Cross one more off the list


The Rangers have re-signed restricted free agent Petr Prucha to a two-year deal worth $3.2 million.

A formal announcement is expected later today, with the possibility of another signing announcement as well.

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  1. Hey Sam! Thanks for the update!

    This is excellent, $1.6 million for a potential 30 goal scorer is a bargain.

    C’mon Slats, we have 3 more key guys to wrap up!

  2. longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    I’m glad they signed Petr Puck and hope Renney utilizes him more this coming hockey season.

    Gotta get those others signed now!

  3. I’ve been going through various scenarios on my head about where to put Prucha on our new team, and I had a thought.. try him Shanny, centered by Drury or Gomez.. that’d be interesting to see.

  4. It will be interesting to see how Sather fits Shanny, Lundqvist, Hossa, and Avery under 9.813 of cap space.

  5. My guess is they will pass on Hossa.. I honestly can’t see Shanny resigning for less than 3.5.

    But you know what? I really don’t care what happens, AS LONG AS we resign the King long-term.. then I can sleep again!

  6. I thought the Rangers had around 12 million to spend on Shanny, Lundqvist, Hossa, Avery, and Prucha. Weren’t they at around 48-49 million after signing Gomez and Drury?

  7. I think Shanny will get 2.5 million with 2 million in incentives considering that they are uncapped and he can get a $4.5 million salary.

  8. Glad to have PP back in the fold – I think that leaves them with about $10-11m left to play with doesn’t it?
    From what i’ve read Shanny might get about $2.5m plus more in easily attainable bonuses (which won’t count against the cap). If thats correct then i think that leaves about $7.5-8.5m for King Henrik, Avery and Hossa to share – which is tight, especially if the rumours about Henrik expecting $5m are true.

    Lets not forget they can go 10% ($5m) over the cap as long as they are back under the cap on Sept 1st, so we might see them all signed then Glen tries to engineer a trade or two to shed a bit of payroll.

  9. People –

    There is a lot of misinformation out there about this, but if you check the CBA, it says that any performance bonuses count against the cap. Shanny is one of the few classes of players eligible for a performance contract, the others being players on entry-level contracts and those coming off long-term injuries. So, the Rangers can give him a $2M base salary with $2M in incentives, but for cap purposes his number would still be $4M.

    As a team, you can go over on your cap number, but if you do so the amount you overspend will count against your cap next year. So, again, let’s say that the Rangers give him an incentive-laden contract, which pushes their payroll to $52 this year if he meets all of them. The $2M or so that they go over on this year’s payroll will be counted against their cap next year.

    This rule makes sense, because otherwise every team in the league would be looking for 35+ year old players, and give them minimal base salaries loaded with incentives.

  10. I think it’s possible, Rob. It looks like our top two lines are going to be consisting of Straka, Jagr, Gomez, Drury, and Shanny.. so I guess either Hossa or Prucha could be on the 2nd line.

  11. Just to clarify, when I say “go over,” I meant go over with performance bonuses. You obviously can’t go over your cap with base salaries.

  12. bonuses are uncapped this year, but will hurt us next year. Hopefully the cap goes up.

  13. Avery a second line winger? :/

    I think he’d be better suited on the 3rd or 4th IMHO. Hossa won’t do anything on 3rd/4th lines.

  14. Zen –

    Where are you getting that from? From what I’ve read, there isn’t an exception for this year. All bonuses count against the cap, and any spillovers count against your cap for the following season.

  15. Artem Anisimov also signed with us today as well. 850K a year, no bonuses.

    As per Irish Blues on the HFboards site who has official contacts with the NHL and gets his numbers and info from them whenever players are signed.

    Good for us that he came over already!

  16. Anthony — The cap space listed everywhere still includes Kaspar as he has to be listed for now until the season starts (we can also be at 55M before the season starts as well as you can go 5M above the cap).

    We are fine. You subtract Kaspar’s 3M from the 9M you have and it shows we have a bit over 12M to spend the rest of the way.

  17. I really do not understand where this money is going to come from. Someone must be getting dealt, either that or we’re signing Hank to a short term deal with the promise of a longer term one next year.

  18. can anyone clarify what happens if a team goes over by the 10% but fails to get back to the cap by that september date? thanks.

  19. So’s rumors section shows a headshot of Lundqvist with the caption “Agents warns Rangers.” Why does his agent need to warn anyone of anything? Why isn’t he SIGNED??? PLEASE don’t tell me that Sather is even somewhat convinced that we can succeed with Weekes or some other washed up starter.

    I like Prucha just as much has the next guy, but that’s 3.2 million that could be offered to Lundqvist and I really wouldn’t mind seeing Prucha sign with another team. Please, someone tell me some good news regarding this situation.

  20. dont worry about lundqvist christ there is plenty of money for him and the rangers would let half the team walk before they ever remotely entertained the idea of letting him go.

  21. I’m sure one of the incentives for Shanny would be to win the Cup. So I’m sure no one would mind a $2 million cap hit next year if we win the cup.

    Other than that, Prucha deserves 1.6 million even though we could have gotten him for less considering what he’s done so far.

    If there is in fact 12 million to spare then that’s plenty.

  22. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Where’s Bure:
    Good News? ESPN’s hockey coverage is terrible. The only leverage Henrik has is to file for arbitration, which guarantees he plays for the Rangers next season, or sign an offer sheet from another team, which he hasn’t received yet, and which the Rangers would match.

  23. sorry, I was referring to any overage from bonuses spilling over to next year’s cap.

  24. Again,

    IMHO we want to keep this guy happy. Start screwing around with him now and it’ll kill us later.

    Anyone who has a pulse knows this guy DESERVES a long term & fair (or unfair in his favor) deal. He’s young, talented and loves this team. Ink him now and don’t make him worry about anything except winning The Cup.

    And before anyone jumps on me… I understand that this is a business and with the salary cap… a question of mathmatics. Nobody can argue that Hank is THE most important piece of the puzzle. Without him… everything else can go out the window.

    Do whatever you have to do with trades, or lowballing other UFAs. Whatever. Sign him long term and sign him now.

    – Riche’

  25. Just heard that Kevin Weekes signed with none other than the New Jersey Devils.

    Good luck Weeksy!

  26. Guys, relax. Jon Rx is right. We have plenty of room still to sign Shanny, Avery, Lundqvist, and even Hossa. I bet you in 1-2 weeks, we’ll be talking line combos and not IF they sign.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but won’t Prucha still be considered a RFA at the end of his new 2 year deal? If so, excellent move by Sather. And he’s certainly worth $1.6 million per year. If Renney uses him right and his confidence stays high, I can see him netting 30 again this year, especially on a line with Drury and Shanny.

  27. Oh no!? Someone got Weekes?!?

    /end sarcasm

    Peter – signed with us or the swamprats?

  28. I love it, the Devils keep “raiding” our roster. Please tell me Malik is next.

  29. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    C’mon Sam, give us a hint on the other signing. Does it sound like Munqvist? Or does it rhyme with Bravery? Maybe it begins with Shan?

  30. Us, us, us. No Shanny to New Jersey. Sorry about that, didn’t realize the way it looked until you pointed it out/.

  31. Someone who finds about this stuff before the rest of us. Added to Dellapina saying Shanny was “on the verge.” I think we’re in good shape.

  32. “I love it, the Devils keep “raidingâ€? our roster. Please tell me Malik is next.”

    Perhaps we can offer them a deal that involves a bag of pucks.

  33. I’m not worried about Shanny.
    His intentions were made clear a while ago.

    Just was curious to find out another reliable early source for signings-

  34. Now it’ll be interesting to see who backs up the King this season.

    I really am hoping it’s not Valiquette.
    It would make sense to utilize Montoya a bit to
    showcase him as an NHL goalie. I know many teams regard him pretty highly. We may need to cash him in for a D-MAN at some point this season.

  35. During the offseason, teams can go 10 pecent above the team cap (from $50.3 million to $55.33 million) as long as they get back under the $50.3 million figure by the last day of training camp. But Darius Kasparaitis’ $3 million counts in that accounting until he’s sent back to the minors at camp. • Players over 35 can sign one-year deals with lower base salaries and easily-attainable bonuses that allow teams to defer cap compliance. By the end of the season, all the bonuses paid will count and any team over the cap will have that much less cap room the next season. In the meantime, though, players can be sent to the minors and traded in order to clear room. Which means that Brendan Shanahan can sign a lower-base, heavy-on-bonuses deal that can get him back to around $4 million for next season without the Rangers having to count all of it until year’s end.

  36. After these past 3 seasons, i have no doubt in my mind that Sather will take care of business. As far as shanny – he said the only team he is playing for next season is the Rangers.

    As of right now – MSG, NY put up “potential” line combos. (Straka – Gomez – Jagr) (Shanny – Drury – Avery) (Callahan – Cullen – Prucha) (Hossa – Betts – Hollweg/Orr)

    The top 3 lines are set with a few different moves. As far as keeping Hossa, i think its essential to hang onto him. Don’t forget, guys get hurt every year and as we saw – Hossa can really fill the void in a top-line position. And also, dont forget that next year is guaranteed to be the last season for Straka and possibly Shanny, and JJ’s clock is ticking too. This is why its important to hang onto guys like Prucha (who can score 20+ goals on crappy ice time…you know he could be a 1st line winger one day) and guys like Hossa (who tallied almost 1 point every game he played on the top lines). Hossa might not fit the equation this year, but he will in the future. Don’t be afraid of sending younger guys like Hollweg and Hossa to Hartford to increase their offensive abilities and bring them back to the spots they belong in.

  37. That’s more than I expected for Prucha, but still a bargain and a good raise for him. Good work Glen!

    JonRx has it about right on the cap situation; also thanks for the clarifications on the bonuses, Mike B. Does that mean if Shanahan reaches those before, let’s say, the trade deadline and fills up the cap, that we couldn’t trade for a player who is paid more than someone we trade back for him? Or could the bonuses still be deferred?

    On Hossa, I don’t think it’s that important to keep him, especially since Renney seems to hold him in higher regard than Prucha, meaning Prucha will probably be bumped to the fourth or bench line. If someone gets injured, there are plenty of prospects to be called up from the Wold Pack. Like I said with my line combos before, I would rather see Moore on the team because he is more capable at PKing than Hossa. Either way, Hossa will most likely be signed, hopefully with the intention of trading him for something; maybe with a D for a better D. If we keep him, I’d like to see him riding the pine unless somebody on lines 1-3 is injured. Otherwise, we have a fine fourth line with Hollweg or Orr, Betts, and Moore.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Shanahan incentives won’t count against the cap because he is over a certain age (I believe the magic number is 35). I remember reading about that when the idea of incentives started popping up, although I can’t remember where.

    LI Joe: thanks for the correction on an earlier post re: signing bonuses.

  39. Al – if they send guys like Hossa or Hollweg down to minors and try to bring him up and he’s claimed – it counts as 1/2 of his $ vs our cap (the reasonPock was never sent down and the reason the LA goalie that used to play for Hartford was never brought up to LA). we’re tight enough vs the cap to be hit with dead money cap charges.

  40. Al, I think a couple of your line combos have the wings reversed, but that’s alright.
    Anybody saying that we should have Avery at center – that’s a bad idea; it’s good to have centers who can play well defensively. I think Avery will stick on the 2nd line because of his chemistry with Shanahan. Hopefully, after Shanahan leaves, he will still be effective on the 3rd line.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s to Ozolinsh being the next dreg picked up by the Devils.

    Although, I feel bad for Weekes, he was a class act. Have fun playing 6 games a year!

  42. LI Joe – those guys will probably be claimed on the way down to the minors, so we wouldn’t want that to begin with. But if they get claimed on the way _down_, we _don’t_ get cap hit with half of the salary, right?

  43. Doodie his incentives (bonuses) would not count vs this yr but would count vs the following yr if we max out this yr otherwise it would go vs this yr. se Bryan’s post at 1:22.

  44. I think it is imperative that this organization retains Marcel Hossa. Good point above about injuries and Hossa as insurance to that.

    How many big wingers do we have with a few years of NHL experience that are strong on the puck and can actually score?
    We saw what Hossa could do on a good line last year and unfortunately, it was interrupted by injury and Shitsbister replaced him.
    Straka’s health and body is questionable at best and I would bet that he misses time this season due to some sort of injury. We need Hossa, end of story.

  45. The parties have been informally negotiating since the end of the playoffs, with Meehan telling The Post two weeks ago that Lundqvist had no interest whatsoever in receiving a Group II offer sheet from another club. It’s believed Sather and Meehan (for Lundqvist) have been talking about a deal of between 5-7 years for between $4.75-5.25 million per, a number the Rangers can accommodate within the NHL salary cap.

    The goaltender’s price, however, might have gone up in the aftermath of the large sums gained on the open market Sunday by free agent forwards Scott Gomez, Daniel Briere and Chris Drury, not one of whom is as valuable as the 25-year-old franchise goaltender. It could be argued that on the open market, Lundqvist might be able to command the league’s highest contract. Meehan may be advancing that contention.

    “Glen is traditionally patient in his approach to negotiations, so I’m not suggesting we’re at a critical point or anywhere near an impasse,” Meehan said. “But I am saying that signing Henrik to anything other than a long-term deal has its risks on the team side.”

  46. Yeah, I hope Weekes still gets to do some good stuff in the community, either Newark or NYC since he is staying so close. He’ll have much more time to focus on that now.
    Nothing to do with Weekes, but I wonder if the Devils ever thought about not dressing a backup goalie and having a seventh defenseman instead, ha.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t like avery on the 2nd line, I think he doesn’t have the requisite offensive skills. He’s much more suited for a 3rd line role.

    Furthermore, what chemistry with Shanahan? He had MUCH better chemistry with Cullen and Callahan. He would be a much better fit on that third line over Petr Puck.

  48. Brandon – I’m not sure if a player is claimed on the way down although I THINK the claiming team is fully responsible. That’s one of the reasons Samsanov was not claimed last yr. If it only counted 1/2 vs the claiming team he might have been claimed.

    But if you leave a guy like Kaspar down in the minors and don’t try to bring them up it won’t count. Just don’t try to bring him up as a team like the Isles might claim him out of spite (only 1/2 kidding)

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey, if the Devils sign Ozolinsh, they can reunite the Defensive force that is the Ozo-Rachunek pairing!

  50. There are rumblings the next signing is Shanahan, although still unconfirmed. I’ve posed the question to a Rangers source and he hasn’t responded, which could be telling in itself.

  51. Doodie – I didn’t get to watch many of the regular season games, so didn’t see much of Avery with Cullen. I thought he worked very well with Shanahan in the playoffs. So maybe we’ll be in good shape either way. As long as Cullen isn’t centering Shanahan.

  52. It´s going to very tough for Glen Sather even more difficult as he himself thought, to resign Lundqvist. After they have heard about the numbers for Drury and Gomez, Lundqvist and his agent are looking for similar same numbers as Lundqvist is even younger than those two….

    I know that the Rangers can match any offer for him but just imagaine when a team looking for a improvment and even more space under the cap, talking about 6-7 Million for a five year contract….

  53. The Rangers will sign lunqvist this week, wiht out a doubt along with shanny and avery. Hossa might be out of the mix. For evrybody who wants to know where the money is coming from: Money is coming from kasparaits 3 million and also we got a ton of money back from sandis ozolinsh which people forget. Plus only jagr was making a lot of money compared to everybody else before all of these big name signings. Ortmeyer was signed by the preds and holweig should be released soon. Malik will be traded and YES bure has retired 3 years ago from chronic knee pain.

  54. Hossa may actually be kept because of his future potenital and he has more size to him than prucha does so well see what happens

  55. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Are you friggin kidding me….Is Weekes sooo jelous of Hank that he’ll stick it to the organazation by being Broduers back up….He’ll play AT LEAST 8 to 10 games….

    The hell with him….Him and Racky will have fun being boo’d

    Jeez louise…all we ever did from them is take Gomez from them…Now they take our worst players….Good luck with that…

    Hurry and sign Shanny..Avery and out mighty king

  56. Brandon –

    I’m still a little unsure about how that process works. I think that the bonus clauses have to be cap-compliant as of the signing of the contract. The bonuses can put you over for the year, but as I said any amount the team goes over comes off the cap next year.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery didn’t have a point in the 2nd round! how can you say that it was good in the playoffs?

    Shanahan had only 4 pts in that series, 3 of which (2 goals and an assist) were PP. The third assist was on Straka’s goal in the game 5 crusher.

    And if you want to talk about the Atlanta series, save your breath. Avery had their number, especially Kovalchuk’s. No linemate chemistry required.

    I’d like to see Avery play on the third line with Cullen and Callahan. A fast, hardworking, net crashing line. Keyword: FAST.

  58. Shut up Koala, you have no idea about hockey at all and you have no idea what is going on in NY…

    Lundqvist will be resigned very quickly and even Shanny will accept a lower salary to accomodate Henrik..

    Stay down in Australia or you get a crosscheck across your nose….


  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Koala: I think what Sather wants to try and get Henrik to agree to is to sign for 2 years at a lwoer number, then, upon the retirments of Shanahan, Jagr, and Straka, the addition by subtraction of Malike and Mara, he’ll have the major dough to spend on a long term contract for the King.

    At the same time, I’m worried we might be handcuffing ourselves like Tampa Bay is.

  60. I think it’s important to make Shanny the VERY NEXT signing because he is still an UFA and could be had by anyone, regardless of what he has said in the past. Granted, I don’t think he will leave, but he needs to be signed immediately. Henrik and Avery’s deals will get done.

  61. Straka is gone after this year along with shanny. They will likley have jagr for 2 more years and Malik and Mara gone.This will give us a ton of cap room. Sather will want lundqvist locked up this year as well.

  62. You are insulting all the people here on the board with your opinions and drawing a bad future for the Rangers without having good arguments on your side. I think Henrik will see a very good chance to win a cup and he will never let slip away to play in such a good team even getting more money elsewhere….

    You just think all the players go for the big money but Henrik is different and he really enjoyed now downtown Manhattan….

    But you have no idea about NY down there, no way

  63. Sather knows what hes doing with money and his team. Hes a good gm and used to be a good coach lol. He did wonders for the oilers (the great one, messier, tikkanen, graves)

  64. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    What are you babbling about…..And speak for yourself….I dont feel insulted

  65. i thought straka singed a 2 year deal? If so, he’ll be here as long as jagr is.

  66. Straka does a one year contract and takes it year to year. I think he signed a one year wtih a second year as a an option. He isnt that old either.

  67. Lamoriello has really stuck it to the Rangers by signing Racoon and Weekes to get them back for signing Gomez. Lou, PLEASE trade us a stick and a puck for Malik! We’ll even throw in a framed, autographed Gomez NYR jersey for your den wall.
    Also, as for Prucha – I have mixed feelings about his signing. He needs to get stronger physically so that he doesn’t hit the ice when an opposing player merely stares at him. Every time you look at him he’s picking his butt off the ice.
    Finally, with Weekes in the swamp can’t wait to see Montoya up with the big club.

  68. I am almost speechless. ……

    I even lost connection to the internet and I seem to get a stomach ulcer….

    I never liked the wombats, they are our relatives but come on…..

    You know what your talking about man ?????
    Come on Sam, kick him in the but and delete him…

  69. heard the rangers traded bryace lampton to tampa for ?????? anyone know anything

  70. Can you folks remember what I said on Sunday about Lamoriello when he lost Brian Rafalski to the Wings, that he would probably jump from the roof of his new arena in Newark….!!!

    He even lost Gomez to the Rangers, and Lukowich to the Lighting in replacing him with Karel Rachunek…

    What a great move, it will be very difficult to find a coach for his greatly improved team…You need to be behind the bench as well..

    Well, Lou it is time to find the way up….:):):)

  71. Sam,
    What if anything do you hear about the chances of Marc Staal being a starting defenseman this year?

  72. Weekes is a good guy and not that bad a player…so he sits on the bench for the devils. whatever.

    Will everyone stop panicking about Henrik? Sam, any calming words?

  73. PJ

    Even if they have full intentions of givign the job to Staal, theres no reason to tell the kid. let him come to camp and bust his ass and earn it.

  74. There is no reason to panic about Henrik he doesn’t want to leave nor has his agent ever mentioned anything other than them trying to get a long term deal done with the Rangers. It will get done! Long live the King!

  75. They have 11 million dollars left they can resign at least 3 players with that. Henrik will get 5.75 per year and avery abut 2.2 per year. Thats 7.9 million spent aorund and about 3 million left to sign shanny and/or hossa……well be fine

  76. Mailik could also be traded to fee up more cap space before these deals are done.

  77. They will sign Shanny for sure, every one you speak to who discusses the Rangers next season includes Shanny in the conversation. Avery made such a huge difference on this team last season that they would be stupid not to resign him, so i am pretty sure that will get done. I think they will sign Hossa too, he is young and showed flashes of big time goal scoring potential down the stretch, so even if they have to go over the cap a little bit and work it out later they will sign them all.

  78. Weekes just signed on for a dream job today! You get paid millions to ride the bench for 75+ games. I would take that job in a second

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    You know, for how much we bashed Renney all year forunderutilizing Prucha, it saved us in the end when the contract negotiations rolled around. Imagine if he had been given a real opportunity to build on his 1st year success and scored 40 goals this season? He would be looking for 3.2 per, not just total.

  80. Two responses:

    Lundqvist wiill get done. The issue is whether the Rangers try to sign him to a one year deal or whether they can work out a long term deal now given the new commitments.

    Staal certainly looks like he can be a top-six defenseman next year. He would have to be that because the team wouldn’t waste his time making him a seven (That’s what they re-signed Strudwick for). I still wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers move a defenseman in an effort to open up a roster spot and some cap space.

  81. Souray would be a great addition and would eliminate the need for Mara, who wasn’t very impressive. Hopefully Prucha gets a shot on the second line. prucha-drury-shanny could be a potent scoring line. They’d give the rangers two lines with completely different looks making them hard to defend.

  82. woopppsss sorry Sam… You must have posted yours just as I was writing mine!

    I guess I’m not that nervous about Henrik anymore? As long as it gets done, that’s all that matters to me =)

  83. AngelusMortis on

    Say the Rangers do want to move Malik and his costly 2.5 million dollars in cap space: Who/what would they get in return? Draft pick(s)? Prospect(s)? Another defenseman? If Malik was given the boot, who would step up and be our 6th defenseman (assuming Staal is going to be playing in New York this season)? Would Thomas Pock finally get his chance to have a permanent spot on the roster?

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    f-champs, don’t forget that the third line would then be ANOTHER ook, the speedy Avery-Cullen-Callahan combination.

  85. My line combos


  86. if strudwick is a 7th dman then i’m really confused about our defense.

    Here’s our D-corps in no particular order:

    1) staal
    2) tyutin
    3) rosival
    4) mara
    5) malik
    6) pock
    7) girardi
    8) strudwick

    Assuming Staal makes the squad (which i’m assuming he will based on what we’ve heard from the rangers coaching staff) then that leaves two odd men out – probably pock and strudwick (i personally would leave malikenstein out instead of pock). if struds is the 7th dman then that makes pock 8th. thats pretty much nonsensical. granted pock is no allstar but he’s better than struds and arguably as good if not better than malik (which obviously doesn’t say much). i really don’t understand how struds is our 7th dman and pock isn’t. this move just leads me to believe that someone has got to be moved because there are just too many guys on the squad, especially considering that if Baranka can stay healthy he’s a legitimate nhl defenseman.

    As an aside, Sam I’m surprised you (and others on here) haven’t mentioned the Chris Russo interview of Pierre McGuirre. McGuirre basically had an orgasm over Staal, calling him the human eraser, and compared him to Pronger with a less edgier game. Also, he was quite excited over Cherepanov and actually mentioned that he wouldn’t be surprised if a deal gets done to bring Cherry over here – Jagr is good friends with the Omsk owner and Rangers might try to do some kind of buyout deal.

  87. Do we know for a fact that a second signing will occur today? Is it indeed going to be Shanny? I know he’s an important sign,but given his willingness to play here and no where else,wouldn’t his contract be the easiest to get done? I know Henrik will get done,but he is the straw that stirs the drink,and Avery,well,he’s important,too. Not to say Shanny isn’t,of course,but those 2 are the ones that concern me most.

  88. Well said, Sam !

    This Koala has no clue what he is talking about, there is no way Lundqvist is leaving the Rangers….

    I hope he will sign a multi year contract which is structured to get him the most money in the final years allowing the Rangers to clear some salary when guys like Jagr and Straka end their time to fix it under the cap…

    Probably they send Malik away and can get a better d-man for him…

  89. I heard the Pierre McGuire interview and it is still up at the WFAN website. I URGE ALL RANGER FANS TO LISTEN TO IT! If you want to get pumped up about your team, this interview will get you going. McGuire gushes about the signings of Drury and Gomez. He states that Gomez will get over 80 points this year and the reason why he is a better fit than Nylander is because Nylander NEVER COMMITTED to playing defense. McGuire states that Gomez is much better defensively. He then goes on to talk about Staal and Cherepanov. Since I have never seen either of them play a game and have only seen clips, it is interesting to hear someone talk about these kids who has had multiple opportunities to see them play. He really gushes about Staals ability and also talks about what a TREMENDOUS character guy he is. He is VERY HIGH on Cherepanov as well and was over in europe and saw him play. After I listened to this interview I wish the season was starting tomorrow!

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Wombat, the average of the entire contract is what matters. Frontloading a contract is the onyl thing that makes any difference because it:

    1) acts like an uncounted signing bonus
    2) makes it easier to trade them in the final year of a contract.

    No, I’m not suggesting they move Henrik, I’m merely poiting out why frontloading makes a difference. Backloading a contract does nothing except make the player hard to move later in the contract.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    Cherepanov isn’t coming to America this season. He has plainly said that he doesn’t want to. Furthermore, there isn’t a lineup spot for him, especially with Prucha having just resigned. Let it go, he’s in Russia, and when Straks goes next year, he can step right in.

  92. Oh man wombat,

    Obviously people who can read have clearly the edge…
    I never said that Henrik will definitly leave, I just said that it will not so easy to resign him, as Sather stated in the aftermath of Sunday´s signing….

    I think it will definitly takes some more days to get all those contracts from Avery, Shanahan and Lundqvist structured the right way to get it under the cap, and it takes some time to get it in the proper way…

    But is still some time until training camp opens, so Sather will get it done…

    and wombat you guys are known for you laziness, you must know it…

  93. Michael J Dundee on

    Good to see some Aussie characters on the site, but we all know koalas don’t know squat about hockey…

    NYRchick: I agree with you – given that Sam has me at ease with the King’s imminent signing, I think that Avery is the key next, as I am confident Shanny won’t go elsewhere. Do you like Australian men… we should get together and talk Rangers! ;)

  94. Come on Michael !

    Do you know that we have a league down here as well…even a former Rangers´player Steve Mckenna will be the head coach of Team Australia and our league attracts even some players of Northa America and eastern parts of Europe…

    Do not underestimate Koalas….!!!

    Yeah you maybe right with Wombats not having the feeling of quickness of the sport…:):):)

  95. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Man…..This blog sure as Sh*t brings out the weirdo’s this time a year……

  96. Michael J Dundee on

    My mates call me Mick, and as long as you’re not a croc, you’re my mate, Kenny!!

  97. I know i’m the only one who was happy to have weekes as our backup (though not, now, at his cost). i don’t think valiquette looked to be any good, and is montoya ready?

  98. Sam’s updated report notwithstanding, we’re not gonna hear anything on Lundqvist until tomorrow at the earliest, since that’s the deadline for club-filed arbitration. Meehan already said Hank won’t be filing, so the Rangers brass has until tomorrow to decide what to do and how to do it.

  99. Michael J Dundee on

    I thought Weekes was more than serviceable as Hank’s backup. Sure, he had a couple of shockers, but overall I was a fan (and I still am, as far as is possible given he’s a damn devil)

  100. Doodie,

    I am definitely sure that JJ will call his friend Roman Abramovich owner of Avangard Omsk to send Cherepanov over to the NHL as soon as Martin Straka returns to the Czech Republic….The NHL doesn´t need an agreement with the Russian hockey federation in this case….

    Jagr played for Omsk and got more money during the lockout or even was offered a bigger contract by Omsk as with the Rangers….

  101. Koala, you are keeping my anger swelled up, you are the most lazy goof all over the place and becoming a persona non grata

    Enough is enough…

    Good night from Australia….

  102. Line combo’s

    Spares-Orr (hossa) tho he should just go back to europe

    Spares- Strudwick

    Trade malik for a bag fo pucks for all i care, im sure nj will take anyhting they took rachunek and weeks

  103. Avery is a 3rd line player on a good team, 2nd on a bad team bad team si the kings, rnagers are the good team, Prucha wil be marty straka in another year, wiht good ice time

  104. Does Prucha signing means that we’re not sign either Shanny or Avery? I’m getting worried now. Rangers have had time to sign RFA until 5pm?

  105. Michael J Dundee on

    Wombat: It’s about 7:30am on friday in Australia, or earlier if you’re not on the east coast. I’m beginning to wonder if you guys are just posing as Aussies to get the ladies…

  106. PJ: Agreed. I was amped after hearing that.

    Doodie: Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just passing along the words of a guy who gets paid to give his opinion on hockey. I think the idea isn’t to bring Cherry over to play in the NHL – it’s to have him play in the AHL and get acclimated.

    Koala: The money Omsk throws around is one of the downsides. I’m not sure if it was the same Pierre Mc interview, but I remember hearing somewhere that a lot of kids don’t make the trip over to the NHL because an 18 year old kid can get paid a couple mill over in Europe whereas he’ll come to the US and play in the AHL for the minimum contract.

    Sam: Any update on Avery and whether he’s going to arbitration? I don’t know about all of you but that scares me. Arbitration is not good. The Rangers basically sit there and tell Avery and an arbitrator why Avery isn’t worth what he says he is and Avery will tell the Rangers why he is. It’s not a good scenario. Imagine going to arbitration against your boss and he basically tells you why you are no good. Then imagine going back to work. Things definitely wouldn’t be the same. Avery fits in NYC perfectly and I hope he stays here for a long time. I think arbitration would seriously jeopardize that.

  107. Michael, Wombat are always tired, doesn´t matter if it is 7.30 am or 7.30 pm….:):):)

  108. lawnboy….

    Abramovic is one of the richest man in the world, he owns even Chelsea F.C London….
    Russia had probably the most players from the NHL during the lockout even Danny Heatley moved over to Russia to play for Magnitokorsk or Omsk this season…

  109. Hockeypuckz on

    Rob, good assesment on Pru being like Straka in another year. He needs to get a little stronger but the speed is definetly there he just needs the ice time.

    Everybody seems to be up in arms today over Hank not being signed yet. People calm down, ride the wave, the Rangers are going to be the hottest team in the area next year as well as the league. Yanks as much as this kills me are done. The Mets alway screw up, Jets and Giants will fall short. Knicks, hahahahahahaha. Devs and Isles will be battling for the basement of the Atlantic. Everything will be done before the middle of the month, Avery, Hanks, Shanny, and the trade of one of our D-Men. Live it Love it, LETS GO RANGERS.

  110. Michael J Dundee on

    You Wombats are hilariously lazy creatures. What happened to Kenny Koala?!

  111. lawnboyvt,
    I am glad someone listened to me and heard the interview. I wish more people here would go listen to it. Not only did it pump me up for the future of Alexi Cherepanov, but it made me even more excited about this year. Can you imagine after we have added two BIG TIME centers in Gomez and Drury if we had a rookie Dman that came in and was a true impact player/rookie of the year type guy. Everyone seems to think we are one Dman short on the team, well maybe Staal is the guy.

    Have you {or anyone else here for that matter} gotten to see Lori Korpikoski play on an extended basis. I don’t hear much talk about him? Is he a legitimate NHL forward? I remember the draft special when Maloney was mic’d up. When they got Korpikoski in the draft by moving up, Maloney was beside himself and was saying “WE HIT A HOME RUN!” But, he is a prospect that I don’t hear much about?

  112. Hank – where on the rodent site? All I see is something about a Granger commercial (that sounds hilarious btw)

  113. AngelusMortis on

    Oh man, Garth Snow just threw away 4.5 million dollars on Guerin. He’s decent, but he was a dud in the playoffs for San Jose. Definitely not worth what he’s being paid, but I guess the Isles are desperate after losing half of their squad to free agency.

  114. Robby Bonfire on

    Montoya not ready beats Weekes ready, seven days a week. Don’t tell me the club is considering Weekes as an option for anything but the waiver wire.

  115. re Henrik – I don’t think anyone thinks he won’t be signed for at least 1 yr. But whether he signs for 1 yr or 8 yrs there will be ramnifications regarding other players that will have to be addressed – buyouts or trades where the Rangers might have to pull what NJ did give up draft picks to entice a team to take a player.

  116. Robby Bonfire on

    I hope its true. Weeks was a “Devil” in the nets, here, you could say.

  117. Robby Bonfire on

    The last to know, and the HAPPIEST to know, that’s me. Good riddance, to bad rubbish you bum, Weekes.

  118. re Souray one word – WHY?

    he’s terrible and makes big $ – it would ruin us for years re the cap. and we would have to unload better players to make the cap. huge mistake.

    I just hope the we refers to some other team.

  119. Straka-Gomez-Jagr(top scoring line)
    Avery-Drury-Shanahan(top scoring line #2…too good to be called a second line)
    Prucha-Cullen-Callahan(energy line with the ability to score easily)
    Hollweg/Hossa-Betts-Orr(bumping/banging defensive line to play against the Crosbys and Brieres of the world)

  120. Gilbert, R. on

    King Henrik will sign a one year deal, split time with Montoya this year and when someone offers him $8M next year we will let him go. Montoya was the plan for the future and Glen will stick to the plan. Sorry but that is life under the CAP….

  121. Are you nuts,or stupid,or both? If you really think theere’s a chance IN HELL that Henrik will be ANYWHERE other than here,I think you’re both. First of all,he WANTS to stay HERE.And second,there’s no way Sather would signed both Drury and Gomez long term if he didn’t believe Henrik would be in goal. Just for the utter stupidity of that comment,I have to question if you really are a Ranger fan,or just a jealous fan of another team. Really…

  122. look at the Vanek (restricted free agent) offer sheet from Edm 7 yrs $ 50 mm. I don’t think any of us or Sather expected the domino effect of some of these signings. I think they expected to sign THE KING for $ 5 or $ 6 mm tops. The number could be quite a bit higher especially if a similar attempt by another team is made at him.

  123. We don’t know for sure if Henrik hasn’t already received offer sheets from other teams.Just cause they’re offered,doesn’t mean he has to accept.He knows that his best shot at both success and maximum exposure is in NY. Apparently,he’s made clear that not only will he not file for arbitration,but that if he is offered sheets,he will decline. Who really knows? The deadline is less than 3 hours away. Come on,Sather,get something done,please!

  124. We don’t know for sure if Henrik hasn’t already received offer sheets from other teams.Just cause they’re offered,doesn’t mean he has to accept.He knows that his best shot at both success and maximum exposure is in NY. Apparently,he’s made clear that not only will he not file for arbitration,but that if he is offered sheets,he will decline. Who really knows?

  125. the only way its taken this long is that sather MUST be working on a deal to make a trade and,or get souray in here,there will be defensman traded soon… fingers toes and anything else i can find are crossed.

  126. By the way NYRchick, I have been a ranger fan for 42 years.

    Henrik will take his one year and test the FA waters. Seriously, he is a very good goalie but do you think he will get better. I do not think he will ever be as good as a Roy, Hasek, Richter, or Broduer. He lets in some soft goals at times, I am not saying to get rid of him but I would not break the bank on him yet, and I would not trade Montoya just yet either.

  127. Gilbert,
    In response to saying Henrik won’t be as good as any of the star goalie you mentioned. To me he shows great potential and I have seen even the greats let in some very easy soft goals. I saw Hasek get slaughtered in an all-star game a few years ago on the shootout challenge with every player doing the same back hand shot. He never stopped a single one. But yet, he is still a great goalie. they all have their flaws weak spts and weak moments.

    And just becasue you have been a fan for 42 years does not make you a bigger fan than anyone, just that you have been around longer.

  128. Dave,
    The 42 yrs remark was in response to somoen else. You are right about Henrik he is still young and can be a great goalie someday but I do not want to break the bank on him this year. One comment, All-Star games are a joke and do not count, no one plays defense and no one cares. Why even have a goalie.

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