Gomez and Drury are both Rangers


*UPDATE, 8:54 p.m.: Just got off the phone. Glen Sather admitted he didn’t think he was going to be able to land both, but that it worked out in his favor. The team has also already extended an offer to Henrik Lundqvist about a new deal, but Sather also suggested this could change things slightly. And they expect Brendan Shanahan back. More later…*

The Rangers have confirmed they have signed both Scott Gomez AND Chris Drury.

Gomez’s deal is believed to be seven years in excess of $7 million-per. No word on the Drury terms.

The Rangers just sent out a release on both player signings, and a conference call is scheduled foir 8:15 p.m.

Naturally, this means Michael Nylander’s tenure in New York is over.

I’ll update this post as I have new information…

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  1. YESSSSS!!!!!!



  2. Sportsnet.ca has learned that the New York Rangers have signed free agent rival Scott Gomez to a seven-year deal worth over $50 million, as well as Chris Drury

  3. OH MY GOD!!


    Amazing…absolutely amazing. This actually takes away all the depression the Yankees have caused me in the past 2 weeks.

    I have new jerseys to buy! :D

  4. Adam — Naturally Gomez assumes Nylander’s role as Jagr’s C.

    Drury moves down to the 2nd line to play with Shanny and either Prucha or Callahan or someone else. Maybe even Straka.

  5. Holy smokes, I had to make sure my calendar didn’t say December 25th! Nice work, Slats!

  6. What kinda cap room does that leave us with if we sign both? Guess we need to see what Drury contract is for.

  7. Michael Muro on

    It is high, it is far, it is…….GONE! Belly to belly and back to back!!!

  8. its to the point now where i am just waiting for sam to say that is just a joke, theres no way

  9. Great on all fronts but let’s not hand the Rangers the Stanley Cup yet. a lot of work has to be done and the chemistry has to be right.


    ???? That leaves Hollweg, Orr, and Dawes as the other three guys.

    This also means that rather than sign a UFA d-man, Staal or Sauer will be brought up due to $$$$

  10. This is absolutely awesome news. Gomez, Drury and Cullen down the middle? =)

  11. Souray would just be the icing, but I don’t see how Dellapina thinks it’s possible.

    Did he write this before he knew about Drury signing?

  12. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Where’s the confirmation…I dont hear about Drury any where…someone tell me this isnt a ojoke….

  13. Sam – thanks for the outstanding coverage today

    great job by Sather… don’t say that too often, now let’s get Shanahan signed and maybe find a tough dman

  14. now couldnt they have gotten the same done by signing nylander & just one of the gomez/drury for most likely a lot less money? and they would know that nylander & jagr work well together.

  15. hahah its so funny read some of the messaged boards on hockeybuzz everyone is so pissed at us

  16. wow.. Nylander should be bumming…NY is a great place to win in.. Drury is a great player… So well rounded, tough, he is awesome..

    Gomez is a great skater, needs to shoot more but a hell of a player and he is 27 yrs old………

  17. Well I for one couldn’t be more miserable. We let out number one center go and sign two number two centers. Drury would have been great alone, but to waste seven mil over seven for Gomez who scored all of 60 points last year may be one of the worse deals we have ever made. Especially as Jagr hasn’t clicked with any north american players since he left Mario’s side …

  18. Hold off on that trip to Cosby’s for your new Rangers “Gomez” shirt.

    Because you might want to buy on that reads “Drury.” Or spring for both.

    In what seemed fiscally impossible, the Rangers have pulled off a dynamic free agent double. They’ve agreed to terms with both Scott Gomez AND Chris Drury.

    Gomez, 27, gets a seven-year deal worth in excess of $7 million per. Drury, who turns 31 in August, gets a five-year deal for about the same annual salary.

    Michael Nylander, who played a dangerous game of chicken with the Rangers, gets to find another team to play for.

    And you can disregard the last post about Sheldon Souray. There is no money left for him.

  19. The New York Rangers have signed forward Chris Drury to a five-year deal worth $35.25 million.


  21. Seth (Rochester) on

    Just heard the great news on ESPN News. Can’t wait to see all my Sabre Fan Coworkers tomorrow.

  22. where is that puking POS Ivana the Pork Anus. Nice job Slats! Mine as well go for it now that Iggy and Thornton are extended.

  23. gomez scored 60 points on the Devils…He can score 80 or so with the Rangers, he is good defensivey, and can get the puck in the zone on the PP..

    He can play and Drury has all the intangables including being a great faceoff guy…

    they need nothing else.. Bring up Staal and allow some of the young guys some time…

    they are in good shape for yrs. to come, they are young, and hartford has tons of prospects………

  24. 7:59pm et
    The Washington Capitals have signed forward Viktor Kozlov to a two-year deal worth $5 million.

  25. Bryan, he played alongside Patrik Elias, I don’t think you can get a bigger offensive talent and he is physically soft. Just what we need …

  26. Sam, Thanks for yet another day of excellent coverage. With all the BS rumors, rumor denials, etc floating around today, I knew I could trust this blog. This is incredible news. LET’S GO RANGERS!!! – NOW LET’S RE-SIGN SHANNY AND GET READY FOR TRAINING CAMP.

  27. As an aside, the guy who runs ticket sales for the Devils can’t be looking forward to work on Monday morning.

  28. Scott: Are you serious? Elias was AWFUL last year.

    The year Elias wasn’t playing with him, Gomez scored 33 goals and had 84 points. That was with Elias gone for half a year!!

    Gomez puts up 100 points with the Rangers. Take it to the bank.

  29. Elias was hurt a bunch last yr. GOmez soft, no way.. Maybe a jerk but he can play……

    he is not Nedved, he can play…………….

  30. The Isles seem deflated. They lost Blake, Kozlov, Yashin, and are on the verge of losing Smyth-

  31. Wow Drury and Gomez – well done. I guess Uncle Larry actually called this one. We don’t need Souray as we can fill the defensive spot in house. It’s Christmas in July.

  32. Scott,

    Is Jagr not a bigger offensive talent ? I think so ! And is he any softer then Nylander ? Not to mention he plays and kills PP. One 60pt year doesn’t mean anything. Jagr had an off year so should we dump him.

    Not to mention the system in which he played which is not conducive to goal scoring.

  33. Best UFA Centers in the World: Briere > Gomez > Drury > Nylander.
    Best Cities in the World New York > All of them! Obviously, if we had not gotten Drury, we would have resigned Nylander in five minutes for exactly what he was worth, five million or so. The rangers spent last year in 3 center purgatory, and that problem is solved. The defense is solid and has proven itself over two seasons as being highly respectable (if infuriating at times). Solid up front, solid on the back end, and solid in goal. I give you the New York Rangers!

  34. TSN.ca Staff

    7/1/2007 7:51:53 PM

    The New York Rangers have made a major impact in the free agent market, signing forwards Scott Gomez and Chris Drury.

    Gomez signed a seven year, $51.5 million contract, while Drury inked a five-year, $35.25 million contract.

    Gomez appeared in 72 games for the New Jersey Devils in 2006-07 recording 13 goals, 60 points and 42 penalty minutes.

    The Alaska native was drafted by the Devils in the first round, 27th overall, in the 1998 entry draft. He went on to win the Calder Trophy, as the league’s best rookie, recording 19 goals and 51 assists in 82 games.

    The five-foot-eleven, 200-pound centre won two Stanley Cups with the Devils (2000 and 2003). The 27-year-old has played in 548 regular-season games scoring 116 goals and 450 points in his seven-year career with the Devils.

    In international play he has represented the United States at the 2004 World Cup and two World Junior Championships (1998 and 1999).

    Drury, 30, is coming off a strong season in which he registered career-highs in goals (37), including nine game-winners, and points (69). Of his eight playoff goals, three were game-winners, giving him 15 for his career.

    The seven-year NHL veteran has scored 193 goals and 464 points in 628 career games.

    Details to follow.


  35. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    NYR got it great today…WE GOT DRURY ANNNNDD GOMEZ….wooooo

    NYI lost Blake to the leafs …and are gonna lose Smyth to the Oilers probably….and no Yashin…

    NJD will likely sign Souray….in fact im waiting for the news right now….But they lose Rafalski AND Gomer…

    Im so happy right now…i can wizz my pants…

    Jeez its gonna be tough to choose between a Drury…Staal…or Giardi jersey…


  37. now just no more concussions for Drury.

    tickets for individual games will be hard to come by except at NJ and on LI for our “road games”

  38. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Does anyone think NYR will sign another Free Agent….Not a big one but a small one….you know….

    Also having Drury…Gomez..Shanny..Jagr on the PP is pretty wow…

  39. AngelusMortis on

    Maybe we can have two power play lines again this season. Wouldn’t that be nice? Just put Rozsival on the line without Jagr and he’ll actually be effective.


  41. Sam is there a con call right now with Sather?

    Give us the details, please.




  44. Biggest losers in all this are Elias and that siv DiPietro. They are locked into rebuilds for the long term. This is a very good day.

  45. HOLY !@#$%^&!

    Okay, I don’t want to read any negative postings about Slats.

    Until tomorrow.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. From what I can find out it looks like the Rangers have something like 10 mill left for next year to sign the RFAs. And Gomez has a deal that starts out bigger…so if Sather is smart he can get the RFAs signed…maybe a trade or two is made and kids fill a hole or two…still time before the season to worry about moveing a mill or two if needed.

  47. Is Messier GM yet? ;-) Way to do it Sather. Don’t stop now, finish the job.

  48. That $27M figure cited does not include restricted free agents Henrik Lundqvist (likely to come in around $5M per); Sean Avery (anywhere from $1.75-$2.5M after receiving a $1.1M qualifier); Marcel Hossa ($660,000 qualifier); and Petr Prucha ($610,000 qualifier). Nor does it count impending Brendan Shanahan, who played for a $4M base last year but is likely to agree to less in addition to hard cap-exempt bonuses. Minus what Drury and Gomez got it still looks to be doable.

  49. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Rangers are the softest team in NHL with centers like Cullen, Drury, Gomez and Betts, what a joke.


  51. 8:21pm et
    The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed G Dany Sabourin to a two-year deal worth $1.025 million.

    8:22pm et
    The Colorado Avalanche have signed D Scott Hannan to a four-year deal worth $18 million.

  52. This means 1) obviously Nylander is done and 2) obviously this is Jagr’s last year and they’re going for broke this year I believe.

    Haven’t heard Drury rumors but Gomez is 8 years 50 mill (6.25 a year) and that is VERY reasonable for a 27 year old.

    Let’s just hope he gets more than 13 goals this year!


  54. 8:36pm et
    The New York Islanders have signed winger Jon Sim to a three-year deal.

  55. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

    This is absolutely incredible!!!!!

    Now, we still have 13 mil left, right? we had 27 to spend, there’s 14.

    Shanny – 5
    Lundy – 5
    Prucha – 2
    Avery – 2




  57. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Gomez can’t even score 15 goals in ECHL, while Drury is the most overrated player in NHL, he is not even close to an elite player, he is a 55 point a season player. Enjoy it, losers.


  59. Oh thats right, Shanny will sign a 1mil deal with incentives that aren’t counted against the cap, which gives us more room…

  60. Seth- Prucha won’t get 2, and shanny will prob take less than 5, so were are prob even better off than your numbers.


  62. Thanks God!!! Ivana just lost all interest in this team!!! Great news, even greater than signing Drury & Gomez. I’m so excited about new season! Good job, Sather! Good job, SAM!!!

  63. Your the loser Ivana, your Islander could get shut-out by the stamford sharks team, and they’re little kids.


  65. This team has a very strong chance at winning the it all this year. I dont think we will have any issue signing our free agents cap-wise. Im sure they are all willing to take cuts in pay to play on this team.

    Check out these lines

    Hollweg-Betts-Hossa or Orr

  66. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Rangers fans seriously are the most pathetic, because they think themselves the most knowledgeable, but really are some of the most clueless.

  67. Don’t even worry about who will mesh with Jagr. This will probably be his last year here… and Drury and Gomez will be here for a few more years than that. Obviously Slats was looking more in the future. Now we just need the give Hank the $$$ he deserves. As well as Shanny and BrAvery.

  68. ivana is that why so many teams were after them? You must be smarter than those GMs. Go root for another team or sport.

  69. islanders have made another huge signing brendan witt 34 years 2 mill per stay tuned

  70. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I see all the tards and fags here are giddy with joy, fucking clueless turds.

  71. Wow Ivana …You really are a tool-

    I’m sure he thought that “you” was spelled “u”

    Get lost!

  72. This team is no longer a one line team. it is a 4 line team.

    1st line- Offense
    2nd line- mix of Offense and grit
    3rd line- Well rounded capable of scoring and playing defense
    4th line- checking line

  73. Hey Sam,
    Great job today, know its tough with kids on a Sunday to do this sort of thing. Clean this place up though.

  74. the bad news is that now the Rangers will be featured on most of the Versus monday night games, and we will have to watch their crappy coverage if you can get the channel at all.

  75. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    So I guess Maloney really was the only link of sanity that was present with this pathetic joke of an organization.

  76. i swear hockey is the best. xmas in july this is the best site to talk pucks with my fellow diehards

  77. DanTheRangerFan on

    hahaha Ivana go jump off a bridge with your other fishstick friends….nice pickups///now we just have to dump malik, and figure out what we wanna do for backup goalie.

  78. I am beyond disgusted.I can’t even think of the words to say how pissed i am right now. Wasn’t stupid contracts like these what the lockout was suppose to stop? This shows you how much that worked. Now just which one of these will come back to bite the Rangers in the ass first? Not to mention i can’t stand either of these guys. Scott Gomez is so full of himself its pathetic and has anyone ever seen Chris Drury smile? How will they fit in the lockeroom? I think we found out last year how important that is. This just adds one more to my ever growing list of reasons to stop watching hockey. This is just a terrible mistake neither of them is worth that much money. Because i love the Rangers i hope i’m wrong. Now what about Henrik,Sean Avery,and Petr Prucha? Is there any money left to sign them?

  79. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I bet you morons are thinking they will win the Cup with these bunch of small soft players. The entire NHL will laugh as this team falls on its face.

  80. the rangers have made 3 amazing pickups we are always getting the older bruce driver, bill guerin types avery last year then the big guys today says something about our organization a real change has happened dont forget we are still going to trade montoya we could package some salary if a team really wants him

  81. Barbara, read up a couple of posts. We already covered this. CALM DOWN. Understand how much Drury and Gomez can help is get the cup. Barbara are you Ivana?

  82. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    wes, must be one of those bandwagon fans who gets a hardon every time he sees an overpaid “superstar” It is really hilarious what is being passed on as superstars these days.

  83. wes – yes we want the NYI to be bad but not 1st in draft bad. that would be too helpful to them down the road. more like 7th worst would be fine by me.

  84. barbara calm down we will be fine read the other postings about shanny we will be fine there are not going to be any marquee players as ufas next year thorton resigned, iginla close to extension as well and this is probably jagrs last year these are building blocks

  85. I don’t think this means Jagr is done. He’ll enjoy the load shift that will come with the Rangers having more talent and more players that have to be targeted, leaving him with more freedom. Let’s not forget Nylander wasn’t Czech. Obviously JJ’s loyalty was to the team, and I do think what he enjoys the most, and what will keep him here for more than just next year, is is winning. If these guys help the Rangers win, JJ won’t pout or leave.

  86. good point joe they can battle it out with the devils for the 6th and 7th pick what are the isles doing i almost feel bad for them they have lost the entre team no one is going to sign there

  87. TO SAM: Can someone please IP ban Ivana? People like her really, really make this “forum” a shitty place because of how they troll it and all. I’m sure there is a way to IP ban that idiot.

  88. I understand exactly where Barbara is coming from and her concerns should be in the back of the minds of every Rangers fan.
    While the 2 pick-ups can be HUGE for us, we still took a huge chance today; with a possible massive payout.

    If either of these guys get hurt, (Drury had a concussion last year) then we are out 7+ million in salary cap.

    As our prospects get older and better, THEY will command more money as well.
    The concern is that we have a 2-3 year window to win the cup before we have to have a massive fire sale.


  89. Sam, what do you mean about this statement, “The team has also already extended an offer to Henrik Lundqvist about a new deal, but Sather also suggested this could change things slightly.”

    I like the signing of Drury and Gomez, but NOT at the expense of Lundqvist.

  90. Yes they are big contracts but to get the best u have to spend the most sometimes. That said, Gomez is truly a gifted playmaker who plays both ways, wins faceoffs (led devils in faceoff %), and will be a great asset to either Jagr or Shanny (depending on line combos). Drury is one of the most clutch players in the league, just look at Game 5 last year (that hurt just to type). Drury is a 30 goal scorer who can also play physically and will be great in front of the net on the PP. Sather deserves all the credit in the world for trying to put the best team possible on the ice while Jagr’s still around

  91. jagr saved this franchise at the deadline when we traded everyone he put us on his back for an entire year gotta love jags

  92. yea Drury is soft. If you think Drury is soft the nScott Stevenes was soft…

    Drury and Gomez are very good well rounded players.. Did they get overpaid? Of course…So what..Gomez is 27.. Jagr is up after this coming yr.. and malik and straka… they are moving in the irght directions. will they win the cup? who knows, they have a shot. they should be better then this yr. and be competitive in the playoffs. At this moment the east looks weaker; buffalo should be down, Ottawachas done nothing yet, Islanders are down..Philly improved but they were awful last yr..NJ on paper should be down….

    The west is the power.. Niedermayer is retiring!!!He was one hell of a player and a honorable guy. He walked away from million, very impressive………

  93. we neede someone to win a big faceoff besides betts, no one is talking about briere mr softy who got more than either of these players

  94. “The team has also already extended an offer to Henrik Lundqvist about a new deal, but Sather also suggested this could change things slightly.”

    What exactly does this mean?

  95. everyone who is signing today was overpaid what about rafalski he will be making 6 mill at age forty u gotta do what u gotta do to ensure u get what u need would u rather have had nylander and lang for 5 mill less than what we have these guys are in the prime of their careers

  96. It’s not possible to not sign Henrik. Don’t worry about it. I vote to ban Ivana’s ip as well.

  97. I for one am not THAT happy with these deals.

    I would rather have had Nylander back for two more seasons and then either Drury or Gomez as the 2nd line pivot.

    I liked Nylander and wanted him on the team, and am curious why stogiepuss (Sather), I got that name from someone on one of these boards, not my original, couldn’t or wouldn’t come to terms with him.

    It’s going to take me a while to get used to Gomez, since he’s a hated Devil, Drury I am happy we got.

    I would rather have gotten Souray and either Drury/Gomez, but I understand when it comes to the UFA market it’s a bit tougher to get deals done not knowing who else is in the bidding.

    I look at it this way.. Nylander got his offers from the Rangers and decided to turn them down and he got passed on by. Either he is indifferent about who he plays for or he made a major miscalculation and got burned and you can’t expect the Rangers to just sit back and allow the UFA’s to get gobbled up.

    Gomez can bring the puck up the ice with the best of em and he can dish the puck, whereas Drury plays a good two-way game. All I know if the Rangers have two centers locked up for a while and Dubinsky can fill-in after Cullen’s deal is through or he moves to wing.

  98. Like MJA_NYR, I’d like a little clarity on this “slightly” changing the Lundqvist situation statement. I’ve got steam coming out of my ears. Decent centers at the expense of a superstar goalie? Big mistake.

  99. wes makes a great point…would you rather have a 34 yr old nylander for 3 more years or a 27 year old gomez for the next 7 during the prime of his career for only $2 million more?

  100. Isn’t it fun watching Ivana Kachanatsov get anrgy? Drury and Gomez are both cup winners. Both guys are winners. There is no downside to signing them.

  101. gomez is the puck mover we craved we almost beat buffalo without him we were sorely lacking this and we will have 2 guys in drury and shanny in front these are great signings

  102. All that means is that they will have to rework the numbers and either extend the years or backload the deal or something.

    You don’t seriously think Sather would do all of this work to get both centers and then loose Henrik do you ? He may at times do things that appear foolish but he hasn’t reached senility yet !

  103. f-champs,

    There is a huge downside (potentially several):

    -Again little to no playing time for young talent (Prucha, Dawes, Cally, Dubi, etc) And this could have a lasting affect with 5 and 7 year contracts

    -Less cap room to sign Shanny who is heart and soul
    -Less cap room to sign Avery who was the missing piece of the puzzle
    -Less cap room to lock up Lundqvist for several years

  104. vogs, I bet Nylander didn’t want a 2 year deal. So we went in a different direction. He had plenty of chances to sign in recent weeks, but decided not to. Now he’ll get his big payday…only somewhere else.

  105. we can go over the cap to sign shanny avery will be fine lunqvist has to be happy more offense everthing will be fine avery is restricted he isnt going anywhere calm down guys

  106. MJA-we signed 2 centers, all the guys u mentioned are wings who arent going to be pushed out…if anything there will be no ortmeyer, hossa, and a tough guys platoon between orr and hollweg. Shannys deal wont kill the cap due to bonuses. Avery and lundy can still get their shares while staying under the cap

  107. nylander couldnt of played this worse where is he going oilers isles devils he will be kicking himself he even blew a shot to center ovechkin in wash as the signed kozlov today

  108. Lundquvist is here to stay. Regardless of who they put on the ice, he’s the one most of the fans come to see.

  109. MJA, all 3 of those guys will be signed. Shanny will take 3 mil or less to play one final season. Ludqvist will certainly be locked up long term, as he is the most important piece…so figure he’ll get a 6 year, 30m+ deal. And unless Avery decides to be a real pain, I see him signing a 3 year deal at around 6m or so. We have the cap room, so you don’t need to worry about those 3 guys.

  110. I imagine the Lundqvist thing means they will have to slightly alter the pay structure of his offer to cope with these signings. There is absolutely no way that he is going anywhere — even Dolan recognizes what a great fan favorite he is and what that means to the bottom line in ticket sales, merchandising, etc. Lundy is the man and no one is getting rid of him.

  111. “jagr saved this franchise at the deadline when we traded everyone he put us on his back for an entire year gotta love jags”

    what a load of b.s.

    Jagr did not carry shit until Sean Avery got here to turn a bunch of pansies into a team with bite. and Jagr himself admitted it.

  112. guys we should be jumping up and down we have a real shot here we deserve this these players wanted to come here that tells u something drury could have gotten more in la or san jose same with gomez i am very happy

  113. 2 years ago i think he scored 54 goals and should have won the mvp do u disagree

  114. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “TO SAM: Can someone please IP ban Ivana? People like her really, really make this “forumâ€? a shitty place because of how they troll it and all. I’m sure there is a way to IP ban that idiot.”

    go cry on hockey’s future boards fuckung crybaby piece of shit. Unlike hockey’sfuture this board is not being run by pathetic moderators who delete, close, move and edit other people’s posts whenever they feel like it and ban whoever they don’t like.

  115. imagination on

    ivana you can say whatever you want to but not any words you feel like. GROW UP BABY!

  116. she is now the isles first line center her wingers are richard park and john sim

  117. You guys think Nylander is gonna sign with the Islanders? It makes sense seeing as his family lives in Connecticut and they are DESPERATE for anything

  118. wes-I was thinking more like somwhere out west where we would not have to hear from her. More like LA Kings

  119. the only problem is that they’re gonna have to play rocks paper scissors for jersey #23

  120. Nylander will either sign with the Islanders or Devils. He wouldn’t want to move because he lives in Greenwich and his kids are deeply rooted into their hockey teams already.

  121. Yenner-Ivana-DumpJagr-Porkanus or whatever your most recent incarnation is, let me ask you this: WHAT FRIGGIN’ TEAM DO YOU(UNDERLINED) WANT TO SEE HERE? Jessiman playing first line with Dubinsky? Jagr bought out? Montoya backing up Lundqvist? Lundqvist’s twin brother playing second-line center? WTF do YOU want?

    Frankly, I’ve put up with a lot of BS from this organization’s dickering, just like every Ranger fan. The Macleans, the Lindroses, the Quintels…benching Malhotra, benching Blackburn…benching Lundmark… trading Norstrom, trading Kovalev, trading Savard…skating Brent Fedyk, Billy Tibbets and Tim Taylors. I’ve watch one high-price FA flop after the next sign with this club, the Kamenskys, the Lefebvres, the list goes on…There’s been nothing but reasons for pessimism since Messier left for the ‘nuks nearly a decade ago.

    Then there was the success of Jagr’s line; the success of Lundqvist, the start of a bonafide farm system. Most recently, there’s been a run to the second round, a hungry Ryan Callahan, a reinvigorated Sean Avery. Then the Rangers get the BEST two guys on the market, and two guys young enough to carry the team as Jagr nears retirement and Cherepanov and Staal near NHL careers…what do you say?

    You call the team “a pathetic joke of an organization” and temper the excitement here with your own BS assessment: “I bet you morons are thinking they will win the Cup with these bunch of small soft players.”

    So, DO TELL US: WHAT THE @#%$ YOU WANT. Go ahead. I’m waiting for your next incarnation that will mystically lead the Rangers to a cup with an average team age of 21; or better yet, a team where the standard size is a 6’6 player weighing more than most NFL tackles and collecting more PIMs than Tiger Williams did in his heyday. Let’s hear it. Let’s hear your mystical prediction that would shut you the #$%^ up for once; the move Sather could make that would have you chiming in with something like “oh, well that was a swell move and I think the team is better now.”

    Jeeze…you’ve got to take some prozac, dude. You even bashed the drafting of Cherepanov until you realized THE ENTIRE HOCKEY WORLD was marveling over what a bargain it was. So please, do tell us what would finally appease your vitriolic posts.

    Frankly, I’m starting to think nothing.

  122. I have no problem w/ Ivana staying. He’s an idiot just like every other islander fan. Rot in hell (in mean Uniondale) Ivana.

  123. nah i think the mausoleum is worse the islanders have made a huge addition charles wang 61 years 110 mill

  124. it was Lundy who carried the rangers back to respectability in that first post lockout season. they rode on his back.

  125. “what a load of b.s.Jagr did not carry shit until Sean Avery got here to turn a bunch of pansies into a team with bite. and Jagr himself admitted it.”

    I think the person with the original post was saying that Jagr carried the team in the 2005-06 season…which he did.

  126. I’m totally fine with Fishstick fans and Debs fans posting here as long as they aren’t trolling assholes. There’s no reason for the hostility on your end, Ivana. It’s actually pretty pathetic.

  127. CML- NO i am not Ivana, don’t insult me. I’m a real female we all know that “Ivana” is pork anus, yenner mot or what ever other name HE used. I like Tom Renney, and Jagr is my favorite player so no i’m not Ivana. Like i said because i love the Rangers i hope i’m wrong and this turns out to be a good thing,but right now its gives me a very bad feeling. If Jagr has a good year and the teams goes so far in the playoffs i think his option year kicks in automatically doesn’t it? I don’t remember all the stipulations. If thats the case he will be here at least two more years. I hope.

  128. i think it is kind of interesting reading that sather didnt let either of them know that he was going after the other till the very end, he was negotiating with them both sperately, and after they signed gomez and drury realized they both signed with the rangers
    i figured that once drury saw that gomez signed that maybe his interest might have increased

  129. “We still have other people we have to sign so we have to be careful but we think we have things calculated out and we’re in a good position,” Sather said. “We think we can keep everyone we have right now.”

  130. Listen boys and girls: we have a strong team put together here with some great lines. Why debate the facts or what we “coulda shoulda woulda?” We’ve got a winning team here with upcoming talent…these people aren’t thinking of the fans when they make these deals. It’s about money, longevity, and winning. They’ll hang onto guys like Avery and Jagr and Lundquist not because the fans like ’em but because they are strong TEAM players as well as individuals. This team is ready to sweep.

  131. cup in 08 no jagr 05-06 no playoffs they were fun 2 watch 2 years ago now we are contenders if u dont like jagr fine give him his credit

  132. What the Lundy thing meant (I think) is that Slats prolly offered Henrik more money than he has now. So, they’ll have to work to backload or do something to offset that.

    As for Shanny, he was gonna take a 1 mil a year deal laden with incentives so it doesn’t count against the cap. Avery will take 2 mil, he loves it here, I doubt he goes anywhere.

    My lines right now:



    I’d say that’s pretty darn good. I love the offensive potential, and I think we might want to work on a cheap Dman, but the cap room is a little lacking for that; we might want to look at a trade, I’m thinking Malik or Rozie for a top 2-3 Dman.

  133. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I am sure Nylander would have gladly signed a 2 year $10 mil deal, that would have been much smarter, because he is a better player than Gomez or Drury with or without Jagr.

    I totally agree with Nylander leaving this crappy team that is willing to overpay 2nd line players who are way worse than he is, where refusing to give him a proper money.

  134. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Anyway I hope you all choke to death on your own vomit, you pathetic stupid swine. Hope this team stinks for many years to come.

  135. Ivana, would you like me to fix you up with Malik? Then you can find out what it’s like to be hated by your own…

  136. u r insane ivana gomez is a younger faster better version of nylander and he will actually shoot, drury is as clutch as they come get you sim jersey ready its going to be a long year on the isle

  137. Ivana, stop with the puking. You smell like the rockaways with your baited breath.

  138. anyone see the headlines of the Sporting News of Canada?? it is about the Edmonton trade with the Rangers reduced to small print!

    Let the jealousy BURN! They can hate New York ALL THEY WANT but we did it WITH the CAP!

    We WILL have the deep pockets to pay Russia for our kid, when the time is right…….ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    **************NO TEAM CAN NOW DOUBLE_TEAM JAGR. Healthy Jagr scores over 100 points, easy! maybe 50+ goals!

    ANYONE that tries to double team him gets the shifty Gomez to score on them!! Jagr is set free!

    THANK YOU NYLANDER for your greed! Your greed has made this possible!!!!!!

  139. yes the isles will stink 4 a long time we all agree now turn off your light b4 daddy finds out u r still awake

  140. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Wow. Simply amazing, especially if we can resign all of our RFA’s and get Lundy signed long term. If just a couple more of our defensive prospects break right we could be the dominant team for years to come.

  141. well jason smith is important these canadian teams arent winning anything has montreal done anything toronto w/blake calgary do these teams scare canadian players dont want to sign with canadian teams

  142. Didn’t Ivana spend like 2 weeks trying to convince people that Jessiman should be playing on the 4th line in 07/08?

  143. Okay Barbara, good point. Just chill and take a deep breath. Don’t worry, everything will end up well for the Rangers.

  144. Barbara – For the record I’m pretty sure Ivana is a woman as well. That said, these were great moves given the team’s, organizational depth and the fact that the 2008 free agent class got alot weaker today w/ Thornton and Igilna getting extentions. This team is close and it would have been a crime to have unused cap space this season.

  145. WOW! I’m in the car for two hours, hearing nothing on WFAN, and come back to this outstanding news! The salaries might be too much, but a Cup is worth it, especially with so many young guys that don’t command a big part of the team salary. Looks like Gomez on the first line then Drury. If we do go over the cap signing our RFAs, I think Sather will be trying to trade Hossa and Hollweg, possibly Mara or Malik.

    Hopefully, these signings get Jagr to stay two more years. With the option year, would the Caps still pay half of his salary then? That would be the real dealmaker.

    I wonder where Robert “It’s a failure if they don’t win the Cup every year; they should use young players to win in three years” Bonfire is now. tdchi, I think it’s just time we started ignored Ivana. He did actually go away for several days after deserting the DumpJagrDope name, I believe. But Sam banning him would be nice, too. I surmise Robert was a Devils or Penguins fan while Ivana is a Charlotte Checkers fan.

  146. Nylander doesn’t suck, guys. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Yeah, he’s stupid for not taking the deal, but if he would have, you wouldn’t be talking crap about him. He’ll find a nice home someplace else, and his buddies on our team know all his tricks…so they’ll know how to deal with him when he comes.

  147. I better call Ivana an Islander fan again or I will lose my status as the poster Ivana hates the most here. I wonder what the Buffalo fan (or was he fishstick fan) who claimed to be a Ranger fan who wanted us swept is thinking now. Also as mentioned above wonder how Sully is doing. And last but not least Bonfire is probably ready to jump off a bridge since we signed players higher than 18 yrs old.

  148. i was just on a buffalo blog they are about to committ suicde i love it hell no buffalo

  149. Seth, Immo signed to play in Finland and he wasn’t making this team anyway. Secondly, Malik isn’t going anywhere either. Staal will probably be in the third pairing to start. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers made a move for an offensive defenseman. I realize everyone is is hot for the youngsters, but if they’re good enough they’ll make it. We have Giradi, Tyutin, Cally, Prucha playing and maybe Staal. That’s plenty of youth. Now, I wish we could jettison Hossa. Two weeks of strong hockey on Jagr’s wing is no reason to take up space.

  150. imagination on

    Ivana they needed 2 of the 3. Nylander got Sather to blink but he shot himself in the foot. He lost when he fired his agent so he could renege on the deal. He could have resigned by Sat. but he wanted to test the waters, now he’s swimming in UFA land.He’ll find land.Brooks claims he turned down 4.5 six weeks ago. They needed his chemistry with Jagr but Sather is a vindictive man. If you look too hard you’ll always find something wrong, nobody is perfect. WAKE UP!

  151. dellapina is still saying souray could be signed i hope not we need a guy like tom preising i am suprised he is still out there

  152. Buffalo’s tears are what made Niagra Falls in the first place…They’re goin downhill this year!

  153. Does anyone think Canadian Mounties can take a joke if I go over the border wearing my Rangers jersey and talk shit about the Sabers and Maple Leafs? Random I know, but when Jess talked about Niagra Falls it came to me.

  154. Souray will likely sign with the Sharks, he wants to go to calif. where his wife is from.

    they need a shot from the point to complement Joe T. on the PP.

  155. tdchi –

    Ivana is clearly an Islander fan. While a Ranger fan might not agree with what happened today, no Ranger fan would come on here cursing all of us out because the Rangers signed two top notch UFAs. And that’s what they are. Only a jealous, frustrated Islander fan would act like that.

  156. AngelusMortis on

    To all the nay-sayers, isn’t the ultimate goal the Stanley Cup? If we can win it with Drury and Gomez, isn’t that worth sacrificing some playing time for our younger guys? What good is a group of young players if you have nothing to show for it?

  157. NYLANDER – If that’s true, that he passed up the $4.5 million, then it serves him right for getting kicked off the team. His only hope is to sign with the Crapitals…and they just got Kozlov…SOURAY – Nope, don’t need him. Don’t care about his “killer” slapshot or his prowress at the point. I just don’t see it happening anyway, unless Malik is moved. Here’s my take on lines:



    I’d frankly like to see what Hossa would do on the top line. It would be great to have two winger of serious size to flank Gomez and Hoss managed to score pretty damn well with JJ and Nylander. In this case, Straks moves to second, Prucha to third with Callahan and Avery centering; Cullen gets moved and Dawes joins fourth…OTOH, Drury might be a good fit with Jagr and Hoss, then have Straks and Shanny(or Cally if he’s not signed)on second…

  158. Drury & Gomez are heading to the city that doesn’t sleep , TWO WORDS:STANLEY CUP. I am in total shock Sather and staff actually got these two to sign with us. I am so excited however for Gomez’s sake hopefully he can play with us just like Shanahan and not like Holik, Maclean, Dunham, & Driver turned out, and as for Drury A+++++. Well I guess for Michael Nylander unless he accepts a less pay salary he might be picked up by the Blues, Caps, or even the Sabres now that Buffalo has lost not one but two big name forwards. Oh and just a reminder Islanders lost Jason Blake & Victor Kozlov not to mention Tom Poti, all on the same day, I knew today looking outside it was a perfect day today. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    SAM I just saw this news but reading your updates it looks like you stayed on this like white on rice right down to the line…..awesome job.


    wow wow wow wow wow wow !!!!!

    Today is awesome.

  160. I don’t know if ahyone remembers but Jagr joked during the playoffs about a pass going to Drury. “Don’t pass it to him yet” referring to the upcoming free agency.

  161. I’d play Drury on JJ’s line and Gomez with Shanny. A few other sites have called it that way too.

  162. what r the isles doing ryan smyth very close to signing with colorado anyone else hear this

  163. martyd — I definitely remember that line. I forgot who he said it too, though. :(

  164. In economics there is a term called Marginal Product. It refers to the additional revenue generated by an asset (in this case a player). In cities with larger fan bases, were each additional win has a chance to attract that many more viewers, players will be paid more than they would be paid in cities with smaller fan bases. In a smaller market, like Joe Thornton’s San Jose, a Chris Drury would be paid less than a Joe Thornton’s 7.1 million dollars. In Chris Drury’s New York, Joe Thornton would be paid 8 million, because each win he generates, in addition to what Drury would generate, brings in that many more fans. Gomez and Drury are paid that much because they play in a lucrative market. Wins are worth more here, and that is why the salaries of New York sports teams are generally the largest in their leagues. Think Yankees.

  165. spectorshockey.com ryan smyth accepts 31 million dollars to join colorado just posted

  166. good night all i will sleep like i am 7 years old again with my johnny ogrodnik jersey

  167. Siberian Express7 on

    What are the odds Cherepanov plays in NY this year? He looks like the next Bure

  168. Broadway Roe on

    Ivana, nobody here appreciates the slurs and language. Seriously, just stop. Go somewhere else.

    TODAY we are here to celebrate two fantastic signings. I, for one, will be rocking section 221 next year with my Drury jersey!

    The BEST part of the Gomez deal is Jersey’s tears! I think Brodeur will lead the team in scoring next year!

  169. longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    Maybe this year I can lose part of my handle (suffering). I was thinking of not buying Center Ice this year but now, no way.

    So long Jed…you WILL be missed.

    If everyone would just ignore Dump, Ivana, Pork et al, he, she or it would just go away!

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