The price of disloyalty: Nylander sent to Siberia. Or Edmonton. Same difference.


An Edmonton radio station is reporting that “Michael Nylander has signed with the Oilers”: We’ll see if that’s true, but obviously Nylander will be playing somewhere other than the Garden next season.

Which begs the question: Was the 34-year-old center being greedy with the Rangers? Perhaps, but no more greedy than Chris Drury and Scott Gomez, both of whom left organizations where they were revered for greener pastures in New York.

I hate to say that’s the nature of the business these days, but guess what? It is.

As for theories that Nylander’s production will nosedive now that he’s not playing alongside Jaromir Jagr, don’t be so sure. Maybe 83 points will be tough to match, but after spending the past season marveling at Nylander’s brilliant — and yes, at times maddening — play, I actually found myself wondering how this guy has not been a perennial All-Star.

He is that good, and that dedicated. And as much as I think the Rangers pulled off the coup of the offseason yesterday, I’m not entirely convinced they won’t still be missing No. 92.

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  1. Just to refresh people’s memories, this was a quote from Sean Avery in one of Sam’s blogs back in May:

    “I think Gomez would be, I certainly wouldn’t mind playing with him, that’s for sure,� Avery said.�That would be big. That’s where the depth comes in. I think that’s the difference. As much as I can handle playing 18 minutes a night, a guy like that is a second line center or first line center, that’s his job. Then you just throw me on the wing to clean up all the dirty stuff.�

    And if I am not mistaken, I believe Jagr had a quote about Drury way back saying, “He’s not one of us…yet”

    Point is I think the players have to be even more ecstatic right now than us fans. Gomez setting up Jagr could be lethal, and I think Drury and Shanahan will fit perfectly together. They are the same type of player.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    I pointed that out early this morning when I saw the report too. I’ve got a few quotes from Spector’s Trade Rumors, one of which speaks to this situation, so I’ll start with it:

    “NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers GM Glen Sather attempted Sunday to re-sign centre Michael Nylander but passed when Nylander received offers from rival teams of four years at more than $20 million. Sather instead signed Scott Gomez and Chris Drury to hefty long-term contracts.

    Spector’s Note: A report last night (see below) claimed Nylander had signed with the Oilers but there’s been no further details as of yet.”

    That would work out to $5 mil for Nylander! He’s just not worth that much, especially at his age. I think he’ll get somewhere between 65-70 pts next season.

    “BOSTON GLOBE/BOSTON HERALD: reported on potential moves for the Bruins following the opening day of the UFA market. The Herald reports GM Peter Chiarelli might try to sign UFA blueliner Karel Rachunek, who played for Ottawa when Chiarelli was assistant GM there. The Globe meanwhile reports the Bruins have a crowded crease after acquiring Manny Fernandez over the weekend, which could have Chiarelli considering shopping either Tim Thomas or Hannu Toivonen.

    Spector’s Note: Interesting tidbit about Rachunek, who might make an affordable addition to the Bruins blueline. Of the two goalies, Thomas has the most value but Toivonen could be the guy Chiarelli likely tries to move.”

    A Rachunek-Ward pairing wasn’t good enough the first time around? Man, Boston must REALLY like getting scored on!

    “NEWSDAY: Greg Logan reports Sunday was like a dispersal draft for the NY Islanders, losing forwards Jason Blake, Ryan Smyth and Viktor Kozlov and defenceman Tom Poti to free agency. Logan wonders if the Islanders are willing to pay the price to replace them.

    Spector’s note: GM Garth Snow faces a daunting task as losing those four key players won’t be easy to replace. As one reader suggested the Isles roster now looks like Rick DiPietro backstopping a minor league team. ”

    So… in other words, it’ll be a minor league goalie in front of a minor league team? ZIIIIIIING!

  3. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I say…..We have……….. Shanahan – Gomez / Drury – Jagr….and see what happens….

    If not then theres so many othere ways to go…

    Forget Nylander…Enjoy EDM…I hope EDM has another pathetic season…

    Im not gonna enjoy seeing Sykora in PIT….Should be fun though…

    I cant wait till pre season

    Staal..Drury..Gomez – Oh yeaah

  4. Is there any internet coverage of the press conference at 3pm et from Greenburgh ?????

    It would be great to have a link from the Rangers Website …..


  5. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    You gotta wonder what Garth Snow will do…NYI lost…

    Two 5 goal scorers
    One 10 Goal Scorers
    Two 20 Goal Scorers
    One 30 Goal Scorer
    One 40 Goal Scorer
    They have a supposedly invincable d man who’s actually on roids…and is suspended for the start of the season…along with a pycho path who doesnt know the difference between a hockey stick and a machette..who is also suspended for the start of 07 – 08….( Hill and Simon )

    Im enjoying this alot….a whole hell of alot

    This smile is gonna be stamped on my face until i hear….NJD sign Souray…hopefully not…But once Gomez and Drury come to NY…Ill be happy

    I hear there gonna be at a press conferance at 3

  6. Hey Sam,

    I think the difference here is that Nylander will be 35 the first week of the season, and that there is the mindset that there will be dimishing returns, especially after Jagr is gone. Is he wrong to try to get himself one last big Contract? Not at all. However 3 years and $11.25 million is not a bad gig especially if you’re playing where you want to play.

    Both Gomez and Drury will be 35 at the end of their deals. The thought process to allow the Organization to fill the 3d and 4th line center positions, and allowing the Blue Chips to develop into top 6 minutes on the wings, seems to be where they’re headed.

    If Cherapanov can develop into a Jagr, and/or Bourret or Callahan can be a Shanahan, with Dawes perhaps a Straka, the Team will have younger inexpensive talent until Arbitration/Free Agency kicks in.

    Is this all a gamble? Yeah it is… Is it more of a gamble than mortgaging your future (ie Smyth to Edmonton for three 1st rounders) for a rental? Not really.

  7. Now that “Gramps” Nylander is gone, many Ranger fans rejoice as their case of vertigo will be cured from his constant circling. Yes, he had a career year, but there were many, many giveaways, needless hurtful hooking penalties and a below 50% faceoff ratio. He will have to adapt to Edmonton’s north/south style, and I can see MacTavish’s hair becoming even grayer!! Do you think we have cap room for Brad Stuart or Tom Preissing, since Souray will probably not fit now? Call me greedy, eh?!!

  8. OK Edmonton fans repeat after me, “SHOOT THE PUCK!!!”

    Now we have top line centers, especially drury who can actually win a faceoff.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    kb, no official confirmation yet, even from the Edmonton papers. Several other papers around the country also still list Nylander as a potential target, such as in DC. However, some papers still suggest Kariya as an option for the clubs located in their cities, who clearly is not. Chalk one up to delay between writing and printing.

    Nylander is holding out for more money. Don’t be surprised that when all is said and done, he is VERY overpaid by GMs that didn’t improve their teams despite fan pressure(EDM, LAK) or lost key players (NYI, BUF).

  10. I guess Nylander’s kids’ hockey schedules aren’t quite as important to his plans as everyone assumed…

    And why is it that now we have to hear pundits referring to wives not wanting to “play” in certain cities? Can’t these idiots still say the players won’t play there because the wives don’t want to “live” there?

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    “Do you think we have cap room for Brad Stuart or Tom Preissing, since Souray will probably not fit now? ”

    No, simply because the only way we could sign those guys would be by not reworking contracts for our RFAs, leaving them to go to arbitration or to have offer sheets we can’t match made. Imagine if we didn’t resign Henrik and someone came over the top with an offer sheet? We’d be dead.

  12. I don’t remember how Drury and Gomez are on shootouts, but if there was a shootout right now… who would go in?? Shanny, Jags,…?

  13. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    In my opionion…Gomer replacing NYlander is so perfect…

    If you put Straka – Gomez – Jagr….Then that equals speed up the yin yang…Nylander never had the speed to finish Jagr’s great passes…You dont believe the game against the blues..Nylander couldnt catch up to Jags speed and he was robbed by Sanford..

    And obviously Straka still has massive speed in his legs..I cant wait..Damn i wish it was september…

    But i want to see if NYR will sign anyone else…i doubt it..But hopefully they get Shanny..Hank..Avery..Hoss..and Pruch locked up..Along wih Mara…who i have a feeling NYR might not re sign..

  14. Bob McKenzie
    7/2/2007 12:58:30 AM

    Everybody is saying the New York Rangers spent so much money on Scott Gomez and Chris Drury that maybe there is not enough money for Brendan Shanahan. Think again.

    The Rangers have lots of room under the salary cap right now. They are sitting by our count at around $37 to $38 million in salary committed to next season. They still have to sign Shanahan – likely around $4 or $5 million – as well as restricted free agent goaltender Henrik Lundqvist and forward Sean Avery. After that, they are pretty much done. There is plenty of money to get those three signed – between $12 and $13 million to take care of Shanahan, Lundqvist and Avery.

    This is good shopping by the Rangers. Not only do they get those top two centres in their lineup, but they also managed to bring back everybody that they wanted to bring back.

  15. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    I think Gomez was pretty good in the shootouts…I think…it was always in an order like this

    Parise – Gionta – Elias – Gomez i think..

    And Drury was number 4 or 5

    I think Shootouts this year will be this

    Shanahan – Gomez – Hossa / Jagr – Hoss had 3 game winners in the shootout this year…Either way it’ll be exciting…We jus have to avoid the shootout with PIT…and PHI…Briere and Sykora are good at it

  16. I still think Slats has a deal in the works to move a big salary like Malik or Mara. Hopefully, it’s Malik.

  17. But who would want Malik? And who could we trade him for? We would have to trade someone else with him, and i’m not sure that’s the right decision considering the team they have is nearing perfect.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    NJ Mark, I doubt it. I think he’s done wheeling and dealing. Shanahan will get a low (around 2 mil), incentive laden (all of which will be easy to obtain) contract, keeping his cap number low. Avery will get 1.5-2.5 mil per, Hank will get 5.5-6.5 mil per, Pruch will get 1.5-2.5 mil per, Hoss will get 800k-1.2 mil. That’s a max of 14.5 mil, but will probably work out to be closer to 13 in reality.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    “the team they have is nearing perfect”

    Dangerous words, take themback. No team is perfect, and this one still has plenty of troubles, especialy on defense.

  20. Sam are Brook’s report on what Nylander got offered correct? 4 years for $20 mil…

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, but after my utter excitement from yesterday has started to wane, I’nm just hping didn’t jinx the team, and I’m trying to make sure no one else does either.

  22. Doodie: I wouldn’t say plenty of troubles on D. Roszival’s game went to another level last year, especially in the playoffs. Tyutin and Girardi will continue to develop, and I think Mara is decent. The guy is big, physical, and can shoot the puck with accuracy. And if a kid like Staal, Baranka, or Liffiton develops, I think their D is decent. Not saying it’s great, but I don’t think they have plenty of troubles. And besides, when you have an elite goalie in net, it helps.

  23. Broadway Roe on

    Who cares who we trade Malik for? A minor leaguer, a hot dog guy. As long as we can get rid of some of his contract, we’ll be ok.

  24. U know with Hank too, b/c he is a rfa this year as well as next year, they may just tender him an offer and give him his big extension next offseason when we have a bunch more free space. So hypothetically we could resign avery, hank, prucha and hossa for roughly 5-6 million…not bad.

  25. Broadway Roe on

    Does anyone know if the press conference today will be televised or at least broadcasted on the internet?

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Malik on his own is plenty of troubles! but expanding beyond that:

    1) Roszival was great at times, but at others he was rotten. He needs to be much more consistent.

    2) Tyutin needs to keep improving. He seems to me at times not to be progressing.

    3) Girardi has yet to score a goal.

    4) Mara has a decent shot, but he doesn’t use it a lot and is sometimes just terrible defensively.

    5) Pock might not make the team.

    6) Staal isn’t going to be a top pairing defenseman in his first season. Unlike his brothers, who can play a fast scoring game immediately, a shut down defenseman’s game takes a year or two of experience at the NHL level to be perfected.

    So let’s not start raising the cup just yet.

  27. But they can work on that, they’ll learn quickly with some experience on their belt. Don’t worry about it. It’s going to be tough, but exciting season. Anything can happen.

  28. Nylander is probably just using Edmonton as leverage to sign somewhere closer to home (read: Devils, Islanders). If he does sign there, count me as surprised, but at least we’ll still get to play a game against them, hopefully showing Nylander what he’s missing. Though I can’t blame him with six kids for going for a big career-ending contract. I’m surprised at how many D-men Edmonton has been acquiring. I wonder how that will work out.

    Leave it to Captain Bringdown Robert (in the last post) to bring up all of the problems we already know about. I’m really thinking that a defenseman will be moved (Malik, Pöck, or Mara) for a prospect/draft picks, the easiest being Pöck because he has the most talent with lowest salary. This way Staal can start the season in NY. Otherwise, count on him starting in the AHL until injuries or ineffectiveness (read: Malik) necessitate a change. It doesn’t make sense to sit out an able Pöck when he is making at least two times the salary of Staal and can’t be sent to Hartford. Even if a trade happens making Staal the sixth instead of seventh defenseman, we’ve seen Liffiton can fill in when needed, making Orr’s presence less necessary.

    Doodie, you must have been reading my posts, because you agree with me about Tyutin and those line combos (pretty much). But, Girardi doesn’t really need to score goals, seeing as he has only given away one or two in 30+ games. He had that talent in the AHL, so I’m sure it will come back to him. He’s a smart player to be focusing on the defensive end currently.

    I guess Sam has a soft spot for players who are drawing the fans’ ire (Malik and Nylander). It’s all good though with great reporting in the past few days.

  29. Trade Malik for a bag of pucks for all I care.

    The Rangers get more pucks to practice with, and they unload a defensive liability and free up a couple of million in the cap. A win-win situation.

  30. I’ll miss Nylander too, he was one of the most dedicated players you’ll see. But with the age difference and the added speed of Gomez, I think we made out pretty well to say the least.

    Nylander is definitely gone, his name is no longer on the player roster on the NYR website, and it was yesterday.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    So much for Preissing (via spector’s trade rumors):



    Spector’s Note: Like the reports last night of Ryan Smyth’s signing with the Avalanche, this is probably a done deal, given the details of the contract. “

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    well, you had an official report, I just had someone citing an official report. So kudos to you.


    Be sure to tune in to MSG today at 4 p.m. ET. for a special edition of “MSG, NY” live from the MSG Training Center.

    “MSG, NY” will be carrying the Knicks press conference live as the team introduces power forward Zach Randolph to the local media. As part of its coverage, “MSG, NY” will also feature interviews with new Rangers centers Chris Drury and Scott Gomez, who will be on hand for the 4 p.m. press conference.

  34. That’s about the most fun those fans will have this year, so let ’em enjoy it. I heard an interview with Gomez, they pressed him on it, he just kept saying “it was time to move on,” and he himself stated that even more exciting was the fact that Chris Drury also signed with the Rangers. He sounded pumped.

    The press conference is at 4 PM today and will be televised live on MSG.

  35. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “But in both cases, a lot of their contributions aren’t measured in goals and assists as they are in areas you might not see right away.�

    not in physical play either. So what else is there? They are decent defensively, but nothing special.

    one thing I guarantee, is that all teams will hate the Rangers, they will play them hard and dirty and bring their “A” game every time they play the Rangers.

    Prucha should be centered by either Gomez or Dubinsky or possibly Avery for him to finally become the 40 goal guy.

  36. No one is doubting Nylander’s abilities here but I don’t see how he comes close to 80 points in an Oiler uniform with Geoff Sanderson and either Ales Hemsky or Raffi Torres as his potential top line mates. That’s a big dropoff from Jaromir Jagr if you ask me.

  37. Sam:

    I agree with your statement. Nylander will be missed. He will be missed in his ability to hang on to the puck until the very last minute and then dish it off for a scoring opportunity. He will be missed in his abilty to win games in the shootout. And he will be missed in his ability to bring the puck into the zone and attract 3 or 4 defenders.

    He will be missed.

    But I don’t think the Rangers had the luxury of waiting on Nylander. He got his offer, and he made no counter-offer. He made no public statement about his desire to stay in NYC regardless of the cost the way Shanny, Avery and Prucha have.

    Nylander may be missed, but the fault does not lie entirely with the Rangers.

    The Rangers’ most glaring weaknesses in their organizational depth chart was at center. Those holes or voids have been filled. Will there be reprecussions, possibly, but three seasons from now, I hope we look back on these two signings as definitive moves that solidified the forward positions for a long time.

  38. MSG network at 4pm doing a combined Knicks (Zach Randolph, etc.) and Rangers (Drury, Gomez) coverage.

  39. Mara:

    Is not physical, but is a better dman than Pock, plus the Rangers still have to see if Staal will be ready.

    I’m tired of this Malik bashing. There are plenty of teams out there that will take Marek Malik, the guy is a solid defenseman.

  40. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Will the Rangers really miss Nylander though? Yes, he was unbelievable in shootouts. Yes, he is one of the most patient, well-visioned on the puck, and gifted players in the NHL. But truth be told he wasn’t always the most motivated player. He was sat twice this season for being lazy in the defensive zone. He failed to shoot the puck when in prime scoring position, probably a confidence issue. And he couldn’t kill penalties.

    This in comparison to two guys who will make about $18million for a combined scoring of 129 points last season. I’m not so sure the salaries are worth it. Gomez IS MOST CERTAINLY

  41. Robby Bonfire on

    Re Sam’s Nylander observation: ” I’m not entirely convinced they won’t still be missing #92.” Exactly – you unload players while they still have market value. You don’t keep them around until they have limited or even NO VALUE. Not cutting bait on downside players soon enough, in fact bringing them in here by the bushel, has been an albatross haunting this organization for years. Somebody upstairs is getting with it, all of a sudden. Good move, this moving on from a 35 year old who just, belatedly, enjoyed his career year and will never enjoy another like it. Perfect timing.

  42. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    …NOT worth $10million (his salary the first year). And I’m not sure why he got the longer contract for more money while Drury (even though he’s 30 years old) got the 5-year deal.

    I’d rather have let Gomez go and sign a good center for $5million – there are a number of them available (even Nylander), sign them for 3 years and then go after Sheldon Souray to fill in the last D-spot or to replace Marek Malik.

  43. This is far from a perfect team — if such thing even exhists — but how can anyone complain about the moves. Gomez is overpaid but he’s also 27. The back end of the deal has cheaper years so that others can be signed. Drury is a big-game player, always has been. There’s a nice mix of youth and vets up front, as well. A lot of speed up the middle.

    The one area that worries me is D. I love the setup and the flow of prospects — but we could use a puck-carrying, power-play quarterback. Then again, maybe Cullen will finally be able to play the point regularly.

  44. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I have a feeling a first rounder will have to be traded just to get someone to take Kaspaitis off their hands as they try to fit under the cap.

  45. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    by my count Rangers will be at around $54 mil once they re-sign everyone.

  46. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    What’s the max cap this coming year? It was raised last week, right?

  47. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    there are still a ton of UFAs available. I would have been a lot happier with Forsberg, he would be probably cheaper and only sign for 2 or 3 years, he is more productive, a much better playmaker and is way more physical than those 2 overrated softies.

  48. Forsberg is physical in the sense that he gets hurt whenever he bangs into something.

  49. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Gomez and Drury get hurt too. And will get hurt even more as they get older. Forsberg actually hits more than the 2 overrated bums put together.

  50. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Jason Allison would have been a good fit with Jagr, who requires good puck possession. And Allison would cost less than 2 mil for only 1 year.

  51. a casual observer on

    Nylander is gonna take a while to get to Edmonton. I’m sure the plane will fly around in circles for a while before it lands. Gomez, Drury a great mix of vets and kids (plus Rachunek gone) If we can trade Malik I promise I won’t ask for a Christmas present this year!

    Let’s go Rangers!

  52. IVANA, STOP COMPLAINING!!! Just be glad for what we’ve got and stop dreaming of your on fantasy “dream team”. It’s not going to happen. Deal with it.

  53. a casual observer on

    Forsberg is like havin Lindross back again. I hold my breath enough watching the games as is.

  54. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Jason Alison and Peter Forsberg….Wow…thats moronic….Those two names shouldnt even be put in a sentence with NYR….

    Why cant it be 4 P.M. already

  55. A Casual Observer, you should go into comedy. I love your comments. =] And finally someone who has the same view of Lindros!!! haha

  56. Drury23Gomez BFF on

    i feel like these two are just pumped to play on what could be a very special team and i think the press conference will be fun for them

  57. Jason Allison? Sure, I like that idea a lot. And then maybe we can go get Lindros as our 1-2 punch down the middle. And call me crazy, but I think getting Kamensky back would be a huge move. I wouldn’t mind seeing him on Allison’s left side. Now the question is who plays RW with those 2? Hmm, I wonder what Brett Hull is up to these days. And hands down, they would form a lethal powerplay with Bruce Driver and James Patrick on the blueline.

    Then all we need to do is trade Lundqvist, Avery, and our next 5 first rounders for DiPietro and we’re all set!!

  58. ‘Gomez and Drury get hurt too. And will get hurt even more as they get older.’

    Really? Scott Gomez has played in at least 72 games in each of his 7 seasons- 4 of those he’s played in at least 80 games. Chris Drury has played in at least 71 games in each of his 8 NHL seasons- 4 of those he’s played in at least 80 games. These guys are extremely durable, and, combined, almost as reliable as ‘Ivana’ pulling statements from out of his ass.

  59. Broadway Roe on

    BIG props to WFAN fillins Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts for covering hockey for more than an hour… an hour longer than Mike and the Mad Dog would have.

    And Joe is a huge Rangers fan, making fun of the Devils for the whole hour. :)

  60. for all those (altho not on this blog) who were whining about the money the rangers spent, saying the pre cap days were back, uh the rangers and others cant do this every year.

    This was a strategic strike that accomplished 2 goals. First the team got younger. second a weakness was fortified for the forseeable future.

    Now you have to realize that the ranger organization is weak at center ice. the best prospects are defensemen (Staal, Sanguinetti, Sauer), and the top forward prospects are wingers, not centers (Bourrett, Cherepanov). I have a feeling Anisimov is gonna end up on the wing, and I havent heard anyone call tom pyatt anything more than a third liner. So these signings actually complement the youth movement. The slots that are going to be opening up are on the wing (Jagr, Straka, etc) or on defense (Malik, Mara) so this all dovetails nicely. it isnt like they signed another wing long term that is going to block cherepanov.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Jason Allison? Did he even play last year? All of those teams that needed help at center and NONE of them went for him. Maybe that should tell you something about the guy.

    I think if you asked Nylander to Dipsy doodle up ice and back, he could finish it, circling involved, before Allison sprinted straight from one end of the boards to the other(not even having to get back).

    I wonder who would win in a race, a one-legged Forsberg, a concussed Eric Lindros, or Jason Allison (no ailments)? My guess is Lindros, because he has the paramedics pushing his stretcher.

  62. MSG, NY will be streamed live on

    at the press conference, drury and gomez were both wearing #23 jerseys…i guess neither wanted to give it up. :)

  63. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    What the hell…..Wheres the press conference on MSG…There repeating sme stupid MSG NY extra crap…Someoen fill me in on the time slot…i thought it was 4 pm.

  64. Ugh… when will this music version of MSG:NY end and Gomez and Drury start? I don’t care about t-pain or justin timberlake…. Ahhhh.

  65. they actually flipped a puck for who would wear it…drury won his first crucial faceoff as a ranger

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    “ says Strudwick is returning for 07 – 08 season”

    As a reporter, right?

    Way to ruin all of the progress you have made Glenn.

  67. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Strudwick just re-signed. Smells like a set up for a trade of one of our more expensive defensemen.

  68. Calm down Doodie, I think Dr. Ogrodnick is right. Perhaps Strudwick was signed as a veteran presence/7th-8th d-man because Slats is going to deal Malikenstein.

  69. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Strudwick was signed to be #6 0r #7. If Staal needs some AHL seasoning we still have 7 defensemen with Struds. If Staal has a good camp and is ready then he makes either Malik or Mara somewhat expendable (especially with Struds signed as a 7), and we can move one of them to free up some cap room.

  70. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Strudwick, who else sucks Renney’s cock as good as Strudwick. Strudwick is great for the lockerroom, in case some overrated softie gets hard.

  71. I think you can go to $55MM for max cap and be down to $50.3MM by opening night. Jason Allison – not in todays NHL. This guy is slower than Darian Hatcher.

  72. Drury23Gomez BFF on


    Chris and Scotty dont want to be best friends with you…you arent american, dont wear 23, and wont make on average 7 mil per year for the next 5-7 years

  73. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Rangers once again prove what a joke they are. Isbister is next, OH BABY. fuck all the prospects, lets load up on every garbage 30 yearold available.

  74. He is that good, and that dedicated. And as much as I think the Rangers pulled off the coup of the offseason yesterday, I’m not entirely convinced they won’t still be missing No. 92.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Sam. Nylander was a nice guy. He will still be a nice guy. He will still get payed somewhere. The difference is, Nylander fits on a team that is in transition. Not as a Number one center on a Cup contender. I hope Nylander will still be your friend when he plays somewhere else…:)

  75. “Strudwick, who else sucks Renney’s cock as good as Strudwick. ”

    *SAM* (once the press stuff settles and its all quiet again)can’t you deem a post like this enough to ban this guy’s IP addy? I’m not for censorship but this is an obvious troll who is just clearly enjoying polluting the board and deriving attention in a terrible fashion…. I think just about everyone here would appreciate it. The guy is complete rubbish…

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know. I’m on the fence. If a deal is made for Malik or Mara, I’m happy. If there isn’t, I’m very upset that he would waste cap money/stymie the development of Staal or other young D-men by clogging up the pipeline.

  77. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Strudwick has no bearing on Staal. If Staal is only developed enough to be the 6 or 7 guy with the big club, then he would be better served in Hartford skating top pair minutes. Either he displaces Mara or Malik or he starts the season in Hartford.

  78. Shouldn’t one get banned for those types of foul statements?

    Malik isn’t going anywhere, he’s one of our most reliable vets, which will be even more valuable if we break in Staal and Pock.

  79. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    According the the Caps website, they just signed Nylander to a 4 year deal.

  80. That’s a good fit for him, setting up Semin and Ovechkin. It’s funny how canadian TV was reporting him signing with the Oilers all day…

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