Messier: “I want to go in as a Canuck…”


I’m kidding, of course.


Actually, there is nothing that says players have to designate a team when they enter the Hall of Fame, which is welcome news since I wouldn’t know whether to pick my high school team, my college club team, or my spring league team that once won its season championship game in double overtime at 1 in the morning.

Phew. Talk about a load off my shoulders.

Yes, Mess is in. For what it’s worth I spent some time perusing the media guide and he is the 43rd Ranger to enter the Hall, but the first player elected since Fred “Bun” Cook in 1995 to have spent a significant part of his career in New York (Cook played for the Rangers from 1926 to 1936).

Since then, a string of players — Wayne Gretzky, Mike Gartner, Jari Kurry, Pat LaFontaine, and Dick Duff — have gone into the Hall. But all of those players made their biggest marks elsewhere.

Messier, you could argue, did as well. But he obviously made a huge dent here as well.

Just wait until he takes over as GM….

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  1. Gartner had a great run with the Rangers; parts of five seasons. He was arguably the most popular Ranger during his tenure. I was only 10 years old but I vividly remember the final game of the 90-91 season where the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Gartner” because he had 49 goals. He was sacrificed for the Cup.

    Why have the Caps not retired his number? He went in the Hall as as one, and pretty much held every Cap offensive record until Bondra broke it.

  2. Robby Bonfire on

    Messier wants to go into the HHOF as a Canuck, not as an Oiler? So the Rangers are dead-last in this derby? He can go GM-apprentice in Vancouver, too – what an insult. How many Cups did he win in Vancouver? Is this a joke on us? It’s like Roger Clemens wanting to go in as a Blue Jay. You figure it out, I cannot.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    A couple of things:

    Stumpel’s contract is going to make Nylander greedy. I think we’ve seen the last of him.

    We may have also seen the last of Jed Ortmeyer, as his agent hasn’t had any discussions with Sather yet.

    Congrats to Mess and the rest of the class.

    Sorry Glenn, maybe next year. Probably not. You should pull a “Mr. 3000” and try and net two goals to bring you to 500.

    I can’t wait until Sunday!!!

  4. Sam
    Did I miss something in your note or didn’t Rod Gilbert, Ed Giacomin, Harry Howell & Andy Batgate play a significant part of their careers w/ the Rangers?

  5. Stumpel making 2.25 per for 2 years is going to make Nylander greedy? …Give me a break. He deserves to make whatever the market will bear or whatever Sather can get him for. It’s the NYR’s problem to figure out the cap story. Whether he earns his pay or has been underpaid for the last 2 years is part of Sather’s job. This team needs to stay as pat as possible, resign Nylander, and add a center and hopefully a tough D man. …. buttman can stick his cap since he made this mess to begin with.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    imitation, I misread the report on Stumpel. I thought the total salary was his per year salary. Thanks for the correction.

  7. I think Handzus is a mistake. Especially if Gomez’s health is a question and/or Drury is getting old…

  8. I’d say there is about a 10% chance the Rangers go after Hannan. I’ve heard rumblings that Rafalski could sign with the Rangers. Anyone else hear this?

  9. Robby Bonfire on

    Chide me all you want, but Roger IS going in as a Blue Jay, my sources tell me.

  10. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “ivana now you can root for panthers, they resigned Stumple.”

    It is like I said, most good players don’t reach free agency, it is the cancers and the merceneries and the useless that are usually available. Stumpel signed for only 2.25 mil a year which is a great bargain, there goes the only UFA left that I was interested in. There are some other good players, but we don’t really have much space for them on the roster. Hanzus I like, but we might as well just play Dubinsky. Zubrus doesn’t really have much scoring.

  11. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    wow, sounds like there is a major trade brewing that will bring Jovanovski here. I actually like the idea, he is 31 and is signed for 4 more seasons which is not bad. He is injury prone, which is great for our prospects. He is expensive, which means less cap space to waste on heartless mercenaries. And it will likely get us either a 1st rounder or a top prospect and we’ll likely get rid of some overpaid players on our part like Cullen and Kasparaitis. Coyotes owe us already for not giving a compensatory pick for Maloney and for Maloney drafting some players that he scouted when he was here. With Turris, Mueller and Hanzal I wouldn’t be surprized if one is traded also Lisin and Dawes are possible inclusions. I think I would love to get Hanzal he is huge and lead his team in scoring as a rookie with 85 points in 60 games, 94 pims also sounds good.

  12. I’m sorry, explain to me why Phoenix would give up Jovocop for the most overpaid third line center in the league, a prospect and two guys who are borderline AHL players at best?

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    No. Ivana, stop confusing your NHL ’07 Franchise Me with reality. GMs don’t trade 5 players at once.

  14. According to a report on TSN of Canada’s website Thursday, Briere – who is slated to become an unrestricted free agent Sunday – turned down an offer by the Sabres.

    TSN is reporting the offer was similar to the five-year, $25 million deal Briere seeked from Buffalo last summer. The team’s co-captain ultimately went to arbitration and received a one-year contract worth $5 million

    An MSNBC Report

    He is going for a huge pay-day

  15. Robby Bonfire on

    Reasons a team would give up a Jovo:

    1. At 31 he currently commands peak market value;
    2. To dump salary;
    3. To become younger, overall.
    3. To add organizational depth and quality.

    These are all valid considerations and compelling, motivating reasons for a club to consider a trade such as that suggested, above. The problem is getting enough quality / value in return.

    Dealing with Sather, you could hold out for Sanguinetti instead of Pock, and hold out for Pyatt instead of Dawes, and still get the deal done. If the Rangers do make a deal like this, they, not the other side, will be the team giving up too much value in exchange. Guanteed. But Sather will get his man and the Rangers will make the playoffs and 90% of Ranger fandom will be ecstatic about that, and about prospects for “winning the Cup by adding a big-name veteran or two,” the following year. It never ends.

  16. Robby –

    Agree that if that trade includes Pyatt and Sanguinetti instead of Dawes and Pock we give up too much. As it stands, while I think Immonen deserved much better, clearly he isn’t going to get it here, and Pock really looks like a #7 defenseman. Dawes I’d actually hate to give up, I think he’s player.

  17. Only trade for Jovocop if Malik is going the other way.

    Why would Maloney take Kaspar off our hands?

    This one is a doozy

  18. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    CHRIS F.

    He mine as well retire…He’s pathetic…I hate to say it…or i think i hate to say it…but he’s one of the worst goaltenders in the league…He’s to soft…doesnt challenge…

    And alot of people blame Ozo for putting the puck in his own net…But in reality..if Hank played that game he would have came out and slapped the puck ou of his zone…instead Weekes stood there and let Madden get the puck through him and eventually Ozo would screw up…

    But he’s gone…thank god…

    Maybe NSH will take him..who knows..

  19. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    the reasons I assume Coyotes are looking to dump Jovanovski are:

    1. he is injury prone, last 4 seasons he didn’t the most he played was 67 games

    2. his cap hit for them is 6.5 mil for 4 more seasons and they are rebuilding

    well the most rumors involve Montoya. The trade I proposed was just my idea, Sather is likely too stupid to do a trade like that. And yes, Malik instead of Kasparaitis would make more sense for both clubs.

  20. Robby Bonfire on

    It is mind-boggling that Weekes was penciled in as the starting G, until he got hurt and Hank got the shot. Just think, were it not for injuries, Hank, Callahan, and Girardi would still be untested kids involved in trade rumors. Rarely does this team just insert a kid into the lineup and leave him alone to experience the growing pains and make a contribution. This year is the perfect opportunity to plug in about four kids in camp and commit to them. My guess is no more than one kid makes the team coming out of camp. Staal being added to the blue line is not a given, and it doesn’t even matter how great Sanguinetti looks in September, he won’t be here. Sather will stick with Malik and Mara no matter what the kids show in camp.

  21. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Bonfire, it is not Sather who sticks with the vets, it is the “coach”. The GM got us lots of prospects, but the “coach” is the one not willing to play them or give them a chance to succeed. He does not trust young players in key situations. He is an idiot that needs to be fired for this team to grow and utilize its assets which includes tons of good cheap, hungry young players. Instead he will play Dawes for few games, not like him and say “if this is the best the Wolfpack can offer me then don’t bother me with them, just get me some veterans”

  22. Robby – what a surprise that a contact sport played 3 days a week has injuries. I would have never guessed that would happen. you are a broken record. you always bring up baseball. I guess Gehrig would never have played if Pipp didn’t get hurt.

  23. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Seriously shut up,…Here we go again crying about the SAME EXACT THING for the past week or two…

    First off…Here’s a list

    Hasek gets injured..Sens throw in Emery
    Aebisher gets injured..Habs throw in Huet
    Esche gets injured..Flyers throw in Nittymaki
    Gerber gets injured..Canes throw in Ward
    Theodore gets injured..Avs throw in Budai
    Denis sucked..Bolts throw in Holmqvist (didnt make much a difference)
    Biron sucked..Sabs throw in Miller
    Fernandez gets injured..Wild throw in Backstrom
    Vokoun gets injured..Preds throw in Mason and trade Vokoun

    And finally…Weekes gets injured..NYR throws in Lundqvist

    With that…..Shut up…Because all over the league this happens…Its not just NYR who went through this…So quit whining abuot the same things….and come up with some more moronic material…And enough of the comparisons with Baseball…Baseball and Hockey dont mix…

  24. Cap was set at $50.3 million next year.

    Lets see everyone: we went from Vinny Pooh to DumpJagrDope to Yenner Mot to Robby Bonfire and Ivana Kachanatsov. Anyone want to start a pool on what the next annoying person’s handle will be?

  25. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Anyone want to start a pool on what the next annoying person’s handle will be?”

    my guess it will be, NJ Mark.

  26. According to today, Gomez will be signing either with the NYR of LA Kings.

    Souray also will go to the Rangers or Kings.

    Nylander may possibly end up on the Red Wings.

    Ryan Smyth was offered a 6 year deal at 6.5 mill per year by the isles, but wants the fishies to sign one more elite player for him to stay.

    Smyth may end up on the Red Wings.

    Matt Schneider looks unlikey to return to the Wings and may end up as a Hab or Fishtick.

    Handzus will likely stay put in Chicago, but there is a lot of interest in him around the league- Colorado, St. Louis and Toronto all interested.

    Vanek almost certainly stays in Buffalo while Briere will command 7 million per year and Drury will get 8 million per from other teams.

  27. Any more than 5.5 million per for Drury is over paying in my opinion. For the numbers he puts up, and despite his clutch abilities, he isn’t worth much more than that.

    Nylander to the Red Wings? That’s new. However, the Rangers need to re sign Nylander. If Nylander is somehow let go, the Rangers will need Zubrus or a similar center to fill the void, even with the signing of Gomez or Drury. Maybe this will be a time Dubinsky gets significant time in the NHL if all fails.

    Souray to the Rangers I’d be fine with, as long as he sures up on the defensive side of the puck and keeps up with his quota of offensive contribution.

  28. I just realized how insane 8 million dollars per season is, especially for a guy like drury.

    In an 82 game season, not counting the playoffs, it’s like making 100,000 dollars per game (that’s if he stays healthy and plays all 82 games)


  29. Robby Bonfire on

    Ok, so we are on on a different page. Two issues, here. First, IVANA, most of the time I am with you, when so many take their shots at you. But we differ as to who sets the roster on professional sports teams. Frankly, I don’t know where you get the idea the coach is the GM? And where does that leave the actual GM – gophering coffee for the owner? Come on, The GM is in charge of all player personnel decisions, period. Sather makes the trades, FA signings, the promotions and demotions, and the occasional idiot waiver wire pick up – NOT RENNEY. Why is this a problem for you to comprehend? The GM runs the organization, the coach conditions the players, runs the game, determines forward line composition and defensive pairings, and matches lines with opposition lines, in home games? Capish? If not, there is still some girls basketball on TV, at this time of year.

    In so far as injury promotions, I have heard of Lou Gehrig, thank you ( for your snide condescension). Are you DELIBERATELY glossing over my point, or REALLY missing it? At the risk of being redundant (which at least one little pin-pricker in here can’t handle, LOL) here is my point – AND TRY TO GET IT, this time…

    Young players should be steadily INFUSED onto the parent club roster. It is not a modus operandi, rather it is knee-jerk mismanagement, to sit on your butt waiting for this old veteran, or that old veteran to fall off a cliff, before giving the best young talent in your organization a significant role on your team.

    I mean, come on, you think it’s right that Callahan had to score 35 goals down there, and then be promoted because the team was a body short, all of a sudden, or he would not have been promoted at all? Callahan would was on pace to score 50 goals down there, and STILL that dolt GM would not have brought him in here, were it not for Shanahan, or whomever, going down.

    You replace old guys with young guys in combination with the old guys tailing off and the young guys showing positive signs of being ready for war in the big time. You DO NOT passively wait for something to go wrong before you promote from within in timely fashion. The biggest problem with this organization is that it is not pro-active, it does not make things happen, or foresee things happening which are inevitable, instead it waits too long to address festering problems and then asks, “What happened?”

    The New York Rangers need to become much more aggressive, as an organizational philosophy. And I don’t care how brilliant the youth movement is, which is underway – some will be promoted far too late, some will be traded for more old junk, some will be quit on inside of a month when they play like rookies instead of like all-stars in the beginning of their NHL career.

    Having talent on hand is fine. Knowing how to manage it, is the trick. The joke is on all of us who are fans of this franchise, who think a new day is dawning. Dream on.

  30. RB – you get more and more aggitated if someone does not agree with your philosophy. you are going to go on and on about Henrik only getting a start due to an injury – something we’ll never know if that’s the only way he would have. how do you explain Tyutin getting his start.

    if a team is all kids as you prefer, by 25 they’ll be washed up and will never win it all (the way you seem to talk). and just because a guy is 19 does not mean he will become the next greatest thing to happen. one of the benefits of your approach is if a team tanks several years running and accumulates top end picks like Sid the Kid (and yes I know he was a lottery). but the best way for that to work is to not bring up the 1st batch too quick or the team might be removed from bottom feeder status too soon and not get the next great draft pick (just good enough to be mediocore). that’s how expansion teams like the Isles were built (it was not just 1 or 2 players but rather 5 or 6 top end guys). most title teams have a happy medium re kids and vets. do you think the Ducks would have won without the 2 stud dmen (neither of whom last I looked were 18 or 19). I too will be not happy if Staal does not make the team this yr (I think he will though). I don’t want Sanguinetti on the team this yr. Think he’s very weak defensively and for one of the few times agree with Ivana in that in my opinion he was a mistake as a pick. He needs to be more seasoned to be anything or we will have another Malhotra on our hands. I also don’t want Souray on the team as I’d rather a spot for Staal. I did not agree with those last yr who wanted the 2nd center spot reserved for Immonen – another so called young player who I don’t think was ever any good for top end player status in the NHL.

  31. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Bonfire, most GMs take input from their coaches. And Sather has been the most detached GM in NHL for the last 3 years. Sather gave Renney plenty of prospects, but Renney is the one refusing to play them. GMs usually can’t force a coach to play someone, if it comes to that usually someone gets fired.

    It is usually the coach who decides who he wants to be called up when there is an injury. Sather couldn’t care less.

  32. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Think he’s very weak defensively and for one of the few times agree with Ivana in that in my opinion he was a mistake as a pick”

    that’s funny, I am actually starting to warm up to him as I keep hearing positive reports. Not that I think he is great or anything, the bust factor is still very high though.

  33. Can someone please explain the jersey thing to me. I am curious if Messier picks or if the Hall picks which team he goes in as…or if they just go in and no jersey is involved. Thanks. I am interested in such things.

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