Maloney gone?


An “unconfirmed report in the Toronto Globe and Mail”: has Don Maloney working out a deal with the Coyotes that would make him the team’s next GM.

Again, this is unconfirmed, and what also isn’t discussed is whether the Rangers are in position to counteroffer, which I suspect they might do.

More later…

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  1. Maloney gone would be bad, IMO. I have a feeling he’s the brains behind the talent now perculating in the Ranger-system. Certainly, him gone would mean Messier in the AGM spot, which I’m equally uncomfortable with. Coach? Maybe. But GM? There are still too many Messier cronies in the league for that…

  2. onecupin67years on

    I dont know if Maloney is an asset or not,if his loss would be felt or if its a bit of the “good ole boy network” with grets,ed mio,ulfie,all being ex rangers and are acquainted with Maloney.
    Very few execs are irreplaceable,if he goes the rangers will survive.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Agree with tdchi 100%. This is a disaster, if for no other reasons that it leaves Sather at the helm, and opens the door for Messier.

  4. It would be plain simple wrong to let Maloney go.

    Also, why does it look like the Rangers aren’t even trying to prevent such thing from happening?

  5. this will be a terrible day for the organization if this happens…messier should stay on his fishing boat and mind his own damn business, you know he’s behind this

  6. just out of curiosity, what proof do you pundits have that would indicate that Mess would be a terrible asst. GM? I am not condoning the release of Maloney should he get the Coyote position but I am just curious where the Mess-as-management hatred comes from… it is not like he would be a player/asst. GM. He might have some talent of which we are unaware. Just curious…

  7. I’m sorry but apparently Ledhead, all of the people who have posted before yours have been General Managers in the league before. Wait, what, what is that, none of them have? Oh, my mistake. This is the way the league works people, why not let Maloney have a crack at the big job. I have a feeling that we will survive somehow. It’s not like Maloney wasn’t here before when we sucked too, so why are we glorifying him now? He’s done a good job, a team noticed, they need him.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    JAy W., what we (or at least I) are saying is that Sather should step aside and just be president, letting Maloney be the GM. He HAS done a good job, so why don’t the Rangers notice and reward him properly?

    As for why Mess would be a bad GM, the evidence we have is his influence over the transactions the team made during his final tenure here. Look at the complete lack of success that led to.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    I want Messier as GM as much as I want Forsberg to be a Ranger. With Mess as GM, he would probably sign him too.

    Terrible, terrible, terrible.

  10. Like Jay I don’t get the real love for Maloney. What about the 8 years when he was on the job that we didn’t make the playoffs? Or that none of the first round picks during his tenure have played a game for the Rangers yet and only one or two probably ever will? They got better these last two years but a lot of that had to do with having jagr and henrik. Picking up jagr was just the rangers taking on a big contract and i don’t think maloney discovered henrik. If he does in fact go the team will not be screwed and if he stays its not like we are keeping the next lamirello

  11. czechthemout!!!!! on

    all of you guys are wrong.the real asset in this orginization is christer rockstrom.he is the guy responsible for the king,prucha,kim jonsson,and many other late round european players that have been the only truly decent draft picks we have.he should be made asst. gm and head of player development.and rhen succed sather when he retires.

  12. I understand that Renney clashed with Messier during his previous incarnation as an NHL coach,I’m sure Renney would have real problems working with Messier and pretty soon we’d be seeing Keenan as coach…

  13. I love how all the people bashing Mess seem to think his entire NHL career lasted from 2001-2004.

  14. I love how all the people bashing Mess seem to think his entire NHL career lasted from 2000-2004.

  15. In the end Renney is the one that we should be crediting with this resurgence. With him at the helm the team hasen’t missed the playoffs. Its the only real change that has been made in years. We still have older super stars, of course now we have a few young guns too. I just don’t get how all of you “INSIDERS” know that Sather isn’t the one calling the shots on deals still. As I recall, he was never too shabby in Edmonton. Sure he was responsible for our years of misery too, I just don’t get where you get this inside info that Maloney was actually running the show, it sounds like pure speculation to me.

  16. If Maloney wants to go – LET HIM! I don’t particularly think that he can’t be replaced. The Rangers draft choices since he’s been here are only so-so.

  17. Sorry, I don’t think Mess’s career lasted from either 2000 or 2001-2004. I know Messier’s history and recognize that he is a true hockey icon and an amazing player and leader and that he was around the game his whole life. I also know he does have a huge ego and that everywhere he goes everything suddenly seems to become about him. He also has no actual management experience and I wouldn’t mind him getting some under someone other than Sather, who may be teaching the wrong lessons for the current game or because he’s a crappy GM who also trades on his past.

    No to Mess as AGM. No to Forsberg. Maloney? Eh. If there was a better replacement, godspeed.

  18. Please no. Let Sather head to Pheonix. I don’t see how Slats could let him go. I just don’t.

  19. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    I can care less about Maloney…But as far as Mess goes…

    I dont know…I have a bad feeling about him being GM or taking any part in the organazation like that…

    Maybe coach or something…I dont know

  20. By the way, is anyone else wondering why there’s been no official Rangers statement on Leetch retiring? I know there was the article on the website, but no Sather quote or anything. Why have they been silent?

  21. Ahhh, I see some others agree with me that hiring Messier is a BIG mistake. Just because he was a great player, doesn’t make him a great GM in the office. He has no managerial experience, he has a huge ego that I think would overshadow in making the right decisions for the organization. He’s all about himself, and yes, he should stay on his boat and mind his own damn business. He’s retired, stay retired or go back to Vancouver and be a Canuck.

  22. Sather is the President of the NYR. If he wants to hire Messier, that his decision to make.

  23. I agree Sather is going to have a huge say in who in appointed, as is one J Dolan Esq.

  24. Can’t have it both ways, guys. You can’t argue in one breath that Mess has no managerial experience, and then say his huge ego was responsible for all the moves that were made wherever he went. Either he was involved or he wasn’t. I think it’s clear that he was. As I’ve said many times before, some moves turned out well, some did not. But I’d trust him to do the right thing if given the reins.

  25. if he leaves maybe we can trade him all the busts he drafted like Korpikoski, Sanguinetti, Jessiman, Falardeau, Olver, Graham, etc.

  26. I don’t wanna give up on Jessiman yet………….power forwards need tons of ice time and Hartford seemed intent on playing the small, fast guys……….

  27. Pork Anus,

    you consider Sanguinetti a bust already?

    I respect you for spelling his name correctly, but………….

    isn’t that pulling the plug a bit too quickly? I thought I heard good things…good things about this kid.

  28. Hugh Jessiman was all Maloney.So was Montoya

    Sather is not letting Maloney go.He doesn’t want to hold Maloney back or stand in his way of any career advancement.The Coyotes requested permission to speak with Maloney and the Rangers gave them permission.If they denied Phoenix permission,people would be screaming about Sather keeping Maloney hostage

    People are giving Maloney too much credit and Sather not enough credit.The Rangers have a GM.It’s Sather.Messier won’t be the GM.The Rangers have some quality people working for them besides Maloney

  29. Sanguinetti is not big, not physical, terrible defensively and his production went down 12 points from last season. Oh but he is a big Rangers fan, so of course he’ll be a star. Defensemen like him are dime a dozen and most of them don’t have much of a career in NHL. Defenseman first of all needs to be good defensively. This guy will be lucky if he is the next Andy Delmore. He has “bust” written all over him.

    “Hugh Jessiman was all Maloney.So was Montoya”

    Korpikoski was definitely all Maloney, he was going crazy about him.

  30. Rockstrom really pushed for Korpikoski

    You do realize Sanguinetti played extremely well for Hartford as a 19 year old

  31. Nobody knew of Korpikoski till he played in the tournament which Maloney watched. Those 6 games were the reason he was picked in the 1st round instead of 7th round.

    “You do realize Sanguinetti played extremely well for Hartford as a 19 year old”

    based on what? MSG propaganda? If he played so good, why wasn’t he played in the playoffs?

  32. “You do realize Sanguinetti played extremely well for Hartford as a 19 year old�

    based on what? MSG propaganda? If he played so good, why wasn’t he played in the playoffs?”

    Are you on crack? No wonder your user name is pork anus, maybe u ate one too many recently to have a logical thought come out of ur mouth.

    He played in all 7 of the Wolfpack’s playoff games this year. Please, i have no doubt hes gonna be a very very good defensemen in about 2 years. Combined with Staal, Sauer, Girardi and Tyutin, we have a very solid young blue line to look forward to for a while. All we need to do is develop a blue chip top 3 forward for when JJ retires…

  33. MESS did this, MESS has a big ego, MESS also led us out of a 54 year Cup skid. The guy loves NY and loves the fans of NY so I’m sorry I’m not going to bash this guy one bit. He is an incredible leader and will do what He feels would be best for the NY RANGERS and Their fans. The guy is a Winner and I would not mind him AGM at all.
    Maloney…Good Job? The last two or three years.
    Sanguinetti did not play long for Hartford because He signed near the end of the year. He is going to be good, great PP quarterback, he has to beef up but definetly has talent. I don’t know how He can be called a bust. That’s utter idiocy

  34. IAN hit it on the head, but it is going to be hard to deveop a good forward if They get up here and everytime they sneeze Renney benches them. We have some good talent coming.

  35. I dont know how spot on I am, its mostly based on looking at stats and very little video and also Blueshirt Bulletin. It seems as though all of our forwards are nothing more than 2nd line complimentary players at best. None capable of scoring more than 30 goals in a career year except maybe Callahan.

  36. Sanguinetti only played 5 games in AHL, not enough to be judged. But based on his scouting reports and stats he is a soft defensively challanfed defenseman who is good (not great) offensively.

    He was selected by Rangers mainly because he is local kid and is a big Rangers fan.

  37. NYR1994

    Mess did a lot of wonderful things for the team in 1994. But we do not need him to lace them up and it certainly isn’t 1994 anymore. You can have the management of your team built on the way a guy played the game.

    Helping win the cup doesn’t entitle anyone to a management postion. As much as we all loved Mess he is not as bright as Leetchie or Graves, two people I would absolutely give the assistant GM to before Mess simply because he is a ‘legend’.

  38. whats all this Messier bashing. The man came to NY and brought us the CUP. Messier has succeeded at every level of hockey there is no reason to think he will not be great in e front office. If anyone deserves the benifit of the doubt it is Messier.

  39. Anybody with a handle of “pork anus” immediately has no credibility. Calling him an asshole isn’t even an insult.

    I have read a number of good reports on Sanguinetti’s short tenure in Hartford, including the Courant and Hockeys Future. He was a top-15 ranked player and the Flyers badly wanted him with the pick after us.

    I have no idea of he will be a good NHL player, but he certainly has superior offensive tools and was a logical pick, no matter where he grew up.

    As far as Maloney goes, he has the chance to get promoted, that’s the way it goes. The Rangers are run by a committee that includes Sather, Maloney, Renney, Schoenfeld and others. If Maloney leaves, that may or may not be a setback, but the team will survive. Who knows, maybe Schoenfeld will be the replacement. I would not be crazy about Mess getting his first job as Tangers GM, but scouting hockey players isn’t brain surgery or bond trading or something like that.

  40. onecupin67years on

    JD got a GM job in ST.Louis maybe it aint brain surgery after all ,You guys all make Maloneyout as a LOU Lamarielo,The rangers aint won diddly under Sather and Maloney so stop squealing little piggies

  41. LOS ANGELES (CP) – Luc Robitaille is making a move up the ranks of the Los Angeles Kings front office.

    The former winger was promoted to president of business operations on Friday by Kings governor Tim Leiweke. +
    ………but Messier doesn’t belong, one of the greatest leaders in sports ever…..Is Messier GM yet?

  42. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Nobody mind Pork Anus….The guy is just a loser with no life and he has to bash NYR…Hes the kind of loser fan that is happy when there winning but when they lose he completely turns on his team

    Hes a pathetic piece of garbage…who out of no where starts saying Lundqvist sucks..Sanguinetti is a bust…Brian Leetch is an idiot…you know the rest.

    Pork….Please drop dead….It would be the best news i heard all day..

  43. Yeah lets label 19 year olds, busts… That’s smart Pork Anus….

    Maybe you should listen to the words of Mr. Jim Schoenfeld himself…

    Schoenfeld on Sanguinetti’s time with the Wolfpack:

    “‘His composure with the puck has been extraordinary for a kid his age. He’s real savvy on the power play or all offensive situations. You can see he has very, very good offensive instincts for a defenseman. And he has been better defensively than we thought he would be. Defense is a hard position to play, especially when you’re a kid playing against men. You’re the last line before the goal, so it can be critical. But his coverage, anticipation, and reads have been very good, and his strength has been fine. He hasn’t been a liability at all. He has been a real good package for us.'”

    Sanguinetti was a +1 for the Wolfpack in the playoffs too…

  44. Adam Z. Frankly, and I know there are those who will dispute this, my liking Messier ended the day he shunned the Rangers for Vancouver. He was done in my eyes then. But then there was 2001-2004. That ruined his image, so much that I was only interested in that MSG lovefest they threw for last year for one reason: it meant we could finally move on from Messier’s cup heroics. It’s over. Done. Let’s move on. The most I could see throwing him in an assistant coach’s position in Hartford, let him work with the kids. Maybe he could teach Jessiman, Falardeau and Graham to play. But even then, I’d worry about his ego getting in the way.

    Anus – dude, I’m not sure where you get your hockey info or really what your deal is, but you sure do make some ludicrous postulations. Let’s go through the guys you listed. First, I’ll give you Jessiman. He was a high-risk-high-gain pick that would have actually been OK in the old NHL(and if he finished college). But today, he’s too slow, has developed none and can’t seem to hit or find the net. Prognosis: bust. I’ll also give you Falardeau, even though he’s shown alot more progress than Jessiman has, which isn’t saying a lot.

    From there, it gets a bit trickier.Bruce Graham isn’t likely to be much more than a fourth liner, if he makes the show. But then again, he’s 22 and as a fourth round pick, was never was expected to be an allstar unlike the aforementioned tools.

    But Korpikoski a bust? What are you nuts? Have you ever seen this guy play? Korpedo is just getting his rights to drink in the U.S. this summer first of all. Second, he’s got blinding speed and HAS shown a steady increase in production. He’ll be in the NHL one of these days. As what? That’s to be determined. I won’t write him off after one measly season in NORTH AMERICA. You try making that transition and tell me how easy it is.

    On to Olver, another second rounder, but hardly a bust. He played on a really week NCAA team last season, but still managed to rank second in scoring, second in points and first in assists. I’d be suprised if he doesn’t lace up with the pack next season.

    And lastly SANGUINETTI? Are you for real? He was DARFTED LAST YEAR. WTF do you want him to do, win the Norris? He was fourth in goals, assists and points on his junior team and lead the defense in all three categories. And you’re writing him off for slipping 12 points worth of production?!? He played one less game than the year before and on a team that was 19-24-7.

    In summation, maybe Sanguinetti isn’t the second comming of Leetch or Korpikoski the second comming of Tikkanen. But these guys are hardly busts to say the least. And the fact that there ARE prospects in Hartford and in the NHL that will certainly be NHLers is a testament to what Maloney has done with this club. Just remember, prior to his arrival, there were names like Dube, Goneau and Vorobiev who were the team’s “best” prospects. He will be a loss, kind of like I’m at a loss to understand your logic or hockey sense.

    , Sanguinetti, , Falardeau, Olver, Graham,

  45. Sanguinetti was ranked in the top 10 by central scouting last spring just ahead of the draft. While he is likely to take some time inn Hartford, I think we’d all like to see a good puck moving d-man with some offensive instincts, given what we currently have. Happy for Maloney, but he should take Pork Anus with him as head janitorial services in Phoenix.

  46. czechthemout!!!!! on

    pork anus -before you comment about players,watch them play first.because you talking out of your pork anus.jessiman played realley well after his late season call up.there may till be some hope for him,and he can really fight well.i can easily say that right now,he would be a better togh guy option for us than orr becuase he can contribute on the score sheet as well.korpikoski will at best and i mean best
    a third line forward.sags was ok when i saw him play.he did improve with more ice time.graham was a second rounder,and i will give that one.he sucks.

  47. I am not in favor of Mess becoming GM, however, as far as players not having experience and jumping right into the fire…how about Garth Snow. If Snow can work for the Isles, Mess can work for the Rangers.

  48. reginald dunlop on

    know the facts before you post………some of you people could write for the national enquirer……..ha ha…….mess and smith had a power struggle and neil saw mess and co. as a threat to his power so mess was forced out …….sometimes a nasty business…..he didn’t shun the rangers……or you personally as some of you see it….

  49. If the ‘yotes do steal Don from us, will we at least get some sort of return from them? I remember Gary Bettman getting involved when the Bruins took Chiarelli from Ottawa and there being some exchange of draft picks, but I didn’t fully remember the circumstance. Can anyone help me here?

  50. Everyone should just relax and if Messier becomes the next Asst.GM don’t rush into judgement until you have witnessed Messier at that position. Im sure if Garth Snow can come off 1 year as backup to DiPietro ,Im sure Messier can do just as fine of a job.I mean come on give Messier a chance, remember he is into his second year with that Leadership Camp. Lets break it down (Maloney- 0 Stanley Cups , Messier- 5 Stanley Cups). Some of you are stuck in 1979 and we still lost to Montreal.Enough with bashing Messier I wonder if some of you are actually Islander Fans .

  51. there seems to be alot of backward logic to the Maloney / Messier debate. It might be better if Maloney got the GM title, but Sather doesn’t seem to want to give it up. He could be right about not wanting Maloney there, and giving Messier the asst GM spot instead. How good a job any of them have done , will do, or could do , will always be up for debate. Sather is reasserting himself and probably won’t retire until they at least get to the finals. Bringing in Mess & Leetch might be his next steps to try and get there.

  52. Messier was responsible for kicking Ferraro out of town and that horrible trade with LA that brought his buddies here and sabotaged the Rangers for the next decade. Losing Norstrom and Laperriere was huge. He has a huge ego. I love him and all, but I can see him trading guys like Prucha for overated sorta physical guys like Shane Doan.

    Snow did a good job this year as a quick fix GM but the Isles fans are dellusiinal if they think they’re ok; Yashin’s contract, they gave up their future for Smyth (yeah, they got Tambellini and that Dutch dude, but after Okosvo, the Islses have no prospects left). And they’re probably not gonna resigm Smyth and Blake.

  53. MikeA so Messier has experience as being a GM, as per you. It seems like he’s been getting involved since at least the 90’s. That means he has 17 years experience in getting the job officially. Most claim he’s been the force behind alot of moves, so let him step out in the forefront and take the credit & the blame rather than assumptions.

  54. The hockey world understands what it takes to be a successful manager. That is why players are the most ideal choices to run a hockey team. It makes a great deal of sense to hire players as managers that showed their competitive ability to second to none when they were on the ice playing. It truly makes for a strong manager. The NY Rangers are very fortunate to have hockey people running the operation instead of BEAN Counters or Corporations types in the front office. The addition of Mark Messier and Brian Leetch to the management part of the NY Rangers is a blessing. Don’t think otherwise. The nature of the spirit of those two will not only show on the ice. But will be reflected in the way the NY Rangers are respected by other NHL organizations.
    We are lucky to have these guys and even more fortunate that they like working in NY.

  55. goalbyPrucha on

    Sandy Flint-It depends on his contract. How much he is obligated to work for the Rangers and if the Rangers will let him out of it, if that even has any bearing on the situation. I doubt we’ll get any compensation based on the fact they let him go to the interview to begin with.

  56. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Jeez…If i have to here that Garth Snow 1st year as Gm crap again…Im gonna go nuts.


    I gotta agree with you…Messier hasnt played in the “new” NHL…i can see him trading guys like Prucha…and giving up on them easily..Mess is the man but i have a bad feeling about this..

    Dont get me wrong though…I would love to be wrong…Id love for him to surprise me and all of you…But still i dont like where this is heading…Who knows..if Mess was GM in 06 – 07….then he would have possible went after forsberg…and its moves like that you want to avoid.

    Ugh….I need some good NYR news already.

  57. if Maloney becomes a Coyotes’ GM

    trade him Pock, Dawes, Immonen and 17th overall for their 3rd overall.

    or trade him Malik(was paired with Jovanovski with Canucks), Dawes, Immonen and Korpikoski for their 3rd overall.

  58. “pork anus -before you comment about players,watch them play first.because you talking out of your pork anus.jessiman played realley well after his late season call up.there may till be some hope for him,and he can really fight well.i can easily say that right now,he would be a better togh guy option for us than orr becuase he can contribute on the score sheet as well.korpikoski will at best and i mean best
    a third line forward.sags was ok when i saw him play.he did improve with more ice time.graham was a second rounder,and i will give that one.he sucks.”

    are you a moron? How did you disprove any of my points? Yes there is hope that Jessiman will be a good 4th liner in NHL, how is that not a bust though for a 12th overall pick?

  59. “Sanguinetti was ranked in the top 10 by central scouting last spring just ahead of the draft. While he is likely to take some time inn Hartford, I think we’d all like to see a good puck moving d-man with some offensive instincts, given what we currently have. Happy for Maloney, but he should take Pork Anus with him as head janitorial services in Phoenix.”

    who cares where he was ranked, where was Patrik Stephan ranked? there is a good reason Sanguinetti was falling and would have dropped to 2nd or 3rd round if not for Rangers.

  60. why draft a defenseman that is terrible defensively in the 1st round when we already had Pock, Girardi, Staal, Sauer, Taylor, Lampman, Baranka, Potter, Liffiton, Pikkarainen, Degon, Koverko, Reese, Furrer? Because we needed another mandatory 1st round bust who is chosen because he is such a big Rangers fan. He even promised to learn defense, oops he turned out to have scored 12 points fewer, +/- down by 16 from previous season.

  61. Maloney was the guy pushing for Jessimen & Sanguinetti because of their local factor NYR fans . Let Maloney look for players in the desert, but keep his brother Dave & put him on the TV broadcasts. The NYR first round picks have been busts for years, only Staal & maybe Montoya and Sangwhich will stop that trend. …. Is MESSIER GM yet & is Leetch with him? …

  62. bklynblue I don’t get what you mean? I said that he was clickish and caused a lot of moves. He hasn’t been a GM but he hated Nedved and Ferraro and drove them out of town and got his buddies McSorely and Kurri on board.

    What about when Trottier said Mess should be a fourth liner and ends up using him as a first liner when Lindros is hurt and the overrated Nedved did nothing? Why couldn’t NYR rebuild wheen Mess was around the second time and why were their reports how discfunctional the locker room and lack of a team concept there was especially in 02-03 and 03-04?

    If he’s gonna be a GM, let him earn it. Work his way up from the bottom and scout some kids not named Lyon Messier.

  63. mike what did don maloney earn? Was he ever a scout or a coach? The anti- Messier nonsense has gone on since 1995. Sorry he’s not perfect, but he’s one of the greatest hockey players, leaders ever. Does Don Maloney or snow have that on their resume. What did JD do to become President of the Blues? When the fans become GM you’ll see more trades happen on whims and emotion. So keep looking for things he might have done wrong and blame him, instead of his coach or GM, and forget any credit he should get and take it off his resume. He’s earned that garbage? Maybe he should start by cleaning toilets or in the mail room. Got anymore excuses?

  64. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    No one will ever take you seriously…Give up already…Everything you say is pure non sense.

    You sound like a friggin idiot…With your cheap facts and moronic comments.

    Why now is what i wanna know….Out of no where you come in and bash Lundqvist…Leetch…the prospects…Before they even get a chance to play.

    I bet before Giardi went into the lineup…I can guarantee you were bashing him…now your kissing his ass.

    Dont say how much a prospect sucks until he plays more then 5 NHL games and gets enough ice time to do what ever he can do.

    Id prefer JD as our GM…Its never gonna be the same without him…I sware to od…if i hear Michaletti say “Shoot the puck…just shoot the puck and good things happen”….ill kill myself if i hear those words.

  65. czechthemout!!!!! on

    pork anus-you are the moron.who says hugh is at best a 4th liner? don’t know shit about have never watched sags or hugh play or any one else for that matter,so please spare us any of your “expert”analisys.

  66. Maloney had a lot of experience with his Isles run, I actually believe he was a scout or did something similar before becoming the Isles GM, I don’t know for sure.

    If Messier becomes AGM, fine, I’ll live with it. I just don’t think it’s the greatest idea this soon after retiring and ex-Superstars turned GMs don’t have a great track record. I just think back to Esposito and get scared as hell.

  67. “ill kill myself if i hear those words.”

    yes, please do us all a favor

  68. “pork anus-you are the moron.who says hugh is at best a 4th liner? don’t know shit about have never watched sags or hugh play or any one else for that matter,so please spare us any of your “expertâ€?analisys.”

    watch, idiot, they will be proven busts sooner or later. I don’t need to see Sanguinetti play, the scouting reports are unanimous about him being bad defensively, and he backed it up by going -16 last season.

  69. Is Messier GM yet?….reality is dolan is the owner , sather is pres/ gm. My real choice would be for dolan to sell, and sather to retire. Maloney probably should get Sather’s job as GM, as long as he hires Messier as asst GM, & Leetch in a position to contribute along with Graves, and Richter if he wants to come. I can live with their learning curve. Messier is the ONLY guy sather MIGHT respect. It’s way past time for sather to be a ‘ real man of genius’ with humility and respect. Too bad he prefers arrogance.

  70. czechthemout!!!!! on

    pork anus-idid watch schmuck!i don’t give a damn what scouting reprts say about him.first of,they are outdated.sags was -16 on a shit team.instead of wasting your time reading outdated rports,why don’t you read what shoenfeld said about him,you might learn something dipshit.

  71. Bobby Sanguinetti, D
    Team: Owen Sound Attack (OHL)
    Acquired: Draft, 1st round, 21st overall, 2006

    The Rangers’ 2006 first-round draft selection had a good season offensively in Owen Sound (23 goals, 30 assists, in 67 games), but he often was beaten in his own end and had some positional troubles on defense. When the Attack’s season ended after four straight losses in the playoffs, Sanguinetti’s defense in the series can only have been decribed as disappointing.

    In early April, Sanguinetti was signed to an ATO by the AHL Hartford Wolf Pack, and the young blueliner really blossomed playing with professional teammates. After NHL call-ups and season-ending injuries, Hartford desperately needed defensive help, and Sanguinetti stepped right in. He proved to be a very able and reliable in his new role, “seeing the ice well, showing poise with the puck, with an excellent shot,” according to Hartford Head Coach Jim Schoenfeld. Sanguinetti showed more than offensive skills, however. He was also was very solid in his own end. In five regular-season AHL games, the blueliner had three assists, had an even plus/minus rating, and often played on the first pairing. Sanguinetti continued his fine play into the AHL playoffs, where he was steady and confident under pressure (7 games, 1 assist, +1 rating).

    Sanguinetti’s excellent AHL performance during the month of April earned him an NHL contract late in the month. His February 1988 birthday will require him to either join the Rangers next season or be returned to junior hockey, so it is almost a certainty that he will be back in the CHL. But his experience in Hartford should prove invaluable and he will return to Owen Sound a much more mature player than when he left the OHL last March.” ….from…………..

  72. Schoenfeld is an employee of Rangers organization, do you think he would say if Sanguinetti sucked defensively?

  73. Thanks for the correction LI Joe . Guys, we all need to relax and observe on what Sather will do if Maloney is gone. If he decides to sign Messier as GM, so let it be. Well to change the subject, how about bringing up Tom Pyatt for 07/08 season?

  74. DanTheRangerFan on

    How about “sore anus” for GM he seems to know EVERYTHING about hockey?

  75. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see how Messier would qualify as an AGM. I mean, Maloney worked as an exec in both the Islander and Ranger systems. I’m certainly not sure if I’d say he’s a good judge of talent. Seems to me he’s chased more than one decent prospect off his teams for one reason or another. I could see maybe moving Schoenfield to the AGM position then starting MEss in Hartford.

    And speaking of Shoeny and the above comment by PA: if he didn’t think Sanguinetti had it, he sure as hell wouldn’t have glowed about him in the press; he would have said NOTHING, or perhaps some noncomittal quote like “Bobby shows some skills that he’ll work on in Juniors.” Case in point? How much have you heard about Jessiman recently? Natta. Nothing. Zilch. Why? Because after all this work with him everyone in the organization realizes he’s not going anywhere.

  76. “, Maloney worked as an exec in both the Islander and Ranger systems.” let me know what his qualifications were to become asst gm with the fishsticks.

  77. “Torrey stepped down as GM in 1992 to help organize the expansion Florida Panthers and was replaced by his assistant Don Maloney”…1989-90 New York Islanders NHL 79 games played
    1990-91 New York Islanders NHL 12 games played, then he became asst gm.1991, 1992 GM .

  78. “Torrey stepped down as GM in 1992 to help organize the expansion Florida Panthers and was replaced by his assistant Don Maloney”…1989-90 New York Islanders NHL 79 games played
    1990-91 New York Islanders NHL 12 games played, then he became asst gm.1990-1, 1992 GM .

  79. sorry on dp but it might sink in after all this nonsense on resumes and experience.

  80. bah…he didn’t manage to lead the club anywhere but into the sewer from 2001-2004. IMO: so long Mess, and thanks for the cup.

    BB: Apparently with the fishees, all you need is a pulse. Oh wait, you don’t even need that. Garth Snow’s thier GM. The same guy who signed DP to a half-century contract, traded away half the team’s future for 15 games of Smyth and sweep in the playoffs. Frankly, I’d just asoon let Mess get experience on the ice with young players, if any at all. I sure as hell don’t want him pulling the trigger on trades.

  81. All those that are putting a lot of weight on Schoenfeld’s remarks are morons.

  82. “pork anus
    May 25th, 2007 at 3:52 pm
    Sanguinetti only played 5 games in AHL, not enough to be judged. But based on his scouting reports and stats he is a soft defensively challanfed defenseman who is good (not great) offensively.”
    …..links to those scouting reports?

  83. to change the subject for those who want to trade Prucha…from hrodent..”Prucha was 45th in the entire league in goals per minute of ice time, besting the likes of Brian Gionta, Martin Havlat and Rick Nash. Did I mention Jaromir Jagr?”

  84. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how well Prucha can play if he isn’t going to play on this team. And if he’s not, we should ship him off for someone who will, in a role we need filled. Like a solid defenseman.

    Though I would prefer he just get ice time. And some weight.

  85. Maloney wasn’t behind Jessiman, Renney ran the draft that year. If anyone remembers the draft show, the first thing Maloney says when he sees the draft board is;”Why is Parise so low?”
    I’m sick of Mess getting what he wants, doesn’t he have some illegitimate kids to take care of?

  86. Chris F makes sense again.

    Prucha also, as pointed out by the Rodent (though I am no fan of his) is about one of the best dollar-cost effective goal scorers in the league…

    Jagr got about $50,000 per goal and Prucha only cost us about $5,000 per goal.

    My stats are WAY WAY off, but you get the point….

    but what does it matter if malikenstein still feeds the puck to the opposition time and time again; takes a lazy penalty, goes into the box, watches the team get beat and sees his +/- rating stay cool…….?

    Jed? He history? I understand that dolan is NOT too happy with anyone who files abritration against him or

    anyone who doesn’t like his rock star persona,

    or anyone who doesn’t sit through his narcissitic indulgence of bad music.

  87. Sam Is Messier GM yet, with Graves & Leetch? Zipay & Dellapina are on it .

  88. “The former Rangers left wing has been with the Rangers front office since 1997 after serving as Islanders’ assistant GM and GM from 1992 to 1995. At age 32, he was the league’s youngest GM.”…. for all you need experience gurus…

  89. if Jagr got paid by goals, he would have gotten almost $280,000 for each of his goals. Stinking Sraka only cost us $107,000 for each goal.

  90. you see what Brad May do in the offensive zone? Betts would never have the brains to do it, he would just shoot.

  91. robbybonfire on

    A kid D scores 23 (!) goals. Those who knock him have to be Devils or Fishstick fans. How many Ranger FORWARDS scored 23+ goals last year? The point-man D in Montreal scores 19 goals and he can write his own ticket. Who the hell in his right mind writes off a kid D who can find the net. Bobby Orr was a kid D who could find the net. They come few and far between.

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