“Wait, does it mean I have to show up every day?


Without the benefit of talking to Mark Messier directly in recent days, my opinion of his “politician-like flip-flopping”:http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=ArpDMw_oV.TWTyNcF7wqKs57vLYF?slug=ap-stanleycup-messier&prov=ap&type=lgns over whether he wants Don Maloney’s assistant GM position is this:

Conceptually, Messier may love the idea of one day succeeding Glen Sather as Rangers GM. But when faced with an apprenticeship largely devoid of glamour — watching endless game film, crunching numbers, making the occasional scouting trip to remote arenas in Finland — Messier might not want to deal with the sudden change in lifestyle.

I don’t necessarily blame him for that. But what I will say is that I’d be a lot more convinced of his ambition to run an NHL team if he’d actually commit himself to learning the trade.

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  1. exactly why Messier is the wrong man for the job. An effective GM has to do all the little things right and *usually* mega-rich superstars don’t want to work that hard. The best GM’s are usually the guys who’ve worked their way up and know the details. Guys who were grinders in the league usually make the best coaches/GM’s.

    Where’s Anders Hedberg nowadays? He was an up and comer in the Leafs organization for a while and it would be nice to see him brought back for consideration.

  2. While it will never happen, Kevin Cheveldayoff is the perfect choice as Assistant GM. He has earned his stripes in the minors winning one AHL championship and two IHL championships as a GM and another two IHL titles as an assistant coach.

    Besides, look what happened the last time the Rangers hired a former Islanders minor leaguer turned front office executive.

  3. Jonathan Probber on

    Messier would be a self-promoting, Edmonton-centric disaster. Chevaldayoff would be incredible, but might be too good for this job. Sather will sit around like a pasha for the next 100 years or so, vetoing any decisions the poor guy made.

    I’m worried about the Rangers post-Maloney. Thank God for the cap; limits what Sather can spend on end-career patches who come here for that one final payday.

  4. Excellent point Sam.

    Like I’ve already said, I see Mess as more of a coach and a motivator.

  5. Damn skippy, Sam. Let Mess put together money and buy the Oilers. Owner is the role he’d love.

    Let’s get some nerd who actually likes crunching numbers and watching tape.

    I wish Sather seemed like the type to want to surround himself with only the best people, regardless of threat. Maybe he’ll surprise us.

  6. The Rangers do have a nerd who crunches numbers and has memorized the entire CBA

    His name is Cameron Hope

    Vice President, Hockey Administration, Research and Development

    Hope, 41, is responsible for all aspects of hockey administration, including matters related to player and staff contracts. He oversees the team’s interaction with the National Hockey League regarding contract and Collective Bargaining Agreement issues, assists in the negotiation of player contracts, represents the organization in arbitration hearings, coordinates team research projects, and works with management on issues related to the hockey club’s salary structure.


  7. What about Schonfeld, i hear he might be going to be an assistant in Tampa. I would hate to lose him. He has done an amazing job with the Wolfpack.

  8. Nick, where’s the watching tape part? I didn’t mean an accountant, I meant a statistician. Not to dis Mr. Hope, I’m sure he’s dedicated to his administrative job — except for the part about paying Bozo and his fake knee injury.

  9. Well put, Sam. I don’t think Messier knows what he’s signing up for. Let’s just make him a mascot of sorts.

    Truthfully I wish he’d just start coaching somewhere so that he could know what he’s doing when he finally ends up coaching the Rangers….

    It’s really the most realistic position for mark messier in the grand scheme…it’s as close to being a player as he’ll ever get again…he’d be in the garden spotlight again night after night, he’ll get the feeling of “winning” with his team, and he will have the opportunity once again to asssume the position of the natural born leader/motivator that he was born to be.

    Get on it messier, thats where we want you.

  10. Messier, on being on VS.:

    “I look at it as a way to promote the game,” he said. “I don’t really look at it other than trying to help out the game that obviously meant a lot to me in many ways.”

    Helping the game? Yeah, the NHL is really receiving a boost because Mark Messier does a bit of TV jawing. That’s the kind of ego thing that makes me crazy. Him and Clemens and Favre should stop doing so many favors…

    Sorry. I know he won us our only cup in forever, but he’s not bigger than the game. And no one outside of those who would already love the game enough to tune in to VS. care about Mark Messier enough to suddenly become fans. Ridiculous.

  11. Mort U. Wary on

    What are you talking about Chris? I heard that Versus’ ratings went through the ROOF when Messier announced the winner of his inaugural Leadership Award! All of the women in my office were discussing that by the break room today. Who won, btw? LOL.

  12. a casual observer on

    I think Brian Trotier just wrote a new manifesto. Let’s hope not. :) I agree with Anthony, Kevin Cheveldayoff would be a great choice. That is why he won’t be picked.

  13. “New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has traded the rights to unsigned prospect Ryan Russell to the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for Montreal’s seventh round pick in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.”


  14. Mort U. Wary on

    That stinks! I was hoping we’d be able to work something out with Russell.

  15. If such a thing were to happen, I have mixed feelings about it — as I am nostalgic as a Ranger fan (yes, I have the Jersey — a great present from my better half), evident with his first announcement of his intentions of becoming GM of the Rangers, I get the feeling he is a “talker before thinker.” Just because he says it, doesn’t mean it will be.

    In ’94, his pronouncement to the press that ‘We Will Win!” after losing three straight against Vancouver was what every player would be thinking — what every Captain would say to the press the final series of the Cup. He had the responsibility to announce this to his team, to the media and to the world of hockey. If they didn’t win, people would not have taken him as seriously from that point on.

    So I see this as a window for M&M — The Dark Ranger is wary, but willing to take on the dark forces of Glen that inhabit the Garden!

    The Dark Ranger

  16. Sam

    You know I love you and your blog . BUT. I might have missed this. How long did you apprentice as a Hockey beat writer before you actually wrote a column that appeared in a regional newspaper? 5 years? Maybe 10? I don’t know. I never felt the need to ask you. Because you do a great job. I guess you are a natural or something.

  17. Stinks about Russell, but I guess they feel they have too many guys. A 7th? You never know?

    LOl..what’s Reijo Ruotsolanian doing these days? He’s a scout in Finland I believe.

  18. Colorado Mark on

    Russell was originally a 7th round pick, so we kind of broke even (but he’s a proven 30 goal scorer in junior and his twin brother just beat out Marc Staal as top D-Man in the league! I think bloodlines are a legitimate value in hockey). He’s a smallish center, but I think he’ll turn out to be an NHL’er along with Cliche. I think with Prucha, Dawes and some other smallish forwards in the system, the Rangers decided that our needs are elsewhere.

  19. Is Messier part time, when he deidides and has time, Asst GM yet? Give the job to Gordie Clark, Shonney, or Gravy, unless he wakes up and Sather/Dolan want him.

  20. The M Canadians signed Russell to a 3 year deal. Maybe they had too many big guys and below their quota on small ones. What do they know that Sather missed? Sounds like another case of Sather having tight pockets ala Umberger. Does this kid know who Sather is? The nerve of him not to take what Sather offered.

  21. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    You probably know it already but just incase….Russel was traded for this years 7th round pick.

  22. czechthemout!!!!! on

    that’s right why pay russell anything when we have shitsbister!i have never seen russell play but the guy on blueshrtbulletin,loves him.he is pretty good on young prospects.i therefore prdict that he will go on and score 20g next year with montreal.this just like umberger.why can’t they ever let sheet like rachunek and malik walk.

  23. ORR there’s a good deal trade a guy after 2 years who was a 7th round pick, and get a 7th round pick. The guys brother beat out Marc Staal for top D man. Bloodlines only count if the name is Staal? Let’s see what Sather does with the pick, but word is both Russels will make it to the NHL.

  24. Nice acknowledgement of Dave Balon’s death. Hockey didn’t suddenly come into being when you graduated from college. This club does have a history, and players, and a life before you.

  25. NNYer, who are you attacking? Sam? He doesn’t work for the Rangers or us. His blog isn’t obligated to cover everything (however legit or sad), especially when his job has really forced him to focus on golf — whether we like it or not.

  26. 7th rounder for Russell is a joke. Some “experts” were claiming that he is the next coming of Prucha only better.

    I hope they traded him because he didn’t want to sign here, otherwise they are morons

  27. pork they traded him because they didn’t want to pay him what he was asking for, or something close, but the MCs did in less than a few hours. Mistake?,,,, probably…next…

  28. Russell is just another example of Sather wasting draft opportunities. The number if players Slats has drafted or traded for an not signed (ala Umberger) is beginning to pile up. I bet if you go back among the drafts he could have used his picks a lot more wisley than he has – which is why the Rangers need another solid front office type as Assistant GM as opposed to a figurehead like Messier. They need to hire someone who has a track record of building teams (like Cheveldayoff) or someone who has a history in scouting and drafting (like Trevor Timmons of Montreal, formerly of Ottawa). I would love to bring back Don Luce (who helped build up the Sabres), but I highly doubt the Flyers let him go.

  29. I say move up Schonfeld and have Mess take his spot. Messier would more than likely be a disaster in the front office… but putting him behind the reigns of our young talent might be a key role in their development as well as a strategic way to get Messier matured to the idea of having office in the Rangers deep in the future. It would be a good stepping stone position for him where he can prove his worth in the role before assigning him to a larger one.

  30. I think that we should hire someone for the Assistant General Manager’s job who wants to be a…General Manager. Not a coach, not an owner, not an icon, not a commercial pitchman. I really hope Sather chooses someone who wants that job. Surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you, even if they are below you, is good management. It would be nice to see.

  31. GerryD – couldn’t agree more. A lot of posters here have those funky goggles that, when you wear them, turn every prospect the Rangers got rid of or lost into an all-star.

  32. I also think it’s funny that people think that because Ryan Russell is Kris’ brother that means he also must be a really good player. Probably the same people who were complaining all year about how Hossa’s only on this team because he’s Marian’s brother. Sure, the Sittlers and (so far) Staals show that talent can run in the family. But not always…look at Brent Gretzky, Brett Lindros (maybe not fair since he got hurt). Or sometimes the brothers just don’t have the same talent level (Valeri Bure, Rob Niedermayer).

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Damn it Angel, you stole all of the negative examples I was gonna use!

    Soemone referenced blueshirt bulletin as a good evalutor of talent. They aren’t. They think every prospect we have is a future all star.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Someone mentioned a possible Schoenfeld to Tampa rumor. Anyone have more info or a source on that? I’d be really pissed if we lost him, WAY more than Maloney.

  35. Kris Russell is a good player? How many games he played in NHL?

    Ryan is good bause he is good, but Sather is probably fed up with undersized players.


  37. This is from hockeybuzz.com

    “Other players via trade, included Joni Pitkanen, Marleau, Brisebois, and even a longshot rumor (that was discussed recently in a press box during the playoffs) that would send Jagr to Edmonton. Bizarre to even mention this, but have we learned nothing?”

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Spector’s Trade Rumor’s cites a St. Louis report that says the Blues might be interested in Nylander.

    Another blood line is Foppa’s cousin Moppa, as in “go moppa the locker room floor!”

    I’m sorry, that joke is terrible.

  39. As it would be the dream of most Islander and Devil Fans, and people named “pork anus”

  40. Oh, yeah, I’m sure Jags is dying to be traded to Edmonton. Ain’t gonna happen.

  41. goalbyPrucha on

    For all we know Mess is saying this to stop the feeding frenzy by the media. Expect some kind of announcement after the Stanley Cup is won.

  42. Orr Kicks Yin Yang on


    If we trade Pork Anus…we get Yenner Mot in return…

    It never ends

  43. I have a stupid confession to make.

    It was only three days after NYR lost the series to Buffalo that I realized Yenner Mot is Tom Renney spelled backwards.

    You may flame me now. :)

  44. Don’t feel bad AsmosEyes eventhough i figured it out before then it took me a little while. You wonder how much time he spends thinking up those names. Wasn’t he “uncle renneys cabin” too? I think he has a thing for Tom.

  45. Orr Kicks Yin Yang on


    Whoa….I never realized that…Eh he must have a thing for Renney…He hides it by saying how much he hates him…He needs to give in already.

    I wonder where that guy is these days…Maybe hes on a Senetor blog saying Heatley sucks and sens should get Hasek back

  46. Orr- I’m pretty sure Yenner Mot and pork anus are the same person. He’s had alot of names on here. He always gives himself away with his hatred of Jagr and Tom Renney. He seems to have more of a thing for Tom though.

  47. Yenner and Pork are the same. I did not figure out Yenner was Renney backwards until some one said it fairly early in the game. I guess he hates Rennwey and Jagr like I hate the NYI.

    Have the Yankee game on and they just played Sweet Caroline in Boston (with a 4 run lead in 8th).

  48. AngelusMortis on

    Sam, what do you think of the Alfredsson goal? I’m okay with the “distinct kicking motion” rule, as long as it is called consistently. How is Rachunek’s trying to stop himself IRREFUTABLY a “distinct kicking motion,” while Alfredsson’s goal is IRREFUTABLY not a “distinct kicking motion?” Both calls were reversed. It seems to me like the NHL wants to just pick and choose which goals they’d like to count. Conspiracy theory, anyone?

    Also, I find it ironic that Brett Hull is talking so adamantly about controversial goals, and is so quick to call this one a no goal. I wonder what Dominik Hasek would say about this.

  49. the nhl is a joke. that they overturned the no goal call for alfredsons obvious kick shows the league is a sham that plays favorites.

  50. “the nhl is a joke. that they overturned the no goal call for alfredsons obvious kick shows the league is a sham that plays favorites.”

    so are hockey fans, they rather talk about pork anus than about hockey.

  51. pork – why don’t you use a regular name like your own and stop changing it every month or so. also stop trying to be so controversial and annoying. I think we would all rather talk hockey than about you.

  52. Mort U. Wary on

    What does it matter which name he posts under? Jeez, we really need something with substance to talk about around here. The obsession with Yenner, I mean Pork Anus is ridiculous. This is going to be a loooooong summer if y’all keep this up.

  53. I change names if I want to, why should it concern any of you? Why are you so obsessed with me and my names?

  54. I can’t believe no one caught my typo. I meant the SUTTERS in my last post, not Sittlers, of which there was only one I knew of.

  55. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on


    I know what you mean…Brett Hull is such a tool.

    He tries to clear his name by defending every no goal call. Hes pathetic…I hate him so much im gonna watch his retiement video with the yotes were he weeps like a baby

  56. AngelusMortis on

    My other favorite thing “Hully” does is talk about forwards not playing defense. Hey, speaking of that, let’s look at Hull’s stat’s from 92-93. 101 points, that’s pretty good, but wait! A plus/minus of -27! Practice what you preach, Hull.

  57. Larry Brooks reported today that Nylander canned his agent and is looking for 4.25 to 5 million per season; about 1 million more than his old agent proposed to the Rangers for a 3 year deal.

    I’m hoping we can tie him up, but does anyone think that at that price, a sign and trade would make sense?

  58. anything more than 2 year deal would be stupid. Nylander would likely accept a 2 year between 8.6 and 9 mil deal.

    will Sather and the agent be penalized by NHL or NHLPA for bribe giving/taking?

  59. anus spreading rumors? got proof? the supposed offer, ‘independent’ deal 3.75 for 3 years or 11.25 mil.

  60. DanTheRangerFan on

    Nylander is being such a Stuck up bitch. Straka could have gotten more on another team but has stayed. He is a team guy.If Nylander leaves for another team he will be the first ex Ranger I ever Booo….

  61. It’s all just a business these days for most of the guys; no loyalty.

    That’s why a team can be good one year and absolutely suck the next.

    Nylander played well for parts of the season, but had stretches where it was painful to watch him spin around in cirlcles and lose the puck.

  62. I’m not sure this is fair to Nylander. People should get paid to do their job. He did his well, for the most part, and deserves to be compensated. To expect him to take less than he can get is not only naive, it’s sort of unfair. And for Sather to try and weasel a cheap contract is a reminder of why I don’t like him. Don’t get me wrong, what athletes make blows my mind…even taking into consideration the revenue they generate.

    Another sad reminder is this article:


    Sam, ever hear any smart (realistic) thoughts on how hockey can regain some popularity?

  63. Chris

    I agree with you that athletes should get what they deserve; as exorbitant as it may be….
    Just that we have to ask ourselves with the cap and all, if it’s worth it for us to give Nylander that amount.
    Now a million dollars per year extra to Nylander would not kill our cap…it would just slightly limit our options elsewhere.

  64. Like it or not, keeping Jags happy is key to the Rangers success next year — if not longer. So, with that in mind, I think we have to keep, and pay, Nylander. Now if Sather were smart he would include a contractual cap on how many times a game Nylander could spinorama…

  65. Nylander is negotiating from a position of strength. The Rangers need him more than he needs us. He’s performed above expectations for the past two seasons and has been our most consistent scorer (Straks and Jags have been more dominant at times, but they are much more streaky). He practices AND plays hard, is relatively injury free (but can’t avoid the flu due to his germ factory taking residence in his house of little kids) and would make more if he tested the free-agent market. Sure, people want him to shoot more, but he’d be snapped up by any team looking to find an unselfish playmaking center for a superstar winger. I’d pay him 5 million. If we don’t sign him, it will effect Jagr, and anyone who says Immonen or my grandmother could do what Nylander does, is in denial.

  66. Nylander probably feels like we owe him more than Straka, because

    1. his modest salary was reduced by 24% while he went on to have career years

    2. he is much better and more skilled than Straka

    3. he has a lot more kids than Straka

  67. I know it’s been a while, but just to rag on Buffalo a little more, from the ESPN article that was linked here –

    “We wouldn’t be [covering] if A: there wasn’t a little interest in Ottawa because the Sabres just played [the Senators] and B: it’s a reasonable drive for us,” said Howard Smith, executive sports editor of The Buffalo News. “We are a pretty good hockey town, in general, but even here there is very limited interest once the Sabres are eliminated.”

    I think that last statement would mean that they’re not actually a very good hockey town.

  68. Also, Chris F., this is the only thing I can’t figure out with these blogs: how do you include an embedde linked website rather than just the URL? Thanks.

  69. Orr Kicks Yin Yang on

    Jeez…Im waiting for some good NYR news and all im getting is bad news.

    It would suck to lose Nylander…If this is true then he is being a wee bit stuck up…But he did have a really good season…And after the playoffs i think he definently knows he HAS TO shoot more because he can put the puck in the net.

    But what ever…I have a feeling he’ll be back.

    Anybody here that Chris Pronger was suspended for game 4

    Lol the guy will do anything to win the cup…Even if he puts lives in danger

    If he loses the cup for a 2nd year in a row…Forget about it..He’ll be suicidal

    I signed Chris Drury in NHL 07…Funny thing…He had no chemistry with anybody on NYR…so i had to trade him.

  70. Brandon,

    I just cut and pasted the URL on a separate line and the blog embedded it for me. I’m using Safari, though I don’t know if that matters. Sorry, I’m no IT guy…

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    This Nylander thing shows why real life is nothing like EA Sports.

    Then again, look who is reporting it. Larry “I’ll make up anything for a headline” Brooks.

  72. Interesting, Chris, because I’m using Safari, too. Maybe I just need to do the same, instead of typing it out.

  73. ratings for the first 2 games on Versus, 485,000 households, DOWN 20% from last year.

    and NBC cuts off the playoff OT in the conf. finals for pre- race horse manure.

    the NHL is fast becoming a sub-niche ghost sport, covered by no one but a few diehards.

    I guess fans can find the stanley cup finals next year on obscure sports.com

  74. “the NHL is fast becoming a sub-niche ghost sport, covered by no one but a few diehards.

    I guess fans can find the stanley cup finals next year on obscure sports.com”

    people who keep saying this don’t make sense to me. What is your point? How are tens of thousands of your kind, who post and talk about how unpopular hockey is, helping it? You are only hurting it.

  75. oh, let’s hide the truth, and PRETEND that everything is hunky dory in NHL land, huh?

    it does NOT hurt hockey for actual fans to voice their complaints, it hurts hockey for NHL execs to keep driving the sport into the ground with ludicrous policies.

  76. How can it not help the NHL to have real fans complaining about how nobody watches hockey? It will at least get casual fans to recognize this and possibly watch more to support the sport. I can’t believe this disinterest – hockey is the most consistantly exciting sport out there. I say “consistantly” because basketball is exciting late in games and NASCAR is exciting when there are crashes.

    Although personally, I haven’t been helping, since I don’t get Versus at home since I’m on the 80-channel cable package in NYC and I wasn’t able to watch Game 3. I did like hearing Sam Rosen & Panger in the last few minutes on the radio. I’m looking forward to finally getting to watch tonight.

  77. Hurray for Don Cherry. he has the right idea. Put the toughness back in hockey, and get the pansy bleeding hearts out of the way.

    Ratings would go UP 50% instead of down 20% like they are now.

    Cherry for commish.

  78. AngelusMortis on

    jd – Don Cherry is the man. He’s certainly a bit better to listen to than Brett Hull. Speaking of “Hully”, Chery called him out about the controversial goal point I made a couple nights ago. I guess Mr. Cherry pays close attention to my comments on this blog.

    Anyone see Alfredsson’s intentional shooting of the puck at Scott Niedermayer? While I’m not a big Niedermayer fan, he’s done nothing to Alfredsson to deserve a cheapshot like that.

  79. wasn’t it my idea all along to increase physical play to make hockey more entertaining?

  80. reginald dunlop on

    chicken swede………..does he do that if there is no instigator penalty???? Grapes for Commish……….grass roots campaign……..ha ha

  81. watch for stupid organization like Rangers go after another bloodline guy, either Esposito, Gagner or Sutter in the draft.

  82. Let Boston throw 4.5 mill at him. Without Jags, he doesn’t score 10 goals.

    He shoulda signed with us and played with Jagr. Let the mercenary walk.

  83. I can see Nylander signing for the Caps – i’m sure he could do just as well on a line with Ovechkin and Clark and they’ll probably give him $4.5m. I’d offer him $3.8-3.9m over 3 years or $4.25 over 2 yrs, and if that doesn’t entice him bye,bye.

    I see Maloney admits he’ll be looking for a goalie as his #1 priority – wonder what he’ll offer us for Montoya..? a 1st rnd pick? Maybe another player – is Montoya a possible trading chip to replace Nylander?

  84. ORR Kicks Yin Yang on

    I say Monty has to get traded…But if anything lets trade him for someone who can play with Avery and Shanny…We should get Doan…..Just kidding…Lol that would be great…Avery and Doan can fight each other since they hate each other so much.

    Lol Don Cherrys the man…im happy he called out Hully on that goal…Personally i still say no goal but eh…

    Did anyone hear when Hully said “Did you know swedes play alot of soccer” then Grapes said “I dont know anything about swedes…I think they have beautiful women”….classic.

    I say alfy should get suspended…Thats a whole new line of crossing…I never seen that before…I mean players do it but not like that…like during gameplay sometimes they aim for a leg but its hard to say if its intentional…That was pathetic and i lost all respect for alfy last night…He should get suspended or Pronger should elbow if to hell and back…But i doubt that will happen cause they could win the cup tomorrow so why play stupid.


    Your right…Nylander has played this good because of who hes playing with…I think he’ll be good any where he goes…but is that team gonna be able to work with his style…you know…the whole twisting and turning and dangling…Either way i say he gets re signed and Monty gets traded…

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    “is Montoya a possible trading chip to replace Nylander?”

    No, because Phoenix has nothing to offer in return.

    Nylander will not be as good anywhere else, but he’s looking to get paid. Buyer beware for every other team in the league. I think his style would actually work well in Atlanta, on a line with Hossa and Kovalchuk.

  86. Doodie – the only thing Phoenix can offer is draft picks, i don’t see anyone on their roster who i would fit as part of a trade. Reinprecht is OK, but a bit injury prone and is more of #3 center IMO.

    What about other teams – are there many others looking for a young goalie…?

  87. Why don’t we trade Wiikman to Maloney? Not that they have anything we really need.

  88. czechthemout!!!!! on

    there is nothing on the phoenix roster to get.i want the number 3pick in the draft+reinprecht for montoya and betts.

  89. Of all the “role” players, I keep Betts the most. Speed, penalty killing, face-offs. More than Hollywood or Orts or Orr.

  90. I guess none of you have ever heard of this guy Mueller. He had near or over 100 points in the Ahl last year and is only 19. Montoya and our pick for Mueller and their 3rd

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    “there is nothing on the phoenix roster to get.i want the number 3pick in the draft+reinprecht for montoya and betts.”


    “Montoya and our pick for Mueller and their 3rd”


    man, I don’t even think those trades would be accepted in EA Sports land!

    How about this: Malik to Phoenix for a 3rd rounder.

    Also, I agree with Chris F. Out of all of our bottom feeders and fringe players, I think Betts is by far the most valuable. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, he’s one of the best 4th line centers in the league, and certainly in the top 5 in the East.

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    Go NYR, AHL success doesn’t automatically mean NHL success. Just look at Krog’s numbers this season.

    Also, Mueller was not in the AHL last season. He was in juniors (WHL). And it was 94 pts.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, and I should clarify, that 94 is regular season and playoffs combined. 78 reg season, 16 POs.

  94. Nylander is producing because he is good and is getting tons of icetime and PP time. In the past he was never used as a 1st line center and probably never averaged more than 15 minutes. now he averages over 20 minutes.

  95. Rangers signing Wiikman really surprises me. Who is really the brains behinnd this organization now? No way could Sather think of a move like this on his own and Maloney is gone…

    “Montoya and our pick for Mueller and their 3rd”

    keep dreaming

  96. Wiikman was a guy they tried to sign — maybe even did sign — a while ago, probably under Maloney’s tenure. Though let’s not suddenly put Maloney on a pedestal. At all.

  97. robbybonfire on

    One thing I am missing is a SHOOTOUT dialogue, this summer. You mean, that’s it, it’s here forever? I bet a players AND fans referendum would trash it by a landslide.

    You mean we just let Bettman the saboteur come up with another garbage gimmick to further corrupt the game, anytime soon – you know, like expanded nets – rather than fans, players, and even the fossilized Rules Committee showing this mole from the NBA who is really in charge?

    Christ, what an ongoing outrage, amateur sports rules in the NHL, and we just sit back and take it?

  98. I laugh at all the losers that complain about shootouts. It is like a restaurant gives you a packet of ketchup with your food and you complain that you hate ketchup.

  99. “Mort U. Wary”

    that is the dumbest name ever. I suggest changing it to Ivana Kachanatsov.

  100. Paging Sam Weinman…Sam Weinman, please report to the white courtesy phone…we need a new thread…

  101. Mort U. Wary on

    Wow, someone who changes their handle more than they change their underwear is ragging on my name? Hey, at least I’m consistent.

  102. robbybonfire on

    Don’t give “Port Anus” credit for dropping an ANAL-ogy – he will think it is something wonderful! LOL on you Pork Butt.

  103. hockeymanrangers on

    OK I don’t know about any body else but I need a SAM FIX REAL BAD. Sam can you hook us up??? We/I need some kind of Ranger news, something anything????

  104. Orr Kicks Yin Yang on

    Yeah Sam…We need some news…Hopefully something good that can add a few extra hours to my sleep.

    I dont know if any of you noticed but…NYI is buying out Alexei Yashins contract…I wonder where he’ll go.

  105. Nylander increaseing his asking price??

    If he wants too much which to me is $4 mill or more let him walk. they would have more $ for the likes of Drury or someone else….

    Nylander is 34 Drury is at least 4 years younger…..

  106. I know he was just an Islander, and so is not really worth talking about, but is Alexei Yashin done? How many times can this guy get hurt and/or not show up before he’s playing in Russia or elsewhere?

    And, man, do I need a job where I get 17 mill to canned.

  107. I am sure they bought him out so they have the cap space to go after a free agent.

    In any case, if Nylander leaves we could sign Yashin for 1 year at 2.5-3 million.

  108. Yashin is a decent player and main reason they bought out his contract is because he was way overpaid and is no longer the 40 goal scorer he was in Ottawa. But at 2.5 million for 1 year he would be pretty good. He got 50 points in 58 games averaging 17 minutes a game with very mediocre wingers.

  109. robbybonfire on

    So let’s bring in a bunch of 20 goal scorers we can underpay like they are just 15-goal scorers, and build the team that way. Is that the winning formula?

    Seems to me the way to build a contender is to develop young, talented players and promote them in timely fashion – not hold up their advancement to the NHL so mercenary porks like Straka can have a second career as a “hanger on.” Now the Rangers don’t seem to know what to do with a bunch of old guys they really should just cut bait on.

  110. well, the way they draft we’ll have to either sign a UFA or trade to get top center.

    Cullen sucks offensively

    Immonen I think is more of a 3rd liner and idiot Renney doesn’t like him

    Dubinsky struggled scoring in AHL and looks more like a good 40-50 point 3rd line center to me.

    If Nylander leaves, they can go after the likes of Stumpel, Forsberg, Yashin, etc. all short term deals, it would be much better than going after the likes of Drury or Comrie for a long term deal.

    But yeah, I don’t get why we need the likes of Straka, Cullen, Betts, Shanahan, etc when we got plenty of young players that can do their jobs.

  111. “straka works harder on the ice than any ranger we have”

    MSG propaganda

  112. Sam you can’t leave the kids home alone. At least the movie was somewhat funny. Do something. Start a rumor ala Larry Brooks. Better yet get a scoop or an interview. This is like watching grass grow. Stop hanging out in the 19th hole;)

  113. Ducks really have exposed Emery, so many soft goals.

    could Dubinsky develop into Fisher, Jessiman into Penner, Korpikoski into Pahlsson?

    If Ortmeyer is gone I would like to give Greg Moore a shot.

  114. I’ll go ahead and be the first to say that the Cup is coming back to the East next year.

  115. “I’ll go ahead and be the first to say that the Cup is coming back to the East next year.”

    does it really matter?

  116. “Rangers next year!!!!”

    won’t make the playoffs. They won a round now Jagr and Co. take a well deserved break.

    Only a fool would expect to win a Cup these days with a tean lead by his highness Jaromir Jagr.

  117. pork anus: don’t know why I bother to respond to this crap, but if you look back historically, bloodlines have worked out pretty damn well. Take for instance, Ryan Suter. Not bad. Jeff Tambellini, would take him on my team. Paul Stastny, too bad he’s not a Ranger. Alex Steen, another solid player. Zach Parise, wish he were the first pick and not Jessibust. In fact, I can’t think of too many protege that have gone in the draft and prooven to be busts. So you’re off your rocker when bashing a guy like Brandon Sutter, who has literally grown up around NHLer’s and Sam Gagner, who is a sure-fire NHLer and will probably go the top ten(so don’t worry).

    As for Esposito, he IS related to Tony and Phil. Just not the Tony and Phil that played in the NHL :p

  118. how about Eric Nystrom, Marcel Hossa, Brett Lindros, and many many others. Some of them can thank their bloodlines for their mediocre careers otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten the benefit of the doubt. And my point is I want them to draft based on good scouting, not based on bloodlines.

  119. robbybonfire on

    Straka is a downside, over-paid, one-dimensional waste who is just holding up a younger player’s NHL career. BULLETIN – the Penguins had THREE players under 21 in 2007 who combined for 98 (!) goals. The Rangers have a lot of catching up to do, philosophically AND physically.

    You think like Sather = plug the leaks in the dike with old guys – until the dike collapses. Good luck with that.

  120. You mean Eric Nystrom, the guy that’s still considered a prospect with the Flames, even though he missed most of last season with a shoulder injury? And I’m going to hedge a guess here, but I doubt –rather I know –Brett Lindros and Marcel Hossa are the respective sons of their NHL dopplegangers.

    Even if they were the sons of former NHLers, I’d disagree with you on Hossa, who I have every faith in the world will be a solid player –he already is. And Brett Lindros, if you recall, which you obviously don’t, was knocked out of the NHL before his 21st birthday thanks to concussions.

    Of course, you don’t pick someone simply because of their bloodline. In that case, the Oilers and the Rangers would be fighting over Lyon Messier. But you seem to argue that who a kid’s father is shouldn’t be taken into account when a talented kid comes down the pike, which given the recent AND past success of second generation NHLers is a ludicrous postulation. I mean, have you ever heard of BRETT FRIGGIN’ HULL? Maybe Mark Howe?

    As usual, you make positively no sense.

  121. BULLETIN — those 3 Penguin guys aren’t just some random collection of young players. The Rangers don’t have anything even remotely like those guys in their system and the team will have to lose really, really badly, for years before they do.

  122. “BULLETIN—those 3 Penguin guys aren’t just some random collection of young players. The Rangers don’t have anything even remotely like those guys in their system and the team will have to lose really, really badly, for years before they do.”

    well maybe if they played young guys more in the past, they would have gotten much better draft picks and would have drafted some young stars.

    Sather thinks drafting is a complete crapshoot because of his terrible success at it, that is why he now just goes with the bloodlines and hopes they are less likely to bust out, which is maybe somewhat safer route, but it is a wrong way to do it.

  123. robbybonfire on

    Marc Stall, and quite soon Bobby Sanguinetti and Tom Pyatt = the place to start. The issue is not that most of the organizational prospects are not star potential, the issue is bringing back too many (one is too many) burned-out, mercenary fossils and forestalling putting the next generation in place, in the process. Or maybe you think bringing in the Dupuis’ the Strudwick’s the Isbister’s and the Krog’s of the world, in-season, beats promoting kid snipers like Callahan. Some hockey GM you would make – a veritable Sather clone. I stand on my statement.

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