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I’ll be sure to pass along your thoughts on Gomez and Drury to the powers-that-be. But I’m not sure my wife knows who either of those people are.

Let’s all bear in mind that neither of these players are definitely going to leave their current teams, and that if they do, other teams will certainly be in the mix as well.

From a strictly media perspective, Scott Gomez is a far more willing interview than the reticent Drury. Of course, if that’s how teams placed value on players, Aaron Ward wouldn’t only still be on the Rangers, he’d be their captain.

I’m sorry for the lapses between posts. I’m trying to ramp up my efforts on the “golf front”:http://golf.lohudblogs.com/ since that’s where I’ve been spending most of my time of late. But I certainly haven’t forgotten about you all.

I’ll be back for sure…

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  1. imagination on

    Sam where is your partner Josh? You need to communicate more with our wife, so she can ghost write for you. You’re not missing much, your favotite poster continues his nonsense without changing his name. He probably prefers Josh over you because Josh is younger. You’re probably like an old, slow, lazy vet to him;) ….His insights are ……..( fill in the blank)

  2. I think Yenner Mot might be Dancing Larry.

    Sam, are you still in Clifton, NJ covering the LPGA? If so, it’s on my way to work. I’ve probably passed you on Route 3 at some point and never even knew it!

  3. imagination on

    SAM…”if that’s how teams placed value on players, Aaron Ward wouldn’t only still be on the Rangers, he’d be their captain.” In case you forgot, both sides failed in the A Ward saga. He was brought in for vet leadership on D and proceeded to try & teach Tyutin & others what he has learnt from experience in the NHL, including winning Cups. No one ever fully explained why the issues between Jagr & him could not be resolved. They both wanted to lead & win, that’s part of the job they were given. I’m sure they were both wrong, but mgmt fell asleep in their job in resolving the problem. I never read anything about Renney sitting the the two of them down together to communicate and resolve their ‘petty’ differences. Probably even you along with most were left in the dark until it was’ too late’, which is not a good sign of Renney’s leadership. It looks like Renney picked sides rather than being objective. The proof is he made Malik wear the A over Ward, he could never prove to me that was the correct decision. But it was mostly swept under the carpet, and A Ward was made the only ‘bad guy’. It only feel under the PC doctrine, except on pinning it all on Ward. Thanks for bring it up. Would you care to re-weigh in on that fiasco, not that A ward was playing great but he was leading the team in hits. And his experience might have helped in the playoffs. That’s one of the BIG problems bringing guys in, chemistry. The professor let too much acid get in the mix, and Jagr & Ward were content to explode. Some of it worked, Jagr & Renney woke up. But they killed the messenger, who also shot himself in the foot.

  4. Mort U. Wary on

    How about learnt = learned?

    As far as Aaron Ward’s playing goes, I was not impressed. I went to nearly half of the Rangers home games and did not like his positioning, angles he took or his skating. Leadership is nice, but being able to play solid defense is more important. I just didn’t see that from him. He was not the same gutsy player who came up big for Carolina in the playoffs in 05-06. I thought that they made the right move cutting bait with him. Issues with # 68 or not.

  5. longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    NJ Mark
    May 18th, 2007 at 7:56 am
    I think Yenner Mot might be Dancing Larry.

    Don’t you mean “homo” Larry?

  6. imagination, Why on earth would we have heard about Renney sitting the two of them down in the first place? I am sure they tried to resolve the issues before they got out of hand, this is a professional sports team, give them a little more credit.

  7. imagination on

    mort ” not that A ward was playing great but he was leading the team in hits”… LEARN to read… in reference to bait, fish stinking from the head, & being thrown overboard, there are lessons to be LEARNED, hopefully they were LEARNT.

  8. imagination on

    Lauren give credit where credit is due, they all failed so ‘somebody had to go’. They went out & got Ward, and then they got rid of him. That’s pro sports, right, wrong, or both. Do you know what really happened? …In case some forgot, Jagr was refusing to be a part of the shootout…Renney was having a hard time resolving alot of situations….. Give A Ward some credit too, he’s a pro and spoke his mind…. Good results then started for many reasons….. And the opinions continue…

  9. Hollweg was leading the team in hits. He also finished the season with 33 more than Ward.

  10. Ward sucked, period. Mara was a much better fit with the team, is younger, and plays the power play. Also, you can’t deny that the team definitely started playing better (even Rachunek played a much better game once paired with Mara) and had more unity and chemistry after Ward was gone. Why revisit that issue now?

  11. I agree with DVF, although I think Pock played much better than Rachunek did once he got into the lineup.

  12. I don’t disagree with that. Anyone was better than Malik. (I really can’t see him being on the team again next year.)

  13. Rangers Pride on

    Oh please A.Ward was definitely not the same player who played for Carolina. He was worse thaen Malik in his positioning. In case some of you forgot he scored a lot of goals off of his skates on Henrik. He was the one who did not check Holik who scored GW in OT. I am so much happier with Mara. If you remember Mara was in the similar situation with Zubrus, but the difference was that Mara actualy checked Zubrus and did not let him go one-on-one with Lundquist.

  14. Hey Sam, Any news on Brian Leetch, will he decide to return ,if yes with which team? Thanks for keeping us diehard Rangers fan up to date .

  15. Hey haz, I couldn’t be more of a Leetch fan, but I think that boat has sailed. Last word I saw on him was in a NYTimes piece during the season. I got the distinct impression that he’s going to stay retired. Something turned him off the game (actually seemed to be the way the team traded him and sather didn’t call him — I can’t remember the details). In my book, the best ranger player ever, and a sure-fire HoF-er.

  16. Aaron Ward – Simply put, he was a square peg being hammered into a cirucular hole. Plain and simple. He came to the team thinking he was going to be part of the leaders and ended up the supporting cast; that didn’t bode well for him or the team, so he left. I will point out that his trade and the games that followed DID propell the Rangers to the playoffs. And they DID seem like more of a complete team with MARA at the point. So I’ll say good riddens. He was overpayed and took up a space that belonged to GIRARDI or POCK in the first place(not to mention, the team already had a big, slow, stay-at-home defensemen…one’s a company but two’s a crowd). WTF are we talking about Ward anyway? The Wardless Rangers are far better than the Wardful Rangers…

    Back to offseason moves…this obsession with getting DRURY or GOMEZ or COMRIE or BRIERE or any number of FA centers is UTTERLY MINDBOGGLING. This team HAS plenty of good center prospects in the system, some which are ripe for the picking now. Though some may say IMMONEN has no future here, I’m not so certain. He got a good look last year and didn’t play bad with the time he got…if he’s not brought back, then DUBINSKY will certainly get the nod. Either one of those guys could develop into a second-line center. In the system, Brodie DUPONT, Tom PYATT could both feasibly join Hsrtford next season. And two years down the road? It appears as though Artem ANISIMOV is the key; a 6’3 center described as “sixth among all European skaters in the Central Scouting final rankings … International Scouting Services compares his style of play to Pavel Datsyuk.” He’s rumored to be about two years away from the pros.

    In the meantime, resign NYLANDER and roll the same lines that propelled the team to the POs(STRAKA at second line, HOSSA on first). If you want a low-risk high-benefit investment? Sign MIKE YORK from Phily to a $1.5 million bonus laden contract and MOVE HIM TO CENTER. Tell me if this scouting report doesn’t sound like a perfect fit: “Has great speed, excellent playmaking ability and durability–despite his lack of size. Generally plays a sound two-way game.” This guy blazed for his first four seasons in the league. There’s no way that talent just evaporated. Frankly, I think playing for two abysmal teams really took the wind out of his sails. What he needs is a role where he’s FORCED to skate hard. And being a center between AVERY and SHANAHAN is certainly a way to ensure that.

    Bottom line is this team is just inches away from being dominant. They were playing REAL well during the POs and only missed the semis by a few bad breaks that could EASILY be chalked up to a lack of experience. Were I slats, I’d keep away from ANY high-paid FA: it disrupts the team chemistry and creates rifts between players. We’ve already got a franchise player in Jagr, and until he leaves, there’s no sense in getting another. As with Ward, this team MIGHT (and that’s a big might) need some supporting cast. But leaders? We’ve got plenty of them.

  17. ” Either one of those guys could develop into a second-line center. ”

    That’s thhe thing. They could DEVELOP into 2nd line centers. We need someone established immediately so we can make a cup run. And the reason why gomez is so appealing is he can play 1st line center after Nylander is gone (whether it be in one year or two), allowing one of those developing guys to step in that 2nd line center role. But for right now we need an already established player. This team can win the cup with a shut down defenseman and a 2nd line center. Plain and simple.

    Leetch has not officially announced his retirement, but after not playing last season and being at his age, no one would sign him anyway, so he might as well make it official, get his banner raising ceremony, and then make his way to the Hall of Fame as the greatest American-born defenseman of all time (with the possible exception of Phil Housley, and I give the edge to Leetch simply because Housley was a crybaby).

  18. PS, there are other reasons to give it to Leetch, but I don’t need to go any further than the crybaby factor

  19. A Ward is an example of what can go wrong when signing a ufa. Buyer beware.They have to mesh with Jagr, just like they had to mesh with Mess ( a tongue twister). It’s not easy going for green$$.

  20. tdchi Immo will probably be a NHLer, not sure if it will be with the NYR. I’m sure he’ll make a living in hockey somewhere. He’s not a total bust like some like to label him. He needs to work on his skating speed. He might become a better center than most on this team when someone gives him the 2-3 years necessary in the NHL to learn and improve.

  21. Sam:

    The Hockey News states that Nylander’s contract has an option year at the clubs choice at 1.52 mil. Is this correct? … If so, that is a no brainer – the club picks it up – end of story.

  22. GuitarWizard on

    Doodie –


    They are very reliable as far as salaries/cap info goes, and they have Nylander listed at $1.52M option for 07/08.

    How unfair is the world when Nylander might be making $1.52M while Malik takes home $2.5M

  23. Doodie: I’ll first defer to imagination’s comment, then I’ll elaborate on my “develope” comment. Dubinsky and Immo are either a year a way from full-time spots on this team or on their new teams. Dubi won’t be in Hartford for another full season and I doubt Immo will be with the Pack period. By develop, I mean in a Callahan sort of way. One week on the bottom line and one streak away from the top. The other names I mentioned are two-plus years away, but for the guys in Hartford, the time is now.

    Re: Gomez. He’s a Devil. Period. We tried this experiment with HOLIK, it failed. We tried going after ELIAS, he shunned a HIGHER offer to stay with the Debbies. Gomez will either stay in Jersey(which I think he will) or leave the Northeast(I could see him centering the Sedin sisters in Vancouver). Bottom line, he ain’t comming here.

    Same goes with DRURY and BRIERE. I’d have a better time believing the Penguins are marketing Crosby than buying that either one of those guys wants to leave Buffalo. They’re celebrities there and regardless of how the POs make out, they’ll be comming back to a VERY STRONG contender in the east. Buffalo is going to have quite the squad for sometime. I’ve said it before, I could see a Kariya-with-Colorodo situation forming, where both take a cut to make another run at the cup.

    And did someone say sign LANG?!?!? Jesus. What happened to all the “skate the kids” posters that were flooding this blog over the last year?

  24. GuitarWizard: that’s exactly why I say shelling out $6 million for anyone is RISKY from both a fiscal and team-building perspective…

  25. RE: Aaron Ward

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Ward is one of the most overrated defensemen in the NHL. Look at his time in Detroit. Lidstrom, Konstantinov, Fetisov, Chelios, Murphy, etc. He played on a team where he was the #6 defenseman and not playing against other teams’ top lines, so of course he looked good. Here, he got burned whenever he was out against the opposing teams’ top line.

    Getting Mara for him was a steal. I thought he played very well during the playoffs. He single handedly kept us in Game 6 against Buffalo when he made that save with Henrik out of position.

  26. I heard it was Nylander’s option not the NYR’s , or you would think they would have already done it in a NY minute.

  27. tdchi: Holik didn’t work as a Ranger because he was put in a role to fail. First, he was GROSSLY overpaid. Second, they wanted him to be like a 1st line center. Holik pays a gritty, bang ’em game. He’s a third line center, no more. An excellent third line center, but a third line center nonetheless. He was terrible in NY because they expected him to score 30 goals and add 50 assists. That just wasn’t going to happen!

    Elias accepted less money from the Devils, but not by much. He also was given their captaincy and I believe an NTC as well. Not to mention that players almost always do the hometown discount thing, especially when they are offering you the captaincy. I’m glad that the Rangers didn’t get him, but I’m even happier about how they tried. It forced the Devils to push themselves to the absolute limit with their salary.

    As for Gomez, I think there is pretty much a zero chance he will return to the Devils. Last season he went to arbitration with Sweet Lou. That means Lou was trying to lowball him, and Gomez didn’t appreciate it. Gomez is going to want at least 6.5 mil, and he’ll get it easily on the open market. Not even Sweet Lou can wrangle his cap to give that to him. Gomez is out of Jersey.

    Shanahan was a Devil. He seems to be doing OK here.

    As for what you’re saying about Dubi or Immo making their way up the lines, Callahan didn’t make it that far, only to the third line. Also, the only center spot that would actually be available is on the 2nd line. (Nylander 1, Cullen 3, Betts 4). So there isn’t really a spot for them to just jump into. Gomez can come in, play 2nd line center while we make a cup run. Then the next year, Shanny is gone (if he was even there to begin with), Straka and Jagr probably head back to the CR (especially if they win a cup), Nylander will probably be out, and Gomez can slide up to the top line, and there can be a large influx of Hartford players to develop at the NHL level. Immonen and Dubinsky could develop to be solid 2nd line centers, but they will not be #1 guys. That’s why it’s important to bag someone now who can be. It’s also part of the reason I don’t like Drury: he’s not good enough to be a #1 guy. Gomez is.

  28. I’m all for infusing the team with some youth, but the problem the Rangers have is that without a strong offensive, puck moving defenseman, you need to be strong at center. I’m not a big fan of Gomez, but his ability to rush the puck end to end is something this team really needs. They just don’t make good transitional passes from the D-zone. Regarding Ward, around December Sather should have called a vet and had him put to sleep. Does Elias keep a stat for pucks put in your net. Whether he was tired from a long playoff or not, he was a true bust in the spirit of Valeri Kamensky.

  29. NYRCUP, that’s Sam’s friend your making fun of! Besides, Kamensky was a forward. I think Sylvain Lefevbre is a better comparison, excluding that he didn’t come right after a cup win.

  30. What’s really funny is that A. Ward scored more goals against Lunqdvist this season than Hollweg and Orr combined had against other teams.

  31. Healthy or unhealthy, Aaron is a waste, and the trade for Mara was a steal. Period. Next topic…

  32. tdchi: this Rangers team has a legit chance to be a Cup contender next year if they fill the gaping hole at the 2nd line center spot, that’s why we need to take a shot at an established center like Scott Gomez…

    while there are solid center prospects in the system, none of the players you mentioned are ready to step in immediately…I liked what I saw from Dubinsky when he was called up last year, and I think he’s going to be a stud for us (future 2nd line center), but I’m pretty sure the organization knows he could use one more year in Hartford…they won’t rush him, or place UNFAIR expectations on him to immediately step into a 2nd line center role out of training camp on a team that’s gonna have pretty high expectations…and they’ve already said they WON’T have him play on the 4th line, getting 5 minutes a night, just to keep him with the big club (which is a good thing, it was a horrible idea when they tried that with Dawes, and then Callahan the first time he was called up)…the best case scenario for Dubinsky is probably like what happened with Callahan- tear up the AHL, then possibly get a call-up sometime during the season…and forget Immonen, it’s obvious Renney hates his game, I think we all know his time with us (on the NHL level) has basically passed…

    Straka as the 2nd line center? it hasn’t worked for 2 years now, it’s time for that to end…Straka is NOWHERE near as effective as a center, which in turn always weakens our 2nd line…

    Mike York? he would be low-risk because he’s done…that scouting report looks like it was written YEARS ago…anyone who’s seen him play knows that any contending team who would see York as a possible Top 6 forward on their team is insane…

    Drury/Briere: you “don’t think either one of them wants to leave Buffalo”? I’ll say it again, then WHY are they testing the open market? for fun? if they wanted to be back so bad, why haven’t they already signed reasonable contracts with Buffalo and gotten it over with? you know why? because they are both unrestricted free agents for the first time in their lives, and they will try to make as much money as possible…they’ll see what kind of offers they get on the open market, and if they REALLY want to be back, they’ll try to get Buffalo to match the highest offer…you could see “a Kariya situation where they take a cut for another run at the Cup”? Kariya already scored his mega-deal with Anaheim before he signed that discounted ONE YEAR deal…Drury and Briere are both unrestricted free agents in their primes, this will be their ONLY shot at a mega-deal IN THEIR CAREER, so there’s no doubt in my mind that the money/years offered by any team will be their first priority…if all things are equal, then they might look at other factors, such as if they really like playing in Buffalo…

    either way it doesn’t matter to me, I don’t want Drury (overrated) or Briere at the price/years they’ll be looking for…

    and once again, Gomez isn’t Holik, Driver, Elias, or anyone else, none of these other Devils (or former Devils) have anything to do with him…his situation right now is unique to him…I’m not saying Gomez would definitely sign with us, but to not make a run at him because of how someone like Holik turned out (he was misused anyway) doesn’t even make sense, one player has nothing to do with the other…that’s like saying don’t trade for Crosby if Pittsburgh offered him to us, just remember how Robitaille, another ex-Penguin, played once he got here…extreme example, but you get the point…

    Gomez would be great for us now in my opinion (he would fill the 2nd line center hole/help us move closer to being a legit Cup contender), and at 27, would be great for the future too…imagine our center depth chart 2-3 years from now once Nylander is gone or finished- 1. Gomez, 2. Dubinsky, 3. maybe Cullen or a NYR center prospect, 4. another NYR center prospect…

    offseason plan- make a run at Gomez, have a reasonable stop-gap Plan B if we can’t get him (someone like Comrie or Zubrus, and let Dubinsky continue to develop until he’s ready to step in), and DON’T overpay for Drury or Briere

  33. doodie m: completely agree with your posts, if I would’ve seen that last one earlier it would’ve saved me a lot of writing haha

  34. I agree with the sentiment that Dubinsky and/or Immonen are not ready for 2d-line Center. But, I do think that one of them should be the 3-4 liner, with Cullen on the wing. (Betts should stay at center since he’s good on faceoffs, penalty killing, and as a checking center.) We would be back in the same position if no one is signed to center the second line — Straka is a better winger and the kids aren’t ready for that playing time and responsibility. They should be brought into the mold like Callahan, getting 3d line minutes and put into situations in which they can succeed.

    And Doodie, Housley couldn’t hold a candle to Leetch. Housley was all offense, no defense, and never won anything. While not overly physical, Leetch played his angles well, fought hard on D, and was never considered a defensive liability. The only negative to Leetch was that he lacked that ability to lead when he briefly had the “C” on his chest. In my opinion, he was the best American-born player, ever.

  35. Rangers6830 on

    A. Ward as captain? You shouldn’t even say those kinds of words in jest Sam, ekkkkk.

  36. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Forget Aaron Ward….This seasons biggest disapointment to me was….Adam Hall

    I had high hopes for him….he was my favorite Pred..i thought if he played with Prucha they would have some chemistry along with cullen or someone else….But man…jeez he was horrible…I seriously thought he would have a 25 to 30 goal season….But only settled with 3 or 4 for NYR..

    Thats why we gotta calm down with the UFA business

    Aaron Ward..nearly costed us the opportunity to play in the playoffs…Adam Hall was useless…when he wasnt doing anything offensively…he wasnt doing anything else…like playing physical…

    Matt Cullen….whom alot of people dont really like for some reason…like Yenner Mot…he might have had a semi disapointing season…but if you play this guy with Cally and Pru for the whole season…they might do something special…Some of the goals Matty scored this season was phenominal…like the game where shanny got the concussion…that goal was one of the best goals of the year…im happy hes on the team for another 3 seasons…i dont want to get ahead of myself but i think he’ll be much better next season….i got nothing to say about shanny except he needs to get re signed…he might have had a semi bad end to the season…but missing the amount of time he did…he still managed to score 29 goals…11 less of what he had last season…he was pretty damn good in the playoffs…nothing like what DET fans warned us about..

    And with that…ill leave you with a classic quote from the beggining of the season….

    Aaron Ward – “I expect to win a Stalney Cup here in NY”

    UGH….did he expect to nearly destroy our team in the process

  37. Wow are we really talking about A. Ward? Holy monkey– that guy really must have some *charm*, eh? Things DRAMATICALLY improved when ol’ Chatty McSmiley got shipped out.

  38. What is even more pathetic is listening to Ward on Versus. Is he on Versus because he talks too much while flaunting his SC ring? Please, this is a joke. I, for one, am thrilled Ward was traded for Mara. Mara is younger, has a great shot, plays the PP and is bigger. Ward is over-rated—yuk!!

    I am all for a good center but I remain dubious about Gomez biting. Would he really want to play for the Rangers??? And at what price??? I admit he is a good skater and he certainly can make good runs to the net but signing him ,if at all possible, needs careful consideration.

  39. imagination on

    the ? on Gomez is would he come here, fit in, and not destroy the cap. When he ends up somewhere else than NJ, the would should could stories will start. The NYR should get in the bidding, it will help to hurt whoever gets him with their cap, if they don’t get him.

  40. imagination, Maleak had the most assists, and definitely the most pts, but not the most goals. Ward won the Richard for scoring against the other team, Malik the Ross, Hart, and Lester B. Pearson.

    To Ana and all of the other posters that think Gomez wouldn’t play for the Rangers because he’s a Devil, get real. Any player would play for any team if he felt the money was right and he could win there. Sometimes just for the money, sometimes just for winning. In NY Gomez could have both. I’m not saying that he’s definitely coming across the river. All I’m saying is he’s going somewhere, and I REALLY hope it’s here.

  41. that should read scoring for the other team, not scoring against. Scoring against would be what we want players to do.

  42. “The NYR should get in the bidding, it will help to hurt whoever gets him with their cap, if they don’t get him.”

    That’s exactly what I loved about their Elias pitch. That pitch is the exact reason that the Devs can’t afford to keep Gomez around.

  43. Aside from the fact that I’m sure pretty much everyone WANTS Rachunek gone, how many people think that the Rangers will actually part ways with him?

    For instance, we all WANT Malik gone, but we all know he isn’t going anywhere.

    We could hope someone makes him an offer and then let him go and get a draft pick or something in return!

  44. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    NYR wouldnt re sign Pock if they were gonna Re sign Rackunek…Pock will be our 6th or 7th D man….and In my opinion i think NYR is making room for the future…which is Staal….if Racky..Kaspar..and Ozo take of that spot then Staal and the other d men prospects will never get a chance…and pock rarely gets a chance…

    Hopefully NYR trades Malik…i had nothing against him last year but this year hes ridiculous…he costs us game after game…

    Rozival – Staal
    Mara – Malik
    Tyutin – Giardi

    Also Pock…Baranka…Liffiton…Lampman etc.

    I think we need to activate Marc Staal…Asap..

    These staals are born NHL ready…The first Staal was good…The second was better…hopefully the 3rd is the best…

  45. doodie m

    I am real. I did not mention anything about the fact that because Gomez is a Devil he wouldn’t sign with the Rangers. Gomez just may not want to play in the East. I am not sure that Sather would want to pay big $$$$$$ for him either. But yes, some players do have preferences of where they want to play and the Rangers just may NOT be on his list. I am pretty sure he can find big $$$$$ on any other team. Just because some fans crave him does not mean Gomez wants to be here. Shanahan was offered more money and years on other teams yet he chose to come to NYC. $$$$ and other factors contribute to players’ choices on where they want to play. Of course not all players like Pronger say that his wife does not like the weather in Edmonton as a reason to leave a team.
    Anway all of this is simply conjecture about Gomez…get real.

  46. Imagination: I agree that if Nylander’s option is the clubs they would pick it up in a New York minute … however, the paper Hockey News – no link – has it that it is the club’s option … I wish this could get clarified.

    GuitarWizard – any help clarifying?

  47. imagination on

    dan got out your dictionary, then take your foot out of your mouth & your head out of your rear. Now get burnt.

  48. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    To me he is…hes more effective then Eric…just Eric has a few flaws…there the same except jordans tougher and more headstrong…He was pretty good in the playoffs for the pens.

    But forget about them…

    I just wanna see Marc Staal in the NHL with NYR…as the number 6 D man

  49. Sorry, did someone on this blog actually suggest re-signing Lindros? You should be drawn and quartered.

  50. imagination on

    dan …”These are alternative forms of the past tense and past participle of the verb learn. Learnt is more common in British English, and learned in American English. There are a number of verbs of this type (burn, dream, kneel, lean, leap, spell, spill, spoil etc.). They are all irregular verbs, and this is a part of their irregularity”…..http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/faq/aboutspelling/learnt

  51. DanTheRangerFan on

    Its still slang just because its in the dictionary doesen’t mean much. Saying that you sounded pretty stupid using it.

  52. DanTheRangerFan on

    So it’s a cool thing to use British Slang in online blogs. I will try my best to fit in from here on out. I will use other slang words like ain’t that are also found in the dictionary.

  53. Im wondering why Weekes makes 2mil and Montoya makes close to a mil while Henke’s only making 800k…

  54. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Hank should be making 2 mil…and Weekes should friggin retire.

    How many games did that guy play this year…it had to be 15…more or less…i think he had 5 wins.

    I knew he was a gone after his season debut.

  55. “Im wondering why Weekes makes 2mil and Montoya makes close to a mil while Henke’s only making 800k…”

    Timmy must be a newb to hockey.

  56. DoodieMachetto on

    Tim, Henrik is still on his entry level contract to the team, the one that reflects him being a late round draft choice. Weekes signed to be a starter, and Montoya signed as a high draft pick/future franchise goalie. Of course, it didn’t work that way, but Henrik is going to get a big raise when his contract runs.

    Ana, I’m sorry if I llumped you into the he’s a devil so he won’t want to be a Ranger group. I misunderstood your concern. Yes, we don’t know if he’ll sign with the Rangers yet, but as I said, if the money’s right, any player can be bought.

    The thing with Pronger is, he already had the money! He just got a change of location via the trade.

    I’m not sure I agree with those that suggested Racky was out because Pock was resigned because when push came to shove, Pock watched from the stands. I certainly hope that Rachunek will be gone though. Truthfully, I wish they hadn’t resigned Pock either. Nothing against him, but with him in the lineup, they’ll have 6 D under contract, leaving no room for Staal. And anyone that suggests trading Malik isn’t realistic. He’s not going anywhere, and we all know it.

  57. DoodieMachetto on

    PS, I still think we should’ve traded Weekes at the deadline, even if it was to an Eastern team.

  58. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    I agree….I ws almost certain that was gonna happen…after hearing all the rumors for NYR trading for a backup goaltender….but eh what ever….as long as they dont re sign him…

    I have a bad feeling they will re sign weekes….One of my worst nightmares

  59. Doodie,

    I’m of the opinion that you can never have too many D-men under contract. Signing Pock doesn’t mean that won’t give Staal a chance to play. Signing Rachunek also is not a bad move. D-men are always getting hurt, moving into and out of the lineup, and can always be moved at the trading deadline if you have a surplus. Moving Malik in the offseason — although admittedly more difficult because of his salary — has to be something the team is considering. It just HAS to be. I mean, they saw the same games we watched, didn’t they?

  60. imagination on

    doodie if Weekes was traded at the deadline and Lundie got hurt, then your goalies would be Montoya & Valli. Sounds like part of yenner’s Wolf Rangers.

  61. that is the last straw for hockey on TV. they are going to leave a stanley cup playoff game going to OT on NBC, and tell people to go find it on versus, if you can get it that is. I get both channels, but it is just a total disgrace that it has come to this.

    not for the Preakness race, but just for the pre-race bs.

    they might as well just admit the obvious. hockey is not going to get a national TV coverage that is worthwhile. therefore, why not just have the regional coverage with Center Ice providing the games to the rest of the country.


  62. joe, i just turned it on and that is amazing. not surprising, but amazing. pathetic. how does the nhl even do a deal that allows for that? disgraceful.

    also, drury got a puck in the kisser, huh? the old get older…

  63. Let’s Go Buffalo…..Physicals and Exit Interviews on Monday! Let the bitchin begin for Lindy.

  64. NHL hockey. a niche sport that just got niche-ier.

    only diehards with an obscure cable channel and a few family members even know or care that the Buffalo-Ottawa series is over.

    Bettman might as well just raise the white flag of surrender. poker, ‘rasslin, and pre-race horse manure take precedence over NHL playoff games.

    PATHETIC !!!

  65. imagination on

    more proof the chips wasted their energy during the regular season, and the NYR should have been playing Ottawa.

  66. imagination on

    Sully step towards the Falls, take Ruff and your team with you. Your chips have been tossed…………… JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. all NHL fans should be down in the dumps after seeing their sport pissed on by NBC.

    where are you going to watch your favorite sport in the future? on a computer feed? on the shopping channel between pitches for jewelry?

  68. Whats the word from the coroner on SULLY?

    See You soon Drury.


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