Some early snippets…


*UPDATE, 7 p.m.: Looks like Scott Gomez is a Ranger. Still no official confirmation, but two reliable reports say it’s a done deal. More later…*

*UPDATE, 5:50 p.m.: Don’t head out to dinner yet. The Rangers still appear to be close to something. The assumption is with Scott Gomez, but that’s not coming from them.*

*UPDATE, 4:21 p.m.: Just got off the phone with the WFAN newsroom and they said there was never a report on Gomez. I pride myself on not passing along baseless rumors, so apologies are in order. Also, this means that we may have to wait longer than we thought…*

*UPDATE, 4:08 p.m.: WFAN now has no mention of Gomez, and the Rangers have not responded to request for confirmation. In other words, I have no idea what’s going on right now.*

*Update, 3:20 p.m.: The Rangers say they have not signed anyone. That’s not to say they’re not still close. But it would render false reports of a done deal with Scott Gomez.*

*Update, 2:46 p.m.: Sounds like the Rangers are likely to have something done today. What exactly remains the mystery. Stay tuned…*

None of which I can take credit for….

  • Chris Drury is immersed in conversations with L.A. TSN is also stressing that Drury wants to play out west.
  • Daniel Briere has received a reported offer of 6-years, $42 million from Montreal.
  • Ryan Smyth has nine different teams courting him, all apparently big fans of his mullet.
  • Keith Tkachuk, recently re-signed by the Blues, told TSN that he has already placed a call to Paul Kariya in hopes of bringing him to St. Louis.

    I have heard nothing substantive on Michael Nylander.

    More later…

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    1. It’s going to be really pathetic if the Rangers can’t close Nylander. And I would really like to see Souray on our PP…

    2. AngelusMortis on

      Chris F., I’d like to see Souray on our PP, but not playing 5-on-5 for us. He was -29 last year. We have enough defensive liabilities without Souray. Rafalski would be the better choice for us. Big shot from the point, he can do well on the power play, and he’s solid defensively.

    3. I am just imaging to have Rafalski and Gomez playing for the Rangers…

      Oh man Lou would jump from the roof of his new arena :):):)

    4. Ryan Smyth would really love to return back to the Oil men, but will probably end up in Colorado….

      Sam I have more news than you even here in Australia :):):)

    5. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on says the Sens might deal Redden…I wouldnt mind Redden here…I think NYR should consider a trade…But for who is the question??

    6. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


      Id love to see that…That would wipe that goofy smile off his face that he has after a shootout win…Damn i really hate that guy…Im imagining Gomez getting re signed…and Drury

    7. I heard about Jason Blake is also on the open market…I have checked all the Rangers schedule recaps during the night and this guy scored a bunch of goals against the Rangers probably the most of his goals and I hope he is going out west….

      Cap is little a bit more than 50 need to have a good calculator to make the right deal :):):)

    8. Koala, what happened to you? You were on this blog all the time early on and then disappeared. I hope you’ve kicked your crazy Sam obsession.

    9. AngelusMortis on

      Slats needs to send a resounding NO to himself if he thinks about signing Robert Lang. The man is way too old.

    10. I feel that Lang is probably gonna happen — it’s the only thing that explains why JJ wouldn’t freak out that Nylander might get away.

      That would suck.

    11. Ivana Kachanatsov on

      smart move by Thrashers, White will be an 80 point center playing on their top line.

    12. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      If NYI gets Mathieu Schneider…Im gonna snap in two…At first i wanted NYR to get him at the deadline…but when i seen Marleau tap him and cause him to break his rist or what ever…then i wasnt to sure about it…

    13. sounds like Gomez goes to a canadian team either Oilers or Canadiens…It is great you can speculate all night, huups all day long….:):)

    14. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      This is depressing….It seems every time…at the deadline or july 1st…NYR never gets rumors…or anything….Why us…why…..


      If Nylander gets greedy and leaves us…I hope Tyutin hip checks him to hell and back

    15. I can’t believe it’s come down to me being desperate that the Rangers get Nylander…

    16. Well, Robert, don’t worry, I saw your latest offending post; jus keep offending everybody: Rangers fans, the British, while we have Ivana offending his own intelligence and black people. I noticed you haven’t had a comeback to the nickname discussion because you have been proven wrong about that one.

      Now that Thornton is gone, it won’t be such a bad idea to sign somebody this year, espcially since Calgary has been working for a while to get Iginla extended. From what I have been reading recenty, Gomez would be a bad choice, and the Rangers are going to have Valliquette be the backup, which basically means it’s him or Montoya and they’re not gonna sign anybody worth more than either of their contracts.

      I think the Bruins just got instantly better with the trade for ManFern. If they could get some good defense or defnsive strategy, they will soon be a threat; the coach was a step in a good direction.

    17. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      One of my favorite Jason Blake moments…was when Messier wrapped Blake’s own jersey around his neck and choked him out…causing his face to turn different shades of red every 20 seconds….Classic….Please go out west Blake….

    18. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Haha….Poti….He’s just not good enough for any part of New York….

    19. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


      Where did you hear that…..Im using but what ever your source is…its much better im guessing

    20. poti deal is four years 3.5 mil. per year

      How stupid can a general manager in the NHL be….

      Look to Ted Leonsis and to Washington…:):)

    21. Craig The Weatherman on

      Ahhhh… As much as I wanted to discount the grim outlook from Blueshirt Bulletin, I have an awful feeling it’s to become reality.

    22. You have got to be kidding me with Poti! He played a little better last year, but he’s not worth that amount per year. I was hoping it was $3.5 million total, ha. Maybe we will just be able to sign one FA and be better off bringing up prospects to fill other positions.

    23. AngelusMortis on

      Haha, Poti is their problem now. I wonder if they’ll boo him out of D.C., too.

    24. AngelusMortis on

      I sure hope that’s speculation. I don’t think Gomez is worth THAT much…

    25. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      CHRIS F

      Maybe he’s not feeling to good after hearing the poti news….Cant blame him

    26. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Yeah….Hockeybuzz rumors are pretty off…..It says Zach Parise may head to EDM….Lol that would be the dumbest move for the Devils….he was there top scorer….Jeez

    27. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Yessss…..NYI doesnt get him….Ha….I think they got Matty cause Neider will retire….Tough loss for Wings

    28. Hockeybuzz rumor says the FAN is reporting Gomez to Rangers. Anyone heard that on teh radio during the Mets game?

    29. What will happen for the Rangers? Probably something small like one of their own UFAs, maybe Prucha or Avery. Hopefully not Hossa before Prucha.

    30. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Damn all the Gomez rumors….Cant they just confirm it already…I gotta know now….This is getting frustrating

    31. Chris – I think there is a radio station called the fan in Toronto – maybe that’s what they’re referring to.

    32. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Things are getting quiet now…..Most devil fans want gomez gone….

      Maybe Gomez will do what Poti did…Stick it to the fans by geing to a rival team….

    33. can we get confirmation on gomez already!? this is killing me. someone call wfan and ask if they did report gomez to rangers.

    34. haha i know i wish if gomez is gonna sign he would just do it i really need to go buy some food right now but i cant leave

    35. WFAN in NY doesn’t break hockey news. Eklund’s on FAN590 in Toronto right now. Either someone’s confused or pulling people’s legs.

    36. They didn’t say anything on WFAN during the Mets station identification – only David Wright talking. We are sure it was the NYC Fan, not the Minnesota or Toronto one, right? As I said, I will only be happy with Gomez in the $4-5 million range.

      I don’t really see how the Caps are a rival team to NYI, unless there’s something I’m missing. Maybe it’s the same kind of rivarly as with the Rangers and Caps, but I think the Rangers’ one is bigger.

    37. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


      i dont know if you were responding to what i said…but if so…..

      I meant that Gomez might stick it the NJD by signing with a rival team like NYR…just like Poti tried sticking it to us by signing with our rival NYI

    38. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      And Ivana….Get a life….theres no need for the loser remarks…You’ll still get to see Poti 4 times a year….And if you have the NHL package you can see him all year.

    39. Ignore Ivana, her/his language is just beyond everything. No respect at all. Low life. That’s it.

    40. Orr – yes, I did misunderstand what you said. I thought you were talking about Poti doing that this year. But he wasn’t hated by the Isles fans as much as the Rangers fans, mostly because the Isles fans didn’t care or were too stupid to notice.

    41. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Forget about it….Im taking a nap….Hopefully when i come back….Something…..Anything will be done…..For NYR of coarse

    42. Nylanders make look scoring so easy in this game…his first hattrick overall and probably his best game in a Rangers´uniform…..

      better to get him signed as any of these other names swirling around…

    43. HM says Briere to Flyers per “Sportnet and Buffalo News” and neither of them is reporting that ?

    44. AngelusMortis on

      Sucks to be Briere, choosing to go from Presidents Trophy to NHL basement.

    45. Sabres have offered five millon a year, broad street bullies between 6 and 7…..

      only the money is counting in these days…how much of eucalyptus you can have for such a mount of money :):):)

    46. chris
      its just his source system, the higher the number next to the e’s the more sources are reporting it in, an e(5) means its a done deal

    47. AngelusMortis on

      I’m with you, Chris. He’s totally soft. He did so well in Buffalo because they never played any defense, just run-and-gun offense. Expect his numbers to drop big time once he hits Broad Street.

    48. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      jeeeeeez….who the hell would sign with the worst team in the league….for 8 YEARS!!!!

      If its even true that is…apparently it is….I called that one a while back….And Smyth going to COL….I can care less…as long as NYI loses players and doesnt gain anything….Hopefully DP is gettin a few headaches…….Sorry…i get a little hasty on these days of july…..

    49. AngelusMortis on

      Nowhere, he’s just pulling our legs. Keep from wetting yourselves, people.

    50. lol. Briere has a no movement clause. Philly is stuck for 8 years no matter what

    51. If you scroll to the top Sam is reporting as follows:

      UPDATE, 3:59, p.m.: WFAN in New York is now reporting the Rangers have signed Scott Gomez. Still awaiting confirmation from the Rangers.

    52. Angel24
      i would say that to but spector usually doesnt post a signing unless its true

    53. TSN reports as follows:

      Brian Rafalski agrees to a five year, $30 million contract with the Detroit Red Wings.

      Calgary signs defenceman Cory Sarich to a five year, $18 million deal worth an average of $3.6 million per year.

    54. Matt, I trust Spector too, but if you actually read what he says other than the headline, he points to Kukla’s Korner as the source of his info…and if you go there they point to someone hearing it on WFAN. So, just a rumor so far.

    55. This is intense! I’m sittng here at work on a co-workers computer to find out what us going on!! I am about to pull my hair out!! lol

      All this talk of money got me thinking (especially when he name Nylander comes to mind..) What happened to wanting to win the Stanley Cup? Where that was the ultimate goal, rather than seeing how much money they can hold out for? It saddens me to see all this money bargaining… I would have liked to see the mindset of being on a good competative team for next June…

    56. imagination on

      SAM come down here…”UPDATE, 4:08 p.m.: WFAN now has no mention of Gomez, and the Rangers have not responded to request for confirmation. In other words, I have no idea what’s going on right now.”

    57. Latest rumors from Hockeybuzz aka Eklund

      4:16 Gomez to LA (e3). Drury to NYR, LA, Buffalo, or Avs

    58. I feel there is something in the air with Gomez, when TSN is reporting that he is very close to a deal….

      Let´s hope it is coming very soon…

      TSN seems to be the fastest source….

    59. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Errrrrrrr…..When i read that report…i read it to fast….so i thought Gomer was with LA and Drury WAS with NYR…..Damn me

    60. Philly is making some good signings but paying too much for them. It’s a good thing they have good young players, so they should be dangerous in the next couple years, especially with Biron between the pipes, but once they can’t pay their young guys anymore, if they don’t have any equal talent in the system, they will fall down again, as long as the cap stops rising.

    61. 4:19pm – The Devils appear to be interested in Sheldon Souray, now that Rafalski has signed with Detroit….. Washington is pursuing Michael Nylander.

    62. imagination on

      UPDATE, 4:21 p.m.: Just got off the phone with the WFAN newsroom and they said there was never a report on Gomez. I pride myself on not passing along baseless rumors, so apologies are in order. Also, this means that we may have to wait longer than we thought…

    63. Gomez expects quick decision
      Sunday, Jul 1, 2007 12:04 pm EDT

      New Jersey Devils forward Scott Gomez doesn’t want his free agent process to drag on, so he expects a quick resolution when it comes to bidding for his services.

      He says he hasn’t even thought about signing with the New York Rangers, a team rumored to be interested. First and foremost on his mind is playing for a winner in 2007-08 and beyond.

      Source: Star-Ledger

    64. Yanic Perreault agrees to terms with the Chicago Blackhawks on a one-year, $1.5 million contract.

    65. Oh man, Lou, I hope you know the way up in the new arena…:):):)

      If that is true with Gomez, we probably find out a new GM for the Devils….

      That was a really joke to sack the coach and then to go out in the second round and afterwards saying, it was in the best interests of the team….

    66. I do believe that when all is said and done we will have Gomez, Souray, and Nylander.

    67. Eklund… Hockeybuzz Rumor a few min ago

      4:46 Souray to Devils (e3), Rangers (e3), LA (e3)

    68. Lady Koalas that Sam is probably right, when he is saying that it takes some more dollars, ah probably more time to decide if Scotty Gomez wants to come to Broadway, Centre du Bell, to the oilmen or Hollywood…

      seems to be once in a while Sam is right :):):)


      Seriously though, Briere’s deal doesn’t surprise me one bit. And I’ll bet Gomer and Drury sign similar deals(long term). Frankly, Gomez is the only one that this team should bight at, and as I’ve said before, doubt it will happen. Who’d want to deal with irrate Devil fans egging your car for the next 5 years or so?

      Judging by the above flurry, it appears as though Ecklund has again prooved he doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. Who pays this guy anyway?

      Briere – anyone who thinks Philly will be in the cellar again next season should think again. They WILL be a force. I counted somthing like 18 former first-rounders on their roster, not including the kid they just picked up. They will be dangerous next season. In fact, the East is looking like a tough division.

      If this entire FA period goes by without a Ranger signing, I’ll be tickled…

    70. Yeah, is an absolute joke. Earlier in the day, they said Gomez was deciding between the Rangers and Flyers. Then they said he signed with the Rangers. Now they say he signed with the Kings.

      It’s all bogus. Until Sam or the Rangers announce something official, it’s all speculation to me.

      I do think the deal might be possible based on the fact that the Rangers didn’t deny it, and that it had to originate from SOMEWHERE.

    71. Yeah, is an absolute joke. Earlier in the day, they said Gomez was deciding between the Rangers and Flyers. Then they said he signed with the Rangers. Now they say he signed with the Kings.

      It’s all bogus. Until Sam or the Rangers announce something official, it’s all speculation to me.

      I do think the deal might be possible based on the fact that the Rangers didn’t deny it, and that it had to originate from SOMEWHERE.

    72. Philly will be better but they might have chemistry issues and while Biron is a good goalie, he’s not an A-level. They’ll contend for 5th-8th.

      NJD, Buf, and the Islanders prob won’t be as good, but Florida will be better.

    73. lol…see what I mean? They might as well just say:

      “Report: Gomez confirmed to sign with NHL team”

      I even saw one site saying that Gomez has already signed with a team but his agent didn’t want to say which team or something, haha.

    74. 5:14pm et
      The Boston Bruins have signed free-agent right winger Shawn Thornton to a multi-year contract.

    75. Why do you even read that site? I guess I just don’t see the entertainment value in reading false rumors.

    76. section 344 on

      I think Eklund has 2 hats pulls a free agent out of 1 hat then pulls a team out of another hat and makes up a rumour.

    77. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      So far this has been a boring day….I dont know why but i think Nylander is as good as gone…I say BUF signs him to fill Briere’s spot….Or WSH gets him

    78. ECKLUND – Yeah, all it’s good for is getting people’s hackles up. That’s why I get pissed whenever someone chimes in with his bogus nonesense like it’s chapter and verse. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Take Ecklund’s rumor and you’ll know ONLY one thing: what isn’t going to happen. In this case, if he says Gomez is close to a deal with the Isles, you can be assured his agent hasn’t fielded a phone call from Long Island.

      My bet: Gomez to Vancouver.

    79. Al morganti was ESPN NHL analyst, he is a major source for hockey news, and reports from philly.  As for the where part, on 610wip, it is on every update.  No link as he just calls into the station live for each signing.  to be noted as well, he reported that the flyers wanted gomez over briere, but went strong for briere b/c gomez had made it clear Ny was his choice. 

    80. ^ I just read that. Apparently, they’re finalizing the contract, IF it’s correct.

      I guess we’ll just wait and see.

    81. Gomez would be a GREAT signing for us. 13 goals for 6 mill?

      1. he is young
      2. he is talented
      3. cut him loose with an offensive system and he scores 30 goals and 70+ assists.

      I hope it is true. I hope he WANTS to be here.

      I hope we walk FAR away from Nylander. He was given a nice contract and a very nice raise and was set for the rest of his life…..yet, he wanted more. He didn’t put team first. See: Shanny, Prucha, etc.

      I will bet anyone that Nylander sans Jagr does not score more than 10 goals and someone is going to have a soon-to-be aging overpaid guy who has been traded an awful lot in his career, who put togethe two fine seasons alongside Jagr. My grandmother (who is a better defenseman than Malik) could put together a fine season playing with Jagr, as Jagr plays with two guys on his back.

      PS: Grammie has been worm food for over a decade, and yes, she would STILL outplay Malikenstein.

    82. “Al morganti out of philly is reporting, gomez to the rangers, but they are finalizing the contract.”

      Someone posted that on the ESPN boards…we’ll see if it turns out to be true.

    83. 5:41pm et
      Florida Panthers have signed forward Radek Dvorak to a two-year contract.

    84. UPDATE, 5:50 p.m.: Don’t head out to dinner yet. The Rangers still appear to be close to something. The assumption is with Scott Gomez, but that’s not coming from them.

      Thanks for the updates, Sam. You’re the only reliable source on the Internet, lol.

    85. 5:59pm et
      The Carolina Hurricanes agree to a two-year contract worth $800,000 per year with forward Jeff Hamilton.

    86. if this announcement is sheldon souray i’m going to be one pissed off ranger fan.

    87. Sweet…Weekes signs a 3 year 9m extension! jk. ;) The waiting is killing me!

    88. 6:03pm et
      The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed unrestricted free agent right winger Michel Ouellet to a two-year deal.

    89. Is it possible the Rangers have a deal with Nylander but don’t want to announce it so it won’t affect their chances with free agents, particularly Gomez who imagines himself a first line center and might balk if he knows he won’t be?

    90. I think Ouellet is pretty good. I still think Souray would be a good Ranger addition.

      Weekes is better than this blog gives him credit for. But he should move on…

    91. CHRIS: >>Is it possible the Rangers have a deal with Nylander but don’t want to announce it so it won’t affect their chances with free agents, particularly Gomez who imagines himself a first line center and might balk if he knows he won’t be?

    92. CHRIS:

      It would make more sense the other way around. There is a deal with Gomez but they don’t want to announce it until they sign Nylander. Once he sees Gomez getting a shitload of money he will want a lot more from Sather.

    93. I think we are finding out why this Ekland character blogs anonymously. He is an idiot and just makes stuff up. He is clueless and I think its funny that he has everyone wrapped around his finger and believing everything he says. Your bst bet is to wait it out and see. I know it is hard to wait but I guess we have to

    94. Rangers have traded Mara and Montoya to Phoenix for Jovo cop.

      They have Traded Prucha to Tampa for Center Brad Richards and signed Ryan Smyth.

    95. Eklund has Buffalo trying to sign Shanny, e3. I dont get his whole “e” system but Im thinking he is clueless

    96. Mara and Montoya for Jovo would be a terrible deal. Jovo has how many years left at how much per? It would ruin us.

    97. Montoya and Mara for Jovo would be a terrible deal, like Milbury terrible……

    98. He is also very injury prone…if we deal Montoya , which I think we all expect, I want a young D man back….

    99. Rob S:

      Interesting. There had just seemed to be a lot of smoke around Nylander having a deal with the Rangers set in the last week. Also, Nylander is going to realize his value based on what’s going on out in the market, not just from the Rangers-Gomez deal. But I guess we’ll see what happens. Hopefully something…and soon.

    100. GO NYR, the “e” system goes like this

      e1 to e4 – Eklund made it up
      e5 – It already happened and is on every media outlet

    101. I am starting to go cross eyed from hunting for info. Something has to come out soon.

    102. Is this new report based on what I hear Morganti said on WIP Philly? Said the Flyers wanted Gomez more but realized he was going to NY. That’s the most substantiated report having to do with this possibility that I have heard.

    103. Unfortunately, Eklund is actually just saying that he’s posting rumors — it’s us who are the idiots for acting as if he’s posting facts and being pissed that what is on there isn’t accurate.

    104. Got this off Dellapina’s blog:

      Can somebody remind me why the NHL shut down for a year?

      $3.5 million per for Tom Poti?

      $11.25 million for two years for Mathieu Schneider (whom Slats wouldn’t even talk to seven years ago)?

      $30 million for five years for Brian Rafalski?

      Somebody call Brian Leetch and offer him a few million to come out of retirement.

      As for the Rangers, they’ve all along been in the market for a center. And the center of their attention all day has been Scott Gomez. To replace Michael Nylander, not complement him.

      As of about 4 p.m., the Rangers were doing little negotiating with Nylander’s agent, Mike Gillis, because the numbers being thrown around were way above their sense of what he’s worth. Similarly, they never were hot for Daniel Briere, who signed an eight-year deal (no typo) with Philly for approximately $6.5 million per.

      Oddly, they haven’t been as dogged in their pursuit of Chris Drury.

      At any rate, it looks like there are at least three teams still in there pitching for Gomez. So this could take a while.

      * *
      On another note, just got off the phone with Brendan Shanahan. He said, having seen the numbers flying around, he’s rescinding his declaration that he only wants to play for the Rangers and instructing his agent to get his name out there.

      Relax, Rangers fans. He was only kidding.

      Of course, Rafalski also said he only wanted to return to the Devils. And Nylander has told anybody who asks — on two continents — that he wants to return to the Rangers.

    105. Chris-

      I would but that more if he didn’t brag about how his “phone was going crazy” with all of his contacts or charge people to go to his site and chat with him.

    106. He should post rumors that are substantiated somewhat, not every willy nilly comment he comes across.

    107. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      GO NYR

      Are you serious…orjust kiddin…..i doubt shanny would consider BUF

    108. the oilers have always been one of the main teams pushing for gomer…at least that is what I have been hearing (and worrying about) for some time…

    109. Gomez is not going to the Oilers. And I think Nylander will take less money to stay in NY.

    110. if he was he would have taken the deal sather had agreed to with his former agent no? what was it like 3.5 or 4 a year?….Nylander aint worth more than that

    111. flyers trading pitkanen for lupol and smith out of edmonton. frees up room and cap for gomez.

      i’ts over with, i think.

    112. Adam –

      Because no one wants to go to that tundra unless they are forced by a trade.

    113. I agree about hte oilers current state and gomers wanting o play on a winner….I just remember reading quite a bit that they would be pursuing him very hard,

    114. How does that Oilers/ Flyers trade necessarily mean they sign Gomez? And where are you even reading that rumor, anyway?

    115. Gomez knows that the Rangers have the potential to be a FORCE next year. I think Nylander knows this as well. The Capitals are CRAP even with the production that Ovechkin could have with Nylander. It would be a 1 line team. Gomez knows that the Oilers are CRAP. I think that both of them will be on the roster very soon.

    116. 6:34pm et
      The Atlanta Thrashers have signed forward Eric Perrin to a two year deal worth $1.5 million.

    117. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      If Gomez and Drury end up some where else….What will NYR do….????

    118. Nasty, I sure hope you are right. I agree with ya 100% tho I might prefer to see gomer and drury in the unis over nylander. But hey, I mainly dont wanna waste $$$ on souray…

    119. Nasty- I sure hope youre right. This process is very suspenseful. They definitely shouldnt have let Nylander get out on the market. In my opinion if Briere got that huge deal of 8 years at 52 mill. after cashing in on 95 points at age 30, Nylander should get no more than a 2 year deal at 9-10 mill just because he is a partial product of Jagr and their chemistry and the fact that he is going to be 35 this year. The most you go on Nylander is 3 years at 15 mill.



      Spector’s Note: My thanks to everyone who e-mailed me the Smyth news. It was originally reported by Adrian Dater of the Denver Post but the link didn’t work and I was concerned about posting this without further substantiation.

    121. I’d be fine with Gomez and Drury as well, and it looks like Staal is ready to make the big jump. But from listening to Renney talk he would always talk about a Big stay at home and responsible dman or a skilled puck moving dman. I just want to know something soon.

    122. Nylander should just reup at a discount to play with jagr til jags is done, then cash in elsewhere with a contract that covers his deflated production once jags is gone…

    123. yeah but souray is really just a human howitzer….he cant play in his own zone for sheet. And he is pretty brittle no? I love the guy on my fantasy team, but not as a ranger…

    124. I wonder if they start Hossa on the first line next year. When he was healthy and playing on that line he looked damn good.

    125. Let’s say that Oilers/ Flyers deal goes through – what does that have to do with the Oilers signing Gomez?

      I don’t know how this many sources could be reporting Gomez to the Rangers if it wasn’t going to happen. If it’s true, and you have someone on ESPN reporting it, I think it’s just a matter of time before it’s done.

    126. Someone on a message board said Linda Cohen reported the Rangers signed Gomez on Sportscenter. I’m having trouble believing it. Anyone watch it?

    127. I just think its funny that Eklund throws out a different team every 10 minutes for Gomez. Im pretty sure he should top as chances are that Gomez has already made up his mind and they are just taking some time to “dot the Ts and cross the Is”

    128. AngelusMortis on

      The Linda Cohn comment was sarcastic and obviously a joke about the baseless rumors that circulated today.

    129. Linda on sportscenter just said it again…

      ‘the rangers and the red sox…not to be confused with the rangers that signed scott gomez today’

    130. Guys, I can 100% confirm that I personally heard Linda Coehn on ESPN say that Gomez signed with the Rangers.

      They were just showing Red Sox/ Rangers highlights and she said “The Red Sox and Rangers…not to be confused with the Rangers who signed Scott Gomez today.”

      We’ll see what happens…I can’t see ESPN saying this on national television if it wasn’t confirmed by a reliable source.

    131. Same here….Just heard a report on SportsCenter that the NY Rangers signed S. Gomez ! Linda Cohn’s exact words were the Red Sox vs Texas Rangers not to be confused with the Rangers who signed Scott Gomez today !

    132. while there appears to be increased interest in Scott Gomez lately. The Rangers have made an offer for him, but it now looks like he has received a similar deal from another club that he is considering. Whispers also suggest the Devils may have pitched another offer his way, as well.
      The 4th period-

    133. From Dellapina’s blog:
      Scott Gomez is about to attempt to succeed where Bobby Holik, Bruce Driver and John MacLean could not — going from the Devils to the Rangers.

      The 27-year-old playmaking center is finalizing a deal with the Rangers that will pay him in excess of $7 million per season for seven years.

      The Rangers have yet to confirm the deal. But Glen Sather and Co. have spent the day focused upon signing Gomez. And now that they have, it appears that Michael Nylander’s highly productive days as a Ranger have come to an end — perhaps with him landing in Gomez’ place as the Devils’ top-line center or back in Washington playing pivot for Alexander Ovechkin.

    134. dellapina blog:

      Scott Gomez is about to attempt to succeed where Bobby Holik, Bruce Driver and John MacLean could not — going from the Devils to the Rangers.

      The 27-year-old playmaking center is finalizing a deal with the Rangers that will pay him in excess of $7 million per season for seven years.

      The Rangers have yet to confirm the deal. But Glen Sather and Co. have spent the day focused upon signing Gomez. And now that they have, it appears that Michael Nylander’s highly productive days as a Ranger have come to an end — perhaps with him landing in Gomez’ place as the Devils’ top-line center or back in Washington playing pivot for Alexander Ovechkin.

    135. AngelusMortis on

      Guys…did you not hear Linda Cohn LAUGH after she said the Scott Gomez thing? She was obviously being sarcastic. You all are making mountains out of mole hills. Believe it when you see it on here, TSN, or the Rangers website.

    136. imagination on

      Sam did you go to dinner, I hope it was with Dellapina so he can tell you his news;-)

    137. I just got excited by the mere mention of Scott Gomez during a Linda Cohn-hosted SportsCenter since she is a big Rangers fan; I missed her earlier comment though. It’s looking good for Gomez and the NYR!

    138. Guys and Gals, don’t be surprised if Nylander signs with us as well. If the big reason to get Gomez was to play center for Shanny, the last time I checked, Shanny plays on the second line.

    139. AngelusMortis on

      If we’re going to pay Gomez the reported 7 million a year, our cap space would be pretty limited for Nylander and everyone else.

    140. Just taking him away from the Devils is worth something in itself…
      The Devils are now without Rafalski and Gomez…huge hit.

    141. Wow…$7 million…well, hopefully there ain’t a no-trade clause. Otherwise, I’ll happily take Gomer. He fills plenty of holes on this team.


      Chico is going to have a stroke.

      7 for 7 fabulous, I’ll take it.

      Welcome to NY SCOTTIE!!!!

    143. AngelusMortis on

      We’ve committed about $27 million so far, with people like Lundqvist, Avery, Prucha, Hossa, Shanahan, etc. to sign. Nylander will want a big pay day, and if we truly do have Gomez that may not happen.

    144. you betcha stf, dk is to be paid 3.34 million. he has been working out at chelsea piers, getting in shape. he wants to make the team and play in the nhl.

    145. This is where the cheaper guys like Callahan and Dawes come into play to compliment Gomez etc.

    146. Well, you can subtract about $3 million off of that for Kaspar…which leaves us with $26.5 or so, then take off 7 for Gomez and we’re at 19.5. $3 for Shanny (with non-cap incentives for another $1), $5 for Hank, $2.5 for Avery and we’ve still got 9.5 left to sign Prucha, Hossa and Nylander. If Nylander will take $5 mill I’d probably do it.

    147. If we sign gomez and not nylander it still leaves the team a center short. it is really only good news that we have gomez if we can keep nylander.

    148. AngelusMortis on

      UPDATE, 7 p.m.: Looks like Scott Gomez is a Ranger. Still no official confirmation, but two reliable reports say it’s a done deal. More later…

    149. If they havent bought out kasper, they will and then he will only be a 500,000 hit to the cap for the next two years

    150. no, its good news that we locked up a premier offensive talent for what could arguably be his most productive years no matter if we resign nylander or not…gomer will be younger than nylander is now when this contract ends

    151. I think this is great news! He is going to really shine in New York…no more restrictive jersey defense, no more merry-go-round Lou nonsense with coaches….he was clearly unhappy with Jersey…..

      My prediction: 30+ goals, 70+ assists…..

      he could have gotten more elsewhere but WANTED NEW YORK! Go for Drury!! bylander!! go to the Islanders!

    152. And we all know and have seen what Gomez has done to us at MSG in years past. I am pretty excited about this.


      With approximately $24 million committed to players under contract for next season, the Rangers need to set aside $12 million-$15 million more to re-sign restricted free agents Henrik Lundqvist, Sean Avery, Petr Prucha and Marcel Hossa and unrestricted free agent Brendan Shanahan, who won’t entertain offers from other teams.

      Barring any payroll-reducing moves such as a trade of defenseman Marek Malik, that leaves the Rangers with approximately $12 million-$13 million to spend on free agents under the $50.3 million salary cap, up $6.3 million from a year ago.

      The re-signing of free agent center Michael Nylander is crucial. If Nylander returns to the fold at between $4 million and $5 million, the Rangers could take a run at either Drury or Gomez. If they can’t bring Nylander back, they might be left a center short since it is difficult to imagine them signing Drury and Gomez.

      There are myriad fallback positions. Signing a veteran such as Robert Lang to a lower-priced, short-term deal is a possibility. So is waiting for Peter Forsberg to determine whether his long-injured foot is up for another season. As a last resort, Avery or Martin Straka could be moved back into the middle – but that’s the kind of roster juggling that is done by a team with holes.

    154. i am just worried that Jagr is going to be upset if we do not get Nylander back.
      An unhappy Jagr is not good.

    155. For all those who kill Eklund, the Pitkanin Lopol deal he first reported just went down.

    156. wow, nice deal he got for himself…$538,000 per goal based on last season’s stats. :(

    157. he is not coming here as a savior, like holik….he is an excellent piece to a really fine puzzle.

      he will be YOUNGER when this contract expires, than Nylander is right now! Great move!!

      let’s get drury and call it a day!

    158. We still have Straka to center that first line. So it is not that bad. Jagr wants to win. Bye Michal your an idiot for not staying.

    159. Mike D,

      Gomez played in an incredibly dysfunctional place….all defense for Marty, but no offense. The Lou take over thing, the bashing of players who take less to stay there at arbitration….the devils good run is over.

      30+ goals
      70+ assists this year…..

      great signing!

    160. One thing, I dont want anyone to get me wrong. I love how nylander plays with jags and would love to have him back, so we could put together the GAS line (gomer avery shanny) but I would be very wary of giving him more than 4 million a year. I am sure jagr knows that there is a good possibilty Nylander wont be back. I have more confidence in Gomez being successful in NY for whatever the motivation, than Nylander mainting his pace of the past two years unless he lands in Wash. with Ovie. And I really dont believe that he is doing it just for the money. He was getting those number from whom ever he signed with. The fact is that the Rangers are on the cusp of being a very special team, and are built in a way to be as such for a while. I believe that weighed heavily in gomers decision.

    161. Nylander: his greed will come back to bite him as we run for the Cup and he struggles to score 8 goals. He had a good thing going with Jagr, but Gomez is an incredible improvement over Nylander.

      We’ve got some kids that HAVE to play.
      We’ve got to get rid of Malik.
      Another signing perhaps.
      Shanny the Tranny, Jags, along with Avery, Callahan, Staal, etc.

      We have a legitimate shot at the Cup.

      New Jersey, which had over 3,500 EMPTY seats at a PLAYOFF game is in real trouble. They appear to be ready to sink in the swamp.

    162. Rafalski to Detroit along with Gomez going bye bye, they are going to be hurting….

      nylander is he is smart stays with the rangers at a fair price…

      the thing gomez does really well is on the PP, he gets in the zone on his own rush…..

    163. Straka actually plays very well at center, he was largely one of the few guys that could consistently gain the O Zone on the rush. Straka Hossa Jags doesnt seem all that bad

    164. Seamus, I really hope you’re right about Gomez. It’s a big gamble to lock up so much cash on a guy…especially when he’s projected to do better than he has. Most of the time these kinds of deals don’t work out.

    165. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Sweeeet….Now i can eat and be happy…Maybe ill go to Mickey D’s…

      Anyway…Now that we got him….And i just seen ESPN 2 say so…..Is there any possibilty that NYR would try and get Drury…Smyth..Lang..Souray…Or possibly trade for Redden???

      Do you all think NYR is done for the day????

    166. btw we were at roughly 27 against the cap going into this i believe accordingto …i could be wrong

    167. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

      Maybe Gomez knows some secrets about Broduer….He can be our trump card in those 8 games…..And dont forget how good he was in the playoffs this year….The best on the team….

    168. AngelusMortis on

      That’s saying we got Gomez AND Drury. If so…wow…Slats must’ve put something in the water.

    169. I will believe Drury when I see it.. if the ysign both they are going to be a hell of a team…

    170. Shanny has to be resigned after the Gomez signing and i can defintely see Robert Lang centering Jagr next year if Nylander decides to take his money and run.

    171. Nylander fired his agent for agreeing to a deal that was under three million dollars a year. For a number one center in the National Hockey League, this is pretty much an insult. According to what his numbers, age, and the price of a high level center, he deserves four to five million. His agent thought he was worth half as much. This wasn’t greed. I hope the rangers can get a deal done with him, because if they can’t, while Gomez is a great addition, the team still needs another high level center. If they miss picking up one, stock up on Asprin once the season starts.

    172. In Gomez, we are getting a player with incredible hockey sense, skating skills, puck handling, and shooting ability.

      He’s also one of those players who can skate the puck up end to end.

      In addition, after practicing with Brodeur all those years, he probably knows how to beat him :)

    173. Ummm actually it was a 3 year trade for 11.25 mill. thats 3.75 a year….which is about what he is worth…maybe kick it up to 11.75

    174. Ummm actually it was a 3 year deal for 11.25 mill. thats 3.75 a year….which is about what he is worth…maybe kick it up to 11.75

    175. AngelusMortis on

      I find it hard to believe we inked two of the biggest free agents. I want to see a second source on the Drury signing.

    176. 7:32pm et
      The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed winger Jason Blake to a four-year deal worth $20 million.

    177. The Edmonton Oilers have dealt defencemen Jason Smith and forward Joffrey Lupul to the Philadelpia Flyers for defenceman Joni Pitkanen, forward Geoff Sanderson and a third-round draft pick in 2009. The 23-year old Lupul was a key piece in the Chris Pronger trade last season, but never really found his place on the Oilers, only scoring 16 goals – which was considerable less than the 28 he scored with the Ducks in 2005-06.

    178. Yes, yes, we know that sportsnet says we got Drury too.

      Too bad it’s the only one even mentioning that yet. Not even Eklund is at this time.

    179. Amen Yalzin, lets see that corroborated before we all go bonkers….and what would drurys price be?

    180. AngelusMortis on

      7:47pm et
      The New York Rangers have signed forward Chris Drury.

      7:34pm et
      The New York Rangers have signed forward Scott Gomez to a seven-year deal worth $51.5 million.

      From TSN.

    181. Probably something at the point we would be waving to Nylander as he leaves (Which I would rather he stayed)

      Now if we would just get Avery and Lundqvist (at a minimum) finished, I would be content.

    182. Having just about nailed down the playmaker to pivot their top line, the Rangers are attempting to land the bomber from the point that could make their power play lethal.

      As of 7:30 p.m., the Rangers were one of a handful of teams still in the hunt for Sheldon Souray, the 30-year-old defenseman who is coming off a career year with the Montreal Canadiens. Primarily by blasting away from the point, Souray scored 26 goals with 35 assists.

      His 19 power play goals set a record for NHL defensemen.

    183. ESPN news just reported that Drury has signed with the Rangers along with tsn.

      HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bye Nylander, we hardly knew ya

    184. Hold off on that trip to Cosby’s for your new Rangers “Gomez” shirt.

      Because you might want to buy on that reads “Drury.” Or spring for both.

      In what seemed fiscally impossible, the Rangers have pulled off a dynamic free agent double. They’ve agreed to terms with both Scott Gomez AND Chris Drury.

      Gomez, 27, gets a seven-year deal worth in excess of $7 million per. Drury, who turns 31 in August, gets a five-year deal for about the same annual salary.

      Michael Nylander, who played a dangerous game of chicken with the Rangers, gets to find another team to play for.

      And you can disregard the last post about Sheldon Souray. There is no money left for him.

    185. Isn’t it going to be hard enough to fit Drury and Gomez without adding Souray? Seriously, how much room do we have?

    186. 5 year 35.25m deal for drury. So that’s about 14.5m per year for the pair. wow.

    187. 7:59pm et
      The Washington Capitals have signed forward Viktor Kozlov to a two-year deal worth $5 million.

    188. Unbelievable. I actually was afraid that Slats would drop the ball today…but he made the biggest splash of the day. We now have, perhaps, the best 1-2 punch up the middle in the conference, if not the league.

      Amazing. Nylander lost his gamble big time…whoever signs him to the money he’s looking for will regret it big time. Nylander put up his numbers because of Jagr…period. End of sentence. He took way too many nights off this season and is not gonna get better at his age.

      Moment of silence for the Devils and the Sabres. In one day both teams have been crippled by losing their best players.

      Curious how the rest of this is gonna work out for the Rangers…but right now you’ve gotta put them down as a Cup contender and a favorite in the East.

      If only we could get rid of Malik….lol

    189. I wouldn’t play around with Lundqvist…however if it comes down to Cap room I wouldn’t be surprised if either Shanny or Avery is playing elsewhere next season.

    190. Shanny is gonna be a ranger or retired….Lundy will be resigned…Avery I am a bit concerned about because we really want him here, but he seems the most likely to jet. I have to assume that a trade is on the horizon…I would love it to be Malik…I go nuts every time he deflects a freakin goal into the net….He looks like an oversized Draco Malfoy…

    191. Kasperitis really needs to be off our payroll. I like him, but he is not worth the 3mil cap hit.

      Montoya won’t be long for NY (though how many times have we said he would be gone, and yet, here he is…still)

    192. If Kaspar is on the Wolfpack he doesn’t count against the cap, right? So that shouldn’t be a problem.

    193. Exactly, anyone that is assigned to the minors still gets paid their NHL salary but there is no cap hit. If kapser gets bought out then he hits the cap for 500 gs this season and next.

      Wondering if montoya will be on the move with a stipulation that the trading team also has to take on a player with salary…like Malik….or something

    194. i would like to keep mara if possible…he is a good offensive dman, last year not withstanding and I think if he were handed the reins of running a PP unit he would run with it. I feel like his game staginated in boston last year

    195. As I am a baseball lover, I try to watch games whenever I have time. But, for me, and without doubt for thousands of other fans all over the world, I love the Texas Rangers and I do my best to attend their games though we notice that Rangers tickets got a little pricy and hard to be found especially when we talk about some hot games. The Texas Rangers tickets are a little pricy but this should not prevent us from fallowing our favourite team and support it, and this is what means to be a good fan.

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