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Some random thoughts after regrettably wolfing down an entire bowl of mac and cheese:

  • An entire bowl of mac and cheese is the culinary equivalent of trading for Adam Hall. Which is to say, it seemed like a great idea at the time.
  • The Rangers say they’ll have nothing today. But that means nothing for public consumption. I’m sure their phone lines are still open.
  • Sheldon Souray on Broadway? I don’t see it, but I also can’t be convinced until he signs elsewhere. Also, maybe it’s time to retire the “on Broadway” phrase when referring to the Rangers since they technically don’t play on Broadway. Wait, they didn’t move Broadway, did they?
  • It’s time to change the poll to the right there. I’m taking a poll to determine what should be included in my poll.
  • Here’s what I believe: I believe the Rangers will lock up Henrik Lundqvist before he gets to arbitration. I believe they will re-sign Brendan Shanahan, and in due time, Sean Avery and Marcel Hossa. I believe that the Rangers re-signed Jason Strudwick because there’s the chance Marek Malik or Paul Mara will be elsewhere when training camp starts.
  • Here’s what I know: Reggie Bergholtz shot a 67 in the first round of the Westchester Open. That’s where I was today, which is why I don’t know more about hockey. Tragic, isn’t it?

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    1. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Another wasted day….

      Something….Anything…needs to happen…Im sick of thinking were Souray will end up…And if Shanny and Hoss will be back…

      Ugh…I hate these days….

    2. The mac and cheese and Adam Hall analogy is really among your best, Sam. It shows that this Rangers hockey thing, it owns your ass, when you can make analogies between ordinary events in life like wolfing down mac and cheese and poor management decisions by the Rangers without even a moment’s hesitation. It just comes to you on the fly, the journalistsic equivalent of an improvised jazz riff or a hip-hop rhyme. Though for some reason I can’t see you throwing down a good rap, Sam…

    3. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


      Fedoruk signed with the Stars….So that basically means Simon goes to flyers…

      Fedoruk wasnt prepared to see Orr 8 times a year…

      Now he’ll see Boogaard a few times….There’s no escaping for him…

      And Aaron Miller goes to the Nucks

    4. I agree with you Sam, I don’t see Souray signing or the rangers signing Souray. All this souray stuff is nothing but rumors because there is nothing else to talk about. I also think that in due time lundvist, shanahan, avery and hossa will be signed by the rangers.

    5. This sentence, from the article on Guerin’s C, is still amazing. Just hilarious:

      “[The Islanders] are set in goal, with Rick DiPietro under contract for the next 14 seasons.”

    6. I dont know about you but i’d take offense if my writing

      was compared to hip hop …

      you shoulda stopped at the jazz riff dude

    7. Bill,
      The analogy is that “it seemed like a good idea at that time”
      which we all know when it came to adam hall turned out to be a bust.

    8. I had some Easy Mac myself for lunch today. It’s probably the most disgusting thing ever to look at as you’re making it, but tastes pretty damn good overall.

    9. My friend from work and I are huge NYR fans. On his flight to San Jose, CA he noticed Marek Malik. Maybe he’s checking out the scene and fans of the Sharks or maybe just enjoying the nearby vineyards?

    10. LOL. The heat is getting to Sam I see. Sam- was it traditional Blue Box Mac and Cheese or was it a baked home made type? I ask because in Hall I thought we had the home made type and he wasn’t even blue box…he was more like that store brand box with the dust on it that no one buys..

    11. Leisure Suit Larry on



      this lineup would have a good chance to win the Cup because it is balanced, physical and has scoring on every line. Avery-Lundqvist-Bourret line agitates and is very fast and very physical and can score. Byers/Hollweg-Dubinsky-Moore line has much more versatility than what we had in the past, they will hit, grind, kill penalties and chip in some goals. Prucha-Gomez-Callahan with Gomez centering them they both will have a great chance to be 40 goal scorers, I think he will complement them perfectly. Drury-Straka-Jagr Drury takes faceoffs, Straka distributes the puck and carries it in, sure beats Hossa.

    12. Guerin: perfect fishstick fodder. He’s at the tail end of a rapidly sinking career. He’s a money-hungry whinner. And now he’s their captain; exactly the man who should be Yashin’s heir apparent.

      Peter(from previous thread) – The organization is high on Cullen, from what I’ve read. They like his grit, leadership, yaddada yaddada. Frankly, I’d trade him for York in a New York minute. But I think Maloney signed York because he knows what a bargain he’ll be, not ’cause he wants Cullen.

      Sam – Thanks for dispelling some of these Souray rumors. They’re a bunch of crap and don’t make any sense whatsoever.

      Souray is NOT going to take a paycut to come play with a pair of guys now making $7 million per. Ludicrous. And the Rangers are not going to give him a multi-year, when Slats already put his jock out on the line with the year’s two biggest signings(and when he has a veritable stable of able-boddied blueliners in Hartford). Nope, not going to happen, so just stop penning him into your lines.

      Moves? They’re going to sign the players left out there, then wait for camp to make the next move. That’s my prediction and I’m standing by it.

    13. Leisure Suit Larry on

      “Eklund has reported Devils signed Vishnevski for 3 years.”

      If true, that means our mighty captain will sit out with a “groin injury” each time we play the Devils, not only does Pandolfo stop him from scoring, but Vishnevsky and Zubrus will be looking to cause him major pain.

    14. Breaking News: Eklund is reporting that Sheldon Souray is confirmed to sign with an NHL team.


    15. I have feeling one of the FA’s are signed but the media is not aware and it is being kept inside the Rangers organization

    16. For the poll, since it seems to be the topic of most real substance that we are talking about, I suggest asking who we think is most likely not on the Rangers roster/Rangers sytem by opening day 2007. Your *five* choices: Malik, Mara, Cullen, Hossa, Prucha. Nothing against a couple of those guys, but these are the ones being most discussed and seemingly most likely. Maybe throw in Pöck or Hollweg, but there hasn’t been much buzz about those two.

      I agree with Peter from the last blog post that Drury will be the next captain; it’s a lock. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him with an “A” this season instead of Straka.

      ORR – I love your updates on the fighters in the league since I don’t know as much about some of them. Keep it coming! Better than

    17. I agree with Brandon, maybe we should make the poll: “Apart from Marek Malik who would you least like to see wearing Ranger Blue on opening day?” Hossa, Cullen, Mara, Pock, Shanahan, Avery, Hollweg, Betts,…..Souray?

    18. From Brooks today:

      The Rangers and Brendan Shanahan are on the verge of completing a one-year deal, with the club seeking league approval on the structure of the bonuses that will be included in the 38-year-old winger’s contract, The Post has learned.
      It is believed that Shanahan, who told The Post on June 20 he would work with the Blueshirts in order to grant the team as much cap maneuverability as possible, will sign for a base of approximately $2.5M with an additional $1.5-2.5M in readily attainable bonuses.
      “Glen [Sather] has been really good in communicating with me while he was dealing with the [Henrik Lundqvist and Sean Avery] arbitration issues,” Shanahan told The Post on Saturday. “I said all along I had no desire to test the market or accept other offers.”

      So either Lundquist is truly being taken to arbitration or they will be trading Mara or Malik to free up space to sign Hank long-term…

    19. In regards to Peter’s post, can we now finally stop speculating that Shanny will sign somewhere else? How many times does he need to say he has no desire to play anywhere else?

      For the poll, how about a prospect question. Something like, “Which of these prospects will have the best career in a Ranger uniform?” The choices can be something like Staal, Cherepanov, Sanguinetti, and Sauer.

      Another option is a history one, asking fans what they think the best trade we ever made is, and/or the worst. I think best is clearly obvious though: some guy named Messier.

    20. Why does Drury need the “A” in 07-08. The guy is a recognized leader and winner. All that would do is piss off JJ and Straks.

    21. I second NJ Marks’ idea for a new poll – which prospect will have the best career, or which one will make the team this year.

    22. Worst trade ever:

      Rangers trade,
      Ray Ferraro
      Nathan Lafayette
      Mattias Norstrom
      Ian Lapierre

      to the LA Kings for

      Jari Kurri
      Marty McSorely
      Shane Churla (though he did fight on his very first shift against Montreal)

      Without Ferraro they had no 2nd line center, Norstrom went on to be a great dman all traded for guys that left that summer…

    23. Sam,

      Regarding Sheldon Souray, what are your thoughts about Sheldon possibly waiting to see what happens with the Rangers arbitrations? If the Rangers can save some money on Hossa and Avery might there be enough room under the cap for a 1 or 2 year deal for Souray?? Souray would want to be a part of a potential winner based on the recent acquisitions.

      I agree that Henry will sign before arbitration.

      Anyone else have thoughts on this??

    24. Can we also stop talking about Souray. The guy wants to much money for two many years. The rangers are not going to sign souray.

    25. Harvey 20: I agree, worst trade ever. I liked Churla a lot, he was tough as nails and whipped Peluso at MSG once. But that’s not enough to make up for Ferraro and Norstrom.

      The Kevin Hatcher deal is up there too. I don’t remember them giving up much, if anything, but he was awful.

      I’m not old enough to remember (born in ’79), but I hear trading Jean Ratelle was really bad too.

    26. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Rangers have barely any cap space. As it stands, if they plan on locking Hank up long term at $5 million per, they’ve got $2 million left (after Shanny) to pay Avery and that’s it. So if Souray is coming here, other people are leaving, the short list of whom would include two of the following: Malik, Mara, and Cullen. Otherwise Souray is headed elsewhere. If the Rangers decide instead to let an arbitrator award Hank $3 million, then they could consider trading only one of those three (and obviously it would be Mara or Malik, or possibly both to clear cap space).

      Frankly, I tend to think Souray is not coming here – he could get much better deals elsewhere – and Mara is gonna be traded to open up space to sign Hossa and have a few million bucks of breathing room.

    27. Here’s another idea for a poll:

      “Who was the better hockey player from the University of New Hampshire: Sam Weinman or Jason Krog”

      Sorry Sam, couldn’t resist :)

    28. Ana – I don’t want to see them in away uniforms either. But looks like you and I are in the minority when it comes to Souray.

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