Phoenix job close to being filled


Word out of Phoenix is the interviews for the vacant GM job are set to wrap up today, with Rangers assistant GM Don Maloney and Kevin Cheveldayoff, the GM of the AHL Chicago Wolves, the supposed front runners.

Obviously, Maloney, with one official GM job with the Islanders and Rangers job already on his resume, would seem like the safer pick. That Cheveldayoff has reached this far proves that the Coyotes higher-ups must be impressed with him.

It should be interesting. I’ll pass along more when I have it…

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  1. Sam, any thoughts on who would replace Maloney were he to go to Phoenix?

    Yeah, yeah, everyone. I know. Mess. Spare me.

  2. I hope we do not lose Maloney I think he is the brains of the operation and is doing a great job.. why can’t Sather give up the responsibility and just be the president???

    Glen does not do the dirty work of scouting, maloney and others do that….

  3. Chris —
    I suppose the answer depends on just how much of the load Maloney has been actually shouldering.

    If Glen Sather has been calling the shots all along, then maybe the rush to replace Maloney isn’t so great and you can promote from within and bring someone along slowly. But if, as the theory goes, Maloney has really been the de facto GM all along, then there may be a greater need to bring in someone with more experience right away.

    My feeling is the reality is somewhere in between, but that Sather isn’t interested in doing more work than he has been doing which means they may have to look outside. Is Mess really a possibility? Let’s put it this way: Sather had a chance to dismiss the idea a while back and he didn’t.


  4. Jonathan Probber on

    Sather is the central player here, I’m guessing. I think he’s hugely influential re Gretzky, to the point where the job is Maloney’s if Glen blesses it.

    I don’t even want to think about Messier sliding in to a vacant assistant’s all too convenient.

    Cheveldayoff by all accounts is a fabulous young executive who is ready for his shot in the NHL.

  5. I’m pretty sure that Sam is in on this Phoenix thing, as he is hoping that Maloney takes him out for several rounds of golf at Troon North. This would be a bad move as Phoenix is a troubled franchise and Maloney could always hold out for a better job. I have to believe he is building a nice rep on the talent evaluation front given the depth in the system. Separately, did anyone see Buccigros’ column today. Pray that Glen does not bite on Forsberg.

  6. Why all the doom and gloom, guys?

    I cannot imagine that the Rangers would not match and even exceed any offer presented to Maloney.

  7. Bklynblue

    We need a center, A 1st line wing, and an open ice hitting defensemen. Possibilities:

    Ryan Smyth, Forsberg, Brier,Souray, or a trade using Montoya as bait. Maybe Montoya to Tampa, Chicago,Phoenix.

  8. if the NYR want to try next year, it’s retread vet time. Where there’s smoke, there’s Sather & cigar vs Maloney who seems to be trying to leave. With the cap eventually they will be strapped if they want to resign their young stars. That’s why they have to go for it next year. Sather will bring back most of the team & add Foresberg for a one year deal. It’s doubtful he will get any of the big UFAs . He has to keep guys in Hartford until they prove they can dominate that league. He will only bring young guys up when forced by injuries or the cap. Maloney wants the opposite, that why he hopes to get a new job, besides Mess being Sather’s real choice with Dolan eating up the ‘star’ factor. Until he has a Jagr replacement, that will be his course. NHL teams can only afford 2-3 high priced stars, thanks to buttman. Just look at Tampa. It will be Lundie + 2, the rest to be filled with the cap coming 1st. Passing on Parise to pick Jessimen is one big push in Maloney’s exit. Sather probably has more in his black book.If Sather & Mess have any influence, TGO will pick Maloney.The sooner the NYR reach the finals, the sooner Sather retires.

  9. your boy Malik on

    Too bad Leetch didn’t retire as a Ranger. Wonder if he’ll let them raise his jersey – maybe if Sather isn’t there?

  10. Sam–

    I have been wondering this all year. Would you be able to make your posts have a different background color like Pete does in his Yankee blog? It would be a lot easier to pick out your posts from others…like a Doodie Machetto.


  11. I can’t imagine Leetch would refuse to have his jersey raised, regardless of who is in charge. He deserves it and the fans want it and the organization is bigger than him, Dolan or any specific person.

    And thank god he didn’t try and force a come back with us.

  12. your boy Malik on

    Chris, my comment was really tongue-in-cheek. Leetch is a class act and you’re right – the fans (me being one of his biggest fans) want to thank him and he deserves it as much as any Ranger. And you know what a good job the Garden does with these type of events. Hope I can be there.

  13. I would LOVE to see Gretzky come back to NY-he does better in a suit up in the office than behind the bench for some strange reason. Forget Messier.

  14. the GM has nothing to do with the finances of the organization they have to hire a specialist for that. who better to spot talent then mess?

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