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It’s now been a few weeks since we’ve all been together on the beat, and yet I can still see my man “Steve Zipay of Newsday”: hobbling along on his bad wheel (“Rugby in college,” Zip liked to explain, as if the mere mention of an athletic injury would have Colton Orr cowering in his presence).

Anyway, Zip goes in for surgery this week, so here’s wishing him the best of luck and a speedy recovery. We expect him at 100 percent by training camp. Zip’s a great reporter and a good friend; and let’s be honest, if he didn’t get better soon, we would have no choice but to take him outside and put him out of his misery.

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  1. Sam, Thanks for that update.

    Steve, being from LI, I am also a Newsday subscriber. My daughter devours everything you write in the paper on the Rangers. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and lots more opportunities to read your writing in the new season.

  2. SAM/STEVE what’s NBC’s plan for the rest of the playoffs, or is it a secret?

  3. “what’s NBC’s plan for the rest of the playoffs?”

    plan is to switch all overtime & potential elimination broadcasting to channel four hundred and eight…. in favor of circle trotting pregame show.

  4. Anyone catch Larry B.’s article today — in which he had to announce that his top level sources were wrong, that the Holik-Kaspar-Orts penalties WILL NOT count against the cap?

    Oh, Larry, sometimes you make Judith Miller look discerning.

  5. Chris he originally said Holik’s would, now he says yesterday the NHL joke legal dept says it won’t. He should call them to read their contract with NBC. So far he has written at least 3 stories on the bonus saga.

  6. it is good that we lost to Sabres if we would have won and then lost we would be picking 10 spots lower in the draft, that could make a huge difference.

  7. how about trading Lundqvist before he goes Jim Carey on us? I am very disappointed in Lundqvist’s inconsistancy, glove hand and lack of mental toughness/concentration.

    Lundqvist, Cullen, and Dawes for Jordan Staal and Fleury

    Lundqvist, Cullen, and Dawes for Holmqvist, Craig, and Lecavalier

  8. It wouldn’t matter either way. This is the lousiest drafts in years. Definitely the worst of the millenium. I’d say you’d have to go back to 96 to find a draft as shallow.

  9. If the draft is shallow then those 10 spots matter even more.

    and it is too early to tell, 1999 was supposed to be extremely deep and turned out to be absolute crap.

  10. DanTheRangerFan on

    trade Lundqvist? Im sorry pork but your crazy, hes had some rough times. But is def in the top 5 best goalies in the nhl. The guy has stood on his head for our team numerous nights. A trade like that is amputation of the legs, when the legs have done nothing but carry your weight around day after day.

  11. Hey Pork Anus (aka Isiah Thomas), I like your thinking. We trade Lundquist and not only get a lesser goalie (Fleury or Holmquist), but likely guarantees that the Rangers will be drafting in the top five for the next ten years. Now if we can get the Pens to throw in Carl Pavano…..

  12. Lundqvist is not top 5, he was only top 5 when he got hot at the end of the season. I the first half he wasn’t even top 15 or 20. And in the final game of the playoffs he displayed a his mental weakness and had a total meltdown. Also I have a feeling the guy like to drink and do coke. Also don’t forget his contract is up and he will demand more money than DiPietro. I don’t see Lundqvist to have a lasting success, I think he will decline soon after a big contract.

  13. Pork, first off, I’m hoping you’re not suggesting that sieve some call MONTOYA as our #1 next year. Second, Fleury? Never. Not even if he comes with STAAL. Third, Holmqvist? We already got rid of him once. He’s an AHLer, plain and simple. And if any of those three was in net behind this defense, you’d very quickly see how consistent Lundqvist is. In fact, I think he’s as good if not better than Richter was back in the cup days. Richter had Leetch, Zubov and a defense that was plain nasty to play against. Lundqvist has MaLEAK, a truley inconistent Rachuneck, a developing Tyutin/Girardi/Pock and other slobs like Ward and Ozolinsh in front of him(plus a host of forwards who don’t backcheck; see 1st line).

    Not to mention, if Slats DID trade Lundqvist, he wouldn’t be able to get back to Alberta before some rabid fan would gnaw his head off at the neck.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    1999 was shallow, but the top picks didn’t matter. Here are the guys that went in the top 10 that year:

    Stefan, Sedin Twins, Brendl, Connolly, Finley, Beech, Pyatt, Lundmark, Mezei.

    Notice that the Rangers had two picks in the top ten. Look who they got. Look who they missed after the top 10:

    Havlat, Commodore, Auld, Leopold, Hall, F. Kaberle, Caron, Comrie, Kelly, Radivojevic, Malone, Miller, Zetterberg, Erat, and Vrbata.

    As you can see, good scouting is all that matters. The Rangers wouldn’t be getting a top ten pick no matter what because they made the playoffs. Once you get out of the top 5 in this draft it’s all a guessing game. It doesn’t matter what pick they have.

    “In fact, I think he’s as good if not better than Richter was back in the cup days”

    Definitely. Way better. I’m not even going out on a limb to say he is the best goaltender that this franchise has ever had. We haven’t had that many good ones.

    And to say to trade for Fleury when you think Lundqvist’s problems are inconsistency and mental errors? HA! If you looked that up in the dictionary, Fleury’s face would be there! I think he is turning into a HUGE bust. The Pens will never win the cup with Fleury at the helm, no matter how good the rest of their team is. That’s a guarantee.

  15. pork ass-after reading your post about Henrik i think you are the one who likes to drink and do coke.

  16. Trading Lundqvist has never come up on this blog; atleast throught the 2nd half of the season.

    Coke and drinking is not responsible for thinking like Pork’s. Sounds to me like he’s on crack.

  17. Just like most Ranger fans overrate their goalies like Richter for example, you are all overrating Lundqvist, he will not get the Cup for us. It would be better to trade him, we can get to the playoffs even with a lesser caliber goalie.

    1999 draft was considered very deep, but turned out shallow. but in a draft that seems shallow it is a lot better to pick 10 spots earlier.

  18. wow Senators vs Ducks will be the best Cup finals ever, 2 awesome physical teams, can’t wait.

  19. Dooley Womack on

    Ottawa vs. Anaheim

    Talk about Bettman’s worst nightmare. I hope all 11 fans in the United States of America who will actually watch this series enjoy it.

  20. If you are a real hockey fan this matchup is a dream come true.

    Communists waited too long to pull Hasek.

  21. reginald dunlop on

    are the games going to be televised in the states???? in their entirety?

  22. in Calif & Hawaii on 3 hour tape delay with editing to fit in OT if it occurs, the rest of the USA can wait for it in reruns. Besides the NHL needs Canada to get THE CUP, so why watch. Fly to Canada to watch it live. signed, THE GRAND WIZARD OF HOCKEY, GARY BUTTMAN

  23. Thank goodness for people like pork anus as it would be impossible to sell used cars and other malfunctioning products to idiots. During the first half of the year Lundquist was facing more rubber than PA’s wife. He is a young goalie and made adjustments. Fluery is very athletic but constantly out of position. I’d like to know how many times a rookie goalie has been a Vezina nominee in his first two seasons (Roy, Brodeur, who else)?

  24. anus please apply for a job with any team as an advisor with any team except the NYR. I hope you get it. Your thinking is alot more than outside of the box.

  25. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    PORK must be Al Montoya in discuise…Maybe he wants to sabotage Hanks career as a Ranger..

    Thats why we need to trade Montoya…He may clash with hank.

    What if we traded Monty to WSH for Backstrom or Semin..Or someone else…The Jokinen rumors are nice and all but…I doubt there possible.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Montoya for Horton, straight up. If the pot needs sweeteners, add Immonen and a 3rd round or lower.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Of course, I know that would never happen in reality, but that trade would be AWESOME in EA Sports land.

  28. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    LOL yeah in NHL 07 you could trade Malik and Weekes for Brodeur.

    But what kind of moron would EVER consider a Lundqvist trade..

    Hank is the first goaltender since Mike Richter to actually be good.

    We went through everyone from the time he retired and no one could bring us to the playoffs.

    YENER MOT can say some stupid things like trade Jagr or Shanny..But to go as far as saying trade Hank.

    Ugh you should be ashamed of yourself.

  29. *Hypothetical* Question:

    What would you take for Lundqvist?

    Malkin & Stall?


    Let’s hear it Ranger fans, what would it take to pry Henrick away from you?

    (Just for conversation)

  30. pork anus
    You need to get a grip on reality. Trade Lundqvist who has carried the Rangers (along with Jagr) on his back???? Take your meds and then sign yourself into an insane asylum. Your comments are laughable.

    Senators vs Ducks

    Interesting….whew and how many people will actually watch???? These ratings will be so bad for hockey. I have to agree with Dooley….

  31. Lundqvist lost us the most important game of the playoffs at home.

    Lundqvist is a good goalie, but not untouchable, just look at what happened with other great goalies like Carey, Theodore, etc. He can go from star to bust all within a year.

    Ana, do you watch games because the ratings are high or because it is a fun game? Or to you the game is not fun unless you know at least 20 million people are watching it too?

  32. “Lunqvist also got us to that most important game of the playoffs.”

    yeah, by letting in a goal with 7 seconds left and then letting in another softie in OT.

  33. pork anus

    I love hockey….have been watching it since I was 6 years old. So ratings have never influenced me and certainly do not do so now. My point was that it is imperative that hockey get its fair share of good channels to be watched by as many fans or potential fans as the sport truly deserves. There is not a large fan base here in the USA. I will be one of the 10. But the 2 teams vying for the Cup are not going attract many viewers for numerous reasons that I will not enumerate at this time.

    7.7 seconds…icing did not help nor did Girardi being tackled which was not called….Lundqvist did not lose it for the Rangers….mistakes and non-calls did. Maybe you just hate Lundqvist, go ahead…your comments are absurd especially the drugs ones. That’s all I have to say to you; I don’t want to add any importance to your ludicrous observations and comments.

    Lundqvist is the real deal…..

  34. “pork anus = yenner mot”


    “yeah, by letting in a goal with 7 seconds left and then letting in another softie in OT.”

    Don’t know what to tell ya, Homeboy. In my opinion it takes more than a miracle goal against to take credit away from a goalie who has done what HL has done so far. In general I feel that people like you sometimes have a point, even though I may not agree with it…..but I can’t say the same for you. You just have *zero* credibilty left with me and I’m sure most, of the people that post here.

    In my opinion, you are still stuck on the 07 season, and grasping at straws, trying to point fingers wherever you can to relieve the pain. It’s obnoxious. This team is like a rising pheonix. You should be proud you have a team that is a *legitimate threat* again. If you are gonna start getting suicidal everytime the rags drop a game or a series, get help pronto amigo. Things are better right now than they have been in a decade, and they are going to get better and better. If you can’t at least smile about the NYR of today and how fun and exciting this *playoff run* was….you are a sorry SOB.

    Trying to throw Lundqvist under the bus demonstrates just how well you understand the game, and more importantly, team dynamics.

    Not. Very. Well.

  35. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    ANA second part of her comment was everything i was going to say.

    But ill add this….Yenner Mot has said some of the dumbest things in the world…But Pork…You are the biggest idiot i have ever seen in a blog before…Thats like saying “I think WSH should trade OV cause he got 5 or more less goals then last year.

    PORK…You are a bigger moron then Yenner Mot…Trading Hank means trading our true furture away…NYR fans biggest fear…is when Hank retires…Or it is to me…Becuase then we will be back to where we once were…Going through goalie after goalie to see who can be a starter for us…Jeez i cant get your comment out of my head…Thats just as moronic as it can get…Really…If your so annoyed with Hank then watch the Devils or go to hell…

    Cause you are nothing more then a loser….A pathetic loser…

    You and Yenner Mot give NYR fans a bad name….Funny thing is i havent heard from him in a while…Now you come along…Go figure

  36. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Id say we can get Havlat and others for him…Or Jokinen and Horton for him…Staal and Gonchar…etc

    Hank isnt a sleeper goaltender anymore…everyone knows how good he is..and teams that NEED goaltending…Would give up there best for him…Thats pretty flattering…

    But it will never happen….Only in Porks wettest and wildist dreams…

  37. oops I forgot to say that the reason to trade Lundqvist is not because he is a bad goalie, but because we can get a huge return for him, his value will never be as high. And with Montoya or a UFA we will survive. Lightnings, Penguins made the playoffs despite weak defense and goaltending. Flyers haven’t had great goaltending over past 10 years and they made the playoffs every year except last. We can make the playoffs with a goalie who is a notch inferior. But if you think Lundqvist will get us the Cup you need to check your head. We need to strike while the iron is hot and get the most value back for Lundqvist before he turns into Theodore. I rather have a franchise 1st line center, who is also a 50 goal powerforward like Lecavalier and then overpay to sign Giguere or trade for Gerber or give Montoya a shot than just have Lundqvist getting paid 5 mil and trading Montoya for a bag of pucks.

  38. DanTheRangerFan on

    I started this sweat beating on PORK ANUS, and I now declare his new name as SORE ANUS. Cause we just ripped you a new one my friend. We need to start logging this guys names and ridiculous comments///Maliks miss guided laser poke check,Dump Jagar Dope,Yenner mot,pork anus,sure there are some I forgot. Whats next?

  39. how about Lundqvist, Dawes and Cullen for Khabibulin, 1st overall, Toews/Bolland

  40. listening to Lundqvist’s interview on youtube he can’t remember his first job obviously drinking too much and his favorite food is big mac, watch him supersize after he cashes in a big contract, unless coke is his secret of keeping the weight down.

    also search youtube for “Lundqvist drunk” and you will see him very drunk.

  41. It was pretty obvious after his first few posts that pork anus was yenner mot,not to mention that yenner hasn’t been here in a few days.Well this name fits you cause you are an ASS! When you decide you want to change names again i have two suggestions for you,how about “Big Dumb Ass” or “Dumb Ass Troll” have to keep the “ass” in there.

  42. Barbara, your name also fits because you are a barbarian, crawl back to your cave or call Geico.

  43. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on


    A)Who in the NHL doesnt eat Big Macs or shit like that…Take a look at Sean Avery on cribs..or other interviews were he talks about how much jumk food he eats…And i get that you hate Hank…but the Hank drunk video on youtube is fake you moron….I was taking you semi serious before because thats how i always am…but now your just getting ridiculous…Your a fuggin disgrace to NYR fans and plese root for DP and his isles you brain dead loser.

  44. pork yenner dump-at least i use my real name on here and keep the same name. I’ve only been reading this blog for a few months and you’ve had about 6 or 7 different names that i can think of. I was just trying to help you think up some knew names. We all know its you why don’t you just admit it,come on its so easy a cave man can do!!!

    And by the way i’ll be more than happy to crawl into that cave if Henrik will come with me. I’ll bring the big macs!

  45. seriously is there anyone here still posting with an IQ over 100 besides me?

  46. Oh no!! A professional athlete had an alcoholic beverage!!! What is the world coming to???

    Good on HL if he likes the booze. More than a few NHLers have won the Cup only so they could drink out of it.

  47. Awesome, a 5 day layoff between roudns kills any momentum the NHL might’ve had.

  48. What I don’t understand is how mr. anus can be talking as if our goal next year will be to simply make the playoffs.
    “And with Montoya or a UFA we will survive. Lightnings, Penguins made the playoffs despite weak defense and goaltending. Flyers haven’t had great goaltending over past 10 years and they made the playoffs every year except last. We can make the playoffs with a goalie who is a notch inferior.” You are right. With a weak goalie it is impossible for a team to strive for any real success. So all we should strive to be is a weak ass team like Tampa, or the FLYERS of all teams? We should be happy as long as we get into the playoffs each year and expect nothing more? Gimme a break.

  49. Lundqvist will not bring us the Cup, so why bother keeping him when we can trade him and sign Giguere?

  50. Yeah, this is what I need. A 31 and 26 year old who probably never picked up a stick and admittedly never saw Rod Gilbert play, telling me about Rangers’ greatest players and what the Rangers need. how do these papers get these guys?

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