Rangers sign Brodie Dupont


More bodies in training camp. It’s going to be a busy September, I gather. Here’s the release from the Rangers:


New York, May 21, 2007 — New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms on a professional contract with forward Brodie Dupont.

Dupont, 20, skated in 70 games with the Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League (WHL) this past season, registering 37 goals and 33 assists for 70 points, along with 90 penalty minutes and a plus-23 rating. While serving as one of Calgary’s alternate captains for the second consecutive season, Dupont led the Hitmen with 37 goals and ranked second on the team in scoring with 70 points. His 37 goals tied for ninth in the league. He also shared the team-lead with 11 power play goals and tied for second on the club with a plus-23 rating. In addition, Dupont recorded an 11-game point scoring streak from October 8 to October 30, collecting eight goals and eight assists over that span. In the postseason, Dupont led the Hitmen in goals (nine) and points (16), and helped his team reach the WHL’s Eastern Conference Finals. His nine goals tied for sixth among all WHL players in the playoffs.

The 6-2, 210-pound forward has skated in 214 career games with Calgary (WHL), registering 81 goals and 68 assists for 149 points, along with 324 penalty minutes. His 81 career goals currently rank ninth among Calgary’s all-time leaders. In 43 career playoff games, he has collected 15 goals and 20 assists for 35 points, along with 78 penalty minutes.

Born in Russell, Manitoba, Dupont was originally a third round selection of the Rangers, 66th overall, in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. FANTASTIC news. Dupont looks like he’s going to be a great pro player. Has all the intangibles that our team has been looking for over the past number of drafts. He’s got skill, grit, and will stick up for his teammates. Real leadership skills as well.

    While I think that Blueshirt Bulletin was way, way overhyping him with even the tiny bit of Messier comparison that they gave him, I still feel that Dupont is going to be a great player for us down the road. Even as a 3rd liner, he’ll still have enough speed and skill and grittiness to be able to contribute more than the guys we have around now.

    The future is bright.

  2. time to put an end to the MSG propaganda that Rangers are the classiest organization:

    May 20, 2007 — THE Bobby Holik signing- bonus grievance against the Rangers due to be heard late next month is likely to have an adverse impact on next season’s team, Slap Shots has learned.

    If the Blueshirts lose the case – which will be heard in conjunction with similar grievances filed by Jed Ortmeyer and Darius Kasparaitis – they will be liable for a $1.52 million salary-cap charge against next season’s roster, we’ve been informed by individuals with knowledge of the case.

    As reported in this space April 15, the Rangers withheld signing bonuses due during the lockout to these three players. They are the only team in the NHL to not fulfill such obligations and are basing their argument against doing so on the premise the three agents representing the athletes independently gave the club prior verbal authorization to do so despite written agreements suggesting otherwise.

    Holik was due $2 million on July 1, 2005; Kasparaitis $1 million; and Ortmeyer, who actually played the cancelled 2004-05 NHL season for the AHL Wolf Pack, $150,000. Because these monies were due before the current collective bargaining agreement was adopted July 21, 2005, the Rangers would not be cap charged for these amounts if, as appears certain, they lose the hearing.

    But the Blueshirts went one step further with Holik when they also subtracted his $2 million signing bonus payment due July 1, 2006 from the package they paid him upon his July 29, 2005 buyout. With the signing bonus subject to the league-wide 24-percent rollback, it amounted to $1.52 million.

    That’s the charge – perhaps plus an additional 1.5 percent interest surcharge of $228,000 – that will be applied against the Rangers next season if they lose the decision. It could be enough to keep the 2007-08 team from making a critical move or two during the season.

    For the past two years, only three players were affected by this bizarre front-office decision that temporarily saved ownership what amounts to loose change. Now all of the Rangers stand to become innocent victims. Payback isn’t always pretty.

  3. Dupont should be a nice grinder in NHL, 4th liner or at best 3rd liner will be physical and chip in offensively more than Ortmeyer. More than 25 points would be a stretch from him in NHL.

  4. BTW, I think this would be a good 2nd or 3rd line

    Prucha – Straka – Callahan

  5. Respectfully disagree, Pork, on your opinion of Dupont.

    25 points or more would be a stretch? He’ll be a 2nd/3rd liner and I expect about 40-45 points out of the guy in his best seasons with us.

    15-20 goals / 20-25 assists. Anywhere in that vicinity.

    We won’t be seeing many 25 point 3rd liners on our team in the future.

  6. at his best he only managed a point per game in juniors, even Hollweg was more productive. So don’t expect him to be more than a 3rd liner and more likely a 4th liner. Also Dupont is about as fast as Adam Hall, maybe a bit faster.

  7. Dupont is a much better skater than Adam Hall. Hall was about as fast as Sandra McCarthy. Dupont is not a world beater with his skating, but he’s defintiely a better mover than Hall. That comparison isn’t very accurate at all. He’s not nearly as plodding or chopping as Hall was on his skates.

    I’ve seen him play a number of times. The guy is a pretty clutch scorer and just goes out and gets it done. Junior stats don’t mean much at all if you look at them and then see who did what at the NHL level. I could point out 50 guys who had amazing junior numbers and never scored more than a goal or two at the NHL level.

    Dupont has the drive, skill, and tenacity to score at the NHL level, as far as I’m concerned. He goes the extra mile for the puck every time he’s on the ice.

    He’ll be a solid 2nd/3rd liner. I don’t think he’s NOT skilled enough to make the 3rd line if he doesn’t develop perfectly.

  8. If Dupont is our 2nd liner then I think we are in trouble. Dupont is a 3rd or 4th line guy.

    some scouting reports:

    “Scout #1: He’s very strong around the net, physically very strong, has great balance, not a really fast skater but powerful. He’s not dynamic offensively but when he’s in front of the net and he’s in position with the puck he can put it in. When he checks, he’s got so much power in his lower body that he goes right through you. I wouldn’t argue with him being a second round pick.

    Scout #2: Some nights he doesn’t score that often but he still plays very well during the games. We really expected him to improve over the season and in a lot of ways he really did and I still think he can go a long ways yet. He’s a big strong kid that plays with a lot of enthusiasm.”

    this is not a 2nd line talent. Only way he ends up on top 2 lines is like with Hossa when they want to spread the scoring to all the lines.

  9. …which is why I say that if he develops spectacularly he could POSSIBLY find himself on a 2nd line in the future. I’ve seen the guy play. He has quite a bit of talent. More talent than the points on the score sheets give him credit for, to be honest. I think he tops out as a 40 point 3rd liner. It’s what I see for his future. But we really can’t rule out that he’ll be a 2nd line player with the natural talent that he really does have. Along with the drive he’s shown in his junior career, it’s just a really good recipe for success.

    But I think saying he has a ceiling of 25 or so points is really not giving the guy enough credit.

  10. Hossa also has some talent, but never scored 20 points yet.

    Realistically, I don’t expect more than 25 points a season from Dupont.

  11. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Pretty good news…Im looking foward to seeing him skate with NYR.

    Im slowly healing after the playoffs…I need more news similar to this.

  12. My 2 cents: WAAAAAAAAAY too many Ranger fans discredit our prospects. Apparently everyone no matter how much talent they have is nothing more then a 3rd/4th liner…Dupont, Dawes, Callahan, Pyatt….Enough already

  13. imagination on

    kool-aid 2 cents.WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY KOOL… had enough then talk to mgmt that acts that way toward some. There aren’t any Crosbys to come up for 1st or 2nd line duty. Most will start on the 3rd & 4th line until they can prove they deserve more, if they get up to the NHL. Immo or Dubi are called 2nd line centers and will have a hard time getting a sniff on any line, if they go out and get a center.

  14. that might just be the case tho James as we havent drafted any real dynamic offensive talent in the past 10 years. some of these guys could have upside and be able to perform on the 2nd line but you cant say that they are definitely 2nd line players or that they will develop as such on the Rangers

  15. czechthemout!!!!! on

    pork butt=

    have you ever seen him play?because the scouts you quoted were quoted before the 05 draft.he has since developed dramaticaly.should have made canada’s world junior squad.i’ve never seen him play,but most of the current write ups on him are very good.most think he is a solid 2nd line guy,some have compared him to adam graves.if he is half as good than we have a very good player with gritt and toghness on our team who can also score 20+ goals a season.

  16. It’s time to move on to baseball season. I am giving the Marek Malik Defensive Player of the Week Award to Robinson Cano.

  17. watching juniors play without any good reason would mean a person has no life, so obviously I haven’t seen him play. But I am very pro prospects and would be very happy if he even becomes a good 4th liner for us. I view prospects realistically, and we really don’t have too many forward prospects with even definite 2nd line talent. Which is why I think we need to make some trades.

    Many people a year ago thought that Adam Hall was a great pickup for us and could be a great 2nd line power forward.

    I like Dupont, but I don’t think he is skilled enough or consistent enough to be a good 2nd liner.

  18. people are getting carried away by their prospects. It might be easy in NHL2007 to have your grinders score big numbers, but look at out guys Ortmeyer and Betts barely manage 10 points, Orr and Hollweg can’t even get 5, Hall and Dupuis and Jason Ward also struggled this season. Hossa is stuck on 18. Isbister can’t even score on the top line.

    It isn’t so easy to score when you don’t get much PP or very skilled linemates. This is how Renney shoots the team in the foot, he doesn’t really give those guys a chance to get those guys any offensive confidence by putting them on the PP or giving them more icetime.

  19. if Ortmeyer leaves, then I think we need to trade away all the stone hands like Betts, Hollweg, Orr, and Hossa and roll 4 lines.

    our 4th line could be for example Byers-Dubinsky-Jessiman
    it would be a line for developing young players in NHL.

  20. BTW, if we don’t sign Flatt, Koverko and Seymour I think we get compensatory picks this draft.

    Hopefully they don’t forget to sign Ryan Russell

  21. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on

    Hopefully some more good news happens….Im getting tired of thinking about whos coming back next season.

    But i doubt we’ll see Dupont in a game…Maybe we will but i dont know.

  22. Guys,

    Keep in mind, Brodie DuPont is ranked #18 in our most recent prospect breakdown from hockeysfuture.com…

  23. Pork : true, but you’re taking a “glass is half-empty” approach. The bottom line is you never really know how a kid is going to react in the AHL or NHL until he gets there. There are certainly some signs, such as with Callahan, who scored 52 goals in his last season in juniors or on the other end of the spectrum, Lee Falardeau, who couldn’t break 15 points in the NCAA. If Dupont continues to develop like he has in Juniors, he’ll be a second-liner, no doubt.

    In the case of Hollweg, true he scored well in juniors. But he’s also pigeon-holed into a role that really prevents him from using his offense. You see now and agai his skill shine. He’s got better hands than Ortmeyer and 10 times the offensive skill of Orr. But when you’re an agitator, you go out to stir the pot, not to score goals.

    As for Jessiman, if you’re not considering Dupont a top tier prospect, then you shouldn’t even be mentioning Hugh and NHL in the same paragraph, much less sentence. This guy has all but siezed the mantle of Ranger first round busts. Can’t score, can’t hit, can’t do much of anything. He’s a fourth-liner in the AHL. In the NHL, he’s nothing. Sure glad they took him over the likes of Corey Perry,Patrice Bergeron, Parisie, Seabrook, Dustin Brown…well…the rest of the draft.

    And speaking of signing, I for one am more concerned about getting PYATT inked for Hartford next seaon. 43 goals, great playoffs and he’s a center.

  24. I kind of agree with James.

    We have a nice mix of prospects in our system, but most of them are projected as 3rd line guys. If we’re lucky, one or two of them might be 2nd liners (Callahan is a possibility).

    What the Rangers need to do is try and unload a combination of these guys (a forward, a defenseman, and Montoya) for either an NHL ready top forward prospect (not likely to happen) or a 1st line/2nd line forward who is young enough to play for another 5-6 solid years. Paging Patrick Marleau…except the Sharks don’t need a goalie.

  25. Geez, would anyone be disappointed if Dupont developed into a Chris Neil / Peter Schaeffer type??? Those guys are ideal 3rd liners and good for 15+ goals and 35+ points a season…

    Dupont sounds like a real gamer and a guy who would be a great role player… He would go out there and do exactly what’s asked of him and not take any B.S. from anyone out on the ice….

    Rangers are going to have a REAL PHYSICAL team in the near future, and not at the expense of talent… Can’t wait to face off against the Isles/Devils/Flyers when we have hard nosed players like Avery, Callahan, Dubinsky, and Dupont out on the ice…

  26. “He’s a fourth-liner in the AHL. In the NHL, he’s nothing.”

    “The bottom line is you never really know how a kid is going to react in the AHL or NHL until he gets there.”

    contradicting yourself there. I don’t have much hope in Jessiman, but before I write him off for good I would like to see him play couple of games in NHL. Just because Jessiman is a 1st round bust, doesn’t mean he can’t be a good 4th liner in NHL.

    Isn’t Pyatt already signed?

  27. “Geez, would anyone be disappointed if Dupont developed into a Chris Neil / Peter Schaeffer type???”

    no obviously, but he won’t be that good. At best think more along the lines of Knuble before he became a big scorer or Eric Lacroix in his prime. But more likely something along the lines of Sean Pronger or Wayne Primeau or Shean Donovan.

  28. I do not agree with Betts leaving. He is a very good pivot who can score goals and win draws when given the chance.

    Unfortunately we love having guys with the tenacity and teamfirst attitude of Orts and Holly and because they can’t finish they might not be on the roster next season if they are replaced by guys like Dawes and Dubinsky and Jessiman.

    This team needs more upfront however. What we thought we were getting in Shanny we did not have at the end of the season. He did not fill that needed physical element we needed nor did he bring any speed to the ice when out there.

    I don’t know if Shanny would be best for this team next season. He helped us get to the second round. He brought a lot to the dressin room every night and it helped bring the team together, and for that he got paid $5 million. But whether or not this team needs that again next season? I don’t know. I would have to see what else is out there and what players do we have in the system that can pick-up Shanny’s 30 goal season.

    On the other hand, was Shanny not at 100% towards the end of the season? Will the time off allow him to regroup? And is he another one of these 40 something players that can keep going? Like Chelios and Hasek? Maybe…

  29. This is exciting news and time will show if he has what it takes to play NHL’level; what worries me the most is this floating rumor that Blue Brass is thinking of trading Callahan and Girardi for well a more veteran player — which scares the be-Jesus out of me. We finally have two twenty year olds on our veteran’ish team who have demonstrated strength, integrity and character at the playoff level — and someone goes and thinks about trading them.

    Here’s to history not repeating itself.


  30. As long as Betts is here his wingers will not produce any offense, because he is a terrible playmaker and for someone who averages 14 minutes a game his 9 goals and 13 points are a disaster.

  31. Neither Callahan nor Girardi are going anywhere. Any whispers to that effect are totally unfounded.

  32. Wow PORK ANUS, you know Dupont so well that you have already determined he won’t develop into a GOOD 3rd line NHL player?

    Shocking…. You can’t disprove something that hasn’t come to fruition yet…

  33. “you know Dupont so well that you have already determined he won’t develop into a GOOD 3rd line NHL player?”

    where did I say that? so shut up.

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