Cherepanov coming to town


It may be another year before Alexei Cherepanov is vying for a spot on the Rangers’ roster. But the team’s No. 1 draft pick will still be at the MSG Training Center next week for a five-day development camp.

According to the official release from the Rangers:

“Some of the other prospects that are scheduled to attend the Development Camp are: defensemen Marc Staal, Bobby Sanguinetti, Michael Sauer and Mike Busto; forwards Artem Anisimov, Tom Pyatt, Alex Bourret, Brodie Dupont, Billy Ryan, Ryan Hillier and Greg Beller; goaltender Miika Wiikman; among others. In addition, goaltender Antoine Lafleur, the Rangers 2007 second round draft pick, will also be in attendance for the training week. Overall, 21 skaters will be working out at the Madison Square Garden Training Center during the camp.”

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  1. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Im looking foward to seeing Chery play in the future…Hopefully Staal is in the lineup next season.

  2. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Someone needs to advise Cherepanov to avoid interviews just like Tyutin did, Cherepanov is terrible in interviews and he needs to lose the interpreter guy and spend some time and money on learning English.

    Cherepanov needs to be in North America this season.

  3. I can’t wait to see those 3 big studs on defense in the future. The triple S’s are going to be awesome. Cherepanov and Anisimov, a little Russian conection hopefully. Future looks pretty bright boys and girls.

  4. I only hear great things about Mike Sauer, he’s mean, tough, and nasty…Does Renney run the prospect camps?

  5. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Does Renney run the prospect camps?”

    I hope not, he talks too much it will be in one ear and out the other

  6. Robby Bonfire on

    The young talent-base being assembled is looking impressive, overall. The one concern I have is how long their NHL careers will be forestalled in deference to the club’s continued coddling of its rapidly declining-in-skills older guard contingent?

    If some potentially outstanding NHL careers are tabled until most of this group is in the 23-25 rookie age bracket, best guess is they will not win a Cup. If the top six or eight of them are promoted while they are in the 19-22 age range, it could augur quite well for serious future Cup challenges. As a major Sather skeptic and detractor, I look for some (Montoya, Sanguinetti, and others) to be traded for the usual FA big-name, career downside suspects, than retained and plugged into the Broadway Big Blue machine.

    Time will tell, but I have a foreboding another deadbeat “Lindros-type” acquision is in the works, and this time Sather WILL GET BURNED by a smarter and more patient GM colleague.

  7. Ivana- your right about Cherepanov needing to be in NA next year. Why not head over to Russia and take his place. Would be nice to loose your mindless posts for a year !!!!

  8. So is Sauer any good? I haven’t heard much about him. He’s related to Kurt?

    Anisimov I thought would never come over. I remember last year he was a “steal” for the Rangers – should’ve been a first round pick but teams thought he would never play in the NHL so they didn’t take him but the Rangers gambled. Would be nice to give him a shot.

  9. Good point by Bryan. You read some of these posts from Ivana and realize how stupid Islander fans are.

  10. Sam the NYR wasted their #48 pick on a goalie that probably would have still been there with their next pick. There were plenty of forwards, which Clark said was their focus, that they should have picked instead of Lafleur.

  11. “Wasted the 48 pick on a goalie who would have been there” is just ignorant…Colorado took a G with the very next pick…then 8 more were taken before the Rangers picked again (138).

    They got a big, athletic goalie who put up solid numbers in the QMJHL, which is an extreme offensive league…the pick either addresses the need for goaltending depth in the minors or gives them more flexibility to deal Montoya…and then there’s the fact that they turned their 3rd into a very good forward prospect in Bourret. So you’re pretty much all wrong.

  12. Robby – Lighten the “f” up, man. Were things as bleak on Broadway as you make them out to be, we’d have Toskala and Bell skating here next year. Looking over the list of guys Sam posted is a veritable who’s who of the 2008-2009 Rangers. All those guys will have a bonafide chance of making the team either this or next year. As I’ve explained before, many(not all, mind you) of the guys in Hartford are third- or fourth-line players at best. Unfortunatly for them, those are spots that are being adquately filled. So what’s this mean? You’ll have to wait until 2008-2009. Deal with it. It’s not a doom-and-gloom scenario as you like to put it.

    As for BOURRET, he took a few games to adjust in Hartford, then TURNED IT ON. That kid is likely to be a top liner, and one out of the Sean Avery mold. He may only be 5’10, but he plays a lot bigger. Definitly an NHLer. I haven’t heard word one about him being a bust after what he did in the AHL playoffs(11 points, seven games).

    Ivana Pork Mot: The only bonus for getting Cherepanov here next season is so that he could learn english. The league he’s playing in now is far more competitive than the AHL or juniors, so if he did venture over, he’d need to be in the NHL to get an equal or greater level of competition. I’d love to see him here, but have a feeling this is the best way for him to develop.

  13. Rucchin – Sauer is projected to be as good, if not better than his brother, who is indeed Kurt of the Avalanche. He along with Staal and Sanguinetti are the reason the team didn’t draft blueliners in the first two rounds.

  14. D does that stand for something besides the obvious? You want to trade Montoya, not a great idea. How many forwards were picked instead of goalies? Step away from the kool-aid and cut out the ‘ignorant’ & ‘pretty much all wrong’ nonsense to prove yourself and the NYR right with that pick.

  15. They say LaFleur is going to take 5 years or so to develop. Who knows what’s going to happen between now and then? Are you (the ones who didn’t want to draft him) just going to leave it with Henke, Valiquette, and Montoya and expect it to be like this for years to come? A lot can happen in 5 years. Ask Dan Blackburn and Jose Theodore.

  16. Montoya, Westlund, Wilkman, Gallant, Holt, Lindsay, & now Lafleur. Valiquette,& Lundie.

  17. It says in the post that Benoit Allaire knows LaFleur very well and he was excited that NY got him when they did….People keep bringing up Sanguinetti and speaking of him highly but I’ve read alot of stuff, while overall complimentary, seems very Tom Poti-ish, I hope I’m wrong

  18. Did anyone read this off It was obviously written before the draft and was dead on with it’s projection…

    1) Alexei Cherepanov, RW
    Projection: Mid first round

    His presence at the top of the Russian rankings should not be a surprise to anyone. This young player has consistently been the most talented and surprisingly productive young player in the Russian Super League. A fluid skated with an above average top speed, Cherepanov is a smart and technical player who has also proved an ability to learn quickly, adapting in just a few months to the rigors of the professional game in the Super League. He obviously did not accomplish this alone, and had some great teachers in his linemates Popov and Kuryanov, who are exceptional young hockey players in their own rights. As a result of skating with such experienced and productive players, significant pressure was relieved off Cherepanov, giving him a chance to develop and eventually blossom. This has helped Cherepanov immensely, since he is not by any stretch a big player and has not yet filled in his 5’11 frame. One concern about this young forward’s game is his consistency and ability to stay motivated.

    He played very differently in the Super League and with Russia’s U20 squad when compared to his level of activity and aggressiveness while with the U18 squad. A player who beat the Super League rookie record and was U20 Team Russia’s top scorer should not be average just a point a game at the U18 World Junior Championships. The last two players who performed this well both in the Super League and on the International arena were Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin, and while Cherepanov undeniably has loads of talent, he is not in the same elite echelon as those forwards. In regards to his offensive skills, he does, however, remind a bit of Alexander Radulov and Washington Capitals prospect Ivan Nepriayev when he was at that age. Cherepanov’s consistency and lack of physical presence are a concern, though his upside is immense.

    Draft Projection: Overall, the speculation of this young forward being drafted in the top five spot will unlikely materialize. In fact, he may not hear his name among the top 10 forwards, even though, talent wise he may deserve to be there in the latter part of the top 10. Cherepanov may have to wait because of the continuing lack of transfer agreement between Russia and the NHL, which would make it harder to sign him. Additionally, considering the pay grade of Russia’s young hockey stars back home, it would be difficult for an NHL team to wrestle him away and convince Cherepanov to develop in the AHL for a season or two, which also hurts his prospects. Still, no team will be able to resist his great upside and this young player will be off the board in the top 20

  19. Future definitely looks bright. And you can never have enough young goalies in your system. They will definitely fetch us something nice in return.

    D is right about the QMJHL. That is an offensive league and LeFleur put up nice numbers there. Excellent pick.

    Chereapnov, Anisimov, Pyatt, Dupont, Staal, Sauer, Sanguinetti to go along with Henrik, Prucha, Cally, Tyutin, Girardi. When have the Rangers ever had that kind of talent base in our system?

  20. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Does anyone know if Sauer and Sanguinetti are gonna be with the Wolf Pack this season or the following season

  21. “And you can never have enough young goalies in your system.”
    They have a few. How many is not enough and how many can they really have 10, 20, 30? I wonder why they didn’t pick any in the last 2 drafts since ‘you can never have enough’.

  22. Robby Bonfire on

    Hey, I hope I’m wrong and that Sather breaks his own, established mold and: A. Keeps all the promising kids in the syste and trades no decent prospects or current young team members for expedient, short-term considerations; and, B. Promotes all who appear deserving of a NHL career-shot in timely fashion.

    This is not “doom and gloom,” this is a blueprint for attaining the ultimate success, which, if it is three years away, we are getting closer to, every day. Exhibiting patience, and having the vision to see beyond the present time frame is a powerful formula for success.

  23. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Some kid just told me that NYR just signed Avery for 2 years…Is there any truth to that…Sounds kinda made up…But i just wanted to make sure…Hopefully its not

  24. Of all the goalies listed above, the only guy below the NHL level with any shot to make it in the NHL is Montoya. You have to have more than that in your system. Lafleur is 18, so it’s not like they need to find room for him immediately. Is it that hard to understand the need to plan further ahead than the next season?

    And as for anything written in HF – who cares? You need no expertise to post so there is no telling fact from fiction.

  25. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Ivana Pork Mot: The only bonus for getting Cherepanov here next season is so that he could learn english. The league he’s playing in now is far more competitive than the AHL or juniors, so if he did venture over, he’d need to be in the NHL to get an equal or greater level of competition. I’d love to see him here, but have a feeling this is the best way for him to develop.”

    yes Russian league may be more competitive, but to learn English, play 80 game season, adjust to NA, and to smaller rinks is more important.

  26. pemoco – I think Hockey’s Future is pretty good. Maybe you’re thinking of the message boards that anyone can post on?

  27. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Of all the goalies listed above, the only guy below the NHL level with any shot to make it in the NHL is Montoya”

    you already saw Lafleur and Wilkman?

  28. Orr – i think Sanguinetti has to go back to juniors unless he’s on the Rangers. That was the case with Staal this year and Sanguinetti was drafted 1 year later. Since Sauer was drafted the same year as Staal, I’m thinking he can play at the Pack this yr.

  29. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    LI JOE

    Thanks…..Hopefully Sauer gets a few games with NYR…Staal as well.

  30. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    we can’t afford to be developing only 1 rookie per season when we have so many NHL ready prospects. We need to make room for 3-4 rookies not counting Girardi and Callahan.

    Staal, Montoya, Baranka, Moore(takes Ortmeyer’s spot) and Dubinsky as well as Dawes whom I don’t have much hope in and hope to trade him. As well as Jessiman should get at least a couple of games look in NHL, Liffiton and Byers. Best time to develop them is early in the season, then trade the ones you don’t like at the deadline for veteran or 2 to help with the playoffs.

    But Rangers will do everything backwards, they first go through all the veteran options, realize many of them suck then in a panic mode play a few kids that help them a lot. Let’s see if idiot Renney learns from his stupidity this season.

  31. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Malik, Betts and Hossa need to be traded, they are choking the progress of this team.

    Orr and Valiquette are useless.

    Straka, Mara, Dawes, and Pock should also be considered for trades.

  32. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Hollweg also should be considered to be traded if he fails to score or use him only against physical teams.

  33. ivana that’s only 10 guys . how about the other 13, why not trade thm too?

  34. Robby Bonfire on

    IVANA – You are on the money as regards the Rangers going through the veteran options before promoting deserving kids. So that the best we can hope for is that the club stockpiles many of these young talents in Hartford, so that when the veteran player injuries start accumulating, one at a time these kids get called up. We saw that with Girardi and with Callahan (belatedly) last year, and they did come in and show that they belong.

    The club will make great strides this coming season if Sather will just bypass, for a change, the hideous Dupuis, Strudwick, Krog, Kasparaitis, Ozolinsh, Mara, Isbister-type in-season “options” out there, and promote the young talent from within the system, AS THE FIRST REPLACEMENT OPTION. Christ, I hope he learned something from his own blundering in this regard which he perpetrated to a ridiculous extreme, last season, but what are the chances of that?

  35. Should be exciting next year to track the progress of all of the Ranger kids (NHL; AHL;junior; college and european players).

    I personally am real interested to see how Tom Pyatt performs during his first professional year in the AHL . . .

  36. Ivana Stanleycup on

    the Ducks won the Cup with a big strong tough NA team. that is the new template. Finesse and euro-fancy is out. So, sather as usual goes for more softies and purse carriers. Yuck.

  37. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “ivana that’s only 10 guys . how about the other 13, why not trade thm too?”

    the main thing is to trade Hossa, Betts and Malik. Orr and Valiquette don’t belong in NHL. If Dawes doesn’t impress in the begining we should trade him.

  38. Ivana- You sound like an idiot. get a life. all you do is complain about a team that is in great shape. you just dont know when to stop nitpicking and it is very annoying. you should just stop posting here if youre gonna be such a negative idiot

  39. GO NYR – I’m almost sure Sanguinetti has to play juniors (or for the Rangers this season). He can not play in the AHL as his birthday is in February 1988. I thought he was also traded by his junior team Owen Sound to another junior team.

  40. Robby Bonfire on

    IVANA – You might take another look at Hossa, as regards critical/close game goal scoring in the second-half of the regular season. In fact, on my (even strength) clutch goals scored points award system, Hossa ranked second on the club to Prucha, in this regard. The ever-popular gray-beard Shanahan, and Ortmeyer were INVISIBLE in this “gamer” category. I am quite bullish on Hossa, he is young, steps up at crunch time, and extremely valuable to this hockey club. Moving him on would be a major miscalculation.

  41. I agree that we should get rid of Valiquette and Orr.

    But Mara, Hossa? No way. Mara played great defense for us last season, he was part of the puzzle that put us on that 13-3-1 run at the end. Hossa showed how good he can really be if you put him with a play-maker such as Jagr.

    Also, someone mentioned we should get rid of Pock as well. BIG-NO to that one. He’s a great young D that we should keep around. He performed much better than Rachunek along with Mara.. but what are you going to do, Renney decides to change up something that was working.

    I say leave Cherapanov out of the NHL for 1-2 years. Let him develop.. whether it be in Russia or NA, he needs some time. There’s no point to rush him in.

    Let me join the bandwagon and say Ivana, you’re an idiot. Straka needs to stay.

  42. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I was a huge Marcel fan, but let’s get real, he is at BEST a 40 point guy if he plays full season on the top line.

    He is not a very good hitter, he does not have good hockey sense. Play Avery or Straka on the top LW position.

    Pock and Mara are mediocre defensemen, nothing special about them.

  43. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Hossa is like Vasicek, nothing good will ever come from him

    how about signing Selanne instead of Shanahan?

    who are the top free agents in terms of leadership?

  44. I actually have to agree with the anus about Hossa here. To me, with neither signed yet, the Rangers will probably keep Hossa or Prucha. I’d much rather see Prucha get that time on the first line, but even if he doesn’t, he has shown he can perform on the third and fourth. Hossa, however, only did well with the best players on the team and does not create much himself. He was a terrible penalty-killer, not great defensively, but can hit some. I would say sign him and then trade him, but, really, what’s the sense in that when we have prospects that need to come up and take that spot. I guess we could trade him for a draft pick, however.

  45. Robby Bonfire on

    My two cents: STRAKA is one-dimensional – small, with no physical game, getting up there in years, overpaid, HIGHLY EXPENDABLE – should be the FIRST old guard veteran to go.

    Yes, MARA played above-average D in the regular season, but was a horrible bust when it counted. So that he can be an asset from October – April, but was the goat on D this year, when it counted, as was Ozolinsh (who can forget?), the year before. Just a bit player now, with so much younger talent on D ahead of him, or about to pass him on the depth chart. And remember, in Boston he was a sieve on D, and though he played better here, his established performance level over an extended sample period is extremely damning and condeming, as he is highly mistake prone. Best guess is he reverts to his Boston level of play if the club brings him back for more regular duty. He was an extremely IFFY acquisition to begin with, by far Boston’s worst D, the kind a GM is looking to unload on a sucker, and sure enough, we took the bait.

    POCK might be retained as a seventh or even eighth D, someone to give playing time, strictly to rest the regulars. Couple problems with him, 1. Smallish; 2. Low percentage scoring and rather weak shot on net. He scored on just 3-4% of his shots on net in 2007. League average for D’s is about 6 %. The stud D’s register in double figures. Face it, he becomes a 26-year old journeyman this year. Expendable, or reserve, at best. Talented young D’s are the Rangers stock in trade, now, and Pock is not one of them. In the span of one year it has all passed him by as he sinks from touted prospect to minor role player.

    HOSSA: Not concerned how MANY points he scores, his goals are timely and meaningful. Plus, he could break out and become special, or nearly special, in the next couple years. Or I could be wrong. Just know it is much too soon to quit on him, given his subtle yet positive indicators. He comes to play and mix it up, and has natural ability. A real professional. I would just leave him alone and let him show up and do what he does best.

    This club is not loaded with talented forwards, as it is with younger D’s. We need Hossa as a piece in the as yet unfinished forward-building puzzle.

  46. Robby – don’t you realize what Mara was for the Bruins, Ward was for us? I think we came out slightly ahead on that one, but shouldn’t re-sign Mara when the time comes. Obviously Pöck doesn’t have a place on this team; I can’t imagine why he would want to re-sign here, but maybe it’s because he thought he’d get higher pay for doing nothing. He is too inconsistant, but did actually come through when it counted in some late games and playoff games.

  47. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I rather see what Jessiman can do playing with Jagr if he looks at least as good as Hossa there in camp then trade Hossa.

    I rather see a guy like Liffiton be our 7th defenseman, he is big, tough and physical and fight he replaces both Orr and Pock at the same time. Pock doesn’t make me feel safe when he is playing defense and he is not physical, why bother having him when Baranka easily better all around. and let’s not forget Pikkarainen, Potter, Taylor, etc. We don’t need Pock.

    Trade them for draft picks.

    As for Straka, I think he is overrated, small, not physical, rarely goes to the net, sucks on faceoffs, I have a feeling his production will dip down 20 points. Hard decision, probably keep him then maybe trade him at the deadline when some prospects start pushing for spots.

  48. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “I can’t imagine why he would want to re-sign here”

    I will never understand it either, maybe he thinks they owe it to him now and will play him.

    Mara is easily replaced by Baranka or Sauer or Potter. He is big and a good skater, but not physical and is overall an underachiever. I am fine with him being here another season, as long as they don’t re-sign him.

  49. Would it make sense for the Rangers to try and land Bertuzzi? A top line of Jagr, Nylander and Bertuzzi would be pretty nice

  50. You cannot get rid of Orr. Even in today’s NHL, you need to have an enforcer – remember the Flyers game in mid-Feb where Jagr et al got mugged and there was no retaliation. When teams think twice about taking runs, it opens up huge space. Also, putting Jessiman on a line with Jagr would be like batting Giambi leadoff. I am convinced that pork anus is not smoking crack but rather LSD.

  51. Robby Bonfire on

    The Ward-Mara trade (does it really need more dissection, here?), was essentially our “junk” for their “junk.” Mara is younger, but what a truly bottom-feeder trade that was.

    What really irked me about acquiring Mara (besides his glaring defects and chronically sloppy play), was taking him instead of the talented kid D (need to look up the name) the Bruins shipped back to the minors just a couple days before the Ward-Mara trade. Talk about a club (Boston) which is clueless, this kid played really well in a brief trial, but the Bruins opted to demote him and plug in Ward, via Mara, in his place.

    Rangers are not the only club which makes imbecilic roster moves and decisions.

  52. Anus – This October, buy a bus ticket to Hartford. Purchase yourself a front-row seat in the Civic Center and WATCH Jessiman play(at least if he MAKES the Pack, which at this point is not a given). I’ve seen big Hugh play several times and, as I’ve espoused on this board several times, LEE FALARDEAU looked more like an NHLer. In those same games, Byers looked good, Dawesie looked good, Korpikoski looked good. But Hugh? Invisible. He doesn’t use his size and seems to be behind the play frequently. A guy like Jessiman should be parked in the crease, laying out hits and catching tip-ins. He plays the perimiter. Period. Maybe they’ll give that kid a brain infussion this summer from Shanny, but he sure isn’t looking good right now.

    Big Hugh is 23 and is one of TWO who haven’t cracked an NHL lineup. The other is Brian Boyle, who just finished Boston College, kind of like what Jessiman was supposed to do at Dartmouth. Sure, there’s a chance he’s just a “power forward who needs time to develop.” But that chance was last season and getting slimmer by the day. Even LeClair broke the Canadiens lineup after NCAA; Knuble did with the wings after a pair of seasons in the AHL. Hugh? Nothing.

    And you want to put this guy on a line with Jagr AND Nylander? Laughable. Simply laughable.

    Hossa, on the other hand, has two solid seasons under his belt, during which he showed signs of the player the Canadiens thought he was when they drafted him. He’s proven himself at the AHL level and scored impressively with JJ’s line. Why? Because Hossa, unlike Jessiman, tends to be in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME. No, I don’t suspect Hoss will ever be mistaken for his brother. But scoring 40 points at the NHL level(I personally think he’ll better that one day) ain’t to shabby.

    As for POCK, I think it’s pretty clear the Ranger organization has plans for him. They plucked him out of thin air from a program that’s not known for producing NHLers. They kept him through the lockout and signed him for two years last season. They also gave a contract to his linemate form UMass, a fellow by the name of Marvin Degon, who by the by, lead Packer defensemen in scoring.

    Your answer: Potter?!?Jake Taylor?!? Even Liffiton is a bit of a stretch to replace Pock, but the other two are just laugable. Taylor has been plagued by injuries and is likely the second comming of Bryce Lampman. And Potter, he’s another ECHL transplant that has yet to complete a full season at the AHL level.Sure, his numbers don’t look bad, but I don’t see how you think he’ll be a serviceable number seven.

    Free Malik – NO BERTUZZI. Period. Though I doubt there’s a bonafide second-liner ready in Hartford ATM, I’d rather see a guy like Immonen try and fail than Bertuzzi suck up several million and then ride the bench because of injury.

    Brandon – I’ve always wondered about why Prucha wouldn’t fit on first line and concluded that it has a lot to do with his size. That’s part of the reason I think Hossa replaced Straka at the tailend last season. Hoss is hovering around 220 and is about as tall as Jagr. The two of those guys pounding up the wings is an intimidating force for most other oponents. Still, I have a feeling Renney will go back to the usual first line next year. Frankly, I’ve always thought Hoss and PP would be good on a line together if they had a good center.

  53. Ward-Mara trade was a steal for the Rangers. At the very least, it was addition by subtraction. I also think you massively under-rate Mara’s ability. He had a bad season in Boston last year, but was a main-stay on the Phoenix blueline for years. At the age of 27, it’s not like he’s over the hill, as I take it from some of the comments here. And standing 6’4 and 220 is exactly the frame this team needs back there.

  54. Prucha must get stronger, period. He simply can’t get knocked down on every single shift for an NHL career. Sure, you can claim he’s a weeble-wobble but it won’t last. He can’t put the puck in from his ass.

    Hilarious that Hossa still doesn’t get the respect he deserves on this blog. He busts his butt, plays tough in corners and does whatever the staff ask of him. Given some time with the big guns he played better than anyone until injured.

    Bertuzzi should never wear the Blue. Cap black hole.

    Selanne over Shanahan? Good question — except pointless. Selanne’s not coming to NY, not ever.

  55. Comment on Mara, Hossa and Straka

    On defense I would like to see the following:

    Staal, Tyutin, Girardi, Liffiton, Rozival, Malik, Rachunek

    I too was not a fan of Mara, thought he was slow to the puck in his own end and was afraid of contact sometimes. For all you Malik haters, I am a fan of his. His +/- rating CAN’T be ignored, say what you want about him playing with Jagr, etc. he’s under contract and I would like to see him continue to play here.

    Rachunek, although not yet signed, and prone to mistakes, not as mistake prone as Mara, and can shoot the one timer and rushes the puck better than Mara, would rather trade Mara and keep Rachunek.

    Straka – was recently resigned during the year and will not be traded, don’t see that happening, and don’t want it, think he’s a perfect third line player with Cullen and Avery.

    Hossa – tough choice, makes little money and we need to address Nylander and 2nd line center plus Shanahan and Lundqvist signings – keep Hossa as he kills penalties and it looks like Orts will be moviing on.

  56. Robby Bonfire on

    I WAS coming around to Mara’s side, off his New York regular season play, but then he hit the brick wall soon as the playoffs began. To win a Cup you need Cup-type stand-up players. Why this guy went into the tank when the pace picked up is anyone’s guess, but his massive size didn’t save him or mean much when the season was on the line.

    The larger point is we have much better D players in the system and ready for delivery to Broadway, and I, for one, don’t want to see the NHL debut of any of about five young D’s delayed so much as one week to accomodate this mediocrity we no longer need, if we ever did need him, which I question.

  57. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Forget about his + / – …. He’s costed us so many games this season…and Remember when we played the Pens…Armstrong shot the puck and it went off Harry’s stick and in the net…and we lose…Just like it always happened with him…Then the very next game…against OTT…the game tied 2 – 2…He deflects the puck in his own net AGAIN…which would be the game winner…It always happens with him and he never tries to avoid it…

    He’s slow…and his + / – means jack…Either NYR fans love him for that or for the 15 round shootout winner…Im over that game and im not impressed with his + / – …

  58. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Potter is a better player than Pock.

    Enforcers are not needed, they are obsolete and useless, and I said Liffiton can do most of the enforcing.

    Bertuzzi is horrible, he might work with Jagr, but I rather stay away.

    As for Jessiman, I keep hearing conflicting reports, I don’t know how much icetime he was getting and I don’t really trust opinions until I see the guy play with my own eyes. By most accounts he was said to be physical. In any case it would be potentially stupid not to give him the benefit of a doubt for at least a couple of games in NHL. 1 game on the 4th line, 1 game on the 1st line if he sucks in NHL then get rid of him.

  59. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    We need to hang on to Pruch and Hoss…Pruch might have came off what some say a sophmore slump season…but he only had 7 less goals…He can make that up…I think he’ll do alot better this season…play him with Cally and Cullen…or Dubi or Avery as center…And Hoss can be a 30 goal scorer easily if he played 82 games with Jags…Or at least he’d be setting up Jags for his goals along with Mikey…its not worth it to give up on him yet…

    Also wit Orrzie…Why give him up…he had a good season scoring 2 big goals…and had a season changing knockout that put the Flyers in ther place…Hes worth keeping around…unlike Hollweg who is worthless and will be taking up Ortmeyers spot on the roster when ORty hits more shoots more…kill penalties and blocks shots…Why are we keeping hollweg over him??

    Mara i think had a bad season because of BOS…They made him change his game around and he wasnt used to it…Its like telling Souray to shoot less and pass more…I think Renney will let him do his own thing like he let Avery…And it worked out for Avery who played the best hockey of his career so far with the games he played with us…

    With Bertuzzi…forget about it…His back will always hold him back…Its not worth the risk taking somebody with an injury like that…

    And Dont think twice about Selanne…if he comes back for another season he wont leave ANA…for any amount of money…He wants to retire a a champ or as a duck…

    Also i hear that BUF GM hasnt talked to Drury yet…but has talked with Briere and Briere said he’s gonna test the market…Anybody thin Sather will go after him aggressively.

  60. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    in Hugh’s defense if they played him on top 2 lines in AHL for last 2 entire seasons, he might have developed into a good player, but no they had to play Giroux, Wiseman, Smyth, Isbister, etc.

  61. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Straka – was recently resigned during the year and will not be traded, don’t see that happening, and don’t want it, think he’s a perfect third line player with Cullen and Avery.”

    then where will Prucha and Callahan play?

    Prucha does not really fit well with Jagr their styles are very different. Prucha is more of a north-south player, he needs a big playmaking center to be successful. I think Prucha-Immonen-Callahan line would have been great.

  62. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Selanne threatening to retire is just a ploy, it means he wants to see what he can get on the market.

    Ortmeyer is being let go because they likely feel the pressure to make room for the prospects, plus he was suing Rangers for money, plus he can’t score even on great opportunities and he is 29 years old. Hopefully Moore gets his spot, he is 23 and is good defensively, is likely better offensively, physical and a great skater.

  63. Good post by tdchi – I’ve seen Jessiman as well and while I’m not ready to say that he is a bust, there is nothing special about his talent or game. I hope he got his degree at Dartmouth because at age 23 he better have a great camp in September. Regarding Mara, I admit he was bad in the playoffs but he has good offensive instincts which the Rangers sorely need on Defense. Aside from Rozsival who is reluctant to shoot, Mara is the only guy who can hit the net. Finally, Aaron Ward was right up ther w/ Igor Ulanov as one of the worst players to wear a Rangers uniform. I can only hope he is healthy next year and in the line up for all four games vs. the Bruins.

  64. Ivana:

    Callahan will be playing on the 2nd line with Shanahan I presume, which is why the team needs a 2nd line center. I see Prucha and Montoya as trade bait to obtain a 2nd line center if they miss on Drury or Briere, I’m think Arnott could be a match out of Nasheville. I see us starting the season with Straka as #2 only if we miss on a 2nd line center in the UFA market. I see Betts staying on as 4th liner. Dubinsky gets another season in the AHL, unless he knocks out a veteran.


    Malik is under contract and makes $2 million per. I don’t see how the rangers are going to be able to move both Mara and Malik, and would rather keep Malik and re-sign Rackunek. We will have to disagree on his value to the team, I like him. Fine to possibly move him at the deadline, but I think Jagr likes him as does Rozy.

  65. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Regarding Mara, I admit he was bad in the playoffs but he has good offensive instincts which the Rangers sorely need on Defense”

    all 7 Rangers defensemen have good offensive instincts

    “Aside from Rozsival who is reluctant to shoot, Mara is the only guy who can hit the net.”

    wrong, they can hit the net, but Jagr probably insists that they are stupid if they think they can score from blue line.

  66. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    vogs, I am not sure if you are new to hockey, but you aren’t making any sense.

    Trading Prucha and Montoya is a big mistake. Prucha is a very good player that scores many goals while playing little icetime. Montoya’s trade value is very little having played no NHL games, the most you can get for him is the likes of Schremp or Robert Nilsson.

    I wouldn’t mind Rachunek back if Pock and Malik are traded.

  67. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    1 thing I don’t get is what was so bad about Kasparaitis’s play last season, he was only -1 in 24 games, had 4 point, 62 hits, 44 blocked shots, only 11 giveaways. He was playing pretty much the same as he always have. It must have been something behind the scenes. Maybe one of the players or coaches slept with his wife?

  68. Hey Ivana, I don’t need you insulting me. Just who the heck do you think you are? “Are you new to hockey?”

    Take a walk pal… I don’t communicate with people who can’t hold a discussion without insulting people.

    I’ve been watching hockey since as long as I can remember, and I’m 34.

    You’re the one who said Straka would be traded, even though the Rangers just gave him a brand new contract. And you question my hockey knowledge.

    And if the Rangers are indeed going to make a push for the Cup this season, they will need a 2nd line center, which was the reason they couldn’t generate any kind of offense in the post season against Buffalo. How do you think the Rangers will obtain that player? By trading Hollewgg and Mara? By tradng the rights to Rachunek? No, by trading a player who has value, like Prucha and Montoya.

    I’m not advocating a trade of either of these players, only offering suggestions as to how to obtain that 2nd line center, and potential course of action for the Rangers. Maybe they wait till half way through the season to get that #2, which is also a possibility. And probably the one I would like to see them take… hold your cards and then make a move from another teams weakness.

  69. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I don’t care if they make a push for the Cup or think they will make a push for the Cup they have about zero percent chance of winning the Cup lead by aging Shanahan and Jagr and Czech Chris Pronger–Marek Malik.

    Plenty of players signed and were shipped right away example Havlat and Marian Hossa.

    If you think the likes of Brad Richards or Marleau will get us the Cup you are wrong. we just have to either sign someone or develop our own, because nobody is going to trade us a great player like Getzlaf unless we insanely overpay

  70. Havlat was signed as a UFA by Chicago. Hossa’s deal was long term and done for the sole purpose of dealing him, everyone knew it was happening.

    And I think you’re wrong about the Cup.

    You add a guy like Drury to a team with Hank in net, a steady backline and Jagr, Nylander, Shanny, Straka and Cullen up front and I think they have every chance to make a Cup run, especially with the right moves towards the end of the season.

    Girardi and Tyutin are set to have breakout years possibly, and Jagr is going to be a beast this season, no no, I think this team has a good shot to make it into the East finals.

    Anaheim won a Cup with McDonald as their #1 center, but had Pronger and Neidemeyer on D and Jiggy in net.

  71. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I really doubt NYR would consider trading Prucha…He has to much potential to give up on after only 2 seasons…I dont think NYR will go to crazy in the off season…If they cant get a 2nd line center…dont expect trades to happen…But thats my opinion…As for Montoya…I think he needs to play in a few NHL games this year…We gotta know now whether he’s worth keeping or not…

  72. Robby Bonfire on

    “If the Rangers are going to make a push for the Cup, this season….” Well, I hope the Rangers understand that this next season is a major roster transition year, as about six solid, young pieces in an eventual Stanley Cup puzzle should be in place by next spring.
    It’s just too bad the Straka’s and Shanahan’s will have to go down for some of them to get here, the same way Girardi and Callahan got here, as emergency fill-ins. I figure three kids make the team coming out of camp, plus three more get a serious shot as the season unfolds.

    This club is one hell of a long way from even getting close to a sip of champagne. Teams which play it as though signing this veteran or that veteran FA (See Shanahan, et al) puts them over the top are really kidding themselves and just trying to buy time making the playoffs, while building a Cup contending team at the same time.

    I don’t like it as an organizational philosophy, this building for the Cup with kids, while at the same time trying to win the Cup with old guys dotting half your roster. Given the reality of salary cap restrictions, it seems the realistic course would be to build from within with drafted kids, as it is now more difficult to just “buy” a Cup. Hell, the Yankees can’t even buy a World Series, or even get to one anymore. That alone should tell the Rangers which direction they need to commit to, and to get off the old folks merry-go-round, once and for all.

  73. check out the “Page 2” column by Bill Simmons on regarding the nhl draft. It is spit out your food funny.

  74. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Are you gonna keep crying about the same crap over and over…All you ever say is the same things…And once again…Hockey and Baseball are so far from being similar they shouldnt even be put in the same sentence…

    Our “old guy” are still good…Thats the difference from “old guys” like Bertuzzi…

    Im happy with the team the way it is…unless they sign a guy like Bert…then you can bitch and moan about that..

  75. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Havlat was signed as a UFA by Chicago.”

    and you say you are a big hockey fan?

  76. Robby Bonfire on

    “Our old guys are still good.” BALONEY – you are plugging last year’s numbers into this coming season, a really dumbass, false assumption.

    Fact is, old guys fall off the chart fast when they hit the wall. I look for Nylander to be way down in production, and I make Shanahan and Straka no better than even-money to finish the season on the active roster. Whether their demise will come as the result of injury or dramatic skills decline is beside the point – the end of their impact career production is virtually at hand. Look at the major decline is Jagr’s physical condition and production from 2006 to 2007. Those two seasons were not carbon copies of eachother for Jagr, were they? But you had Jagr penciled in for a repeat performance of 2006 in 2007, and you had the Rangers penciled in for winning the Stanley Cup. Do you ever learn anything from observation and experience, or just play robot to your fantasies, at the start of every season?

    Stop living in the past, last year is gone, every year there are major-unanticipated surprises, both positive and negative. The trick is to ANTICIPATE the negative developments and head them off. It’s called FORESIGHT, and mandates taking the blinders off.

    The only constants are change, and your myopia.


  77. Sather will do what he can to go for the Cup. If they flounder he might adjust. If you can’t handle what happened this past season, then maybe you shouldn’t watch next season.

  78. vogs – I think I’ve seen you around here before, but the real question is, “Are you new here?” It’s no use arguing with Ivana; he’s usually a jackass.

    Robby – It seems to me like trading for the right people like Weight and Recchi (I believe) helped the Canes win a cup just two years ago; then those players left and of course they missed the playoffs. But, don’t think we won’t get one Cup by signing the right one or two old guys like Shanahan and Nylander, possibly a good defenseman, as well.

    Furthermore, I don’t think anybody had Jagr pinned for a repeat performance this season after his shoulder surgery that didn’t have enough time to heal. He definitely got stronger as the season progressed, so I expect close to a 2005-06 performance next season.

    I can’t imagine why they re-signed Straka in-season when it appears his body is breaking down as much as Johnny Damon’s. A center that can’t take faceoffs is a very bad thing.

    According to Yahoo NHL rumors (which seem more accurate than other sources because they have fewer and pull them from actual newspapers), Ortmeyer’s agent hasn’t been talking to the Rangers. I could deal with him leaving, even though Iike his presence, but he doesn’t score. I don’t know if we could get another great shot-blocker to replace him, though. Also, Drury is apparantly a “lock” to sign with San Jose.

  79. I’m always amazed how much people think of Prucha…he goes games without noticing him, then a few games where he has a lot of good shots, then a few games where he he scores 4 goals in 4 games, then fades out again…he has no shifts where he is dominant…he’s at best a 2 liner and has troubel maintaining that level of consistency…Part of me thinks he takes up space for a young player who could produce more and play at a consistenly higher level..I like him, but I think you have to see him how he is…if we can trade him and Montoya for Marleau, you do it without hesitation, MArleau is a damn good hockey player…actually my preference with Montoya is to trade him for high round draft picks unless something exceptional comes up.

  80. Robby Bonfire on

    Jagr’s shoulder surgery “which did not have enough time to heal” raises an excellent question – what is with a hockey club which does not give such a valuable player (or any player) adequate time to heal? Rushing him back made him even more vulnerable to aggravated complications. Plus you could see the pain he was suffering, in the playoffs, especially. This man is a Cadillac, not a tricycle. He, the team, and the fans deserve better.

  81. ROBBY – The truth is, the best hockey team is the team with the RIGHT combination of youth and aged experience. More importantly -and this comes from personally playing the sport for the better half of a quarter-century -is the ammount of experience players have with each other. Some guys just don’t click on lines, some guys just don’t click on teams. That’s the mystery of hockey and the BIG difference the sport has with…say…baseball.

    Take for example the sucess of the Czechmates(Hlavac, Nedved and Dvorak for those who don’t recall). Individually, none of those guys ever duplicated the sucess they had that year. Why? Because they clicked together. They had chemistry. Same thing with the FLY line, and same thing today with Jags, Straka and Nylander. Some guys play better with others because they’re better at anticipating each others’ moves. That’s a deadly combination in hockey and one that’s awesome to watch in action.

    You put all kids out on the ice, they lack experience, they lack cohesion and they don’t know where the #$%@ one another is each play. You put all vets out there, you often lack the spark it takes to get guys skating 100 percent. But you put a couple of guys that have three years’ experience playing along side each other out there with a guy who’s just up from the AHL and hungry for minutes, you can get a winning combo(see: Buffalo; Anahiem).

    I don’t buy this hogwash that the Rangers “are far away from a sip of champagne;” that’s a ludicrous assumption if you’ve watched the past two seasons. Anything can happen in a season. For example(and I hope history doesn’t repeat in this way), the 91-92 Rangers made it to the second round of the playoffs, one year after a first round exit. The VERY NEXT YEAR, with a team that included kids like Kovalev, Weight, a rookie Zubov, a second-year Amonte, a budding Graves AND Messier, they missed the playoffs altogether.

    And I don’t need to remind you what happened in 1993-94…

  82. Robby Bonfire on

    I am not going to completely disagree with you, as it really is a matter of philosophy. I am more comfortable with the Pittsburgh way of inserting talented young kids into the mix as early as possible, and building the team around them, with patience and the knowledge that each year, as they become more mature, they also become cohesive as a unit, more so than a bunch of FA’s – Sykora-types I like to call them, who are not here for the team, or for the long-term. I don’t panic if they look like they have no rudder or compass while they are getting their NHL bearings. It’s called “growing pains” and every championship organization goes through them. Losing organizations are not willing to take a couple steps backward, before advancing to the top of the mountain.

    I assuredly am not comfortable with the Sather philosophy of focusing the team on older guys, and being ever so reluctant to promote kids and then jacking the Pock’s and the Dawes’ of the world around to a sickening degree. But in life and horse racing, you take your choice.

    1992 was a major disappointment, given that the Rangers had the best regular season record, that year, same as in 1994, but with a depressing result. Losing that playoff series to Pittsburgh was sickening. That 1992 team was far better than the transitional team the Rangers will put on the ice this coming season.

    Let’s wait and see, but it seems to me that with even the most judicious handling and funneling of young talent to Broadway, we are looking at 2010 as the earliest possible Stanley Cup winning season. It will NEVER HAPPEN in the Shanahan – Straka – Nylander era – I will lay odds.

  83. Robby – there is absolutely no comparison between the youth of Pitsburgh (talent wise) and the youth of just about any other team in the league especially the Rangers. A better comparison of Pittsburgh’s talent is Edmonton’s of the early 80’s.

  84. It is absolutely absurd to call Pittsburgh’s recent playing of youth a “way” or philosophy. Is the “way” to suck, get astoundingly lucky that some of the greatest prospects the game has ever seen come along when you’ve got ace draft picks and then — shocker — play those future megastuperstars? Some system.

    The Rangers staff are frustrating, sometimes seemingly mindless and hypocritical and plain stupid. But they’ve done far better in this draft (and last year) than almost anyone gave them credit for until it happened. Can’t we finally give them their due?

    And, yes, that Bill Simmons draft day diary is hilarious.


  86. Robby Bonfire on

    Chris – We disagree. Yes, the Pittsburgh kids are abundantly talented, but you know damn well if they were in the Rangers / Sather’s system they would still not be up here, yet. That is PHILOSOPHY, Chris, and the much-documented track record of the difference between the two organizations, although the gap may be narrowing, as relatively new GM Ray Shero is starting to bring in and hang on to old guys – the Recchi – Roberts crowd. Let’s hope we see more of this. It will close the gap between divisional rivals and Pittsburgh in a hurry. As things stand they figure to win the division this coming season, by daylight.

  87. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I wish Rangers have more faith in prospects and give them spots and icetime and trade vets to make room for them when needed.

    I rather keep Prucha than an expensive Marleau who isn’t very physical and can be had via free agency.

  88. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I watched the video of Gordie Clark recap of the draft and am even more disappointed with how pathetic our scouting is. All they care was if a player has skill and/or speed. Nothing about grit, size, work ethic, physical play, hockey sense, defensive play, and so on.

    also by all accounts Cherep is not a very fast skater. Watched the video of him in the prospect camp and he looks pretty big and his skating style looks better, unless it is a mistake and it was really another prospect…

  89. Robby Bonfire on

    Cherepanov’s primary assets appear to be the related skills of stickhandling – no one can take the puck away from him for 20-30 seconds at a time when he wants to maneuver behind the net, in the corner, and in front; and, of course shooting the puck and hitting net with it, from all angles. He dominates a game, that is a good place to start at any age, when developing skills. The rest will come with time, and with mental and physical maturity.

  90. For next year’s NHL award ceremony, I suggest the a new award for biggest idiot among NHL fans which could be named after Ivana. I’m sure that we are all better informed that your scouting accounts are that Cherapanov is not a fast skater. I guess the morons at the two major scouting services who had him rated 2 & 5 respectively were just evaluating his street hockey skills. According to you, we should probably take the big gritty guy, who can roof the orange ball.

  91. Robbyonfire:

    You’re crazy. Malkin and Crosby would both be playing at MSG, for the revenue it would bring in alone, if not because the management wanted to give them a shot. The whole world (of hockey) was waiting to see Crosby play — he could make a mint in NY, for himself and the organization.

  92. Robby Bonfire on

    Pittsburgh promotes top prospects at 19, New York stonewalls top prospects until they are 22-23, and most prospects until they are 24-25. You give the Rangers and Sather too much – hypothetical – credit for doing the right thing, when the track record proves contrary. Somehow they would have mishandled Crosby and Malkin, and Fleury, and Jordan Staal.

    I will rest my case on Marc Staal. Bet you he DOES NOT MAKE THE CLUB, coming out of training camp. If I am wrong, and I hope I am, a new day is truly dawning for this organization. BUT, if my worst fears are realized and they start to treat Staal and Sanguinetti in 2007 as Tomas Pock and Nigel Dawes were treated in 2006, like leper colony rejects, well that will set this organization back, light years, and prove my point. (And don’t bother to tell me that Pock and Dawes are not franchise players, thank you.)

    I really and truly hope I am wrong here, and that Staal gets the nod over some vastly inferior competiton coming from Pock, Malik, Tyutin, and (ugh!) Mara. I want what is best for the club, period. We are just going to have to wait a few weeks to see what shakes down in September.

  93. Robby Bonfire on

    Well, the latest is they are re-upping Nylander. That stalls Staal and other young player’s being added to this season’s lineup, as the team is now committed to
    “going for the Cup” in 2008. As usual they will catch ice shavings in a tin cup, not champagne in the Stanley Cup. What a joke! Sather NEVER can move on from his almost incestual facination with OLD!!! GUYS!!!

  94. Robby – Nylander is a center while Staal is a dman. With getting rid of Rachunek there is room for Staal. As I’ve stated previously the playoff run last yr will serve players like Callahan and Girardi well for the future.

  95. Robby Bonfire on

    “Nylander is a center while Staal is a d-man.”

    Amazing – you actually cannot read the deeper implications of re-signing Nylander? You don’t want to acknowledge that yet ANOTHER season will pass with no committment or intelligent plan to phase the best young talent onto the parent club roster? You actually don’t grasp that this means that the moron in the executive suite is just out to plug the leaks in the dike with short-term plastic patches, rather than promote from within, so that he might as well be a Devils or a Penguins fan, he does them such favors?

    Who do you think will win a Stanley Cup sooner, Pittsburgh or the Rangers? Can’t wait for your answer.

  96. Robby – just curious where else do you post re the Rangers – would love to read some of your historical words of wisdom and snobbish attitude – since you have been posting here approx 1 month.

    Staal will probably make the team so that has nothing to do with Nylander signing. If he’s as good as I think he is and most experts say he is.

    I fully expect Pittsburgh to win 2 or 3 cups in the next several years. Please do not insult anyone’s intelligence here by comparing our youth to Pittsburgh’s. AND yes if we had Sid the kid he would have been on the Rangers playing significant minutes. It would not bother me a bit if you flew the coop and became a Penguin fan.

  97. Robby Bonfire on

    O.K., get real. I am NOT comparing anyone’s youth with Pittsburgh’s youth, and you know it. I am looking for the Rangers to at least become COMPETITIVE by opening the pipeline so that young players, in abundance, can come in here over the next two seasons, and establish themselves as belonging here. NOW is the time to start, not in two years when the tank on Nylander, Straka, Shanahan, Jagr, et al, reads EMPTY.

    You don’t see Nylander re-signing as having significance beyond that signing. I do. The pipeline into New York remains open for older players, and virtually closed to younger players. Hartford will probably dominate the AHL, this coming season, led by three-four players who should contributing in New York. That is a joke and a travesty.

    Now go put words in someone else’s mouth, Devils fan.

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