I’m back….sort of


Just a quick note to say that I’m back from Pittsburgh and that I definitely haven’t forgotten about you all.

Truth is, my room at the “U.S. Open”:http://golf.lohudblogs.com/ directly overlooked The Igloo, so my head was constantly swimming with thoughts about hockey. Furthermore, they’re playing the past season opener against the Caps on MSG, so just seeing that inspired me to check in.

Anyway, the deal still is that I’m immersed in golf right now, although with the draft on Friday, and free agency not far after that, you can bet things will be picking up.

As for rumors, I wish I had some that weren’t just wildly speculative. So unless you want to hear about Tiger Woods’ new shaft on his driver, you’re going to have to be patient with me.

Thanks again for checking back here. I will say it’s nice to be missed.

Until later…

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  1. SAM you haven’t missed much besides alot of bickering & reporting on fanfest. Are you covering the draft on Friday? How about a Sather interview?

  2. I don’t want you to miss this, so I’m posting it here again. Also, read tdchi’s post on the last blog entry, RobbyBonfire. (What an appropriate name for starting arguments everywhere, lol)

    “Why are you deliberately distorting my emphatically stated basic premise of BUILD NOW, WIN LATER, as ‘win now?’�

    “You got it! You are absolutely correct! I am willing to sacrifice a couple years of the ‘making the playoffs with a bunch of last gasp wheezers’ mentality, for a REAL shot at winning the Stanley Cup in three years, by putting the young pieces in the puzzle, now, rather than annually forestalling attaining the ultimate glory�

    “Did I enjoy the playoffs? Are you kidding? My standards are just a bit higher than yours – I ‘enjoy’ the playoffs when my team wins the Stanley Cup – period! Put me in George Steinbrenner’s corner – everything which is not the ultimate success is FAILURE.�

    RobbyBonfire, I believe the second and third paragraphs answer your question in the first section. You’re stumbling over your words, changing your opinion, and being an asshole about it cuz you are being rightly criticized, so maybe that’s why people want to disagree with you.

    I do agree with your opinion on Sather, however. He traded the old guys before the end of the 03-04 season because he probably had some inside info about the cap coming soon, or else he would have stuck with them for seven more losing seasons. The only way young players get to play is when there is a long injury and there are no free agents (Strudwick) or guys on waivers (Krog) that Sather can pick up. They have to prove themselves under pressure of being sent back down to the AHL, which in a backwards way ends up being a good thing, but you would think with the cap that the team would start with more young players. Let’s not forget that Prucha was sent down in early ‘05 before Rucinsky was injured for significant time. Hopefully in the next couple of years, with Henrik’s big contract, we will be forced to play more young players, as long as the cap stops rising.

    And more, Robby – have you even been reading this blog? Almost everybody here wants Prucha to see much more ice time. Myself, I would put him back on the first line. Hopefully, he is re-signed.

    We want to trade Montoya while he still has some value as a starter rather than a backup, and possibly get some young forwards for him.

    At least you’re somewhat smart about your arguments and don’t bash Jagr, unlike that other guy, his latest incarnation being pork anus.

    tdchi – I would think Staal has earned a spot on the Rangers next year, but if they sign a good defenseman, he won’t be there, and he won’t be behind Baranka at any point I don’t think.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Robby, your idealism is nice, but you forget one crucial thing about three years from now: no Jagr. Our entire system doesn’t have three players *combined* that could carry his jock.

    Win now, we’re only a couple of players away. Literally, one, maybe two away. Three if you want to count subtracting Malik.

  4. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Yessss…..Finally they brought 10 to Remember back…Of coarse as NYR Fan Faves…Hopefully this means there playing more then 10…

    Anyway….Isnt it funny in that game how Sam and Joe were saying Aaron Ward spent time in Germany learning the “correct way” to block shots…and he was trying to teach tyutin….Thank god Tyuts didnt get the message cause that “Correct Way” means putting pucks in your own net…

    Classic quote from this game on tonight…..

    Sam Rosen:…..Shana-way on a Breakaway…Shanahan…..Scoooore

    Funny stuff….At least to me…

  5. Robby Bonfire on

    “WE want to trade Montoya.” WE WE WE no, buddy YOU YOU YOU (and your puppy dog “Spot”) want to go with one top goalie and one washout back-up, so that our top goalie can carry a ridiculous workload in the cartoon regular season, preceding the feature event.

    You sound like you also subscribe to baseball pitchers logging 250+ innings per season, but look at those two superstar break-downs on the North Side of Chicago. Athletes in all sports do have a work-load break-down point. It just makes so much more sense to go into the real competition relatively FRESHER than your opponent. DEPTH and CONDITIONING are critical to a team’s success. When your ranks are thin on quality, and when your ranks are burned-out from too heavy a regular season work-load, including too many minutes logged per game, this all comes out in the wash called the Stanley Cup Playoffs. With a lighter regular season work load for the mainstays of the team, we would see fewer injuries, as there is a correlation between fatigue and injury, of which I am sure you are aware.

    Allow me to qualify one important point, regarding my penchant for going with a much younger roster, were I GM.
    I am ALLOWING for the fact that some younger players will over-achieve, some will become journeymen, some will flame out completely. And that is ok, as it is a SORTING PROCESS. If I’m the GM, I find out sooner, rather than later, what I really have, which players can cut it, which are trade bait, which need to quickly be culled out of the system.

    I am completely fearless when it comes to putting myself on the line to give a group of rookies their big shot, early in their career. One thing I would NEVER do is routinely stonewall NHL careers to the point where the majority of the rookies on my team are 24-25 years of age. When they show promise, I bring them up no later than 21. And many would get their shot at 19, in my organization.

    At first they are getting their bearings and making glaring mistakes. But they grow quickly, mentally and physically, and start to adapt to the pace of games, the grueling schedule, and the travel And as they reach 23 and 24 they see players coming into the league who are younger and lesser experienced than they, and their confidence grows by leaps and bounds.

    Eventuallly they start to mesh and synchronize with familiar teammates and collectively the team makes great and dramatic strides as it joins the league’s few elite championship contenders. Finally, if you are both lucky and good enough, this contingent drinks some special champagne.

    Was the sacrifice of time and patience worth it? Of course, as reaching the top of your profession is always worth it, just as medical school is a worthwhile sacrifice (actually – investment) in a young intern’s future.

    My goal from day one, as GM, would be to win the Cup, and to hell with fans who scream bloody murder because the team didn’t make the round of 16. In fact, the emphasis some teams put on making the playoffs, instead of building for real success, is what holds them back, in perpetuity. This is where the New York Rangers came in. This is the land of famine I would lead them out of, were I the occupant of the GM’s office.

  6. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    We got 3 good options to trade up–Coyotes, Oilers and Blues.

    what we can offer are the likes of Malik, Straka, Betts, Cullen, Dawes, Mara, Korpikoski, Sanguinetti, Montoya.

  7. When did I say I wanted Henrik playing 75 games? The Rangers could re-sign Weekes or play Valiquette for all I care (no Esche please), as long as they give whatever rest they think Henrik needs, which, judging by last year, is only about 15 games. “We” think Montoya should be traded based on what most people have said here. Almost everybody wants it done by the beginning of 08-09.

    I think when you become GM, Robby, your team will probably have worse attendance than the Predators. Of course the Rangers spent too much in the past when you use hindsight – it didn’t work out as well as the Yankees, who have actually been making the playoffs by spending $200 million+. They were trying to spend money to make money, but of course it didn’t work out.

    Orr – I like what Micheletti said just now in the Faves 60 minute version: “[A. Ward] has a wonderful attitude.”

  8. Oh the pitfalls of the off-season. We are all getting incredibly excited about seeing a taped game that was played about 7 or 8 months ago.

    October can’t get here fast enough.

  9. Ivana – Draft is rumored to be the weakest in years, perhaps even more so than the fateful grab-bag the Rangers netted Brendl and Lundmark. Frankly, I’d stick with #17 and see if Esposito or Sutter are still out there.

    SPEAKING of the 1999 draft…it just so happens that BOTH Lundmark and Brendl hit the AHL without finishing their last year in juniors and then were pushed into the NHL at the ripe age of 21…hmm…and then there’s 18-year-old Manny Malhotra…hmm.

    Brandon – I’m just naturally skeptical about Ranger first-rounders. I got hyped about Malhotra and the aforementioned dreck, got psyched about Blackburn and even smiled at the draft of Montoya and Jessiman. I had the opportunity of watching the later two play in the AHL and lost ALL optismism…Staal’s got the name and the bloodline to be a good pick. I just hope he comes up with a game that’s tight.

    Chris F. – Counting the number of times that Eklund guy throws out BS rumors is like counting digits in Pi. I really don’t know where he gets his info, but it’s usually wrong. That said, if Nylander thinks he’s worth $6 million or whatever, the Capies can have him…and watch their 83-point-per-season first line forward suddenly morph back into the 50-point-per-season guy he is.

    Robby: again, this is hockey, not baseball. A guy like Lundqvist is at his best when he’s playing 65+ games a year. His first year, he needed to adjust to the NHL rigor. But last season, I’d argue he played better at the end of the season. Depth is important, but not so much at goalie. Rolling three good lines is paramount to having an “A” backup…As for what you’d do as GM, you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head…only for the Rangers, the sorting is done at the AHL level. Frankly, I can’t think of a guy the Rangers “buried” in the last decade or so that went on to become a second or even first liner. Most of them have lanquished and disapeared to Europe. Is it the Rangers fault or are they not able to hack it in the NHL? You decide.

  10. Sam – Marriott isn’t it? I stayed there some years ago when i was over from the UK to see a Steelers game – nice hotel, looking down at it made me wish the hockey season had started early. Although at the time Mario & Jags were the attraction – not Sid the Kid.

    No rumours from MSG then??

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    “Ivana – Draft is rumored to be the weakest in years, perhaps even more so than the fateful grab-bag the Rangers netted Brendl and Lundmark. Frankly, I’d stick with #17 and see if Esposito or Sutter are still out there.”

    I agree. And if they aren’t, I’d shop the pick for a center.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    We discussed this on the last thread. I agree that the contract values are way too high, but the players for the pick are incredible.

  13. Come on back, Sam. It’s only a few days to the draft (and some possible trades) and a few more to free agency. We need our daily blog news, notes and rumors.

  14. Yeah, I know Eklund is the Larry Brooks of the blogosphere, but at least it’s an amusing rumor. Better that BS than reading two guys yell at each other about things they don’t control…

  15. Mort U. Wary on

    My wish list if we stand pat at 17:

    Backlund, Eller or Repik (reminds me of Milan Hejduk) if we go with a Forward. We need some offensive guys for the post-68 era.

    Petrecki or Plante if we go with Defense. We don’t have any skilled d-men of their size in our system who can clear the front of the net. Would compliment a future d-corps of Tyutin, Staal, Sanguinetti, Sauer and Baranka.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know about Baranka, I think the opportunity is passing him by.

    Staal, Sauer, and Sanguinetti are studs. Tyutin and Girardi are a pair for the future. That’s 5 guys right there for our defense in 2-4 seasons. Roszi, Malik, Rachunek, and Mara will all assuredly be gone by then. Pock, who knows. Either way, Baranka is going to have a tough go at sticking around with this team, especialy when he has ong stretches of bad form like he did down the stretch with the Pack. Right now, I’d take Liffiton over him. In any case, I think he might be the unfortunate victim of having a lot of big time D prospects.

    I agree with you on the pick for an offensive player. But I’d rather take one stab at it while we’ve got 68 around, shop the pick, get a solid offensive player and a mid level prospect (rumors are that huselius might be available in Calgary-a package of him and Nystrom or Germyn for our first and Malik?), and make a run after signing another defenseman.

    Alternatively, what do people think of signing Paul Kariya for the 2nd line/veteran role, or alternatively, trading Nashville OUR first round pick to try and get in on the fire sale?

    PS, does anyone know where I can find contracts and salaries for *ALL* NHL teams, not just the Rangers?

  17. Robby Bonfire on

    The worst thing about drafting Brendl was subsequently trading him in a package for Lindros the professional crybaby. Sather’s first major deal, here, in fact. And the precursor to more aggravation to come for Ranger fans.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Robby, thank you- that’s excellent.

    Nashville is on the hook for 2 million for Legwand next season. 1st Rounder for Legwand?

  19. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I would stay away from Sutter kid, his stats are not impressive for someone with hockey bloodlines and his father being his assistant coach and he is way too skinny, so not really a power forward.

    Esposito will not make it past 12th spot, we should trade up with JD at #9 if we want him.

  20. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I think JD is doing a good job in St. Louis.

    He got that kid Boyes…And he might be getting Tkachuk and Guerin back…Plus that 1st rounder will be playing this season…

    They need a goaltender…Then i think they can b playoff ready…Maybe JD wants Montoya??

    Who would NYR want for him though?

  21. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    “Is JD actually doing a good job?”

    why do you ask? I think average.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    He’s doing the best he can with a rotten situation. Truth be told, the fact that he managed to unload both Guerin and Tkachuk at such high prices speaks good for him. Also, He found the right coach in Andy Murray, as St. Louis’ record was one of the top 10(uncorroborated by actual facts, but I’m pretty sure) in the league from the time he took over to the end of the season.

  23. Those two guys Philly traded for were about to be UFAs anyway, so I don’t think it’s that good of a trade. Kind of like when NYR traded Messier for Markkanen but then Messier re-signed with us, and we had both of them.

    Doodie – also http://nhlnumbers.com for salaries

  24. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I want us to move up to #9 and then also acquire Coyote’s #21 pick. Draft Esposito at #9 and either Sweatt or Perron or Mayorov or Moller or whoever good is available with #21.

    this gives us 2 potential top line forward prospects. Then go for goalie Sexsmith or some possible steal in the 2nd round. Maybe also acquire 3rd rounder or an early 2nd rounder.

  25. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    TSN’s top 60+


    here is who I don’t want us to take in the 1st round:

    -any defensemen or goalies

    -Sutter–too skinny, overrated
    -Hamill–not big, bad skater, one of the older prospects
    -Couture–intriguing, but his skating style will be a disadvantage in the pros, similar to Picard of Blue Jackets
    -Gillies–good player, but not in the first round
    -Repik–short, maybe worth a 2nd rounder
    -Legein–too small
    -Tyrell–same as Repik

  26. Doodie – i’m with you on Legwand – good all-round player: scorer and passer (63pts and +23 in 76 gms) – but i don’t think he’ll be going anywhere. Thats a pretty cheap salary for a good #2 centerman, he’s a UFA after next year though so if we did trade we’d probably want him to sign for another 2 years. His play-off stats aren’t great but his role diminished when Forsberg was healthy.
    If i were Glen i’d be on the phone to Nashville, all i keep reading about the top 30 prospects is negative stuff so it must be a below average draft, so no problem here if we trade our 1st rounder (can we dump Malik on them too?)

  27. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Damn, we have so many good options this draft and the morons will once again screw up and draft someone like Hamill or Gillies.

    also I would probably stay away from Sweatt in the 1st round, I dom’t think he has 1st line potential, plus I don’t really like drafting from NCAA and he is a year older than most draftees.

  28. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Did anyone read the latest story at Blueshirtbulletin.com…

    It says Marcel Hossa…Branko Radavoi what ever his name is (the guy from MIN) and some other guy…The 3 fought off some skin heads in Slovakia…saving a g 39 year old guys life…He was stabbed and his throat was cut.

    Jeez how does Hoss get himself in these prediciments.


    I agree…I say we try a package deal of our 1st rounder and Malik for someone…That would be great…Id risk a future star to get Malik off this team.


    According to Brooks, Nylander wants a 4 YEAR DEAL….at age 35, having played the best hockey of his career with Jagr, this would be another CAP suicide by the Rangers.

    He had a very generous offer all but done, for 3 years (which, in my opinion is 1 year too long), so LET HIM GO.

    He will play elsewhere, score 10 goals and have 30 assists; all for almost $4 million dollars per year and someone will be stuck with an aging player, receiving HUGE money, for 4 long years….at age 39, they will be paying superstar like money for a player who benefited from playing along side a superstar.

    It will be a bitter time for SOMEONE ELSE.

    I hope we learned something from the Holik contract.

  30. the only way we get rid of Malik, thus giving Lundqvst a chance at a Cup, is to piggy back him on another deal…..we may have to eat some of his salary as well.
    He and Rachunek must go: we have a real elite goalie who deserves proper defense. With Lundqvst, we can be long odds to make a run for the CUPl; as an elite goalie gives anyone a chance.

    Add in a healthy Jagr, some of our young talent, and a judicious signing AS well as the addition by subtraction of our two most horrid d-men, and we have a solid chance. Let’s hope Sather is not asleep at the wheel (i.e. contracts to Malik/Rachunek) again.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve been saying it for a while; a lot of teams are fooled by Malik’s +/-. We should strike while the iron is hot and package him a pick.

    You have to figure Raccoon is definitely out. \Just too many d-men in the pipeline. Of course, if they resign him, that means no Marc Staal in NY this year, which would be a collosal mistake.

  32. Robby Bonfire on

    Getting rid of Malik would be a mistake if the idea is to give MARA more ice time. Mara represented a slight gain in the regular season, but flopped back to his Boston perfomance level in the playoffs. Definitely not someone I want to see retained in the organization for another season. Too many good young D’s around to carry Mara’s dead and embarrassingly UNFOCUSED carcus any longer. This guy actually spaces out during hockey games. Never seen that before.

  33. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Id take Mara over Malik any day of the week…He left the season with one of the best defensive plays…Remember game 6 the wide open net and he blocked the puck with a kick save…Then hank bailed us out with another save…We might have lost that game but that was such a great moment…MSG was on fire after that.

    As for Nylander…He will only fit in New York…He can be a 30 goal scorer with possible 70 to 90 points in a season…If he plays like he did in the playoffs…If he goes some where else i cant see him being as good as he is here…Like i said…He was made for NYR’s style..

    4 years is long…But what ever…As long as he lives up to his contract…And thats what he really needs to do.

    Theres no need to even think about Rachunek and Weekes..there gone…

  34. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    I dont know what you have against Mara…But he might not have been great in the playoffs but he had two big goals…One a game winner i think and one in game 6 of round 2…I like him and im hoping he gets re signed…He’s adjusting to the defense style here…And i expect him to be more offensive this season…The guy has a rocket of a shot…

    The only bad thing he did in the playoffs was go after Tkachuk and leave his man open…But besides that he wasnt embarrising…and unfocused.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    “This guy actually spaces out during hockey games. Never seen that before.”

    I saw Richter bobbing his head along with the Chicken Dance once when there was a faceoff to his left. Needless to say, the other team scored off of the faceoff.

  36. Guys –
    My gut feeling is Jags will have a heart to heart with Nylander and he will definitely sign for a reasonable amount and hopefully it’s not more than a three year deal.

  37. goalbyPrucha on

    We will never win a championship with a guy like Malik on defense. Renney defended him by saying what a “good citizen” he was. We shouldn’t build a team by making friends.
    Get rid of this loser and don’t anybody bring up his plus minus to defend him. THe guy stinks.

  38. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I keep hearing that Hurricanes are looking for a defenseman, so maybe #17 + Malik for #11.

    we take Esposito at 11 spot then trade some combination of Dawes, Pock, Betts, Cullen, Straka, Sanguinetti, and Hossa for a early 20’s pick and grab a 1st line potential like Perron or MacLean or Mayorov or Eller.

    that would be an amazing draft, especially if we can snatch Aliu or Andersson or O’Brien or MacMillan in the 2nd round.

  39. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Someone answer this question honestly for me….

    Dont answer this question as a person who hates Malik and HOPES hes gone…

    Ok…..Is there ANY possibility that Malik can get traded…Is it something NYR would do…Cause to me it seems like hes adored by the organazation for all the wrong reasons…So is it possible that he can get traded….

    Remember…answer the question honestly and not as a Malik hater

    I just dont wanna get my hopes up and then see him next year….

  40. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    I would give Nylander as much as 5 mil per year, but only for 1 or 2 year deal.

  41. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Ivana…or anus…which ever you prefer these days…

    In my opinion…I dont think its worth giving up some youth for this draft…Although you never know these kids can turn out to be stars…but still i dont know….If it were last years draft then yeah…but eh…

    But ill take anything over Malik…I mean that literally..

    I think NYR should try and get Tootoo…Imagine having Tootoo and Avery on the same team…Forget about it…Agitation up the yin yang…

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Malik will not be moved, despite how pretty much every fan (except Sam) wants him to be. Sigh.

    E.J. Hradek at ESPN just made a list of best/worst draft picks in history. None other than Hugh Jessiman was one of the top 5 worst picks among active players. He didn’t rank them, but here’s what he wrote:

    “• Hugh Jessiman, W, New York Rangers, 2003, (12th overall): It might be too early to judge the big winger from Dartmouth, who split time last season between the AHL and the ECHL. Still, Zach Parise, Ryan Getzlaf and Patrice Bergeron were among the players selected after Jessiman. The Rangers might have been better off taking his Ivy League teammate Lee Stempniak, who has already played 139 NHL games after being taken by the Blues with the 148th pick.”

    Rico Fata is definitely the worst pick on his list, especialy when you look at the guys picked after him: Tanguay, Regher, Kalinin, Gagne, Fischer, and Gomez. And let’s not forget offensive Juggernaut Manny Malhotra, taken with the very next pick.

  43. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Rangers’ scouting staff should all be fired, except for maybe 2 European scouts. They are stupid, they care more about interviews, bloodlines, whether or not the prospect is a Rangers fan, and family background than the player’s actual game. It is like they approach it as a total crapshoot think that their stupid strategies will give them an advantage.

  44. GuitarWizard on


    “the only way we get rid of Malik… is to piggy back him on another deal…..we may have to eat some of his salary as well.”

    Under the new CBA you can’t retain part of a player’s salary after he is traded. The Jagr deal came before the new CBA, so Washington still pays half of his, but it can’t be included in any new deals.

  45. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Malik is very tradeable, the problem is that Renney and Jagr adore him

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Bingo. A lot of teams would take him, but the Rangers would never deal him.

  47. Robby Bonfire on

    And then we traded Malhota for the poor guy who committed suicide. Yes, Malhotra didn’t work out.

  48. Doodie: Hradek is an Islanders fan, that’s why he threw that in there. Of course he doesn’t mention Lundqvist as one of the 5 best draft values for active players. How can anyone in their right mind say Tomas Kaberle was a better pick for his team than Henrik Lundqvist?!

  49. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    later rounds are gravy and more about luck. The real difference between scouting staffs is in the first 2 or 3 rounds and Rangers so far have been very bad.

  50. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    unfortunately Scott Walker, the guy I wanted to replace Shanahan, is off the market, signed for a modest 2.5 mil.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    “It might cost me later, if I were to say now where I would like to play, and where I wouldn’t. I will say that, for who I talked to, the best was with the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings.”

    -Alexei Cherepanov

  52. a casual observer on

    Trading Malik for a draft pick is a crapshoot, but it certainly is one I would take. We have enough young guys that are ready or close. Rozy already showed he can play just as well with other dmen.

  53. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    Im expecting Rozy to have his best season as a ranger this coming season…He’s getting better and better offensively and defensively…And he found his sweet spot on the PP…He scored 2 goals against ATL in that same spot…

    And dont forget that Huge OT GWG

  54. Guitarwiz, thanks for the clarification. I wonder if it can be done under the table, though….oh well, as long as he goes.

    Guitarwiz: what kind of guitar do you play? music?

    PS: I was down on Rosi but he won me over………….

  55. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    There’s been some rule changes that were approved…

    Rule 24 – Gross Misconduct – Any act that would have been assessed a gross misconduct penalty will recieve a game misconduct penalty. Accumulated game misconducts can lead to fines or suspensions.
    Rule 25 – Penalty Shot – A player will be awarded a penalty shot if he’s fouled yada yada yada on a clear breakaway outside his defensive zone. i.e. anywhere in the neautral zone or in the attacking zone.
    Rule 56 – Interference – Refs were given discretion to assess major penalties and a game misconduct when an injury results from an act of interference.
    Rule 76 – Face Offs – All faceoffs must be conducted at one of the nine face off dots painted on the rink.

    Eh i was bored so just thought id share that with you…Just incase any one wanted to know…Hopefully they wont change icing to no touch icing…

    Looks like Claud Julien is gonna coach the Bruins…

    I need NYR news…Im going crazy over here…

    Craziest thing happened today…I seen a guy with an NYR isbister jersey…I thought i was dreaming…I didnt have the heart to ask him why he would choose him over everyone else.

  56. There is no way that Nylander will get four years. With the new CBA, all players signed at the age of 35 or over have to be paid their full salary even if they are cut; I believe it counts against the cap, too. It’s a rediculous rule but what are you gonna do? When Leetch couldn’t get a one-year deal, how is Nylander gonna get four? I’m a pretty good hockey fan and had never heard of Nylander before he was on the Rangers, so I’m guessing he’s not real that great.

    What is a gross misconduct penalty? Faceoffs – I liked the idea of dropping the puck from where it was shot/deflected out. It’s not a big deal, though. Penalty shot and interference rules sound good, although I would think a double-minor would be assessed more than a major, like if blood is drawn.

    I think we should just trade Malik with our first-rounder for two picks of lower value. Anything to get him off our team. We have enough young players that look good already. We can trade them for other teams’ draft picks or bring them up. Mara seems to be really inconsistant at best – some good games, some bad. They should put him back with Girardi; I think that’s when he was at his best if I remember correctly. Also, Tyutin better start having some more offensive presence like in the Thrashers series, or else, dump him.

  57. I don’t know, he hasn’t really impressed me recently; I think he regressed this season. Wasn’t he supposed to become the power play quarterback?

  58. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    the insanity continues as 33 yearold Rivet got 4 year deal for 3.5 mil a year.

  59. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Hard to become a PP quarterback when coach hyena plays stinking Straka there instead.

  60. Tyutin is 23 and had a knee injury this season. Talking about dumping him is crazy talk or worse. And he wasn’t even like the 12th thing wrong with the power play this year.

    Ivana — the draft seems like such a crapshoot that it’s not really worth addressing until it’s happened. At least, to me.

  61. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    After all these insane contracts like Rivet and Timmonen I am starting to think that Malik by himself will bring us a late 1st rounder, trade him to Phoenix for their 21st pick, he has good chemistry with Jovanovski. Or he should at least be able to fetch the 33rd pick. Maybe JD is interested, remember how he was screaming like somebody just stabbed him when Malik scored that shootout goal. And JD has 3 1st rounders.

  62. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    maybe we should lock up Rozsival for 3 more seasons, he looks like a bargain and is very underrated and still young.

  63. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    Even Rachunek looks like a bargain. I actually still can’t decide who is better between Pock and Rachunek or whether they both should be gone. I am leaning towards Rachunek being better because of size, better hitter, better skater, more experience.

    Pock is maybe quicker, cheaper, younger, and has more offensive upside and can play forward.

  64. Ivana Kachanatsov on

    if we are going to sign a center or replace Nylander then I want to go low key, take Stumpel 1 year deal at 3-3.5 mil. This guy is same age as Nylander, but way bigger, hits 6 times more, takes half as many penalties and is better on faceoffs, also he is pretty good around the net and will score at least 80 points on top line with Jagr. And he kills penalties and is better defensively.

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