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The estimable Josh Thomson has “this profile”: of New Rochelle native Kevin Shattenkirk, a defenseman out of the U.S. National Development Team whose stock has quietly risen in recent weeks.


Feel free to be skeptical of any first round draft picks with local ties seeing how one, “Hugh Jessiman”: has proven to be a bust, while another, Bobby Sanguinetti, is still a work-in-progress.

It’s unlikely to be an issue anyway. For one, scouting head Gordie Clark (a UNH product, by the way, which immediately makes him a genius) has already made clear the Rangers are more interested in forwards; and two, Shattenkirk will probably have already been snagged by the time the 17th pick rolls around.

Of course, as Josh notes, the Rangers did work the defenseman out at the Training Center recently, and Shattenkirk said it’d be a dream to play his home games at the Garden. That’s got to count for something, right? Hello? Anyone?

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  1. I don’t care where prospects are from or who they rooted for as kids. And I’m over hearing that as a reason the Rangers should draft someone. Ridiculous.

    Welcome to pro hockey, kids: it’s not a dream, it’s a job. Get your ass to work. That’s right, I’m talking to you, Jessiman…

  2. It’s not the fact that he’s a local boy that scares me, because I do think Sanguinetti is a legitimate prospect and will be a great addition to our blueline and our powerplay someday.

    But we need forwards. I think we’re set on D for a long time coming with Staal, Sauer, and Sanguinetti (along with Tyutin and Girardi). And we have plenty of 2nd and 3rd line forwards in our system. We need that projected first line center or winger in our system. Not sure if #17 can get us that though.

  3. To say that Sanguinetti is a “bust” after one year is not only shortsighted but irresponsible. Do some homework before you start spewing rhetoric you heard or saw somewhere else and are simply regurgitating.

  4. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    to me a defenseman that is not physical and is not good defensively is already a bust. And look at his numbers a season after which further proves he is a bust and needs to be traded ASAP, why the hell do we need him when we got Girardi, Staal, Tyutin, Sauer, Baranka, etc.?

  5. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    it is like we have to have a mandatory village idiot on defense every season.

  6. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    defensemen that can score but are soft and clueless in their own end are dime a dozen and nobody wants them, just ask Andy Delmore.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    “to me a defenseman that is not physical and is not good defensively is already a bust.”

    Really? Tell that to Sheldon Souray who is about the get paid top dollar for being just that.

    The Leafs just traded for Toskala. 1st and 2nd rounder this year, and 4th rounder in 2009. How the hell did they come up with a 4th rounder in 2009 as part of the deal?

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    “defensemen that can score but are soft and clueless in their own end are dime a dozen and nobody wants them”

    Hmmm… maybe you should ask pretty much every GM in the league that would kill to have Souray on the point for their PP.

    Just maybe.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    No way Chris. Lousy in the playoffs. The exact opposite of what we want.

  10. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Really? Tell that to Sheldon Souray who is about the get paid top dollar for being just that.”

    not sure how good he is defensively, but Souray is definitely physical, I remember him throwing some big hits when we played them last 2 seasons.

  11. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “The Leafs just traded for Toskala. 1st and 2nd rounder this year, and 4th rounder in 2009. How the hell did they come up with a 4th rounder in 2009 as part of the deal?”

    I was thinking the same thing, also it is funny how Toronto trades for a goalie every draft. Sharks made out like bandits.

    “Hmmm… maybe you should ask pretty much every GM in the league that would kill to have Souray on the point for their PP.”

    give me a break, look at his career, he just had 1 flukt year that’s all. He became a real threat on the PP at 30 years.

  12. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    which furthermore proves it that you don’t need to be some offensive wizard to produce on the PP. You give Tyutin 5 minutes of PP a game and tell him to shoot hard whenever he has a good chance and he will get at least 15 goals a season.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    You must be thinking of someone else, because that guy is too busy being caught up ice and out of position to ever hit anyone.

    He scored 26 goals, 64 pts, and was a *-28*. Tied for third lowest with Patrice Bergeron, trailing only Joffrey Lupul, and NHL worst -32 R.J. Umberger. The next lowest D-man on MTL was -13. That’s 15 less.

    I’d even take Malik over Souray in a defensive situation.

    But here’s the thing: after Schneider, he’s the most valuable UFA d-man this year.

  14. i read somewhere that slats is going to take a swedish player in the first round. we have been a euro team for the past 2 seasons and havent won much so i think we should turn to more north americans like staal, sanguetti tis year too. we need more gritty players cuz we already have jags, malik, nylander and many other soft guys. imo the fans could relate bettr to the team if we built the team on north americans in the future. keep some euros around for scoring but the core should be NA driven.

  15. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I don’t care where they are from as long as they are gritty, physical, good skaters and can score.

  16. Take it easy there Ivanka, wait until you get a chance to actually watch Sanguinetti play before you rip him a new a-hole. The kid is 18 going on 19. How good defensively would you be at age 18? How good defensively was Brian Leetch when he came up? I am optimistic on guys like Sanguinetti and Sauer because I have not watched them play and have read very positive scouting reports on them. Same thing with Staal. I do not knock guys until i watch them play. Thats why I am glad we dumped Immonen and why I have my doubts about guys like dawes and liffiton.

    Dubinsky impressed me for a 20 year old. We have to take age into consideration when watching these kids play, especially at the NHL level. Imagine yourself when you were 18, 19, or 20 doing what you do now professionally. Hell I can’t even imagine myself doing what i do now at this age…The point is, give them a chance. He hasn’t regressed from what I’ve read and Sanguinetti will get much better defensively because: (a) he wants to play in the NHL and (b) he is a freaking professional hockey player who by all looks, does not want to be a professional AHL player his whole career. Lay off him.

  17. Robby Bonfire on

    Hey, to accomodate the Fishstick moles here, why don’t we just trade Montoya, Sanguinetti, Prucha, and five other kids and pick up a glut of Sykora types, who will come here for a while to bank some easy money, then take the first offer to get out of town? Only smart organizations build on a foundation of talented, home-grown kids, and hold on to them. That is NOT Sather’s modus operandi.

  18. Robby Bonfire on

    Immonen CONTINUES to be listed on the roster at the Rangers official web site. He did NOT leave at the same time Lampman left, to sign with a Finnish team, as someone here wanted up to believe. Anyone got anything concrete that is not rumor, speculation, hearsay, or just plain pigeon droppings from some Islander of Devils mole at this site?

  19. In response to Vargas, why would the Rangers worry about taking a euro or NA player based on how the teams current roster? Whoever they pick isn’t going to be in the NHL for years to come, probably when Jagr and Nylander, etc, are gone.

    The Rangers also have plenty of NA players in their system that are ready to start cracking the lineup in the coming years. Really, I wouldn’t worry about NA or European. I’d start worrying about where the next legit first line player comes from, and if the most talented guy in their draft position is a euro, take him. In a few years when he’s ready, hopefully he can play on the first line and replace a little bit of the scoring the Rangers will lose when Jagr retires.

  20. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I also don’t get how Sather will be able to do the draft and negotiate contracts and make trades all at the same time?

  21. Sather doesn’t run the draft. Gord Clark will probably be running the draft, if past experience is any indication.

  22. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    10th pick will be Esposito, 23rd will be Mayorov

    I bet Preds’s plan is to have a top line of Mayorov-Esposito-Radulov in few years, maybe even very soon.

  23. so Doodie, according to you Souray is soft and clueless and Marleau is the exact opposite of the type of player we should be looking for?

    This place is astonishingly mind-numbing.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    eposito played with radulov in junoirs last year when he was talked about as the next great player.we should see what we can get for montoya,the price being paid by teams for goalies is simply mind blowing.

    this backlund kid is going to be a star!watch his clip,he hits,takes faceoffs,scores,can skate fast and is very gritty.mayorov looks great too.i also like that zack hamill kid.i know he’s short,but he can really play.but knowing the rangers,they will pick gillies,who is nothing more than a fourth liner,or the swiss kid who will never play in the nhl or the other fourth liner,sutter.

  25. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    not for a goalie that never played in NHL. Use Montoya as a back up and play him about 25 games.

    Those that watche the video of Hamill, notice that the video is sped up, he is really much slower.

    I like Eller a lot more than Backlund, I didn’t see much grit or speed or hitting on Backlund video.

  26. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Those that watche the video of Hamill, notice that the video is sped up, he is really much slower.

    are you nuts vinny?or yenner?i don’t know what video you watched on backlund.eller looks ok too.i am just concerned about his not going to the net on the video.looks like a perimiter player.

  27. pemoco- With a +/- of -28, it sounds like Souray is soft to me. I mean plus/- is not a great stat but you dont become -28 on accident, no matter who your partner is. If a liability like Malik is plus 7 zillion, Souray definitely has to be a defensive liability. He may put up points but defense is more important.

  28. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Wow…The preds will be a whole new team next year…New name..New city..Different team.

    I didnt expect Vokoun to be traded…I figured it would be Mason…

    Im gettng nervous now…Toskala on the Leafs..Vokoun on the cats…I guess its safe to say Monty wont be headed there

  29. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “are you nuts vinny?or yenner?”

    you can see it is sped up when the ref drops the puck for the faceoff

  30. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Oilers tanked the season in the end and got rewarded with an excellent prospect.

  31. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    oh shit, we need to acquire a pick in the 20’s right now, we might get some homeruns here

  32. I wish Cherepanov will be available…Esposito still being there is shocking- The look on his face says it all-

  33. Have this feeling that if Cherepanov is still there, Anaheim will snag him away from us-

  34. WOW…One of the two WILL be available-

    Pork..You may yet get to see your boy, Angelo in Blue.

  35. Really starving here for some Ranger action…We’ve been starved for too long-

  36. we definatly don’t need a defenseman…..we need a scorer a centre or a rw would be perfect

  37. This trade looks like it may be for Cherepanov cuz the Wild probably know the Rangers would definitely snag him-

  38. If we don’t take Cherepanov or Espo Sather is officially an idiot and I hope Clark doesn’t become AGM.

  39. Of course, we get screwed…Cherepanov is smiling always, Esposito looks suicidal…I go with Cherpie

  40. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I think I want Esposito more than Cherepanov, less question marks, speaks English, coached by Roy, plays center.

  41. How the heck did the Rangers have a sweater for this kid?.VS just said we were thinking of even trading up for him-

  42. I was rooting for Cherepanov… He’ll fit in great with the Rangers I think and besides we really do need a star offensemen since Jagr is planning on leaving after next year. If he plays next year I could see him and Jags getting along really well… Russian and he has a mullet!

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