Wrapping up a busy day


A couple of final thoughts before collapsing.

  • Brush with greatness claim of the day: Chris Drury and I played against one another at least once when I played youth hockey for Rye and he played for Mid-Fairfield. Quick question: What are the odds that Chris Drury is bragging about once playing hockey against me? Right. That’s what I thought.
  • Sather conceded that at least one of the two contracts involves a no-trade clause, something he never wanted to include in a deal. But he acknowledged this was a time to compromise.
  • Brendan Shanahan’s signing seems like a formality since both sides want to get it done. That said, you wonder if the Rangers, knowing Shanahan wasn’t going to entertain other offers, figured they could be more agressive with what they offered Drury and Gomez.
  • Sather said neither player knew about the deal with other until their own negotiations were done. ”We called them both at the same time and neither one knew about it until the very end,” he said.
  • To clarify what I said earlier about Henrik Lundqvist, what Glen Sather said was this: “There are other options than signing him to a long-term deal immediately, although we’d like to do that.”

    Lundqvist will be a Group II free agent the next two years so the Rangers have some wiggle room. So the option might be to sign him to something manageable for one more year before going for the big enchilada, since by then they’d presumably clear some more cap space.

  • Sather tried calling Jaromir Jagr to fill him in on what’s going on, but he never reached the Big Fella. Jagr was in touch with people in the Rangers’ offices, so I’m sure he knew this was coming. And as much as he liked Michael Nylander, I can’t imagine he’s complaining right about now.
  • The two newest Rangers will be introduced at a press conference at the MSG Training Center tomorrow at 3. More from there…

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    1. Sam…you truly came into your own today. Tremendous job on your part- thanks for everything.

    2. nylanderforpresident on


      Very nice job.

      Unfortunately, Nylander is now gone… Unless… Nope, he’s gone…

      An exciting day, which you covered nicely.


    3. For the record…

      Jason Blake to Toronto, 5 years 20 mill

      Tom Poti to Washington 3.5/year for 4 years

      Ryan Smyth to Colorado 5 years 31 mill (Isles offered 32.5 for 5 years)

      Richard Zednik to Florida

      Viktor Kozlov to Caps, 2 years 5 mill

    4. DoodieMachetto on

      As much as Nylander was helpful in keeping the ship afloat for the past couple of years, he was a fool not to take whatever deal the Rangers offered him. So, thank you Michael, and good luck to you in the future (unless you end up in the East).

      I am VERY happy with the acquisitions. I’m a little upset with Drury’s contract: A little too long, a little too much money, and a no-trade clause. But seriously, we’re guaranteed at least the Cup finals, and if it wasn’t for the Ducks signing Schneider to replace Niedermayer, I’d say the cup was ours as well…

      Now, if only Malik would retire!

      LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

    5. DoodieMachetto on

      Yes, sad to see him go, but we all saw that coming a mile away. Good luck to Jed in his AHL/NHL career.

      PS, is the Smyth to Colorado official yet?

    6. Sam, you were amazing with the coverage. Thanks!!

      Good luck to Ortie with the preds… as big dork as i am, i’m still going to wear his jersey to the NYR ames. =D

    7. We’re not guaranteed a damn thing, don’t have that attitude about it. Look at the Sabres’ fans. We mocked them to no end for that.

    8. DoodieMachetto on

      Oh, one more PS:

      1) Devils: lose Gomez and Rafalski
      2) Islanders: lose Poti, Blake, and probably Smyth. lso on hook for money for buying out Yashin.
      3) Buffalo: lose Briere and Drury
      4) Pittsburgh: resigned Roberts and Recchi (combined age of 167, which coincidentally is the number of holes Fleury has). Also didn’t tender Michel Oullet an offer sheet.
      5) Ottawa: Did nothing, may lose Emery to an offer sheet, and might trade Wade Redden to free cap space.
      6) Tampa Bay: Signed Michel Oullet (an excellent move for their cap woes). Still have no goaltender, their biggest flaw.
      7) Atlanta: Sold their future to make the playoffs, now they have nothing.
      8) Rangers: Signed Gomez and Drury.

      Out of the 8 Eastern teams, only the Rangers and Tampa Bay improved (although TB did only marginally). Devils, Isles and ATL won’t make the playoffs. Buffalo will struggle to do it. PIT and OTT stayed the same, although the PIT kids will be a year better, but with that sieve Fluery in net, they ain’t goin’ anywhere. The Caps, Flyers, and possibly the Panthers have done enough to make the playoffs, but not go much further. The East is a cakewalk for the Rangers.

    9. DoodieMachetto on

      robix, allow me to clarify:

      If they work hard and play to their potential, they will take the east. But by no means will it be just handed to them on a silver platter, as Buffalo expected.

    10. Just wanted to take a minute and thank Jed Ortmyer for his time in New York. It was great watching him play here, and one of the best moments for me at the garden was Jed scoring on the penalty shot vs Boston. Jed good luck in Nashville.

    11. I don’t think you’re giving the Flyers enough credit. They have made quite a few moves to improve their squad. I see them competing pretty well against us this season. Should be a battle between us, the Flyers and Pittsburgh.

    12. DoodieMachetto on

      Any idea on where Nylander could go? I say he would be a good fit in ATL.

      GO RANGERS!!! God bless Anson Carter. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t get to have a half priced Jaromir Jagr, allowing us to get two full priced centers and STILL field several other quality players.

    13. It is too bad for Nylander – he tried to play chicken and honestly, I would have thought it would have worked, too. Now, with Washington having signed Kozlov and Philly Briere, I’ll bet wherever he ends up, it will be for about the same as what the Rangers were offering him.

      Well, too bad for him. BUT ITS ALL GREAT FOR US!! YAHOO!!!

      Great job today as usual, Sam. I know the possibility of this happening had been suggested before by other guys in the media, but I never expected that both of those guys would actually want to come here. Works for me..

    14. DoodieMachetto on

      Mike D: I think Philly has improved enough to make the playoffs, but not enough to make it past the 2nd round. I see them finishing 6th or 7th in the east, possibly a first round upset depending on the playoff matchup, but out in 2nd round (sound like a certain Rangers team?)

    15. Eh, the Flyers are better but our top three players (Jags, Drury, Gomez) are all better than anyone on their team, and Biron may be an upgrade over Nittymaki and Esche but they’re not going far. Now if THEY”D signed Gomez and Drury, I’d be impressed…

    16. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      hockybuzz.com is saying…..Nlander to NYI…i sware to god…id boo him out of the building….I have a feeling he’d spite as like that….

      Thank you Nylander…Without you pathetic greed we wouldnt have Drury and Gomer right now…

      Good luck Orty…no matter what anyone says….Every team needs a Jedi

    17. Doodie-I dont know why you would boo Nylander. He is ognna sign somewhere around New York, like New Jersey, Long Island or even Philly,with a large family living in Connecticut. I hate to see him go but if it means winning the cup, see ya Nylander. I wont boo him no matter where he signs. I cant feel too badly for him though because he had the offer on the table and it was a fair one. It may have woked if we didnt sign Drury but his holdout attempt failed. It is his fault for declining the extension offered too him. It included a nice raise too. But I guess Sather said if you want that much, we might as well spend 2 million more and lockup an elite center for 5 years, which makes plenty of sense

    18. Sam, as always, yours is the Blog of Record…excellent job today…damn, between this blog and Pete Abe’s, LoHud is pwning the NY sports blog universe.

      Lovely day to be a Rangers fan…the contracts are a little crazy, but the market dictates terms and this team has instantly turned a glaring weakness up the middle into a major strength. And any bad day for NJ, LI and Buffalo is a good day for the Rangers. First the Cherepanov robbery, then Gomez/Drury…good summer.

    19. I had a feeling Nylander might go to the Icelanders. It seems logical for his situation. Im just curious if his greed really cost him and he ends up making LESS than the Rangers offer

    20. DoodieMachetto on

      “Every team needs a Jedi” HA!

      As for why I would boo Nylander, it would only be if he went to Philly, because if Philly picked up Nlander, they would suddenly have a scary good 1-2 center tandem, and if their young wing corps can perform to its potential, they will be a very dangerous team offensively.

      If he signs in NJ or Long Island, I wouldn’t care because they’re both gonna suck, with or without him.

    21. It is truly a great day to be a ranger fan when your biggest problem is which one of our new centers will get to wear their same number they previously wore which was recently vacted by the departure of Karel Rachunek (another thing to be happy about)

    22. DoodieMachetto on

      Nylander probably won’t sign soon. He is second tier talent. Second Tier talent makes the most money when the GMs that got nothing (like in Buffalo) start to sweat. I expect him to sign in a week or two.

    23. To MSG-whiz from the last post – I think only seven or eight games per team can be broadcast on Versus, so don’t worry about that too much. The only thing will be Saturday games being moved from the scheduled night start to the daytime with NBC’s flex scheduling.

      Orr – good job selling your Ortmeyer jersey if it helps you get another. I hate to say it, but as much as we love him now, he’ll be forgotton in a couple years, a la Matthew Barnaby (who is probably retiring).

      It would make sense for Nylander to sign with the Isles; after all those players they lost, maybe they will overpay him. I can’t see him fitting in Philly where they already have enough centers (Briere, Carter, Richards, Umberger).

    24. onecupin67years on

      I have a sentimental spot for Ortmyer,his penalty shot goal was the last goal my dad saw before he died in Jnauary.Pops was a Die Hard rangers fan.

    25. I know MSG Network is showing the knicks press conference at 4 Pm, does anyone know if they will show the Rangers press conference at 3?

    26. Pittsburgh sounds like the ygot markov from the wings..

      Pitt will be very good this yr…

      The rangers will be good also but they need to put it together and roll 4 legit lines…….

      Schneider is a very good player but he is not Neidermayer…

      The west is getting stronger and the east is not…

    27. TSN experts were raving about the ranger moves.. they said plenty of $ to sign avery, shanny, henrik, and prucha…

      they love the moves….added talent and leadership and grit…

    28. *Phew*

      Now the only downside:

      I don’t think I could wear a Rangers jersey # 23 with anyone but Beuk’s name stitched across the back.

      That being said, hopefully these moves don’t backfire like Lindros, Bure, Fleury, etc etc etc.

    29. AngelusMortis on

      It’s sad to see Ortmeyer go, but as much as I hate to say it, I think we’ve got his spot covered. Cheers to him for three seasons of hard work and commitment to the team.

    30. Paul Kariya signed with the Blues.

      as for other eastern teams to worry about it still includes Ottawa they are pretty much the same team that rolled through 3 rds easily.

    31. one cup – sorry about your father. (would still change the handle seems like an Isles handle even though I know you’re a true blue fan)

      Sam – thanks for an awesome job here today

    32. Good luck and health to Orts.

      And let’s not count our Cups before they hatch. And if you wonder why, well, just look to the Bronx…

      That being said…

      Let’s go Rangers.

    33. AngelusMortis on

      LI Joe – Ottawa shouldn’t worry you as much as they are. They’re not deep enough offensively. They have their one line of Heatspezzedsson, and that’s about it. Mike Comrie is a goner for them, as are Preissing and Redden. With a whole ONE line of offense and a shaky defensive corps, don’t expect Ottawa to repeat their performance of this year. Come on, their captain’s best leadership consists of shooting pucks at the other team’s players like a 5 year old.

    34. i’m wondering what marty brodeur is thinking right now. I mean the guy took a discount to stay and Lou the miser Lamorillo cant even manage the cap well enough to keep anyone good to play in front of him.

      I guess the egg line got scrambled? huh?

    35. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      somebody posted this on TSN: “Good luck Rangers. Both NJ and Buffalo play an awesome team concept game, and make mediocre players look great. Watch both of those guys eat up huge salary cap bucks as they coast through their new contracts at 40-60 pts per season. I don’t see much if any improvement next year.”

      “$7,000,000 a year?…thats a joke….he scored 13 goals last year….thats about 1.7 million per goal?..cmon..this is the biggest joke ever…no wonder he grabbed the deal, he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.”

      “wow, how can u pay someone that much when he doesnt have an average of 1 pts by game”

      “WOW!!! Just like the days before the salary cap. The Rangers, Red Wings, Maple Leafs, and Flyers buy all the free agents.”

      “Same old Rangers. Hopefully Gomez works out as well as Holik, and the blueshirts can go back to missing the playoffs.”

      “A big “Welcome Back!” to the days of buying a Stanley Cup, we all knew you weren’t gone for good”

      “how does a guy coming off of a 13 goal season get 51 million? the rangers are nuts”

      “Havent the rangers learned from their past expensive long-term signings. And since when is a 13 goal scorer like Gomez worth 7.5 mil/year”

      “Paid too much for both of them. They are both very good players who happen to be two of the best available this year, but how can two guys who aren’t point per game guys getting paid close to the max contract? Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to enjoy having them on my team, but what kind of implications are these big contracts going to have on re-signing some of their supposed top prospects in the next 5-7 years?”

      “$7.35 million a year for a guy who scored 13 goals last year? Sure he’s a playmaker, but he’s also a less-than-a-point-per-game player in his career. The old NHL is back.”

      the only people happy about these signings are clueless fans, who were high-fiveing each other when they signed the likes of Fleury, Kasparaitis, Holik, etc.

      Like I said, UFAs are for morons, this is not how you build a team, these contracts will haunt Rangers in couple of years.

      You can also bet Sather is going to trade away Prucha and many prospects in his futile last attempt to get the Cup, but in the end these bunch of misfits and mercenaries will fail.

    36. AngelusMortis on

      …But what if they don’t, and the Rangers do win the Cup in the next couple of seasons?

    37. AngelusMortis on

      The whole “build internally” thing many people talk about isn’t exactly the #1 way to win a Cup, either. Let’s look at Buffalo, who all of the analysts praise for having such a good farm system. However, do any of these great players they plucked off the farm have a Cup ring on their finger? No. You can’t just build internally and hope that your semi-good players will become superstars if they play together long enough. Sometimes, you’ve got to buy yourself a top-notch player. Hell, half of the 1994 Cup team were Cup winners in Edmonton first. They didn’t spend years in our minor league squads. Did Sather act too rashly by signing Drury and Gomez for a truckload of money? Maybe. We’ll find out come October.

    38. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      “…But what if they don’t, and the Rangers do win the Cup in the next couple of seasons?”

      then I still wouldn’t care about them, they fundementally don’t understand or have the patience to build a real team, they draft players but then don’t know what to do with them. They are a joke. I can’t be proud of a team that bought a Cup with mercenaries.

    39. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      No, you shouldn’t just build internally, you should also make trades and occasionally sign a UFA to fill a role or position where you have weakness.

    40. AngelusMortis on

      Then that’s your issue. I understand where you’re coming from, but honestly, what professional sport isn’t all business now, especially in North America? There are hardly any more “team players” out there in any league, whether its the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. That’s the world we live in. Money makes it, and the professional athletes, go round. My advice would be to suck it up and just root for…whoever the hell you like.

    41. AngelusMortis on

      Petr Sykora is back in the Atlantic. Pittsburgh signed him for two years. They also inked Darryl Sydor 2yrs/$5mil.

    42. Siberian Express7 on

      What are the odds Cherepanov plays in NY this year? He looks like the next Bure

    43. Haven’t we all agreed to ignore Ivana yet? It’s obvious he is a fan of some minor league team or Rangers rival. I will say the Rangers paid too much, like the Hockey Rodent said, but there are plenty of other teams that went into the free agent foray, including the ones who locked up next offseason’s potential stars – San Jose, Calgary, Anaheim, Washington, St. Louis, Colorado, and P-burgh can all be thrown in with Detroit, New York, Toronto, and Philly in the spending frenzy of day one.

    44. AngelusMortis on

      1st – Drury
      2nd – Gomez
      3rd – Cullen
      4th – Betts

      Drury and Gomez are subject to Renney’s master plan. We’ll get an idea in the coming months.

      I’d give Cherepanov a 1% chance of playing in New York this year. He said himself he’s not ready for the physical aspect of the NHL just yet. Give him some time to condition. He could be ready by the 08-09 season.

    45. AngelusMortis on

      Ivana’s not so bad if you try to have a rational conversation with him.

    46. AngelusMortis on

      I’m surprised after Briere, Drury, and Gomez were all snatched up that Nylander didn’t go soon after. He was the “#4” center in the UFA pool this year.

    47. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      don’t both Gomez and Drury kill penalties and win faceoffs? So then there is no longer any need for Cullen or Betts. If Cullen, Betts and Malik get traded to make room for prospects I guess I could still stomach this team, but I really doubt it will happen.

      looks like Nylander decided to get as far as possible from here and signed in Edmonton

    48. The centers in order will be Gomez, Drury, Cullen, Betts. Though that probably depends on Jagr’s preference for one of the top two. Cherepanov won’t be on the Rangers until 2009. One more year in Russia, one year in the AHL, possibly called up for injury in late 2008-09.

      After reading some Hockey’s Future stories, I’d like to take a look at the hopeful 2008-09 forward lines, even though I’m really getting ahead of myself, but this will appease those youth lovers here. They were saying how Bourret and Dawes had great chemistry together, so I would leave Dawes in the AHL for another year, then re-sign him when his deal is up and bring them both in to start in 2008, when Straka, Shanahan, and possibly Jagr (especially if we win) will be history. Here’s how I see it, with all of our centers already under contract for that season:

      Dawes – Gomez – Bourret
      Prucha – Drury – Callahan
      Avery – Cullen – Jessiman
      Hollweg/Orr – Betts – Moore

      This is obviously only if we don’t sign or trade for anybody else. It doesn’t look good for Jessiman to make the team, but we’ll see next season. And now, for my first posting of lines with the FA signings:

      Straka – Gomez – Jagr
      Prucha – Drury – Callahan
      Avery – Cullen – Shanahan
      Hollweg/Orr – Betts – Moore

      I’m really thinking Hossa won’t be on the team since it makes no sense to use him on the fourth line. Avery works well with Shanahan, and it’s not likely either would do well on the fourth, so I would keep them together, which means Hossa would force Prucha or Callahan to the fourth, which we don’t want. I see Moore coming up because he was a late cut last season, and the only open spot on the team is for a fourth line or press box player.

    49. AngelusMortis on

      Newsflash, Brandon, one of the big reasons we needed a #2 center was because of Brendan Shanahan. Prucha or Callahan will be riding the third line. Shanahan will most certainly be on the second.

    50. Eh, it’s hard to ignore Ivana when he makes some good points. I’m not sure about Gomez, but know Drury kills penalties; however, Cullen still has some offensive talent that can be put to use, and it’s good to have defensive-minded centers. With the loss of Ortmeyer, we need all the good penalty killers we can get; the main six will probably be Straka, Shanahan, Avery, Drury, Cullen, and Betts. That would make pretty good pairings because all six are capable of taking faceoffs. Even if Gomez did kill penalties in Jersey, I don’t think he will be used there too much this season because the top line usually comes out after a kill. Gomez will suffice when a PK center is in the box.

    51. Angelus – Yeah, I wasn’t thinking clearly on that one, Cullen did no good with Shanny at the beginning of last season. Hopefully, he won’t be used on special teams too much so he can still take 2nd line minutes at even strength. While I don’t think Avery is a great 2nd line player, I still want him with Shanahan. So it should have been:

      Straka – Gomez – Jagr
      Avery – Drury – Shanahan
      Prucha – Cullen – Callahan
      Hollweg/Orr – Betts – Moore

      Thanks for the correction.

    52. AngelusMortis on

      No problem, Brandon. I really think Avery should be given a third line role, personally, with him on the left wing, and Prucha or Callahan on the other. Gomez could be the key needed to get Prucha back to the form he had his rookie year. Or, in the other situation, what better mentor for Callahan to have than his childhood idol Shanahan? It’s speculation now, but hey, a fan can have hope, can’t he?

    53. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      BTW, my idea of a good center is somebody who also possesses size and strength and plays physical. Neither of the 4 centers is that.

      Don’t be surprised if Gomez and Drury get many concussions from big hits.

    54. AngelusMortis on

      Ivana, would you consider mid-90s Eric Lindros a good center? He was a big point-getter and a physical threat, but he’s the king of concussions?

    55. Myself, I’m still confused as to why Shanahan switched wings last season after being a longtime LW. Anyway, I’d like to see Prucha on the first line, but can’t see it happening because it will be better to keep two players from the top line intact. Somehow, I don’t see Avery being as productive on the third line, so I would move Straka down there. That winning goal with Avery setting up Shanahan in game two of the Atlanta series (had to look up which game) was a thing of beauty that I’d like to see more of.

    56. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      I will miss Nylander, I would take him over any UFA available this year, he was really unique–nobody else has as good a puck control as he and nobody else spins with the puck like he does. And he is excellent in the playoffs. Jagr will not be anywhere near as productive without Nylander.

      I am guessing at the prospect camp Rangers’ staff decided than neither Anisimov or Pyatt or Dubinsky are good enough to be top 2 line center any time soon, but the guy who only managed 14 goals in ECHL season is good enough as a top center locked up for an untradeable 7 year $52 million contract or another guy who is 31 and never scored 70 points in a season to 5 year $35 mil, both are untradeable, overpaid and overrated. That’s what happens when you are too stupid to re-sign your guy for 5 mil, that’s what happens when you can’t draft or develop anyone properly.

    57. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      “Ivana, would you consider mid-90s Eric Lindros a good center? He was a big point-getter and a physical threat, but he’s the king of concussions?”

      are you actually comparing Lindros at his prime with the likes of Drury and Gomez? Drury might catch up with Lindros very soon. In terms of concussions. But I was talking about Getzlaf and Lecavalier. I don’t think Dubinsky is that far off Getzlaf in terms of skill, he is smaller but is still big strong and physical.

    58. AngelusMortis on

      Nylander isn’t really the messiah you’re making him out to be, Ivana. I hope you aren’t serious about the whole spinning thing. Jagr isn’t a one-centerman guy. He can be productive with someone as long as they’re a decent passer (unless they’re playing in Washington). Nylander is more likely to have a production dropoff this season. Gomez or Drury should give Jagr what he needs. Also, Gomez wasn’t brought in to score a 50 goals, he was brought in to make passes to guys like Shanahan. Is everyone just going to pretend the 84 point season he had with the always defense Devils didn’t happen? Both are overpaid, yes, but that’s UFAs for you. Nylander’s probably going to get much more than he’s worth in Edmonton or wherever he signs. The only one who didn’t get an absurd contract was Jason Blake. The Rangers may not have the best development system in the NHL, but ask Buffalo how that great farm system of theirs has gotten them all of their Cups.

    59. AngelusMortis on

      And no, I wasn’t comparing Lindros to anyone. Just asking the question.

    60. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      I would rather have signed Todd White @ 3 mil for 3 years, he is very skilled, fast and would put up big numbers on the top line.

      BTW Gomez averaged the most icetime per game of all the Devils forwards and still only managed 13 goals.

      “Is everyone just going to pretend the 84 point season he had with the always defense Devils didn’t happen?”

      looks like a fluke to me.

      Islanders will likely play a lot of young players like Comeau, Bergenheim, Tambellini, Nielsen, etc.

      Devils will likely have to sign someone like Mike York or Zubrus or someone from Europe because besides Bergfors they don’t really have much.

      Sabres will still have a ton of scoring and won’t miss Drury or Briere at all. That is how a good team should operate, all they need is sign a couple of role players.

    61. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      also can someone explain why they didn’t sign Savard last summer instead of Cullen? And Savard signed for only 5 mil and is a better playmaker than Gomez and has scored 97 points.

      Even Briere would have been better than Drury, he even scored more points in the playoffs 2 playoffs in a row, produced a lot more in regular season, and had much better +/- Even Straka outscored Drury not only that but he also outhit him. Never mind Gomez who hits about as often as he scores goals and failed to produce in his UFA year.

    62. What a great headline to wake up too!!
      Well done Glen Sather..!!
      I know i said trying this tactic would be tricky and that he should take the safe option of re-signing Nylander and throwing money at Gomez, but brilliant job by the Rangers front office, they really hit a home run.
      Ivana – i know what you mean about Gomer’s stats but i think he’ll be given more freedom with NYR and i’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t get 30+ goals and 50+ assists.
      As for Drury i’m expecting less in terms of points (25+ gls and 40+ assists) but nearly double figures for game winning goals.

      Brandon – i think Cherepanov will skip the AHL stint and come over as a #2 or #3 line winger for a season in 2008/9.
      It sounds like Ansimov might need a year at Hartford.

      Straka – Gomez – Jagr
      Prucha – Drury – Shanahan
      Avery – Cullen – Callahan
      Hollweg/Orr – Betts – Byers/Moore

      Now if Glen can engineer a trade to rid us of Malik, sign up Henrik, Prucha and Avery he can retire to the golf course until camp starts…go Rangers..!!

    63. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      would be nice if Straka, Jagr, Dawes, Betts, Hossa, Malik, Pock and Orr get traded and Shanahan is not re-signed

    64. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      “Savard better playmaker than Gomez wow what crap are you on?”

      I am on facts, what crap are you on?

    65. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      I think Straka will center Drury and Jagr, with Drury taking the faceoffs.

    66. onecupin67years on

      I think Gomez figured even if the devils outbid the rangers ‘WHO WANTS TO PLAY IN NEWARK N.J.? So He chose Broadway.

    67. Doodie Machetto on

      “What are the odds Cherepanov plays in NY this year?”

      Zero. He has already made it clear he is playing in Russia this year to finish his contract with Omsk.

      “I will miss Nylander, I would take him over any UFA available this year,”

      Ivana, weren’t you saying a week ago that we should dump Nylander for Stumpel? You bashed Nylander all season long for his dipsydoodling, and now you’re on his jock.

      PS, all of those comments from the TSN board are Edmonton fans who are disgruntled that they lost Ryan Smyth, and that their team still won’t pay big money for players, even though it can, and that they still will suck next season.

    68. Doodie Machetto on



      via spector’s trade rumors

    69. imagination on

      I expected Nylander & maybe Gomez or Drury, otherwise somebody. They needed a 2nd line center & got a top one, and replaced Nylander, end of story. It’s better than none of those 3. And they tied up alot of cap $, nothing is for free including UFAs. And few things are perfect.Let the Monday morning quarterbacking continue for all the GM want to be.

    70. Message to Fox Sports NY: get the rights to Fran Healy’s Halls of Fame extended and liscense Baywatch re-runs because no one will be watching Devils & Islanders. I wonder if Snowey is calling Yashin’s agent to offer 7 Yrs @ $8MM.

    71. Broadway Roe on

      Buying the cup, that’s what your saying?

      I don’t know if you forgot, but all NHL teams are under the same salary cap.

      And if I remember correctly, the Devils spent a lot of money last year and look where it got them.

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