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Sean Avery and Marcel Hossa’s decision to go to arbitration could conceivably delay whatever else the Rangers are working on — be it negotiations with Henrik Lundqvist, Brendan Shanahan, or dare I even say it, Sheldon Souray.

That at least is one theory, but the other part to consider is that since the Rangers are permitted to venture over the salary cap before the end of training camp, Avery and Hossa’s contracts shouldn’t affect things dramatically one way or the other (seeing how neither player is going to command a roster-altering salary).

Meanwhile, as Rangers fans perhaps you lament the existence of the salary cap since it means your team can’t just as cast a wide a net as possible and bring in whatever players they choose. I happen to think it makes much things more interesting. And for the Rangers especially, I think it’s been a blessing.

The reason is simple: the cap forces teams to balance themselves with a healthy mixture of high-priced stars and role players. It turns the young players the Rangers used to ignore into players they desperately need to round out their rosters. In other words, it means the Rangers have to be creative as opposed to just throwing money at every problem that surfaces.

The irony is that the cap theoretically was introduced to protect small-market teams. And yet I can’t think of a team that’s benefited more than the biggest one of all.

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  1. Amen to that Sam. I have said all long the the cap was the best thing to happen to the Rangers.

    If they can only institute a “no Malik” rule into the next CBA, we’d be flying high.

  2. And by the way, the longer Souray doesn’t sign the longer I think he’s waiting for the Rangers to sort things out.

  3. Interesting thought, Sam. I’d have to say that clearly Lundqvist is priority #1. The team really needs to lock him up to a long term deal. And Hank’s contract should be hammered out regardless of what happens with Avery and Hossa. I am presently of the mind that while I’d love to have Sean Avery back, I don’t think he’s an elite player and, as I’ve said before, I think the Rangers have just acquired a lot of what he brings to the table by signing Drury and Gomez. I think Hank needs to be taken care of and if Avery arbitrates himself off the roster, so be it.

    I’m not sure I see the relevance of Hossa. If he gets awarded an amount that could easily be replaced by, say Nigel Dawes AND Brandon Dubinsky combined, I just don’t see why the Rangers would take his one body over the other two.

    As far as Souray goes, unless they know there are trades lined up that can free up space, there’s just no money left for the guy. It sounds as though he’s waiting for the Rangers to sign him, although I’m not sure with what money. They’d actually have to trade Malik and/or Mara and/or Cullen to make room, and even if you moved those guys, you’d want to do so not only for a top defenseman (and I’m not sure Souray is one) but also have some wiggle room left for yourself under the cap.

    Nonetheless, I actually don’t see how those two going to arbitration affects the Rangers ability to sign two guys who should probably be prioritized ahead of them anyway.

  4. Agreed Sam. If it weren’t for the salary cap, would any of Prucha, Betts, Hollweg, Callahan, etc. even been discovered? They might have still been in the AHL. Heck, Lundqvist might have even been an afterthought.

    I still don’t think Souray is coming to the NYR. We simply do not have the cap room. I’m glad because I think he is very overrated (from a defensive standpoint). I think his signing has been delayed because he is going to sign with NJ, and lowball Lou is trying to get him as cheap as possible and it’s made the negotiations drag on.

    If the Rangers were to sign Souray, I’d have to think one of Malik or Mara is definitely a goner. I am almost positive the Rangers think Staal is NHL ready. I know everyone says d-men take more time to develop, and I agree. But I think Staal is a special case. Even Sam said so recently.

  5. God bless the cap, I say.

    I’m not sure I want Souray. Yeah he’s got the hard shot from the point, but my grandmother could get by him, and she’s dead.

  6. Peter: What exactly do Gomez and Drury bring to the table that Avery does? They are completely different players. When was the last time Gomez and Drury got under the skin of a superstar like Kovalchuk and made him throw his gloves off? When did either of them ever record a Gordie Howe hat trick? When did either of them ever deliver a huge hit that gets the crowd and the team pumped up? When did either of them ever throw the gloves off with Darcy Tucker?

    I have to disagree on that one. Avery is a KEY part of this team. Of course he’s not an elite player, if he were, he’d be getting a $50 million contract. But he’s the hard hat/lunchpale guy this team desperately needs. Every team needs at least one of those.

  7. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I find it funny that pre-cap, the Rangers were able to atract free agents due to the wealth that a strong fan base coupled with playing on the big stage afforded. Now that the playing field has been “leveled” through the cap, its the big stage and the fan base that still atract the big free agents.

  8. With Kaspiritis’ $3 million counting toward cap until he is send to minors, the Rangers can only exceed the cap by an additional $2 million or so. Given the amount that goes to Lundquist, Shanahan, Avery, Hossa, and a couple of young players to round out the 22-23 man roster, they will almost certainly use some of that extra $2 million. This leaves no room for Souray, and an almost certainty that someone with a salary of $2 million or more will be traded or sent to Hartford with Kasper by game one. Malik, Cullen, Mara, or even Shanahan might be the odd man out.

    Also, can they still sign Avery and Hossa before arbitration? Alienating Avery could prove costly next year, if he holds a grudge and bolts. Avery is a hugely important part of the team. He brought an element that was lacking a helped turned the team around. Remember the season turned for the better shortly after Avery’ arrival, while Shanahan was out.

  9. Assuming Souray is holding out on signing somewhere because he’s hopeful of joining a winner (us), he certainly won’t wait until early August with teams probably throwing upwards of 6m for 5yrs at him..

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, the cap has heped the Rangers (and other big market teams) in a different way:

    We can front load contracts.

    Scott Gomez is averaging 7+ mil a season, but if he were deciding between 7+ a season, spread evenly over the contract, or 10 million bucks in year one, with the rest spread out, he (along with any other player) is going to take the 10 mil everytime. Small market teams can’t afford to wallop out cash like that. And as any financial person knows, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.

    PS, Scott Burnside has an article on that talks about the Nylander situation, and he said that Nylander shows remorse, but remorse won’t win faceoffs.

    Which leads me to the obvious joke: Neither can Nylander!

  11. Robby Bonfire on

    During the season all we heard about Souray was that he wanted a west coast deal to be near his daughter. How has that changed? If it has not changed he is just using Rangers rumors, being fed here and elsewhere, to his leverage advantage with the Ducks, or whomever. He is 31, has holes in his game, is over-priced, and the Rangers have better young D’s just about ready to make an NHL impact. More power to the cap for preventing more Rangers / Sather foolishness.

  12. Cap or no cap, free agency is what kills small market clubs. So long as players have the ability to put themselves out on the market, they are going to tend to want to move to cities that are more desireable places to live, e.g., New York, as opposed to say, Buffalo, Edmonton, or Columbus. The only difference is that now, with a cap, they’ll get less money when they move than they would have w/o a cap.

  13. i promise you souray is waiting to see what we do. he may not wait much longer but he’s always wanted to either go to california or play for the rangers. thats it. and you can take that as fact (i have a few buddies that are good friends of his) now in saying that souray was part of the plan this summer. the rangers expected to re-sign nylander at around 3-4 mil that was previously offered. they expected to sign scott gomez (who also has been in the plans for two years and who also never planned on going anywhere else but new york) and they expected to sign souray. when nylander got greedy the plan shifted and all of a sudden the rangers saw that they could get both gomez AND drury. the souray talks were put on hold and now we are where we are. however glen im sure has been going back and fourth with the souray camp. i’d pressume that glen’s trying to get his ducks in a row first and probably workin hard at it and souray is giving him a couple days to see if they can fit him in. my guess is that they wont be able to.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Kevin, not al small market teams are undesireable places to live.

    The flip side is, not all big market places are desireable either.

  15. I’d like to see Hossa dropped. I would like to sign Avery, but do not believe that he is an elite player. He gave us a shot in the arm but when he is undiscplined, he hurts teams. We drop Malik’s salary, Kasper’s, and Mara’s, could we sign Souray??

    Even with just a tag of “adequate” defensman, he is far superior, in defense, to Mara and Malik, and his offense…well, that speaks for itself.

    Long term deal to Lundqvst. He is a franchise goalie, and my faith in Sather has been restored. No way does he allow things to become bitter with Lundqvst.

    We are, right now, one of the top NHL teams, in spite of the CAP that was meant, specifically, to punish us.

    Is it our fault that in the 2nd round of the playoffs, New Jersey has more than THREE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED empty seats? That is just insane. We sell more tickets to a PRE-SEASON Game than they do to a SECOND round playoff game.

    But, now that they have Rachunek, perhaps the season-ticket sales will skyrocket.

    Marty is a premier goalie, entering the latter stage of his career. He has been absolutely SPOILED by having not only some GREAT defensemen in front of him, but also a system of defense-first. How in the world is he going to handle having a guy like Rachunek in front of him? Imagine Malik there??

    Then, imagine what Lundqvst would have done with a solid defense in front of him. We may just get to see that this season. With Malik, Rachunek and Mara gone, things will be a lot better. 1 down, 2 to go!

    I feel that we are true contenders; not overachievers. Shanny the Tranny will sign for 2 mill with 2 mill in incentives easily attained. He is a true team player and our young players will benefit from him. We play in June 2008. No question.

  16. Souray will be a huge mistake if the Rangers sign him. A huge, costly mistake.

    People hated Ozolinsh, even when he was scoring some points, and I have a feeling that Souray will work out a lot like Ozolinsh. Except he’ll be signed for a long time and cost lots of money.

    Not to mention the Rangers have shown no ability to utilize point men on the PP to this point, how is this going to suddenly change?

  17. Souray will be a huge mistake. We should be done shopping for players, we have enough defense as is.

    Rosy, Malik, Mara, Pock, Tyutin, Girardi, Strudwick, Staal, maybe one other call up makes 9. Maybe someone will get moved, but we still have enough for now.

  18. comparing souray to bozolinsh is a joke…bozo picking up a couple secondary assists and souray scoring goals can’t be compared and souray will add grit and toughness to the blueline. if souray comes in and scored 25 goals from the blueline then his positives will outweigh the negatives. bozo was hated cause his negatives outweighed the positives and i don’t see how the 2 can be compared.

    and souray also won’t be a ‘costly’ mistake because we can’t afford to give him a huge contract due to lack of room under the cap. even if we unload some salaries first, if souray wants to come here he is going to be forced to do so at a big paycut and there is no way around it. if he wants the big $$ then we are out of the picture.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    “Even with just a tag of “adequateâ€? defensman”
    Problem is, he’s not even adequate. He is the wrst defenseman (at defense) in the league. I’d take a one armed Malik over Souray on Defense.

    What is Souray worth, an extra 10 or 15 PP goals? What he’ll cost is an extra 20 or 30 even strength against.

  20. There is no point to get Souray. He sucks. Yes he has a nice shot but big f’n deal. So do Mara and Roszival.

    We need a shutdown defenseman.. one that will help out Henrik as much as possible.

    FFS, we just got Gomez and Drury, and if Shanny, Avery and Hossa resign, we’ll have plenty of scoring talent.

    Instead of signing Souray to a bloated contract, how about we bring up Staal and trade Malik for someone like Beauchemin or Bouwmeester.. or heck bring up another from Hartford.

    The key is to make Henrik work as little as possible. Defense wins the Stanley Cup long before offense. Signing Souray would be cap suicide.

  21. sam–the decisions of avery & hossa filing for arbitration could impact talks with shanny as they determine how much of his $$ needs to be tied up in incentives. but it should have ZERO impact on talks with henrik. i think everyone can agree that when it comes to priorities lundqvist should be at the top of the list. and if the cap becomes a problem it won’t be lundqvist that gets sacrificed. you sign lundqvist first and then worry about everyone else second.

    another thing on the arbitration is that this does not mean that avery & hossa are going to now just sit back and wait for their hearings. they filed yesterday because it was the deadline and they are protecting themselves in case a deal can’t be reached. but they will still have a month to negotate a deal and avoid arbitration completely. bouchard filed for arbitration yesterday and then later in the afternoon signed a new deal with the wild. so there is no guarantee that these guys will ever make it to arbitration.

    and i agree 100% the cap is a blessing for the rangers. being able to sign guys is nice but we have learned the hard way that simply throwing money around is the answer.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    “trade Malik for someone like Beauchemin or Bouwmeester.. ”

    Even if Malik made ZERO dollars, and didn’t count at all against the cap, not in my wildest dreams would anaheim or Florirda go for such a deal.

    HAHAHA, thanks though, I needed the laugh.

  23. Trade Malik for Bouwmeester. Great idea, then we can unload Betts and Hollweg for Spezza and Heatley.

  24. I know they would never go for it, but what if we kept bringing up his +/- haha.

    I just mean, I’d rather get a decent defensement for Malik + someone else… maybe package him with Montoya.. that would make for a good trade.. think about it..

    The Rangers trade Malik + Montoya in a 3 way trade involving the Panthers for Bouwmeester and a rubber factory for a bag of pucks.

  25. Once the hypothetical trades involving us sending our garbage somewhere in exchange for young superstars start it’s time to leave the board for awhile….

  26. i know that everyone things are blueline stinks defensively but the REALITY is that we have been one of the better defensive teams the last 2 years. keeping the puck out of our net has NOT been the problem (for the most part).

    we were one of the worst teams in the league offensively from the blueline last year. our defense combined for 31 goals (13 ppg) in 494 man games last year (21 g, 6ppg outside rosy). while souray scored 25/19 by himself. he wouldn’t be a slight upgrade, he would more then DOUBLE the production from the blueline and that impact would be HUGE especially on the pp.

    now keep in mind that we would have to deal away someone to make room for souray under the cap so IF it happened you would most likely be talking about realing away mara to make room for him. paul mara isn’t exactly scott stevens in the defensive zone so you aren’t replacing a defensive dman with an offensive one. you are replacing an offensive dman with a BETTER offensive dman. mara will score 5 goals, souray will score 25. the slight downgrade in defense will be greatly outweighed by the offense. for years we’ve been watching ‘offensive’ dmen that don’t put up points and are only ‘offensive’ in the way they make you want to throw up. wouldn’t it be nice for a change to have an offensive dman that actually puts up the points?

  27. Some good points made about our need for a shut-down defenseman……
    much to think about………….I appreciate the responses and you may be right. We really do need a tough, stay at home defenseman, well skilled….it is just hard to look at that scoring machine and not salivate, but I think some of you may be right.

    This can be a good place to learn.

  28. Bouwmeester is only making 2.25m compared to Malik’s 2.5… just saying it could be possible if you package the deal well enough.

    Not like the Panthers are ever going to make a cup run, so why not try to lure their best d-man away :D

  29. There is no doubt that the Rangers need a really bad-ass defensive defensement. But those don’t seem to ba around. We should have tried to get Hannan, not Souray.

    That being said, Souray is as good as Malik on defense and, much more importantly, he will not only score a ton on the PP (compared to our other guys), but his mere presence on the PP blue line will create space for JJ and the others.

    I don’t think we should sign him, but his addition would not be a disaster by any means.

  30. Completely agree w/ NJ Mark. Avery brings a unique energy to this team and without alot of big forwards (or forwards that play big), he is critical in my view. I think he will get signed and my guess is that Glen can force the issue by coming to terms w/ the King or telegraphing that he is close and Avery will know that he has to fit under the remaining cap space. Regaring Hossa,I think he is a useful piece given his size and ability to finish. He played well this year against Philly and the team will undoubtedly need more physical play against the bigger elite teams in the East like Ottawa.

  31. Oilers sign RFA Vanek to offer sheet

    The Edmonton Oilers have made a huge splash in restricted free agent pool.

    Sources tell TSN that the team has signed forward Thomas Vanek to a seven-year, $50 million contract, a signing that carries a price tag of four first round picks as compensation to the Buffalo Sabres if the team chooses not to retain him.

    The Sabres have called a news conference for 12:30pm et/9:30am pt to address the news.

  32. DETROIT (AP) – Dominik Hasek and the Detroit Red Wings agreed to terms of a one-year contract Thursday that is worth more than US$2 million in base salary and gives the 42-year-old goalie a chance to earn an additional $2 million in bonuses.

  33. Guess them hot wings aren’t enough of an attraction. The “great” fans neither.

  34. July 6, 2007
    Rangers pursuing Souray?

    Having already signed Scott Gomez and Chris Drury earlier this week, the Rangers might not be done plucking some of the top free agents off the market, reports the New York Daily News.
    According to the paper, a player who apparently has great interest in playing for the Rangers is defenseman Sheldon Souray.

    Souray rejected a four-year, $22 million contract offered by the Montreal Canadiens on Monday and is believed to be seeking around $6 million per season on a long-term deal.

    However, as the Daily News reports, the Rangers would have to clear significant cap space to sign him, which might be why Souray remains on the market.

    The New Jersey Devils and San Jose Sharks are also heavily pursuing Souray.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    RE: Souray’s offense/defense

    The MTL PP was BUILT around Sheldon Souray. Shots from the point is how it was designed. Our PP, by contrast, is built around one timers by the wings from the circles. With good reason: We have two of the best(when they’re healthy) snipers in the league. Souray’s numbers wouldn’t be as high because he would be taking less shots. Granted, he may have a positive effect of creating space for Shanahan or Jagr, but what would that really translate into? At MOST 20-30 more PP goals.

    By contrast, the guy is MUCH worse than Malik on defense. Anyone who says they are the same is either giving Souray much too much credit, or not giving Malik enough(as bad as he is). Pobably a combination of both. Think of this for a second: He had 64 pts last season and was a *-28*. that means, assuming that he was on the ice for all of his assists (not a crazy assumption), and that he was not on the ice for any goals that montreal scored BESIDES the ones he had a point in (a very LARGE assumption), he was on the ice for 92 goals against. MTL gave up, as a team, 256 goals last season. That means, assuming he was not on the ice for any MTL goal that he did not have a point in, he was on the ice for just under 36% of the goals against MTL. But you KNOW he was on the ice for more MTL goals for!

    In all, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on the ice for AT LEAST HALF of MTL’s goals against. It would only take him being on the ice for 36 more goals for that he didn’t get a point from. That’s not even an unreasonable number.

    He is one of, if not, the worst, defenseman in the league when it comes to playing defense.

    Malik is bad, yes, and his plus/minus is inflated by being on Jagr’s line, but there is no way that he was on the ice for half of the Rangers’ goals against last season.

    “The Rangers trade Malik + Montoya in a 3 way trade involving the Panthers for Bouwmeester and a rubber factory for a bag of pucks”

    So Bouwmeester works for the Rubber factory?

  36. No.. Malik + Montoya go to the Panthers, we get Bou, and then the Panthers exchange Malik for a bunch of new pucks from the rubber factory.

    I should’ve worded it better XD

  37. hockeymanrangers on

    Ok call me ignorant if you want, but Sam what’s this with the “Meanwhile, as Rangers fans perhaps you LAMENT the existence” what the he__ does LAMENT mean??? Come on Sam we are hockey fans not english majors. I will have to get my dictionary out. Ok now some hockey talk YES PLEASE PLEASE sign Avery I love Sean Avery he gets under everyones skin. When THE HOCKEY NEWS poles and Sean is rated the number #1 hated player in the NHL you know he is going to aggravate some of the finest players and knock them off of their game. Sather needs to get it together and keep some of these players that got us as far as we did last year. Yes of coarse we need to go THE DISTANCE but lets keep some of what we had last year.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    I say Lowe gets fired next season if (when) the Oil don’t make the playoffs.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Ah, I see. I thought you were saying Malik and Montoya go to Florida, we get a bag of Pucks, and Bouwmeester takes a job at the factory.

  40. No, just for hockeymanrangers. The rest of us are smart. He’s just having an off day, probably worried over Hank not signing yet.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    We wouldn’t have to worry about that on an Islanders blog because their fans can’t even read in the first place.

  42. hockeymanrangers on

    thanks CML, you mustES be oneD of the smIrt hAckey fanZ. I didn’t think there was to many of them TE HE. SIGN AVERY

  43. Holy Crap..Lowe/Edmonton do the nasty to Buffalo!!!!

    7yr/$50 million offer sheet for Vanek!

  44. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Apparently Buffalo is matching the Vanek offer. I’m sure Buffalo isn’t too happy about it, but at least now the fans won’t burn down the arena.

  45. No problem, hockeymanrangers, don’t feel to bad that you had to get corrected by a senior in high school.

  46. ENOUGH WITH SOURAY….it just does not make sense money wise or player wise. Getting him would be just another step right back to where the team was pre-lockout. Souray with command 6 million, Drury and Gomez at 7 mill and then henrik atleast 6 mil. Thats 26 Million tied into 4 players…over half the cap…not to mention that signing souray would take away from Staal Stagnetti, tuts, and giradi’s development. Even if they got rid of Mara, Kasper and Malik all of a sudden your Veteran Dmen are Souray and Rozy….thats a scary thought…

  47. Oilers sign Vanek to offer, Sabres match

    The Oilers signed forward Thomas Vanek to a seven-year, $50 million offer sheet, a signing that carried a price tag of four first round picks. Sabres general manager Darcy Regier called a media conference on Friday afternoon to announce that the team would match the offer.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t match it. I’d let him go and take the four picks. Edmonton is going to be a lottery team for at least two seasons, especially if they have a 7 million cap hit.

  49. the thing you have to remember about +/- is that when you’re on the ice for a power play (which Souray was for 19 goals and at probably half of his assists) it doesnt count towards a players +/-. That stat only counts when a team is scored on short handed or even stregnth. Therefore his very bad -28 is somewhat skewed.

  50. hockeymanrangers on

    I am with Harvey20, I would like to leave some room for these young players coming up to have a chance to get some of the doe. Like Harvey said this looks like a pre lock out deal, trying to spend all of our money on stars.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, Buffalo shold consider blowing up the team and starting over. They couldn’t win last year with a roster that was much better than the one they will have next year (aka, the same, sans Drury and Briere). They should’ve let Vanek walk and rebuilt with the four picks.

  52. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Jeez louise…..Sabs lost there two 30 goal scoring co captain centerman…and now they lost there 40 goal scorer…this teams falling apart…all they can do to make there fans happy is re sign Mair..Peters..Ryan..fossil Nummenin…and sign Tibuealt or what ever that goalies name is…Sabs are falling apart and i love it…

    As far as Malik goes…..Im feeling bad for the Sabs…I say we trade Malik up there for some BUF wings…It will keep our boys appetite in czech…(cheesy)

    Anyway….If Souray really wants to play here…then what ever…Everyone is so quick to jump all over him…But i think hes a profesional guy…He will probably work ten times harder on his defensive skills and his speed work to make up for the lack of defensive skill he’s missing…If we sign him…say good night and good luck to Malik…Yahoo – oo

  53. Lundqvist will be signed by mid next week. Sather will not let him go no matter what. Avery and Hossa could be signed before arbitration which will probably happen after Henrik. Hossa should get about 800k per year and Avery about 2M. That leaves about 7M plus to sign Henrik and Shanny. Henrik should get a 7 year 40M giving him 5M plus a year leaving about 3M left for Shanny. IMO Shanny needs to take a pay cut considering hell get a one year deal and this is probably going to be his last year.

  54. RE: Vanek…wow!!

    Malik + Montoya for Bouwmeester will never happen. Florida thinks the world of him and Horton, and rightfully so. They will not trade a top young d-man for Malik who stinks and will be there for 1 year, and for a goalie with no experience. NEVER happen.

  55. it will be scary if someone pulls off what edmonton just did with vanek and offer lundqvist an obscene contract which forces us to accept.

  56. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    With Lou and his devs stealing our crap players (racky and weeks)

    I say NYR tries to get Parise….How sweet would that be…They take our worst players and we take there best…Id enjoy that…

  57. Ross, does he have to agree to the counter offer, or can he just say forget it and sign anything he wants with the Rangers?

  58. Sam excellent point regarding the salary cap. The Cap is causing the Rangers to do things that the fans have asked for years which is play the kids. Obviously a team full of rookies isn’t going to win in today’s NHL but a team whose role players are kids in development is working. I’d prefer to see kids like Dawes, Dane Byers and Alex Bourret up here this season over Hossa, Hollweg or Colton Orr playing on the third and fourth lines. But I’m confident in the coaching staff and I’m sure they’ll find the right mix here.
    And as many have said stay far away from Souray. He’s a product of their system up there. Montreal had a terrific power play and S.S. fit in well. But other than on the power play he is a terrible defenseman. I’d rather package a couple of young players and Malik and trade them to Phoenix for Nick Boynton. Boynton could be the top pairing defenseman that we have been missing since Leetch left.

  59. I think henrik is declining any offer sheets and there is def a deal at work considering he didnt go to arbitration. Sather would drop shanny avery and hossa if he had to to get The King signed

  60. You need to match any offerf sheet by another team or make a higher offer, but Henrik can decline other offers from other teams.

  61. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Everyones getting to nervous…Theres no way Hank would leave….He knows this is his home….and he wants to stay here…i hoped we would lock him up long term…but i know he’ll be here for a while….

    We should all be nervous about Avery….thinking he wont get re signed is what keeps me up at night and turns my hair gray…

  62. if a team offers him a contract, the rangers have 7 days to choose whether or not they want to match the offer. If the rangers choose to match the offer, they sign the player to the same offer that the other team was willing to give. if they choose not to match it (which you’d have to guess wouldnt be an option for lundqvist) they would receive certain compensation (draft picks) depending on how much the offer was. To answer your question, the rangers would have to offer him the same contractual numbers that the other team offered.

  63. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I think we should still try to get Joel Lundqvist…He’s more fierce then Hollweg….He broke Kronwalls back with a hit…or a bone in his back..what ever…either way…he’s an upgrade over hollywood….Plus he has a nice shot……And Hank would probably love it….We keep Jags happy bringing in Malik (ugh) Rozi…Straks..or whomever…why not keep the king happy…

    Plus it would be super cool to have a brother tandem on our team….And i doubt we’ll be getting Marian Hossa any time soon so lets get Joel

  64. hockeymanrangers on

    Ok Ross you now have just made ME officialy nervous. Let’s just get him signed asap. I would hate to see some team play around with trying to get him and run up our CAP. I am not real nervous BUT we must rememebr we are dealing with Glen Sather here. The turd he is, oh! did I type that out loud. sorry.

  65. Kevin Lowe is definitely playing dirty (and smart).

    He knew Buffalo would have to match (or risk losing the remainder of their fan base) and was
    trying to send a message to other RFA’s out there
    that the Oilers have dough to blow.

    I’d expect to see a few big names heading over to Edmonton in the coming days-

  66. partial repost

    look at the Vanek (restricted free agent) offer sheet from Edm 7 yrs $ 50 mm (even though Buffalo matched). I don’t think any of us or Sather expected the domino effect of some of these signings. I think they expected to sign THE KING for $ 5 or $ 6 mm tops. The number could be quite a bit higher especially if a similar attempt by another team is made at him. Another reason to stay far away from Souray. Even without Souray we will need to get rid of some combo of Malik, Mara, Shanny, Prucha or Cullen. My guess is 2 of the above. I just don’t want it to be Cullen. I could live with one of the dmen very easily. If Prucha I wonder what type of draft pick we can get. If we sign Shanny with large incentives tied in that will impact our 08-09 cap.

  67. It isn’t as simple as another team tendering Lundqvist an offer – he’d actually have to sign said offer before the Rangers had to do anything, and would then risk having to sign for the other team. Yeah, perhaps he can get an offer sheet for $7 million when the Rangers currently can barely afford to pay him $6 million, but then if the Rangers called his bluff he’d be stuck not playing in NYC for about 15% more money. Probably not worth it to a guy like him. The Rangers just need to come up with the dough for him. If they lose Shanny and/or Avery, or have to trade Cullen, Malik or Mara, so be it. Lundqvist, Drury, Gomez and Jagr are now the key guys. Nothing else happens this year or down the road without them.

  68. Peter what about 8 yrs at $ 8 mm per. He would probably go for it and we’d match but would affect our current and future roster. I’m still happy we signed Gomez, Drury – I just wish it wasn’t for so much money.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    If Henrik did sign some mega offer sheet, expect some salary dump trades, such as Malik, Mara, probably Prucha, to start happening ASAP.

  70. 8 years at $8 million is way beyond what the market would ever bear. I think $7 million is the most Hank would ever see on an offer sheet, and to get that he’d have to bolt NY which he does not want to do. I think the Rangers will get it done at $6 million for 7 years (42 total) and then get Shanny for $1 million plus another $3 million in incentives. Yet despite that I still think they’ll trade either Cullen or Mara, most likely Mara, to give themselves room to sign Avery and breathe a little during the year. Hossa’s done here.

  71. What’s funny — and I’m not comparing them as players — is that now almost anyone on here would be psyched if the Rangers gave Henrik the DiPietro deal…

  72. Peter – the $ 3 mill for Shanny would count vs the cap either this yr or if we max out this yr then next yr. I would take care of Henrik before any more signings. I would also strongly look into trading Prucha and 1 of the vet dmen (not Rozy). I’m not so sure that Shanny signing here is a slam dunk.

  73. I hope Souray doesn’t wait to long. I don’t want him on the rangers, especially for 6m plus.

  74. Joe – Yes, I know that but next year we lose Straka (3.3 million), Malik (2.5 million) and Mara ($3 million) plus the Cap WILL go up again (since the cap goes up pretty much based solely on gate receipts and as every team keeps increasing their prices and attendance stays unchanged – whihc I assume it will). Also, all 3 of those players will be replaced by younger players in our system already as Staal, Girardi, Tyutin and Pock really start to bloom and then guys like Sanguinetti, Sauer and Baranka challenge for jobs. Straka’s wing is filled by Cherepanov or one aof a myriad of other choices. Not to mention, Shanny probably won’t be signed for next year.

    Another idea would be to sign Shanny to an even longer term contract. Which would boil down to Brendan saying, OK, realistically, I’m not going to play more than another 2 years. The Rangers could then sign him to a 5 year 6 million dollar contract that pays him $3.5 million this year and $2 million plus incentives next year, and then tapers off at the NHL minimum when he isn’t playing anyway, or gets bought out for peanuts. The Shanny gets his money, but our cap hit for him is only $1 million or so/year.

    Actually, it’s a pretty good idea. I hope the Rangers thought of it…

  75. Peter – most of our dmen are free agents next yr – restricted or otherwise. 2 that I want back are Tyutin and Rozy and both would need significant increases to enable that to happen. Trust me the cap situation is not good for this yr or next.

    Re the Shanny paragraph I can not at all follow what you’re calculating but it’s certainly not close to $ 1 mm / yr cap charge. Incentives do count vs cap if not this yr then next.

    Bot so sure Straka will be gone if JJ is still here.

  76. Joe – The contract is $6 million over 5 years, so the average is $1.2 per year, which is how it would get charged annually to the Cap.

  77. Everything (the remaining FA signings)is dependant upon Shanny. We’ll have enough space if he puts his money (or lack of) where his mouth is. If he’s serious about playing for the Rangers because he feels he and the rest of the boys have a legitimate shot then he’ll take a bit of a pay cut in order to get Hank, and Avery inked… knowing that those two are really the last pieces of the puzzle.

    The defense can be figured out as we go. If Staal or another prospect steps up, great. If we have to make a trade before the play-offs, fine.

    But we can’t even think about being sucessful unless The King is in the net.

    It would be a mistake to let Essa Avery go. His contributions may not show on the scoreboard as much… but they’re certainly there.

    – Riche’

  78. Guys, lets all calm down a second. Let me explain why I think Lundqvist and Vanek have 2 totally different situations:

    Vanek is coming off of 1 good season having played in Buffalo. If Vanek didn’t sign this offer sheet, do you think he’d ever get paid $50 million? No way. Buffalo would never do that. Plus, there is a good chance his 40/40 numbers from this year will slightly decrease without Briere and Drury there. So this was his 1 chance to cash in and he took advantage of it.

    Lundqvist, on the other hand, knows the Rangers will pay him. Albeit this summer with a long term deal, or in 2 years with a long term deal. He knows he’ll get his day. Plus he knows his numbers will not decline since the Rangers have an excellent nucleus in place and has a chance to win here for a long time. I think Lundqvist knows it might actually be to his disadvantage to sign an offer sheet from another team. Because if the Rangers match it, he might actually be settling for less money in the long run. He’s staying here, it’s just a matter of him wanting $42 million now or $65 million in 2 years. Either way, he’s not going to leave. And if he does sign an offer sheet somewhere, Sather will move heaven and earth to match the offer.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t. Who knows how he’ll be playing in 5 years, let alone 15. You never know when someone is gonna pull a Theodore.

  80. Fan590 in Torono and The Score in Canada are now reporting a deal is done for Henrik Lundqvist and the New York Rangers.

  81. How the hell are 2 sources in Canada getting this info before anyone else? Lets hope it’s true.

  82. hockeymanrangers on

    Vanek will have to share part of his earning s with Lowe. they set the entire thing up.

  83. KingHenrik35 on

    I hope this is true!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully his signing wont hurt the Rangers in their attempts to sign the other 3. Either way Henke was the most important one left to sign.

  84. GuitarWizard on

    Neither of those sources have any stories regarding the Rangers signing Henrik

  85. Isn’t it a tad bit early to write an article on whose going to go into playoffs?

  86. Well it is all rumors. If you’re not interested in rumors, and since that’s really all there is to discuss right now, then don’t hang out here. I for one ain’t making this stuff up….

  87. hockeymanrangers on

    Come on Sam my boss is going to wonder what I am doing at work at 3:35 I am usually out the door at 3:29. I’m waiting to see if it’s true is Henrik the great still a blue.

  88. NJ Mark, no animosity intended in that last post. Re-reading it, it sounds harsher than I wanted it to…

  89. None taken. I know we’re all a little uptight right now, wanting our roster to be complete. :)

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Maybe Chris Simon is next on their list.

    That’s just embarrassing for Min. at least the Devs took the Rangers’ Dregs. Minnesota is so low that they’re taking the Isles’.

  91. Not going to happen, Sather can be dumb sometimes, but not that dumb. He knows he needs to sign our major players like Hank, Shanny, Avery and possibly Hossa. No way is Souray going to NY.

  92. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    You seem pretty confident….I doubt it though

    And if Flyers cant lock up Fedoruk…then they’ll go after Simon…

    I heard a rumor about Hank to….But someone told me its false…so dont take this rumor to serious now…

  93. Anyone know if Dubs is any good at killing penalties? There’s your 3rd line Center if Cullen is traded. Seems to me Cullen would be a wanted man even with his contract. Package him with Malik to get some more picks and a prospect. Sign Souray (mean dude too. he has tools, but everyone looks at the holes in his D game. maybe our system could straighten him out a bit even strength and we could surely find a way to mix in his shot on the PP…big ++++ in my book for 3-4 years tops) Then we could use either Avery or Dubinsky at 3rd line Center.

  94. I heard the Flyers were after Boogaard which I would not be happy about. And please no more talk of Souray. If the Rangers sign him it would undo all of the good they’ve done this offseason. This guy has had one all-star year offensively and that’s it. GMs are crazy if they pay this clown $6m per. He’s not worth it!

  95. section 344 on

    Hey guys I was just looking over the Hartford stats from last year and does Alex Bourret the guy the Rangers got from Atlanta have a shot at a call up this year. His numbers in the playoffs were very good. I was just wondering if anyone saw him play or have a scouting report on him.

  96. 344- If you go to the Rangers site, there is film from prospects camp. Bourret is on there. Check it out. Staal, Cherepanov and Anisimov and others are all on there

  97. I just heard that Lundy is in final stages of contract
    I have no link.. just hear say from a very reliable sourceee

  98. The guy is just getting us riled up. There is no report of any deal with the King. However, it is a good sign that they have not filed for arbitration yet. I believe that the deadline is 5pm today.

  99. ok, first of all Johnrot, I am a girl
    second of all, I am not trying to get you all “riled” up.. that would be pointless, nice try thoughhhhh

  100. Johnrot-Why do you say that? It has been known that they are trying to work out a deal and the 2 sides are working otggether for a deal. You make it like they havent talked in weeks

  101. there wil be a trade 1st b4 any mroe deals, bc they cant afford hank 4-5, shanny 4, (already sed he wont do any insentives/ bonuses) him and his agent sed that, avery will get 3 bc that sucky guy the islanders signed form tampa got 3

  102. Rob- They can go up to 5 million over the cap but have to be down by a certain date (september 1st????)There doesnt necessarily have to be a trade at all

  103. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    “the deadline” means nothing in terms of negotiating a deal with Henrik.

  104. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    If Boogaard goes on PHI….Were gonna have some great games against them…

    Orr – Betts – Fritz

    Orr vs Fedoruk (rematch) and the two monsters Boogaard vs Fritz

    Hopefully that godzilla of a fighter stays out west with the wild…He’s in legal trouble….He punched some guy in a night club or something…

  105. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    If Souray is really on the Devs…I hope his defensive skills or lack of…ruin the devils defensive system….

    Any chance NYR would sign Markov???

  106. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    GO NYR

    I meant to say “If they get rid of Malik…is there any chance of getting Markov…or someone on D

  107. Greg Pugliese on is bogus. They were calling Briere’s signing in Montreal at 2pm on July 1st. Durrr, WHOOPS, that worked out well.

    Rangers can go over the cap in the offseason by 5mil, but keep in mind, Kasper’s 3 mil contract counts towards that. Only when he’s in the minors at the beginning of the season does it stop counting towards the cap, but by then the 5mil breathing room is gone. does not mention anything about Shanahan nor his agent not being willing to negotiate incentive laden contracts.

  108. Anything at all new to report,Sam,anyone? I’m on pins and needles here,lol

  109. I was doing okay and now i find myself hitting refresh every 10 seconds, thanks guys.

  110. is reporting the Oilers may trade Gretzky to the Kings…

    That would be crazy, right?

  111. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    My sarcasm detector is a little down as of now…Due to the heat…But if your nopt being sarcastic then….yeah we got gomez for 7 years and drury for 5 years

    And we just signed Souray for 5 years


  112. Sam –

    Throw us a bone have you hear anything at all??? Arbitration deadline has come and gone so the deal was either done it or it wasn’t? Also is there any truth to the rumor the Devils have signed Souray?

  113. i just listened to fan 590 and i didnt hear anythign about henrik. So its not on the score website either. So that means either it was retracted or not there in the first place.

  114. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I cant believe it….NYR just made the deal of the century….We just signed Chicken Parm for 3 years for 100 bucks a year….Completely worth it….

    Cant wait till 07 – 08

  115. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Well, the kings owner is a fine upstanding citizen, and Gretzky would look sweet in yellow and purple.

  116. that nhlline website had briere going to montreal so i would take the souray thing with a grain of salt.

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