My condolences, Sully


Don Maloney is one of three finalists going back for “another interview with the ‘Yotes”: I’m interested to see how the Rangers respond. If the Rangers respond, that is.

Meanwhile, the suicide hotline in Buffalo will be ramping up staffing over the next few days. The Sabres are done.

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  1. imagination on

    repost…Sully step towards the Falls, take Ruff and your team with you. Your chips have been tossed…………… JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is MESSIER GM yet?………. Sully sullen, your team played like chips. Enjoy your Pres trophy. Are you parading to The Falls? Take the trophy with your city. Nice CHOKE!

  3. Hey, Sam, is there any way to add links to your last or next post at the bottom of the comments like you have at the top?

  4. Senators deserved to win that series and I am happy that they did … the Sabres didn’t show up for the first three games, and through periods of a lot of their games in the first two rounds, and as such Ottawa was the better team …

  5. Your right Matty. I don’t think the Sabres were as good as they thought they were,they thought they had the stanley cup in their hands before the playoffs started. Guess they weren’t the “cream of the crop” after all!

  6. before the playoffs started I thought that Ottawa was the most complete team in the East, that’s why I preferred Buffalo as our 2nd round matchup, despite the result…thanks Ottawa…

    anyway it’s obvious that Buffalo lost because the rest of the Sabres didn’t step up their “clutchness level” to the level of Mr. Clutch, Chris Drury…yeah Drury was on a team with the best record in the NHL, but how do you expect him to get past the Conference Finals with a group that doesn’t come anywhere close to his “winner factor”? yeah Briere, you tied up Game 2 vs. Ottawa with 5 seconds left, but were you a Rangers fan as a kid? nope! if you were, Buffalo wouldn’t have lost in OT…and Ryan Miller, you were great vs. the Rangers, and you put together an unreal effort in Game 4 just to extend the Ottawa series, but did you win a Little League World Series? nope! so how did you expect to know what it takes to win a Stanley Cup?

    but there is a silver lining to the Sabres loss- by being surrounded by all these losers in Buffalo, Drury’s “winner factor” stood out even MORE to me…who needs tangible facts (like his production level- career-high in points: 69, his age- 31 in August + a concussion this year, or the fact that his Presidents Trophy team only won 3 more playoff games than the Rangers, just to name a few) when you’ve been more clutch than the entire NHL since you were 12 years-old! you and your teams always seem to come up big, except for the 7 years (out of 8) when your teams haven’t…

    just jokes, but please Sather/Maloney try to get Gomez first, don’t overpay for Drury

  7. I don’t think they should overpay for Drury Gomez or anyone else hopefully they won’t.

  8. Fruity Cupcake on

    Chris Drury placed a call to Jagr to see if HE could still award the Sabres the Cup… Mwaaa ha ha hahaha!

    Danny Briere seems like a nice talented kid who would mesh in the Jagr/Shanahan lockerroom. Chris Drury appears to me to be a talented mopey sad sack. Has he SMILED since the Little League Championship of 1942, or whenever the hell it was? My gut feeling is he would lose his clutchibility (new word, patent pending) in a Blueshirt. Again, just a gut feeling, but I’m rooting for his return to Sakicville, where he can propell them to an eighth-place finish.

    Speaking of finish, SPECTACULAR move by NBC to remove the OT in an ELIMINATION game to a channel NO ONE GETS!!!!! Glad I stayed in to watch, Bettman. Can’t wait to watch an isolated goal video online, WHAT excitement! And the Getty stills of the handshake line? Moving stuff!

    In closing, go WINGS! (I’m a sucker for the Original Six and I’ll be damned if I trek to Toronto to see the phrase “Anaheim Ducks” engraved on the Stanley Cup.)

  9. We do not need a player like Briere … you know what he said as to why he thought the Sabres lost this series???

    “I don’t know why we lost”

    What kind of answer is that from your leader? Own up to the fact that your team didnt’ come to play when it should’ve and by the time they did show up it was already way too freaking late …

  10. Drury is a guy they should go after. He’s a three way player, O,D,& goalie. He made 2 saves today. He has alot os heart.

  11. I don’t want Briere either. I don’t want any of the guys that everyone keeps going on about. Fruity, like you say about Drury does he ever smile? Most of the Rangers seem like the happy joke around type would he fit in with that?As for Gomez i just can’t stand that guy,i don’t have a good reason i just don’t like him.Besides these guys are all gonna want alot of money and probably long deals i just don’t think they are worth it.

  12. Barbara,

    Maloney even being considered for this job seems to me to be an indication that he is being forced out. It smacks of colusion on the part of the triumverate, Sather, Gretzsky and Messier. How long will it be before Messier forces Renney out and the team is run the “Messier” way.

    Everything that they have tried to build over the last three years will be subjugated to the will of Messier. If Maloney walks, only to be surplanted by a completely inexperiened Messier, how soon before the coaching staff goes and Messier’s entourage of friends and family takes over the team.

    Should that happen, I will no longer subscribe. Unfortunately, I fear I would be in the minority because there are still soooo many fans that refuse to let 1994 take its place in history and move forward. Must the New York Rangers and their fans be beholden to Mark Messier in perpetuity? I would have thought paying him huge dollars to water ski through his last few seasons would have been enough.

  13. reginald dunlop on

    is buffalo the new ottawa………….always close but never getting there??? well on the bright side the bills season is just around the corner…….ha ha ha

  14. Hey everyone,
    I haven’t posted on here for a while. Sam, I would just like to thank you for this blog during the season and playoffs. It was my #1 source for daily Rangers news. Your dedication is appreciated. I can’t wait to read your blog throughout the summer and next season Thanks, once again, Sam for giving the True Blue Rangers fans the round the clock Ranger news we crave.

    Now to the discussion at hand, I really don’t think we should risk losing Maloney. He has been here through SMith and the Sather regime. He has been a key in this youth movement, the draft and one of the main reason’s the team is where it is. He has also been the face of this franchise when it comes to management since Sather is never seen or heard. I really like Maloney and I would hat to see him go.

    However, condifering the other 2 finalist for the Phx GM job, has anyone heard of them?, I think Maloney is a lock to get the job. I also fear that Messier will be brought in immediately as Assistant GM. Ugh..Why not make Graves the Asst. GM instead, he is a smart, reasonable guy who has been working with our young players and prospects and can see the big picture if Maloney is gone.

    As for free agent centers, I don’t think Gomez would come to the Rangers. Veen if he didn’t return to the Devils, he would not want to face his former team as many as 8 times a season. Of the two players, I would actually rather have Briere over Drury, howevre, I believe the Rangers will go hard for, and sign, Chris Drury. He will be an upgrad e for our team regardless.

    Finally, it would be a travesty if the Ranger organization does not resign Jed Ortmeyer. He is the heart and soul type of player this organization has missed since Graves left the team. His offense may not be there, but his presence on the locker room and on the bench are invaluable.


  15. Sam-

    Accroding to a russian newspaper we had interest in Alex Morozov who have played in Russia lately. Morozov have come along way since his Pittsburg days and would have been a pretty big signing, he signed a new contract with his Russian team a few weeks ago.

    Could you verifye if the reports are true?

    Would be pretty interesting if it was, since it would mean that we were willing to pay 3-5m per for a big RW, not named Shanahan, sign a RW over a center.

  16. Link:

    Here is a translation:

    Clubs of NHL â€? New York РейнджерÑ? â€? and â€? Phoenix КойотÑ? â€? are interested in services of the best бомбардира superleagues and the Russian combined team in the world championship, attacking â€? Ð?к the Leopard â€? Alexey Morozova. However the forward, despite of such attention from North American commands (according to some information, Морозову offer the contract for the sum of some millions dollars), has made a decision to remain in the Kazan club, informs корреÑ?понде

  17. Reports are that Morozov gets 4-5m USD, in his hand (tax free). I am guessin thats like 8-10m in the NHL…

  18. imagination on

    Sully it’s the morning after unless you couldn’t sleep. Give your view on what your team’s problems are. You can start with the choke city concept,and why the name should be changed to the buffalo gaggers;)….step away from that wing!

  19. imagination on

    mhurley so you think Mess put TGO up to this, to force Sather to hire him. And you think Sather is in on it. It is possible , but Sather is the one with the decisions. If he doesn’t want Maloney to leave, he could stop it. Right now there is only one fact , Malonney is interviewing. The rest are assumptions or opinions….. SAM are you going to interview any of them soon?

  20. imagination,

    Ask yourself these questions. Why would Donny want to leave the NYR now that all his hard work and that of the player development team is having success? Why would he want to leave now that the Rangers have made the playoffs for two straight seasons? Why would Donny want to leave now that his brother has a comfortable job here and his former teammates are a big presence as alumni. Donny’s wife was really pissed when Espo traded Donny away. She didn’t want to leave then. Why would she feel differently now?

    The most telling thing was Sather’s virtual silence when Messier announced he wanted “in” to the Ranger’s front office. Messier effectively said he wanted Donny’s job. How is that going to happen? Does Sather retire, Donny become GM and Messier AGM? Mark Messier would report to Donny?

    Uh, I don’t think so. The only way for Messier to get in is for Donny to go. Ya dont’ have to a weatherman… Eh?

    Sad thing is we, the paying fans, will never know the truth and will have nothing to say about it if we did. The only thing that matters is the team continuing to have success. It’s working with the present management and coaching staff. I see no reason to change that and bring in someone with no management experience just because he lead “his” team to the only Stanley Cup in the last 67 years.

  21. I think it’s a little more simple than that. According to several sources, among them beat writers, while Maloney has been the face of the organization, Sather is still the brains (or lack thereof) behind the Rangers current state. Additionally, it’s probably as simple as this: Sather still wants to be the GM of the Rangers, Don Maloney is a guy who failed with the Islanders but nonetheless, would prefer to be a GM and not an assistant GM. That position is not currently available here in NY, so he’s interviewing for the job elsewhere. The only way Sather is “colluding” is by not wanting to step aside and hand Donnie the job. What are the Rangers supposed to do, forbid Maloney from interviewing for a GM job so he can be assistant here? I doubt its a financial issue either.

  22. bottom line, it’s Sather’s decision unless Dolan gets involved. One thing that is pretty obvious; Sather doesn’t like to be pushed into a corner, and he loves Mess. I would think that Sather would like to keep Maloney and figure out how to add Mess to his team. But he won’t let anyone force him, except his boss, to do anything unless he agrees with it.

  23. Peter,

    If Sather is so smart, he would look to how the Wings handled the Yzerman retirement vis a vis Messier.

    Here is the management model in place in Detroit.

    Jim Devellano
    Senior Vice-President/Alternate Governor
    Ken Holland
    Vice President/General Manager/Alternate Governor
    Steve Yzerman
    Vice President
    Jim Nill
    Assistant General Manager

    It has worked for many years and it is giving Stevie the opportunity to learn the ropes while risking nothing operationally.

    If Sather wanted to keep Donny, it wouldn’t be too hard to get him to stay. Sorry, I smell a rat and I don’t think it’s Donny.

  24. so what’s wrong if Sather wants to get rid of Maloney &/or Renney or whoever. That’s his job.

  25. Maloney is probably pissed that Sather refuses to retire and let him be the GM, which he basically was in all but the name for at least 3 years.

  26. imagination on

    anus that’s possible, but it’s your imagination stating Maloney has been the GM for the last 3 years. He is the asst gm, you prove otherwise without imagination, FACTS….. you must be related to yenner.

  27. Why is it hard to understand that Don Maloney would rather be a GM than an asst GM? Why does everyone think of these decisions (like the suggestion that Gomez is too fragile to face his old team) as emotional ones? This isn’t peewee, it’s big business.

  28. So the bad decisions are all Sather’s while the good ones are all Maloney’s…SOME OF YOU PEOPLE NEED A SWIFT KICK IN THE ASS!

  29. Davey,

    Who said that all Sather’s decisions have been bad? Where are you getting that? Get a grip on yourself.

  30. Sam, what are your thoughts on Larry Brooks’ article today in the NY Post stating that the Rangers should trade either Tyutin, Callahan, Prucha, or Montoya for Dan Boyle?

  31. imagination on

    JOE he said..”Do we hear a starting bid of Fedor Tyutin, Petr Prucha or Ryan Callahan and Al Montoya?” he’s talking at least 2 of them.

  32. My mistake, it was just information that a friend of mine passed onto me, so I just must have misunderstood what he said. Either way, it would be a terrible move for this franchise to make. Yes, Boyle is entering his prime just about now, but gambling a part of the future for someone that may not flourish under a new environment would be very rash and not well thought out.

    Then again, we are still dealing with the GM that drafted Pavel Brendyl 4th overall and traded 4 decent players for Eric Lindros, who did not even play a full season.

  33. “Sam, what are your thoughts on Larry Brooks’ article today in the NY Post stating that the Rangers should trade either Tyutin, Callahan, Prucha, or Montoya for Dan Boyle?”

    stupid at best


    COUGH hugh jessiman COUGH yea great call maloney. if we had paresi we’d be in the finals….

  35. I would be fine with Maloney leaving he seems too slick and hypocritical. His drafts are not very spectacular, I remember him gushing all over Korpikoski and I was totally against picking an unproven Korpikoski, never mind trading up to get him and it looks like so far I was right, Korpikoski 3 years later still hasn’t shown that he is anything more than an average 3rd liner.

  36. Hard to know what the dynamic is between Sather, Maloney, Renney, Schoenfeld et al. I think that Sather is the Chairman of the Board and Maloney is doing the heavy lifting scouting amateurs. The fact that the Rangers have a credible group at Hartord, Charlotte and High Juniors suggests that Maloney is doing a good job. He has a good job with a high profile organization on the rise. Phoenix is a mess. Atlanta or Phoenix will be in Winnipeg by 2010.

  37. imagination on

    Maloney will probably leave if he gets the offer. Just think a new trading partner. Sather needs to decide if Jessimen should go with him.

  38. Just so you all know, that wasnt me who said that. Some brainless monkey pretended to be me. Goes to show you how much of a life he has.

    As far as this post goes. Sam shut the hell up with the My condolences, sully line. Mind your own god damn buisness.

    Im sick of you all turning this loss into the biggest thing in the world.

    Im sick of the Sabres pathetic run in the playoffs and Lindy Ruff should get fired and Briere should go to Philly with that retard Biron.

    Oh yea, F all of you New York Ranger fans. You losers lost in the second round. At least the sabres made it to the finals for another year.

  39. imagination on

    Sully you come here and say F, you got it on Saturday. Your and your city are the definition of losers. It most be a real ego boost to have a chicken wing with your city’s name on it. So freeze and have a hot wing. Next year you won’t even make the playoffs w/o ruff, brier,& drury. Enjoy your misery. KISS OFF!

  40. Im sorry did you just say “your and your city”

    What are you fucking iliterate you scumbag jerk off.

    The sabres were better this year. As always

    Go jerk off to the lost season were you couldnt make it at least to the conference finals.

  41. I love how the mentality of Sabres’ fans has gone from “Stanley Cup Winners in November” to “Well at least we went farther than you”. They acted all surprised when the Rangers weren’t quick to drop down and bow before them before the series started, and now they can finally see why.

  42. DC JOE – The refs were on there side cause there canadians
    Unfortuate for us. You jerk off

  43. reginald dunlop on

    sorry pavel brendl and jamie lundmark first rounders were neil smiths drafts………..traded Dan Cloutier et others for that pick

  44. Hey Sully
    When you learn how to spell the word illiterate, you can come back and question someone elses literacy, you dumbass. Also: “The refs were on there side cause there canadians
    Unfortuate for us. You jerk off” I believe you meant their and they’re. Boy oh boy, it sure is a different breed up there in hicktown Buffalo. And to think…Sully got straight A’s in school! As for our respective teams: Ours has a lot to build on and a lot to look forward to, while yours is a bunch of whining overrated losers, who only realized to late that they just didn’t have what it takes, and have nothing but more dissapointment in store for them. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

  45. (Yeah, I doubt that’s the real Sully.)

    Either way, Sully or not:

    How does it feel to know your sabres team simply did *not* have the leadership to show up full throttle in the big dance? Everyone here knew your team was a *house of cards* after the first round (and many of us before that). That is rule #1 why I don’t want Drury in NY. He simply does not have the leadership to pull a team as talented at 2007 Sabres together to storm through the playoffs like they could have and should have. He’s overrated, and about to be overpaid, but he’s really just NOT the leader we want for post-Jagr era. (Let’s save our money for Joe Thornton in ’08)

    I still do not understand how Buffalo fans can “cheer” their team after this showing in the 2007 playoffs. What a disgrace. You should not be proud of this:
    Isles gave them a Battle
    Rangers should have beaten them
    Ottawa straight up *embarrassed* you

    You act proud, but we all know how disgusted to really are. You must really regret licking your chops over the 2007 cup before the teams were even seeded huh? But let’s face it, the hardest part is knowing that if *this years team* couldn’t pull it off….. *that shit ain’t happening for a looooong time*

    Let it sink in…there ya go.

  46. Damn right, Salty.

    The Sabres just missed their best chance to go all the way. As you said, if this year’s team couldn’t do it, it won’t happen. For the Sabres, it’s all downhill from here.

    I agree that the Rangers shouldn’t go after Drury. I also don’t think they should go after Gomez, and definitely not Briere. I don’t even think Briere has a brain. “I don’t know why we lost.” Yeah, grrreat co-captain.

    What I believe the Rangers need even more than a 2nd line center is a top-notch defensive player. While Rosie is amazing, he alone isn’t sufficient back there. Get a top-notch D guy to put along side Rosie, move Malik back to the 2nd line, and please God get rid of Rachunek!

  47. Sully,
    you can say the sabres are better then the rangers which is fine….this year the rangers took a step forward and the sabres took a huge step back. And they are gonna lose some players now. ENJOY!

  48. “The cream of the crop”…..laughable.The OT goal was precious. I thought Miller was going to cry.

    Look forward to the Rangers 2007-2008 season, should be a good one!

  49. FWIW guys, I doubt any of these are the real Sully.

    IF it is though….that “brokedown palace” rant at Sam is priceless. Absolute heartbreak in Buffalo all around.

    And I’m sure there’s plenty of this:

    *SABRES GEAR 60% OFF!*

    Chris F. said it a while back and it holds true:


  50. You don’t really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y’all slowly more…….Just tell him you
    don’t wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.

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