should have posted the source or the link with the massive copy; that’s pretty low.

  57. Actually, Robby, the Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the printing of money, or with distributing ‘bank notes’, as you strangely call them. If you’d consult your fifth-grade civics textbook, you’ll see that the ‘green’ printing in this country falls under the purview of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving.

    Perhaps, given that it took someone far younger than you to point out this basic fact, there is something to your blind worship of the youth movement after all.

  58. Can’t we all just get along?

    Shanny contributed something important and unique to last year’s team. But he also got run down — either because Renney wouldn’t, or couldn’t stop playing him, or because Shanny himself displayed a reckless disregard for his own health and refused to acknowledge his age. He was a great in the room leader, but he also tailed off even before his injury.

    He is, however, Shanny, and so I, personally, say the Rangers give him the benefit of the doubt. But it’s not crazy or disrespectful to think he doesn’t deserve it.

  59. Souray will sign with Sharks, they have tons of cap room, they lost Hannan and isn’t Rivet good friend of Souray?

    I have a feeling if one more of Jagr’s posse gets traded he will have a nervous breakdown and injure his groin. So I really doubt Malik or Hossa will be traded in the near future.

  60. Robby, take the blinders off, dude. If any one of the guys you speak of ready for the NHL, they’d be there by now…BUT…they’re not. In limited glimpses, both Sanguinetti and Staal showed promise at the AHL level, but by no means dominated. Other guys like Dawes, Bourett, Dubinsky, Baranka, Liffiton, and Korpikoski are very close, but need one last push to show they can compete at the NHL level.

    Trust me, they’ll get their chance.

    At this point, however, the best bet for this team is to skate the best combination of skaters the cap will allow. In this case, it’s a mix of youth and experience that Sather has put together here. When components of this team go down, they’ll be replaced by the best available options in Hsrtford(i.e. Girardi and Callahan). If those kids show promise with the time they get, they’ll push the aged vets into retirement.

    But until then, I suggest you do as another poster suggested: stop pining for the “youth movement” because it will never happen in NY as you want it, or elect the Hartford Wolfpack as your new favorite squad.

  61. According to that puts us at $44.6m – which if my maths is correct leaves $5.7m of cap space. Presuming Kaspar is going to be waived or bought out that makes $8.7m left for Henrik, Avery and Hossa.

    Hossa has got to be worried if Henrik signs a big deal before then. I imagine he’ll make approx $0.9m (a slight raise over last year) if he is retained, and Avery probably $2m ($2.5 tops). I still think that gives us enough to offer Henrik $4.5m or more.

    I bet Glen Sather is desperately trying to trade Mara or Malik (or both) right now. If he gets rid of both i expect Souray may be his target. Otherwise we will have to see what he can get in return..

  62. a casual observer on

    Hossa and Malik for a draft pick. I will work the phones myself for that deal!!!

  63. As usual, Robby has no clue what he’s talking about. The guy was coming off of a 40 goal season, and he signed for $4 million last year. How exactly did he sign for the money? A player of his caliber could have commanded a lot more money if he wanted to.

    And yes, Shanahan was traded for Stevens. And yes, just about every move he ever made was through trade. And yes, I remember before the 1995-1996 season, Kovalev for Shanny was on the table and Smith turned it down.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    While I’m not as passionate as Robby, I am not crazy about the Shanahan resigning. But I also knew that there was no way he wasn’t going to be resigned, so I’ve just accepted it, and hope he can be a little more consistent with his scoring this year. I also hope that he has the brains to tell Renney not to use him for more than 18 mins a night.

  65. According to JDP at the Daily News, it looks like the King is inked for a pretty cap friendly number ($2.5MM in 07-08 w/ a LT deal to follow in 08).

  66. I think people keep forgetting about what Shanahan brings to the lockeroom. Sam said it himself: “He contributes in a dozen different ways you can’t measure.” That tells me everything I need to know.

    I mean, we have a 30+ goal scorer on our 2nd line. Most teams would kill to have just one of those for their 1st line! If someone can give me a legitimate answer as to who he should be replaced by this season, then I’ll let it go and won’t say another word. But until someone mentions a decent replacement who will score 30+, kill penalties, and bring the same leadership qualities to the team, I’ll be more than happy having Shanny on my team.

  67. I know from a very good source the reason why Kasper has not played was because of a drug problem not due to his play so i doubt he’ll back.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    NJ Mark: “Most teams would kill to have just one of those for their 1st line!”

    That’s a pretty low standard. If your team doesn’t have a 30 plus scorer on its first line, you’re not making the playoffs.

    I’m just saying: I’m not crazy about it, I think we have enough veterans WITHOUT Shanny (Jagr, Straka, Drury, Cullen, and to a lesser extent Gomez) that we can give more of our younger players a chance to grow on the big stage, while saving us millions in cap space.

    That said, I’m not angry or anything that Shanahan is resigned; I’ve been expecting it since last season. I’m just hoping he can be a little more consistent than he was last year.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    NYRCUP07: haven’t seen the story yet, but that’s what I’ve suggested all along. Ink him to a low, 1 year number, and then resign him most of the way through the season to a big extension.

  70. Don’t say all that b/s about Shanny. He wanted to sign with Rangers only and that is why we should respect him. He’s a Ranger.
    NYRCUP07 – about Henrik – do you have any links?

  71. Lundqvist to Sign 1 year Deal!!!! Can it be true. Hopefully.

    According to John Dellapina of the Daily News, Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers is on the verge of signing a 1 year deal for approx $2.5 million. Apparently The King is fine with taking less now for more later and a quality chance to win a cup in NY.

    “The deal is essentially a bridge to next season and beyond that will enable Lundqvist and the club to avoid their scheduled July 24 salary arbitration case while keeping the Rangers from having to unload players to get under this season’s $50.3 million salary cap.
    The 25-year-old goaltender will get his big-money, long-term deal soon enough. After Jan. 1, 2008, the Rangers can sign Lundqvist to a lucrative and lengthy extension for 2008-09 and beyond without affecting their ’07-08 salary-cap situation. And they almost certainly will do so.”

    If this does happen, it just goes to show what kind of sacrifice and commitment it takes to build a contender. This move would leave the Rangers with only Avery left to sign.

    I wonder if this would have anything to do with Souray wanting to come to NY?

    Any thoughts?

    Read article here:

  72. Robby Bonfire on

    My Fibonacci points award system is exclusively for forwards, and exclusively applied in the arena of even-strength goals. For D’s I compare their plus-minus score, game by game, on an updated basis. So that if Malik is +2, and Mara is -1 in a game, Malik is 3-0 vs. Mara in that game. I compare all Ranger D’s with all other Ranger D’s in this manner, game by game, and tabulate a composite score, updated, game by game. Malik, by the way, was best plus-minus on the entire club, at + 32. Mara, considered around here as at least Malik’s equal, was -16. That’s a difference of 48 goals in Malik’s favor. I wonder what the case for keeping Mara over Malik could possibly be? Malik plays better in his worst game, than Mara plays in his best game. This blunt reality seems to escape the masses. Ok, Malik haters, you’re on. LOL.

  73. Doodie: I understand your point. But consider this:

    There were 42 30+ goal scorers last year in the league. And there are 30 teams. That means on average, most teams have 1 or 2 30+ goal scorers on their team. Anaheim had only 1 (Selanne). The point I am trying to make is that signing Shanny to be a 2nd line winger who can definitely score 30 (and would have if not for the freak injury) is a move most teams wish they can make. We have 4-5 potential 30+ goal scorers on this team in Jagr, Shanny, Straka, Prucha, and Drury. I doubt all will score 30+, but there is a good chance 2-3 will.

  74. Robby Bonfire on

    In 1965, ADAM Z. “Silver Certificates” which is how all U.S. paper dollars in all denominations were known, were changed to “Federal Reserve Notes.” What this meant is that all U.S currency paper money has been, since that time, fiat (governnment designated) currency, rather than currency backed by the reserve of one ounce of gold for each paper dollar issued as currency. In other words. our paper money has been backed by nothing real and tangible for the last 42 years. Before then, you could redeem your paper dollars for gold.

    What I appreciate about the Swiss Franc, to cite one example, is the fact that it still enjoys at least partial gold-backing, so that it represents more stability to those who accumulate Swiss Francs, as I do. If the U.S. economy were ever to collapse, the value of foreign currencies not tied to the U.S. dollar, or economy, would dramatically appreciate. One currency to avoid, in this regard, is the Japanese Yen, closely corrolated with the U.S. Dollar, as it is.

    I woud thank you for the condescending “civics lesson,” were it not for the fact that it was a deliberate non sequitur and basic topic deflection.

  75. IMO I think Henrik will get a short term deal and a long term to follow after January. They need to sign him short term and then move Malik or Mara for pick to free up more cap for the long term deal. Avery and Hossa will get a deal done in arbitration.

  76. Johnrot – my inclinations on that are that signing Lundqvist next year is going to be a bitch. If he was shooting for a $5 million multi-year deal this season, by next, he’ll surely be up to $7 million, especially if he wins a cup or goes deep in the playoffs. I would have rather seen him locked up for $5 million and a multi-year, but hey, he’s signed, so why grouse about it?

    Doodie – with all due respect, I think most of the kids NEED another year in Hartford. They really didn’t turn it on until midway through the season last year. I think this year is the time for them to come out swinging and make a splash. I don’t think having the young guys in the AHL for two and three seasons is a bad idea at all(although if you ask Bonfire, he’d have them skating in the NHL out of middle school).

    Take Buffalo’s feeder system, the Rochester Ameriks. Looking down the line of young Buffalo players now in the bigs, most of them played at least two AHL seasons before getting a shot. Pominville, Paetsch, Paille, Campbell, Gaustad AND Miller all played three AHL sesaons; Roy played two; Ryan and Novotny(before being traded) played four; even first rounders Kalinin and Vanek played at least one season in the AHL.

    So I’m not in as much of a rush to get the kids here. I’d much rather have solid, well-rounded players to rely on once the vets start dropping like flies to either injuries or free angency.

  77. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    I haven’t read through the entire string of blog posts to see if anyone has pointed this out yet, but essentially Shanny’s making $4.5million this year. Everyone’s talking like he sacrified big bucks, but he should easily make more than last year. The difference is that this year only $2.5million is being held against the cap.

    (…there’s a $2.0million bonus if he plays more than 10 games. Hahaha, way to go Sather!!!)

  78. Per NY Daily News, Lundy’s deal is done and is approximately $2.5 million for one year and should be announced as early as this morning.

    Per NY Post, Avery will most likely be making $1.8 – $2.2 million and Hossa in the $1.2 million range.

  79. I’m with Doodie. Would rather they didn’t sign Shanny but am ok with it. Still think upgrading Mara to Souray is a good idea.

  80. Going off-topic here but in a good way! Read on the messageboards over at we open the season at home against the Panthers on Thursday Oct 4th. And the 07-08 schedule will be released around 2pm eastern time on

  81. matteau –

    Then you have to be willing to part with both Mara and Malik, because that’s how much cap space would be needed.

    I still fail to see how Souray is an upgrade over Mara. Mara may not have had Souray’s numbers last year offensively, but that’s because Boston had Chara and really didn’t put Mara in a position to succeed enough. Once he came here he showed plenty of offensive upside, and defensively he may not be great but Souray is probably worse. I say sign Avery, Hank and Hossa and stand pat.

  82. Peter- on what basis do you say Souray worse than Mara defensively? What’s your position on Malik’s plus-minus?Montreal fans love Souray- do we know something they don’t?

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