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I’m at a golf tournament today, which makes me even more out of the loop than usual, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers close in on something fairly soon.

What exactly remains the question, although we all know what strings remain loose.

In other news, the Islanders introduced Bill Guerin as the 11th captain in team history at a luncheon.

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves…

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  1. Sam, any updates at all about the situation with Lundqvist? Do you know if Sather and Henrik’s agent are still talking about a long-term deal or are both sides at a standstill?

  2. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Something needs to happen already….Its getting boring in Ranger land these days…The only excitement is the Souray and Forsberg rumors….Real funny

    Guerin is washed up…..Ironic….

  3. Yeah, great discussions..I really enjoyed it the last couple of days….

    Whenever I scrolled down all those great posts with inside views I got so tired that I was able to get my sleep right away, which is very important for my health and well beeing….

    So thanks again and feel free to do so……

  4. Broadway Roe on

    Oh God. Tell me. Now. Please.

    Really, I’m dying here. I hope it’s the King– I’m getting exceedingly nervous about this situation.

  5. To reiterate what some have said…I’ve been reading this blog since midway through last season, and i haven’t posted very often…but have to say its always been a valuable source of informationn for me…especially in the last few weeks when im sitting bored at work

  6. You guys are hilarious. All Sam said was he “wouldn’t be surprised.” Nor would I, nor would any of us. But that doesn’t mean he knows anything or that anything’s happening. It’s after 4 PM. Nothing’s happening today.

  7. Yeah right, I am hilarious…You guys would be surprised how many koalas are hilarious…

    But nothing´s happening today so it is for a good sleep….

  8. Aside from the lighter travel that comes with playing for one of the tristate area teams, I think $4.5M per year is pretty much what possessed Guerin to sign with the Islanders. Why would a winger sign there when they have no center for him to play with?

  9. Leisure Suit Larry on

    2.25 mil for Guerin is not that much. And they got Comrie and Sillinger

  10. Ranger Lovin Phone Man on

    I agree about sather, i mean call the man back, and sigh shanny already. Also, I have a excellent source who says the NYR are close with Souray. What you guys think?

  11. If that’s true about Souray, then I’m going to be pissed. This team needs to re-sign their own guys before adding anyone else.

    I just wish there was some updated info on Lundqvist, as that’s the only situation that worries me. Shanny and Avery will be signed within due time, most likely Hossa, too. With Lundqvist, I just want them to sign him to a long-term deal already.

  12. Response to Rangers-Yotes “deal” …WHEN IN NHL HISTORY HAS THERE EVER BEEN A DEAL LIKE THAT?!? Anyone who thinks the Rangers are going to simply “give up” Cullen to pick up York is crazy. I’d love Yorkie here, but that’s insanity.

    As for Souray, again. Mark my words: never. Don’t know who your sources are, Phone Man, but they’re wrong. It’ll never happen.

  13. Signing Shanahan is a mistake. The guy did absolutely nothing of consequence after New Year. Why sign him? To negate the speed we added in Gomez and/or Drury? A second line of Drury, Avery and Prucha is more than adequate, and would even supply some grit and forecheck. Hossa, Cullen and Callahan make a good 3rd line. We don’t need anymore old, slow guys on the team.

    Listen, it isn’t that I don’t like and respect Shanahan and what he brings. I just don’t want him here because when he goes through another 25 game scoring drought, he’ll still be out every other shift and blocking Callahan or Prucha from being promoted to the 2nd line. No thanks!

  14. i have heard the same thing about souray. i think he will be a ranger. unfortunately, at the expense of shanny and avery

  15. Some of you believe everything you hear out there like Sather never calling Shanny’s agent back.
    Most of this crap is probably just propaganda and media hallucinations.

    Gimme a break already. No one here knows any of the inside happenings that goes on between players, their agents and Sather. To get upset at Sather over any reports is just ludicrous.

    My brother in law is a baseball MLB agent and has always had a direct line of communication with all teams his players were signed with; even with the Yankees.

  16. I think that signing Souray is a big mistake. Souray is 31 and wants a long term contract at 6 mil and not to mention he is a liability at defense. The rangers should be signing avery and lundvist and looking to trade for a good stay home defensmen. It appears sather is going back to his old tricks in signing older players for to much money, bad mistake.

  17. Souray is a terrible mistake. I hope to God that the Rangers don’t sign him. Yes, the guy had a career year last year, but as someone else mentioned to me, he didn’t score more than 35 points in a season before last year. Don’t get me wrong, he would be a decent addition, but at what cost? Mark my words: Us Ranger fans will be calling for his head like we have for Malik the past couple of seasons. He is as bad, if not worse, than Malik is defensively. Did anyone see the Rangers-Habs game last season at the Garden? Souray got smoked for 3 goals, 2 of which were of MATT CULLEN’S doing. I won’t be happy with his signing if it means Shanny and Avery are shown the door.

  18. CBS Sportsline Radio in NY said today that Sheldon Souray is currently deciding whether he will take a pay cut to play with the Rangers (believed to be working on a 1-2 year deal) or whether to take a rumored 5-6 year deal with Devils that would make him one of the higher paid d-men in the NHL.

    Souray is being heavily recruited by his good friend Scott Gomez (now of the Rangers) and also Devils goaltender Martin brodeur (who is also a business partner with Souray in a Montreal Pizza parlor).

    CBS believes by the end of this week Souray will be announcing he has dealt with the Devil and will be part of the Jersey blueline for years to come.


    According to WFAN radio in New York some in the NHL believe the New York Rangers will sign Sheldon Souray. One NHL general manager (anonymous) has stated that the Rangers are shopping marik malek and paul mara around the league in order to free up cap space in order to give lundqvist 5 million a year and souray around 5 million a year. Souray also looks less likely now then he did last week to accept below market value to come to the big apple. The Devils have also offered what is bvelieved to be 6 years at 5-6 million per year.

    this same general manager also has said that the Rangers look more than willing to let Shanahn, Avery, and Marcel Hossa walk away (Rangers have until August 4th to walk from avery and hossa’s arbitration hearings).

  19. ^ If that’s true, I wouldn’t do anything with Souray until Malik or Mara are dealt. What happens if we end up signing Souray and then can’t deal Mara or Malik anywhere? Then we’re stuck with even less money to sign Hank, Hossa, Avery, and Shanny with.

  20. tdchi/Peter –

    I (the other Peter, or perhaps one of 6) brought up the York signing to Phoenix and mentioned that I wouldn’t be surprised if he wound up here as our third line center because he’s $2 million dollars a year cheaper than Cullen. But I never said I liked the idea, nor did I cite any source or start a rumor to that effect.

    Someone was talking dollars and the fact is people think the Rangers have a lot more of it left than they really do. And so if people indeed think the Rangers are signing Souray (and I am not saying I think they are), then they must also recognize that for the Rangers to even consider doing that they need to unload salary. And the 3 people whose salaries could help the most while costing the team the least talent-wise (and assuming that Straka is immune to being traded) would be Mara, Cullen, and Malik. Do I think the Coyotes signed Mike York to trade hime to us? No, of course not. But would it surprise me, would I be shocked, to find out that our former assistant GM Don Maloney wanted Matt Cullen on his team badly enough that he’d eat the $2 million dollars, and Glen “be a lion” Sather wanted to free up cap space or wanted Souraay enough to make such a deal? No. All I said was that it would not surprise me the way, say, Sather trading Straka, Malik, Dubinsky and picks for Jovanoski would(and I made that up as an example).

    And of course as I say thins someone posts the above information. which should surprise nobody. And incidentally, while it’s possiblr they may let Avery or Hossa walk, I have a hard time imagining they’re not signing Shanny. It seems like he asked for all of this stuff to happen, like some of it is almost his idea. He’ll be back, just cheap with incentives.

  21. Blueclue –

    Well, Dellapina spoke directly to Shanny’s agent who said Sather had not called him back. Either he was lying or Slats never called.

  22. czechthemout!!!!! on

    we don’t need souray,jovo,or any other dman that is out there.we need to play our young dman.i watched many of them play last year and wrote several times on sam’s blog that i thought girardi,lifiton and to a lesser extent baranka and potter look ready to play.if you count those guys and staal who by all accounts is ready and sauer who is probably also close to being ready than you can see that there is no need to bring in someone elses fa’ is also puzzling why they would waste valuable cap space on strudwick when
    you have two key players like the king and avery that should be signed to long term many people on this blog seriously believe that the rangers would have made the playoffs without the king and avery bringing not only his gritt but also solid offensive and pk production?

  23. I don’t see Cullen being traded for York. If Cullen gets dealt at all, more than likely he gets dealt in the first month or two of the season and Dubinsky or Anisimov move to the 3rd line. We’re trying to get as cheap as possible, here.

  24. I also lend ZERO credence to any report that has the Rangers walking away from Avery’s arbitration hearing. The smart move is to bite the bullet, take the decision, let him play a full season and decide what he’s worth after 82 games + playoffs.

  25. czechthemout!!!!! on

    jagr talks about chemistry,he should as captain speak up and demand that they sign avery and the king the sooner the better.if they let avery walk,i bet that this team will revert back to the paper stanley cup champs they were before the lockout.any ranger roster that does not include avery on it will be doomed to play a soft style like we witnessed in the first half of the would also mean that sather would have undone all the good moves he made last year.

  26. Peter – I thought we were trying to win the cup not get as cheap as possible here. I’d prefer we keep Cullen as our 3rd line center.

  27. ABC,
    I hope what you heard is nothing but rumors. Let the devils over pay for Souray. We need Avery signed. I know the rangers will sign Lundvist. I could take or leave Shanahan and Hossa.

  28. I second that about Avery. Anyone who thinks that it would be ok to let Avery get away needs to watch pretty much every game from when he was first traded to us. Hell, start tonight with the Rangers Fan Faves #4 when we came back in the 3rd period to beat St. Louis.

  29. Great teams need a player like him on their team. If he can stay out of the box, nobody in the league does what he does better. Claude Lemiux, Esa Tikkanen, Matthew Barnaby, Sean Avery. Look, I know the guy does not have the scoring touch of the first two I mentioned, but he has the tenasity and can just simply get under your skin just by looking at you or even smiling at you with that s**t eaten grin. And maybe he will get that girlfriend of his to come to a few games.

  30. I mentioned this on the other thread but I’ll say it again- Montreal fans love Souray and are upset he wont be back. This is a guy who plays mean and intimidates other teams- and by the way he scores from the point. All offesnive defensemen inclduing hall of famers suffer defensive lapses- to compare Souray to Malik is silly. Unless we Ranger fans know something that Montreal hockey fans don’t?

  31. Souray, Avery, Hossa in; Shanahan and Mara or Malik out.



    THAT is a well-rounded cup contender.

  32. Whoever said they are against Shannahan resigning is a moron. He is the heart and soul of the team, and no one must have seen the first half of the season because he was the best player on the team. Give the man the respect he deserves because he’s the god damn best power forward of all time. Sather is still the same ole stupid bastard because he should’ve taken care of the king and shannny before signing two second line centers.

  33. This all sounds like off-season crapola to me. Avery was so obviously the spark plug last year — why would they now let him go. Forget letting Hank ever get away. And why not just sign Shanny, who you know will take lesser $?

    Let’s just calm down and let people negotiate…

  34. Shanny is THE leader of this team. He was incredible until Renney drove him into the ground. We all said he would burn out by Christmas; and he did.

    Re-sign him. His leadership and grit is needed. Avery needs him. Callahan needs him, and so on….

    We need a new coach; one with brains.

    We need to give Malik away for a bag of pucks.

  35. Shanahan is far from the greatest power forward of all time. In order: Gordie Howe, Mark Messier and Cam Neely. Now, knowing what we know about Renney…What makes anyone think that He won’t run Shanahan into the ground this year, too? Prucha didn’t regain his RIGHTFUL spot on the #1 PP unit until Shanny went down, and the same thing might happen this year. I’ll pass on 40-year-old, off a career threatening concussion, slow as it is wingers.

    Want heart and soul? That’s what we got Drury for. He’ll be the captain when Jagr retires. You heard it here first.

  36. LI Joe – I didn’t think I’d have to state the obvious…The only way Cullen gets moved is if Dubinsky or Anisomov are ready. Cullen isn’t a player that going to make or break our chances. He’s shown flashes, but at his salary and contract length, I’m not impressed. He’s even more expendable since we have Gomez and Drury aboard.

  37. Leisure Suit Larry on



    THAT is a well-rounded cup contender”

    they will get crushed by a bigger meaner more physical team.

  38. Peter – Neely better than Shanny (I don’t think so)

    neither one of those centers will be ready to start the season as 3rd line center on a team vying for the cup. I am obviously a lot more impressed by what Cullen brings to the table than you are. Teams need depth at center and defense to be able to compete in the playoff grind. Cullen adds to our depth at center immensely. Remember Drury and Gomez are just 2 of 4 centers necessary.

  39. LI Joe – That’s your opinion on Shanny, and you’re entitled to it, but Neely was statistically the better power winger of the 2. Had his career not been stalled by injury, who know what he would have accomplished? Neely averaged .95 ppg being hurt half the time, while a relatively healthy Shanahan is at .91 ppg.

    You’re also entitled to your opinion on Dusbinsky and Anisimov, but the truth is that you don’t have the slightest idea of who’ll be NHL ready when camp opens, and neither will I. That’s why I suggest waiting until after camp to move Cullen.

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