The spending spree continues


When we met with Tom Renney earlier, I asked him if he had spoken to any other players today — the coach said he texted with Jaromir Jagr — and he mentioned that he had spoken to Jason Strudwick.

I honestly thought Renney was just wishing Strudwick luck in his future endeavors, whatever they might be: signing with another team, returning to Europe, challenging my empire as a Rangers blogger. I never thought the Rangers were actually going to re-sign him.

But they did. I don’t know the terms, or the exact reasoning. But it does suggest the Rangers might have signed Strudwick on the cheap while they shop around some of their higher-priced defenseman.

Do I know this for a fact? No. But given the events of the past few days, it’s a possibility.

Meanwhile, all smiles at the Training Center. Scott Gomez spoke about 100 words for about every one word that Chris Drury uttered. But that’s as advertised. I can live with that.

I’ll have more later….

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  1. Doodie Machetto on


    Isn’t this so much more exciting than golf? PS, you’ve been doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sam:

    Strong rumor going around that Forsberg has signed with the NYR. Know anything? (please say it’s not true)

  3. Great work as always, Sam. I’m guessing that Strudwick was signed as an insurance policy incase the Rangers try and trade Malik. And even if they don’t, I think it’d be good to have a vet like Strud, whether it’s with the team or at Hartford, so that we don’t have the same problems we ran into last year if some of our defensemen go down for a little while. I’d still like to see Pock get a majority of the playing time as the 7th defenseman, though.

    The only thing that strikes me as odd about the Strudwick signing is the fact that it was done today. I would have thought he’d be the last thing for them to do after Shanny, Prucha, Avery, Hank, etc. are all re-signed, lol.

  4. Where did you read about that Forsberg rumor? I don’t see it on TSN or anything. If it’s from HockeyBuzz, then fear not…they’re always wrong.

  5. Can anyone confirm, Sam included, that the Rangers have Hank under their control after next year as well, so they technically can wait to lock him in order to save cap room til next year when they have a lot more free space. Wouldnt it be the easier thing to do?

  6. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    yessssssssss, I will still get to see Nylander many times, he would have been a terrible fit with the Oilers.

  7. Nylander a Cap for four years. Spared the exile to Siberia. Caps just got much better as well with Nylander feeding Ovechkin and Kozlov with Semin.

  8. Henrik is a RFA. Apparently, Sather was speaking yesterday as if they’ll look to re-sign him to a one-year deal this offseason and then lock him up when more cap space is available next offseason.

  9. Who is reporting this Forsberg rumor? Unless it is a sign and trade deal, I hope to God this isn’t true.

  10. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Rangers are now so screwed with these 2 insane contracts, I am loving it. And the funny thing is it is not like they got some dynamic duo of Lecavalier and Richards or Thornton and Marleau or Crosby and Malkin, no sir, they got 2 small, non physical, overrated 2nd liners and now will have to beg someone to take Mara, Kasparaitis, Malik, and Cullen off their books and replace them with the likes of Isbister and Strudwick. I hate this dumbass organization.

  11. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    It cant be true….Why the hell would NYR sign Forsberg…Gomez…and Drury…..There all 1st or 2nd line centermen….! of them would never sign to be a 3rd line center….Thats BS….Forsberg is retiring as far as im concerned…


    Stupid MSG NY giving the Knicks all the glory with there boring signing…And the moron coach with his stupid analogies…and slow annoying voice…Where the hell were NYR…I thought we were gonna see a press conference…not a 27 second clip of gomez and 23 second clip of drury talkin…Damn discrimination towards hockey…

    John Giannone was doing a bad job of talking about the knicks…he was talking so fast…you could tell he wanted to get to the hockey talk…

    Also….Why Deb Kaufmen…She probably realizes the fish sticks will suck so she wants to go to the next best team in the atlantic…I hate her…wheres Trautwig…Or Fischler…

  12. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Does that mean you’ll stop coming in…and stop watching NYR…..Cause if so then this is a damn good move…

  13. If you hate it so much, then stop writing about it. Go to the west coast and become a shark fan….. and Cullen is actually a really great player, i don’t know what you’re seeing, but it’s not right.

    IS THIS FORESBERG RUMOR REAL?? where are all of you getting this?

  14. Yeah, I was pissed about the supposed “press conference” too. And Drury looked anything but excited, but I remember him having that attitude any time I saw him talk, so it must just be his personality. Gomez looked ecstatic, with a huge goofy grin.

  15. the RUMOR is real, I have no idea if he’s really signed. I certainly hope not. It came from a guy who has proven to have good sources (broke the Gomez signing way before anyone else). Peter has the same source (although he might have heard it elsewhere).

    Hey, it’s rumor — I hope there’s nothing to it but this guy is taking it seriously and that’s enough to make me nervous.

  16. There is no proof of a rumor. We have no proof of this. The main reason I mention things like this on sites like this (and my source is the same as twinterbs) is because it generally results in Sam calling up the guy at MSG and asking. Then we get an answer.

  17. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    There is absolutely no way Forsberg is signed…unless we get rid of Cullen or Betts…But then that means Drury or Gomez will be a 3rd liner…I cant seee this happening.

    No one is even talking about forsberg….I cant believe it…Im not even worried about it nd neither should anyone else.

  18. Unconfirmed reports that the New York Rangers have signed Peter Forsburg for 1 year, 2.5 million. All but assuring that Prucha and Hossa will not be back

  19. No one is talking about Peter Forsberg because the only person who should be talking about Peter Forsberg is Peter Forsberg’s doctor. And what he should be saying is “Peter Forsberg, it’s time to retire.”

    Trading two of our defensmen, then signing Souray. I just made that up — but you heard it here first.

  20. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Thats psychotic….Signing Forsberg for 1 year….Where he’ll play how many games?? The guy gets looked at cross eyed and he gets injured….Ugh….Give up on Pruch and Hoss..Forget about it…

    BTW still has Souray going to NYR or Dal….or Nj…or what ever other team he decides to put up in the hour…

  21. This Foresberg talk is making me nauseous. I hope so badly you guys are just joking.

  22. I’m not joking, the person we’re getting it from was right all day long yesterday. Knew Nylander was a no-go early on, knew Gomez was signed. But other sources are now saying Nashville wants Forsberg and the Rangers are thinking of trying to get Cherepanov here NOW. Also that Staal has already passed Pock on the depth chart and Strudwick is #7.

  23. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Does anyone know if we even have Cap room to get Souray….I have a feeling Malik migh get dumped….I sure as sh*t hope so

  24. 4:51pm et
    The Washington Capitals signed centre Michael Nylander to a four-year contract worth $19.5 million.

    5:13pm et
    The Montreal Canadiens signed defenceman Roman Hamrlik to a four-year contract worth $12 million.

    5:36pm et
    The Chicago Blackhawks signed centre Robert Lang to a two-year contract.

  25. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Okay now i AM hearing about Forsberg rumors…along with Bertuzzi rumors

  26. Funny, EJ Hradek was just on ESPNEWS and reported that Forsberg just had ankle surgery, AGAIN last week and won’t know if he will comeback to the NHL until sometime in August … yeah but he’s signed with us … whatever

  27. Listen people, just completely, utterly ignore Ivana/Yenner/etc. Eventually he’ll get bored and just give it up. Don’t give him what he wants by reacting to all his comments- he’s just looking to get a rise out of us. Just look at it this way, anyone who is bitching right now, Yenner included, is doing so simply out of jealousy, no matter what he lets on. So who cares, just enjoy this day in NYR history, it could be a turning point.

  28. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I wish Forsberg…Bertuzzi…and Souray sign soon…Im sick of wondering what will happen

  29. what sites say that rangers are looking for foresberg and bertuzzi… that’s incredibly scary.

  30. By the way, how are we going to afford Forsberg if he is signed? I see any combination of Malik, Mara, Hollweg, Prucha, and Hossa being shipped out for draft picks if this happens.

  31. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Just look at it this way, anyone who is bitching right now, Yenner included, is doing so simply out of jealousy, no matter what he lets on.”

    dumb turd, just like most Ranger fans

  32. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    On the comments page…Some fans say there hearing Forsberg rumors…I asked them where htye heard it…im still waiting for a response…Ill let you know when i find out..

  33. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Forsberg will join Colorado in December. If anything happens concerning centers, it will be the Rangers looking to move Cullen if they feel Dubinsky is ready. As far as Souray goes, we have too much talent coming up in the system to overpay for a guy who is terrible defensively.

  34. Nigga NYR fan on

    He taaakes the shOt…blocked out front….SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORe….BUFALO SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOreee….Chris DrUuUuUry….WHo else….Who else….

  35. As far as I am concerned we have done enough already. Forsberg will not be a Ranger. Maybe get one more dman and get rid of Malik and that is that. We have money left to sign shanny, prucha, hossa, and most important Henke. You don’t want to mess with the chemistry here too much and start doing a complete restructuring of the team. People making up rumors just shut up already.

  36. ARE YOU KIDDING?? Forsberg is horrible now, i hope he does not get on the team, probably wont anyways.

  37. I could see them bringing in Forsberg if they decided to deal Cullen. Cullen still has a few years left at about 3m per. So you bring in PF for a one year deal at 3m and become stacked at center. Then next year you slide in Dubinsky or Anisimov and are free of Cullen’s salary. But if Forsberg is still not healthy that’s a dumb plan.

  38. If u think there gonna get rid of cullen cuz dubinsky is ready is just absurd. there not gonna let go someone who picked up the morale of the team when him and avery were signed.

  39. It’s all about managing the cap. If they are looking to clear some space the first 3 names that come to mind are Cullen, Malik and Mara.

  40. Strudwick cant be signed for more than the minimum, can he? And also I think it should be a 2 way deal right? Could this be a sign that they are trying to move Mara or Malik’s contract and Strudwick would be the 7th defenseman?

  41. 6:08pm et
    The Nashville Predators have signed forward Radek Bonk and defenceman Greg de Vries to two-year contracts.

  42. Mara was pretty good. What’s the problem with him? He’s 27 AND playing for a prime contract, the dude is gonna be motivated beyond belief. I think he’s gonna have a monster year. He was a good fit, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  43. Clearly i believe strudwick is here as insurance incase of injury, or perhaps staal not adjusting or pock slipping. As far as forsberg goes it is strictly an unconfirmed rumor that apparantly has no truth to it. where does he fit on this team? neither he nor gomez or drury will be willing to play 3rd line (or wing i would imagine.) pruchas small salary demand make him a great fit to stay, so i see no reason to move him.

    As far as moving cullen mara or malik i see the chances as being very slim. cullens contract makes im basically unmovable due to his lack of offensive production and the cash involved, unless the rangers eat some of it which wouldnt make sense. malik is supported by his teammates and as much as we would love to see him moved he has a spot next to roszy on this team. mara showed some promise last year and i dont see a need or reason to get rid of him (i believe he has 2 years left?).i dont see the rangers being successful getting souray bc of the RFAs still unsigned by the rangers (and shanny). he rejected a 4yr 22mil contract, he wont come here for less.

  44. In theory couldnt we trade Malik and eat his contract and it not count against our cap?

  45. we actually have about 12-14mil (i forgot the exact number) left to get shanny and our rfas signed.. so actually right now were pretty set, no need for fixing yet.

  46. Rif- We are set IF they sign for what we want them to but if they want more money, we need to move some one

  47. My sources say that Jagr is really pissed because the Rangers didn’t sign Nylander and both want to play together. From what I hear, Nylander’s contract is null and void if the Caps can’t work out a deal with the Rangers to re-obtain Jagr. I also hear Sather is playing hardball and demanding Ovechkin. Stay tuned!!

  48. im not going to acknowledge that with a comment lenny…

    NYR i think with henke, if the rangers tender him a deal this year (probably 4-5mil range, short term)they can restructure for the longterm later (when guys like jags, straka, shanny) are gone.

    prucha is willing to play for peanuts right now so consider him in. lets say 600K

    avery will require more money but i would guess(100% off my head) would be 3 years 3.5per.

    shanny will take a discount from the 4 we gave him last year to play with this team. i could see him doing a 1-2 year 2.5 per.

    hossa.. well hossa i could do without but lets say 2 yr 1.2 per

    with the direction this team is taking, i feel these guys (all team guys, clearly would want to play here for the next few years. i dont see any of those players causing havoc for sather THIS YEAR.

  49. But normally when people are drunk, they drunk dial people’s phone numbers and not write on blogs, and post the same message on everything. i think he’s trying to stir everyone up and cause chaos.

  50. Rif- I dont think it is fair to sign Prucha for that little and as much as Avery helps us, 3.5 is a little much. I was think more in the 2.25 mill range. I also think Prucha will sign for 1.5 or at least 1 mill

  51. if you read around a little bit, (places like hockeyrodent), prucha has actually been the one to state that hell take small money like that to stay in the big apple. his contract could also depend on the other’s, but believe me 660K is not bad for a young kid, you can read up on what he did with last years money (which was even less). hes a young guy hell have planty of time to rake it in.

  52. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    well Rangers will unlikely to be able to unload Kasparaitis, but are very likely to dismantle Jagr’s posse, so Jagr, Malik, and Straka could be packaged somewhere like Edmonton or Phoenix.

    Cullen is likely untradeable at this point.

  53. none of jagr, straka (especially) or malik are going anywhere before their contracts are up.

    and i was wrong on the averyfigure. mike your probably right on

  54. Go NYR July 2nd, 2007 at 7:15 pm

    “Is that like Jack Daniels brother company?”

    Close. Think they are related!

  55. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I want also to state that Prucha is a better player than either Gomez or Drury, and it is hilarious that he would take a paycut to his already small salary just to stay with this organization that disrespected him and treated him like shit and now pressure him to take a paycut. Prucha, fire your stupid agent and get the hell out of this garbage team that will overpay any money hungry overrated mercenary rather than play their own guys.

  56. RIF61-

    Yeah, I heard Prucha got a LOT from his last years salary. He moved out of Jags apartment and into a nice new loft a few blocks away. He got a new mercedes and bought his mom a shop in the czech republic. I really don’t think Prucha will mind getting near the same pay check, he seems to enjoy it.

  57. “I’m with GO NYR on this one, what are you smoking dude?”

    I don’t smoke.

  58. ivana i can what you mean, i wouldnt be as happy if i was him btu maybe hes just looking for some stability at this point, not to move around at this point. plus the people here love him.

  59. Eklund says Zubrus to either Toronto or Icelanders (e4)
    Also says Icelanders and Buffalo and Sharks have interest in Souray. He was wrong about Souray and the Rangers

  60. Ok then lenny, where did you hear this from? Or is it just personal speculation?

  61. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “ivana do they have free speech in russia yet?”

    I wouldn’t know, but free speech sure seems to be a myth in USA.

  62. “I wouldn’t know, but free speech sure seems to be a myth in USA.”

    That was one of the dumbest things I’ve heard from you. You’re an IDIOT!

  63. Joe, it was a ruse. With all these rumors gagging all the boards, thought it would be a change of pace to mock it to lighten things up.

    Actually, my made up sources may not be so far off. Somebody on another board posted this quote from Jagr…..

    “”Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But now it must work in New York because these players [Drury, Gomez] received big contracts. Now we still need one top defenseman to achieve something big.”

    That could be interpreted as just being blunt or actually pissed, we’ll find out when the season starts.

  64. Why do you guys even bother feeding the trolls? Eventually they’ll tire of talking to themselves.

  65. Im with you CML, that may have been the stupidest thing I have EVER heard. If free speech is a myth why can we make fun of Ivana so much?

  66. Guys,

    The Rangers are done making big deals for outside guys. They are going to re-sign Shanny, Prucha, Henrik, Avery, and Hossa and be done.

    Dellapina said this on SNY earlier today, and every published report says the Rangers are done.

    They aren’t getting Forsberg (nor should they) and are not after Souray. There just isn’t enough money to re-sign the guys we want AND poach another name out of free agency.

  67. imagination on

    ivana people like you abuse free speech. There are kids that read these blogs. Go talk to your mother with the language you use here, little boy.

  68. imagination on

    lenny Nylander got $19.5 over 4 years. Not many NYR fans would have agreed with that, Sather sure didn’t.

  69. I see lenny, I’m in the state of mind where I want to investigate every rumor out there.

  70. Joe, you’ll drive yourself nuts doing that. See how it affected your sense of humor already??

  71. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Im with you CML, that may have been the stupidest thing I have EVER heard. If free speech is a myth why can we make fun of Ivana so much?”

    because, idiot, you can make fun of me in any country.

    How would you really know if speech is free, try opposing the government in a way that people would pay attention to you and respect you, and you will likely end up dead in some “accident” in almost any country.

  72. Seriously, imagination, I definitely think both Drury and Gomez are at least as good as Nylander and both are younger.

    Nylander has his moments. Great stickhandler, keeps the puck a long time and worked well with Jagr but he was weak on faceoffs, had too much of a reluctance to shoot the puck and isn’t as fast as our two new guys. We’ve improved.

    All that remains to be seen is, does Jagr buy into the program?

  73. “How would you really know if speech is free, try opposing the government in a way that people would pay attention to you and respect you, and you will likely end up dead in some “accidentâ€? in almost any country.”

    Really?? So many democrats who oppose Pres. Bush, want him out and said it about a trillion times and talk about how much they hate him everywhere; isn’t that free speech??? We have political parties for EVERYONE, EVEN COMMI’S!!!!!! THEY’RE NOT DEAD BECAUSE OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS. WHY DON’T YOU READ IT?!

  74. OK so back to hockey, Nylanders contract is absurd. Im glad Sater declined that one!

  75. I completely agree with you Go NYR; it would have been a waste to sign Nylander.

  76. the problem with nylander is that he wanted that 4th year, which for this team it clearly made no sense to give him bc hes already 34.

  77. CML- Its not so much that he is not worth 5 million, but at the end of the contract he will be 39 and that would be reverting back to late 90’s Rangers

  78. imagination on

    lenny Jagr is a pro and can handle the change. He would have preferred Nylander since he did have 2 good scoring years with him. Now he has to adapt to new center and vice versus. But 4 years was 1-2 too long even though they could have bought him out after 2 or 3. But Sather saw these 2 guys and decided both were better than signing one & Nylander. That remains to be proven . Nylander needed to make a deal with Sather before Sunday at noon, if he really wanted to stay here. Sather probably would have signed him.

  79. Nylander got what he wanted, a lot more money. I think Washington will regret giving him that much $$$.

    I was hoping Nylander would be going to Edmonton as originally reported. With Washington, we’ll be seeing him a lot more often than if he was with Edmonton and these ex-Rangers always seem to find a way to take a game from us.

  80. trust me, were gonna be more than happy w. gomez in that slot for the next bunch of years. the doubters are going to be in for a big suprise. im thinking 80-90 for him this year


    I don’t think it’s going to be a huge problem with the Rangers meeting up with their former players, but it sure will be exciting and everyone on the Rangers are probably going to bring their A game.

  82. This article says it all !

    Darren Dreger
    7/2/2007 6:36:03 PM

    A year ago Rick DiPietro and the New York Islanders were skewered when a 15-year, $67.5 million deal was announced.

    Are we prepared to call Islanders owner Charles Wang a pioneer? He’s been called worse.

    For all of the top money earners available on the opening day of free agency, the negotiations had less to do with reaching agreement on the average annual salary and more to do with how long the contracts would span.

    Daniel Briere, now property of the Philadelphia Flyers, set the benchmark with an eight-year term frontloaded with a whopping $10 million pay out in year one.

    The $10 million, split with a $5 million signing bonus and $5 million salary was the trade off for Briere agreeing to years 7 and 8 to bring the cap hit the Flyers will absorb down to 6.5 annually.

    A salary average Briere knew would still allow Philadelphia, his true target in free agency, the flexibility to make other moves.

    Scott Gomez will also haul in $10 million next season, but he wouldn’t budge off seven years, bringing his annual average salary to the top of the pile at $7.35 million.

    Ryan Smyth accepted a five-year offer from Colorado, but late Sunday he too kicked tires on how long teams were willing to go.

    In the end, Smyth decided the West is best and turned down the longer term, more money offers from less favourable locations. At 31, 5 years for Ryan Smyth seems right.

    But, it’s fair to question what the long-term impact of the free agent frenzy may have on a team when they are anchored with a high cap hit for a player who may be past his prime and nearing the end of his career.

  83. CML, it will actually be fun to see the team again this season. Enjoyed last season. First time in many a year.

    I was hoping they would trade up for a second 1st round pick and grabbed Petrecki. What a bruiser he is. Something the Rangers need badly. Liffiton might fill the bill there. Hope they give him a good shot in camp to make the team.


    I can try to talk to Nick, (a friend of mine played with him on the Lancers last season, he was even his roomate), and persuade him to come to NYR. But I have a hunch it wont work, ha, but it couldn’t hurt.

  85. do you have any clue how difficult it will be to unload Malik? Look at his salary and the fact that he has no NHL level skills!

    Fosberg….man, if I started that rumor, I wouldn’t site the source, either. What nonsense.

  86. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    On it says Jagr and Straka spoke on some Czech tv thingy…Jags says “We still need a D man”

  87. Seamus, I said all along that it was RUMOR. That people get their nuts in an uproar about it is actually pretty funny. As Peter said, the guy who told us has been very accurate…hopefully this time his sources were wrong. Obviously it makes no sense but he kept hearing it.

    Never mind, next time I’ll just keep it to myself.

  88. lennynyr, i was also hoping we would step up and grab petrecki when he fell all the way to the end of the 1st. there are some questions about his “hockey sense” but he is one tough SOB…exactly the piece missing from our d.

  89. this is a great day to be a ranger!! Devils and Islanders will now suck, and wow at least they have DP, piece of shit

  90. Sam:

    Please give us an update! Are the Rangers going to try to deal Malik? I see a package of Dawes (unfortunately) and Malik (fortunately) going somewhere. I’m guessing the Forsberg/Souray rumors are BS – thank god. What about this rumor of bringing Cherepanov over now?

  91. I heard the rumor that Renney will step down as the head coach and will be replaced by Scotty Bowman.

  92. I truly despise the Islanders more than any other team in any sport. I have to admiit though I almost feel sorry for their fans (almost). Check out their pathetic web site which describes all the valiant efforts that were made to sign “all-star caliber” players. What self-respecting player would desire to play with this POS franchise. I’m sure Anus Ivana (“AI”)is an Islander season ticket holder.

  93. here is to all those devils fans who are ranger haters,

  94. Robby Bonfire on

    The Washington Capitals signing Nylander to a FOUR (!) year contract, reminds me of what patsies they were to take Anson Carter in exchange for dumping Jagr’s salary. We should go back to that well, more often. There is a sizable advantage in trading with bottom-feeder organizations – they prostitute themselves.

  95. I seriously think the Hartford Wolfpack is as good as, if not better than the current Icelanders roster. An I m not even kidding

  96. They are certainly going to have to overpay to get them there. NO ONE wants to play at the Mausoleum

  97. Go Nyr- Ek is so confident he didn’t even use the e system on this one haha.

  98. Souray is a Ranger according to EK not kidding here guys.

    10:26 Rangers swoop in and apparently have signed Souray according to three sources (e4)…Strongest Souray Rumour of the Day…and the favorite for Souray most of yesterday…Does this mean Shanny is gone? (buffalo or Montreal would be teams that would love Shanny)

  99. I mean Ek had him going to the Icelanders an hour ago now he has him coming to the Rangers. Ek is insane with these rumours

  100. Souray is not a Ranger. And even if he is Shanny is not gone. They’ll pay Shanny $1 million plus another $1 million for each of his first three goals scored and he’ll make $4 million while we take no cap hit. They do this right and we’re deciding between Hossa and Shanny…

  101. This afternoon Ek wrote 5. Sheldon Souray (LA, NJ, Anaheim, San Jose) then at 5:25 Souray to BUFFALO not NYR (corrected at 5:25) (e3), Dallas (e3) then at 9:47 Zubrus and Souray to Islanders looking likely… then he at 10:26 he says the Rangers.

  102. 344- He just names a whole plethora of teams so he can say he is right when it is all said and done. No matter how fake I think this is, Im not going to sleep until this is all figured out

  103. 34 4- He just names a whole plethora of teams so he can say he is right when it is all said and done. No matter how fake I think this is, Im not going to sleep until this is all figured out

  104. Actually, with all that said above, I do now have two sources, one of whom I trust, saying Souray is a Ranger. Which means either Malik or Mara have to be headed out. If you think about it, Malik seems like a steal to many teams – the guy makes about what, 2.5 million? Look at what defensemen are going for these days. And look at his plus/minus. We don’t want him, but other teams do…

  105. Peter and Go NYR- If we do get him what kind of contract do you think he gets?

  106. The only way I think this oculd happen and I will be happy is if Souray takes a MAJOR pay cut to play on this team

  107. are you sure that you aren’t hearing “he’s heading to new york” and interpreting that as being the rangers when in fact its the isle?

  108. 344- How could they give him at least 5 mill. per without even knowing if Shanny, Avery, Prucha and LUNDQVIST are locked up or not? It doesnt make sense and I am not gonna believe this unless TSN or a big company have solid evidence on this.

  109. Oh I agree I am not going to believe this either until a real source says it is done.

  110. I could kill this Eklund. He really made me almost go crazy. How he could write something like that is beyond me. Im gonna write him a nasty letter to take my anger out. He is an idiot

  111. Folks, just got in. Sorry for the delay. The Rangers are not signing Sheldon Souray. At least not tonight, and probably not ever.

    I’m told the team isn’t close to anything tonigh. So with that, I’m going to bed.


  112. Probably Souray will go to the Island. They need to sign somebody, otherwise fans will hang Snow.

  113. good night sam, any contact with Jed Ortmeyer about his departuire? Also, any new update on Darius Kasparaitis? Last I heard he is training at Chelsea Piers, getting ready for the “NHL” season. check out blueshirtbulletin

  114. The other source is someone I know on another board. There are only a few of us over there but 2 or 3 guys seem to have pegged alot. I have a sense that even when they talk about things that may happen but don’t, those are things that were probably discussed by the Rangers at some point.

    In all honesty, hearing about and discussing rumors is the whole reason many of us come to these boards. If I hear something from someone I consider credible, I post it. It makes this whole thing interesting. If all people want to know is what has definitely happened, then don’t hang around message boards – hang out at TSN and hit refresh every few seconds.

  115. This just shows why we should not be so into this NHL free agency. It makes you CRAZY, and if not for these reports I would have gone to bed an hour ago. Good night all

  116. Sam: great work as usual. Very reliable unlike some other irresponsible fools online, no names mentioned…eklund..cough, cough…

    Alright, let me say this loud and clear for the folks in the cheap seats:


    And with someone that ignorant, is it really worth entrusting any sort of news tip comming out of his mouth(or in this case, through his keyboard).

    Forsburg Rumor – BS.
    Souray Rumor – BS, unless you hear Sam chime in with “blockbuster deal moves (insert $5 million worth of cap space)…”

    Listen, with what’s left for next season in both cap space and actual roster spots, there aren’t too many combinations that would bring another FA here. For a guy like Souray, it would take a Malik AND Cullen subtraction. It ain’t gonna happen.

    Robby – for once, I agree.

    Nylander – Sorry to see him go, but for what he was asking, he just wasn’t worth it. The ONLY bonus I could see in giving him a four-year deal is that I’m sure he doesn’t have a no-movement clause. After two years if he sucked, he could be dealt, where as Drury and Gomez, love’em, but don’t leave ’em, they’re Rangers until at least 2013-14, barring an unforseen waiving of the NMC and a Jagr-esque partial paying of their salary.

    BUT…with that said…Two great centers in the PRIME of their careers, with AT LEAST five years left in the tank…

    IVANA – I tell you what: You sit your ass down at center ice and then take a hit from a 200-pound guy and tell me how “smallish” they are. Let me reiterate: 200 pounds of muscle, locomotion and you meeting at center ice. Maybe we’ll send you flowers in the hospital, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Petr Prucha is small. Patrick Kane is small. Gomez and Drury, while they ain’t PFs, they ain’t midgets either.

  117. I’m going to stop posting Eklund rumors because he is never right, and it makes no sense for people to get excited or depressed over things he says are done when they really are not.

  118. Eklund reports Islanders are close to locking up a new Icegirl longterm. (e4) This deal would likely include a no movement clause and up to a 5 year contract. Details on salary are stil to come.(Sources say that it will be up to 20,000 US dollars per year) This one will be the blockbuster deal for the Islanders that fill up the Coliseum. More to come later

  119. AngelusMortis on

    Folks, can we just give up on what Eklund says? What’s next, Messier coming out of retirement to be the first player/GM in the modern era? He’s just pulling names and teams out of a hat.

    Up next on his site: GRETZKY TO THE KANSAS CITY SCOUTS E84!

  120. Eklund

    The Islanders are close to signing a blonde and busty Swedish Ice Girl for the sole purpose of distracting Henrik Lundqvist (E4)

  121. AngelusMortis on

    Richtersgirl is probably right. Renney likes him too much, no matter how many flubs he makes in his own zone. It’s not like he’s a 20 goal defenseman like Souray and at least partially redeems his terrible defensive play. But hey, every good team has to face its own challenges…

  122. If I were Shanahan’s wife I would tell him to go for the biggest contract he can get after seeing what Nylander and others are getting.

  123. Just think how sweet it would be if we have the chance to beat the Caps in the playoffs with both Nylander and Poti there. However, I can’t see them making it without some defensive help, since Kolzig can’t do it all himself.

  124. Ah, I forgot to post this in my long earleir post – we should just be calling them the Snowy DiPietros now that those are the two in it for the long haul. The rest of the team is just a bunch of extras.

  125. AngelusMortis on

    alitaki, I think the Shanahans are doing just fine moneywise. Another million to them probably isn’t that big of a deal.

  126. I’m so excited i’m going to burst – i couldn’t care less about Ivana’s ramblings and other people’s negativity, we are so close to being a great team. We have a chance next year with Jagr and Shanny and when they are gone we have some promising young wingers to take their places. I think messrs Drury and Gomez have picked a good time to be Rangers and when Shanahan and Jagr have gone it will be theirs (and Henrik’s) team for as long as they want to stay.
    I agree with Jagr and Straka on the D-men, we still need one piece, but it could be Staal if he can make the jump to NHL level and have the impact his brothers have had..

  127. putting aside contracts, would the NYR been a better team next season with Nylander & Drury or Gomez, or are they better with Drury & Gomez?

  128. guys, enough with the rangers signing more free agents. The rangers have about 13 million left under the cap. The only signings the rangers are going to make are for shannahan, avery, prucha, lundquist and hossa, end of story. I do admit the rangers do need a big time defensemen but i don’t see them signing one through free agency.

  129. Agree w/ tomg! Cap aside, how many new high profile guys can you bring in w/out disrupting some pretty good team chemistry. Also, while Malik and Mara certainly have shortcomings on defense, what team other than Anaheim doesn’t. I think our D will be better in 07-08 as the rangers (Drury, Callahan et al) are likely to create more sustained pressure deep in the O zone. I wonder if Snowey is marketing the Isle’s first draft pick next year as the overall #1?

  130. longtimesufferingrangerfan July 3rd, 2007 at 1:15 am

    “Lenny, when are you coming to play golf?”

    Probably in the late fall. Will touch base with you then, you’ll have to show me those great courses they have down your way.

  131. Doodie Machetto on

    I think I might have the best rumor of all (via spector’s trade rumors):

    “NHL.COM: lists forward Brad Isbister as a member of the Vancouver Canucks.

    Spector’s Note: Hat tip to “Jeff” and Andrew Hynd for the link. I’ve checked the NHLPA’s website but Isbister is still listed as unsigned and there’s been no reports in the media as of yet. Might be worth keeping an eye on. “

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