Shanny wants to be back


Brendan Shanahan has made it clear he wants to play next season, and wants to play for the Rangers. Credit “Larry Brooks for tracking Shanny down”:

That Shanahan wants to be back isn’t surprising since that’s basically what he said once the season ended. But he said he first wanted to see how his body felt in the days and weeks following the Rangers’ elimination.

“Fortunately, my body is telling me that my instincts were correct. I’m fine. There are no after-effects from the concussion or from coming back from it to play at the end of the year,” Shanahan told Brooks. “I’m really looking forward to coming back and trying to win the Stanley Cup in New York.”

I have a feeling this is going to be a busy draft weekend for Glen Sather. He might not even have time for golf.

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  1. Thanks Sam… I’d take Shanahan back just for his reported leadership. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Nylander and how the team fills the top 2 center positions this off-season.

  2. Great news about Shanny – i think he’ll be signed for about $2-2.5m rising to $4m with some easy bonus targets which could save us some cap space. That could create a couple of mill to add to the expected bid(s) for a new centerman. Shame Uncle Larry didn’t ask about Shanny’s preference for a new center, who would he say? Drury or Gomez or An Other?
    It could get really interesting now that Robert Lang is available – will Sather turn to Lang to fill Nylander’s shoes if he decides to ply his trade elsewhere?

  3. Brooks has known Shanahan for 20 years.He worked for the Devils when they drafted Shanahan 20 years ago

  4. Gomez and Drury will want 5-6-7 year contracts which they will probably receive.Stay away.I don’t think Gomez wants to play across the street from the Devils which thankfully eliminates the Rangers.I think Drury will end up on the west coast-LA,SJ or Colorado.I wouldn’t touch Briere for free.He is a system player

    It’s Nylander or bust.Lang is strong possibility considering his relationships with Jagr and Straka.A 1 year deal for Lang wouldn’t be a problem.Nylander should give a $1 million of his future annual salary to Jagr for making him the $4 plus million dollar player Nylander will become very soon.The Rangers offer of 3 years/$11.25 million to Nylander was more fair and market value considering Ray Whitney signed for 3 years/$10.65 million.Same age.Same players

  5. UK Ranger: It sounds like Shanny will accept a hometown discount if it means giving the team the necessary cap room to go after a free agent like Gomez.

    Shanny = class act

  6. I am so looking forward to Shanny wanting to coming back and hopefully Nylander as well. I agree with Nick & UKRanger, maybe we should sign Robert Lang and perhaps attract Brian Rafalski as well. I see Gomez ending up with either the Avs., or even the Canucks and as for Drury, if he really does not end up with us he will end up with either the Kings or the Ducks depending on Selanne. Souray would probably end up staying with the Habs or else moving to Philly.

  7. I am looking forward to Shanahan being back in Blue this year.

    He simply makes every player around him better through his positive attitude and leadership skills. He epitomizes what class means in the NHL.

    As for people who think he is too old and slow, he scored 28 goals (team leader at time) and had 26 assists for the Rangers prior to his concussion. He also had 5 goals and 2 assists in the playoffs when playing post concussion.

    If he claims now that his body is back in game shape and he’s ready to play and contribute, I wouldn’t doubt him.
    Clearly, he’s not in it for the money.

  8. Please, no Rafalski! This guy is so overrated and he’ll be another Bruce Driver/Kevin Hatcher for us. He had his best years when he was playing with Niedermayer and Stevens, 2 future HOFers. He’s so not worth it.

    Gomez: I think it will either be the NYR or a team in the northwest closer to his home in Alaska. Vancouver, Calgary, and Colorado are all possibilities, as is San Jose. I can see them signing him, then unloading Marleau so they replace their #2 center and get something in return for him.

  9. To reiterate my point about Rafalski: He’s never scored more than 9 goals in a season, had a whopping 3 PPG last year, and his +/- has gone way down the last 3 years. SO overrated. I actually think Rozy is better for the point than him.

    If we sign Rafalski, all he’ll do is take ice time away from Tyutin, Rozy, and Girardi and block kids like Staal, Sauer, and Sanguinetti from making it to the big club in a year or two.

  10. I agree wholeheartedly on Rafalski. Complete waste of money. We don’t need more small defenseman. In fact our problem on D, among others, has been a lack of toughness and an ability to get people out of the front of the nite (i.e., Malik, Rosival, Poti, etc.) We do not need another defenseman. He have enough at Hartford where we will be fine. Play Pock until Staal or Sauer are ready. Who knows, Sauer may be more prepared for the NHL than we think. He seems to be a big physical defenseman who can skate a little bit, unlike Liffiton who seems to be a career minor leaguer.

    I had the same thought as others yesterday about the center dilemma. Wouldnt it make more sense for us this year to give a guy like Lang a 1 year deal to play with Jagr and essentially replace Nylander and use the leftover money to slightly overpay for a guy like gomez. That way, next year we can free up a spot for a guy like Pyatt or Dubinsky or whoever. NO sense in overpaying for Nylander when hes nothign without Jagr. And if you look at Lang’s stats when he was in Pittsburgh with Jagr, not bad at all. Kinda like Nylander. Don’t think hes much slower than Nylander and he is a right handed shot which helps balance us out a bit.

    I for one hope we go after Gomez and only Gomez. Don’t waste free agent money on anyone else. Not sure what Sather has up his sleeves for trades this weekend, but we shall see. Maybe Malik to some poor team that thinks they need a solid d-man.

  11. big no on Lang. saw game 5 live of Wings Ducks and he was terrible – line hemmed in on defensive zone all night. fans there and on talk radio want him gone from Detroit big time. he’s 37 also.

    re Shanny and the cap if there is bonus money and its paid out I’m pretty sure it will count vs the cap if not the current season it would count vs the following season. there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

  12. LI Joe

    Totally agree with you on a Big NO for Lang.

    The last thing this team needs is to test uncharted waters
    with old role players like Lang.
    He did not look sharp at all in the playoffs and always was a step behind.

  13. Great that Shanny is interested in coming back, and apparently ready for less money….I just hope he’d be equally open to playing a lesser role as well if need be.

  14. Some questions have come out of that article and the past week.
    1. This is a Larry Brooks piece, can it be believed?
    2. Will Shanny take less than “fair market value” to stay?
    3. Is Nylander staying or going? 162 points in 160 games is hard to replace.
    4. Is it going to be Gomez,Drury,Briere,or a lower level guy like Comrie for the second line?
    5. With the Flyers’ recent signings of Hartnall and Timmonen, what does that do to the free agent market? If a guy like Hartnall is worth over $4mil a season comming off a 39 point season, what are guys like Nylander,Gomez,Drury,Briere,etc. now worth come July 1?

    In any event,the weeks to come are sure to be eventful.

  15. Brian —
    The Nylander deal has to get done for two reasons: one, Nylander will never play as well anywhere else as he does alongside Jagr. Two, I would have to think Jagr would be pissed if Nylander left, which is not something the Rangers want to deal with.

    The problem is Nylander has six kids and is probably realizing this is his one chance to cash in. I think cooler heads will prevail, but it’s obviously not going to be as easy as everyone originally thought.


  16. You know, not for nothing, but I’m really getting frustrated with this Nylander situation.

    Lets compare 2 people for a second: Brendan Shanahan and Michael Nylander

    Shanahan is a future HOFer, one of the greatest wingers to ever play the game, and still plays at an all-star level. He’s willing to sign a 1 year deal and accept less money for the better of the team.

    Nylander is not a future HOFer, is a center who is good but probably looks better having played with Jagr, and frustrates the hell out of Rangers fans from time to time with his decision to pass up great shots for a pass. And he wants a multi-year deal in excees of 3 years for more money than Shanahan.

    Am I the only one who thinks this is just ridiculous, and that Nylander is putting himself before the team? I mean, he’s already set for life with money (since he’s made his millions) and will still be paid very well for this year and next year.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to keep Jagr happy and they two obviously have a good deal of chemistry. But are you going to tell me no other center can play with Jagr?! Jagr makes everyone look better than what they are when he skates with them (i.e. Hossa, Avery, and quite possibly Nylander).

    This whole situation just bothers me, and I think we’re damned either way. If we give Nylander what he wants, we’re stuck with an aging center who has a big contract which will tie our hands for the next few years. If we don’t sign him, we risk losing our top center and angering our captain in the process.

  17. NJ Mark, I totally agree. In the age of the cap if players trully want to play for a winner, you need to sacrifice a few bucks for the betterment of the team. With 95% of the players its only about one thing!

  18. Shanny is a throwback:

    “I’ve never negotiated in the papers. But there aren’t going to be any silly games. It’s not a traditional negotiation where I’m looking for leverage, let’s put it that way. My feeling is that pretty much anything they propose that will help the Rangers be better, I’ll be all ears.”

  19. NJ Mark,

    You’re not wrong, you’re just coming at it from a completely different perspective than Nylander. This is business. He played really well with Jagr and, regardless of the fact that it may be because he played with Jagr, he put up those points. So, some team will pay him big money. He might as well demand it from the Rangers since he knows Jagr wants him back. He’s got the leverage, it would simply be amateur not to use it — professional athletes get paid for their work, not as a favor or for being a stand up guy.

    As Sam writes, this is his one option to get paid out; he’s going to try and take it. Even the Swedish Wayne Gretzky has to feed his 700 kids.

    As for Shanny, he’s been getting paid for years (not that he isn’t classy, but it probably makes it easier to be generous).

  20. And, yes, I know that Nylander’s made millions and I don’t cry for him. But this will be more money than he’s ever earned and his multi-million years will be over as soon as he steps off the ice.

  21. Nylander will be back.

    Gomez = I would love it if he really wanted to skate here, and think he could flourish here,(I am a firm believer his best years are still to come) but I highly doubt it. Just too good to be true.

  22. Chris F: It’s not even the money that’s getting me, it’s how many years he wants. And like I said, it’s not like he’s not set for life already. I wish someone would offer me $3 million a year to play hockey.

    If he leaves for a team like Chicago because they offer him more money, then I say good riddance. That will show me he only cares about money and not winning. Not the type of player this team needs.

  23. i dont mind having shanny back but he needs to be used much more effectively this year. well before the concussion he was not skating as well and his production went way down and most of his goals came on the powerplay. if we do get another center you could try him alongside shanny but i would not want to see avery on that line. i think avery should be on the third line with cullen and prucha or cally tho that would mean one of those two would suffer from playing with cullen who cant finish

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    I know Nylander is Swedish, but he sure pops them out like an Irish Catholic.

  25. czechthemout!!!!! on

    nylander should be offered 2years at 8.5million plus bonus clause that is attianable for another 2.5 million,plus club option for third year at 2.5million.this would take advantadge of cba loop hole that exhists for 35+yearold allows you to go over the cap by about 5% i think.i wolud love to see gomez,avery,and callahan flying around the ice for the next 5 years together.

  26. I hate to tell you this NJ Mark, but if you could skate and stick handle like Nylander does, someone would pay you 3 million dollars a year. And if we’re dreaming, how about swing a a stick at a ball for 25 mil a year? It’s not as fun a sport, but, heck, I think they let you drink beer during the game even if you’re playing in it…

    I agree the years is annoying, but I would also want to keep getting paid and playing if that was my life.


  27. If I remember correctly, Shanny said that the team needs a speedy second line center that can transport the puck into the zone for the wingers (probably shanny and avery). That sounds a whole lot like Gomez to me. I am assuming that Gomez would be Shanny’s preference.

    In response to the person who posted about doubting whether Nylander is the only fit for Jagr… the reason why is the best fit is because they play a puck possession game. Most players, especially americans and canadians, are more dump and chase players. Nylander is the best center for Jagr because they are two of the best in the league at playing the puck possession game. Nylander is a HUGE part of this team and if they don’t resign him, I think it will be a mistake. If he asks for 4 or 5 year… you have to let him walk, but if it is just about making 8 or 10 million (approx) over 2 years, then you have to give it to him.

    I know there is so much talk about gomez/drury/briere, but is anyone else keeping Ryan Smyth in mind. He seems like a Sather type of player and I really don’t think Glen will be able to resist to temptation to sign this guy to a HUGE contract. I obviously could be dead wrong, but his name is really flying under the radar for a such a good player.

  28. I love Shanny as much as the next guy, but all of you easily forget his trade demand to get out of Hartford so he can go somewhere else to win a cup…he wanted to get his due just like Nylander does.

    You can’t blame a guy like Nylander trying to get as much as he can get, a lot of his prime was spent injured (never got a payday like Shanny) and like Sam said, he’s got 6 kids…

    Overall Sather would be paying to keep Nylander and his point per game as well as keeping Jagr happy…

    Robert Lang and Jagr did not click in WSH, i wouldn’t back on him coming to NYR

  29. From what I hear Nylander told Sather to leave the offer he made earlier on the table. That must mean he liked it and is going to take something in that area

  30. Brett,

    I agree about Smyth. I’m very surprised his name hasn’t come up more often. Seems like a real Shanny kind of guy, too. I don’t like that Islander stop-over but I do like his grit. Not sure he wants to stay East Coast, though…

  31. Like I said, it’s not the $4-$5 million per yer that bothers me. It’s the length of this contract. Jagr has 2 years left. I say give Nylander 2 years and maybe an option for a 3rd year.

    The one player who deserves the big contract in terms of years and dollars is #30. Hopefully, they get that done soon.

  32. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    People that want Lang are morons, I rather have Straka or Avery centering than Lang.

    if we are going to sign a center or replace Nylander then I want to go low key, take Stumpel 1 year deal at 3-3.5 mil. This guy is same age as Nylander, but way bigger, hits 6 times more, takes half as many penalties and is better on faceoffs, also he is pretty good around the net and will score at least 80 points on top line with Jagr. And he kills penalties and is better defensively.

  33. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    honestly I am not impressed with Backlund from the videos, I think Mayorov and Eller are better players, skaters, and have more size and play more physical. And Backlund didn’t do anything in the playoffs.

  34. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    If NYR is bringing Lang…There not bringing him for Jags there bringing him for Shanny…Cause they played in DET…

    I told you all about 3 months ago…NYR will sign Lang…I hope im wrong but if it happens…Then i hate to say i told you so..

    I like Nylander…But he’s getting ridiculous…I doubt he’ll be able to live up to the NEW contact he’ll get from another team..

    If i see him going anywhere…I think it will be to BUF…He’ll be replacing Briere..Drury..or Zubrus..And i think Drury is staying..Briere is going to Philly..and Zubrus is going back to WSH.

    As for Smyth…I liked him alot and was praying for NYR to trade for him at the deadline..But when i seen NYI get him..ugh…i nearly barfed a lung.

    I wonder how this line would work…Jagr – Nylander – Smyth…Hmm…weird sound to it

  35. This is just plain good news — we all look forward to our unofficial Captain coming back to capture the cup. Plus BLUESHIRT MANAGEMENT listens to THIS guy….

    Just look at AVERY…..who knew?


  36. HEY BRETT,

    I like the Ryan Smyth concept…it works for me, Mr. Edmonton would be playing for a Original Six team which would legitimize his coming to the New York area. Ted Nolen is keeping him low-down…

    It is a smart idea, and frankly LANG is a terrible idea. No chemistry, except for Czech-smalltalk.


  37. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Avery will cost us about 3 mil to re-sign probably a 4 or 5 year deal.

    Prucha will be about 1.5 mil likely a 2 or 3 year deal.

    I would take Ryan Smyth over Shanahan even if he costs more.

  38. “Waaaaaa. I have six kids and only had a 3 million dollar deal on the table. Waaaaa”

    Most normal poeple with six kids would love 3 mil to play hockey every day.

  39. Nylander— 2 years @ 4 million each…anything more is absurd. Nylander scored those points because he played with Jagr, it’s that simple. Elswhere he would be a bust for big $$$$ on the first line(?).

    Shanahan is all class and true BLUE!!!

  40. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Stumpel will easily replace Nylander’s production on the top line and for much less.

  41. Florida just re-upped Nathan Horton at 6 years, $24 million. Smart move by them.

    Rob S: Well said.

  42. czechthemout!!!!! on

    robert lang would be a disasterous signing!!!!!!he is finished as a player.det, a team who signs a 45yearold!!wants no part of him anymore.he is toast.he looked slow and worn out in the playoffs.if we lose ny;ander and fail to sign gomez or drury,i would try and work out a trade for a marleu or richards.if unsuccsesful,i would bring up dubinsky
    to play the second line spot and have straka play center for the time may be possible that a guy like tommy pyatt can come in and play center here as any case anything is better than bringing in someone washed up like lang or stumpl.

  43. Jersey Shore on

    Why knock Nylander? He has been incredibly productive, at a bargain rate, and now has a chance to cash in. When the Scott Hartnells of the world get over $4M, it has a ripple affect throughout. Nylander has been a classy player, and a good fit. Wouldn’t necessarily break the bank, but he’s going to cost in the $4.3M range, at least.

  44. czechthemout!!!!! on

    as far as some of the players in this draft.i’ve watched bunch of clips on these seems to me most are real good skaters,especialy the dmen.i like a bunch of the prospects that i’ve seen.the one who looks the best to me is kane but we have no shot at him.guys we may have ashot at that look good:backlund,mayorov,hamill,gillies,sweatt,on defense:patrecki,cross,blum.if they slip or we trade up:vorocek,ellerby,alzner,espo,gagner,cherepanov.

    if i had my choice;patrecki or mayorov or baclund.

  45. a casual observer on

    Nylander will be with us for the next 3 years. Gomez is a little punk…..that said I would love to have him centering the 2nd line. I hope we don’t go overboard obtaining “veterans”. We have a good mix of experience and youth right now. Let everyone earn their spot in camp this year. And if Larry “foster” Brooks picks us to win the cup again I’ll come down and kick him in the pants.

  46. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    how is Stumpel washed up, look at his stats from last season. He is better than Nylander, he checks, better on faceoffs, and kills penalties and scored about same amount of goals with fewer icetime and not playing with the likes of Jagr.

  47. Ivana–

    Stumpel 06/07: 23G 34A 57PTS TOI/G 19:07 FO% 50.5
    Nylander 06/07: 26G 57A 83PTS TOI/G 20:22 FO% 47.5

    How exactly is Stumpel a better choice than Nylander? Nylander is better in the big 3 offensive categories, they basicly play the same amount, you can’t say playing an extra 1:15 a game accounts for the higher point production. Stumpel does have a better face off percentage, but 3% isn’t that substantial an increase to warrent him being “better than Nylander.”

  48. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Andy, do I have to spell it out for you?

    Nylander played 6 more games. Spent zero time penalty killing, threw about 10 hits and averaged 5:28 on the PP each game.

    Stumpel threw close to 60 hits, averaged 3:09 on the PP and 3:06 on PK

    If Stumpel wasn’t killing penalties and was playing more games, more icetime on the top line, with better linemates and more time on the PP he would have scored about 20-25 points more.

    Stumpel also takes fewer penalties, is cheaper, and better defensively.

    total icetime:
    Stumpel: 1396
    Nylander: 1610

    total PP time:

    Stumpel: 231
    Nylander: 432

    also Stumpel is more efficient on the PP scoring a point about every 9 minutes of PP while Nylander every 11 minutes.

    Also Stumpel is much bigger and stronger and goes to the net and can stand in front of the goalie.

  49. Ryan Smyth to Calgary?

    This whole angle of expecting a professional athlete to accept more than the market would pay them is just absurd. They generate a boatload of revenue. Like it or not, this is capitalism. This is the American way. If schoolteachers directly generated a billion dollars through their classroom, they’d get paid more. That may suck, but it’s just the way it is.

  50. I meant less, not more, obviously. Sorry.

    And how come no site seems to have any Rangers rumors?

  51. GO NYR…”From what I hear Nylander told Sather to leave the offer he made earlier on the table. That must mean he liked it and is going to take something in that area” …

    where are you hearing these voices? Why did he fire his agent? Or is Nylander hearing similar voices?

  52. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Ryan Smyth wouldnt go to CGY…Anyone who thinks that he’s do that is ridiculous…Maybe he’d screw the EDM organazation over..But he would screw the city…

    Enough about Smyth…I can care less about him..I think he’ll re sign with NYI…and they’ll throw away half there free agents icluding the psycho and the steriod freak (simon & hill)


    That seems weird….It like all these sites have everything and more about every team in the NHL except NYR…I dont understand…Buut it leaves us in suspence….That could be good or bad.

    ANA just re signed Giguere for 4 years…Wheres Hank

  53. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    ”’wouldnt screw the city”’ is what i meant…along with a few other misspelled words…

    This keyboard can be tricky sometimes.

  54. Ivana–
    1. There is no need for Nylander to kill penalties on a team that has players like Betts, Cullen, Straka, Ortmeyer, Shanahan, heck even Hossa killed penalties last season.
    2. ” If Stumpel wasn’t killing penalties and was playing more games, more icetime on the top line, with better linemates and more time on the PP he would have scored about 20-25 points more.” If he’s so skilled, why was he not a top line player in Florida?
    3. Stumpel since the lockout GP: 147 G: 38 A: 71 PTS: 109 +/-: +13
    Nylander over the same span GP: 160 G: 49 A: 113 PTS: 162 +/-: 43

    At what point is Stumpel an upgrade over Nylander? Maybe I am missing the boat on this one, but I just don’t see it.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Ivana- Stumpel isn’t a bad player. But the key thing you’re missing is playing style. Nylander meshes with Jagr, Stumpel wouldn’t. Chemistry is always more important than individual talent.

  56. I just did a little more research on this Nylander/Stumpel debate. Nylander has had a part (scoring a goal, or assisting on a goal) in 33% of the Rangers’ goals since in his 2 seasons. Stumpel 22% over the same time.

  57. If Nylander wants anything more than three years, I hope he’s gone. If only Prucha still played center…

    czech – are you sure about the 5% over the cap thing? I don’t think that’s right because I haven’t seen any team going over the cap. If it was true, the Sabres wouldn’t ahve had to worry as much when Connolly returned before the playoffs last year.

    Henrik wil probably get about the same as Giguere, but closer to the end of the new contract. It will probably start low around 2-3 million, then go up to maybe 7. Of course, the cap hit is an average, though. It would help if they could convince him to play for the low amount in the next couple of years since he’s still young.

  58. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Nylander meshes with Jagr, Stumpel wouldn’t.”

    how on earth would you know this? They are both from the same country and speak same language

    “I just did a little more research on this Nylander/Stumpel debate. Nylander has had a part (scoring a goal, or assisting on a goal) in 33% of the Rangers’ goals since in his 2 seasons. Stumpel 22% over the same time.”

    one was playing with the likes of Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, etc, the other one hasn’t.

    Even if Stumpel scores a little less, he makes up by being more physical, better defensively, better on faceoffs, takes fewer penalties, can kill penalties and is cheaper.

  59. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    None of us really thought Nylander would become an 80 point center when he signed with us and many were against it. And I am sure Stumpel would be very happy to sign with us for only 1 season at 2.8-3.5 mil if it means he centers Jagr on the top line.

  60. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Ivana—1. There is no need for Nylander to kill penalties on a team that has players like Betts, Cullen, Straka, Ortmeyer, Shanahan, heck even Hossa killed penalties last season.”

    Shanahan should not and probably will not any more kill penalties. Ortmeyer is likely gone. It is always good to have someone who is able to kill penalties in case of injuries or penalties to the penalty killers.

    “If he’s so skilled, why was he not a top line player in Florida?”

    because of Jokinen, duh.

    “3. Stumpel since the lockout GP: 147 G: 38 A: 71 PTS: 109 +/-: +13
    Nylander over the same span GP: 160 G: 49 A: 113 PTS: 162 +/-: 43

    At what point is Stumpel an upgrade over Nylander? Maybe I am missing the boat on this one, but I just don’t see it.”

    yeah one was on the 2nd or 3rd lines the other played over 20 minutes with Jagr, can you even put things in perspective? Look at Nylander’s numbers before Rangers 64 points was his peak. Compare Stumpel’s and Nylander’s careers before the lockout.

  61. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    anybody know whether Kim Hirschovits or Jani Rita are under contract or have an out clause?

  62. Ivana – are you Stumpel’s agent? He’s a good player and takes slightly fewer penalties than Nylander, scores slightly less and commands less ice time too. I don’t think he’s first line material and you can’t assume that he’ll gel with Jagr just cos he’s a Czech and he’s a center. Plus, you don’t want your #1 center killing penalties or banging too many bodies – you should be saving him for even strength and PP time. PK is for lines 3 and 4 (and possibly line 2 occasionally). When Nylander is on the ice its his lines job to keep the puck therefore he has less hitting to do.

    You can tell there are no decent rumours doing the rounds about NYR we’re all (including me) talking about hypothetical free agent signings before there is anything to them.

    Lang – i was just asking. I hope we don’t, but old habits die hard.
    Nylander – i hope he does sign for 3 yrs, somewhere in the $3.5m-4m range, he was excellent last year and his chemistry with Jagr is indisputable.
    Shanny is a class act, if he gives a cap-friendly discount he earns god-like status in my eyes – i also hope Renney uses him less on the PK next season.

    I thought Sather would have done the deals for Hank and Avery by now – but i guess with Maloney gone he’s struggling to fit it all in with his golf schedule (a bit like Sam..!!)

  63. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Lecavalier kills penalties and hits too so what’s wrong with him?

    Nylander does not command 20+ minutes of icetime.

    I am not assuming Stumpel will gel with Jagr, but it sure beats Lang or pretty much any other option out there except for maybe Gomez and Forsberg. I see no reason why Stumpel would have bad chemistry with Jagr though and if he does, then maybe he would have good chemistry on the 2nd line with whoever is there while Straka centers Jagr. Also I don’t think they tried Cullen with Jagr, that might work it could make Cullen less selfish and make good passes, also Avery is another option.

  64. Not that I necessarily want Stumpel ovcer Nylander, but please people in honestly assessing this let’s be fair to Ivana: Nylander is ideally a second line pivot whose numbers have skyrocketed fromplaying alongside one of the greatest scorers and playmakers of all time. There’s no question that Jagr liking him and their ability to play well together also makes him an attractive option right now. But all of that said I would bet Stumpel would post terrific numbers with Jagr as well. But I’m sure Nylander stays here, he’s no dope.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    “None of us really thought Nylander would become an 80 point center when he signed with us and many were against it.”

    Actually, that’s exactly what I thought he’d become. The only thing is, I was hoping it would be for the 2nd line, and they would sign a #1 C above him.

    Also, Stumpel would not gel with Jagr. Jagr needs line-mates that play east-west, and wait for the right pass or opportunity to shoot. Remember when Shanny played with him? Disasterous. Putting someone out there who can’t create time and space like Nylander would allow the other teamto double and triple cover Jagr.

    Everyone, myself included, is quick to point out that Nylander wouldn’t have numbers thhat good without Jagr, but there’s a reverse to that: Jagr wouldn’t have numbers that good without Nylander(or a very similar player). The players on the FA market this year that can replicate Nylander’s style of play are Briere (too small), Forsberg (too risky), and Gomez (just right). We lose Nylander, and they BETTER sign Gomez.

    Hopefully, cooler heads prevail, and they can work out some kind of bonus compensation for Nylander to keep his cap number low.

  66. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Jeez Anus..Dont you ever go to sleep…

    I dont think its a bad idea going for Stumpel…But not for first line center…Enough of this…NYR needs to re sign Nylander…The fact is…He knows he is forced to have a great season better then the last…With the money he’ll get…

    Jagr wants to have a great year…this being his last..possibly…So him and nylander have good chemistry…Why f it up.

    But like i and most people have been saying…We dont wanna see to many moves made…Maybe 1 a centerman…And maybe a d man only if Malik gets traded…If not then forget about it..We dont need a d man taking Staals spot…

    Anyway…Im not really looking foward to the draft…I hope NYR trades Montoya Malik and there 1st round pick…YES id be willing to give the pick and monty just to get this freak off the team..

    If no then what ever…

    Damn im looking foward to next season…I wish it were October already….

  67. STUMPEL?!?LANG?!? What have you guys been smoking? I think I’ve said this before here and I’ll say it again: I’d rather have Immonen at first line center than either of those guys. And that’s NOT saying I’d want Jarkko anywhere near JJ’s line. I think Sam’s 100 percent correct in this case: Nylander will get signed. It’s a matter of how much and when. I’ve never had many doubts simply because he’s NOT going to be as productive anywhere else in the league; if I can see that as a fan, then I’m sure other GMs are well aware of that as well.

    Onto SMYTH: again wtf are people thinking here? Sure he’d be nice cruising up the wing. But if you guys didn’t notice already, there seems to be a bounty of fellas waiting for some wing-time.

    Were I GM, my only moves at this time would be to:
    A. Sign Nylander to a two-year contract.
    B. Trade for a YOUNG number two center.
    C. If the number-one pick isn’t move in the aforementioned trade, select a projected scoring forward; my edge goes to Esposito.
    D. Get Ortmeyer/Shanny signed.

    After that, wrap it up and wait for camp. No need to sign ANY FAs other than the ones we have here already. And if they decide to leave, then it’s time to bring in some kids. Period.

  68. Robby Bonfire on

    Re Shanahan, first of all, he does NOT score clutch, a.k.a. close game deciding goals; second, what he did last year or prior to his concussion is absurd to make reference to as regards this coming season. Just like your car, athletes have a built-in DEPRECIATION factor, which renders them lesser productive, lesser valuable, and more expensive for the output, with the passage of each year.

    So don’t be so myopic as to “rubber stamp” him on paper for more of the same, from year to year. There are better investment longer-term options
    out there.

  69. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    Thank you….Im not the only one who wants Ortmeyer re signed…

    I just sold my friggin Orty jersey cause he might not get re signed…Ill settle with a Giardi

  70. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Also, Stumpel would not gel with Jagr. Jagr needs line-mates that play east-west, and wait for the right pass or opportunity to shoot.”

    Stumpel is east-west at heart and shoots even less than Nylander.

    tdchi, if Nylander leaves and you are pro youth movement, then Stumpel for 1 year is the smartest option.

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