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You’re right, I promised another update last night and it never came. This would be especially disappointing if I had more news to pass along, but “Henrik Lundqvist to salary arbitration”: proved to be the only real story of the day.


Still on the table is a new contract for Brendan Shanahan, but according “to one report”:, Glen Sather hasn’t even returned a phone call to the player’s agent, Rick Curran.

This could simply bea reflection of the Rangers boss being preoccupied with the Lundqvist situation, but I go back to my initial reaction that Shanahan’s admission that he only wanted to play for the Rangers takes some of the urgency away from his re-signing.

In other news, I’ll be out all day today pursuing my own version of athletic glory(i.e. a tennis tourney in which my older brother and I look to avoid being bounced in the first round), but the esteemed Josh Thomson will be monitoring things in my place.

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  1. Waiting is a difficult game. The news about Slats not contacting Shanny’s agent is still troublesome.

    Somebody wake Josh up, charge his cell and laptop batteries, make him some pancakes and OJ…We need him wide eyed and on the ball today!!! ;)

  2. a casual observer on

    IMO We will sign Hank to a looong contract within the next year, have no fear. He won’t be bitter or hold a grudge, I’m sure Sather himself told Hank and his agent why we are taking this route. Next season we lose 3 or 4 major contracts. Plenty of ca$h will be available for the king. The upside is we will have to rely more on our young talent next year.

  3. Somebody posted on another site the following amusing tale:

    Lundqvist’s agent will point out what Henrik’s G.A.A. and Save % would be if Malik didn’t score on him every other game, complete with detailed analysis and statistics…basically he will argue that Malik’s ice time (about 25 minutes a night) should be counted as if it was a 5-on-4 situation against Henrik, which means that in reality Henrik faces about 35-40 minutes of “PK time” each game…that will be a huge blow to Sather at the arbitration hearing…and if Henrik’s agent has video ready of all the goals that Malik has been responsible for in general (turnovers, bad passes, “foot speed issues” as Renney would say, etc.) it will ensure that Lundqvist will walk away from the hearing as the highest-paid goalie in NHL history.

  4. The Rangers will probablycounter that with the point that, while he has been great for them,he’s only been in the league for 2 years,and doesn’t warrant getting paid as an elite goalie. The arbitrator will take both sides into consideration,and come up with a figure somewhere in the middle.

  5. Seeing as how the arbitration hearings take place in late July and throughout August,I guess there won’t be much activity,except for daily updates on the Hank situation,followed by their efforts to get deals done for Avery and Hossa(if he’s a lynchpin to getting the others done,let him go,IMO).Conceivably,Shanny might be waiting in the wings til all that is sorted out.Seems a bit unfair to him,no? Since he wants to stay,though,I guess he’ll wait.

  6. I am one that thinks and hopes that this won’t even reach arbitration and that it was simply a move to protect him from poachers.

    One has to think that is where Sather’s head is. I can’t imagine him thinking he can get Lundqvist for some massively cheap contract via arbitration — and even if he DID manage to do it, it might damage their player/management relationship.

    In the end, I think he’s signed within the next 2 weeks and avoids arbitration.

  7. Agreed. I think this just buys them more negotiating time,without having to worry about him being signed to an offer sheet

  8. Well if today is supposidly the luckiest day on earth, we’ll get everyone signed today, or maybe just Hank.

    Lennynyr, that was hilarious. It wouldn’t happen, but it was quite amusing for the time being.

  9. Lundqvist will be signed and I don’t believe that they will get to the arbitration hearing. Lundqvist belongs here. I just renewed my season tickts and I am looking forward to this year. I can’t wait until October.

    On another note: Anyone else get the feeling Hossa and Malik are done in NY? Could be making room for another defensemen who has yet to sign with anyone.

  10. Everyone’s just has to relax already and not panic over Henrik and others being signed.

    While Sather has done some idiotic things in the past, he’s proven this year to be smart, cunning and extremely low-key and quiet while planning our newest draft pics and acquisitions in the FA market.

    Lundqvist WILL get locked up very soon to a long term contract and this move according to most hockey insiders was just made to buy the Rangers some extra time in negotiating without the likes of Kevin Lowe trying to mess with us.

    All will be well soon again in Rangerland!

  11. Robby Bonfire on

    So how was Malik, if he is so terrible – BY FAR – the Rangers BEST + / – D during the regular season? You know, being on the ice when Rangers goals are being scored at even strength, and NOT being on the ice when opposition goals ARE being scored at even strength. Better than Rozival, Tyutin, Mara, Pock, Rachunek, Girardi, and of course the Strudwick, Kasparaitis, Ozone crowd. Tell me – you cheap shot artists – if Malik is sooooo bad, why are the others WORSE when it comes to the one really fair test in a hockey game – even strength?

    And by the way, on this deflecting of pucks into one’s own net – one of the greatest D’s of all time, Hall of Famer Doug Harvey, deflected a shot behing Jacques Plante, into his own net, which cost the Montreal Canadiens the Stanley Cup, way back when. That’s right, it happens to even the best D’s to ever play the game. It’s a part of the game.

    You look at a man’s overall contribution, not just a couple glaring mistakes, if you are honest and objective. But that is asking a lot from the frothing at the mouth, Malik haters in here, I notice.

  12. I agree. I don’t hate Malik. But if he could let Henke deal with shots without being screened by his own dman he will stop them. There is no point in Malik trying to deflect shots in front of Henke as he tends to do…..alot. And second, he really really needs to stop clearing up the middle. I mean they teach you that in pee wee hockey. Other than that he is a pretty solid dman. No he is not a physical presence although we wish he would be with his size but he has other strengths. The guy makes some pretty great outlet passes that end up in scoring chances. People are always looking for a guy to beat on. Some night the whole team just isn’t on the same page. Yes, he does make his mistakes but so do a lot of the players on the team. If he was scoring goals like Souray, people wouldn’t care about the occasional give away.

  13. Robbi wrote: Robby Bonfire July 7th, 2007 at 12:31 pm
    So how was Malik, if he is so terrible – BY FAR – the Rangers BEST + / – D during the regular season? >>>

    I’m not sure where to begin on this one. Did you watch many games? What do you think his plus/minus would be if EVERY goal scored when he was in the box for a lazy, slow footed hooking call were added in?

    He made Lundqvst work really hard; far more than he should have. I don’t think I have ever seen a consistently worse defenseman ever don a Ranger jersey. It was never the “ocassional” give away. It was as if Malik REFUSED to clear the puck to the sides, as 7 year olds are taught to.

    The fans were very hard on Malik for his terrible play. 15,000 people —15,000 educated New York fans. Renney responded by giving him the “A” immediately following. New age ******* to me. Not old fashioned hockey coaching.

    The only thing worse than Malik himself is the salary he is paid. I could not even imagine what it must have been like to be Tomas Pock and told to sit in the stands and “watch and learn” as Malik played 25+ minutes per game. It must have been maddening. Staal impressed me in camp last year and could have played. ANYONE would have been better than Malik.

  14. In no way am I saying that I am a HUGE fan of Malik. I’d love to see Pock take over for him. But I just don’t hate the guy as much as others seem to hate him.

  15. To compare malik to Doug Harvey because of one isolated incident in a Stanley cup game is ridiculous. I don’t know Malik personally or do I hate the guy but I don’t want him on this team anymore. The reason why is because he cost the rangers not one game but one too many games. One game that comes to mind was the buffalo playoff game in buffalo where the rangers out played buffalo until Malik made a stupid blind pass to a buffalo defenseman who then proceeded to take a slap shot and scored. That changed the whole momentum of the game and the rangers lost. I have seen enough of Malik and his blind passes to the slot and point in the ranger’s defensive zone, not to mention he has a great knack of deflecting the puck. Unfortunately it is when he is in front of Lundvist.

  16. That was a horrific pass, but it was fully intended for Nylander who stood there and watched the whole thing transpire. And that’s who Renney was PO’ed at. Malik tried to make what he thought was the best play, and Nylander was basically asleep in the defeensive zone as usual. Malik suffers from several things, the most problematic of them with Garden fans NOT being his giveaways but his being a very big defenseman who never throws a hit. He doesn’t have to throw hits to be effective and in fact does many things, including poke check and first pass out of the zone, so fundamentally well that nobody notices it. But to me the biggest reason he should be traded is for his own good and the good of the team, not so much interms of his play but more in terms of the fact that he’s Boo’ed so much it’s bad for him and probably has a negative impact on the team.

  17. Robby Bonfire on

    I did NOT compare Malik with Doug Harvey. Extremely poor “deflection” on your part. LOL.

    The contrast between Malik and Souray could not be more clear and definitive: Malik plays defense, Souray does not; Souray scores (albeit, mostly in power play advantage situations, not at even strength), whereas Malik is not noted for his scoring, to be kind about it.

  18. Robby Bonfire on

    SEAMUS: You somehow missed Ozone’s default play in the 2006 playoffs? You missed Mara “The Space Cadet” sending in an absentee ballot vs. Buffalo this year? You also obviously don’t remember Roman Endur, or the human sieve, Arnie Brown, from yesteryear.

    Malik the worst Ranger D of all time? I appreciate exaggeration to make a point, and will do it myself, on occasion, but really!

  19. Robby Bonfire on

    Give you a little anecdote regarding Arnie Brown, certifiably the WORST defenseman on any team since Neanaderthal man was playing shinny. One night I attended a game at the Garden between the Rangers and the Canadiens. Well, this particular game may have been the worst game ever, by the worst Ranger D, ever. Even so, it was close and competitive, with Montreal winning, 2-1. As the crowd was filing out of the Garden into the lobby, one extroverted New Yorker, in a booming voice for the benefit of everyone withing five miles of the Garden, entertained the rest of us with the commentary: FINAL SCORE – ARNIE BROWN 2, RANGERS 1!

  20. Its funny Malik’s name is dropped on this site more than any other player…i’ll miss him when he’s gone…who will be the next scapegoat…i’m thinking Mara…

    List of all time great Rangers scapegoats

    Bruce Driver
    Valeri Kamensky
    Tom Poti
    Sandis Ozalinch (sp?)
    Marek Malik….whose next…

  21. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Its gonna be Blair Betts or Ryan Hollweg….

    For me its Hollywood cause he stole Orty’s spot on the team…Damn him

  22. just so everyone knows I wrote that paragraph (in Dellapina’s comments section) that lennynyr posted here as a joke, just in case anyone skims it real quick and thinks it’s serious…this paragraph…

    “Lundqvist’s agent will point out what Henrik’s G.A.A. and Save % would be if Malik didn’t score on him every other game, complete with detailed analysis and statistics…basically he will argue that Malik’s ice time (about 25 minutes a night) should be counted as if it was a 5-on-4 situation against Henrik, which means that in reality Henrik faces about 35-40 minutes of “PK timeâ€? each game…that will be a huge blow to Sather at the arbitration hearing…and if Henrik’s agent has video ready of all the goals that Malik has been responsible for in general (turnovers, bad passes, “foot speed issuesâ€? as Renney would say, etc.) it will ensure that Lundqvist will walk away from the hearing as the highest-paid goalie in NHL history.”

  23. a casual observer on

    Malik was on the ice with Jagr,Straka and Nylander for ALMOST EVERY Shift!! How the hell do you NOT have a great plus/minus! He is way too slow for the new NHL. Look at the penalties he took last year. I think he is a great guy(very funny from what I hear), but I think he can be replaced for much less money. Money is a bit of an issue with the cap. Maybe Robby Bonfire can pay his salary this year since he is so high on him. :)

  24. a casual observer on

    By the way, the next scapegoat will be…….(drumroll please)……..Marcel Hossa, if he stays, otherwise it will be Mara.

  25. Marcel Hossa? Hossa was great last year until he got hurt. He scored some goals in the playoffs last year. Why the hatin’ on Hossa?

  26. Cause if it means sacrificing Hossa to get Hank,Avery and Shanny signed,so be it

  27. Ugh,these are all moot points. We all know these guys will be signed EVENTUALLY. What concerns me is the lack of a true defensive presence on this team a stay-at-home d-man,which they’ve lacked for years. Some of you will say,”oh,the defense was fine last year” Well,this year,fine won’t cut it,not when this is their chance to win the cup. Unless Sather pulls a rabbit or 2 outta his hat,while keeping the cap in place,it’s gonna take some real magic on his part. Now that I sit here and actually contemoplate exactly what’s going on here,I as a Ranger fan am nervous. It might be double talk on my part,but not all is hunky dory in Rangerland.

  28. I agree with NYRchick.

    I’m pumped about Drury and Gomez, I’m pumped about this season and I’m sure we’ll sign Avery, Shanny and of course Hank.

    But I’d love to see the latter have a bit more help. The guy should be posting more shutouts than he is… game 5 vs. the Sabres more specifically.

    We need a better defense to have a real shot at winning it all.

  29. You guys are all crazy right now. You are so knotted in heated discussion, who should be signed, who not etc.or even more who is the next scapegoat for the Rangers..


    It is summer right now. You should think about something different probably making holiday lying on a beach, go swimming or golfing and loading up your energy for september when training camp opens. It will be a very hot and difficult season for the Rangers organization and even for their fans, so it is time now to relax. Allow GM and the coach all taking care about player stuff etc….

    And also you guys should allow Mr. Weinman a little bit of break to play a little bit of golf or tennis in order to load up his batteries for the marathon of blogging all season long….

    Let me say this finally…

    IT IS TIME TO RELAX !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. People hate on Hossa because he stinks. Notice how he only started producing when he played with Jagr and Nylander. You could put anyone with those 2 and they’d put up points. Hossa is never going to amount to anything and he’s taking a roster spot away from a kid who can be a big-time goal scorer. Take Nigel Dawes for example. If you put a guy like Nigel Dawes – someone who has scored a lot of goals at every level he has played at – with Jagr and Gomez, he’s going to score around 30 goals.

    I don’t mean to put anyone on this Blog down, but sometimes I really don’t understand some of these comments. I’ve read comments somewhere along the line that Betts, Hossa, and Malik are quality players. This is just insane. Betts is not good. He’s slow, he’s not good on face-offs (check the numbers people, he’s not), and he has hands of stone. He’s a decent penalty killer – I’ll give you that one, but you’re telling me that Brandon Dubinsky can’t do the same exact thing? Dubi may actually contribute offensively as well. Dubi has potential. Betts has none.

    As far as Malik goes, whoever posted that comment about his +/- obviously hasn’t watched enough games. The worst thing about Malik is that he doesn’t play the body. That means that you have a 7 foot guy with a 6 foot stick standing in front of the goalie. This is exactly why Malik deflected so many pucks in last year. What he should be doing is taking the body. If he doesn’t, he hurts you. And to reiterate a point that someone else made, the only reason Malik has a high +/- is because he plays a ton with the top unit who played a puck possession game. If the other team doesn’t have the puck, then they can’t score. It’s really easy to stand at the blue line when Jagr et al are skating around in circles. But when it’s time to play D, forget it. Baranka be playing.

    My lines (for whatever its worth):

    Jagr Gomez Prucha/Dawes
    Shanny Drury Dawes/Prucha
    Cally Cullen Avery
    Straka Dubi Bourret

    (that gives us 4 lines we can actually play)

    scratch: Orr, Hollweg

    (trade Straka, Hossa, Betts)

    D: (in no particular order)

    Staal, Tyutin, Girardi, Baranka, Rosi, Pock, Struds

    (trade Mara, Malik)

  31. Seamus O Riley
    July 7th, 2007 at 12:53 pm
    Robbi wrote: Robby Bonfire July 7th, 2007 at 12:31 pm
    So how was Malik, if he is so terrible – BY FAR – the Rangers BEST + / – D during the regular season? >>>

    I’m not sure where to begin on this one. Did you watch many games? What do you think his plus/minus would be if EVERY goal scored when he was in the box for a lazy, slow footed hooking call were added in?

    He made Lundqvst work really hard; far more than he should have. I don’t think I have ever seen a consistently worse defenseman ever don a Ranger jersey. It was never the “ocassional� give away. It was as if Malik REFUSED to clear the puck to the sides, as 7 year olds are taught to.

    The fans were very hard on Malik for his terrible play. 15,000 people—-15,000 educated New York fans. Renney responded by giving him the “A� immediately following. New age ******* to me. Not old fashioned hockey coaching.

    The only thing worse than Malik himself is the salary he is paid. I could not even imagine what it must have been like to be Tomas Pock and told to sit in the stands and “watch and learn� as Malik played 25+ minutes per game. It must have been maddening. Staal impressed me in camp last year and could have played. ANYONE would have been better than Malik
    I couldnt of said it better myself well done Seamus

  32. Robby Bonfire: I’ve seen enough of malik, get him out of here but I also don’t want to see the rangers sign Souray either. Souray is 31 and can’t play defense and is going to want to much money, we don’t need him either. The rangers need a big defenseman who can bang the body and actually play defense and drop the gloves every once in a while.

  33. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    What the hell is wrong with all of the NYR fans bitching about Straka…Leave him alone already….I dont mean to be an asshole…but take our head outta your ass…and remember that he was our best player on the team when Jagr was having a tough time…and Shanny was getting zero chances…him and Nylander were our best…

    Now that doesnt mean Straka is an All Star…But it means when we needed him he was there…then unfortunetly he was injured….apparently it was a tough injury….and he played through it as much as he could…When he came back…He didnt produce as much…But the effort was there…unless my eyes diseived me…he knotched a few assists in the playoffs before scoring a huge goal which most forget since the end of the game was an eventual bitter end to the playoffs…With that….I like Straka…i think he has skill left in him…and with Jagr’s speed…Gomez’ speed…and Straks’ speed…thats gonna be a fast 1st line….Hopefully Straks can stay healthy….

    I do agree how ever…that he should have sat out those games to give someone a chance…

    But oh man..Nigel Friggin Dawes…hes the answer…why does everyone think this kid is a 50 goal scorer and should be playing with Jagr…He’s at best a 3rd liner..possibly 4th liner…he didnt do that great in the playoff game with Shanny…so cleary he doesnt fit well with hall of famers….in his brief 20 + games he played…he looked lost…But thats my opinion…

    There’s guys who can do a little more then Dawes…


    I completely agree with you…NYR needs to get a stay at home D man….Except isnt that what Staal is..I remember him saying that he’s a pure defensive d man…But i know what you mean….Better safe then sorry…But who else is left on the market who can take that role…unless we trade…

    Also Betts can be replaced by Dubi…I think the kid can be part of a tough 4th line if you put him in….And god…Get Malik and Hollweg off his friggin team now…those two wont help us win the cup…

    And call me crazy…but im happy Strud’s is on the team…I think he’s a better replacement for Malik if were not going after and other d man,…I like Pock…but its either play him or trade him….

    Also i agree with Koala….instead of bitching and moaning….We should all take this time to relaz until NYR makes there next move….Everything will be alright im guessing…We’ll re sign our big 3 and Hoss….I dont know…he will be with the devils…

    Apparently they like our trash

  34. Save the energy guys as it was proclaimed with these nine concerts all around the world today, it will be time to make peace and have a very relaxed night….

    You guys are like Orr said, bitching and moaning all the time and your honcho is playing tennis with his brother and isn´t thinking Rangers not for a minute…

    Well, I am getting tired and as it common sense with the Koalas I will enjoy a good twenty hours sleep and dreaming what will happen when the season starts in October….

  35. DanTheRangerFan on

    What an idiot Straka on the 4th line??? With DAWES on the first or second??? Some of you guys are smoking some strong stuff around here….I laugh everyday im on here..Like many others have said its time to RELAX….peace

  36. George Costanza on

    Buffalo Scoooooooooore Chris Druuuuuuuuuuuuuury who else who else

    Sorry but im happy about dru

  37. I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that Staal will be this generation’s Chris Pronger. I don’t think that we need to sign another D-man at the moment, since whatever holes that may surface due to injury or any other circumstance can be filled with a player from Hartford.

  38. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    You could be right…..These Staal’s are all great so far….Eric and Jordan…The only thing that gets me nervous is….Eric and Jordan are fowards…This is the first and only Staal to be a d man…and thats a big responsibility being a d man…But there is a possibility he can be another Pronger….God knows we can use one of those…

    Also if injury happens we have Pock or Struds…who ever is the 7th d man…Also Sauer and Sanguinetti if there in Hartofrd…And Baranka…Liffiton…

    We have options….

  39. Mr. Sleepless on

    Oh man I don´t want to hear about relaxation and peace, I want chaos, action, discussion and havoc

    I cant sleep tonight without knowing if

    -they can sign Henrik to multi year deal
    -they can get Shanny, Hossa, Avery resigned without exceeding the cap
    -they can acquire another steady defenseman
    -they can have a good backup for next season, Valiquette or Montoya
    -who will be next years center for the topline of Straka and Jagr eiter Drury or Gomez…

    Oh man, can´t probably sleep tonight without the help of Sam, the Honcho..!!!!

    Every help is wanted and dearly appreciated…

  40. Orr- He has to be pretty good considering the accomplishments of the guys he has grown with and practiced stopping his entire life. I bet he can shut his brothers down 1-2-3. Someone in the family had to play defensively when they played on the frozen ponds

  41. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    It’ll be Gomer with Jags and Straks….

    I just realized…its funny when you think about it…Jags punched Gomer in the playoffs in 05 -06 and seperated his shoulder….Then Jags attacked Avery from behind causing Avery to do the world funniest dive…Now there both on our team….Jags should go punch Marian Hossa…

    GO NYR

    You got a point…Im anxious to see who gets the final Staal……Supposedly he’s the best…..It will be exactly a year from now till that happens…

  42. Robby Bonfire on

    Responding to A CASUAL OBSERVER: STRAKA had the WORST + /-, by direct, game by game comparison, which I do, with ALL OTHER Ranger forwards! Anyone being on the ice with Straka is not getting any favors, and that includes Malik. Straka is invisible on backchecking, and a physical-game zero. He held up Jagr’s production, quite a bit, accordingly. Thank you.

    Going into this off-season, I had a list of five Rangers I would like to see EX-RANGER, next to their names. Two are gone, those being our favorite goaltender / stand-up comedian, EX- RANGER Weekes, and EX-RANGER Nylander, on age, and due to the fact that he absolutely peaked in 2007, and may not approch that level, again. Salary factored in with Nylander, too.

    Straka, Mara, and Shanahan – coming up on 39, now, are the other three I would just summarily move along. My thinking is that these players (well, one player and two imposters) will not be here when we win a Cup, quite possibly in the next 3-4 years, so let’s get the CUP roster pieces in place – RIGHT NOW – as many as we can this year. This is called looking beyond “What’s for dinner, Hon,” in implementing near-term SUCCESS for this hockey club

  43. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    i started hating Malik in 05 – 06 at the olympics….Ruutu through a dirty hit at Jags…and straka jumped on him and stuck up for his buddy…Malik stood there like he didnt know the guy…..It might be a small thing to some but to me i take that personally…just like when Betts didnt make an attempt to avenge hollweg after Simon jason vorhees’d him….

    Thats what i never understood with Nylander…he never got into scrums….try to help out his teamates…he always slated away….i hate that

  44. If we don’t sign Henrik to a long term deal this year, it’s not the end of the world. We have a TON of expiring contracts after this season: Malik, Mara, Straka (may be back), Shanny (retire?), and Rozy (will probably be re-signed though). Lets assume that Malik and Mara will not be back. That’s $5.5 million right there. Then lets say Henrik makes $5 million this year. That means we can sign him to a long term deal next year for $7-8 million a year next year with those guys gone, and replace Malik and Mara with Staal (he’ll definitely be ready by next year, if not this year) and Sauer possibly.

    Lundqvist will be a Ranger long term, I guarantee it. Sather will never let him go. And this could be a good thing: maybe it motivates Henrik to take his game to yet another level. Scary thought for the rest of the league.

  45. Orr -agree with you on Straka. Guy plays with a lot of heart and unlike what Robby B said comes back on d – which is something Shanny and co missed in game 6 vs Buffalo when Dawes played on that line. He’s a solid 2 way player and as said above scored what should have been the game winning goal vs Buffalo in game 5.

    NJ Mark – if some d men leave after this yr but you have to factor in their replacements as well as salary increases for others (example Tyutin and Rozy will get increases if they remain – if not someone will be signed for decent bucks)

    someone mentioned Sanguinetti in Hartford – can’t happen – its either the Rangers or juniors.

    We need a better backup goalie than Valiquette or Henrik will wind up playing too many games at 70+

  46. george Costanza on

    You betta be fuckin kidding orr, domt joke around like that thats fucked uup dog

  47. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Take it easy George……..

    Its a rumor…on

    Its obviously BS

    Its either NYR or retirement for shanny……hopefuly he has more then 1 season left in him

  48. ORR: I was by no means bitching about Straka. I happen to really like Straka. He’s fast, he’s one of the few Europeans who plays defense and he can be a good PK. I put him down there so our team can have a 4 line attack. That gives us 4 balanced lines that can score. As far as Dawes goes, I never said he’d score 50 goals, I said he’d score 30. Check Dawes’ minor stats, he’s a natural scorer. He’s scored more goals playing in the minors than a lot of other great NHLers. Put him with some playmakers and let’s see what this kid can do.

    DanTheRangerFan: I knew I’d get at least one unintelligible flame. As I said, I put him down there so that we can have a balanced attack.

    Believe or not, there is going to come a day when Jagr, Straka, and Shanny are no longer here. The only way we can have replacements for them is by playing our young kids a lot and in big situations. I’m tired of watching other teams develop talent; we seem to be moving in the right direction. We’ve got to take the transition one step further than last year. We should have Dawes, Dubi, Staal, Baranka, and Bourret and maybe even Korpi playing with the team.


  49. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Im not necessarily talking about you…alot of people talk crap about him saying hes worthless….

    On the other hand…i do agree with you about playing the kids…but Dawes is not one of them…He had his chance to do something and he didnt do it….

    Also you say “put him with playmakers and see what he can do”….The last thing we need right now is another hossa…another guy who can ONLY play with great hockey players…

    There are kids i wanna see get there shot….Most of all Staal….But now that he will be playing…I cant wait to see Cherepanov play when he comes here…also Ansimov….Korpikoski….etc…Bourett…i dont know…i hear this kid is part of bust town…but that doesnt mean he shouldnt get a shot.

    But Dawes and Immonen got there shot and they blew it….Cally got his shot and he did great and now he’s on the team…same with Prucha…Giardi…etc.

  50. lawn – I’ll settle for 1 cup. The players you mentioned hardly compare to what Pitt for example has. A team needs a fairly healthy mix of youth and vets. Adding 6 rookies at one time is quite a bit of overkill.

  51. I hear ya LI Joe, but you replace those guys with players not making as much money. And yes, I do realize Tyutin and Rozy will up for new contracts too. That leads me to my next statement: because of the cap, this team will have to make some decisions at some point and cut ties with a player or two they would probably like to keep. This is what the cap does. It’s so tough to predict the future. Perhaps Staal is the real deal right away, and we let Rozy walk. Perhaps we don’t re-sign Straka next year. Perhaps we don’t re-sign Hossa this year. Perhaps we trade a Tyutin, or a Prucha, someone we wouldn’t want to get rid of. Who knows, but all I know is there is NO WAY Sather lets the franchise player in Henrik walk.

    Something else to keep in mind: the cap will probably keep increasing each year. Maybe Sather counts on Henrik making $5 million this year, and the cap goes up $2.5 million next season. There’s the $7 – $8 million going to Henrik.

  52. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    You said it perfectly….Thats what will happen….And as painful as it sounds…eventually it happens….

    I really dont understand what the problem is here….Hank would never screw NYR…if someone pulled a Lowe on him and tried to steal him from us…he’d deny any offer sheet….He’s not a greedy…guy….we’ll lock him up this season…and then we’ll get him long term…either way…he wont go anywhere but back home to Ny…

    The only thing that worries me about Hank…is….he blocks to many shots with his head….i dont want that to hurt him some where down the line…id rather give up an arm to see Lundqvist get injured….

    Ill never forget that game….against the Flyers…my heart was about to explode…Shanny’s head collides with Knuble…Malik’s shoulder gets injured…Ward sprains his rist…Jagr gets elbowed in the face and into the boards…and Hank hurts his arm from Sandersons shot….god that was a shitty game…I never wanna witness something like that again….except the whole Malik getting hurt thing…just kidding…..i think

  53. NJ Mark – I have a feeling the cap will stay flat or go slightly down. Some teams revenues like Nashville and the NYI will be down. The only way the league can keep increasing revenues is to keep increasing ticket prices – yes the Rangers can do it but for others it will not be easy. And national tv revenues are certainly not increasing. And yes Staal can be one of 6 dmen but only one. We’ll still need guys like Rozy and Tyutin (and thats assuming Mara and Malik leave).

  54. ORR-If Henrik got a 50 mill offer sheet, I think he would be on the next flight to wherever it came from. I honestly could not blame him. Its his job and he has the right pursue oppurtunities that are in his best interest. You have to remember it is not just a game ot the players, its their living. I know what he said but that is almost too much money to turn down. If you were in his shoes, you would sign the offer sheet and probably wouldnt care where it was from. (With the one MAJOR exception of the Mausoleum)You would be set for life

  55. Sam –

    I have to admit the hockeybuzz rumor on Shanny to Habs is making me a bit nervous. I believe Shanny wants to come back but his pride can only go so far before he considers Sather ignoring him too insulting. Is there any update on Shanny’s deal? Sather can’t possibly keep him waiting till the arbitration hearings are over. Glen get this done right now. Jagr was Captain the way Gretzky was on the Oilers – but Shanny is the Messier-like emotional leader. Just let Hossa walk right now and immediately give that money to Shanny. I’ll even let Avery walk before we lose Shanny.

  56. ORR: I’ve heard the same thing and I feel like Dawes might be packaged with Malik so that someone will take on the salary. But i dont think Dawes has gotten a fair shot yet. I think he’s only played like 10 games and 8 of them were when we still had a line of Betts Hossa and Ward!

    I too am really excited about our future though. We have good problems here….

  57. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Dont believe the garbage at

    Shanny clearly said its either NYR or retirement…he would have never leaved DET if he knew he wouldnt end his career as a ranger….Dont get bent outta shape over this…Theres absoltely no need to worry…Shanny will be here this coming season…Cant wait….

  58. Shanny is great but honestly id rather keep avery and hossa because shanny is doen after this year hes 37 or 38 already hossa could end up like his brother and avery is another tikkanen

  59. FYO

    My website is not garbage. I have reliable sources, if you dont wanna believe me then thats ok. I really dont care how anyone takes it. Ranger fans were leaving comments to me that this blog talks alot of garbage about my site. All i can say is, if you dont believe it, then why do you keep coming back.


  60. Well,”Eklund”,you did have the Souray signed with the Rangers a few days back,despite their cap situation…really reliable…what else can you report? Is Forsberg signing,too?

  61. Malik has had some glaring mistakes over the last 2 years but he does some really good things most of the time. For a guy his size everyone thinks automatically that he should throw crushing hits. What he does pretty good is take the correct angle to the puck to compensate for his slow feet but tends to take hooking penalties when angle alone won’t cut it. He also has one of the best breakout passes in the league but also has one of the worst clearing attempts.

    I am by far not a Malik fan and would not miss him but I would take him over Souray everytime.

  62. section 344 on

    Lets get the “great” Eklund banned please. Take it somewhere else pal.

  63. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Lol…..Someone struck a nerve….Your website really does suck…Hopefully you and Marty Mcsorley see each other in a dark alley…and you become another victim of his…

  64. “Eklund”,LOL Did I indeed strike a nerve? SUCH LANGUAGE! You should be ashamed of yourself…you’re about as reliable as a broken clock when you wanna know the time…take your bs rumors elsewhere,schmuck

  65. Oh,BTW,”Eklund,if I keep going there,it’s to see what other bs rumors you have posted there,so I can laugh at the rdiculousness of them,you see…just for the COMEDY

  66. Ecklund, you are bashing people for not believing you, and I understand that that must be frustrating. No one wants to hear something negative, no matter what the situation may be, and that is what is happening with the Shanny rumor. You should not, however, use that disgraceful and rude language on this site. It is absolutely innapropriate, and is not what hockey is about. If you are going to report on something, do it in a classy and respectful way; Sam Weinman has this set up for fans, not for raging people who are innapropriate and overly defensive.

    Thank you for, however, keeping your site up to date, as it is much appreciated by many to have up to date rumors.

  67. DanTheRangerFan on

    Eklund is just something to keep the time passing…we all know what you say is bull you dont have any reliable sources ever and have nothing to give to the NHL fans. Just get a life and not write on this blog again thanks…ps this is setup for true ranger fans —-not the average hockey watcher—night

  68. It was not Eklund, but the same nitwit who claimed to be me. This guy is officially one more infraction from being not allowed here any more.

  69. Robby Bonfire on


    What a classic statement in terms of misplaced priorities. First, Hossa is 25, Shanahan 38. Second, Hossa was the second leading clutch (close game) goal scorer on the team, this past season (second to Prucha) when it came to even-strength goals. Shanahan was NOWHERE in this important category. Got it – Shanahan “The leader”) does NOT step up at crunch time, Hossa does! Dumping / losing Shanahan gets everyone else signed up and in the fold. Time to cut bait on the old fish.

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