Lundqvist and Shanahan next?


Hats off to John Dellapina, who tracked down both Henrik Lundqvist and Brendan Shanahan to “talk about their respective contract negotiations.”:

Both players sound close, although I was interested to hear that Shanahan said he has been courted by other teams even after saying he only wanted to play in New York.

That alone suggests the Rangers can’t drag their feet.

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  1. I expect Shanny and King Henrik to sign on new contracts very soon. By the way, since Scotty Gomez isn’t going to wear “23,” will he wear “32” instead?

  2. Doodie Machetto on


    I think I might have the best rumor of all (via spector’s trade rumors):

    “NHL.COM: lists forward Brad Isbister as a member of the Vancouver Canucks.

    Spector’s Note: Hat tip to “Jeff� and Andrew Hynd for the link. I’ve checked the NHLPA’s website but Isbister is still listed as unsigned and there’s been no reports in the media as of yet. Might be worth keeping an eye on. �

  3. I’m not worried about Shanny. He’s using words and phrases like “us, our team” and said he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make the team better, so I am sure he will re-up fairly soon. And I’m not concerned about Avery, because I think he genuinely loves playing in NY and should also be excited about the team.

    It’s Henrik that worries me. Get him signed ASAP. Offer him the keys to the kingdom. He deserves it. He is the MVP of this team and as he goes, so does the rest of the team. Case in point: when Henrik raised his game in February and March, so did the rest of the team. Get him signed to a long term deal now before it becomes too late. I say offer him 7 years, $42 million. Get him on board for $6 million per year now before salaries rise further and he’ll command $10 million a year.

    Having Henrik on this team means we will ALWAYS be competitive at the very least. When you have a goalie of that caliber in net, he will make an average team look great (see: Devils).

  4. NJ Mark,

    good post.

    7 years (with the current trend) makes sense.

    Also, we didn’t sign anyone to a foolishly long contract: Gomez will be younger than Nylander is right now, when his contract expires.
    Foolish is owing 4-7 million dollars to a 39 or 40 year old.

  5. AngelusMortis on

    NEWSDAY: Greg Logan reports the Islanders ancient home arena is a possible turnoff for many unrestricted free agents. GM Garth Snow continues to work the phones to find replacements for Ryan Smyth, Alexei Yashin, Viktor Kozlov and Tom Poti, who all signed elsewhere as UFAs. Logan notes the club has plenty of cap space and a willingness to spend, and might also consider trade options to bolster its roster.

    Hahahaha, even players in the league know that the Fishies and their Mausoleum are terrible.

  6. Why is it surprising that players would know this? The players have better access to the buildings than we do and probably a lot less bias too.

  7. AngelusMortis on

    The article said that the Islanders have loses of $20 million dollars a season. What do you think the Rangers’ profit margins are?

  8. Seamus,

    Agreed. I can’t justify giving someone a 7 year deal if they are going to be 37-40 years old at the end of the deal. Sather did the right thing: he gave Gomez and Drury contracts that will end when they are at the end of their prime years. They will both be about 35 years old when those contracts end, which is when guys usually start to decline (there are obviously exceptions, Jagr and Shanny come to mind).

    Everyone is saying how Philly made great moves? You know what, I am not buying it. Will they help now? Yes. But what’s going to happen when Timmonen and Briere are 38+ at the end of those deals, and Philly has to pay them and they will be untradeable because their talent level will have decreased? They’ll be in the same boat they are in now.

    One other thing about signing Gomez and Drury that’s different from the past is that if these guys do underachieve, at least we have a ton of prospects in our system this time. When the Rangers were busy acquiring guys like Lindros, Fleury, and Bure, we had no youth in place. Now, we have guys Cherepanov, Bourret, Staal, Sauer, and Sanguinetti in place. Those vets never had any kids pushing them for ice time.

  9. So the Caps, not the Oilers, have landed Nylander.

    Just out of curiosity, I went to the Caps official website. Two observations:

    First, the Caps have new uniforms for next year. They are horrendous. They are kind of a modern spin on their old red white and blue unis. I guess its better than the more recent blue/white ones. I’m all for throwbacks. But jesus, did the person who massacred the Ducks jerseys do a job on the caps new sweater too??

    Second, and more importantly: there is a very interesting article about Nylander’s signing up on the site. Here is the part of the story that caught my attention:

    “Erroneous and premature reports out of Edmonton had Nylander signing with the Oilers early Monday, and many others throughout cyberspace confirmed the misinformation. The misinformation may have helped Washington land Nylander. Plenty of teams were in the market for centers, especially after the threesome of Daniel Briere, Chris Drury and Scott Gomez found new homes on Sunday.

    “The aforementioned trio signed for an average of six years and $6.97 million per season while the Caps were able to get Nylander for four years and a cap hit of $4.875 million. Nylander is a bit older than the other three, but has been no less effective over the past two seasons.

    “Nylander has totaled 163 points over the last two campaigns, tied for 20th among all NHL players during that timespan. (Briere, Drury and Gomez do not rank among the league’s top 20 scorers over the past two seasons.) He has thrived playing alongside right wing Jaromir Jagr in New York, and should continue to do so playing with Alex Ovechkin with the Capitals.”

    Some thoughts. First, how did misinformation about Nylander going to Edmonton help them get Nylander? Did other teams back off b/c they thought he had signed? That doesn’t make much sense though; any teams serious about signing him would have known from his agent that he was still an UFA.

    Second, interesting stat on how Nylander is top 20 the last two seasons in scoring, but Gomez/Drury are not. Of course, Nylander was playing alongside a certain guy named Jagr, but perhaps this is a great move for Nylander since he’ll presumably be playing w/ Ovechkin now. That may make for a formidable combo.

    Third, interesting how the article went out of its way to point out that Gomez/Drury/Briere were not top 20 in scoring the last two seasons. A way to reassure their fans that they didn’t settle for second rate? Or a shot at the bigger market teams who perhaps were salivating over big names as opposed to hard stats?

    In the end, I’m thrilled about losing Nylander for Gomez/Drury. The age difference, which the article characterizes as only “a bit older” (ha) is enough for me.

    Now lets get the King signed!

  10. I think that Colorado and the the Leafs made horrible moves. They signed Smyth and Blake to long term contracts.. Blake will be what 39 at the end of it? I doubt he’ll have any more 40 goal seasons.. and Smyth is just an overpriced wank.

    But I agree, throw as much as you can to the King. If we send Kaspar to hartford, that means we have 15m to spend, but can we also do what with Ozy, or did we already free up capspace with him?

  11. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    If Nylander goes to the Caps and says I have a contract in hand from Edmonton for xxx dollars over xxx years, and all the news sources back that claim, then he has leverage to get more out of the Caps.

  12. Pavel,

    I agree about Blake, but not Smyth. Smyth just turned 31 and was given a 5 year deal. He should be productive for the majority of that contract. And he’s an excellent player to have on your team. He plays hard, scores 30+ every season, and is a heart and soul type of player. I think Colorado made out great in signing him.

  13. It’s good to see on the Bulletin that Jagr mentions needing a solid defensemen (I still think we need a upgrade, regardless of Staal), although it’s too bad he’s sad about Nylander. Don’t think it’ll hold up once he’s on the ice with Gomez or Drury, though.

    Henrik will sign — I don’t think he seems like a guy who has any desire to move off the biggest stage in hockey. Oh, and Slats will offer him everything he can.

  14. OMG…the team is SCREWED…NO ISBISTER?!?! What next?!?! They trade Strudwick?!?!

    Seriously, it’s too bad they gave up Petruzelak for what ammounted to the biggest waste in a Ranger uniform since Brent Fedyk/Scott Fraser.

    Pavel – Ozolinsh is GONE. No more. He’ll probably play in Europe, if I were to guess.

    Kaspar I can see several scenarios happening. First is that they let him skate during preseason(which I think they will no matter what; otherwise they would have bought him out after being eliminated last season). Then, if he looks like he has some gas in the can(but not enough to be a seventh defensman), they’ll probably send him to Hartford. If he looks good, he’ll vy for number seven with Strudwick. And if he looks like a sub-AHL caliber player, they’ll probably buy him out then.

    Perhaps this is a question for Sam, but it seems as though there was a marked souring between Kaspar and the organization at the begining of the season, starting with him being stripped of the ‘A’…I’ve heard he came into camp less than 100 percent(not sure if it was his shape or his injury or his head or all three). If that’s the case and he’s working hard now, I wouldn’t discount a return from Darius, at least in a limited capacity…

  15. I personally heard Kaspar and Ozo got caught smoking a lefty at the training facility, and Kaspar also being overheard saying that “he’s been having a real hard time time getting *into* it like he used to”…. Kaspar is dunzo, no more iec for him, please.

  16. Oh, ok. thanks for clearing things up.

    Now I have to wait impatiently for the King to resign!

  17. I dont get the Blake signing by the Leafs. They dont have alot of cap room, their defense is atrocious and this is the guy they target. Plus, I hear he is a real douschebag as a teammate. Should be interesting to see how he gets along w/ Darcy Tucker.

  18. Isbister is gone? Noooooooooooooo. What will the team do without him now? We won’t even make the playoffs now, and we’ll be the worst team in the NHL!

    Damn, I broke my own sarcasm detector, I need a new one.

  19. hockey eunuch on

    on all the photos Gomez looks shorter than Drury, so Gomez is under 5’10

  20. I don’t think any of the guys from last year would want to leave this team now — Shanny, Lundy, Avery, etc. This is a team on the rise, in the center of the world, where money is earned not only on the ice but off it. And we just made an obvious push for Cup success. Why would Avery, who has had so much trouble elsewhere, leave now? Money? Not likely.

  21. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    NYR should try and trade for Redden…Rumor has it that Sens wanna dump him for Cap space..But with them losing Preissing i dont know

  22. Orr: Nice thought, but it isn’t going to happen. The only moves this team has left is to sign their own free agents: Lundqvist, Shanny, Prucha, Avery, and Hossa. That’s it. The only other move that might happen is a salary dump trade (Malik or Mara), but I doubt it. What you see is what you get.

    Personally, I think everyone is panicking over our defense a little too much. They say you build a Cup winner from the net out. Well, we’re off to an excellent start there with Lundqvist. Our defense is by no means upper echelon in the league, but they can do worse than Rozy, Tyutin, Girardi, Malik, Mara, and either Staal or Pock. I really think Girardi is going to be an excellent stay at home d-man for us for many years, and I think Staal is the real deal and his skills will improve as the season goes on.

    And look at our group of forwards. Drury, Gomez, Shanny, Avery, Cullen, and Betts are all good in their own zone, and Straka, Hossa, and even Callahan showed glimpses last year of being good in the defensive zone.

    I think everyone is panicking for no reason. Not everyone is going to have a Pronger or a Lidstrom on their team.

  23. And before anyone says it (if it hasn’t been said already), Souray is not the answer. He’s nothing spectacular from a defensive standpoint, he just happens to be blessed with an amazing slap shot. And we don’t have the cap space for him anyway.

  24. NJ Mark, nicely put. I completely agree that we shouldn’t panic about D because we really are off on an excellent start.

  25. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Im not worried about D either…But i was just saying it would be nice to see Redden in a Rangers jersey…

    Rozi needs to have a breakout year..His 3 goals in the playoffs were off beauty shots…

    If we dump Malik and put Pock or Strudwick…Id be damn happy…I like Strudwick…He’ll always stick up for his teamates…and He has un finished buisness with Ben Eager…cant wiat for that.

    Either way im so friggin excited for 07 – 08 and i wish it was october already.

    Does anyone have any idea when the NHL will release the Pre Season squedule and the Regular season squed???

  26. Hi Sam,

    Can you remember me ?????????????

    No you can´t, you will not, obviously you don´t like creatures from Australia (:(:(:

    Where are you know ??? Today I read an article of Dellapina, who wrote about the situation of Lundqvist and Shanahnan and their negotiations for a new contract..!!

    So Sam it is your turn now to inform us that the Rangers have resigned them both now after you got an call from Glen Sather :):):)

    It is time do it ….right now…!!!!:):)

  27. Colorado Mark on

    Souray also is the prime shooter on the MNTL PP. If he was a Ranger, is the PP philosophy going to change with Jags still our Go to Guy? Rozy doesn’t even shoot. Next years PP1: Straka-Gomez-Jagr-Rozy-Prucha, PP2: Shanny-Drury-Avery-Tyutin-Mara. Smokin!

  28. That would be great NJ Mark.
    We take their franchise player and they
    pick up our trash-

  29. The weak link in our defense is Malik. As long as he’s out there scoring goals against Henrik, tipping in goals to our own net, and giving away pucks in crunch time, we’ll NEVER be solid on defense.

    He needs to go… maybe his inflated plus-minus stats will lure another team into giving us a decent draft pick for him.

    Staal is ready to make the team. He’s already a better defenseman than Malik. We also have Baranka and Liffiton in the wings.

    Malik is one valid example of addition by subtraction.

  30. I don’t want a draft pick in lue of Malik, I want the team to be able to trade Malik for a decent D-man.

  31. AngelusMortis on

    Ha, I hope the Devils signed Rachunek. I don’t know how a defenseman who doesn’t know how to play defense will work in the Devils system, but hey, he can be their problem now.

  32. There are rumors out there that the Isles are working on a major trade right now with a team in the western conference and are trying to get someone to waive their no-trade clause. No specifics though-

  33. Of course that is true man….

    Everybody knows about the best GM in the NHL, who recently built a brand new arena for a team, which lost their two best players to a team from the other side of the Hudson.

    Oh man Lou, that is really tough to swallow especially when you get such a good defenseman from Broadway….but you don´t know that this guy once said that he doesn´t like the NY area at all….

  34. I guess they liked that GW goal he scored for them back in February. Enjoy Marty!

  35. “There are rumors out there that the Isles are working on a major trade right now with a team in the western conference and are trying to get someone to waive their no-trade clause. No specifics though-”

    Maybe they’re trying to trade for Ryan Smyth again.

  36. News of Rachunek signing with the Devils kinda takes the Rangers offseason so far and ruins it.


    are you kidding? this just increases chances for Staal to actually make the big club.

    I liked Rachunek but not THAT much….there’s a guy that does not exist in the NHL if you cut it down by a few teams.

  37. Not sure if this has been posted yet- I was listening to Center Ice on XM today, and they said that Jagr “is really PO’d that his buddy Nylander is leaving the club.”

    Anyone know if this is indeed true, or if Jagr commented publicly at all? I’m worried that letting Nylander go may have been a mistake…

  38. Jags and Straks is upset but are happy to have the new additions.

    On Blueshirt Bulletin:

    July 02, 2007
    Jagr and Straka Delighted But Disappointed; Strudwick Signed
    In a TV interview in the Czech Republic, Jaromir Jagr and Martin Straka expressed regret that the Rangers were unable to re-sign Michael Nylander, but were delighted with the acquisition of Scott Gomez and Chris Drury. “They are major additions,” Jagr said of the Rangers’ two new centers. “You never know, it might work out well, or not. But it will have to work out somehow because these guys are signed for a long time.”

    Jagr knew that Nylander would strive for the best deal possible. But he still felt the sting of his loss on a personal level. “I’m a little disappointed,” he said. “We meshed well. We knew what to expect from each other.” Straka said of Nylander, “He was our key player. I myself am surprised.” But he too knew that the Rangers took a step forward with these signings. “Now we have a great chance to go somewhere,” he said. “Certainly,” agreed Jagr. “[But] to reach of the highest ranks, we still need a defenseman.”

  39. JJ likes winning. If Gomez is suddenly feeding him and the Rangers are winning, he’ll be asking “Nylandwho?”

    Besides, Nylander is Swedish not Czech…so at least it wasn’t traitorous…

  40. On the Kasper situation, I know that if he gets sent to the minors that his salary does not count against the cap. But in all the reports about the Rangers’ remaining cap room, I think Kasper’s has been included, maybe because he was on the NHL team last year. I want to get confirmation on this because the team may have more cap room than we think.
    I believe an article link that was posted here in the past few days said that Kasper was counting against the offseason cap, but Outside The Garden has updated with all salaries so far for 2007-08 and shows Kasper in minors, but people like Dawes, Moore, Liffiton, Montoya, Pikkarainen in majors, with about 11.5 million of space. So, realistically, I’d say we have a little over $14 million until the $50.3 million number, which obviously allows for 5 mil more during the summer.

  41. You know what? Nylander’s greed is the reason he’s no longer here. He was offered a contract extension, but no, he wanted to make double his salary. F him. The Caps can have him.

    We got not one, but TWO centers instead of Nylander. Gomez is known for his speed and stickhandling skills.. but wait so is Drury.

    Good riddance to Nylander. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Go have another kid.

    If Jagr is truely PO’d, then I don’t want him as my captain anymore. He is probably aware that Nylander could have resigned. He’s not worth more than 3.5/y MAX.

  42. hockey eunuch on

    Zubrus is now in the same division with the Devils, nobody plays Jagr as physical as Zubrus.

  43. hockey eunuch on

    “JJ likes winning. If Gomez is suddenly feeding him and the Rangers are winning, he’ll be asking “Nylandwho?â€?”

    but if they don’t have any chemistry together and Jagr is traded, we’ll be asking “Jagrwho?”

  44. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Oh thats perfect…Zubrus on the devils…thats the last thing we need…But then again Pandalfo would be working on Jags….

    Forget Racky…He sucks..

  45. Zubrus is overrated, and certainly not worthy of a 6 year deal!! I love it!! They are so desperate.

  46. AngelusMortis on

    Zubrus is a good addition for the Devils, bad for us, especially Jagr. Who remembers the hipcheck Zubrus gave JJ in the playoffs that sent him to the locker room? Imagine that 8 times a year or more if we face the Devs in the playoffs.

  47. a casual observer on

    1st off, The king will sign to a long contract. He loves it here in NYC. No bigger stage for a rock star. All the fame , the glory and he gets more girls than anyone(I am a close second though).

    2ndly, Strudwick is an interesting pick up. I would love be a fly on the wall when that decision was discussed. I hope it means Malik is for sale. He has gotten so damn slow it looks like those size 34 clown shoes must weigh 50 pounds each.
    Let’s go Rangers!

  48. It’s clear that Ivanusmot, as OKYY so nicely puts it, has turned into hockey eunich. Ignore his Zubrus comments and all forthcoming.

  49. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    What does Ivanusmot have a new name now….Jeez….Just as pathetic as the devils..

  50. 4:52pm et
    The Anaheim Ducks have signed F Brad May to a two-year contract.

    4:50pm et
    The Edmonton Oilers sign goaltender Mathieu Garon to a two-year contract.

  51. Thats not Sam’s proper handle, and shame on whoever did that. When Sam posts inside his own posts, it comes up in underlined smaller text. There is not gonna be any Forsberg on the Rangers ever at this point.

  52. Oh really, Forsberg, huh Sam? And if we go back over our old posts, who were the guys lynched for bringing this up yesterday? Oh yeah, that’s right, me and twinterb.

    I have no further comment.

  53. Cheerios mates, I was sipping my tea when I heard my favorite team in the world just signed my favorite player in the world. I am of course talking about Jason von Strudwick. The Cup will finally be ours mates, and Jason will finally be able to sip some hot Indian tea from it.

    Right, cheerios chaps.

    Idon von Akachabolzov III

  54. I haven’t been lying, I was telling you guys what I heard from a source that seemed credible. Now I’m just responding to Sam’s post. If that’s not him, then my apologies, I was fooled. I personally would much rather we did not sign Forsberg, nor do I get some sick enjoyment out of the idea. I was merely responding to a post. Sorry if it was not Sam’s, I take it back.

  55. 5:15pm et
    Eric Belanger has agreed to a 3 year deal with the Minnesota Wild worth $5.25 million.

  56. CML

    I hear ya.
    There has to be some kind of system with registration created in order for people to post here.
    I thought this blog had some crzies during the actual
    season, but man..the nuts are out in full force these days.

  57. Peter, it was definitely not Sam’s post. Even a different website link. Look at his real post from around 11:00 PM lsat night and compare it to this one to see what I mean.

  58. Yeah BlueClue, I mean seriously, this is a blog in which the fans communicate about the facts and ideas on what should be done to help the team, not lies and nonsense.

  59. Mmmm, I love nuts with a nice bottle cogniac, but not as much as tea. And I totally agree, we must not let any low born riff raff hooligans and peasants post on this fine aristocratic blog. Their low brow comments really bring down the quality.

    Sincerely, Idon von Akachabolzov III

  60. imagination on

    idon dial #’s and make prank calls to strangers. Maybe you’ll get your mother.

  61. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    First off….If Sam were to report a possible signing of Forsberg…He’d probably have an update to the Post….

    Dont believe anything you hear…This blog is just filled with Die hard NYR fans and other fans who are morons like Ivanusmot..Robby..and this asshole pretending to be Sam..

    For the record…Most of you should know who that is pretending to be Sam….Thats right…its that pathetic brainless NYI fan IVANUSMOT…
    who’s now Idon von Idonthavealifesoimgonnapretendtobesam

  62. May B.I. Chapurnatsofavtaol on

    Hi everybody, 17/F/NY here. I just became a bandwagon Ranger fan as soon as I heard they signed the uncanny Jason Strudwick. I just found this awesome blog, I will not watch too many games, but I will sure party hard when we win the Stampy Cup, lead by hot Jason Strudwick. When is the parade? I can’t wait to flash him my almost fully grown boobs. Or do you think I should first get my boob done?

  63. AngelusMortis on

    Umm, people, you realize by constantly complaining about our friend Idon von etc. you’re just inviting him to keep posting on here, right? Try ignoring him…I think he gets it that most of us here don’t like him, you don’t have to keep telling him.

  64. Wow Ivanusmot changed handles twice in one day?! I actually don’t think it was him impersonating Sam though. I am glad that he doesn’t want to cut my balls off, however.

  65. Guess with this Forsberg signing, Cullen is gone and Forsberg centers Prucha and Callahan. oof!

  66. May B.I. Chapurnatsofavtaol on

    you do that, Sam, but be careful, make sure you can handle the truth.

  67. Since when does SAM spell the word UNFORTUNATELY wrong?

    Get out of here, you poor excuse for anything-

  68. The only signing the rangers are going to make are Lundquist, shanahan, prucha, avery and hossa, period.

  69. ….and if we dump Malik, expect a new defenseman.

    I think Staal will get his shot this year and step up big; his 2 brothers both did in their rookie seasons.

  70. Even Dubi is fake now. Its time for that IP ban that OKYY was talking about; maybe that will stop his head from spinning.

  71. May B.I. Chapurnatsofavtaol on

    Are there are any pedophiles here? I need me a nice hardcored Ranger fan sugadaddy to pay for my boob job, so I could flash by new boobies to cutiepie Jason Strudwick when he wins the Stumpy Cup

  72. May B.I. Chapurnatsofavtaol on

    OMG, I just saw how hot Marvin Broadoor is and I now can’t decide what bandwagon I should jump on. I know! I will show one funbag to Marvin and the other to Jason. Now where can I get that pedophile suggadaddy, hmm, maybe Stan Fishlerman? I bet he is a lion in bed, with a bit viagra. Tootooloo everybody

  73. Well, off to Hawthorne where applebees awaits… it seems more interesting than staying here.

  74. come on gimme a break why are people so bored that they have to start rumors… bet it’s a devil fan.

  75. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Anyone who comes in here to pretend to be someone else and starts rumors clearly has no friends and no life….So Ivanusmot von What ever…..Tighten the rope and jump off the new devils arena…

  76. NJ Mark,
    For further reference, is a canadian website, it’s the Quebec version of TSN, so whatever they post is pretty credible. That article was in french by the way, not czech lol

  77. whoever is posting that nonsense, take yourself to an emergency room and get yourself help.

  78. Oilers cry foul over Nylander deal

    Canadian Press

    7/3/2007 7:18:24 PM

    EDMONTON (CP) – The Edmonton Oilers have complained to the NHL that they had Michael Nylander before the Washington Capitals did.

    In a statement Tuesday, the Oilers said Nylander had signed with the Oilers on Sunday, only to then sign a US$19.5-million, four-year contract with the Capitals the next day.

    To make matters worse, the Oilers say they held off going after other potential free agents because they thought they had Nylander in the bag. The 34-year-old Swede was one of the top catches on the free-agent market, setting career highs in goals (26), assists (57) and points (83) with the New York Rangers last season.

    “On Sunday, July 1, 2007, Kevin Lowe, Oilers general manager, and Mr. Mike Gillis, certified agent for Michael Nylander, negotiated and agreed to a multi-year NHL Standard Players Contract, starting in 2007-08. Mr. Gillis confirmed same to the Oilers in writing,” the Oilers’ statement read Tuesday.

    Related Info
    Oilers re-sign Torres to three-year deal
    Oilers sign goaltender Mathieu Garon
    “The Oilers then proceeded with preparations to announce Mr. Nylander’s contract agreement on July 2, and concurrently continued with the process of negotiating with other free agents based upon Mr. Nylander being an important roster ingredient for the future.

    “However, while the Oilers were expecting the returned signed agreements from Mr. Nylander and Mr. Gillis, the Oilers discovered through public announcements made mid-afternoon on July 2, that Mr. Nylander had subsequently entered into a long-term contract with the Capitals.

    “The Oilers can find no precedent for such conduct in our history. The Oilers are examining and pursuing every course of action available in the best interest of the team and our fans.

    “For legal reasons, the Edmonton Oilers hockey club will not be discussing the details any further at this time.”

    A lawyer for the Oilers could not provide contract details on the Edmonton deal.

    Calls to both Lowe and Gillis by The Canadian Press were not immediately returned Tuesday. The NHL also did not have an immediate response. A call into Caps GM George McPhee was also not returned.

  79. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Nice post Larry…

    Ha…Thats what happens when your greedy….I hope nylander has a “blackhawk” season with the caps…

  80. AngelusMortis on

    The Devils lost another D-man. Lukowich just signed with the Lightning.

  81. Wow, very interesting on Nylander.

    He got money hungry, and did something unethical. That being said, you just can’t assume he’s a part of the ballclub until he signs on the dotted line.

  82. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Man oh Man…Devils and Isles are dropping like flies….I cant stand Lukowich….

    But i still expect Souray to sign there….But from what i hear…The offered him a deal and he rejected it…Hopefully Souray gets west…..

  83. AngelusMortis on

    Jane – No. Forsberg isn’t coming here. He’s not expected to sign with anyone for another month or so.

    After this happened with Nylander, it makes you wonder if letting him go was in fact the best thing to do.

  84. EDMONTON (CP) – The Edmonton Oilers have complained to the NHL that they had Michael Nylander before the Washington Capitals did.


    such a stud… HE’S MINE!!!!


    LOL @ *Senaters* …hahaha

    No Forsberg, although shit, I might take him for Jags last year…as long as we lock up some D as well….

  85. Sounds like the schmuck isn’t Nylander, necessarily, but probably Gillis.

  86. sounds to me like it was more of a verbal agreement than a written one, if anything. ironically, this sounds like the sabres story today from the buffalo news…agreeing in principle to a contract with drury, than not following through with dotting the i’s and crossing t’s. wonder how this will play out.

  87. AngelusMortis on

    Chris – Possibly. We’ll have to see how this plays out in the next couple of weeks. The Kings are making tons of UFA acquisitions this summer. If they got a decent goalie, they could be a playoff contender next year.

  88. AngelusMortis-
    Thanks SO much for clearing that up… I really don’t want us to waste a ton of money on an ‘always hurt’ player who is old, and will, as I said before, waste our money!

    and about the Nylander thing, I doubt that his situation was purposeful; probably an oversight by someone that could potentially cost him alot whether it be a monetary loss, job loss, or reputation damage.
    *just goes to show you that when you are greedy, it comes back to bite you in the butt

  89. I dont understand why people are so attracted to Brad Stuart. When we played the Bruins he was absolutely awful and there is no way you can deny it. He got burnt left and right. I dont see why we are so in love with him

  90. ehhh he’s dec… I was just kidding before btw
    if he sucks so much then I REALLY don’t get why teams are attracted to him

  91. re: Nylander situation
    According to the Oilers, Nylander’s agent agreed to the deal in writing. Maybe Nylander should represent himself, because his agents always seem to be agreeing to deals they shouldn’t agree to!

  92. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Rachunek is the perfect replacement for Lukowich or Rafalski……….NOT

  93. billybleedsblue on

    i’m sorry to see Jed go…all that heart and drive…it’s too bad he couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn with his shot. i always thought of him developing into even more of a leader for the team. Jed you will be missed.

    going out on a limb here,

    strip Jagr of the “C” and make Shanny the man now. i don’t really want to get into details. just make that happen and let him lead this team. come into camp like that and make it happen, damnit.

  94. “The 34-year-old Swede was one of the top catches on the free-agent market”
    -Maybe so, but he was probably the most overhyped catch, at least around here.

    I don’t know why anyone would ever think that Nylander was going to go so far away, but this explains Sam’s false headline, since he is usually only writing the truth, and John Giannone’s gaffe. I don’t think I’ve heard the Garden crowd boo for a former Ranger opponent recently (someone who we didn’t boo as a Ranger: Poti), so it should be interesting when Nylander comes to town. Should be this year; I can’t se him being handed over to the Oilers at this point.

  95. Folks —

    The real Sam here. That was not me on the other messages, which have since been deleted. For one thing, I usually know how to spell.

    Anyway, let’s just say that I’m monitoring the guy who did that, and if he continues to push his luck, he can look forward to attempting his unique brand of humor elsewhere.

    In other news, Happy 4th to everyone (including my impostor. It would be un-American not to include him, too).


  96. I don’t think Nylander will be booed here. Won’t get the Leetch, Messier or Graves treatment either. Prob only polite applause with a smattering of boos. But maybe he will be forced over to Edm.

  97. Happy Independence Day, Sam-

    No way Nylander actually goes over to Edmonton.
    No self respecting organization would ever want a player
    that stiffed them like that.
    On top of thatw, who wants to sign a player who really has no desire to play for the team?

  98. Haooy 4th Sam!
    sorry some tool was disrespectful to you, and practically gave me a heart attack =)

  99. imagination on

    Edmonton is going to demand something including $. They could ask for Nylander to be suspended without pay. The NHL has a headache on their hands, and so do the rest of the parties involved.

  100. I feel like Nylander’s agent is going to get screwed over because Michael is probably going to blame everything on him with miscommunication. I also think that both teams are going to be so sick of him and as a punishment, neither team will get him.

  101. imagination on

    CML Nylander seems to be the one with a communication problem and reneging. Sather might be called to testify to that, helping his buddy Lowe. He’s becoming his own worse enemy. Maybe he’s dizzy from all the spinning;-) He should have just made a deal with the team he really wanted to play for, the NYR before the deadline.

  102. Great to have the real Sam back and not some stupid jerk off pretending to be him. And Ivana, or Yenner Mot, or whatever the f*ck your name is, get lost! I’m sick of reading your broken English posts that make no sense!!

    Please, I’m begging you, leave this great website. Sam has this site up for us dedicated Rangers fans to chat about our favorite team. If you don’t like them, fine. But stop wasting everyone’s time. It’s getting childish now.

  103. Go NYR – you could be right. Smells a bit like EDM trying to posture for their fans.

    Nylander booed at MSG? Please. So he left? Big deal. He played hard for this team, and put in a better than average playoff performance. The animosity towards him has become completely overblown…

  104. Unless I’ve missed something I find it very interesting that Captain Jagr has not made any published statements about how happy he is to have Drury and Gomez on his team. Does his silence speak volumes about his unhappiness that Nylander wasn’t re-signed?

  105. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jagr’s implied he was dissapointed that Nylander didn’t sign, but that he’s very excited to move forward with the 2 new assets the Rangers have attained. Skim through blueshirtbulletin or a few other Rangers blogs.

  106. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    As far as Nylander signing with two teams…something similar happened when the Nordiques traded Eric Lindros to both the Flyers and the Rangers before Lindros’ first pro season. Todd Bertuzzi’s uncle (Larry Bertuzzi) arbitrated the case and awarded Lindros to Philadelphia.

    Similar things have happened. It will get worked out, but it stinks of Nylander trying to get more money for his soccer team sized family.

  107. I don’t see why teams would drool over Souray. Supposedly, he has turned down some huge offers already.

    Granted, he led all defensemen last season in scring 26 goals,the bulk of them probably on the PP, but I just checked his stats and he was a MINUS-27. Crazy-

  108. Can we sign Hank already? His agent is saying the Rangers are considering arbitration this year and so then 2 years from now we’ll wind upn losing the kid. Sign him to a long-term deal NOW. Give him Hossa’s money too, who cares?

  109. imagination on

    Sather is not going to lose The King, he’s not that dumb. But he’s also not going to give him DiP’s contract.

  110. I am getting a bad feeling about some of our guys that have not resigned just yet. Why is it take this long , I hope it does not turn out to be like the summer or 97 when every Rangers fan was sure the Rangers were going to resign a Mark Messier and what happens next , he is off to Vancouver. Please don’t let this happen Glen.

  111. Peter

    “His agent is saying the Rangers are considering arbitration this year”

    Not really.

    “Don Meehan, the agent for goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who is also a restricted free agent, said his client will not file for salary arbitration.”

  112. Chris, I think the fans might get on him some; not for leaving, but for how he left. He turned down 2 offers (as far as we know), one in May and one on July 1. He didn’t want to be here, and that might get fans going…..

    just a thought. Not that it makes much of a difference, but I do believe that we will cheer loudly for Rachunek on the devils. Ranger fans are notoriously sarcastic.

    Perhaps Rachunek will even malik the puck to Gomez who will score on marty! Hey, ya never know.

    Did you think, for a minute, that we’d sign both Gomez and Drury? I didn’t.
    Did you think, for a minute, after cutting away on that lazy russian, that the Islanders would then lose their top 5 free agents? I didn’t.
    Did you think Lou would sit around while he ship sinks in the swamp? I didn’t.
    Did you think that the words “arbitration” and “Lundqvst” would ever be in the same sentence? I didn’t.

    It has been a week full of surprises.

  113. jerseynyrfan on

    Why would anyone in their right mind boo Michael Nylander? To even discuss that is idiotic. He was very productive for the NYR, and was a bargain by free agent standards. With all the FA stiffs we’ve had over the years, Nylander should be thanked for his efforts at $2M/per. Plus, he was a class act. He was a main cog to the rebuilding of this organization, providing stability.

  114. Jerseyfan, I don’t think anyone is saying that Nylander should be boo’d, or that he did not give two good years to us. We are speculating on whether or not he will be boo’d.

    You say, “to even discuss that is idiotic”.

    Hence, your discussion.

  115. DoodieMachetto on

    “Did you think, for a minute, that we’d sign both Gomez and Drury? I didn’t.
    Did you think, for a minute, after cutting away on that lazy russian, that the Islanders would then lose their top 5 free agents? I didn’t.
    Did you think Lou would sit around while he ship sinks in the swamp? I didn’t.
    Did you think that the words “arbitrationâ€? and “Lundqvstâ€? would ever be in the same sentence? I didn’t.”

    I can answer questions 1-3 in the affirmative. The last one is a bit of a shocker to me as well.

    As for Nylander, he’ll end up playing in Washington, but Edmonton will probably get a draft pick or prospect or something as compensation. Maybe even just money.

  116. Nylander will be boo’d in a couple of places by some. He did a Messier to vancover move. But in the process he reneged on more $ in Edm and choose Wash. He should have made it his business to stay in NY. He’s now the enemy.

  117. DoodieMachetto on

    He’s going to be boo-ed because Joe Ranger fan that goes to the garden is usually not a very classy guy. Sad to say, but it’s true.

  118. In NY, some of our own active players are constantly boo’d.

    A guy who leaves NY in what some people may deem in a sellfish fashion, and then pulls what he did with Edmonton gives your average fan an excuse to boo.
    That’s all the ammo a dimwit fan needs.

  119. Jagr is boo’d constantly in Pittsburgh till this day where all he brought that miserable city was glory and Stanley Cups.

    Many fans are just moronic and that’s part of the game.

  120. And, when many fans boo, they’re obviously trying to get that player off his game. Most of the time it works with weaker players, but it never seems to bother Jags and probably won’t bother Nylander.

  121. jas – Your response to Peter is totally irrelevant. Do you see how you contradicted yourself? Peter said the Rangers would consider going to arbitration, and you said that Lundqvist would not. That is two different things in hockey now, not like in baseball where only the player can go to arbitration I believe.

  122. I just think Nylander will be booed on the basis of the way he left. But like I said earlier, he should really be cheered sarcastically (Bronx Cheer) for how he allowed us to get Gomez & Drury. It’s not like fans enjoyed him all that much while he played here and twirled and did not shoot for two years.

  123. I have to admit that I am getting a little nervous about the rangers signing Henrik. The rangers had a chance to sign him before free agency for between 4.5-5.5 million long term but since free agency has passed and his agent noticed what players were going for appears to want more now, something I’m not sure Sather considered. If Sather goes to arbitration than it will be alot harder to sign Henrik. It also appears that Avery might do the same.

  124. Why Nylander should be booed? Have some respect for player who left a lot of heart on Broadway. Don’t be like other fans in Pittsburgh.

  125. I didn’t say I would boo him, since I don’t tend to do that; I just think that’s what’s gonna happen. I know he did what he had to for his family, but if he stayed here with Jagr, he most likely would have had the chance to make money again in two years. Now he just looks stupid.

  126. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I can care less if Nylander gets boo’d….I just wanna see him get hip checked by Tyuts….I wont boo him….I will boo Rachunek for going to the devils…

    As far as the Jagr Captain talk goes…Leave it alne already will ya…Jagr’s the captain..get over it…A “C” wouldnt turn Shanny into a 60 – 70 goal scorer so why even change it…

    And for those who are gonna start bashing Jagr for not talking about the recent signings…Get over yourself….Jagr said all he needed to say and he’ll say more when camp starts…For now he’s on Vaca somewhere with his damn hot girlfriend model….

  127. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I think Nylander might have been booed if he left the Rangers with a hole at center, but since they so clearly upgraded, I think everybody will be indifferent.

  128. AngelusMortis on

    Has anyone noticed that a LOT of people call Sean Avery “Steve Avery?” I noticed one of the people on FSN New York did one night during a Rangers-Islanders game, and in an article on Shawn P. Roarke calls him Steve, too.

  129. Sather needs to get something straight.

    Those 2 great signings this past weekend won’t mean a damn thing if Hank isn’t inked to a long term deal that MAKES HIM HAPPY.

    The guy is the real deal… two years in the league and up for the Vezina both years. He’s great even without a super defense in front of him (Brodeur).

    Sather, PLEAZZZZZZE SIGN HIM NOW!!! Give him MY first born child if he askes for God’s sake. Don’t make him bitter, or unsure of where he wants to be.

    I’m leaning towards saying the same about Shanny and Avery. I hope both are willing to take a bit less for a chance to do something special.

    – Riche’

  130. I think the only boos he’ll get is when Washington’s starting lineup is announced for the first time, and the PA announces says, “At center, #92 Michael Nylander.” He may get some boos then, but I doubt it will be like anything Jagr gets in Pittsburgh, Washington, or Buffalo (?!).

    Personally, I think what transpired worked out for everyone. The Rangers got 2 players who are younger and have a better overall game, and Nylander got his money AND will continue to center a dynamic winger in Ovechkin.

    I am sure Lundqvist will be signed within the next week. I expect somewhere around 7 years, $35-$40 million. Hopefully, Avery gets signed to a 2 or 3 year deal as well. This may sound crazy, but Avery might be the 3rd most important player on this team after Lundqvist and Jagr. His drive and energy are vital to this team.

    I still can’t believe the Devils gave Zubrus a 6 year deal. And the fact that they are planning to use him as their #1 center is even funnier. It will be nice in 2-3 years when he’s older and slower. Can you say Alexei Yashin? :)

  131. NJ MARK,

    I hope you’re right about Hank. I had a heart attack today reading about the Rangers taking him to…

    I can’t even type it.

    But you know… the “A” word.

    – Riche’

  132. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    LOL… says Brodeur may consider retirement at the end of this season….Thats completely false…unless he gets injured beyond return

  133. Rangers just traded Bryce Lampman to Tampa Bay for a guy named Mitch Fritz. From

    Fritz, 26, signed with the Lightning as a free agent in 2004 and appeared in 177 games for the AHL’s Springfield Falcons the past three seasons, recording nine goals, 16 points and 535 penalty minutes.

  134. Relax, everyone. Larry Brooks was just giving Meehan a space to negotiate from and now you can see its affect by everyone panicking on this blog. Slats isn’t going to be bullied, but he won’t screw this up. Henrik is the closest thing the Rangers have to Jeter. Things will be okay…

  135. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Yeah…I cant understand why anyone would be so scared of what might happen….Hank is here to stay…He’s out Broduer…Everything will be alright in the end im guessing…Im just hoping both Prucha and Avery get re signed…im getting nervous there…

    The way i see it..I dont think we have much use for Hoss…Unless we get rid of Strak’s or put Pruch on the 4th line (ugh) and Straks on the 3rd so Hoss can play with Jags…But i doubt that will happen…

    If Hoss doesnt play with Jags…then whats the point of having him around???

  136. This Mitch Fritz guy we got in the Lampman trade is 6″8 and 258 lbs, not that I ever expect to see him in Ranger blue, but he’ll be good protection for all our young kids in Hartford. He got 212 PM and received The AHL Man of The Year Award in 2005-2006.

  137. Rangers blue in philly on

    Chris F… Please don’t compare any Ranger to any Yankee ever again. The Yankees are a joke – trying (unsuccessfully lately, mind you) to buy hardware ad nauseum. I wouldn’t piss on anyone wearing pinstripes if they were on fire.

    Go Phils.

  138. Too bad about Lampman…He’s one of the unfortunate ones that sort of slipped through the cracks due to injuries. Had he not lost the majority of 2005-06, I’m pretty sure he would have gotten a good look that year, especially when Kaspar went down. He’s nothing flashy, but a blueliner who plays good defense and can put a puck in now and again. This Fritz guy is waiver fodder.

    And if you didn’t catch the career of Bryce Lampman while he was in the Ranger organization, stay tuned, there a rerun showing in a few months. It’s called the JAKE TAYLOR story.

  139. Brooks scared me a little. That’d be the biggest mistake ever – not to lock Henrik under long-term contract.
    Sam – how about Avery & Prucha contracts? We haven’t heard anything for some time already.

  140. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Hopefully NYR plays this guy Mitch Fritz…He’s a friggin monster…I just watched a fight between him and Orrzie…Go on to check ou his brawls…

  141. Scooooooorrre Buffalo Scooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore chris drUUury who else who else

  142. What up with Souray?

    And I’m asking out of curiosity, not because I’m dying for him to be a Ranger. So, please, don’t attack me with plus/minus crapola and “soft on defense” outrage. Guy still shoots the crap out of the puck on the PP.

  143. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Alot of people are complaining about his horrendous + / –

    But the way i see it….If we do get him…Who cares…As long as we dump Malik….Its like were getting a Malik that can Score….Thats good enough for me…As long as he doesnt put pucks in his own net..

    But NYR will be seeing alot of Souray…8 times a year against the devils….

  144. a casual observer on

    I am not worried about Henrik. I think to sign or not to sign Hossa, that is the question. He proved he has potential when played with the right guys but…..if not playing with Jagr is he worth 1 million to 1.4 million of cap space? You tell me.

  145. Chris F. – Souray will not be a Ranger this year or likely ever. At 31, he’s looking to lock up a long-term deal. The Rangers aren’t in a position to give him one and essentially what he would do for them (be the cannon at the point) is now Mara’s job anyway(who incidentally is three years’ younger).

    Besides, why would you lock up a guy like Souray when both Staal and Sanguinetti are about ready to join the team(and Sauer, and Baranka). No need for him at all, especially long term. In the Gomez-Drury situation, it makes sense to hit a long term deal, as there’s probably no forward that’s less than three years out from the number-one center’s position.

    So logically, Souray makes no sense for the Rangers, other than his size. I honestly think they’ll give Staal a chance at the blueline this year, especially if he has a good camp like many are predicting.

  146. imagination on

    tdchi except Jagr thinks they need a D man & I doubt he was thinking Staal, and Sather is probably in agreement but he’s also somewhat in corner with the cap. In hindsight, that why Nylander made more $ sense. Sather has BIG finishing work to get done.

  147. I think they’ll address the so called missing dman at the trade deadline. I can’t see them bringing in a guy at $ 5 mill plus for Sept. Teams are always works in progress – for 2 seasons – the 1st the regular season and all the cap considerations; the 2nd at the trade deadline a big money player can be brought in and not kill the cap and be available for the playoff grind when a team needs as many healthy bodies as possible. Also think Staal will be on the Rangers (whether Sept or Jan can’t answer that)

  148. This Fritz guy is a goof. I saw him play against Hartford, cant skate, shoot or pass.

  149. I just thought of something scary: Gomez is getting paid over the life of his contract more than next year’s salary cap and more than the rest of the Ranger players’ combined salary for next season.

  150. Gomez was going to get paid somewhere. He seems ecstatic to be in Ranger Blue, have you seen his press interview? *You could not wipe the smile off his face.*

    I think he was really sick of the Devils too.

    someone pointe this out to me, read between the lines:

    He said he considers NY to be the most special stage in the hockey world = fuck you Lou


    One of the reasons he came to NYR is because of Hank being a goalie that can win = fuck you Marty

    I love it.


  151. we’ll sign Lundqvst. I think that Brooks is just giving Sather a kick in the pants. Sourey? even if he is only adequate on defense, he is a major improvement over Malik/Rachunek AND he can shoot the puck like crazy. I’d love to see him signed.

    For budget reasons, we can keep Prucha and some young players. Let Hossa go. He really has not amounted to anything…… small streak in two seasons…………….
    Malik MUST go, regardless.

  152. We don’t need Souray. We need to get better on defense, not worse. While he is a stud offensively, I think we’re ok in that department with the addition of Gomez & Drury. What we could use on defense is a physical stay at home guy who can actually help keep the puck out of our own net. Souray does not fit that bill.

  153. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    As opposed to Souray, we should just get a batting cage machine and adapt it for pucks. It will have a hard shot, and be more mobile then Souray. The machine will probably sign for cheap and isn’t looking for a long term deal either.

  154. According to, Souray is all but a Devil already and the specs will be anounced tomorrow.

    “Sources tell The NHL Line that the New Jersey Devils will announce the free agent acquisition of former Canadiens defenceman Sheldon Souray tomorrow. They’ve ended talks for the day, but tomorrow morning they will discuss a few more options (possibly a NTC or maybe Lou wants to lower the value a bit) before processing the paperwork and finalizing the deal. “But the Devils made their pitch, and Souray will be a Devil by tomorrow.”

    “TNL NOTE: This is still a “report.” We ask that you wait until an official announcement before jumping to immediate conclusions.This comes from a very trustworthy source and this rumour, according to our new rumour system is a (10).”

  155. AngelusMortis on

    I’m not too worried about Souray being a Devil again. His defensive liabilities will be straightened out somewhat there, probably at the cost of his offensive production, although 19 of his 26 goals did come on the power play this year. Rafalski was definitely a better fit for them, though.

  156. Devils will still be an annoying and pesky team to play against this year.

    I can’t understand how Lamoriello would give Souray a large and lengthy contract(which i’m sure it will be) when he would just cut Rafalski loose.

    I hear also that Hasek is not anxious to sign back with the Red Wings and the Wings are interested in Andrew Raycroft from Toronto.

  157. I Do The Weather on

    Lets not forget Jagr also said “We need more than Sean Avery” right after that trade. We remember the end results to that one now don’t we. Sooo… with that said, maybe Staal will shock him and the rest of the organization as well his rookie year. Not as if I’m saying he’ll be the answer… but, if not him.. maybe someone else steps it up. All is well in rangerland so long as Henrik and Shanny hug it out w/ Sather. So…. lets hug it out bitches!

  158. DoodieMachetto on

    “I hear also that Hasek is not anxious to sign back with the Red Wings and the Wings are interested in Andrew Raycroft from Toronto.”

    I’ve heard the exact opposite actually. Ken Holland has said repeatedly that his #1 priority is getting Hasek resigned. Hasek has said repeatedly that he’s either going to Detroit or retirement, and that he was leaning towards going back.

    Lampman sucks, clear him out to make room for other defensive prospects to get AHL time. Wasn’t he going to go back to Finland with Immonen anyway? Also, I think we cut Falardeau loose, so picking up that Fritz guy will protect our investments.

    I think what Sather should do with Henrik is to give him a low, one year contract, but include a massive signing bonus that wouldn’t count against the cap. Then next year give him the whopper contract when others are gone (Malik, Mara, probably Shanny and Jagr too).

    Either that, or pull the trigger on a salary dump trade.

  159. Doodie

    My info on Hasek came from today quoting a report from the Toronto Star.

    “July 4, 2007
    Red Wings interested in Raycroft?

    According to the Toronto Star, the Detroit Red Wings are among the teams said to be interested in Maple Leafs goalie Andrew Raycroft.
    It’s believed the Leafs have been trying to trade Raycroft since the team acquired goalie Vesa Toskala from San Jose on June 22.

    Raycroft is set to earn $2 million next season.

    The Star claims the Red Wings are having trouble re-signing goalie Dominik Hasek.”

  160. I don’t think we need Souray, but if we can get a good shutdown defenseman – why not make the trade?

    What i think we need is to free up room for Staal to make the team. Trading Malik is the answer we all want to hear, but that still leaves us with 7 D-men if we include Staal (Roszival, Staal, Mara, Pock, Tjutin, Girardi & Strudwick). If we are going to trade for another D we need to move Malik and possibly another one of the 7 – Mara and Pock look the most vulnerable to me.

  161. Doodie Machetto on

    BlueClue, the Wings aren’t interested in Raycroft. If the LEAFS aren’t interested in him, what rational person would believe that a perennial cup contender would be? The star lists no source for the Wings’ interest, which leads me to believe that it’s one of those situations where you link a team to a player to try and stir interest.

    Just because someone reports it doesn’t make it true. God help us all if everything Loony Larry reported was true!

  162. I think Souray is hurt by the fact that the Leafs want to move McCabe and they are essentially the same type of player. Lou could probably do the reverse of the Malakov deal last sept and get back a first rounder, if the devils agreed to take on McCabe’s contract.

    I hope Staal is ready to step-up here.

  163. Seamus – Cutting Hossa’s piddling contract loose to get Souray would be like using an eye-dropper to empty a bucket of water. In fact, with guys like Gomez, Drury and Lundqvist demanding long term high priced contracts, it would be nice to lock up Marcel for a two-year $1.5 million contract($750,000 per). It would be a modest raise for his end-of-the-year streak, and if he takes of, then so be it. If not, he’s a tradeable asset.

    Personally, I agree with LI Joe; I think the best bet is to grab someone through a trade AFTER the season starts. I don’t think STAAL is the answer next season, but the guy who might be is TYUTIN. The major criticism of Toots is that he needs to put about 20 pounds of muscle on his 6’3 frame. With that, he could be every bit as dangerous as Souray. I have a feeling he’ll have a break-out season next year. And if he(or Staal) doesn’t, then there’s plenty of assets to trade…

  164. UKRanger – I think that’s exactly the idea. We want to have seven defensmen including Staal, Strudwick, and Pöck, if the latter is not traded. So Sather either has to trade one defenseman for a prospect or pick or trade two for a better defensman. Hopefully a team will like the fact that they get two defensmen for one and not worry too much about the salaries. That’s why I think it’s likely Pöck would go in one of those trades, since he is the cheapest one who we would trade. I still think one defenseman for a pick is the most likely scenario, to dump salary and clear roster space.

  165. I can definitely see the Rangers going into training camp as they are right now (along with Lundqvist, Shanny, Prucha, Avery, and Hossa) and waiting until September to unload someone via trade.

    Why September? Because of Marc Staal. The Rangers probably think he’s ready right now to join the team, but want to play it safe and make sure he is ready. If they see is ready for the start of the season, then they might unload Malik or Mara to clear some room. If not, then they will wait until he is ready to join the big club.

    I would also think they will wait because someone Malik might have more value come September, October, or November. Many teams are probably under false assumptions about their team right now and the state of their D. Once some teams see they need help, Malik and his +30 will look that much more valuable on the trade market. August may be a possibility (once all the FAs sign), but I doubt it. I am sure the Rangers want to wait and see what Staal can offer them now.

    But if Staal does impress in camp and pre-season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a D of Rozy, Tyutin, Girardi, Mara, Staal, and either Pock or Strudwick.

  166. Doodie Machetto on

    “I would also think they will wait because someone Malik might have more value come September, October, or November”

    I think the exact opposite. I think Malik’s, or anybody else under contract’s, value will be at its highest BEFORE training camp, but AFTER all of the worthwhile UFAs are signed. That’s the time at which all of the GMs who didn’t get anybody will start to sweat because they have done nothing to improve their team. Look for a leaky team with a lot of cap spcae (Florida anyone?) to be interested at that time.

  167. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I think any defenseman we trade at this point will be worth more once the season starts and teams have injuries. That is when teams overpay. Not in August. Besides, that gives the Rangers a chance to see if and where Staal fits in in preseason.

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