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Credit goes to my man Dubi “over at Blueshirt Bulletin”: for “spotting this link”: to a Swedish newspaper that quotes Michael Nylander saying he expects to re-sgn with the Rangers in the next few days.

This, of course, is welcome news to Rangers fans, although not entirely surprising if it’s true. Even if this is the free agent center’s one chance to cash in and provide for his six kids (and potentially the six more kids to follow), I still have a hard time imagining him in a better situation than he has alongside Jaromir Jagr and Marty Straka in New York.

Throw in the fact that Nylander’s kids are immersed in the Greenwich, Conn., youth hockey leagues, and leaving would be difficult.

But we’ll see for ourselves once the i’s are crossed and t’s are dotted. Or the other way around. You know what I mean…

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  1. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    If Nylander expects Briere or Drury money he’s crazy. If he expects more than 70 points playing with anyone other than Jagr he’s just as crazy.

    Shanahan is working out with Scott Gomez, huh? Scott, I only got 60 points last year, Gomez…that could be money in the bank or busto signing both of them, time will tell.

    Any news on what goon Pittsburgh will bring in to replace Laraque (who has a shoulder injury)?? Christof Oliwa or Peter Worrell? haha

  2. I’ve heard two different stories – one the rumor mill that says it’s 3 years at $16 million, the other a wire report that says its 3 years at $8.9 million, which can’t be right.

  3. Put that money towards Gomez. He can do more and is younger. Some people are not so high on Gomez, but I see it as getting a younger playmaking center, who can kill penalties, has a lot of speed, and is a winner. I wouldn’t turn down Drury either. But Nylander is getting old, and has had the luxury of playing with Jagr. Nylander’s success is a lot more about Jagr than it is about Nylander.

  4. Ivana Kachanatsov on


    so to sum up Shanahan:

    -I don’t buy that he is bleeding Rangers blue all of a sudden
    -the team point production dropped, but they played their best when he was out of the lineup
    -If he didn’t get hurt we wouldn’t see Callahan and maybe would miss the playoffs
    -Jagr’s and Cullen’s production dropped
    -didn’t help Prucha, Dawes, Hall, Jason Ward, Betts, Isbister, Hollweg, Orr, Ortmeyer, or Krog
    -will be 39 years old in January
    -not a big playoff performer, only 17 points in the last 32 playoff games
    -not a clutch player with only 3 game winners, empty netters padded his stats.
    -only 27 even strength points
    -he will cost no less than 3.5 mil

  5. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “I’ve heard two different stories – one the rumor mill that says it’s 3 years at $16 million, the other a wire report that says its 3 years at $8.9 million, which can’t be right.”

    3 years would be a big mistake. I hope it is a 2 year deal for 8.9 mil.

  6. Ivana you could not be more off base with Shanahan the guy did everything the rangers asked of him last year and more. He is a proven winner. What does jagrs production have to do with Shanny? Do you think maybe it was jagrs shoulder? Not clutch go look at his performance in the wings cups and the his olympic gold performace you obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

  7. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    I tend to agree with Ivana’s main point – Jagr and Shanny struggle to work the same powerplay. His stats about Shanny are disconnected from emotional an emotional based decision to keep him and I tend to think Ivana’s stats are accurate.

    This year Shanny did a great job in the leadership role, and the “Let welcome Sean Avery to New York” role. That makes him a better asset than Petr Sykora was, but is he worth $4.0-$4.5 million a year? I think he’ll get it, but I’m not so sure he’s worth it.

  8. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I think Jagr’s shoulder had nothing to do with it. It was mental, he felt like there was another hall of famer on the team and he no longer felt that he has to be the one to score and lead the scoring, but started producing more when Shanahan was out when Jagr clearly was the go to guy.

  9. Ivana – save the re-posts. the originals sucked. As far as nylander getting old, how many forwards played better through the first two rounds of the playoffs. the guy has been pretty healthy for two years and has excellent chemistry w/ JJ. rather than take a chance on briere, drury or gomez, would like to see Slats trade some organization depth to get Thornton who will be a UFA next year.

  10. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    damn forgot to include Hossa and Immonen who also didn’t benefit from Shanahan

  11. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Jagr gets Nylander two 80 point seasons and everyone’s ready to give him the keys to the organization.

    This happened with another player who had a very short, and productive, stint as a center…played for ottawa…held out…then signed for a ba-jillion years at a ba-jillion dollars.

    And then the Islanders decided to let him go last week. Yashin. Don’t be blinded by Nylander’s success due to Jagr because if Jagr goes down Nylander’s just a huge waste.

  12. “the team point production dropped, but they played their best when he was out of the lineup”

    Rangers were 8-4-4 in the games he missed with the concussion; 8-2-1 in the final 11 games when he came back.

  13. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I don’t mind Nylander for 2 more seasons, but 3 is really pushing it.

    “Ivana – save the re-posts. the originals sucked.”

    how did it suck? What, truth hurts?

  14. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Rangers were 8-4-4 in the games he missed with the concussion; 8-2-1 in the final 11 games when he came back.”

    but if Shanahan didn’t get hurt, they might have not went on that hot streak, and believe me, Shanahan had zero “good” to do with those 8-2-1 and most of those games were against teams that didn’t make the playoffs.

  15. Adam the guy obviously has an ax to grind and is making up stats. Shannys first goal in the nhl was a game winner as ateenager against the rangers no less he’s got 3 cups and a gold medal and contributed significantly to all of it. Ranger fans saw what he brought to the team last year its worth the 4 mil to have that same chemistry they had at the end of the season and the playoffs, add in gomez and a offensive (powerplay) defenseman and we could have a shot next season.

  16. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    PIT signed Aaron Boogaard a few weeks ago…He’s the younger brother of MIN Derek Boogaard who’s been in trouble with the law recently…But if Aaron is as tough as his bro then i think Orrzie and Boogey Jr. are gonna have some sweet throw downs this season…Lets hope Hollweg stays away…He embarrises me when he fights…I still cant figure out if his strong arm is left or right cause he always fights with the left but its such a weak punch he throws.

  17. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    We need a defensive defensman with a slapshot. We don’t have one good, established defensman who can play solid defense!! The closest thing to is Dan Girardi, a rookie. Perhaps Tyutin will better establish himself this year too. Malik and Roszival are a second pair level of defensman.

    Mark Messier, Gordie Howe, and Wayne Gretzky have led teams to Cups, Gold Medals, and “contributed significantly” – but that doesn’t mean the Rangers should sign them.

    Goodness…go sign Eric Lindros, Theo Fleury, and Luc Robitaille again. When a player’s on his way out a good team/GM knows it and doesn’t offer contracts simply on what they’ve done in the past but what they should be able to offer in the future. Shanny’s a high-risk investment whether you pro-shanny fans want to hear it or not.

  18. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    If the both of you are so bent outta shape over Jags and Shanny…Wait 3 years untll the “Old Guys” retire…You can watch the Wolfpack play until then…

    As far as Gomez goes…You gotta understand…He’s not on an offensive team in the Devils…But a few of his goals were huge goals if im not mistaken…Game winners and Game tiers…Blah blah blah

    Put him on a more offensive team then he can do better….Put him with a guy like Shanny and maybe he’ll be alot better…

    i hear Paul Kariya might test the market…I wonder if NYR would consider him…

  19. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Gomez was the best in the playoffs for the Devils…He showed up…Unlike Broduer lol…I think with Parise doing so well…they wouldnt have a problem letting Gomez go…

    What does that mean…Shanny and Gomez are working out…What are they at Golds Gym or something???

  20. Robby Bonfire on

    Bringing back Nylander indicates this will be a typical old guard Ranger edition, in 2007-2008, meaning Sather will again be reluctant to break kids into the lineup, “as the team goes for the Stanley Cup.” I see the retension of Nylander as an indicator that Staal and some other young potential star kids will be and afterthought in camp, and be shipped out quickly to waste another year of their young careers at a lower level. Nylander coming back is not surprising, but extremely disheartening news. This knee-jerk GM just cannot plan beyond the next 10 minutes.

    Oh, by the way, what Nylander did in the 2007 playofs was LAST YEAR and is OLD NEWS, already. Career downside players slip noticeably from year to year, in case you haven’t heard. Some here seem to think old guys can just mail in their “Career season” year after year, with no diminishing of their production. DREAM ON! You are as myopic as the GM who doesn’t have a clue beyond suppertime.

  21. I think shanny is a leader and they should keep him.

    rangers faithful, This may not be the right forum for this but if the rangers wanted to land c.drury it may be wise to make a restricted offer to vanek in order to hamstring the sabres cap space? thoughts?

  22. You are all CRAZY! Shanahan was one of the hardest working players. He had a kickass start to the season, leading the league in goals. He’s got a great work ethic and makes an excellent leader.

  23. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Slats, I think that’s a great idea…someone suggested on one board doing the same to Parise and the Devils…except if you get one of them you’re likely giving away 2 draft picks (a first rounder and another depending on how big a contract you offer which is not matched by their original team).

    There’s a rumor that Gomez and Shanahan are working…like off-season working out together. I didn’t know they were buddy-buddy like that but if its true it probably means they’d consider signing on the same team (or persuade the other, ala Selanne-Kariya in Colorado years ago). Its just a suggestion.

  24. Drury

    I’d prefer the top 2, but I’d settle for any combination of the top 4.

  25. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Thaso that think Shanahan is a great leader, give some examples how we benefitted from his leadership?

    I understand Gomez is on a defensive team, but that doesn’t mean he deserves a 6 year 42 million deal. He is too soft and his goalscoring is always a question mark. Drury is the most overrated player in the NHL, period. Briere is stupid, small and soft.

  26. Shanahan is a leader by going out there and working harder than anybody else. When a player see a veteran giving it his all, they follow.

  27. True RW&B,

    Vanek would probably mesh well with the Rangers but if we got drury that would be better. I am not the biggest Gomez fan because he always been such a nemesis on the devils. can’t believe he and shanahan are “working out”–he can score goals but the devils success is not him– its marty, their defense etc which forces turnovers and oddman rushes. I don’t think he’s a good fit for NYR. watch the flyers go after him or send him out west somewhere.

  28. Is it hard to believe that an ex-Devil living in NY is still friends with a current Devil? That and they are both in the same UFA boat, why not?

  29. “stupid, small and soft”….Ivana, are you referring to yourself again or posting actual facts of which you never do ? Just the same old rhetoric over and over again.

    Why not head over to this blog and grace them with your diarrhea of the mouth.

  30. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Shanahan is a leader by going out there and working harder than anybody else. When a player see a veteran giving it his all, they follow.”

    when players see any teammage giving it all they usually follow, but Shanahan was far from the hardest working and his “hard work” did not benefit anyone. It was getting so bad that Renney decided to try Betts as Shanahan’s center.

  31. Heres what next year should look like:

    Straka – Nylander – Jagr
    Shannahan – Gomez – Avery
    Prucha – Cullen- Callahan
    Hollwig/Orr – Betts – Hossa

    Rosival – Malik
    Tutyin – Giradi
    Pock/Staal – Mara

    Also you could see Dawes in that mix because at the end of the year Renney felt he was ready to play at the NHL level. Dubinsky is obvously there should an injury happen as well.

    Also Shanny is not going to cost $4.5M or even $3.5M a year. Its been reported that as a veteran of so many years the Rangers can sign him to an incentive based contract which I think Shanny would agree to that would pay him a decent base $2M? $2.5M? but could bring him higher based on performance and also allow the Rangers to exceed the Cap. I think Shanny would/will take a deal like that because he has already said he only wants to play for the NYR next year and clearly his focus is on winning the Cup so taking less money to get another guy or two on the roster who could take them there would make sense.

  32. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Here is what next year should look like:




  33. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    more like stupidity, Brashear won just by having Shanahan sit in the box for 5 minutes. I am not saying Shanahan doesn’t have leadership qualities, it is just that nobody benefited from them at all.

  34. Ivan your comment shows you have no clue, everyone knows how much that fight meant to the entire team except for you. I am done even reading your posts you have no idea obviously you never played any sports if you don’t realize how things like that make a huge impact on a team.

  35. DanTheRangerFan on

    wow I have been reading for a few weeks now and am a regular but have not left a comment since the end of the season. I just have to say one thing Shut up Ivana!!! You shoot nothing but made up stats,crazy idiotic views, and stupid propaganda. Its time for another name change like the 5 other times you have done it…Because you have worn this one out

  36. Robby Bonfire on

    One has Mara over Malik; one has Pock even on the depth chart with Staal. OH MY!

  37. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    idiot, what made up stats? what propaganda? Crawl back in your hole, pathetic mook.

    Anybody who wants Shanahan back is a pathetic loser.

  38. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I guess im a pathetic loser…cause i want shanny back…I bet the other 29 teams in the league’s fans are all pathetic losers cause they want shanny…

    I gotta say…If wanting shanny back makes me a pathetic loser…then im a happy pathetic loser….

    Anus…Go jump off a bridge…It might be fun…

  39. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    If the Rangers pay Shanahan $4.0 million, he’s not worth it. IF they can do $2.5 incentive based (1 year) – then that would be a good deal. Shanahan’s leadership happened home game 1, he hit 600 goals. Fighting Brashear. Convincing the Rangers that Avery was a good (now “great” trade, for Jason Ward – haha). I don’t question Shanny’s leadership or value. I question his ability to contribute at a high level for what he’s being paid.

    If Nylander gets $5.0 million a year (or more) for 3 years that would be such a waste of money. Stumpel, Lang, and Handzus could do his job…and also play defense/PK.

  40. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Slats, Vanek is ridiculously good – but he disappeared in the playoffs. Was that a youth/maturity issue? Perhaps. Is he worth a 1st and 2nd round draft picks? If he can contribute in clutch times he’s well worth it, I was so impressed by his skills.

    As far as the Gomer working out with Shanny its in the 3rd or 4th paragraph of the latest update at Blueshirt Bulletin (.com)

  41. Got an e-mail from Dellapina who said it wasn’t true, Shanny laughed it off, he isn’t working out with Gomez.

  42. after reading all of the line ups posted here you have all forgot one huge i mean HUGE part of the game. lets see the penalty kill. we are not in good shape with out jed o and blair b. with out those two we lack a serious part of the game. not to mention betts was the best face center on the team last year. it’s all good to dream up these silly/stupid line ups but lets not forget those two very VERY important parts of the game and that once again is the PK. please think before you post those stupid line ups!!!

  43. simply not true. You can’t believe everything, especially this time of year. I’m sure Dellapina will have mention on his blog or in print directly from Shanny saying he has no idea where that rumor came from, end of story.

  44. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Well, that answers one of my questions – I thought maybe the Rangers were looking to sign the Gomer and Shanny in a package deal. They might actually play really well together, but I think there are better centers available than Gomez and I’ve stated my concern about Shanny.

  45. bleed RW&B – the Rangers also gave up a couple of prospects – the bigger one being Cliche who was a 2nd rounder for Avery. Ward was just a throw in.

    want zero to do with Lang. let him sign with the fishsticks.

  46. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    The PK’ing of Sean Avery and Martin Straka in the playoffs was phenominal…They were flat out awesome…Bringing it in the offensive zone throwing it back in the defensive zone then the d sending it back down…Now for all of you who said Shanny shouldnt play Pk…and yeah i understand its a risk…But when shanny got injured…our PK absoluetley sucked…We gave up Short handed goals in a few games…then he came back and our pk was good.


    No way in hell is Lang worth it…He’s not defensive at all…He’s lazy…Im a huge NYR fan…but also ive been a Wing fan for a while…Which explains why i wont hesitate defending Shanny…I know alot about the players there…And Lang is not worth anything…unless he’s a fourth liner not getting as much money as he is payed right now..


    You prefer Woody Allen over Mara…I Prefer Devil fans over you

  47. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Avery cost us pretty much a 2nd rounder, a 3rd rounder and a 5th rounder.

    Cullen, Moore, Straka and Avery are good penalty killers. And I believe Prucha, Callahan, and Byers can also be very good in that area, maybe not right away, but with a little time they should be good and will be better all around players because of it. This is how most good teams do it, only idiots like Renney keep a bunch of one dimentional stone handed players just for the PK because they don’t trust young guys in that situation.

  48. Thanks for the props, Sam, but they really should go to one of Blueshirt Bulletin’s readers for alerting us to the story and helping with the translation.

    And how about the Jagr story? Not at all consequential, but now I can boast of “my sources in Prague” too. If you’d like to know what Jags had for lunch today, I can find out…

  49. I am a fan of Shanny…but I would not want him back for 4+ mil a season…he isnt going to lead the team in scoreing or anything, but I think he brings a mentality with him and a hunger to win one more cup before he is done…he is probably feeling the clock tick really strong now, so his drive may bring the teams drive level up a notch or two. He is a leader, and other teams still respect the fact that he can play the game, so if he has the right linemates and a good center, I think he can still be a danger to score on most shifts and/or create space for his linemates. I would say 1 years 2.5 mil with incentives that could bring him way up, to like 5 or 6 if the Rangers make the finales or something and he gets certain numbers and such…I dont think the Rangers have to many leaders who have gone all the way as many times as he has, and he seems to help keep Avery in check as well. also with younger bigger guys like Jessiman trying to improve in the minors, haveing a hard nosed player in Camp will help them learn…and if they get any time up with the Rangers I am sure they can watch him prepare and play and learn from him…for the right money he is worth keeping

  50. How would 3 years be a big mistake? Last year was the best year of his career. What does that tell you? It says he is only getting better. And even if he is injured or not producing, you could just buy him out. Its really not that big a deal. Id rather give him 3 years than give Drury 7 years

  51. I think Shanny’s contract will have a base of no more than 3 million but they will probably put incentives for games played, goals, points, etc.

  52. Heard rumor that Ivana was traded back to the Village People. Hopefully we ill not hear from him Pork Anus or Yennr Mot again. Shanny not a leader – who was doing all the scoring early in the season when JJ was invisible with the bad shoulder. I suspect Ivana is one of the 250 Islander season ticket holders and gets his info directly from Charles Wang.

  53. Robby Bonfire on

    Renny doesn’t determine the player composition of the active roster – that’s the GM’s job. Not that Renney has no input, but no one really knows how much input he has, or how much stock Sather puts in Renney’s input. Renney does not make the short-term bald tire patching trades or FA acquisitions, nor does he go out and pick up a glut of stop-gap bums in the course of a season, which Sather did to classic proportions, last year.

    You want to lynch somebody, Sather, not Renney, is your man. I say Renney did one helluva coaching job last year, considering all the garbage pail Sather acquisitions he had to humor and put up with. You want to coach for a GM who is bringing in the likes of Krog, and Mara, and Dupuis, and Strudwick, and Kasparaitis, and Ozolinsh, and Isbister while you are trying to make a playoff run? IN SPITE OF THIS IDIOCY, Renney somehow got the team to the playoffs starting gate and got them to pull a highly impressive “upset” in the first round, which certainly didn’t look like an upset.

    Renney is not perfect, but I commend him highly for the outstanding job he did, under difficult circumstances, in 2007, including the way the players responded to him and played for him. I saw some REAL motivation out there, maybe you did too. What do you want to do, fire Renney and put Sather behind the bench for a real sag in morale and performance? Really!

  54. Some good points there, but lets be fair to Slats, he did bring in Avery who was an important catalyst. He turned Hall into Dupuis and ultimately into Bourret. The Mara swap worked until the Buffalo series. All in though, Renney did a very good job. Strategy aside, he kept these guys energized through a rough stretch when they fell to 12th below a horrid Bruins team. To keep a veteran team from going off the reservation means he must be pretty good in the locker room.

  55. Renney also refused to play Dawes, Pock, & Immo, so he’s far from perfect too. The bottom line was the result. The NYR played top level hockey for the last 1/4 of the season, whether you agree or not with the methods of Renney, Maloney, or Sather. And they probably would have gone deeper if the injuries had not taken their toll.They were 2 players away from being a real contender, a center & a tough D man.

  56. Guys, OF COURSE Shanahan is not working out with Gomez. Gomez lives either in NYC or Alaska, and Shanny is at his home in Cape Cod. But for a few days it sure is fun to believe they’re hanging together and getting ready to take MSG by storm.

    We will sign Nylander, but none of the other 3. Briere will stay in Buffalo (having one friend on the Flyers is not any reason to move your family to Philadelphia and play for that I-can’t-say-it-out-loud-franchise), Drury will go either here or San Jose but probably SJ, and Gomez will wind up out West someplace like Edmonton with Ryan Smith. We’ll try to trade for Marleau, but Sather will never pull it off, and Marty Straka will center our second line this year. And then, frustrated by the inability to sign anyone (stunned that Gomez and Drury spurned lesser offers from us to go where they end up), Sather overpays for Souray and makes what Gomez or Drury would have gotten out of us look like a steal. Souray scores a few PP goals from the point, but we hate his guts by Thanksgiving.

    I hope I’m wrong. But I know better.

  57. Robby Bonfire on

    Both good points, directly above. Also, it took one of those bogus power play “pulling the goaltender / extra attacker” goals to turn the tide in Buffalo’s favor. Were it not for that gratis power play goal, the Rangers would have returned to MSG leading 3-2 in the series, with an excellent chance of winning game six on inspiration and momemtum.

    Detriot also saw its season slip away because of this hideous, discriminatory rule, but what can one do? Just a nightmare way to see your season evaporate, when it was looking so promising. Renney came that close to getting an over-matched team to the final four. Amazing, just to think about it.

  58. Ivana:

    I’d like to go on record and state that I was incorrect about the Havlat signing. I thought he was signed as a UFA out of Ottawa, not traded as a RFA and then signed to a long term deal by Chicago.

    I just don’t think Havlat and Straka are the same. Two different players at different points in their careers, whereas Straka is a year-to-year player, Havlat has many more in front of him.

    So was I wrong, yes, I admit it, I’m man enough, but I don’t believe that takes anything away from my ability to diagnos what a team needs or doesn’t need.


    Not happy with losing Rachunek. The kid came over here from Europe to play for the Rangers, had a good year, and now the Rangers let him go UFA. #1. a top flight UFA defenseman, if there are any left, is going to cost upwards near $4 million per, twice as much as Rachunek, and then the money spent on a UFA dman will hurt us in our ability to obtain Drury or Briere, where we are hurting the most, at center.

    Rachunek should have been re-signed and Mara should have been dealt to free up money to pay for Drury or Briere or even Forsberg or Zubrus.

    Now the Rangers are down a defenseman, unless they see Liffiton able to step in, which I hope, but either way, I was hoping to lose Mara somehow, nothing against him, I just like Rachuneks speed and shooting ability moreso than Mara, plus I think Rachunek earned a contract with his play last season.

    This is the side of Sather I just don’t like, his treatment of certain players.

  59. Shanny:

    #1: Obviously not the player he was in his prime and was used way too much last season, BUT had no Yzerman getting him the puck either and still scored 30 goals.

    Give him a top flight #2 and he’ll produce, maybe not 50 goal production, but production.

    #2: And nobody has mentioned this, Shanny dropping the gloves with Huggy Bear was in miy mind, the singular most amazing moment in Rangers hockey in many years! Watching Ranger Blue go toe-to-toe with the biggest goon in the league at center ice in MSG and then the Rangers winning the game, was to me worth the $4 million he earned.

    I love Shanny and want him on the bench. Avery, Orr, Holly, Shanny, Liffiton, we need grit on this team, and Shanny’s got it all, even at 38.

  60. Rachunek can be easily replaced. Tom Preissing can do the same thing and make the same or less $.

    At center? If they can’t get Drury/Briere/Gomez Handzus is a good option. He’s huge and is a pain to play against. Zubrus? Eh, he’s ok. Lang is old but for one year wouldn’t be the end of the world.

  61. Shanahan had to fight Brashear because he was the only Ranger with any guts to do something about being run out of their own building. I wish we had Shanny 5 years ago but the fact is he is on the downswing of his career at 39. I still think he can be a decent contributing player and leader on this team for one more year. The Hartford kids all look up to him and could certainly learn a few things from him. Also, let’s not forget that Dave Andreychuk was 40 when he captained the TB Lightning to the Cup a few years ago.

  62. Am I the only one that watched the Rangers in the playoffs and was witness to the fact that Nylander stood out and was the most productive player (other than Sean against the Thrashers)?

  63. Well, today Brooks says the Rangers are in no rush to sign Nylander and will try to sign both Drury and Gomez for less money than other suitors by banking on a ride down the Canyon of Heroes. Which means that Nylander will be signed within 24 hours or we’ll be watching Marty Straka and Robert Lang as our top two pivots.

  64. Uncle Larry at the Post seems to think we are avoiding talking to Nylander until he’s seen if he can hit a home run and sign Gomer and Drury. If Larry is right (big IF) i think it would be a mistake – Nylander has proven chemistry with Jagr, unless Nylander is asking for too much?
    As for Shanny, he will sign for less than $4m and prove the doubters wrong with 25+ goals and a few more in the playoffs. Please Renney use him less on the PK!

    As for lines (barring any trades):



    I would love to see Mailk gone and Staal play in his place -and also love to see Dawes/Byers/Bourret in the line-up but i think they might have to take their chances as injury fill-ins.
    I think Sather is expecting Ansimov and Cherepanov to be ready next year to replace Shanny and Straka.

    Is Sather waiting to see what cap room he has left before he signs Hank and Avery to deals?

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery does not belong on the 2nd line. It worked OK for a while last season, but the man simply does not have the offensive talent to warrant that kind of ice time.

    I’d put Avery under Prucha and Callahan. Hell, even Dawes deserves the 2nd line wing more than Avery does.

    He would, however, be an excellent third line player, especially with Cullen at center.

  66. Lauren – Agree with you though #30 was probably NYR’s MVP in playoffs. As far as resigning Nylander goes, Brooks is a tool of the players association and its agents. He will parrot anything that theorhetically gives the player more leverage in negotiations w/ management. It is hard to imagine on any level Nylander not re-signing w/ NYR. He would not be a great fit on either of the teams that are presumed to be targets (Philly or SJ which already has a playmaking center in Thornton).

  67. I don’t put much stock into ANYTHING Larry Brooks writes. The only thing he ever got right and knew before everyone else was Shanny signing with the Rangers last summer. If you remember, he had an article in the Post 1 day early saying it was a done deal before anyone else reported it.

    I still expect Nylander to re-up, and either Gomez or Drury as a Ranger next season. Renney was on 1050 ESPN a few days ago and said the Big 3 FAs (Briere included) are all great players and the Rangers would love to add at least 1 of them. The fact that Renney was on the air waves saying this leads me to believe Sather is prepared to offer $7-$8 million per year to at least 1 of them. Which is a shame, because neither of them are worth that much. They are not elite players.

  68. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Avery had 20 points in 29 games and was +11 or +12 in a Rangers jersey. He didnt spend alot of time on the PP or with Jagr either – so call it what you want, but that works out to about 55-60 points a season.

    Do you know what 55-60 points a season can be equated to??!

    (my transition…)

    The Nylander deal I keep seeing is $16million for 3 years. I think Jagr will be here 1, maybe 2 more years. Nylander is useless without him – Nylander was benched for being lazy this year (did you all forget that?). A 3-year contract means he hangs around longer than Jagr does and that’s just dead-wood, I’m sorry.

  69. NJ Mark – Agree w/ you re: the price of this year’s UFA’s. This is a bad class to make a long term commitment of max dollars. Much better to trade a prospect for say Marleau or Thornton and wait for Igilna or Thornton next year. I think Drury gives you a few real good years then turns into Pedro Martinez for the back end of his contract.

  70. Why do so many people assume Straka will be on the first line with Nylandser and Jags.
    There were stretches last season where Straka was not working well on the top line and I don’t think it was due to his injuries.

    My money is on Hossa playing the top line to create space and giv ethe unit some size.

  71. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Doodie, I just read your comment about Dawes being a second line player.

    Hahahahahaha. Thank you.

  72. As for Drury and Gomez, a couple of myths need dispelling:

    First, though the Connecticut-born Drury indeed owns a home in Manhattan Beach, Calif., he has not determined that he only will play for a West Coast team. On the contrary, playing for the Rangers, for whom he rooted growing up in Trumbull, Conn., remains intriguing to him.

    Second, while Brendan Shanahan might like to have Gomez centering him next season, the Rangers’ winger chuckled yesterday when asked about the report that the two have been working out together in recent weeks.

    “That’s pretty funny,� Shanahan said from Cape Cod. “I haven’t seen him at all. I heard he was in Alaska. Where do they come up with this stuff?�

    Perhaps the same place as the erroneous report that Rangers GM Glen Sather made scouting trips to Omsk, Russia, last season to watch the team’s first-round pick in last weekend’s Entry Draft, Alexei Cherepanov, play.- from Dellapina

    * *

  73. There is no question all 5 players can help any team, but at what cost. Here is my best guess at what I’d pay….

    Drury – $22M 4 yr
    Brier = $16M 3 yr
    Nylander – $12M 3yr
    Gomez = $9M 2 yr
    Shanahan – $3M 1 yr

    All contracts should have incentives.

  74. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    You won’t sign any of those players for that money, besides maybe Shanahan.

    That’s the problem with this group of UFA’s. They’re first line players but I wouldn’t consider them “franchise” players/anchors. You couldn’t build a team around any of them which is why I don’t understand how teams will max out the salary cap ($7.5 or $8 million per year) for some of these guys.

  75. Oh, I have no doubt they will tender more. I’m just giving my opinion to what I’d pay for them.

  76. Nylander:

    Due to the rule changes is a better player because he can no longer be hooked and held. Outstanding shootout player and is recognized around the league as one of if not the best stick handler out there. Must stay in NYC.


    Would score more points in another system.


    A perfect fit I think behind Nylnder and Jagr


    Smallish player, playing on the Presidents Cup team during a contract year, can’t see his numbers improving, whereas Drury has proved it in the past, although neither are the best in their trade.


    Not a 2nd line player. He’s an agitator, a perfect third line player with Cullen and Straka. I keep Cally on the 2nd line with Shanny and Drury/UFA at center. I keep Hossa, Jags, Nylander together. I think that’s a heck of a roster.

    Or scenario #2

    In my mind Callahan has to beat out Prucha in the preseason. I give Montoya half the season to prove himself as a goalie and then he’s dealt along with Prucha and a pick? to get that top line center this organization needs (Vinny)?

  77. NYRCUP07: Seriously, how can anyone justify giving guys like Gomez, Briere, and Drury $8 million this year, when Heatley, Thornton, Hossa, Marleau, and Iginla are all UFAs next year? All 5 of those guys are WAY more talented than this year’s group. I know that doesn’t take playoff performance into consideration, but still, no way are Gomez, Briere, or Drury as talented as any of those players.

    I’d much rather us save our long term money for one of those guys, give some kids a chance to earn those spots, and field a team not that different from this past season.

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think this team (as currently assembled) is THAT far off from contending. We’ll have a full season of Jagr with a healthy shoulder, the continuing development of Lundqvist as an elite goalie, young guys like Girardi, Tyutin, Prucha, and Callahan getting another year of experience, a full season of Avery, and the infusion of some more hungry youth (Staal, Dawes, Dubinsky, etc?). When you add all of that up, I think they are contenders right now.

  78. Callahan looked good last year but he fizzled out at the end has to show he can bring it night in and night out for the long haul…its not easy.

  79. I completely disagree with the notion that Gomez, Drury and Briere are not elite players. All three clearly are for various reasons. Now Nylander, he’s not elite.

  80. I think Drury as a player is way overrated. More importantly, many people seem to forget or ignore (and I don’t know why) that he had a CONCUSSION last year.

    We’ve had our fair share of concussion problems on this team in the past 5 years and don’t need any more high risk players on this team-

  81. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    silly rabbit, UFAs are for morons.

    lets face it most UFA’s are going to come back and bite you on the ass with their insane contracts. UFA’s are best avoided unless they are very underrated and don’t demand high salary or multi year contracts or if they are the calibur of Scott Niedermeyer still in their prime.

  82. Drury scored 193 Career NHL goals in 8 full seasons playing slightly over 600 games.
    He has a total of 464 points in 628 career games played..


  83. Peter,

    I don’t think it’s so clear that all 3 are elite players. Very good players, yes. But not elite. Lets examine each:

    Gomez: 5 of his 7 seasons, he’s scored 14 goals or less. And one of the other 2 he had 19. That’s not elite. Heck, Matt Cullen had 16 for us last year and he was a 3rd liner, not a 1st liner like Gomez!

    Drury: Never once had 70 points in a season. His average season through 8 years is 24 goals, 33 assists. Nice, but not elite. And yes, I know he’s won a Cup. But I think some guys named Sakic, Forsberg, Bourque, and Roy had a little more to do with that than he did.

    Briere: 95 points last season, but that was a HUGE increase compared to previous seasons. Perhaps he was motivated by the contract? And not for nothing, but I don’t want my 1st line center being 5’9″, 177 pounds. Little too fragile for my liking.

  84. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    also we do not have a hole at center we got Avery, Straka, Dubinsky, Cullen, and Betts and maybe Nylander. That is 5, in AHL we got Pyatt, Helminen, Dupont and maybe Anisimov and Olver as well as Bourret who can play center and Falardeau and Graham in ECHL.

  85. Regardless of who you can sign, if you can get them in at a reasonable contract they become an asset to an organization. You have to avoid signing players to contracts (see Holik, Yashing, Kasperitis, Rachunek, Ozolonish) that make them impossible to move if they don’t ‘fit’ your organizations mold. Why couldn’t the Rangers get anything for Holik, Rachunek, Kasperitis, Ozolinish? Because nobody else felt they were worth the money. Only pay a player because they are worth it, not because you have a need that must be filled at any cost.

  86. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Nice look into the scary future…

    I lost my Remote…Can you help me out.

  87. Bad Contracts are worse than having to rely on lower talent. The ONLY time it pays out is if you win the Stanley Cup.

  88. NYRich82: Believe me, I am not opposed to signing any of those guys for the right price. That means not at $7 or $8 million per year. They are simply not worth it. Gomez was paid $5 million this past year. How does 14 goals justify an increase of $3 million? The way I see it, $8 million means the person is your franchise player. None of those guys are franchise players. If he is, then that’s an insult to the Jagrs, Brodeurs, and Crosbys of the NHL.

  89. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “also we do not have a hole at center we got Avery, Straka, Dubinsky, Cullen, and Betts and maybe Nylander. That is 5”

    oops, that’s actually 6

  90. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Your like a broken record…If you want to say moronic things that you truly believe then what ever…But come up with new material…

    All i hear from you is Sather..Kaspar..and Ozolinsh…Thats it

    Switch the subject already…

  91. My prices were over multiple years

    Brier is under $6
    Drury a little over $5
    Gomeze was 4.5
    Nylander 4
    Shanny 3

  92. Drury – $22M 4 yr ($5.5/yr)
    Brier = $16M 3 yr ($5.3/yr)
    Nylander – $12M 3yr ($4/yr)
    Gomez = $9M 2 yr ($4.5/yr)
    Shanahan – $3M 1 yr ($3/yr)

  93. Why is Larry Brooks reporting the seeming opposite, vis a vis Nylander? That he’s being cut loose, not re-signed?

  94. I’ve read multiple sources citing that Nylander will be UFA on 7/1. At this point, why believe anything else? Why would he come this far only to sell short.

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