Somewhere Toe Blake is turning over in his grave…


I’m all for hockey gaining traction in new marketplaces, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the fact that the Stanley Cup’s last three stops have been in Tampa Bay, Carolina, and now Anaheim.

The irony, of course, is that the Ducks won the Cup this season by relying on some largely old-time hockey principles — including many a bloody knuckle. Still, it’s Anaheim. Just wait until that expansion Havana franchise arrives…

Meanwhile, the off-season is officially here, and the Islanders have ushered it in by cutting ties with Alexei Yashin. I know most important to you is the Rangers’ activity. So far it’s been quiet, but that’s likely to change soon.

Stay tuned….

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  1. Jonathan Probber on

    Imagine how our colleagues in Canada feel about Tampa Bay, Raleigh and Anaheim? You certainly can’t begrudge the Ducks – they were absolutely dominant, completely smothering a very skilled Ottawa team.

  2. Of course, the last three teams to lose the Cups finals are Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. That’s got to make the traditionalists happy, no?

  3. hockeymanrangers on

    Wow it’s Sam and he wrote us a blog but it only has the word Rangers in it once. This will never do, I think I might have to put myself in rehab. Especially now, now that there is NO HOCKEY until next October. Sam I don’t know how much longer I can stay tuned for, I am jonesin bad now man.

  4. It’s scary to think, but this could be the tip of the iceburg for Anaheim. They have a young team that will only get better, a top notch goalie, and 2 of the 3 best defensemen in the league on their team. I can see them winning another one or two before it’s over.

    Here’s another scary thought: when Pittsburgh won the lottery to get Crosby, do you realize Anaheim was so close to getting him and had to “settle” for Bobby Ryan at #2? Imagine Crosby on Anaheim with the rest of that team!

  5. your boy Malik on

    Glad to see you posting again. Please, give us some Ranger news….I’m always sad when the Cup is hoisted …. means no hockey till September!

  6. Sam, if you’re going to spend all your time covering golf — we know, it’s your job — can’t that include a little espionage about who Sather is teeing off with? Maybe that would clue us in about the AGM or signing possibilities…

  7. Iwas at the game last night. I live in LA and took my 9 yr old son to the game… That was my 1st stanley cup game. I ahve been to many games at MSG, the forum, and staples and a few other places..

    the bandwagon fans last night were incredible… they are clueless and I have never seen so little diversity in one place at 1 time.

    I was up high behind a goal, Ottawa played very bad… The ducks cleared the puck from there zone with ease.

    I cannot root for a team where the fans have no clue and passion therefore the ducks are not exactly my team…

    they have 2 of the 5 best d men in hockey that helps control everything…

  8. If Nylander asks for more then 2 yrs and say $4 mill a yr I say adios, what do others say????

  9. ideserveabeer on

    Sam, I totally agree and was thinking the same thing last night as the game ended. Tampa, Carolina and Anaheim. It would have been better if it was the Kings, but Anaheim is not L.A.. And I loved Bettman’s dumb speach and mention of how well hockey is doing in California and the Ducks are the NHL’s first west coast club to win a Cup. NOBODY CARES, GARY!

  10. ideserveabeer on

    If Nylander asks for more then 2 yrs and say $4 mill a yr I say adios, what do others say????

    He’s worth the $5 mill he is asking for. $5 mill for 2 years and a club option is fair. He fits with this team. Don’t let the guy walk over a million dollars.

  11. 5 mil for 2 years is fair …

    How about Yashin if he agrees to two years at 3 million?

  12. I laugh at all the idiots that complain how they don’t like it how expansion teams win Cups. Bunch of losers would rather see Communist Wings win the Cup every year.

  13. Bettman’s classic. What an ass. That line about California was hilarious. What a shocker — it got a roar from the only 18k people in the state who care about the ducks. And I live in LA. Wish it’d been the Kings — only because maybe 12 more people might have given a crap.

    I’m not even sure if anyone I know is aware that the Cup was being played for. They certainly didn’t catch it on NBC…

  14. Stuart –

    You can’t cheer for a team because of the fans? It’s the team that won the cup, not the fans. By your example, I’m not rooting for the Rangers because of your ignorance.

  15. Personally I don’t think Yashin is worth a nickel, but that’s one woman’s opinion.

  16. LOL @ w00k!

    (are you a space w00k or a phish lot w00k?)

    Go Ducks! Let how they play be a lesson to all. Our Ranger team needs a LOT of work and a LOT more grit to chase down the big silver. We are NO WHERE *NEAR* that level of play…a few plug ins will not cut it, and I hate to say it, I don’t think this team will be ready in time to win with Jagr still here.

    the campaign starts now: whatever it takes *JOE THORNTON SUMMER 2008*

  17. And, to think we could have had the Ducks sniper Ryan Getzlaf with our #12 pick in the 2003 draft. Instead we’re stuck with “Where are Hugh Jessiman?”

  18. Joe Thornton? What did he do in the playoffs? Nothing. Build from within. There is no need to sign Joe Thornton. Oh and by the way, the Rangers beat Anaheim this year, so take what you want from that but I am happy knowing we were undefeated against the champs ;>)

  19. Nylander….2 years @ 4 million each…..that’s enough, imo

    playing with Jagr is directly related to his stats the past 2 years with the Rangers

  20. krek- It could be worse, you could be the Icelanders and traded 5 elite players for no reason and had to buy out your “captain” for 17 million.

  21. Go NYR

    Yes, I remember very well the game the Rangers played against the Ducks…it was a nice WIN for the Rangers!!!!

  22. I hate to say it, but adding Niedermayer and Pronger — two highly paid, aging veterans — made a HUGE difference to them winning that Cup. Getzlaf all you like, but without those old guys Anaheim wouldn’t be holding the Cup.

  23. goalbyPrucha on

    Salty Sales, I agree with you. (Not the Joe Thornton part, though) I see Anaheim being a powerhouse for a while. Rangers and the rest of the Eastern Conference teams have a LOT of work to do. Sens looked severely outclassed. Finesse, soft teams like Buffalo are not the model to look to. Get tough, Rangers!!!

  24. “I hate to say it, but adding Niedermayer and Pronger—two highly paid, aging veterans—made a HUGE difference to them winning that Cup. Getzlaf all you like, but without those old guys Anaheim wouldn’t be holding the Cup.”

    compare that to the crap we sign each summer like Rucinsky, Kasparaitis, Cullen, Wards, Kamensky, etc.

  25. Chris…people used to joke for years and years that it was the same 18,200 people who filled The Garden every night.

    Look, contraction is not happening. This is the size of the league, and it’s staying that way. If anything, with places like Vegas on the horizon, it will only get bigger. So, either hockey will grow in ‘untraditional’ places, or it won’t. The better their teams are, the more people will pay attention. That’s not a bad thing for our league.

  26. Adam, I’m not against expansion or growth. I just think Bettman is absurd and in denial about what needs to happen and how. I also know that very, very few of the people in So. Cal. care about hockey at all — if they’re even aware of it. In New York City, where I grew up, people might have joked about the non-factor that was pro hockey, but you saw jerseys, banners, posters, etc. You got the sense that someone cared about it, even 8 out of 10 times it was the guy cutting up slices at a pizza place. The sport was still considered a major national game. Here, you don’t see that casual presence. Or very, very rarely. And the game has become a non-entity on a national scale.

    If the NHL won’t contract — and I don’t imagine it ever will — they need to make some serious changes in how (and where) they promote the sport. The “warrior” thing isn’t working, and neither is the comedy thing (which I love, but no non-fan gets because they don’t know the personalities). The NHL needs help. Badly.

  27. You make several valid points. If the goal is to make hockey a truly national sport in the US, it will take an incredible amount of work and creativity.

    Even on the most basic levels…our season starts right when the baseball playoffs do, our winter season is totally eclipsed by the NFL, playoff races heat up during March Madness, our playoffs begin when baseball comes back, and the playoff run itself is overshadowed by the NBA. Throw in NASCAR, Tiger Woods, a total lack of presence on ESPN, and still getting our bearings after a lockout, and we’ve got major issues. Couldn’t agree more with what you wrote.

    But that’s why I’m confused when diehard fans, like the ones we have here (including Mr. Weinman), bemoan the fact that nontraditional markets have done very well in recent years. Forgetting that fact that we all want the Rangers to win it all every year, isn’t it good for the sport when nontraditional markets field successful teams? Doesn’t that grow our game on a greater scale? People complain that Tampa Bay won in ’04…well, they get a hell of a lot more fans and hometown support than, say, the Isles or Devils do. I bet more people in America know the name Vincent Lecavalier than Jason Blake.

    What should have Bettman said last night? If any of you were Commish, would you have given a different speech? Of course you would not have. Hell, Bettman was booed when he walked out on the ice on June 14th, 1994- a time when hockey’s popularity here was at its apex and the first lockout hadn’t even happened yet.

    So…can someone please explain why it’s bad for the league that Anaheim is the Stanley Cup champion?

  28. Did you guys see what they gave up for Pronger? Anaheim trades their 1st round pick, Joffrey Lupul, Ladislav Smid, a 2008 conditiional 2nd round and future considerations for Chris Pronger. That would be equivalent to our 1st, Pet Prucha, Dan Girardi-ish type defensemen and a second rounder. Thats a ton

  29. I dont know why it is so bad for Anaheim to win the cup. If anything, it is awsome for the game. Places like MSG Detroit and all the Canadian teams or “traditional hockey settings” will fill up with pretty much any team. Now Anaheim and Carolina and such will get have a much easier time selling tickets with recent championships.

  30. What trade isn’t worth it, if you win the Cup? Isn’t that the whole point or did I miss something?

    Adam, I agree. I think it’s good for hockey to win in new markets. But it doesn’t eliminate my annoyance when Bettman pretends everything is peachy…

    And, as to what speech, I would have made, I would have avoided the topic of how well the sport is doing in those small markets — because it draws attention to ther fact that I’d be lying. Winning is succeeding. Heopfully, it helps, but it’s not necessarily so.

  31. RobbyBonfire on

    It is MORE THAN BAD that Anaheim is Stanley Cup Champions, what’s worse is that Orange County, California even has a National Hockey League franchise. Six-to-10 superfluous NHL franchises REALLY DO water down the quality of the product, you know.

    So why can’t they just let Nashville and some other one-horse town franchises south of the Mason-Dixon Line F-O-L-D, Mr. Buttman? Talk about saturation! And if some of these roller derby caliber franchises are going to move, could Winnipeg and Quebec City please be re-admitted to the NHL? You know, REAL hockey towns.

  32. I don;t know how good Ahaheim will remain; they gotta cut Salary somehow, and no garuntee that Selanne and the Niedermeyers stick for too much longer. They might retire when they’re on top. They also have goalie issues with $.

    The sport did overexpand big time. It was fine the way it was in the early/mid 90s. Would anyone care if Phoenix/Columbus/Nashville/Florida Panthers (Tampa does well)/Carolina and unfortunately Chicago who is mismanaged contract?

    I think the lack of popularity of the game is because we live in conservative almost xenophobic times after 9/11 and a lot of people are “werided” out by European and Candian players who they can’t relate to as good ole boys, and the minority players don’t get enough press to appeal to that market. We have to keep in mind; over half this country is dumbasses.

  33. Chris: I defer to you, since you live in southern california and I don’t. But Anaheim is 28 miles from Los Angeles; is it really considered ‘small market’?

    Robby: are you claiming that the CUP CHAMPS are watering down the league, just because of the location of their arena?

    Mike: are we really going to add ‘mismanaged’ teams to the contraction that will never happen? If that was the case, the New York Rangers would have been kicked out in around 1999.

    For all those arguing that the league is too big: you all graduated from the same school of thought that drove the tradionalists to go apeshit when the league expanded from 6 to 12 in 1967. C’mon, at least come up with decent arguments. Contraction is really your best argument for how to increase the sports popularity? Take it away from people we’ve given it to? That’s what we need?

  34. Adam-

    The Rangers were mismanaged but they had fine attendance. They have their freaking home games on TV. There is always a buzz around the Rangers. They spent money, albeit in the wrong places. The last time Chicago tried was like 1996. They had that one playoff year in 02 but besides that…..crap! They are an original 6 team, and it’s a shame what has gone on with that franchise.

    Look, we Rangers fans don’t have the mass support of the Yankees/Mets Jets/Giants, but for an indoor game, the Rangers do just fine and can hold their own in this city and this country. The same cannot be said for some of those other teams. If you’re going to expand, do it in the right places once a market doesn’t work. Seattle anyone?

  35. Anaheim may not be a small market in some real ways, but it is still not Los Angeles or New York or Chicago, even in terms of pure marketing and press-drawing ability. They keep trying to pretend that Anaheim = Hollywood, but it just doesn’t. And, yes, I think Anaheim will never be more than small HOCKEY market. Buffalo is a small market, but it’s easier to believe that the hockey culture could be huge there (as the press and Scully continues to tell us it is).

    I am a great believer that hockey will never be huge in markets where it isn’t played by kids. And it’s not even close to getting serious traction in that way in Anaheim.

  36. czechthemout!!!!! on

    chris f-california’s hockey culture has expanded greatly.they have been dominant in youth hockey tournaments
    the last several years.the amount of kids playing the game in california is incredible.there are two or three kids in the top 50 of this year’s draft who call california their home.the ducks have about 40 straight sellouts now including the playoffs.they have consistantly outdrawn the la clippers the last few years.they are a flourishing franchise in a league that now makes money for most of it’s teams.this without a real t.v. contract like the nba has.the health of the sport is fine.i would hope it would improve but that takes time.i do agree with you that bettman just fails miserably marketing the league and it’s unspoiled,decent athletes.there is no steroid scandal,no arrests of it’s players.these kids should be role models for the youth of north america,but bettman can’t figure out how to sell this great game to a baseball kool aid entxicated public.they need to turn over mktg to professionals who helped mkt an event(nascar)where people sit there and watch for three hours cars go around in circles waiting for a devastating accident to genarate a thrill.

  37. Hockey’s biggest problem by a country mile is that the game translates miserably onto television, plain and simple. The NFL is a league where being there is actually a bit of a bore, but that sport is just made for television. Hockey has the opposite problem. I think it really has very little to do with whether or not there are ties, shootouts, 6 teams, 30 teams, fighting or no fighting, a red line – those things are all worth discussing amongst those of us who already love the game. But unless you’ve been to and watched an awful lot of hockey in your life, it’s very difficult to follow the puck on TV and to get a sense of the game’s speed, grace, and violence. Without question, the NHL stands to benefit the most from HDTV and widescreen televisions. Anyone who watches the games in HDTV widescreen knows what I mean – a broader area of ice is covered so people can see plays evolving, and the puck is completely clear. Even that may not completely solve the problem. So for now, the league’s awswer is to try and put teams in as many places as possible to get people to go and see what it’s like in an arena at a game, and then ultimately take that experience and translate it into watching on TV.

  38. RobbyBonfire on

    Ok, let’s postulate “Gary Buttman’s NHL,” 15 years from now. 40 franchises including Las Vegas, Kansas City, Omaha, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Honolulu, Mexico City, Seattle, Six Flags and Disney World. The playoffs, consisting of 32 teams, begin in May and last until mid-JULY. The regular season comprises 90 games. Twenty per cent of the players are over 40. Ten per cent of the players are under 20. The NHLPA has journeymen making $10 million per year, with free agency kicking-in automatically, every two years. Each team is allocated five (commercial) time-outs per period, to pay the freight. Games last three hours and 15 minutes. Hockey has wider nets and games average a total of 18 goals with typical scores of 10-8 and 12-7. The Art Ross Trophy winner scores 200 points. Twenty franchises are in deep trouble but the talk is of “relocation, ” not contraction. The league now has a “Gary Bettman Trophy, ” awarded for “community service.” A bad seat to a regular season game costs $250.00. No fans attend games, just corporate fat cats on expense accounts. The stands are always empty before the third period begins. When he retires, scribes will wax poetic about the Bettman era of expanded popularity of the game. And those of us who have a slightly different vision of the direction the NHL should have taken will be roundly shouted down by bloggers who were born, circa 2000, when time began.

  39. “Worth it to win a Cup, I’d say”

    yeah, but it doesn’t guarantee it and maybe they could have won it with Smid instead of Pronger. They took a pretty big risk. Then again Lupul looks like he really regressed and this draft is very weak and Smid might be nothing special.

  40. Mike A all of the USA thanks you for calling half dumbasses. You didn’t have to admit to being one for anyone to recognize that fact. But you don’t have that much company. Thankfully you’re in the minority. Find a different country to live in and become a fan of a different sport. And maybe you can take that troll gary buttman with you.

  41. I stand corrected on California youth hockey, I guess. Weird I haven’t ever, ever heard about it. But I better get my nephew off his ass.

  42. czechthemout!!!!! on

    MIKE A-i wish we lived in a conservative country.the truth is we live in a country that is populated by a bunch of looney left wingers and fog minded fools who just read the headlines put out by the communist ny and la else can you explain why a party who stands for high taxes,socialized medicine,bill of rights protection for the
    terrorists captured in jail and class war fare gets 46%of the vote no matter who runs for them.sorry for the political crap,but mktg is the biggest problem fir the nhl!!

  43. Sam…”I’m all for hockey gaining traction in new marketplaces, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the fact that the Stanley Cup’s last three stops have been in Tampa Bay, Carolina, and now Anaheim. ” … that’s buttman’s wish and he will do all he can to continue that trend with the help of his ‘war room’and colon campbell’s suspension system.( How many games would Hollweg or almost any other player have gotten for Pronger’s 2 flagrant intents to injure in the playoffs? ) That’s his marketing plan. How many people on the West Coast tuned in at 5PM to watch the game?

  44. RobbyBonfire on

    Czech – you left out the sexual-role inversion/indoctrination of children and adolescents. Christ, the girls are wrestlers and kick-boxers and all bi-sexual now.

  45. I know you will all get a laugh out of this one. My cousin said he heard Mike and Mike today talking about the Rangers potentially signing Yashin at $6.8 million a year.

    I asked him if he was high…

  46. reginald dunlop on

    here’s the scary fact that most people dont realize…..the cap is going up to maybe 52 million next season because of higher league revenues…….those revenues come from the ticket prices being high and people going to the game……..not because of the better marketing and selling job of the game of hockey……the lockout was supposed to keep prices of tickets down, at least that was the owners jargon, pay the players less and lower prices……..ask yourself, has that happened?????

  47. Whoa whoa whoa, a lot of hostility I sense hahaha. I’m trying so start conversation. Sorry, I love everyone and I’m a peaceful person, but I’m not PC. You wanna boot me to a different country….as long as I get Rangers games :)P

    Ok, but seriously, I agree with what Peter said; this country loves drama and NHL players for the most part are decent people. I se it in my dumb office job how people sit around the water cooler and talk about trash like Paris Hilton, or Terrel Owens, or Lou Pinella going apeshit. I HATE when people try to say stuff to me like “oh, you know how low ratings for your sport were?”

  48. down and down they go, ratings that is.

    Stanley Cup finals draw record-low ratings
    June 7, 2007

    NEW YORK (AP) — The Stanley Cup finals had record-low network television ratings.

    The three games aired on NBC averaged a 1.6 rating and a 3 share, the network said Thursday. That’s down 20 percent from the 2.0/4 drawn for the same three games last year.

    Anaheim won the series, beating Ottawa in five games. The first two games were televised on cable network Versus.

    The Ducks’ series-ending 6-2 victory Wednesday night received a 1.8/3, down 28 percent from last year’s 2.5/4 in Game 5.

    The rating is the percentage watching a telecast among all homes with televisions, and the share is the percentage tuned in to a broadcast among those households with televisions on at the time. A ratings point represents 1,114,000 households.

    I’m surprised that NBC didn’t cut the game off to show a preview of the belmont stakes.

  49. “MIKE A-i wish we lived in a conservative country.the truth is we live in a country that is populated by a bunch of looney left wingers and fog minded fools who just read the headlines put out by the communist ny and la else can you explain why a party who stands for high taxes,socialized medicine,bill of rights protection for the
    terrorists captured in jail and class war fare gets 46%of the vote no matter who runs for them.sorry for the political crap,but mktg is the biggest problem fir the nhl!!”

    I just lost any respect I had left for you, right wing Nazi.

    And all the complaints about expansion teams, lack of ratings, small market teams, shootouts, clueless fans, etc. as well as any talk about Rangers winning the Cup next year all I have to say is shut the fuck up already you stupid mooks.

  50. the left wing aclu-er ( dr. swine hemoriodal rearendo ) has spoken ..
    ……”shut the f..k up already you stupid mooks.”………
    That’s freedom of speech in his/her/ it’s pea brain.

  51. ThisYearsModel on

    The Ducks won the cup. They deserved it. We have a few Kings supporters who don’t like that on this board. Fact is, youth hockey in SoCal is better than most people think. Anaheim will never have a following like the Rangers, but who does other than the Canadian teams and the Red Wings? I live here, my 2 boys play youth hockey and that will significantly grow now. The Anaheim market is at least the equal and probably better than New Jersey. At least the Ducks sell out all of their playoff games over the last 5 years. They sold out the last 40 straight games this season. Has NJ ever done that?

  52. Orr Kicks Yin Yang on

    Whoa….Am i in the right blog…I coulda swore i was in the ranger blog…Is this the ducks blog or the kings blog.

    Anyway if theres still any ranger talk going on then you all probably know Bobby Sanguinetti was traded from owen sound to some other team…Not the big news i was hoping for but eh…better then nothing.

    Every team is starting to re sign a few players…Wild with backstrom..stars with barnes..leafs with antropov..canes with ward and wesley….Where the hell is NYR…start re signing already..I dont wanna sell my Ortmeyer jersey unless im forced to…


  53. Rangers are very likely to re-sign Avery and Nylander before they hit the free agency.

  54. Orr Kicks Yin Yang on

    I keep forgeting a few of the free agents were dealing with…Is Prucha and Hossa both free agents.???

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Nylander concerns me. With the cap going up to $52 million, do you take the chance to let him go to free agency and try and snatch up Drury AND Gomez?

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    I should say Gomez AND Drury, as my preference is for Gomez first.

    Although, with the cap going that high, who knows… maybe they can both be resigned by their respective clubs.

  57. Orr Kicks Yin Yang on


    Drury and Gomez are getting re signed….Especially Gomez who was the best player in the second round…and the first i think…Much like Nylander…In there final games they gave it there all and both got 2 goals..As for Drury i seriously doubt that BUF would let him go…As for Briere…I dont know…Like i said a while back…I think Briere will go to Philly.

    For now i just wanna know who is getting re signed and not.

  58. Briere will go back to Phoenix and Drury maybe too, they don’t have any scorers besides Doan and Reinprecht and maybe some young guy or 2.

  59. Orr Kicks Yin Yang on

    I think Phoenix may try to get Nagy…And give him another shot there….God knows Stars wont re sign him…It’ll be interesting to see who stays and who goes…Not just for NYR but the entire league

  60. I happen to think that these newer franchises winning the cup is a good thing. It may not do much for television ratings but it’s giving other parts of this country a crash course in what it means to be Cup champions.

    Not to mention, while the Ducks are a California team they have a great Canadien GM in Burke at the helm and really had a great team of guys some of which have paid their dues in the NHL for a while. I’m not a fan of his, but it choked me up a little to see Teemu’s face when he finally got his hands on the cup.

    Pronger, Marchant, O’Donnell all solid vet players who have paid their dues , and of course Robbie Neidermayer getting handed the cup by his big brother who helped keep him from that same championship back in 03..If Anaheim keeps that team in tact I can see them atleast getting back to the finals next season (where they’ll hopefully lose to our Rangers in 7 games :) )

  61. What if they held the Stanley Cup Finals and nobody noticed?

    Oh yeah the NHL just did that.

  62. RobbyBonfire on

    Can we get an NHL team into Peoria by September, Mr. Buttman? After all, it is common knowledge that they don’t have one, and we know how that embarrasses you.

  63. I just read that the rangers just signed Brad Isbister to a 2 year deal. Thats a good move, I think Brad Isbister proved himself to be an acceptble nhl’er.

  64. Hey Sam,

    You said some Rengers news was coming very soon. Do you know something we don’t? Do you expect an announcement regarding their Assistant GM opening soon or prior to the draft in a few weeks? Any word on any resignings yet – Ortmeyer, Nylander, RFA’s Avery? Please give us some Rangers news we are starved and have 2 and a half months left until the season starts again. Sam, what are your thoughst on possible free agent signings and/or draft or summer trades? How long until you think that Sather and Maloney get together on a deal or that JD and Dather make a deal? If I had a choice, I would prefer the Rangers resign Nylander to play with Jags and to try to sign Briere, but who knows what will happen. Do you think the Rangers will go into the season with Montoya as the backup or do you think they will sign a vet to back-up Henrik for the upcoming season? Give me some answers, Sam!



  65. Looks like Rangers won’t sign Olver who signed to play in Germany. Do we get a compensatory 3rd round pick for losing him?

  66. He’s not lost. He’s playing in Germany. And no, there’s no pick given out ’cause at any moment, he could sign with Hartford if they expressed interest. Then again, he could also sign with any other AHL team.

    My guess is the kid realizes he’s going to be hard pressed to make the team this year (off hand, he’s competing with Immonen, Dubinsky, Pyatt, Dupont, G. Moore, Jessiman, Graham, and maybe Falardeau for four center positions)and figures a year oversees might give it a chance for Hartford to thin out a bit.

  67. Moore and Jessiman are wingers.

    If he becomes a free agent I think we are supposed to get a compensation pick, he was a 2nd round pick.

  68. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    The Govenator is such a tool…Did anyone see when he dropped the puck for game 5…he didnt know what to do…He stood there like an idiot with that goofy smile.

    I was watching clips of the celebratiotion…And govenator said he told some canadian guy that sens might have one but they’ll be back.

    Hes only there cause they won…He probably doesnt give a shit about the regular season games or the quarters or semis.

    Eh theres no good ranger news today so i thought id share that. Besides that moron Anus with his bogus ISbister news which never even happened.

  69. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I know what you mean Chris…Its a little frustrating…Every team is making a move with at least a small player…All were getting is news about losing guys then getting.

    Hopefully this week will have good news.

  70. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    I dont read anything that guy writes…Most of its bull…The guy once said he rather have Dale Purinton back on the team for at least 48 games…After i heard that…Forget about it….I wont read his stuff.

    I go on blushirt bulletin a few times but thie blog is ten times better then any others on the net.

  71. Nylander-

    I would give him the $5 million he wants over two years and I would spend the rest of the money on Drury, although I would not give him more than $4 million per year.

    The bottom line is this team needs two lines of scoring and unless Dubinsky is going to fill that void, then the Rangers will need to do something for the remaining years of Jagr’s contract.

    IMO Jagr is only getting better. He was absolutely amazing this season and can’t wait to watch him play next season, especially if he has a legit 2nd line behind him.

    Put Cullen, Avery and Straka on the thrid line and the Rangers will have one of the best teams in the east.

    A Thorton, Shanny, Callahan line or a Drury, Shanny, Callahan line looks good to me at #2.

    Looks like Prucha could be a draft day deal to move up in the draft… Montoya, Prucha and our #1 so we can draft in the top five maybe?

  72. RobbyBonfire on

    If you mortgaged your home the same way you would mortgage the future of a hockey club, you would be sleeping in a drafty barn with a leaky roof and no heater.

  73. What is goinion on the world . We are kill each other . Cann’t we stay together ? As all we are brother…….

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