Officially impressed


That’s me after watching Marc Staal in today’s Prospect Development Camp 4-on-4 finale.

Those words alone — i.e. “Prospect Development Camp” and “4-on-4” — should temper your excitement. But Staal stood out today even against the likes of Tommy Pyatt, Alexei Cherepanov, and Alex Bourret.

It’s a long way to training camp, but it’s a start…

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  1. Glad to hear Staal is impressive…

    As for going back to the cap…

    You know, now that I think about it, maybe Sather’s correctly thinking that if he can get Nylander for around $4 million, then he can go after Drury or Gomez and spend a bit recklessly. Whereas if Nylander is sitting around asking for upwards or $5-6, it makes it very tight to try getting under the cap if he then wanted to sign another center. So maybe we can really only afford ONE of Nylander, Gomez, Drury or Briere and so Sather, correctly seeing that Nylander is the lesser of those four, is waiting until the first, going all out for Gomez or Drury, and then planning on either using Straka as second line center (or first), or signing Comrie, or seeing if anyone bites on Nylander at his new, windfall rates and if nobody does, signing him.

  2. I’m confused as to why Nylander expects to make double his salary. I don’t think he’s worth more than 3.5/y. Gomez is going to be another WAY overpaid player. How many goals did he have.. 13!? Please let’s get Drury instead.. I’d gladly throw the bank at him if we could get another good center/winger in the 3m range.

    Sad to say the old NHL is coming back. You raise the cap and you raise the players’ greed.

  3. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    If this organazation makes you feel like a joke then dont watch NYR…and pick a team that uses there prospects…Like PIT…Either that or just stick to good ol’ baseball..Clearly your to much of a whiner to handle NYR….let alone hockey.

  4. Great to here about Staal since its hard to impress you it seems ;)

    Who else stood out today? Who didn’t?

    Thanks sam.

  5. Sam – That’s exciting news about Staal. Can’t wait to see him on the varsity this coming season. Hopefully more of our draft choices will follow.

  6. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Sam, how about other prospects? Also who you thought were the least impressive?

  7. Sam, do you think you can ask him what number he wants to wear? And if he is going to switch to 14 after Shanny leaves *assuming he comes back this year*. I want to get his jersey just want to know if he is going to change numbers or not. Thanks Sam!

  8. Sam did you get to interview any of them? Or are there other weird rules with the prospect camp like Renney not being able to be on the ice..

  9. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Its good to hear Staal doing good…Hopefully he takes Rachuneks spot..

    Dan DiOrio

    If i were you id wait for the Staal jersey…Thats what im doing…I was gonna get a Prucha jersey…at the time he was number 50 something…Now he’s 25…

  10. Yea, I am sure the number he wore last preseason wont be it. He wore 14 for the Wolves this season but obviously if Shanny comes back that will be taken.

  11. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Forget about it…I cant take risks anymore…I had to sell my Ortmeyer jersey…If he gets re signed ill be happy…but ill be Po’d that i sold it…

    Damn Hollweg…For taking Orty’s spot…Such B.S.

  12. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Idiots, who buy jerseys make me laugh. What a bunch of suckers and losers.

  13. Why did you have to sell your Ortie jersey Orr? I’m still going to wear my Ortie jersey no matter what happens. =D

  14. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Idiots who can’t spell and idiots who use the word “blue” in their handle make me laugh.

  15. Sorry for the late response. I was definitely impressed by Anisimov and Pyatt, particularly Anisimov because he’s got a big frame to work wiith.

    I thought Cherepanov looked good — maybe this is Russian typecasting, but he reminds me of Bure — but you have to bear in mind that in 4-on-4, he had a lot of room to maneuver, so you wonder how he’ll be in more traffic.

    Heck, call me crazy, but one of the Japanese guys looked phenomenal, and those guys aren’t even being looked at by the Rangers.

  16. Also, there was no restraints on who we could talk to, but I had to hop out to — big surprise here — tend to some golf stuff, so I basically left right after the scrimmage was over.

  17. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    I wanna keep it…but i like having up to date jerseys…you know…im looking to get either Staal or Giardi

    Ivana / Anus / Yenner

    Seriously jump in front of a car cause you make absolutely no sense….Ever hockey fan in the world is an idiot then huh??? moron

  18. Robby Bonfire on

    SAM – How big (or small) are the Japanese players? Any NHL physiques in the bunch?

  19. Here’s the most important question for the upcoming season – will there be a Brian Leetch jersey retirement day?

  20. Prucha wore #58 as a rookie back when Anders Erickson has #25 for the 2005-06 preseason.

    Staal wore #67 wo years ago, but was #36 this past year in the preseason.

    Leetch will have his jersey retired. No question about it.

  21. Happy to see the Young Guns in training camp and thanks to Rangers On Demand as well as you Sam for keeping us Blueshirt Fans up to date on news & rumors during the off season. Keep Up The Good Job. I will miss Immonen, Lampman, Rachunek, & possible Ortmeyer not coming back this coming season. Now who I would love to see wearing our colors (Shanahan, Nylander, Drury, Briere,& Lang), who I would love to see make an New York Rangers appearance in the 07-08 season whether 1 game or all season(Pyatt & Staal). Oh and maybe with the few dollars left over ,how about signing Marc Staal’s brother Kim Staal who from when I looked up last has listed as a free agent from Nashville. Anyway its time to open the market alot of big names, DING-DING-DING!

  22. Cliff – There will be a Leetch retirement ceremony this upcoming season. I’ve heard it everywhere, even on MSG. (Rememember that 30 min show called #2 Brian Leetch? At the very end it said something about his jersey will be hanging from the Garden rafters with his two old teammates.) I just don’t know when it will be; probably vs. the bruins though.

  23. Ivana…You’re one to talk about handles…hahaha

    And talking about spelling…You can’t spell for sh#@t-
    You have spelled the word “dimension” as dimenTion…with a ‘T’ countless times.
    You know exactly what i’m talking about… Grow up already you infant-

  24. the only question about #2 hanging from the rafters is if they will honor brad park too. ala the yankees retiring #8 for Dickey and Berra.

  25. joe, not that Park doesn’t deserve it on his own, but considering how much Leetch appears to dislike attention I could see them doing it for both of them.

  26. DanTheRangerFan on

    Idiots who change there name every few weeks because they have nothing intelligent to say and get crapped on for it make me laugh…

  27. Robby Bonfire on

    A strong case can be made that Brad Park. #2, is the greatest Ranger D of them all. The hold-up, of course, is his being traded to Boston with several years remaining in his career. Leetch went the same way, via Toronto, but of course mostly played here and won a Cup here.

    In my book, the greatest Ranger D’s of all time start with: Park, Leetch, Greschner, Harry Howell, and Ching Johnson, NHL all-star from the old school. Beck was great, too, but got here late.

  28. Hey guys, please do not ruin this great blog. Just ignore people like Ivana, not getting any attention they’ll go away faster than you think. I’m so happy about Cherepanov. That is our new Bure! Maybe he’s even better! GO RANGERS!

  29. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    I wish i could believe what your saying but….The its been….We all went against Yenner Mot…and he turned in to Pork Anus…We did it again…Now he’s Ivana..

    Its like a Batman episode…Versing Clayface…

    Im gonna miss Ortmeyer most of all…Forget Imo..Racky..Lampman..Weekes..Orty deserves to be re signed..And he knows it…I have friggin no idea…no idea why Hollweg was re signed and not Orty..Orr diserves to be re signed…because he doesnt hit as hard as Hollweg..But Hollweg hasnt thrown big hits in a while without taking penalties..And Orr is one of the best fighters in the league..Hollweg isnt a scorer..not a playmaker..not a pealty killer..hes nothing..Ortmeyer isnt either but he hits more..he kills penalties like its in overtime of a playoff game..and he has more heart then Hollweg..

    I dont know about the rest of you…But im NOT gonna get over this..and im super pissed about it.

  30. DanTheRangerFan on

    -orr kicks- you forgot about when he was dump jagr dope, and maliks laser guided poke check,and a few more that I dont recall at this moment.
    You know what if you didnt have a few idiots in here that knew nothing about hockey the blog would get boring sometimes…especially when Sam is teeing off with tiger.

  31. ORR — unfortunately, Ortmeyer isn’t good enough. Not that Hollweg is — he isn’t, either. But Ortmeyer is exactly the guy who should not hold a spot simply because he’s a minor sparkplug, a decent PK guy, and has a great [if faulty] heart. His game isn’t well-rounded enough and his physical play is not powerful enough or consistent enough. His first season, he was by far and away my favorite recent Ranger. But that’s nostalgia. Right now, he can’t hit the side of a barn and memories of that scrappy up-and-coming Midwesterner don’t mean squat.

  32. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Orr is garbage and his #1 fan is as well. Orr is so slow he cannot even catch anyone to throw a hit. Hopefully once Orr disappears or gets traded his #1 fan will follow.

  33. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Cherepanov is nothing like Bure, more like a poor man’s Jagr. Which sucks because I don’t like Jagr’s style.

  34. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I still can never get convinced Hollweg diserves a sopt on the team..If Ort is gone so should Hollweg…I can understand if he fought well…But he doesnt..thats why Orr is here..cause he’s a damn good fighter…Plus i love the secret fued he has with Cam Janssen…Looking foward to Orr knocking that mental patient out next year…

    But like i said…Hollweg is taking a sot in the lineup that anyone can do..Dubi will hit…and stick up for his teamates just like he did in pre season and reg season…Hopefully he gets his shot…this season.

  35. blueshirt bulletin is posting a bleak outlook on next years team.

    if that doesn’t depress you, i don’t know what will.

  36. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    If Lang gets signed…Ugh…We might be in trouble…Hopefully he stays away…Unless a miacle happens and he plays some great hockey…

  37. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I predict Ortmeyer signs with Sbres, they could really use some role players.

  38. Orr- I’m pissed off too about Ortie. He deserves to be re-signed, more than Holly.

    Chris- How is Ortie’s “physical play not powerful enough”? I’m not trying to put words in Orr’s mouth, but i think he was trying to say that Orties physical play is obviously a hell of a lot stronger than Holly’s; and how stupid Sather is to re-sign a weak player like Holly who hardly benefits or motivates the team and can’t even win a fight, which is supposed to what he’s good at.

    I’ve said this so many times that I’m just going to re-write what i wrote before…. Ortie is clearly the heart of the New York Rangers and taking the heart from the team will end badly (like when Gravy was traded). The team played with more confidence when Ortie came back from his illness. He is an asset to the team. He can kill penalties and is even using his body more and more either by blocking shots or checking. Ortie can easily get the puck to the net or quickly set up a play on a breakaway; maybe not the best at getting the puck in the net, but he sure can set up amazing chances.

  39. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    That was well put…And your absolutely right…..I was starting to wonder if anyone realized that when Orty came back we got better…When Orty came back we got off the 6 or 7 game losing streak we were in…His loss will be tough to deal with…

    There’s alot of guys with Heart…Like Shanny for example…But Orty is a walking talking heart…He’ll do anything and everything to help his teamates…If he cant score he’ll do everything he can to help out in other areas…Countless times ive seen him limp to the bench…I hope Sather takes his head out his @ss and realizes this team still needs the Jedi…Remember what Shanny said…He never realized how important Orty was until he seen him on the ice…

    BTW Ivana

    Thats pretty stupid…If you had any brains…You’d know BUF has a bunch of role players..

    Its just like what says….Orty will end up in PHO or STL…Maloney and especially JD know guys like that are important…

    Oh yeah… says Weekes will get re signed…Is that even possible….Cause if so…that sucks…

    I still say no…cause he was healthy during the 2nd round…And they never put him in…Obviously its either Monty or Vally…..

    Hopefully NYR goes after Ed Belfour…………….Just kidding

  40. Robby Bonfire on

    “Ortie,” “Shanny,” “Holly,” what is this, a Girl Scout pack meeting? Do these MEN have real names? Are names like ORTMEYER, SHANAHAN, and HOLLWEG too challenging to type? hahahahahaaha.

    I mean that frothing at the mouth “Yankees Win,” YANKEES WIIIIINNNNNN” idiot is bad enough with his “Joe,” and “Mariano,” and “Derek,” and “Melky” stupidity. You birdseed can’t do better than that? At least Sam Rosen and company can get it right.

    (ok, ORR, you’re on – don’t miss your cue this time. LOL.)

  41. F.Y.I. Robby, I guess your calling the entire New York Rangers and all of the other teams in the league “Girl Scouts” because everyone calls each other by their nickname. Maybe your deaf or something, but if you listen to the players on the ice, when they’re communicating with each other you hear them shouting the players nicknames. Even JED ORTMEYER has “Ortie” engraved on his hockey sticks. The players talk to each other with nicknames. Have you ever heard anyone talk about JAROMIR JAGR without saying Jags? I haven’t. And Sam Rosen and company don’t talk with nicknames because he feels that it will confuse the poser-Ranger/hockey fans like you.

  42. I’d not resign Hollweg. No way. I’d rather pick Orty although he cannot score at all. But he’s one of the best penalty killers.

  43. Robby Bonfire on

    RIght, the players call eachother by familiar names. They are teammates, they know eachother and have dinner together and travel together,some live as roommates, etc. YOU don’t know them, and they don’t socialize with you, and you could show more respect for them.

  44. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Please quit while your ahead…Cause you sound like a brainless idiot…Just like what CML said…Thats how they comunicate…As for Sam Rosen…He let “Shanny” slip a few times during broadcast…Not that it matters…Im amazed that you keep getting more and more stupid with every post…At first it was annoying but nows its fun…

    You and Ivanusmot should share a room…You two could have a field day on ridiculous idea’s…As long as you agree on who sucks more…Tom Renney or Glen Sather…then you’ll get along fine…

    Just incase anyone wants to know or doesnt know….

    Sabres signed Adam Mair to 3 years….They got one of there role players back…
    And Wild signed Skoola (pretty sure i spelled that wrong) and Koivu….Koivu is pretty good…I can see him and Prucha having chemistry….They do in NHL 07….

  45. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    BTW Robby

    Its a fan thing if anything…. I can understand why you wouldnt understand…Your not an NYR fan…Just some moron baseball fan waisting his time in a hockey blog…I bet your one of those guys in the suits in the front row who can care less about how hard NYR played…If they lost they sucked….I know those kinds of fans and there pathetic

  46. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Shut your mouth robby bonfire. your as dumb as most bloggers in here. Like orr’s #1 fan and the #41 lovers. I call players as there nickname also dickhead

  47. Robby Bonfire on

    This coming from ivana who says that “onnly idiots buy jerseys” shut the fuck up pukie

  48. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Yay…Come watch the dumbest NYR fans in the world fight…Robby vs Ivanusmot

    Does anyone know anything about Avery…In all the Nylander news i havent heard a thing about Avery

  49. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Ortie,â€? “Shanny,â€? “Holly,â€? what is this, a Girl Scout pack meeting? Do these MEN have real names? Are names like ORTMEYER, SHANAHAN, and HOLLWEG too challenging to type? hahahahahaaha”

    totally agree, these “fans” are talking like fags

  50. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “This coming from ivana who says that “onnly idiots buy jerseysâ€? shut the fuck up pukie”

    that wasn’t me, some fag was using my name again. Most likekely Yin Yang dumbass.

  51. Ivan…did u just start watching hockey yesterday? Because no offense u can’t read talent AT ALL.

  52. Robby Bonfire
    “Ortie,â€? “Shanny,â€? “Holly,â€? what is this, a Girl Scout pack meeting? Do these MEN have real names? Are names like ORTMEYER, SHANAHAN, and HOLLWEG too challenging to type? hahahahahaaha”

    ok I call you Robert Bonfire or is it Roberto or is it Robin, or what is it? Where you in the girl scouts?

  53. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    ROB S

    I was joking about Koivu…I have him in my franchise in NHL 07…


    I got alot better things to do then to pretend im a moron talking to another moron…Get a life…Its the new fad…You cant find it at home depot

  54. CML:

    I don’t think Ortmeyer or Hollweg are big enough or strong enough to actually wear other teams down physically. That’s what I meant, and I believe it. Heart is important. But it’s not enough to guarantee someone a roster spot. In my opinion.

  55. Robby- How would you know if i have connections or not? I actually have connections with Nylander thank you very much. Alright, more of a connection of a connection but still, better than you have. I even know one of the players that was just working with the rest of the prospects this week. I don’t feel like listing the rest, ut you get it. Back to nicknames: when I met Ortmeyer, I promise I’ll try to stop talking about him, I shouted “Ortie” he turned around and we started talking and he even held up traffic outside MSG so i could take a picture with him, so OBVIOUSLY CALLING A PLAYER BY THEIR NICKNAME IS ALRIGHT BECAUSE HE DIDN’T SEEM TO CARE!!

    Ivana- “dumb as most bloggers in here. Like orr’s #1 fan and the #41 lovers.” Are you trying to call the die-hard fans dumb? I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself now. Go.

  56. stf – unfortunately they already signed Hollweg. Although I’m a fan of neither I would rather Ortmeyer than Hollweg. Unfortunately that will not be the case.

  57. Any of you guys actually PLAY hockey(and I don’t mean on SEGA genesis)? The “y” or “ie” on the tail end of names is pretty much text book when refering to a teammate. “Shanny” and “Ortsie” and the lot is typical hockey nomenclature. Sure, it sounds a bit lame if you’re not on the team, but that’s hockey. So Bonfiery, go watch baseball.

    Next, the ‘doom and gloom’ on BB…Puhleease…Load of crap, IMO. I really don’t see the Rangers going after much that they don’t already have. Gomer will sign west-coast. Same with Drury. Lang won’t get a sniff in the tri-state region…FAs the Rangers go for? They’ll shoot for Gomez, miss…MAYBE Zubris…and probably miss…then resign Shanny and Nyls(for too much) and then head in to fall camp. I don’t see them getting a high-priced vet, just because they’ll need to bay the KING several million. And then Prucha….

    ORTS…well…I agree he’s probably gone. But it ain’t cause of Hollweg. It’s ’cause he filed a suit against the team post lockout. Hard knuckles between him and MSG…nothing to do with his play, his heart or whether or not he should be here(cause he should). Regardless, there are replacements in the system. Hollweg will step up to the duty, if indeed Orts is gone.

    And who’s saying ORR is useless? Wash your flee-bitten mouth out with soap. Young, fights, hits….sounds like an enforcer.

    Bottom line: this is a GOOD team, even if all the UFAs don’t come back. Pessimism? WTF?!?! Not now. Maybe when the first line center was Petr Needved, but not now. Pull your heads out your asses.

  58. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Sure, it sounds a bit lame if you’re not on the team, but that’s hockey.”

    exactly, unless you are their teammate you shouldn’t talk like that, it is just disgusting.

    “and I don’t mean on SEGA genesis”

    time stands still on tdchi hill.

    “And who’s saying ORR is useless? Wash your flee-bitten mouth out with soap. Young, fights, hits….sounds like an enforcer”

    He is useless just like any enforcer that can’t do anything but fight. Who cares if he is young? I rather have Liffiton as a 7th defenseman, he can fight as well if it is needed, but really, 99.9% of the time it is not needed.

  59. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Hollweg should be tried on PK I think he will do a pretty good job there.

  60. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I hope we do nothing except sign Nylander. Don’t want any other UFA. We have too much depth already, in fact we should be looking to trade Betts, Cullen, Malik, Pock, Dawes, Orr and Hossa.

  61. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Thats pretty stupid…If you had any brains…You’d know BUF has a bunch of role players..”

    who, besides Mair, Gaustad and a goon? They were using top 6 forwards like Connolly, Kotalik and Zubrus as role players. They really lack a penalty killer like Ortmeyer. So once again, you are the one lacking brains.


    I think we should take a lesson from the Blue Jackets and not sign over-the-hill (by at least two years) players like Adam Foote. Fedorov, I’m torn on; he even played defense last year, but I think he’s almost at the bottom of the hill. Columbus should have done the right thing and bought those two out. For the Rangers’ FA prospects, this type of person would be Kevin Weekes, Alexei Yashin, and Nylander if it’s for more than two seasons; and for people already on the team, I would have to say Straka, Malik. Let’s just hope they don’t go after Peter Bondra.

    It will be interesting to see who fills that fourth line spot that should not be filled by Orr or Hollweg on a regular basis. I can’t imagine anybody trading for Hollweg – maybe a 6th round pick? It’s not wise to have two enforcers in the press box every game. Hopefully, a good penalty killer can be there, but I don’t know if any of our prospects would fill that bill. Is it possible that Pöck would go back to forward?

    Robert is just too funny. I guess like imagination said we should call you by that name since we don’t socialize with you. I think he’s been shut up after CML recounted his experience with Ortie. Personally, I don’t call players by their nicknames usually (except maybe Shanny), but it’s really a term of endearment from the teammates and fans alike.

  63. Robby Bonfire on

    Ah, an ENDEARMENT term. How “lovely,” and “enchanting,” and “delightful” we are becoming around here. And just a bit society matronly, too. Would you prefer tea with lemon or sugar to go with your crumpets, my dear? hahahahahahaha.

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